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Appraisal Apprehensions

Executive summary
The case is broadly about what new appraisal technique should Ms. Singh follow the legacy of
readymaid or follow a new appraisal technique to get the sales back into the track. There has
been always more or less an equal number of pros and cons for each situation. Initially, before
Ms. Singh has joined, Mr. Sunil Purohit was the vice president of the firm. During his time, he
has introduced various types of appraisal techniques to improve the quality of the firm. He has
introduced methods like Key result area (KRA), SMART and 360 Degrees appraisal. All these
had their own good and bad. This lead to developing new appraisal technique like SMART and
then finally have stopped at the 360 degrees appraisal. Now there are a lot of issues with this
appraisal as the staff of the firm are struggling as the hierarchy is being broken and a random
person is able to comment on the performance of the best salesperson in the firm. This is leading
to the decrease in the confidence of the old and efficient employees of the firm. Now how
should Ms. Singh take a decision so as to satisfy the overall improvement of the firm and to
uplift the spirits of the employees?

Case Analysis
Ms. Singh has a very typical view on the human nature, as she believed in the fact that the
hierarchy when broken will lead to the distrust of people among themselves. And that would
further lead to the downfall of the profits of the firm. She firmly believed that the people when
dealt clearly the profits would clearly go high.
The Management by Objectives (MBO) did not work as expected because the main objective
of this appraisal was to get the targets done. And once the targets are set, then the mindset of
the employees of the firm gets from the work-oriented to target oriented. And when this
happens, there is an intangible pressure mentally on the employees. This leads to the amount
of output expected to go low. Hence this part of the appraisal has failed.
The Maslow’s need hierarchy theory would be completely matching to this situation as
according to this the more impact happens on physical and economic needs. This is a mix up
of both theory X and theory Y. This theory states that the hierarchy in the firm helps the
seniority to take better and wiser decisions. Moreover, this helps in the upliftment if the firm.
Readymaid should adapt to a new type of appraisal as many of the workers in the firm are
unhappy with this kind of appraisal. This in turn is being a negative of what the idea actually
is behind it. Being that the company is unable to satisfy the people from the hierarchy. These
people in the firm make it worth even more.
Singh and Purohit were more or less on the same boat as the major objective was to give an
appraisal and gain profits for the company. One point where Purohit was over Singh was that
he had a very alternate plan very immediately this was very useful for the firm to take a normal
place back in a short notice of time. Singh always thought of not taking the role of the previous
manager Mr. Purohit.
Singh can make the appraisal system more open and transparent by making the staff understand
that all these appraisals are only for the benefit of the firm and the long time goal is higher than
that of the short-term goal of this. To make things easier we can say that the given scenario can
be in the form of knowing who is going to be deciding who a person is.
There can only be one way to reduce the resentment from the staff is that make them understand
that this is for the benefit of the firm over the benefit if the individual. Once you see a bigger
picture then the priorities of an individual must change. The best way to not get caught for a
crime is not doing a crime.