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Advertisement 1-BMW

BMW, the short for Bayerische Motoren Werke (GER) or Bavarian Motor Works (ENG), is

a German car manufacturer that produces luxurious vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.

Starting of as a company that made airplane engines, BMW has come a long way from where

they began with. They stopped making engines for aircrafts as of 1945, when the world war

ended. Today, BMW is seen as one of the top car manufacturers in the world as their cars are

seen as something that is premium or grand to be owned by a person. You have to admit, even

you would be in awe if you saw a BMW pass by you or even if one pulls up beside you when

you are at a traffic light. The main question here is, are the advertisements advertising the cars

effective on the audience?

Advertisements for their latest car models can be seen almost anywhere. These includes

billboards by the highway or even in magazines and the newspapers. The example chosen is a

small advertisement from The Star newspaper (20th January 2019). In this advertisement, they

were advertising about accessory packages that were quite tempting if you purchased their cars

at a given period. The concept of this advertisement was all about being modern. Modern is

defined as something that is relating to the present. As the world is ever-evolving to be more

modernised, BMW is doing the same to their advertisements. If this was an advertisement by

BMW from 10 years back, you would have seen them advertising about their keyless remote

feature as that was considered something new back then. Today, it is all about hybrid/electric

cars. Hence, BMW has included two of their latest models, the BMW X5 xDrive 40e in Pearl

White and the BMW 330e M SPORT in Ruby Red. These are both high performance electric

cars that are priced at quite a high price in the Malaysian markets. With those statistics, it is

clear that the targeted audience are those who are wealthy and are into high performances.

People who earn moderate income would not be looking at such pricy cars but would instead

prefer looking at cheaper alternatives.

The design of the advertisement is pretty simple. By making the background dull and

displaying two of their best-selling models in bright colours, the advertisement would definitely

be something hard to be missed out on when a person is flipping through the pages of their

newspaper. The fonts of the advertisement are also printed in white so it can be read easily.

The context and content are also somewhat impressive. The company designed the

advertisement by including “///M PERFORMANCE”. M Performance is the more enhanced

and performance tuned version of the base model car. BMW makes different variants of cars

all the time. They have the base version, the comfort line edition, the luxury line edition and

the M-Sport edition. Majority would be attracted t the M-Sport edition than the base version as

it is just human nature to go for what is best. The advertisement also has a headline stating

‘PROSPERITY, JOY AND PERFORMANCE PERFECTED’. This sentence implements that

the company has put in timeless work and tons of effort in perfecting the cars peak performance

to ensure their customers get the best for what they are paying for. To use the word

‘Performance Perfected’ means that BMW is confident that their car is on top their game and

nothing would go wrong with it. Prosperity and Joy are linked to the user’s feelings on the long

run after getting the car. Being a user, we would love to see the product we have purchased

performing as well as how it is advertised.

In conclusion, it can be said the BMW advertisement shown in Diagram 1 is only effective

to a certain group of people, those who have owned one before or those who know about

electric/hybrid cars. BMW can make their advertisements more effective by advertising a

normal family sedan instead of electric/hybrid cars. By doing so, the targeted audience would

be of that of a wider range. Besides, there are more people looking for a family sedan instead

of an electric/hybrid car. Hence, BMW could invest in making a more detailed and more easily

understood advertisement.
Advertisement 2-Volkswagen

Volkswagen or more commonly known as VW is a German luxury car manufacturer. Founded

on the 28th of May 1937 by the German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler, the companies

headquarter was in Wolfsburg. In German, Volkswagen translates to “folk’s wagon”. This

means “people’s car”. Volkswagen is probably well known for their Beetle model, a small and

compact car that had the older model remastered in 1997. As of today, Volkswagen has come

a long way by producing and releasing newer models that are up to the contending standards

of the current market. Just like its German automotive counterparts, Audi and BMW, owning

a Volkswagen is also considered as a luxury item. As prestigious as the brands, just how well

is an advertisement by them is doing?

Volkswagen advertisements can be hard to be spotted. Unlike the car brands that put up

advertisements everywhere, Volkswagen only puts up their advertisements where there are a

lot of people viewing it such as billboards in the city centre, newspapers and car magazines.

The example chosen here is a full A4 page sized advertisement from AUTOCAR ASEAN

magazine (June Issue). In this advertisement, they are talking about one of their car models,

the Volkswagen Touareg. The concept of this advertisement is all about customers safety.

