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March 22-28, 2019

PE RM IT NO. 203
CA 91910

US Navy drills to check excessive sea claims – commander

Ex-PHL officials sue Xi before ICC J eannette I. Andrade, Inquirer.

over actions in South China Sea Destiny net | MANIL A, 3/20/2019 --

Bachelor Party
Despite a near-collision between
American and Chinese warships
B y M ichaela Del C allar, G M A News | the tribunal. last year, the U nited States will
M ANILA, 3/ 21/ 2019 U nder its rules, the court may continue its freedom of naviga-
Former Philippine officials have still act on cases related to the tion operations, or Fonops, until
sued Chinese President X i J in- Philippines while the Philippines there are no longer “ excessive
ping and other Chinese officials was a member from November 1, maritime claims” anywhere in
for allegedly committing crimes 2011 until March 17 . the world, according to a top U S
against humanity in connection “ The situation is both unique Navy official.
with China' s activities to gain and relevant because it pres- “ It’ s simply to make sure that the
control over most of the South ents one of the most massive, international rights, not j ust of the
China Sea. near permanent and devastating U nited States but for all countries,
Former Foreign Affairs Sec- destruction of the environment in are reinforced for everybody,”
retary Albert Del Rosario and humanity’ s history,” read a state- said V ice Adm. Phillip Sawyer,
former Ombudsman Conchita ment Del Rosario sent to GMA commander of the U S 7 th Fleet.
Carpio Morales filed the case News Online. “ What we do in the South China
before the International Criminal “ It adversely affects and inj ures Sea, we do elsewhere so it really
Court on March 15 or two days not only myriad groups of vulner- is the same across the world,”
before the Philippines' exit from ( Continued on page 7 ) Sawyer told reporters on Monday
aboard the U SS Blue Ridge, his

Philippine economy less likely

agship, which arrived in Manila
Chapter 90 of “ Destiny” by Simeon G. Silverio, J r. last week for a visit after sailing

to be hurt by US-China trade war

through the South China Sea.
Asked when the Fonop mission
— Moody’s
might be considered accom-
ll the guests in Mario’ s bachelor party shared with the expenses. Frankie, the plished, he said: “ It is continu-
Philstar.com | MANIL A, Meanwhile, H ong K ong, Mon- organi er, made sure of that. n fact, he might have profited from it himself ing. We are continually working
3/20/2019 — The Philippine golia, Singapore, V ietnam and on that aspect of it and we will
economy is somehow insulated Taiwan could face largest decel-
as he took charge of everything. t took only fifteen minutes after the party
started when they heard knocks at the door. continue to do it until there are no
from “ spillovers” from slower eration in economic growth as longer excessive maritime claims
global trade volumes partly these economies have high trade “ Oh, oh. What’ s happening? ” Frankie asked with excitement. E verybody was waiting in anticipa-
tion. They had an inkling of what was going to happen. throughout the world. I don’ t
triggered by tensions between exposure to China. know when that will be.”
the U nited States and China, Thailand, V ietnam, Taiwan and When Frankie opened the door, a group of scantily clad girls, in their teens, shrieked with delight.
“ We heard there’ s a party here,” one of them said. “ Can we j oin? ” China claims nearly all of the
Moody’ s Investors Service said. Malaysia could potentially see South China Sea, one of the
In a research note dated March some gains should trade and “ Of course, you’ re all welcome,” Frankie played along as he ushered the girls in.
“ Who’ s the leading man? ” world’ s busiest waterways where
19, the global debt watcher said investment divert away from decades of maritime disputes have
the Philippines’ exports to China China, as these countries already The boys pointed at Mario.
“ Oh, boy, have we got a surprise for you. Y ou’ re going to enj oy the night.” been simmering among China,
was at 11.7 percent of the South- produce similar products that are the Philippines, Taiwan, V ietnam,
east Asian nation’ s gross domes- sourced from Beij ing, Moody’ s Mario j ust smiled.
Malaysia and Brunei.
tic product, lower than those of said. ( Continued on page 6 )
other Asian economies. ( Continued on page 7 ) ‘ M any navies concerned’

Mainland Chinese overtake OFWs Filipino writer Candy Gourlay’s book is Washington has also questioned
China’ s expansive claims, bring-
as top buyers in Philippine shortlisted for prestigious UK literary prize ing it into a collision course with
Beij ing.
residential market — report Carnegie Medal Sawyer said the U S Navy made
no changes on how to conduct its
Philstar.com | MANIL A, is expected to continue in the RU E L S. DE V E RA, Inquirer. Carnegie Medal,” Gourley told Fonops despite the near-collision
3/19/2019 — Buyers from long-term amid rekindled rela- net | | MANIL A, 3/19/2019 -- the Inquirer. It was like magic, between a U S destroyer and a
mainland China had dominated tions between the Philippines and Filipino writer Candy Gourlay’ s like an amulet. I really knew Chinese missile destroyer in Oc-
residential sales in the Philippines China. newest book, the young adult about it. So to be shortlisted, I’ m tober last year.
amid improving ties between L eechiu Property added that res- (Y A) novel “ Bone Talk,” has been speechless. I cannot breathe. It’ s The U SS Decatur had sailed
Manila and Beij ing, real estate idential proj ects in the Bay Area, shortlisted for the 2019 Carnegie incredible! ” within 22 kilometers of Gaven
services firm Leechiu Property Makati, Manila, Ortigas and Que- Medal, considered the most pres- Gourlay is the first Filipino Reef when China’ s L uoyang
Consultants said. zon City, as well as in other areas tigious literary award for chil- writer to be shortlisted for the approached within 41 meters of
In a report dated March 18, near Philippine offshore gaming dren’ s and Y A books published in Carnegie Medal. The winner its bow, forcing the American
L eechiu Property said overseas operators (POGO) and existing the U nited K ingdom. of the Carnegie Medal will be warship to change course to avoid
Filipino workers are no longer Filipino-Chinese communities are The shortlist was announced announced on J une 19, 2019 in a collision.
the top buyers in the residen- “ experiencing brisk take-ups of March 19 Manila time. L ondon US officials also said the Chi
tial market following a surge in “ When I was a kid, I read all the
( Continued on page 5 ) ( Continued on page 2 ) ( Continued on page 4 )
mainland Chinese buyers, which books could find that had the

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

5 pm
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 22-28, 2019

Filipino-American Master Chef Filipino writer Candy Gourlay’s book is shortlisted for
wows US Navy top brass prestigious UK literary prize Carnegie Medal
Magellan for 8-to-10-year-olds. She Being away from the Philippines
has begun work on a standalone spurred her to write about Filipino
sequel to “ Bone Talk” focused on the ( Continued on page 7 )
Bontok girl L uki.

