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Instructions for completing the Application for

The Aga Khan University Challenge (scholarship) Programme in July 2019

Eligibility Criteria
You may apply:
 If you have achieved at least 80% in the SSC (Science) examination in the national
system of education or the Aga Khan University Examination Board;
 Will be completing your HSSC exams in the national system of education or through
the Aga Khan University Examination Board in 2020;
 You are studying in the pre-medical group (studying biology, chemistry and physics).

The Completed Application for this scholarship programme should include only the following
i. Completed Application Form.
ii. Two current photographs with your name labelled at the back.
iii. Copy of mark sheets as entered in the form. All photocopies must be in the same size.
DO NOT FOLD the documents. These documents must be attested by your School Principal.
iv. Copy of ‘B’ Form / CNIC.
v. Copy of College ID card.
vi. A self-addressed envelope for your admit card which will be couriered to you.
vii. Application fee of Rs. 400 in any of the following ways:
Deposit in Soneri Bank – Branch Code: 0024 Account No. 20000014401 Account Title “The Aga Khan University”.
Please attach the payment deposit slip with your application.
OR Bank Draft in favour of “The Aga Khan University”
OR Cash will only be accepted if application is deposited by hand.
The completed application may be delivered by hand or couriered to the Admission Office at the
following address:
The AKU Challenge (scholarship) Programme
Office of the Registrar – Medical College
Aga Khan University
Stadium Road, Karachi - 74800, Pakistan
+9221 3486 4410 / 4412

Last date to submit application form: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Candidates applying to the programme must write an Aptitude Test on Saturday, June 15, 2019

NOTE: Communication with the candidate will be mostly done through email. Candidates are
advised to make sure they have a valid email address / ID.

Application for
The AKU Challenge (scholarship) Programme 2019
Application No.

Please fill in BLOCK LETTERS

Incomplete and incorrect information will disqualify the applicant. Attested 7 days old
Passport size
photograph bearing
A. PERSONAL DATA the name of the
applicant at the back.
Name: ___________________________________________________
(Please do not attest at
Father’s Name: ___________________________________________ candidate’s face)

Gender: Male Female Marital Status: Single Married

________________ ________________ ___________________________

Date of Birth Place of Birth CNIC # / B-Form #

Current Mailing Address:

Please do not use short forms. All written communication will be sent to this address
This address should be noted on the self-addressed envelope.


____________________ City: ______________ Province: ______________ Country: Pakistan

Mobile #: ____________________ Email Address: ______________________________________

Permanent Address (if different from correspondence address above)


____________________ City: ______________ Province: ______________ Country: Pakistan

Telephone #: ____________________ Mobile #: ________________________________________

Please  mark only one centre for Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test Centre
Chitral Faisalabad Gilgit Hyderabad Karachi Lahore
Multan Peshawar Quetta Rawalpindi Sukkur

For Office Use Only: Please do not write in this space:

Payment: Online Payment Bankdraft Cash

Awaited: SSC Marksheet College ID card B-Form / CNIC Photograph

Other Remarks ________________________ Received by: ______________ Date: _____________

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B. Academic Qualifications
Pakistani System of Education

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) (Mark sheet must be included)

Group ________________ Name of Institution: ___________________________________________

Postal Address of Institution _________________________________________________________

City where studied SSC: __________________ Board of Education: __________________________

Name of Principal:__________________________________________________________________

Year of Completion SSC Part II: ___________ Marks Received (e.g. 880/1100): _________________

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Part – I (College ID Card required)

Group ________________ Name of Institution: ___________________________________________

Postal Address of Institution _________________________________________________________

City where studied HSSC: ________________ Board of Education: __________________________

Expected Year of Completion of HSSC Part - II: _____________

Name of Principal: _________________________________________________________________

Principal’s email address: ____________________________________________________________

How did you come to know about AKU Challenge programme?

Newspaper Poster Website Social Media

Friends/Family Educational Fairs University Visit School Visit


Aga Khan University reserves the right to cancel selection to the scholarship if an application form is
discovered to be inaccurate or incomplete, or if supporting documents are discovered to be fraudulent.

In submitting this application I declare that the statements I have made in my application are true. I
agree to conform to the discipline of the selection process and to accept the decision of Aga Khan
University concerning the evaluation of my application and the final selection to the scholarship

Candidate’s signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________

Parent / Guardian signature: _______________________________ Date: ___________________

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