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The Eloists
from Radiance

Within Radiance flows the spirit of the Eloists. It is an expression of
Light, and speaks with the Voice of the Living Spirit as It has come to
be known through the Eloist family. 'Eloist' means a 'doer of the
Creator's will.' The objective of Radiance is not so much to educate
as it is to strike a keynote or set a tone that will help the reader to
become attuned to 'the realm of thought in which angels dwell,' and
in that harmony to learn how to rise in spirit to embrace a higher

Radiance, a publication of The Eloists, a religious non-profit

organization, incorporated in 1918. Radiance has currently ceased

publication but back issues are available at a reasonable cost. Other

inspirational writings are in the process of being prepared for

publication. Please direct back issue requests to:



Almighty Creator: Thy purifying Flame is burning within my soul.

And I am creative in Thy Love.

I am exalted in Thy benevolent Will which unites and leads us to

overcome every limitation.

I bless with my brothers and sisters in the Concord of Creators.

And Consecrate my life to their work of soul upliftment, which will

organize Thy Will on earth to harmonize and heal humanity.

I consecrate my life to the healing of humanity.

I and my Creator are one,
In that all Will I am powerful.
As I radiate All Love
I am purified and healed;
As I give of All Wisdom,
I am enlightened and freed;
I am one with the Ever-Present in all souls,
In earth and in heaven.


Thou art emphasizing in. our awareness, O Creator, the need for
self-purification. Each of us feels that we have an obligation to act as
a magistrate over our own thoughts, actions and behavior; casting
out that which is of the lesser self, and striving always to be upright
before Thee. But we have a tendency, when we are strict with
ourselves to be strict with others, and to be critical of them, and a
judge over them; and to see ourselves as superior. We want to be
kindly and gentle and loving, letting go of all opinions, feelings and
desires which can interfere. We have faith that if we will make the
lesser self nothing, denying its entrance into our consciousness,
renouncing all the dark and negative thoughts which try to inflict
themselves upon us, Thou wilt be successful in and through us for
the upliftment of others. We give faith to the highest and best that we
can conceive of in others, and especially to the members of our
group with whom we are working so closely for Thy sake. Not one
word should we speak which can create inharmonious disagreement.
Not a single thought which is negatively critical should we allow into
our consciousness. For Thou art the true Being of each and every
one, creating love, joy, peace and freedom.


We are sustaining your soul in an atmosphere of angelic radiance.

We are uniting with the Angel Hosts to purify your aura and melt
away the deep-seated causes of physical disturbance. There are
many veils that cloud the beauty and health of the inner self and only
as these are dissolved away by the concentrated love of the Angel
Hosts can you express in your outer life the perfection of your soul.
The radiance of Angelic Love now vibrates through you with mighty
healing power. Through your unity with the Immortals you are making
possible a great regeneration in your life, and though the immediate
results may not be as miraculous as you might wish, the ultimate
results are of enduring benefit.

You are unfolding the angelic qualities of your nature, and rejoicing in
the process. There is no greater joy in the world. Your soul will unfold
in beauty and radiance and become as a sun in warmth of love to
everyone in your world. As you so transform your life by the
development of the Creator in you, you change the vibrations of your
physical nature and thus do away with physical limitations.

The Angel Hosts are with you every day creating mighty healing

thoughts. The purifying power of the Creator pervades your body;
realize this for only then can It manifest as health through all the cells
and tissues!

Divine Love streams from the Angel Hosts through our souls to heal
and strengthen you. The peace and serenity of the celestial life is
permeating your souls and harmonizing all disturbing conditions.



