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TLE - Basic Electricity b.

c. safety
d function
1) A form of electricity where the flow of 9) The standard number or diameter of wires for
current is always in the same direction: convenience outlet layout should be?
a. voltage a. 12
b. power b. 14
c. alternating current c. 18
d. direct current d. 10
2) The force which opposes and reduces the 10) To comply with the requirements of the
flow of electrical current is recognized as Philippine Electrical Code, the appropriate fuse
________. rating for lighting outlet should be ________.
a. power a. 15 amperes
b. resistance b. 30 amperes
c. electromagnetism c. 60 amperes
d. frequency d. 20 amperes
3) A part of an electric circuit which converts 11) Planning and designing of electrical wiring
electrical energy into another form of energy to plan is being done in order to:
do work is ________. a. Provide efficient and effective wiring system
a. load of the building.
b. circuit b. Maintain quality workmanship.
c. source c. Avoid overloaded circuit.
d. control d. Protect the circuit from high current.
4) A part of an electrical circuit, consists of 12) Circuit breakers are used to protect
batteries, generator or a main electrical power household electrical circuits. What is the
which supplies electricity is called ________. ampacity rating of the breaker used for
a. control convenience outlets or general purpose
b. load circuits?
c. source a. 20 amperes
d. voltage b. 30 amperes
5) A law that states that current is directly c. 15 amperes
proportional to voltage and inversely d. 60 amperes
proportional to resistance is known as ________. 13) An electrical component used to control
a. PEC electrical circuit in two different locations is
b. Law of Resistivity called:
c. Kirchoff's Law a. four-way switch
d. Ohm's Law b. three-way switch
6) In Ohm's Law, to find the unknown voltage in c. push-button switch
the circuit, the formula to be used is: d. remote controlled switch
a. E = I x R 14) To conserve energy, what kind of lamp
b. E = I / R should be used in lighting fixtures?
c. I = E / R a. Incandescent lamp
d. R = E / I b. Mercury lamp
7) What amount of current does a 40-watt c. Compact fluorescent lamp
fluorescent lamp draw from a 220 volts power d. Neon lamp
source? 15) The size of electrical wire recommended for
a. 5.5 amperes installing lighting fixtures is:
b. 0.18 amperes a. No. 12 AWG
c. 25.5 amperes b. No. 10 AWG
d. 50.5 amperes c. No. 18 AWG
8) There are several factors involved in d. No. 14 AWG
electrical wiring installation but the foremost 16) What is the voltage required by an automatic
consideration is ________. pressure cooker having a resistance of 20 ohms
a. cost when the current flowing is 8 amperes?
a. 240 volts b. voltage
b. 480 volts c. resistance
c. 120 volts d. inductance
d. 160 volts 25) The resistors are to be connected in four
17) In a 220-volt power line, three 50-watt possible types of circuit connections namely
incandescent bulbs are connected in parallel. series, parallel, series-parallel and parallel-
How many more bulbs will light if one of the series. Which type of connection will give the
bulbs is open? least amount of equivalent resistance?
a. One a. Series
b. Two b. Parallel
c. All c. Series-parallel
d. None d. Parallel-series
18) In a simple electrical connection, one of the 26) Which is an exposed wiring method that
lines of the source is connected to ________. uses cleats, knowbs, tubes and flexible tubing
a. Terminal 1 of the load for the protection and support of single
b. Terminal 2 of the load insulated conductor run in or on building and
c. Terminal 1 of the switch not concealed by the building structure?
d. Terminal 1 & 2 of the switch a. Open wiring on insulators
19) Which of the following electrical symbols in b. Armored cable wiring
wiring diagram means that there are three c. Concealed knob and tube wiring
wires running in a line? d. Metal clad cable wiring
a. ----/-/-/---- 27) What will happen if two 100-W, 230 V
b. -----/-/-/-/---- incadescent lamps are connected in series
c. ------------ across a 230 V source?
d. S3W a. Both lamps will consume more power.
20) A series connected dry cells will result to b. Both lamps will get burnt.
________. c. Each lamp will give lesser output lights.
a. increase in the amount of current d. Each lamp will give more output lights.
b. increase in the amount of voltage 28) What is the reason why electrical
c. increase total resistance appliances are connected in parallel rather than
d. more powerful supply of electricty in series?
21) What type of switch is used to control a. Parallel connection consumes lesser power.
alternately three-phase line system using two b. Parallel connection is simpler than series
sources of power? connection.
a. Double Pole Single Throw Switch c. Each appliances consumes more power if
b. Single Pole Double Throw Switch connected in series.
c. Triple Pole Single Throw Switch d. It makes the operation of each appliance
d. Triple Pole Double Throw Switch independent of each other.

