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Learning activity 2 / Actividad de aprendizaje 2

Evidence: Blog “My favorite vacation” / Evidencia: Blog “Mis vacaciones


In this activity, you will have to participate in a blog. In your entry, please
describe your favorite vacation. Include dates, places you visited, activities you
did, means of transportation, some pictures (can be unreal) and any other
information you consider relevant. / En esta evidencia, usted deberá participar
en un blog. En su entrada de blog, por favor describa sus vacaciones favoritas.
Incluya fechas, los lugares que visitó, las actividades que hizo, en qué se
transportó. Incluya imágenes (pueden ser o no reales) y cualquier otra
información que considere relevante.

My favorite vacation

My favorite vacation was in 2002. I went to Francia. I traveled by plane. It was

a long flight for 9 Hours. I went to many places in Paris. I visited Louvre
museum, Eiffel Tower, Versace´s Palace, Euro Disney, Champs-Élysées,
French Restaurants, Moulin Rouge, and Notre Dame churche. They were a
beautiful and peaceful landscape. I stayed in The Regina Hotel near to
Louvre Museum. I was there for a week with my family celebrating my fifteen
years old. It was fantastic. I met the Original Statue of Liberty, which is not as
big as the one in New York, Likewise, I saw the painting of the Mona Lisa in
Louvre, was a surprise to me because it's not as big as I thought. My vacation
was fantastic because I loved Paris, its gastronomy, its streets and its culture.

Fuente: Google Image

Follow the steps below to participate:

1. Click on the blog title and then on Crear entrada de blog.

2. Write the title and your entry messages with your feedback. Then, click on
Publicar entrada.
3. Explore your learning mates’ comments and, then, give constructive
feedback by clicking on Comentario.
4. Once you have written the comment, click on Añadir.

Pasos para participar:

1. Dar clic en el título del blog y luego en Crear entrada de blog.

2. Escribir el título y el mensaje de entrada con sus aportes, después dar clic
en Publicar entrada.
3. Explorar lo expuesto por sus compañeros y posteriormente hacer sus
comentarios constructivos dando clic en Comentario.
4. Una vez escrito el comentario, dar clic en Añadir.

Criterios de evaluación
 Describe experiencias de vacaciones haciendo uso de la estructura
gramatical, vocabulario y contexto requeridos.

 Usa los verbos regulares e irregulares en pasado simple con la estructura y

el vocabulario requeridos.