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VERBE ALE POSESIEI: have, own, want, belong, need, possess, own, owe, include, involve
VERBE ALE SIMTURILOR: see, hear, smell, seem, sound, taste, look (=seem), appear, be
VERBE ALE GANDIRII: know, believe, remember, agree, disagree, recognise, think (as in to have an
opinion), realise, suppose, mean, understand, concern, feel (as in to have an opinion), wish, promise,
imagine, doubt, deny, satisfy, depend, matter, deserve
VERBE PENTRU MASURARE: contain, consist, fit, lack, measure (as in to have length), weigh (as in to
have weight)

Unele verbe pot fi folosite la forme continue cu diferente de sens:

to appear - a parea to appear - a aparea
Sarah appears confused. – Sara pare sa fie confuza. My favourite singer is appearing at the jazz club
(Sarah seems confused.) tonight. – Cantaretul meu favorit apare pe scena la
clubul de Jazz in seara asta. (My favourite singer is
giving a performance at the jazz club tonight.)
to have – a avea I am having fun now. – Eu ma distrez. (I am
I have a pound. – Eu am o lira. (I possess a pound.) experiencing fun now.)
To have fun, to have a shower/a bath; to have
breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner; to have a party/a
barbecue …
to hear – a auzi (simt) to hear – a auzi (voci/sunete neobisnuite)
She hears the music. – Ea aude muzica. (She hears She is hearing voices. – Ea aude voci. (She hears
the music with her ears.) something others cannot hear. She is hearing voices
in her mind.)
to see – a vedea/ a intelege to see – a se intalni cu
I see her. – O vad. (I see her with my eyes.) I am seeing my friends tomorrow. – Ma intalnesc
I see what you mean. – Inteleg ce spui cu prietenii mei maine. (I am meeting my friends.)
I am seeing her.
I am having a relationship with her.
to look – a parea/a privi to look at – a privi la; to look after - a avea grija
Tess looks tired. – Ea pare obosita. (She seems de; to look for – a cauta
tired.) Jane is looking at the pictures. – Ea se uita la poze.
(She is looking at them.) – intotdeauna cand este
urmat de prepozitie
to smell – a avea mirosul to smell – a mirosi (actiune)
The coffee smells good. – Cafeaua are un miros I am smelling the flowers. – Miros florile. (I am
bun. (The coffee has a good smell.) sniffing the flowers to see what their smell is like. –
to taste – a avea gustul to taste – a gusta (actiune)
The coffee tastes good. – Cafeaua are un gust bun. I am tasting the wine. – Gust vinul. (I am trying the
(The coffee has a good taste.) wine to see what it tastes like.)
to feel –a se simti to feel – a atinge/a simti
The cat feels great. – Pisica se simte bine. The woman is feeling the baby’s forehead to see if it
burns. – Femeia atinge/simte fruntea bebelusului
pentru a vedea daca arde.
to think – a crede, to think about/at – a se gandi la
He thinks the test is easy. – Ea crede ca testul este She is thinking at the question. – Se gandeste la
usor. (He considers the test to be easy.) intrebare (She is pondering the question, going over
it in her mind.) – intotdeauna cand este urmat de
to be – a fi to be – a se comporta
Bob is American. – Bob este American (Bob is a Bob is being very American. – Bob se poarta ca un
citizen of America.) American (Bob is behaving like a stereotypical
to weigh – a avea greutatea/a cantari ceva to weigh – a cantari ceva
The case weighs a lot. – Valiza este grea/cantareste She is weighing herself. – Ea se cantareste. (She is
mult. (The case is heavy.) determining her weight.)
to miss – a-i fi dor/a rata/a pierde to miss – a rata/a pierde
John misses Sarah. – Lui John ii este dor de Sara. Alison is missing her favourite TV program. – Alison
(He is sad because she is not there.) va rata programul ei favorit de la TV (She is not there
to see her favourite program.)

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