22) Which of the following is the best conductor

of electricity?
a. Copper 29) When replacing a busted fuse which of the
b. Aluminum following is important?
c. Silver a. same size and type
d. Gold b. same type but different rating
23) What type of switch is used when you want c. same size but different rating
to control one lamp or group of lamps in two d. different size and type
different locations? 30) Which of the following is a source of
a. Two, 3-way switch alternating current?
b. One, 4-way switch a. Dynamo
c. Two, single switch b. Battery
d. Duplex switch c. Dry cell
24) Cells are connected in parallel to increase d. Alternator
the ________ capacity of the cells. 31) When there is a break in the circuit and the
a. current current could not pass through, the circuit is
________. c. friction
a. closed d. tension
b. shorted 40) Which transforms heat energy to electric
c. grounded energy?
d. open a. Transformers
32) Which term usually refers to a device that b. Battery
produces an electric current when light falls c. Generator
upon them? d. Thermocouple
a. Solar cell 41) Which is the kinetic energy of falling water?
b. Dry cell a. Thermo energy
c. Solar lamp b. Hydro energy
d. Solar light c. Solar energy
33) Which is synchronous alternating-current d. Mechanical energy
machine that changes mechanical power into 42) Which is a solar collector that is capable of
electrical power? producing voltage when exposed to radiant
a. Dynamo energy (sunlight)?
b. Motor a. Photoelectric
c. Alternator b. Photovoltaic system
d. Lathe machine c. Photoemission system
34) Which battery CANNOT be recharged after d. Solar light
its chemical energy has been depleted? 43) Energy derived or extracted from the
a. Energizer internal heat of the earth is called ________.
b. Eveready a. volcanic
c. Primary battery b. geothermal
d. Secondary battery c. thermal
35) Which generator generates direct current? d. chemical
a. Alternator 44) Which refers to the extraction of electrons
b. Dynamo from a substance by sunlight on incident
c. Battery electromagnetic radiation?
d. Adaptor a. Photoelectric effect
36) Which battery can be recharged after each b. Photovoltaic effect
chemical energy has been depleted? c. Photoemission
a. Primary battery d. Electron microscopy
b. Energizer 45) Which statement is TRUE?
c. Eveready a. Bigger size of wire has higher resistance.
d. Secondary battery b. Bigger size of wire has lower resistance.
37) Which is used to change mechanical energy c. Long wire has lesser resistance.
into electrical energy? d. Short wire has higher resistance.
a. Battery 46) A small light ulb with a resistance of 100
b. Circuit ohms is connected across a 120-v line. What is
c. Dry cell the current through the bulb?
d. Generator a. 1.2 A
38) A process in splitting the atom of uranum is b. 0.012 A
called ________. c. 0.12 A
a. fusion d. 12 A
b. fission 47) A 200-v lamp has a resistance of 400 ohms.
c. friction The power rating in watts of lamp is ________.
d. tension a. 100 w
b. 600 w
39) A process by joining hydrogen atoms which c. 200 w
causes heat hotter than the sun is called d. 250 w
________. 48) If 18 resistances, each of a value of 36
a. fusion ohms, are connected in parallel, then the total
b. fission resistance is ________.
a. 36 ohms the lamps?
b. 2 ohms a. 1.44 kw
c. 648 ohms b. 1.20 kw
d. 54 ohms c. 1.34 kw
d. 14.4 kw

49) A toaster takes 10 A from a 120v line. The 57) What is the maximum load capacity of a 15A
power used is: circuit breaker protecting a branch circuit that
a. 12 w supplies a continuous load?
b. 130 w a. 15 A
c. 1,200 w b. 10 A
d. 120 w c. 12 A
d. 14 A