3400 East 8th St. Ste 109, National City, CA 91950

Tel. 619-773-7800 - Work
( Continued from page 1 ) has to deal with superstition and fear. 619-919-4147 - CP
“ I’ m happy with the shortlist. That book also won the Crystal K ite We sell :
J erome Feliciano is awarded the World M aster Chefs Society’ s medal in culinary If I win, that’ s j ust a bonus,” she Prize for E urope and was named one
ex cellence during an award ceremony at the J ewel of the E ast Galley on board U.S. 1. Porto Bakery baked
Fleet in Y okosuka, J apan, J uly 10, 2018. (Photo by M ass Communication Specialist said.
of The Independent’ s 50 Best Winter goods and products
2nd Class William Collins III) Gourlay is in Manila to launch Reads. (cheese rolls, guava stru-
the Philippine edition of “ Bone Named after the Scotland-born del, etc) - Every Thursday
B y M ichaela Del C allar, G M A News | J erome Feliciano is awarded the American philanthropist and in- or Friday
M ANILA, 3/ 20/ 2019 World Master Chefs Society’ s medal Talk” from Anvil Publishing, Inc. dustry magnate Andrew Carnegie, 2. Filipino grocery items
Growing up in his K apam- in culinary excellence during an The book was launched March 19 the Carnegie Medal is given by the 3. Filipino food : morcon,
pangan home, U S Navy Senior award ceremony at the J ewel of the in National Book Store Glorietta Chartered Institute of L ibrary and relyenong bangus by order
Chief Culinary Specialist J erome E ast Galley on board U .S. Fleet in 1, Makati City. Information Professionals. E stab- 4. Frozen products: Pinoy
Feliciano says it was inevitable Y okosuka, J apan, J uly 10, 2018. lished in 1936, it is awarded to the hotdogs, daing, tinapa
(Photo by Mass Communication Bone Talk was first published in best E nglish-language book for 4. Pinoy native delicacies:
for him to learn to love food and puto bungbong, bibingka
Specialist 2nd Class William Collins the U K by David Fickling Books in children and young adults published
to cook them at a young age. III) muffin with langka and
Pampanga is a popular meat-loving 2018. It is set in 1899 and revolves in the U K the previous school year. cream cheese; special
J erome Feliciano is awarded the around a Bontok boy named Samkad Past winners of the Carnegie Medal kapeng barako
gastronomic destination in northern World Master Chefs Society’ s medal
Philippines, which also used to host whose life is thrown into disarray include C.S. L ewis, Neil Gaiman, 5.Luisa and Son's ensay-
in culinary excellence during an when the Americans arrive. Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman and mada
some of the largest American mili- award ceremony at the J ewel of the
tary bases outside the U S mainland. “ It’ s a coming-of-age story that Patrick Ness. 6. Cupcakes from Cup-
E ast Galley on board U .S. Fleet in is also an identity story. All young Maria Cristina L opez Quimpo cakes and Company
Those backdrops would converge Y okosuka, J apan, J uly 10, 2018. 7. Cebu La Fortuna hopia (mongo and other flavors)
to bring Feliciano where he is now: people, all teenagers are looking for Gourlay was born in Davao City and
(Photo by Mass Communication who they are and that that it was graduated from the Ateneo de Ma- We also sell high quality branded bags and make up from Korea,
a master chef in the U S Navy who Specialist 2nd Class William Collins shoes, accessories, etc.
serves some of the top brass of the re ected in how we as a people are nila U niversity in 1984. She worked
III) looking for an identity, where we for the Mr & Ms Special E dition un- We also have balikbayan boxes to the Philippines
world’ s superpower. The World Master Chefs Society is We also have Lottery and scratch cards
While discussing top security have forgotten it because one of the der publisher E ugenia Duran Apostol
a distinguished professional associa- Rentals Available: Chairs, tables and baloons for parties available
concerns that includes patrolling first things that happened when the and editor L etty J imenez-Magsanoc. We sell by tingi (by piece) depending on availability
tion of 25 international chapters, Americans came is they erased it,” She stayed on when that publication
the disputed South China Sea, V ice according to a US 7th eet article on
Admiral Phillip Sawyer, com- she said. became the Inquirer Weekly as one Come and visit! Support your kababayan!
Feliciano. Gourlay has two Y A novels which of its first reporters she then worked
mander of the J apan-based U S 7 th With such distinction, Feliciano,
eet, took the opportunity to tell both have Filipino themes. “ Tall the desk at what was now the Philip-
who received his certification in Story” (2010) features Filipino pine Daily Inquirer. She has lived in
j ournalists of his admiration for his 2018, has j oined the exclusive roster
dedicated naval forces who included protagonists and is about basket- the U K since 1989 when she married
of 350 master chefs around the ball. That book was nominated for Richard Gourlay, who had been Ma-
many Filipino Americans, including world.
Feliciano. 13 prizes and won the Crystal K ite nila correspondent for the Financial
Feliciano is the fifth active duty Prize for E urope and the National Times of L ondon. After working as
“ I’ m so proud of him being a mas- enlisted service member to receive
ter chef. It really is phenomenal," Children’ s Book Award in the Philip- a j ournalist for a time, she turned to
this honor in the history of the U S pines. “ Shine” (2013) is about a writing fiction.
Sawyer said in an interview on board Department of Defense, the U S 7 th
the U SS Blue Ridge, which is on a mute girl named Rosa on a mysteri- U p next, Gourlay has a biography
port visit in Manila. ( Continued on page 10 ) ous island called Mirasol where she of the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand
tel. 619-919-4147
National City, CA 91950

Tasty Food : Definitely the best Korean

BBQ place I’ve been to in San Diego.
Hottest Place: Great Korean BBQ
Lunch: $15.99 restaurant/ bar in the Westfield Mission Valley Mall. There are a
variety of seating arrangements to choose from; tables, outdoor
Weekend Lunch: $22.99 patio and bar seating options.
Full Dinner: $26.99 Fabulous Mood :This Korean BBQ restaurant is located in an area
Thursday-Friday, buy 3 get 1 where you would least expect it–inside the Westfield Mission Val-
free. ley Mall next to Buffalo Wild Wings.
Beautiful Interior : Time to eat ….. if you want to experience some-
Free jumbo shrimp thing good and Great food come to 365 F. The ambience it’s amaz-
Hours: (Valid March 31, dinner only) ing and it’s a great place to enjoy a new korean experience.
Lunch:- The Best Korean Restaurant in San Diego356 BBQ & We are a
11:45 am - 2:45 pm unique and sumptuous dining experience nestled in the heart of
1640 Camino Del Rio N., downtown San Diego. At 356 BBQ and Bar you’ll be in for a treat
Sun-Thur Ste. 206, when you taste our famous Korean BBQ made with prime meat cuts. 356 BBQ & BAR is a Ko-
(5:45 pm - 9 pm San Diego, CA 92108 rean barbecue restaurant that serves a range of food and beverage items. The restaurants menu
includes Angus prime steaks, beef , chicken, pork, shrimp and noodle soup.
Fri-Sat (619) 295-9774
(5:45 pm - 9:30 pm 1640 Camino Del Rio N., FSU12, SD CA 92108, Tel. 1-619.260.0356 - 356bbq,com
March 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3

California Communities
The California Natural Resources Agency and Companies sweetening H-1B deals by offering
Department of Conservation announce $20 Million green cards: Study
block grant awards for the Regional Forest and by Nate Swanner, Dice.com | 3/ 19/ 2019
As H -1B hiring continues to dog
political scrutiny comes heightened
anxiety among foreign nationals
of mind and security associated
with long-term sponsorship,” writes