How many times have you been told that the Creator is ever-present
with you? How many times have you been told that he speaks within
your soul? You have been told over and over that you are an
immortal soul, that there is no death, that heavenly worlds exist, that
your destiny is to grow to become godlike, and that you can begin to
express the light of heavenly spheres while still in the mortal body.
You· have been shown the creative power of thought. You know that
you can attune yourself either with darkness or with light, with hell or
heaven. You know you have the power of choice to think as you wish,
to go in any direction, to adopt any purpose, to express yourself in
any way you may desire. Why do you not take full advantage of your

opportunities? Why do you still grovel around at times on the planes
of darkness? You know you have your destiny in your own hands.
You know that when you identify yourself with the Creator, your
hands become His Hands, your life becomes His life. You have seen
how the support and guidance of the heavenly hosts have prospered
your efforts and brought you safely through many a crisis. You see
that you have been cleansed of many of the causes of pain and
misfortune. The angels of the Almighty rejoice in your growth.
Rejoice with them. You are in a position to accomplish a great good
work for all the people of your world. You can create with the
Almighty every hour of every day.


A downpour may come in the form of rain or a sudden burst of

activity from the higher heavens. We do bustle around at times and it
has the effect of producing waves on the lower planes. Not all your
natural phenomena can be attributed to air pressure, seasonal
influence or purging from the earth. We have a hand in it, too.

It might surprise you to learn that you create your own mini-weather

systems as well. These are interior storms which hasten the changes
that will accelerate your growth. They are, for the most part,
unconscious in design but nonetheless can "rock the boat" as far as
attitude and vulnerability are concerned. Somehow, the world doesn't
look the same afterwards and you seek new avenues of expression.
It can take the shape of looking for a new job, clearing out collections
of old possessions, making contact with questioning groups of fellow
seekers, or healing wounds with old friends. It may also take the
shape of changing your diet to better accommodate lifestyle patterns
or getting up early to hear the Voice of your Creator.

These storms are critical for your development. Accept them with the
assurance that you are on your way to becoming a stronger person
and a more aware soul.



A new day has dawned in the lives of us mortals. What will we give to
it? What will it bring us? Will we be able to say to ourselves, "Have I
used these precious hours to the best of my ability, or have I wasted
them in negative thought or action? Have I acted like a divine child of

Jehovih, or like a mere mortal, influenced by the tetracts? Everyone
on earth has the opportunity to shape his or her own destiny
according to the goals they have set for themselves. Jehovih has
given you the materials to work with. Will you create a beautiful
sculpture or a heap of rubbish? Jehovih, our Creator, is the Supreme
Architect, and has created a beautiful world for us, but we have made
mud pies out of it, and wallowed in the mud ourselves. The day has
now dawned when many have tired of the conditions of the world,
and are making an effort to wash themselves clean of the muck and
debris, to come out into the light and see a new and brighter world
around them. Jehovih is stirring their souls from within to come forth
and unite with others, and with the higher beings, to make this a
world of love, peace and light. Arise, all ye children, and be one with
Him forever!



Whenever a number of people are brought together, however

devoted they are to a single purpose, and however harmonious they
might appear to be, it is inevitable that there will be some underlying

disagreement, irritability, dislike and even hostility, for such is human

In the Faithist community, attunement with the higher beings is not

only desirable, but is necessary to successfully carry out the
Creator's purpose. It is not enough to be outwardly harmonious;
everyone must be inwardly harmonious as well. Where inharmony
exists, it is better to bring it into the open as quickly as possible to
find a means of dispelling it.

To keep the channels open for the higher Light, in order that the
community may be guided every step of the way by the Angels of the
Almighty, a process of purification must take place. Every member
should recognize the need for this cleansing of their nature. It is not
achieved by judging or reproving one another, but by each individual
acting as a magistrate over his or her own thoughts, feelings and
actions, and using their inherent will and intelligence to conquer
everything which stands in the way of peace and oneness. As
members work faithfully at it, the higher beings are able to gradually
lift away the psychic conditions which limit and burden the soul, and
generate a harmonious atmosphere beneficial to all.