50) What is the resistance of a 100 w, 110-v

incandescent lamp?
a. 121 ohms 58) What is the horsepower rating of an electric
b. 115 ohms water pump if it has a power rating of 1.75 Kw?
c. 125 ohms a. 2 Hp
d. 12.1 ohms b. 2.3 Hp
51) How many kilowatts is the water heater if it c. 2.5 Hp
draws a current of 10 amperes and has a d. 23 Hp
resistance of 23 ohms? 59) How many kilowatts does a certain
a. 23 Kw appliance consume for 5 hours of useif it has a
b. 2,300 Kw power rating of 1.5 Hp?
c. 230 Kw a. 56 Kw
d. 2.3 Kw b. 7.5 Kw
52) The resistance of an electrical wire is c. 5.6 Kw
inversely proportional to its ________. d. 75 Kw
a. length 60) A cell supplies a load current of 0.5A for a
b. cross sectional area period of 20 hours until its terminal voltage falls
c. temperature to an unacceptable level. How long can it be
d. material expected to supply a current of 100mA?
53) A fluorescent lamp unit connected to a 110v a. 50 hours
AC line takes 1.2A and requires 110w power. b. 100 hours
What is its power factor? c. 60 hours
a. 0.9 d. 70 hours
b. 0.833 61) A battery is rated 200Ah. If it is used to
c. 0.866 supply a constant current of 8Ah. How long can
d. 0.8 the battery last until it becomes unusable?
54) An electric heater uses 20kw-in 8 hours. If a. 20 hours
the voltage across the heater is 240 volts. What b. 2.5 hours
is the heater resistance? c. 15 hours
a. 2.5 ohms d. 2.5 hours
b. 83.3 ohms 62) The resistance of 500 meters of a certain
c. 23.04 ohms wire is 125 ohms. What length of the same wire
d. 2.30 ohms will have a resistance of 60 ohms?
55) The resistance of a 230v incandescent lamp a. 24 meters
is 300 ohms. What current is required to operate b. 225 meters
the lamp? c. 240 meters
a. 0.85 A d. 235 meters
b. 0.77 A 63) If three equal resistances are connected in
c. 1.30 A parallel,the equivalent resistance of the circuit
d. 7.74 A will be ________ the value of one resistor.
56) A group of lamps operates a current of 12 A a. three time
and a voltage of 120v. What is the total power of b. half
c. one-third I. concealed work only
d. the same II. exposed work only
64) Find the cost of using a 100W, 220V lamp for a. I only
20 hours at P3.00 per kW-hr? b. II only
a. P6.00 c. I and II
b. P9.00 d. cannot be determined
c. P10.00 72) An assembly of two pieces of insulating
d. P60.00 material provided with grooves for holding one
65) Which is a box with a blank cover is inserted or more conductors at a definite scpacing from
in one or more runs of raceway to facilitate the surface wired over and from each other, and
pulling of the conductors? with holes for fastening in position is called:
a. Blank box a. split knob
b. Junction box b. cleat
c. Terminal box c. spool insulator
d. Pull box d. strain insulator

