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Santiago Barón Vioque

La Plata 18 3A, 28021 Madrid

Birth date: 29-05-1986
santibav@hotmail.com | +34 606 04 98 39
www.santiagobaron.com | @santibaron


Digital journalist with an international profile (Spanish-German-English). With

previous experience in print magazines, currently my key strengths are a vast
knowledge of the digital environment, interactive data visualizations and data
mining, and multimedia skills (video, audio and photo editing). I am keen on new
media business models and programming.


2013 Master in Digital Journalism at IE School of Communication in Madrid.

Final project: Microsite about online privacy and data protection in a data-driven
Grades: Top 5%

2012 Bachelor in Journalism by Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

2008-2009 Erasmus Student at the Institut für Kommunikation und

Medienwissenschaft, Universität Leipzig.


English: Level C2
TOEFL Certificate (Grades: 110/120)
Courses and stays abroad:
York (England). June-July 2001, 2002.
Chester (England). June-July 2000.

German: Level C2
Courses and stays abroad:
FARO Grant in Berlin. February-September 2010.
Level C2.2 Certificate at Goethe Institut Madrid. 2009-2010.
Level C1 Certificate at Universität Leipzig. 2008-2009

French: Level A2
A3 Certificate at the Spanish Official Language School. 2008

Finnish: Level A1
A1 Certificate at the Spanish Official Language School. 2010

2011- PRISA Group - PRISA Magazines:

2012 - In-house arts/lifestyle editor for the weekly magazine Dominical. After 2
months, took over the content and production coordination of Europa,
the in-flight magazine of Air Europa Airlines.

2010 RBB Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg:

- While a FARO fellow, collaborated as a freelance with Rbb's Spanish-
speaking program Estación Sur, providing reports on social/cultural

2010 FARO Grant at Künstlerhaus Glogauair in Berlin:

- As a communications officer of the international artist residency
Glogauair, organized and promoted exhibitions (through the web, social
media and designing print catalogues).

2008 Cadena COPE:

- As an intern, helped updating, managing and editing the audio archive
of the radio station

2006- Marca.com:
2007 - As an online editor of this sports newspaper, wrote and edited news and
reports, and managed and updated the web.

2006 Marca
- As an intern photo editor, managed the newspaper's photo stream and
coordinated the team of photographers. Started collaborating with
marca.com, where I would later be hired.


Programming: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Bootstrap Twitter.

Live Blog example: http://convergenceculture.org.uk/

Data- Visualizations: DataWrapper, Google Fusion Tables, CartoDB, D3.

Data Journalism: Excel, SQL, Google Refine.

Video editing: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress.

Example: http://santiagobaron.com/2013/03/04/mar-cabra-transparency-la/

Audio editing: Adobe Audition, Pro Tools.

Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop.

Example: http://santiagobaron.com/2012/12/13/photoshop-skills/

Subjects of interest: new technologies, online privacy and security, social media,
contemporary art and feminism.