Fire Capacity Program frustrated domestic tech pros, a looking to work in the U .S. Com- E nvoy. “ When choosing between
new study shows companies are panies that are able to provide their competing offers for positions in the
offering green cards to foreign employees peace of mind by offering U .S., a path to permanent residence
T he California Fire Safe fire and ripe for capacity building. that we’ ve honed over the last two
workers who agree to come state-
them a clear path to a permanent is a powerful incentive.”
Council in Partnership with the “ With California facing unprec- decades to support natural resource green card are getting ahead of the In addition to the 66 percent who
edented wildfire risk, we need every management, economic develop- side via the visa program. competition in retaining the best start the green card process within
Watershed R esearch and T rain- E nvoy Global, a company focused
tool available to put the state on a ment, and community resilience to talent.” the first year of service, an additional
ing Center has been awarded a path toward long term wildfire pre wildfire. on helping companies sponsor and Costs aren’ t spared, either. E nvoy 28 percent of companies hiring H -1B
T hree M illion Dollar Statewide vention and forest health,” California The Watershed Research and Train- manage work visas globally, recently Global found 80 percent of employ- and other visa employees say they
Sub-Grant Secretary for Natural Resources ing Center, headquartered in Trinity published a study showing 66 per- ers who sponsor foreign employees initiate the permanent residence
Wade Crowfoot said. County, has been facilitating the cent of queried employers say they via a visa program like H -1B pay for process within five years of hiring a
SACRAME NTO – The Regional development and implementation of offer green cards to employees with all fees related to obtaining a green foreign worker, drawing a direct path
Forest and Fire Capacity Program “ The California Fire Safe Council watershed-based forest conservation work visas. The same percentage say card. Although companies typically to citizenship.
(CFSC) will receive approximately for over 25 years. Over the last 20 they begin the green card process on have a ‘ payback’ agreement if a If this sounds alarming, it shouldn’ t.
aims to help communities priori- behalf of H -1B and other visa hold-
tize, develop, and implement proj - $ 1.7 million over three years to build years, we have been a national leader green card worker quits before the The Trump administration has been
community and institutional capacity in mentoring, training, and peer ers the first year they re employed agreed-upon employment time has effective with regard to reforming
ects to strengthen fire resiliency, for community wildfire resiliency, network development in support of with the company. concluded, less than half (49 percent) the H -1B program, but its policies
increase carbon sequestration, and said Tracy K atelman, E xecutive Di- community and landscape resil- “ L eading companies think about require continued employment for also send mixed signals. E arlier this
facilitate greenhouse gas emis- rector of CFSC. “ Working with The ience to wildland fire, most recently immigration strategically. For ex- H -1B and similarly visa’ ed employ- year, Trump suggested the H -1B visa

Asian Journal
sions, strengthening the economy Watershed Center, CFSC will place through our leadership with the Fire ample – companies that offer foreign ees. program may open up a direct path to
and improving public health and three coordinators and staff in key Adapted Communities L earning nationals benefits that allow them to E nvoy points to competition as a citizenship to “ bring both simplicity
the environment. locations around the state to build lo- Network. remain in the U.S. longer are finding main driver for companies offering and certainty” for foreign-born tech
cal and regional capacity to improve more success in retaining foreign green cards to visa employees. “ Now employees staying stateside.Asian-Filipino New
First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated
The California Fire Safe Council in forest health and help Californians The California Fire Safe Council talent,” says Richard Burke, CE O more than ever, foreign national
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588
of E nvoy Global. “ With heightened • Faxon(619)
( Continued page 474-0373
partnership with the Watershed Re- learn to live safely with wildfire. has been mobilizing Californians to employees are looking for the peace
search and Training Center (WRTC), protect their homes, communities
will deploy and facilitate community “ Our mission is to create and sus- and environments from wildfires for Advertisement for B ids
involvement and capacity building tain healthy lands and healthy com- over 25 years. Along with our grant- Notice is hereby given that the San Diego Unified School District, acting by and through its governing board, will receive sealed bids for the
investments modeled after the Sierra munities through local workforce making and our past liaising for the furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation, equipment, and services for: CONSTRU CT JOINT U SE FIE L D AT H ORTON EL EM EN -
Nevada Conservancy’ successful Wa- training and development,” said Nick Firewise U SA recognition program, A mandatory site visit is scheduled for 9:00 a.m . on APRIL 2, 2019 in front of the main office of Horton Elementary School, 5050 Guymon
tershed Improvement Program (WIP) Goulette, E xecutive Director of The we have a deep history of providing Street, San Diego, CA 92102. PLEASE SEE B D F R DETA LS No.C 19 0867 24 .
approach in priority watersheds in Watershed Center. “ We look forward capacity building and technical as- GE NE RAL CONTRACTORS ARE H IGH L Y E NCOU RAGE D TO INV ITE SU B CONTRACTORS TO SITE V ISITS.
need of forest-health activities across to working with CFSC and the other sistance for local Fire Safe Councils, All bids must be received at or before 1:00 p.m . on APRIL 16, 2019 at the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department, 2351 Cardinal Lane,
Bldg. M, San Diego, CA 92123, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.
the state with a special focus on block grant recipients to deploy com- and in facilitating cross-sectoral Under Public Contract Code 3400, the District has made a finding that the following particular materials, products, things, or services are des
those at-risk from catastrophic wild- munity capacity building approaches investments in wildfire resilience. ignated by specific brand or trade name in order to match other products in use on the particular public improvement either completed or in the
course of completion:

County blooming with painted lady butterflies

Specification Section lanting rrigation
The pro ect estimate is between . million . million. This is a PSA pro ect and requires prequalification. The District requires that
Bidders possess any of the following classification s of California State Contractors License s , valid and in good standing, at the time of bid
opening and contract award: A
San DIego C ounty News C enter it’ s j ust blooming this year because places where there are lots of bloom- All late bids shall be deemed non responsive and not opened. Each bid shall be in accordance with all terms, conditions, plans, specifications and
Y ou may have noticed— San we’ ve had so much rain, and that he ing wild owers, he said. any other documents that comprise the bid package. The Bid and Contract Documents are available in three formats, hard copy, CD, or online
from PlanWell. H ard copy bid documents are available at Cr isp Imaging, 8375 C amino Santa F e, U nit B ., San Diego, C A 92121, ph one
Diego County is blossoming with expects it to last for a while. number 858- 535- 0607 , for a refundable payment of Two Hundred Dollars 200 per set CD s are available for a non refundable charge of 50.
beautiful, oating, black and or Of course, the same conditions that Payments shall be made by check payable to SAN D EG UN F ED SCH L D STR CT. f the payment for Bid and Contract Documents is
ange painted lady butter ies. “ This is normal whenever we get create more butter ies are likely to refundable, refunds will be processed by the District only if the Bid and Contract Documents, including all addendums, are returned intact and in
good rain, he said. The butter ies mean increased numbers of other good order to Crisp maging within ten 10 days of the issuance of the Final Bid Tabulation. O nline documents are available for download on
“ Y ou j ust peek out the window will build up their populations down insects. PlanWell through C risp Imaging. Go to www.crispi mg.com, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search SDUSD uestions 949 285 3171 .
and there they are, they’ re every- south (in Mexico) where it’ s a little “ More rain equals more bugs,”
All bids shall be submitted on bid forms furnished by the District in the bid package beginning March 19, 2019. Bid packages will not be fa ed.
S NAT LL (S ) 5 U NTS Effective uly 1, 2014, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded
where,” said Chris Conlan, who warmer and then begin migrating Conlan said, “ That’ s j ust kind of par a contract for a public works pro ect awarded on or after April 1, 2015 unless registered with the Department of ndustrial Relations D R pursu
is not only a supervising vector north, laying eggs all along the way for the course, (and) it’ s a sign that ant to Labor Code 1725.5 with limited e ceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code 1771.1 a . This pro ect is
sub ect to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the D R. Prime contractors must add the D R Registration Number for each of their listed
ecologist with the County of San on the various weeds and owers we’ re going to see more bugs this subcontractors to the Subcontractors List AND submit a certificate of registration for their own firm and those of their listed subcontractors upon
Diego, but also a butter y guy they use for food.” spring. The butter ies are ust one of request by the District. Failure of the bidding prime contractor to list their subcontractors D R Registration Number on the Subcontractors List

