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Borromeo Theological Society

Manila, Philippines


FEBRUARY 23 2019

FEBRUARY 26 2019
Prot. 0001/2019

Dear Friends and Benefactors:

Greetings in the name of St. Charles!

Certain communications have been forwarded to my attention wherein there was a certain
dissatisfaction with the episode of "The Faith Explained", which aired last 23 February 2019.

Mr. Cyril Justin Bacalla was the guest-host for the program, filling in for our regular host Mr.
Timothy Francisco. The subject of the episode is (supposedly)the Sacrament of Holy Orders,
with two guests belonging to the Friends of St. Charles (an affiliate group of young people
receiving formation from the Society). The dissatisfaction came from a change of the program
format, and it was confirmed that the format Mr. Bacalla used was not in conformity with the
approved format of the plenary. Furthermore, a copyright infringement notice from
representatives of Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc. also reached my office for
unauthorized use of one of the songs belonging to an album they produced.

The Borromeo Theological Society’s radio apostolate is committed to provide the Catholic Faith
as accessible as possible, especially to young people. The components of the radio apostolate are
formed in such a way as to conform with the orthodoxy of the Catholic Faith and yet still
conforming with the professional standards of radio broadcasting. As such, the format of “The
Faith Explained” as conceptualized by myself, Mr. Brandon Samson, Mr. Marc Pascua, and Mr.
Tim Francisco – founding administrators in plena – are approved in plenary and is strictly
enforced. Any changes to the format is always submitted to the plenary for approval and

We would like to apologize for any dissatisfaction on your part that the episode had caused. It
was beyond our control, as Mr. Bacalla is not a member of the Society, and was not briefed of
the format. We also apologize to the management of Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc. for
the unauthorized use of their music. This was also due to oversight on our part.

Rest assured that we will do our utmost care to provide everyone with the best Catholic content
that are up to both industry and dogmatic standards. The founding administrators will once again
meet in plenary for a resolution regarding this predicament.

In St. Charles Borromeo,

Paolo Miguel R. Cobangbang

Founding Administrator and Plenary President