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Pang Jing Yi

HY07 Food Technology and Bioprocessing
Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition
Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Dr. Jeannet Stephen

Lecturer of UB02002 English For Employment
Universiti Malaysia Sabah 27th February 2019

Dear Dr. Jeannet,

Absence Excuse Letter

Referring to the above matter, I am Pang Jing Yi with the matrix number BN17110080, student
of course UB02002 English for Employment from Section 5 was unable to attend the lecture
on 27th February 2019. I am sorry for not attending the lecture. This is because I was feeling
unwell. I have attached my medical certificate as reference as well.

However, I promise to catch up the previous lesson with any classmate. I hope that you
will accept my apology due to my absence. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your consideration.


Pang Jing Yi