ever since his mom gave him a the first to come through and make at time of bid may result in re ection of their bid as non responsive.
Refer to the following D R Website for further information: www.dir.ca.gov/ Public- Works / PublicWorks .html
E ven though the painted ladies are their presence known.”
handmade butter y net when he seemingly everywhere right now, So that means county residents
PRE V AILI NG W AGE S: Prevailing wage requirements apply to all public works pro ects and must be followed per Article 17 of the General
was 4 years old. Conditions of this bid. To: J
Conlan said the best place to look for should soon start noticing more crane PROJE CT STAB IL IZA TION AGREE M E NT ( PSA) : This pro ect is sub ect to the Pro ect Stabili ation Agreement PSA adopted by the S
them would be where there is lots of ies also known as mosquito Board of Education on uly 28, 2009. The complete agreement is available for viewing and downloading at www.sandi.net Proposition S .
Conlan said what we’ re seeing is food— plants— for caterpillars and hawks, the big, ungainly yers DISAB L E D V E TE RAN B U SINE SS E NTE RPRISE PARTICIPATION PROGRAM : Pursuant to Resolution n Support of Service Disabled
really j ust an increase in the normal eterans wned Businesses SD B and Disabled eteran Business Enterprises D BE approved on May 10, 2011 by the Board of Education, GE
butter ies. that look like large mosquitoes, but the Bidder is required to satisfy a minimum D BE participation percentage of at least three percent 3 for this pro ect. n compliance with this
painted lady butter y migration we “ Really, right now if you want to Program, the Bidder shall satisfy all requirements enumerated in the bid package. Each bid must be submitted on the Bid Form provided in the bid
typically see every year here. H e said ( Continued on page 5 ) package and shall be accompanied by a satisfactory bid security in the form of either a bid bond e ecuted by the bidder and Surety Company, or a Here
see them you re going to want to find certified or cashier s check in favor of the San Diego Unified School District, in an amount equal to ten percent 10 of their bid value. Said bid your c
security shall be given to guarantee that the Bidder will e ecute the contract as specified, within five 5 working days of notification by the District.
The District reserves the right to re ect any and all bids and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process. No
bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of 120 days after the date set for the opening of bids. For information regarding bidding, please call Journa
858 522 5840. it an d
UAL CAT N DD S Pursuant to Public Contract Code PCC 20111.6, each contractor wishing to bid as a prime to the
District for pro ects estimated at 1,000,000 or over, or any subcontractor performing the license classifications of A, B if performing the work
North City Pure W ater Pipeline us for y
of C 4, C 7, C 10, C 16, C 20, C 34, C 36, C 38, C 42, C 43 and or C 46 wishing to submit a bid to a bidding prime contractor must be prequali
fied in order to bid. Pro ects estimated at 10 million or greater require audited financials. Contact Construction Contract Assistant at gburbery ad is te
sandi.net to request a pre qualification questionnaire. Completed questionnaires must be submitted to the District no later than 10 BUS NESS

Asian Journal
DAYS before the bid opening due date. Any questionnaires submitted later than this deadline will not be processed for this nvitation for Bids.
8(a) business certified by: USSBA, USDCM BDA, Caltrans, CPUC, SL BE / E L BE , M WD’ s R / SBP, E PA accepted Certified entities
The District encourages all general contractors bidding as a prime contractor, and all MEP subcontractors to request a questionnaire, complete
it and submit it as soon as possible. AJ-C
BID DATE : March 26, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.
Andrea Hara, M.A.
of the A
PROJ E CT NAME : North City Pure Water Pipeline Bid No. K -19-17 44-DBB-3 First Asian
Strategic Sourcing Weeklyfficer
and Contracts Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino receive
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department C 19 0867 24
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373 time. A
OWNE R: City of San Diego
PROJ E CT L OCATION: The proj ect is divided into three proj ects. The North City Pure Water Pipeline is located along 7 .5 miles of City
Streets from the proposed Pure Water Facility located on E astgate Mall to Miramar Reservoir. AC Water Group $____
1038 is located on City Streets from the proposed Pure Water Facility located on E astgate Mall along Miramar ADV E RTISE M E NT
upon y
Road to K earney V illa Road. The Miramar Road I-805 E asterly Ramp is located on Miramar Road and the
easterly I-805 On Ramps. ( JOC) FL OORING SE RV ICE S invoic
The San Diego Unified School District District is requesting submission of: Thank
A Prequalification Application Prequalification Application s , and
PROJ E CT DE SCRIPTION: North City Pure Water Pipeline consists of 7 .5 miles of 48” Welded Steel pipe and appurtenances. Construction A Statement of ualifications S s , and
includes pipeline installation, trenching, trenchless crossing, pipeline bridge crossing, deep access structure, new A Proposal addressing an Ad ustment Factor type contract based on the Unit Price Book UPB and provisions set forth in the RF P, Fax #
DE chlorination facility and other appurtenances from qualified firms, partnerships, corporations, associations, persons, or professional organi ations Contractor s or Firm s to perform
selected ob rder Contracting C Services, on an As Needed Basis, throughout the District.
AC Water Group 1038 consists of 6.4 miles of 6” ,8” ,12” and 16” asbestos cement water line replacement and The RF P will be evaluated for a Best alue based selection resulting in a recommendation to the Board of Education to award Agreements
appurtenances. Curb ramp, sidewalk, and other street improvements. to no more than ( 3) three Contractor s . The ob rder Contract awarded under this solicitation will have a Ma imum ob rder Contract amount
of 500,000 for the initial one year term with two possible e tensions not to e ceed 10,000,000 over the subsequent two terms. ndividual ob
Miramar Road I-805 E asterly Ramps consists of widening Miramar Rd and I-805 E asterly Ramp Improvements,
drainage improvements, pavement replacement, sidewalk, curb, gutter, curb ramps, bike lane improvements, and
rder authori ations will range from 1,000 to 1,000,000. A mandatory pre- proposal meeting is scheduled for 9:00 a. m. on APRIL 4, 2019
at the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department, 2351 Cardinal Lane, Building M, San Diego, CA 92123. PLEASE SEE RF P F R
traffic signal work. DETA LS No. CP19- 086 4 - 52 . Contractors that intend to submit a Response must: pleas
