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Chen !

Vicky Chen

Block C


February 26 2019

Senior Service Project

I went to an insurance company in Hong Kong to study and participated in some public

welfare activities last summer vacation. We helped poor families build foundations under the

company's organization. We also went out to take part in charity activities. First, four groups

were formed to visit foreign families in Hong Kong. Most of them left their country for seeking

better work, but they only could get low-paying jobs in Hong Kong due to the language barrier.

They also could not afford the money to get them home. In Hong Kong, the servants from the

Philippines would have dinner together as a custom. However, they could only find empty space

to have dinner together, because the price in Hong Kong is too expensive. On that day, we

provided them with free desserts and I communicated with them. We need to help them through

the foundation we set up. Everyone who buys insurance could invest and deposit 1% of the

profits into the foundation, which is the funding source. With the money, we can assist them.

Therefore, we need to help our company to find consumers to buy our insurance. Before the

project started, our team made a detailed plan. We chose Hong Kong's most prosperous business

district, Tsim Sha Tsui, as the target and then prepared suitable fund projects for Hong Kong

people of all ages according to their individual needs and annual income.

This is a different kind of charity activity. I used to do some very subtle volunteer

activities. For example, I once helped the church or went to the countryside to teach. This time, I
Chen !2

really want to use my strength to win recognition from others and motivate them to buy my

founding. I am not a very outgoing person, but I have to actively talk to every stranger passing

by me because of work. This is a big challenge for me. Throughout the day, I learned a lot by

coming into contact with different people. The people I contact may not have the patience to

listen to me, but I also met many people who are interested in me. Although I only sold one fund

on the first day, the performance in the next few days was very impressive. I have felt the

happiness I have never had before. This is not because I have sold fund but because I have

helped others through my own efforts.

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