Customers safety is every companies main concern when it comes to their products usage. This

is because if there is any harm caused or done towards customers, a company could be facing

backlash like boycotts and lawsuits. Backlashes like these causes a company a lot of negative

impacts such as decrease in sales which leads to a loss of profit. Hence, Volkswagen has

included some of their safety features in the advertisement. This is to show the readers that

their vehicle is so safe and there is nothing to worry when driving the car. Judging by the

company’s interest in safety advertising, it is clear that the targeted audience are those who are

finding for a safe car. These are usually people with families or children.
The design of the advertisement is all about being big. The advertisement itself takes up a

whole page of the magazine. This means its rather impossible for someone not to be able to see

it. The Volkswagen Touareg is made to stand out in the advertisement with the front portion of

the car staring into the reader. Other than showing the car off, Volkswagen also added in

smaller pictures showing some other features of the car such as the Area View 360⁰ camera,

Rear Assist reverse camera, Electric luggage compartment lid and so on. By adding in these

pictures of these extra features, readers would definitely be tempted to but the car. The fonts

of the advertisements are also easy to be read as it is printed in black onto a white background

and is big enough for anyone to read. The context and content are straightforward to the readers.

By using the headlines ‘An Area View 360-degree camera system for all-around safety. The

new Volkswagen Touareg.’, it is clear that Volkswagen cares the most about the safety of the

people. The 360-degree camera helps the driver see pedestrians and objects around blind spots.

The advertisement also briefly explains how the face that the car is a triple champion of the

famous Dakar Rally seals its credentials but does not explain anything about the performance

of the car. The advertisement also talks about the 8-speed gearbox and BlueMotion

Regenerative Braking system which is 20% more fuel efficient. There is no other information

given about the car.

In conclusion, the Volkswagen advertisement in Diagram 2 can be said to be not so effective.

This is because there is very limited information given out in this advertisement. Some vital

information like the engine capacity and variants available are not put into it causing people to

wonder about it. Hence, Volkswagen could try to lessen the advertisements focus on the safety

only and include other important information such as engine capacity, fuel consumption and

general specifications of the vehicle. By doing so, the readers would not find it difficult to put

themselves through more work to find out about these points.

Advertisement 3-Guardian

Beginning in the 1967, Guardian was just a small pharmacy at the Weld in Jalan Raja Chulan.

Today, Guardian is the largest beauty, health and personal care chain. It can be found at almost

any shopping malls throughout Malaysia and other countries such as Singapore, Vietnam and

so on. It is without a doubt that Guardian has been the choice of many locals whether it is to

buy any over-the-counter prescriptions to soaps and shampoos and even ordinary eyeliners and

make-up products. With competitors such as Caring Pharmacy and Watsons on the rise

recently, Guardian has used traditional advertising methods such as newspaper advertisements

but how really effective are they?

Unlike Watsons advertisements’ that appear almost anywhere such as YouTube and even on

television, Guardians advertisements are harder to be seen. The advertisement chosen here is

from The Star (17th January 2019). In the advertisement, they were announcing about a 40%

discount on all hair care products from 18th to 21st January 2019. The concept of the

advertisement is being elegant. Elegance is defined as something that is graceful or stylish in

appearance or manner. With a large number of other brands also advertising on the same

platform, it is obvious the most elegant one would be getting everyone’s attention. For example,

when you yourself are reading the newspaper, would you be attracted by a colourful and elegant

looking advertisement or one that is only in black and white and looks dull? Without a doubt,

it will definitely be the first option. It is just a natural occurrence for that to happen. The targeted

audience would be majority of females who are particularly interested in hair care. Customers

who have similar interests would also be interested with the discount offered.

The design of this advertisement is all about being colourful and attractive. The advertisement,

which takes up a quarter of the page, uses a wide range of colour contrast. In the advertisement,

it can be seen that there are a few shampoo bottles in front of a bright pink background. The
bottles themselves are colourful enough, ranging from white to blue. Other than the shampoo

bottles, they also have two models posing together with the ‘Guardian Beauty Days’ sign. The

advertisement also included other hair care products such as hair dyes, pomades, hair spray and

so on. By including a variety of products, customers would be made to think there are a lot of

products to choose from and would opt to shop from there next time instead of their usual stores

they have been getting it from. The font used in the advertisement is also suitable in getting a

person’s attention. The wordings ‘All Hair Care 40% Off’ have been printed in bigger fonts

compared to the other wordings so it would be the first thing people would see. The content

and context are also well stated and clear to everyone. They announced they would be having

a 40% off for all their hair care products for four days. They even listed out the dates which is

from 18th to 21st January 2019 so those interested would not miss on the dates of the sales.

Guardian even listed out the terms and conditions which says that the discount is excluded on

promo and travel packs and the discounted items are only limited to three units per receipt. At

the bottom of the advertisement, it can be seen that Guardian also listed another discount, that

is a 50% off on selected items, that changes daily, for Daily Beauty Deals. There is not much

information else about the second discount.

In conclusion, the Guardian advertisement in Diagram 3 is without a doubt an eye catcher and

informative. Every information was well listed so customers would not get confused or get any

wrong information. However, Guardian should not have included the second discount at the

bottom of the advertisement. As there is very little information given for that, customers might

be wondering why are there two different discounts offered on one advertisement. Hence,

Guardian should have at least included more information for the second advertisement at the

bottom or even invest in getting a separate advertisement for the other discount instead of

jamming them both together.