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Dicandis A. Guzmán José



Lizardo Paniagua Vilaseca


Exercises for Task 2
I. Put the words in the correct order to form questions.
You – can – help – I Can I help you?
1. Can – you – the teacher – talk – to Can you talk to the teacher?
2. I – can - your questions - answer Can I answer your questions?
3. See – you – can – I – tomorrow Can I see you tomorrow?
4. A question – I – can – you – ask Can I a question Ask you?
5. Call – you – can – I Can I Call you?

II. Rewrite the sentences into questions.

You can answer the phones.
Can you answer the phones?

1. I can talk to you now

Can I talk to you now?

2. You can help me.

Can you help me?
3. You can ask questions.
Can you ask questions?
4. I can send packages in the mail.
Can I send packages in the mail?
5. You can ask for information.
Can you ask for information?
III. Complete the following sentences. Use the present continuous.
The men are wearing (wear) suits.
1. The boy eating (eat) a sandwich.
2. The girl studying (study) everyday
3. The woman working (work) in a bank.
4. The boy playing (play) baseball
5. The man sleeping (sleep) right now.
IV. Complete the following sentences. Use the simple present tense.
They Wear (wear)suits to work.
1. He eat (eat) a sandwich for lunch.
2. They always buy (buy)in the mall.
3. She often be (be) in a chair.
4. Maria run (run)during recess.
5. My father sometimes read (read) a newspaper.

V. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. Use at, in.
I live __at__ 3345 W. Main Street.
1. She works in Anaheim.
2. They have a house at Tampa.
3. There is a store at Main.
4. I live at Mexico and visit the U. S.
5. My store is at 9935 Martin Lane.
6. My sister lives at Portugal.
7. You are in New York, right?
8. Omar has a shop at Beach Blvd.
9. Vinicio lives at 4563 Part Ave.
10. My family all lives in Florida.
11. We go to school at Los Angeles.

VI. Writing Section. Write five sentences about where you live and five
sentences about a partner.
1. I live in Dominican Republic
2. I am a student of psychology

3. I am very intelligent
4. I need a friend
5. I have a computer
6. My friends’ study at another university
7. She has a car

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