We begin to see, O Creator, that the cultivation of a peaceful and

loving temperament is a far more valuable occupation than any other
people may choose. Among' other activities, we wish to put this
foremost. Of what use are we to ourselves or to others if we are
tense, worried, querulous and cold of heart? Some of us whose
dispositions need improvement are apt to blame the world or the
people around us for our miseries, not seeing that the whole cure lies
in the Power Thou hast given us to change ourselves. If a few people
in the world will do this, in concert, and keep persistently at it,
following it through to the attainment of conscious oneness and
attunement with Thee, they will become the founders of Thy
Kingdom on earth. The full might of Thy supreme authority will back
them, and nothing in the world will be able to successfully interfere.
What is more difficult, O Creator, than for mortals to convince
themselves that they are largely to blame for their woes? Convincing
others of the same in respect to themselves? It is a great blessing to
know that a faculty for self-criticism, self-purification and
self-improvement is part of our equipment as human beings by which
we can attain upliftment, and liberation from darkness.


All practicing Faithists are recognized and given support by the

higher beings, Jehovih's angelic workers. Even though an individual
may not be known to other Faithists, he is part of the network of
Faithist activity. He may not follow the same pathway as other
Faithists, but he is inspired according to his capabilities and
opportunities, and is a contributing factor in the Creator's purpose of
world upliftment. Further enlightenment will come to him as it is
needed, and in the degree that he can handle it. Not all Faithists can
work together harmoniously. Not all see eye to eye. This is because
the lesser self is still a strong influence affecting the thoughts,
feelings, and behavior of Faithists. All are in a process of purification
and growth leading to a more complete attunement with the All


For Thy sake, O Creator, and for the soul's sake, we take time to sit
quietly in meditation upon Life and the solution of its problems. We
have no pat answers, but must try to live from Thy inspiration of the
day and the moment. We know that we cannot tell others how to live,
but only seek to follow our own highest light; and try to influence
others to do likewise, affirming Thy Presence in them. We are
learning to accept thankfully the trials and difficulties that come our
way, having faith in Thee that good will come of them. We try to give
ourselves completely to be Thy servants, determining to rid
ourselves of every limiting propensity and desire of the lesser self.
Purification is a long, drawn-out process; but we can serve Thee
every day as we are now, not waiting to be completely cleansed, but
using such capabilities as we already possess. We feel that we are
now able to bring light into any condition of darkness that we may
experience, and to help uplift every soul in our spiritual environment.
Thou art in our thoughts and consciousness every moment, O
Creator. Every spirit- soul recognizes this as Thy Light is manifesting


Let go completely. Let go of everything you want for self. Identify

yourself with the Creator. Know that you are one with Him. Believe
that you are now free of bondage to the darkness of your mortal
nature. You. are totally an instrument of light. Nothing can hinder the
flow of light and love through your nature. Take no backward steps
into the past. Always step forward. Believe in yourself as a divine
being. You want only to serve the Creator. Constantly think of how
best you can serve. Reject the “self” thoughts. Give yourself to the
Creator, mind, body and soul. Accept the process of purification.
Now is the best time. You are strong to conquer now. Put it off no
longer. Take the big step forward. Be free! Let no spirits rule you.
You can accomplish a great work for Jehovih. It is a golden
opportunity. Don't pass it by.


Throughout Eloist teachings you will find a great emphasis placed on

positive thinking and positive affirmative prayer. Realize that the
disciplined and persistent use of affirmations as we suggest, when
used alone, can never transform or redeem you spiritually, any more
than a savior can. Affirmative prayer or positive concentration can
never replace purity and good works. Yet, allowing this truth, realize
that by the persistent use of positive affirmations we are continually
refocusing our purpose and our minds are continually freed from the
chaos that our all too negative world mercilessly and endlessly rains
upon us. Our minds are continually cleansed of the misguided and
base concepts that come constantly from mammon, where never a
moment's thought is given to the Creator and His Angelic Emissaries.

By constantly replanting in our minds (through the power of uplifting

and Light-generating affirmations) all that we want to feel, all that we
want to express and emulate, all that we want to radiate, we will find
ourselves ever so gradually transformed until we begin, in truth, to
live by those principles we hold so dear, and which are so foreign to
the mass of humanity. In short, our actions will begin to reflect the
Light that must first be established in the foundation of thought.