Hold a C 15 Contractors License, which is current, valid, and in good standing with the California Contractor s State License Board
Prequalify through the District s prequalification yearly process Public Contract Code section 20919.24 and (619
FOR TH E FOL L OW ING W ORK ( B U T NOT L IM ITE D TO) : Have completed or have in progress a C or similar unit price based Task rder Construction Contract for the same type of work as required ack
in the District s ri e ontra tor re ualifi ation ppli ation.
Abatement, Archeo/Paleo Monitoring, Asphalt Milling, Asphalt Paving, Biological Monitoring, Brow Ditch, Building Masonry, Building The District seeks to promote employment and business opportunities for local residents and firms on all contracts as such opportunities may
Plumbing/H V AC, Cathodic Protection Community L iaison, Concrete Flatwork, Concrete Manholes, Concrete Pedestrian Ramps, Concrete occur and to the e tent legally possible. All qualified providers of services described in the RF P, including local entities and firms, are encour
Sidewalks, Demolition, Dewatering , Disinfection (Pipeline), E lectrical, Fencing, Fiber Optic Conduit, H azardous Waste Management, H azardous aged to submit their Responses. All late bids shall be deemed non responsive and not opened. Each bid shall be in accordance with all terms,
Waste Remediation, H igh lining, H ydroseeding, Inspection (Special),Instrumentation, L andscaping, Masonry, Miscellaneous Metals, Pipe Suppliers, conditions, plans, specifications and any other documents that comprise the bid package. The Bid and Contract Documents are available in three
Potholing, Painting Coating, Reinforcing Steel, Roofing, Settlement Monitoring, Shoring, Signs, Striping, Survey, SWPPP, Testing & Start U p, formats, hard copy, CD, or online from PlanWell. H ard copy bid documents are available at C risp Imaging, 8375 C amino Santa Fe , U nit B ,
Traffic Control, Traffic Signal, Trucking, Waterproofing, Welding, San Diego, C A 92121, ph one number 858- 535- 0607 , for a refundable payment of Two Hundred Dollars 200 per set CD s are available for a
non refundable charge of 50. Payments shall be made by check payable to SAN D EG UN F ED SCH L D STR CT. f the payment for Bid
ARB Contact: Steve Barry and Contract Documents is refundable, refunds will be processed by the District only if the Bid and Contract Documents, including all addendums,
E mail: sbarry@prim.com are returned intact and in good order to Crisp maging within ten 10 days of the issuance of the Final Bid Tabulation. O nline documents are
Phone: 858-550-1460 E xt 7 27 7 Fax: 858-550-147 0 available for download on PlanWell through C risp Imaging. G o to www.crispi mg.com, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search SDU SD
( Q uestions? 949- 285- 3171) . All bids shall be submitted on bid forms furnished by the District in the bid package beginning March 12, 2019.
Plan V iewing NO COST: Bid packages will not be fa ed. SE NATE BI L L ( SB ) 854 RE QU IRE M E NTS: Effective uly 1, 2014, no contractor or subcontractor may be
https://upload. prim. com listed on a bid proposal, or awarded a contract for a public works pro ect awarded on or after April 1, 2015 unless registered with the Depart
U sername: Purewater ment of ndustrial Relations D R pursuant to Labor Code 1725.5 with limited e ceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under
Password: Purewater19
To: S
Labor Code 1771.1 a . This pro ect is sub ect to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the D R. Refer to the following D R Website for
Or further information: www.dir.ca.gov/ Public- Work s/ PublicWork s.html PRE V AILI NG W AGES : Prevailing wage requirements apply to all public
works pro ects. All Pro ects are sub ect to the Proj ect Stabilization Agreement ( PSA) , which was adopted by the Board of Education on uly 28,
City of San Diego Planet Bids https://www.planetbids.com/portal/portal.cfm? companyID= 17 950 2009. The complete agreement is available for viewing and downloading at http s:/ / www.sandiegounified.org/ node/ 127 9. The RF P will also GE
Certified DBE , MBE & WBE ’ s are encouraged to participate and will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this solicitation and be posted and available on DemandStar at www.demandstar.com. Responses to the RFQ/P must be submitted at or before 2:00 p. m. on April
17, 2019, and need to include one (1) clearly marked original, five (5) copies of requested materials as well as six ( ) electronic copies
will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sex, or national origin in consideration for the award. ARB, Inc., an E qual
Opportunity E mployer, will assist interested business enterprises in obtaining information regarding bonds, lines of credit and/or insurance
on USB ash drives of all documents in PDF format with bookmarks. Deliver to San Diego Unified School District, 5 Cardinal Here
L ane, B uilding M , San Diego, CA 92123, Attn: Jessica Imperial, Contract Specialist. Responses submitted after the above stated date and your c
requirements if necessary. ARB can also provide assistance to DBE /MBE /WBE firms in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, or materials.
time will not be accepted. The Board of Education for the San Diego Unified School District reserves the right to re ect any and all submissions
and to waive any irregularities. PRE - QU AL IFICATION OF B IDDE RS: Pursuant to Public Contract Code PCC for ob rder Contracting for publica
Subcontract Bidders are required to fill out the California Water Board DBE Subcontractor Form, sign, print name, print title, date, and return with School Districts §20919.24 (b), only prequalified ob order contractors will be invited to participate in the RFP process for a ob order contract. Journa
proposal. Projects estimated at 10 million or greater re uire audited financials. The C Prime Prequalification package is included as an attachment it an d
North City Pure W ater Pipeline Attachment 14 to the RF P. Completed uestionnaires must be submitted to the District no later than the deadline specified in the RF P.
Any questionnaires submitted later than this deadline will not be processed for this nvitation for Bids. The District encourages all ob order correc
If you are a DBE contractor please indicate on your quote whether you are a MBE or WBE contractor. Page 1
contractors to complete the questionnaire and submit it as soon as possible. us for y
We will also need your DIR number, contractor' s license number and classification, license expiration date, address, contact person, contact phone Andrea Hara, M.A
to be p
number, and email on your proposal. This information is for our subcontractor listing form to be turned in with the bid. Strategic Sourcing and Contracts fficer
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department CP19 0864 52
of the A
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 22-28, 2019