66) Which is a box with a blank cover for joining 73) Which is a wiring method that uses knobs,
runs of conduits and providing space for tubes, and flexible non-metallic tubing for the
connection and branching of enclosed protection and support of single insulated
conductors? conductors concealed in hollow spaces of walls
a. Blank box and ceilings of buildings?
b. Junction box a. Knob and tube wiring
c. Terminal box b. Open wiring on insulators
d. Pull box c. Concealed knob and tube wiring
d. Open wiring with knob and tubes
74) Which term refers to that switch or outlet
67) The minimum size of wire used in electrical body that is embedded or hidden in the wall?
wiring is the no.14 AWG. Under the SI standard, a. Surface type
what is the diameter of this wire? b. Flush type
a. 1.2 mm c. Concealed type
b. 1.6 mm d. Open type
c. 1.5 mm
d. 2.0 mm 75) The use of surface non-metallic raceway is
not permitted in all the following, EXCEPT:
68) A thin-walled steel raceway of circularwith a a. dry locations
corrosion-resistant coating for protection of b. where subject to severe physical damage
wires or cable is ________. c. where voltage is over 300 V
a. rigid metal conduit d. where concealed
b. flexible metal pipe
c. metal moulding 76) When the entire switch or outlet body is
d. electrical metallic tubing visible and extends beyond the wall surface, the
device is said to be ________.
a. Wall type
69) Armored cable is commercially known as b. Surface type
________. c. Flush type
a. BX cable d. Open type
b. flat cable 77) What device automatically breaks the
c. metallic cable circuit the moment an overload or short circuit
d. duplex cable occurs?
70) Which type of cable is fabricated assembly a. Breaker switch
of insulated conductors enclosed in a flexible b. Overload
metal sheath? c. Circuit breaker
a. Underground cable d. Main switch
b. Armored cable
c. Flat cable
d. Flexible cable
71) Flat cable assembly shall be installed for 78) Which term is used when two conductors
________. are embedded in one solid mass of rubber
insulation? 86) The electrical plans for residential house
a. two in one include the following items, EXCEPT:
b. three in one a. Substation plan
c. stranded b. Location plan
d. duplex c. Floor plan showing location of service
79) What type of socket is used for outdoor or d. Layout of wiring plan for general lighting and
wet location in wiring installation? receptacles outlets
a. Waterproof socket 87) If installed in raceways, conductors of size
b. Special purpose socket ________ and larger shall be stranded.
c. Weatherproof socket a. 5.5 mm squared
d. Outdoor socket b. 8.0 mm squared
80) What is the smallest size of wire permitted c. 14 mm squared
by the Code to be used in wiring installation? d. 3.5 mm squared
a. 2.0 mm squared
b. 3.5 mm squared 88) At least ________ of free conductor shall be
c. 2.0 mm left at each outlet, junction and switch point for
d. 1.25 mm squared splices or connection of fixture or devices.
81) Which one of the following uses is permitted a. 250 mm
by the Code to be used for surface non-metallic b. 175 mm
raceway? c. 150 mm
a. dry locations d. 300 mm
b. where concealed 89) A certain residential house has lighting load
c. where subject to severe physical damage of 1.1 kVA and an appliance load of 10A at 220
d. where voltage is over 300 V volts, single phase, two wires, 60 Hz. The
82) Service entrance using copper conductors branch circuit fuse protection for lighting and
shall have sufficient capacity and shall not be appliance loads are ________ and ________,
smaller than ________. respectively.
a. 5.5 mm squared a. 20 A and 60 A
b. 3.5 mm squared b. 20 A and 30 A
c. 14 mm squared c. 15 A and 30 A
d. 8.0 mm squared d. 15 A and 20 A
83) If two identical lamps give normal light 90) Live vegetation or trees ________ used for
when connected in parallel in a 230v line are support of overhead conductors spans.
reconnected in series in the same line, the bulb a. shall be
will ________. b. should be
a. give more light c. shall not be
b. not light d. should not be
c. give less light 91) Light fixtures suspended from the ceiling by
d. blows out chains should be wired so that the wires
84) When flexible metal conduit is installed as a ________.
fixed raceway, it shall be secured within ________ a. will be grounded
on each side of every outlet box. b. will not touch the chains
a. 250 mm c. will support the fixture
b. 300 mm d. will not support the fixture
c. 100 mm 92) In rigid metal conduit wiring, conduit of 15-
d. 150 mm 20 mm diameter shall be supported at least
every ________.
85) A short circuit can be detected by using a. 2,500 mm
________. b. 3,500 mm
a. an ohmmeter c. 1,800 mm
b. a megger d. 3,800 mm
c. an oscilloscope 93) Why do conductors need additional wiring
d. an ammeter insulators?
a. Electrical wiring needs to be protected from
mechanical harm.
b. Wires are connected by joints therefore need
c. Wires touches wood surface therefore need
d. Wires skin is weak.

94) What is the total number of mechanical

degrees that an electrical pipe run maybe bent
between pull points?
a. 360 degrees
b. 180 degrees
c. 120 degrees
d. 270 degrees
95) Rigid non-metallic conduit shall be
supported within ________ of each box.
a. 600 mm
b. 800 mm
c. 900 mm
d. 760 mm
96) Electrical metallic tubing smaller than
________ electrical trade size shall NOT be used.
a. 12 mm
b. 10 mm
c. 15 mm
d. 20 mm
97) Type AC cable shall be secured by approved
staples, straps, hangers or similar fittings at
intervals NOT exceeding ________.
a. 1,250 mm
b. 1,300 mm
c. 1,500 mm
d. 1,000 mm
98) In concealed knob and tube wiring, the
clearance to be maintained between conductors
is ________.
a. 65 mm
b. 45 mm
c. 76 mm
d. 50 mm
99) Three bulbs are connected in parallel and
controlled by a single switch. If one of the 3
bulbs is busted, what will happen to the
remaining bulbs?
a. it will not lit
b. its brightness is reduced
c. its brightness increases
d. its brightness in maintained
7. B
8. C
9. A
10. D
11. A
12. A
13. B
14. C
15. D
16. D
17. B
18. A
19. A
20. B
21. D
22. C
23. A
24. A
25. B
26. A
27. C
28. D
29. A
30. D
31. D
32. A
33. C
34. C
35. B
36. D
37. D
38. B
39. A
40. D
41. B
42. B
43. B
44. A
45. B
46. C
47. A
48. B
49. C
50. A
51. D
52. B
53. B
54. C
55. B
57. C
1. D
58. B
2. B
59. C
3. A
60. B
4. C
61. B
5. D
62. C
6. A
63. C
64. A
65. D
66. B
67. B
68. D
69. A
70. B
71. B
72. B
73. C
74. B
75. A
76. B
77. C
78. D
79. C
80. A
81. A
82. D
83. C
84. B
85. A
86. A
87. B
88. C
89. D
90. C
91. D
92. D
93. A
94. A
95. C
96. C
97. B
98. C
99. D