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Name: Group: Date:

1- Look at the images next to the text. Read and label them according
to the text.

1- Tuareg community 2- Sahara Desert 3- Agriculture in the


4- African rainforest 5- Nomadic people 6- African savannah

2- Read the text about Africa and find:

a) Three types of natural habitats :

b) Two types of rainforests :

c) Two endangered species :

d) Three types of animals you can find

in the desert :

e) Three reptiles :

f) Three ethnic groups :

3 - Answer the questions

a) What are “savannahs”? Name two animals that live in African´s


b) Where are the rainforests located in Africa?

c) How big is the Sahara desert?

d) How many people do actually live in the desert?

e) Where do they live in the desert and what activity do they do?
4-Read the different texts describing African animals and match them
with the correct picture.

2-These are very tall animals. They

3-This is a fast and powerful big cat
have access to tall trees, so they
that live in Africa and Asia. They
eat plants and leaves that other
are extremely strong. These
herbivores can´t eat.
animals are carnivores, they are
Their primary predator is the lion.
nocturnal animals and excellent
hunters. They can run at a speed of
36 miles per hour.

6-These are very recognizable

animals. You can identify this
distinctive member of the horse
family by its black and white
stripes. Their stripes are unique to
each individual, like fingerprints to
They are generally social animals. GIRAFFE
They eat grass and plants.


5- Match the words with the correct definition.

A biological community of
interacting organisms and
HERBIVORES their environment.

Animals that eat
plants and meat.

ENDANGERED People that cultivate. Vertebrate animals

Experts in agriculture. that get milk from
their mother when
they are babies.



People that travel from place to place.

They don´t live in one place all the time.

6- Solve the crossword.


2- The places where plants or animals

normally live.
4- Animals that are active during the
night are ....... animals.
6- One of the most dangerous African
animal. It´s a reptile.
8- One of the ethnic groups that live in
the Sahara desert.
9- A type of snake you can find in the
10- The name of the desert located in
North Africa.


1- Animals that are active during the

day are ......... animals.
3- Animals that eat meat from other
animals are ...........
5- The rainforests in Africa are located
near the......... .
7- It´s a bird. I can´t fly but it can run
very fast.