Health & Wellness

Hawk tests positive for West Nile virus, protect Short walks, gardening can add up to
against mosquitoes longer life – study
B y G ig C onaughton, C ounty of San and then bite people. ming pools, ponds, fountains and Inq uirer.net ( Agence F rance- Presse) percent reduction in risk, they found. collected annually on 88,140 people
Diego Communications Office horse troughs. PARIS — A brisk stroll once And those who clocked up at least in the U nited States between 1997
If people who become infected or twice a week is enough to 25 hours almost halved the risk. and 2008 for the National H ealth
A dead Cooper’ s hawk found in suffer symptoms, they are typically Protect yourself from mosq uito reduce the risk of dying from Not everyone, however, has that Interview Surveys.
L akeside has tested positive for mild, including headache, fever, bites heart attack, stroke or cancer, much time to spend on leisure-time That data on exercise was then
West Nile virus, making it the nausea, fatigue, skin rash or swollen exercise, the authors acknowledged. matched against registered deaths
glands. But in rare cases, West Nile Protect yourself from mosquito- according to a statistical study of through 2011.
first sign this year of the poten nearly 90,000 people released on
tially deadly disease in San Diego virus can make people extremely ill borne illnesses by wearing long No added benefit The authors cautioned that the study
and even kill them. sleeves and pants or use repellent Tuesday. was observational, meaning that no
County. when outdoors. U se insect repellent People who walked or gardened H eart-pumping and pulse-quick- firm conclusions can be drawn about
New M osq uito- B orne Illness that contains DE E T, picaridin, oil of 10 minutes to an hour each week ening activities, such as biking, cause and effect. The fact that exer-
County ector Control officials W orries lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535. Make had an 18-percent lower risk of running and competitive sports, “ are cise data was self-reported was also a
said people should remember to sure screens on windows and doors death from any cause compared more time efficient than moderate potential weakness.
follow the County’ s “ Prevent, Protecting against mosquitoes are in good condition and secured to
to full-on couch potatoes, re- intensity activity,” they said. But the large number of people
Protect, Report” guidelines— par- has become even more important keep insects out. For cardiovascular disease alone, covered by the research goes a long
for San Diego County residents in searchers reported in the British there was no additional benefit to be way to compensate for these method-
ticularly to dump out standing J ournal of Sports Medicine.
water and to wear insect repel- recent years. Since 2014, three types Report possible mosq uito activity gained by graduating from five to 25 ological limitations, they added.
of day-biting, invasive Aedes mos- hours, they noted.
lent— to protect themselves from quitoes have been found in San Di- Report increased mosquito activ- Two and a half to five hours weekly Researchers led by Bo X i, a profes- -- https: / / lifestyle.inq uirer.net/ 328451/
mosquitoes that can transmit West ego County. All of these mosquitoes ity, or neglected, green swimming of such “ moderate physical activity” sor in the Department of E pidemi- short-walks-gardening-can-add-up-to-
Nile virus and other diseases, like to live and breed near people, pools and other mosquito-breeding — broken into segments of no less ology at Shandong U niversity in longer-life-study/ ?utm_ term= Autofeed& utm_
such as chikungunya, dengue and than 10 minutes — resulted in a 31 medium= Social& utm_ source= Facebook# E ch
in yards and even inside homes. sources, as well as dead birds — northern China, sifted through data obox = 1553025836
Z ika. All of them can potentially transmit dead crows, ravens, j ays, hawks and
diseases not naturally found here. owls — to environmental health’ s
fficials said the dead hawk had
relatively low levels of West Nile
Two of these species can potentially
transmit chikungunya, dengue and
V ector Control Program by calling
(858) 694-2888 or emailing vec- U.S. Navy illegally should be a concern to the
entire world, not j ust the U S Navy,
not j ust the U nited States, not j ust
vies even while they were en route to
a particular destination for scheduled
exercises, citing drills with Philip-
virus in its tissues, suggesting that it ika but only if they first bite tor@sdcounty.ca.gov. Also report if ( Continued from page 1 )
was an old infection. H owever, they an infected person. In general, that you are being bitten by mosquitoes the Philippines,” Sawyer said. pine ships as they sailed for H awaii
nese warned the Decatur to leave “ It (Fonop) provides security for for last year s Rim of the Pacific
said it was a good reminder that West means local invasive Aedes mos- during daylight hours, or if you find
Nile virus, which first arrived in San quitoes could only transmit those mosquitoes that match the descrip- the area. the area and security provides stabil- (Rimpac) E xercise.
Diego County in 2003, is established diseases if they found, and bit, San tion of Aedes mosquitoes by contact- According to Sawyer, the U S ity and stability allows the countries Discussions were under way with
here and that people need to protect Diego County residents who got the ing the V ector Control Program at Navy has conducted several in the area, in the region to truly be the Philippine Navy on drills this
themselves from mosquitoes. disease while traveling and returned (858) 694-2888. sail-bys after that incident for able to focus a little more inward and year and in 2020, he said.
home still infected. which Washington had called out to focus on things that are bettering This year the 7 th Fleet is taking part
L ast year was a relatively mild one For more information about Chinese leaders for the “ unpro- their peoples than having to worry in the ongoing Pacific Partnership in
for West Nile virus in San Diego County officials said that people mosquito-borne illnesses, go to San about things that are going on out- Tacloban City, a two-week humani-
fessional behavior.” side their borders,” he added. tarian and civic assistance mission
County. One county resident tested should help fight mosquitoes and Diego County’ s “ Fight the Bite”
positive for the disease and survived. potential illnesses by following the website. The U S 7 th Fleet, based in Y oko- focused on disaster preparedness and
H e expressed concern over China’ s suka, apan, is part of the US Pacific resiliency.
H owever, as recently as 2015, 44 “ Prevent, Protect, Report” guide- land reclamation and militarization
County residents tested positive and lines. https: / / www.countynewscenter.com/ Command, which is tasked mainly It will also send two ships for the
of features in the strategic waterway. with providing j oint command in Balikatan exercises, which will start
six people died. Across California in hawk-tests-positive-for-west-nile- “ Not j ust me, I think there are
2018, 215 people became infected Prevent mosq uito breeding virus-protect-against-mosq uitoes-2/ natural disasters or military opera- on April 1, and will participate in the
many navies and countries that are tions and operational command of all Maritime Training Activity Sama-
with West Nile virus and 10 people concerned … and probably because
died. Dump out or remove any item American forces in the Asia Pacific Sama in J une or J uly, and the South-
of the lack of openness there,” he region, including the South China east Asia Cooperation and Training,
inside or outside of homes that can explained.
West Nile virus is mainly a bird hold water, such as plant saucers, Sea and the E ast China Sea. or Seacat, in August.
Gaven, one of seven reefs trans- Sawyer said the U nited States was
disease, but it can be transmitted rain gutters, buckets, garbage cans,
to humans by a number of species toys, old tires, and wheelbarrows.
Call the Asian Journal formed by China into militarily engaging the Philippines and other
fortified islands in recent years, is
of mosquitoes — including Culex Mosquito fish, available for free at 619.474.0588 claimed by China, the Philippines,
countries in the region in bilateral
or multilateral military exercises for
mosquitoes native to San Diego and, by contacting the V ector Control for your V ietnam and Taiwan. various purposes, including improv-
less effectively, by invasive Aedes Program, may be used to control
aegypti mosquitoes — if they feed mosquito breeding in backyard advertising needs. The U nited States has no claims
in the South China Sea, but it has
ing interoperability of their armed
off an infected animal, mainly birds, water sources such as unused swim- forces.
declared that freedom of navigation “ The more often you get a chance
and the peaceful resolution of the to operate with another nation or na-
maritime disputes are in its national tions, the better off you are as a navy
interest. and the better off you are to operate
with others,” he said.
Focus inward
2- week mission
“ The world needs the goods and
the commerce to ow. So pick Sawyer said American ships had
your body of water, blocking them tried to conduct drills with other na-


For more information and eligibility, call H orizon

Office Hours
1035 S Harbison Ave, National City, CA 91950 Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
Sat 9-3
E mergency V isits W elcome
March 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

KWF races to save dying Philippine languages
B y: Edgar Allan M . Sembrano help them in the livelihood aspect.” this initiative to the other dying lan- CONTRIBU TE D
Philip p ine Daily Inq uirer | M ANILA, L IP is a two-year program intended guages in the country, said V ega.
2/ 25 / 2019 to be turned over to the provincial V ega said there are other dying R ead more: https: / / lifestyle.inq uirer.
government afterward for the latter languages in the Philippines giving net/ 325511/ kwf-races-to-save-dying-
Of the 130 existing languages to continue, manage, and possibly Arta of Quirino province as example philippine-languages/ # ix z z 5imvosIp4
in the Philippines, close to 40 improve it further. where only 11 members of the Follow us: @ inq uirerdotnet on T witter
| inq uirerdotnet on Facebook
are considered endangered as K WF likewise plans to replicate community speak their language. –
speakers are only about 8,000 or
less and are slowly diminishing
since their mother tongues are no

The Heart of the Gospel

longer the language of choice and
use, replaced by Filipino or in

other areas, Ilocano and Seb-
tanding alone on top plete turning away from sin. wano.
of a hill looking at The Bible describes repentance as
the vastness of God’ s In the province of Bataan,
a profound realization of our sins the K omisyon sa Wikang Fili-
creation, I am in awe of this and resulting sorrow that leads us
pino (K WF) has embarked on a
overwhelming beauty and to change our thoughts and actions.
landmark proj ect to revitalize the
2 Corinthians 7 :10 (NIV ) says:
maj esty I see before me. I “ Godly sorrow brings repentance dying Ayta Magbukun language
feel insignificant, and yet that leads to salvation and leaves no through the L anguage Immer-
profoundly blessed, as I gaze regret, but worldly sorrow brings sion Program L P , the first such
at the grandeur of it all! death.” initiative in the country.
Godly sorrow causes us to place our Sheilee V ega, K WF chief lan-
Solomon’ s words in Psalm 8:3-8 hopes in H im. It leads us to a deep,
(NIV ) come to mind: “ When I guage researcher said the pilot
life-altering commitment. Worldly
consider your heavens, the work sorrow, by contrast, is shallow and area is in Barangay Bangkal,
of your fingers, the moon and the superficial, producing no real com Abucay town where a language
stars, which you have set in place, mitment and permanent change. At school called Bahay Wika was
what is man that you are mindful its core, repentance is change! constructed to serve the Ayta
of him, the son of man that you group said to have only around
care for him? Repentance was an integral part 300 all-matured speakers.
of the message of J ohn the Baptist
when he went into all the regions She said a language is considered
Y ou made him a little lower than around J ordan, preaching a baptism dying once the children do no longer

