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To be submitted to:

Mr. Raul F. Espinosa

Submitted by:

Ernacio, John Kenneth

Abacan, Patricialyn

Rocamora, Hanna Aubrey

12- Hilario Davide (HUMSS)



Through an entertaining and relaxed beauty pageant, we want to boost

confidence among the gay community by coming out and helping raise public. –
(Steven Zhang.) We all knew that Gays are being discriminated in our society. The
fact that people today hate them because of being different on what they should act
based on their gender roles. But, it is the choices of people that make them reflect
as whom they are as a person. Gays are known to be different because on how they
should act based on their gender. They just want to be appreciated and love as who
they are. Therefore, they still get discriminated because on how they should act
based on their gender, the more they show how soft they are, how warm their
heart; they still get this hate that they don’t deserve. Gays are usually the person
who gives us joy and some fun when they with us or when we watch some shows of
them. They sometimes give us knowledge and lessons that we don’t know but we
learned from them. Having a gay friend or relative can be easier for us because they
are fun and easily to be with. In this society Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual or whatever
gender u are u will be hated and get discriminated by the people who are blinded
and didn’t see the worth of one another. Gays are known as a 2 nd clown of the
society, because on its way of delivering and showing their talents and sense of
humor not just to a kid but also to the elders. Every pageant are popular to us
because of the events and unforgettable moment mostly to the contenders. Gay
contenders usually joined to the contest because some of them want to earn
money, to grow their career, habits, or to bring joy to the crowd. Mostly the
contenders of this pageants have a problem family nor financially, they joined
because they just want to escape the reality or to make their selves happy because
of the situation that they have.

Joining a pageant is not easy especially when you are afraid of being stared or
being watched of many people. Having a gay friend will lead you to reality and will
show they’re real world to you. It’s hard to have a gay friend especially when he/she
is a kontesera. Almost twenty percent of the world’s population has a gay pageant
on different country like Thailand, Philippines, America and other countries who are
accepted the gay world in their society. Most of gays nowadays accept their self and
prove to other people that they are successful and knowledgeable to the people
who are downgrading them. By joining the pageant they must at least know where
should they stand and know their power by getting the title that they are deserve,
these were the titles that every gay contenders running of Miss Continental, Miss
Galaxy Pageant, Miss Gay Philippines etc. those title had been doing for at least a
year now, to show their support and acceptable to the gays who are that passionate
by joining the pageant. Most gay used pageant that is requires knowledge and
individual skills of the contenders; the program must to be start at introducing their
selves, fashion show, freestyle and Question and Answer session. Watching a lot of
people in the stage, showing some talents, the real those, cheering them makes gay
contenders be more confident and proud by giving them compliment.
Nowadays there were a lot of challenges that gays encountered because of
the hatred of their families and friends by not accepting what really they are. These
problems cause them to lead in stress, self hatred, depression and other aspects
that affect their lives. For them joining the pageants has a lot of benefit for them
because they can get money, fame, career that they want also, to get friends and
people will show their support unconditionally. Joining the pageant for them has a
big effect to the gay lives because it can change their perspective to the world and
to the other people also to gain respect to those who are special to them. Also,
joining the pageant for them help them to realize who really they are and how
acceptable, respectable and show their freedom to the world.


This study contained the information about the lived experience of gay
contenders by joining the pageant and their situation before and after the
competition. This study will answer the following questions:

1. What are the challenges they encountered in this pageants? How do they
handle it?

2. What are the benefits do you get in joining the pageant?

3. How do joining the pageant transformed the lives of the gay person?


This study will help the experiences of those gays joining pageants from
different area in the phillipines. The phenomenological study will benefit the

Gays – They will be more educated and respectable as whom they are. This
study will help them to be more passionate person because on the knowledge that
they get.

Kindred – This study will help them to know the struggle of a gay contestant,
as well as they come up with their problems.

School Administrators – This study will inform the school staff as they reach
and know about the gay pageants.

Future Researcher – This study that we conduct will help them to get more
knowledge and lessons as they use and seek information on this related studies.


The study will be focus on the lived experiences of gay kontesera joining in the
pageants. This research will determine the experience of gay kontesera and the
challenges and the benefits they get in joining the pageants. Also, this study will
reveal how their lives transformed through joining gay pageants.

The research will provide a deeper understanding on how the gay pageants run
and the lives of gay kontesera. Therefore, this research will be conducted at Tondo,
Manila the place where most gay pageants held, The study will involve seven gay
kontesera that have an experience joining pageants.

For better understanding of the study, the following terms are herein defined
operationally and conceptually.

Lived Experiences – refers to accurate demonstration and presentation of

the experiences, decisions made by a certain person, and the knowledge they have
gained from the said experiences and choices.

Academics - this refers to the academic performances of students have part

time jobs.

Secondary – refers to a second in order or level.

Salary – it refers to the amount of money that the students have from their
part time.

Relationship – refers to behavior of people and state of being connected to

each other.

Jobs – refers to what kind of profession does student will have.

School – refers to what kind of school or environment that they have.

Secondary – refers to a second in order or level

Psychological Behavior – refers to what behavior that might student will

adapt while having part time jobs.

Future – refers to their specific goal or their dreams that they want to pursue
and what will the outcome of that.

Kontesero/Kontesera- Kontesera (masculine kontesero) a female person

who frequents competitions, especially singing competitions and beauty pageants.