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March 15, 2019

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I pen this letter of recommendation for Ms. Airess Stewart, a highly qualified
candidate for a leadership position in your organization. It is not often that one can immediately tell the
quality and potential of a leader, but Ms. Stewart is the exception. Having only known Airess for a short
time, it may seem odd that I am able to recommend her with such fervor, but as someone who has
worked with exceptional leaders, I knew the moment I met Airess that she was something special.

As a former Assistant Superintendent for a large and growing district, I had the pleasure of coaching and
mentoring some of the top leaders in the state. These leaders possessed the competencies needed to
take a building, and ultimately a district, to the next level. Upon meeting Ms. Stewart, it was evident that
she too possesses these qualities. It was because of Airess’ leadership that I have had the pleasure of
working with the Farmington leadership team since the start of the 2018/19 school year. Airess regularly
seeks out training to support her growth and the growth of the teachers and leaders she supports. In
doing so, Airess connected with my organization, the MI Exel Statewide Field Team, where she
recognized a need in her district to better align systems to realize improvement in student, teacher, and
leader performance in a short amount of time.

My work with Airess has shown her to be a highly capable leader who understands the big picture and
who exhibits, among other things, the following expertise:

● A strong desire to achieve outstanding results in a short amount of time

● The ability to create and execute clear and logical plans
● The skill to foster collective responsibility
● The motivation and drive necessary to ensure that instructional-specific conversations are taking
● The drive to prioritize student-learning needs over the customs, routines, and established
relationships that can stand in the way of necessary change
● The ability to motivate others and influence their behaviors
● The ability to exert her influence for results

This focus on achievement and the ability to impact and influence, makes Ms. Stewart a highly
sought-after leader. With her expertise in supporting both the academic and non-academic needs of
students and her understanding of the importance of using data to drive decisions, Airess has what it
takes to step into any building or district role and have an immediate impact.

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss the exceptional competencies Ms. Airess Stewart
possess as they relate to your organization.