Asian Journal
the heavenly beings and crowned of repentance for the remission of use it and explained Tagalog is be-
him with glory and honor. Y ou sins. H is message connected bap- coming the language of choice of the
made him ruler over the works of tism and repentance, which brings us said ethnolinguistic group.
your hands you put everything to the next step in our walk of faith First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino New
under his feet: all ocks and – baptism. K ids and moms 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
herds, and the beasts of the field,
The word baptism is derived from V ega said L IP has two compo-
the birds of the air, and the fish of the Greek verb baptizo, meaning
the sea, all that swim the paths of nents— the Bahay Wika where
“ to dip or immerse.” Dip means “ to children 2-4 years old are being
the seas.” immerse and then quickly take out.” taught by two community elders Notice of Public Review and Comment – Draft 2015 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality
Immerse means “ to plunge under, or Standard Conformity Demonstration for San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan and the 2018 Regional
with teacher facilitators and a one-
God made all these wonders for us! to cover completely.” From these on-one Master-Apprentice L anguage
Transportation Improvement Program
But best of all, God has promised definitions, it is clear that immersion Program where adult members of the The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is required to demonstrate conformity to the
eternal life in H is kingdom at the end is the biblical method of baptism. ethnic group are being taught.
of our spiritual j ourney. 2015 ozone national ambient air quality standard by August 3, 2019. The draft conformity demonstration
Baptism by immersion symbolizes Aside from that, the mothers of
our death and burial, while rising out applies to the approved San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan (2015 Regional Plan) and the 2018 Regional
the children are being taught also
If we are now overwhelmed by the of the baptismal water symbolizes a to assure the sustainability of the Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP). The SANDAG Board of Directors will be asked to approve the
infinite possibilities of this world resurrection to a new life in Christ. program. air quality conformity demonstration for the 2015 ozone national ambient air quality standards at its meeting
out there – how much more will it Involved in the proj ect which the on May 24, 2019. SANDAG is seeking comments related to this draft conformity demonstration.
be when we get to see the kingdom Baptism in a Christian church is K WF started in 2015 through a The draft conformity demonstration was released for a 30-day review and comment period on
of God when esus finally comes done when we are mature enough nationwide documentation are the
back as “ K ing of K ings and L ord of March 22, 2019. The deadline for comments is April 22, 2019.
to understand repentance and the provincial government of Bataan,
L ords? ” magnitude of committing our life to Written comments on the draft conformity demonstration will be accepted via letter, fax, or email. Please
provincial social welfare department,
following God. The seriousness of submit comments to 401 B Street, Suite 800, San Diego, CA 92101; by fax at (619) 699-1905; or via email

Asian Journal
National Commission for Indigenous
The kingdom of God is the heart of baptism clearly makes it a decision People-Bataan, Department of E du- at PIO@sandag.org.
the gospel of Christ. for those who are mature, and not 1 ad
cation, and the National Commission The Draft 2015 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard Conformity Demonstration can be viewed on Jou
those who are still babies. J esus for Culture and the Arts. the SANDAG website: sandag.org/publicnotices or by calling (619)
Mark 1:14-15 (NIV ) says, “ After did bless little children, but did not First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San699-1900.
Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino New
The teaching officially started last
J ohn was put in prison, J esus went baptize them, because they were not September in a two-room Bahay 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
into Galilee, proclaiming the good mature enough to make it a decision Wika school building with about 20
news of God. ‘ The time has come,’ to commit their lives to following child students being taught by the
he said. ‘ The kingdom of God is God. elders and with assistance from two
Advertisement for B ids
near. Repent and believe the good teachers. Notice is hereby given that the San Diego Unified School District, acting by and through its governing board, will receive sealed bids for the
news.’ ” Of course, the water in baptism is V ega explained the kids who are furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation, equipment, and services for:
only a symbol. In reality, the cleans- taught from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. are also H V AC 2000 CONTROL S INTE GRATION – 11 SITE S To:
At a time soon ahead, Christ will ing of sin and reconciliation to God provided food while livelihood
NEW DATES: An additional mandatory site visit for bidders who did not attend the original site visits is for 2 days and is scheduled to begin
Day 1 at 8:00 a.m. on APRIL 3, 2019 in front of the main office of Hage Elementary School, 9750 Galvin Avenue, San Diego, CA 92126
return to earth and establish that are by the shed blood of J esus Christ, programs are being introduced to the and upon completion will proceed to Foster Elementary School, 6550 51st Street, San Diego, CA 92120 and upon completion will proceed
kingdom. Revelation 11:15 (NIV ) our Savior. Without His sacrifice, our community since “ we cannot revive to Marvin Elementary School, 5720 Brunswick Avenue, San Diego, CA 92120 and upon completion will proceed to Hearst Elementary GE
speaks prophetically of that awe- sins cannot be washed away. the language if we are not going to School, 6230 Del Cerro Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92120 and upon completion will proceed to Benchley Weinberger Elementary School,
some day: “ The seventh angel 629 Twin Lake Drive, San Diego, CA 92119 and upon completion will proceed to Gage Elementary, 6811 Bisby Lake, San Diego, CA 92119.

