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COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus (Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore) Assignment No. 02 — Spring 2019 kcourse Title: |:1uman Computer Interaction -Lab [Course Code: lesc-457 [credit Hours: ]1(0,1) jg, [Pr Atif Athar, Dr. Faizan BC: ours Instructors: a At atuaawcar rogramme Name: |BSE, BCS [Semester [Batek: [estion: AB [Date [Feb 28, 2019, {Time Allowed: [10 Days [Maximum Marks: bs {Student’s Name: [Reg. No. Important Instruct «Read the assignment statement, note and evaluation criteria carefully ns / Guideline: Statemen Develop low-fidelity prototypes for a system that can be used for your respective FYP’s (Final Year Projects). Provide appropriate controls for each type of input and navigation. It must contains the hand-written design of all the modules. Note: 1. This is group assignment. Max group size allowed is 3 2. Sharing of assignment ideas, content, solution is not permissible with your class fellows (the only exception is your group mate). Assignment grade do not entirely depend upon submission of solution documents. Your performance during viva sessions will play a lead role to determine your grades. Please submit the assignment as per given deadline. Late submitters will be penalized. Can only be submitted in hand-written format (except title page and table of content), ao Rw Evaluation Criteria of Assignment: Feature ‘Assessment Criteria Marks Present ability ‘Assignment is clean, properly formatted, Title page contains the name/logo of your institute, Submitter’s Name,| 5 Teacher's Name, Proper Numbering, Table of Contents ‘Assignment Content | Question solved correctly 15 Deadline Met ‘Assignment is submitted on given deadline 5 Deadline Missed _ | Assignment deadline is missed 5