Do not delude yourself. The discipline of affirmative prayer is not
easy; it is hard work, very hard. Changing our thought patterns, our
very thought processes, until they become constitutionally rooted in
the Light and radiant with Power takes time, years. It is a painfully
gradual process. But to the degree darkness and negativity is shed,
Light and Eternal Power take its place. As that occurs, behold, you
will find your life changed as well, into one that reflects Jehovih's
power and compassion just as it is expressed in the goodwill and
loving service of the realms in which the Angels dwell.


There are both physical and spiritual causes for disease. Spiritual
causes are primary. Physical causes are secondary. Among the
many physical causes for disease are overindulgence in food,
sensual gratification, drugs, overwork, impure air, overuse of
stimulants and narcotics.

Is a cold caused by a draft, by an aspect of Saturn, or by nature's

effort to throw poisons out of the body, or by germs?

The biologist studying physical causes attributes the cold to germs.
The nature-curists state that germs are symptoms of the breakdown
of morbid matter, and not the cause of the disease. They attribute a
cold to nature's efforts to clean house, precipitated by something
enervating, such as a draft or some other stirring vibration.

We believe diseases have spiritual causes. There are areas in the

spiritual body and the spiritual brain (that is, the soul of the physical
brain) which contain spiritual disturbances. Under certain conditions,
one or more of these areas can be stirred up, as mud is stirred from
the bottom of a pail of water, and the whole brain can become cloudy
with this poison until it is all cleared away. A spiritual poison can
irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and throat and cause
profuse elimination by physical secretion. We have seen that the
stirring up of spiritual poisons stored in the subconscious parts of the
brain can be the primary cause of mental and physical diseases.
People suffering from mental depression display a heavy black
spiritual emanation from certain centers in the spiritual brain, which
are visible to clairvoyants.

Further, the destructive and morbid thoughts and desires of parents

can fill the spiritual brain of their children with spiritual disturbances
and give a hereditary tendency toward a particular type of disease.

Not only are people affected by the spiritual poisons they themselves
create, but they are also affected by what they take on from spirits
associated with them on the unseen side of life. This should be
considered separately, under the heading of psychical

Since we discovered spiritual causes for disease, our students have

been schooled in Soul Culture. In an atmosphere of spiritual
harmony and power, they learn to undergo the successive processes
of regeneration that displace detrimental spiritual influences.

Students who have come to our Ministry have had conclusive proof
in their own experience of the spiritual causes, and have felt the
wonderful healing and upliftment resulting from the gradual
purification of their natures. Soul Culture helps people outgrow the
mental causes of all their ills and removes the psychical

The removal of the psychical causes affecting the spiritual brain

enables the soul to more readily heal any part of the body which has
become diseased due to soul weakness or interference with its
activities by destructive thoughts and feelings, and by undeveloped
spirits. Since you are our partners working with us, we will be there
for you. The next few decades will be busy for you, and perhaps

even difficult from a worldwide point of view, for there will be some
fast and unsettling events on the planetary level. Yet, you will all pass
through them intact as will the general population of this country as a

Just hold to the Light, follow your principles and keep all things within
an angelic perspective, and we will be with you in all your efforts.


To cultivate the awareness of Thy Presence and Dominion, O

Creator, this is all-important. Everything else is secondary. We need
to learn to serve in this awareness, knowing that good is
accomplished in all places, through all people and all things. We
have taken ourselves out of the world to some degree, for we found
that it was impossible to practice awareness in the worldly
environment. Here, we are going through a purification; and are
being built up in social strength so that awareness and attunement
will stay with us at all times and under all circumstances. We do not
want to be unsociable, or to seclude ourselves from anybody. We
want to be able to bring Thy Light into every life, wherever we may be,

even in the darkest places. For all people have Thy Presence in them.
We want to believe that every soul will respond to the Light that is
expressing through us. It is a matter of being uncritical of others, and
without condemnation, forgetting self with its doubts and fears,
knowing Thou art supreme. Going out among the world's people
occasionally does not break our concentration or affiliation, does not
cut off our support, nor decrease the power of the unit. It is only in
our minds that these things happen. With increased faith in Thee, O
Creator, we will overcome our weaknesses.