NEW DATES: Day 2 of the additional mandatory site visit for bidders who did not attend the original site visits is scheduled to begin Here
sounded his trumpet, and there were (R eprinted from M arch 2011) at 12:00 p.m. on APRIL 4, 2019 in front of the main office of Mann Middle School, 4345 54th Street, San Diego, CA 92115 and upon your c
loud voices in heaven, which said: completion will proceed to Crawford High School, 4191 Colts Way, San Diego, CA 92115 and upon completion will proceed to Rolando
‘ The kingdom of the world has publica
X X X ( Continued from page 3 ) Park Elementary School, 6620 Marlowe Drive, San Diego, CA 92115 and upon completion will proceed to Freese Elementary School,
become the kingdom of our L ord aren’ t, that you often see careening 8140 Green Lawn Drive, San Diego, CA 92114 and upon completion will proceed to Audubon Elementary School, 654 Bonsal Street,
and of his Christ, and he will reign
San Diego, CA 92114. Contractors must be present and sign-in at all eleven sites to be able to bid this project. PLEASE SEE BID FOR it an d
around your yard and bouncing off
DETAILS (No.CP19-0706-52). A mandatory site visit is for 2 days and is scheduled to begin Day 1 at 8:00 a.m . on February 21, 2019
forever and ever.’ ” correct
your porch lights. They’ ll also see in front of the main office of Hage Elementary School, 9750 Galvin Avenue, San Diego, CA 92126 and upon completion will proceed to
more spiders, gnats, ticks, beetles Foster Elementary School, 6550 51st Street, San Diego, CA 92120 and upon completion will proceed to Marvin Elementary School, 5720 us for y
God holds out such wonderful and ( Continued from page 1 ) and other crawlers.
Brunswick Avenue, San Diego, CA 92120 and upon completion will proceed to Hearst Elementary School, 6230 Del Cerro Boulevard, ad is ten
San Diego, CA 92120 and upon completion will proceed to Benchley Weinberger Elementary School, 629 Twin Lake Drive, San Diego,
unimaginable promises of the bright- 12 units a month.” What about mosquitoes? CA 92119 and upon completion will proceed to Gage Elementary, 6811 Bisby Lake, San Diego, CA 92119. Day 2 is scheduled to begin at
to be pu
est future possible. Y et to reach Strong demand has also led As the County’ s supervising vec- 8:00 a.m. on FEBRUARY 22, 2019 in front of the main office of Mann Middle School, 4345 54th Street, San Diego, CA 92115 and upon
that future destination it is vital for tor ecologist, Conlan spends a lot completion will proceed to Crawford High School, 4191 Colts Way, San Diego, CA 92115 and upon completion will proceed to Rolando AJ-C
us to persist in following H im – to
to tenants dictating record high Park Elementary School, 6620 Marlowe Drive, San Diego, CA 92115 and upon completion will proceed to Freese Elementary School, 8140
of the A
of time teaching the public how to
continually repent when we stumble, prices for rental units, L eechiu protect themselves from mosquitoes
Green Lawn Drive, San Diego, CA 92114 and upon completion will proceed to Audubon Elementary School, 654 Bonsal Street, San Diego,
CA 92114. Contractors must be present and sign-in at all eleven sites to be able to bid this project. PLEASE SEE BID FOR DETAILS receive
remaining focused on God’ s words Property said. Rental units in the and the kinds of diseases they can (No.CP19-0706-52). GENERAL CONTRACTORS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO INVITE SUBCONTRACTORS TO SITE time. A
and the goal. Bay area have climbed by 80 spread, including West Nile virus,
VISITS. All bids must be received at or before 2:00 p.m . 1:00pm, on M ARCH 14, 2019 APRIL 17, 2019, at the Strategic Sourcing
and Contracts Department, 2351 Cardinal L ane, B ldg. M , San Diego, CA 92123, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read
percent in the last three years. chikungunya, dengue and Z ika. aloud. The proj ect estimate is between $680,000 and $750,000. This is a not a PSA project and does not require prequalification. 2.5 x 4
Despite the claims of many who San Diego County’ s V ector Control The District requires that Bidders possess any of the following classification(s) of California State Contractors License(s), valid $_____
teach that once we are saved we are “ Assuming a constant aggregate Program monitors the population of and in good standing, at the time of bid opening and contract award: C-10 or C-20. All late bids shall be deemed non-responsive
upon y
always saved, it is always possible take-up of 7 ,7 57 units, the remain- vectors animals like ticks, eas,
and not opened. Each bid shall be in accordance with all terms, conditions, plans, specifications and any other documents To:Le
that comprise the bid package. The Bid and Contract Documents are available in three formats, hard copy, CD, or online from invoice
in this life to subsequently deny God ing inventory in proj ects preferred rodents and mosquitoes — that can SD
PlanWell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 8375 Camino Santa Fe, Unit B., San Diego, CA 92121, phone number Thank
and lose out on salvation. After all, by mainland Chinese buyers will transmit diseases to people. 858-535-0607, for a refundable payment of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) per set; CD’s are available for a non-refundable charge
we are only human, and time and be depleted in three months,” CE O Conlan said it’ s possible that the of $50. Payments shall be made by check payable to SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. If the payment for Bid and GE
Fax #
Contract Documents is refundable, refunds will be processed by the District only if the Bid and Contract Documents, includ-
again, we are led astray. Neverthe- David L eechiu said. rains that have brought the butter- ing all addendums, are returned intact and in good order to Crisp Imaging within ten (10) days of the issuance of the Final Bid
less, God speaks of our salvation as Overall, L eechiu Property said it ies could possibly mean we ll have Tabulation. Online documents are available for download on PlanWell through Crisp Imaging. Go to www.crispimg.com, click on Plan- Here
sure – as indeed it is as long as we expects “ brisk growth rates” in of- more mosquitoes in the spring. But, Well, Public Planroom, search SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-3171). All bids shall be submitted on bid forms furnished by the District your c
in the bid package beginning February 12, 2019. Bid packages will not be faxed. SE NATE B IL L ( SB ) 854 REQ U IRE M E NTS:
don’ t come to a point of rej ecting fice, residential and industrial real he said, when it comes to mosqui- Effective July 1, 2014, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded a contract for a public works publica
H im and H is way. estate markets in the first quarter of toes, you have to wait and see if Journal
project (awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) pursuant to Labor
more rain equals more bugs. That’ s Code §1725.5 [with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code §1771.1(a)]. This project itpleas
an d
As long as we actively seek God’ s It also proj ected continued demand because increased rainfall can create is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR. Prime contractors must add the DIR Registration Number for
each of their listed subcontractors to the Subcontractors List AND submit a certificate of registration for their own firm and those
will and allow H is H oly Spirit to from the IT-BPM sector in Manila, more— or fewer— places for mosqui- of their listed subcontractors upon req uest by the District. Failure of the bidding prime contractor to list their subcontractors DIR us for y
work in our lives, our eventual salva- as well as in the regions “ provided toes to lay eggs and breed. Registration Number on the Subcontractors L ist at time of bid may result in rej ection of their bid as non- responsive. Refer to the (619
ad is ten
tion is guaranteed. God promises there is a continuous stream of PE Z A “ Places where water may have been following DIR W ebsite for further information: www.d ir.c a.gov/ Public- W ork s/PublicW ork s.h tml PRE V AIL ING W AGE S: Prevail- ackn
to be p
to help us every step of the way, ing wage req uirements apply to all public work s proj ects and must be followed per Article 17 of the General Conditions of this bid.
accredited spaces.” stagnant could be owing, Conlan DISAB L E D V E TE RAN B U SINE SS E NTE RPRISE PARTICIPATION PROGRAM : Pursuant to Resolution In Support of Service
through every turn in the road, if we PE Z A, or the Philippine E conomic said. “ And mosquitoes don’ t breed Disabled V eterans Owned B usinesses ( SDV OB) and Disabled V eteran Bu siness E nterprises ( DV B E ) approved on M ay 10, 2011 by the AJ-C
will repent, have faith in H im for Z one Authority, is tasked to pro- in owing water. Then again, places B oard of E ducation, the B idder is req uired to satisfy a minimum DV B E participation percentage of at least three percent ( 3% ) for this
of the A
the forgiveness f our sins, and be mote investments, extend assistance that otherwise would be not be hold- proj ect. In compliance with this Program, the B idder shall satisfy all req uirements enumerated in the bid pack age. E ach bid must be
submitted on the B id Form provided in the bid pack age and shall be accompanied by a satisfactory bid security in the form of either receive
baptized. and grant incentives to investors in ing water in dry years could be hold- a bid bond executed by the bidder and Surety Company, or a certified or cashier’s check in favor of the San Diego Unified School
export-oriented manufacturing and time. A
ing water. So you have have to shift District, in an amount eq ual to ten percent (10% ) of their bid value. Said bid security shall be given to guarantee that the B idder will
Repentance is the first step. What service facilities inside selected areas your strategy and adapt to where the execute the contract as specified, within five (5) working days of notification by the District. The District reserves the right to reject 9x4x1
does it mean to repent Definitions throughout the country. mosquitoes are growing.” any and all bids and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process. No bidder may withdraw his
bid for a period of 120 days after the date set for the opening of bids. F or information regarding bidding, p lease call 858- 522-584 0. $_____
of repentance includes: a turning “ We expect transaction values to For now, Conlan said if you like
with sorrow from a past course of keep climbing this year not only butterlies, this is your time. SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT upon y
action the changing of one s mind in the office market but also in the “ E nj oy it while you can,” he said. Andrea O’Hara, M.A. invoice
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Officer Thank
for the better regret or contrition residential and industrial arenas,” “ Things are going to get a bit more Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department CP19-0706-52
sorrow for wrongdoing and com L eechiu said. — Ian Nicolas Cigaral buggy as we get into the spring.”
Fax #
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 22-28, 2019

Promised Land
Frankie asked. As the organizer,
he was the only one who knew the
identity of the late guest.
H e opened the door and in front

of everyone appeared E va Murphy,
the Filipina-American movie actress
notorious for her bold movies.
“ I heard there’ s a wild party going
on. Count me in,” she declared.
E verybody got excited. They could Chapter 29 of " Promised L and" around and walked towards the car. “ Tatay (Father)! ” Ditas sharply
not believe such a popular movie star by Simeon G. Silverio, J r. She went in and drove away. cautioned her father-in-law. “ Watch
would j oin them. It must have cost a “ Wait! ” Romy called her. “ Come your language! ”
fortune to hire her.
Destiny: Bachelor Party Ditas was cleaning up in the back.” Romy remained quiet. L ater, he
Frankie j ust smiled. H e was the But she was gone. said: “ H ow can I be her father when
only one who knew that it was kitchen when the door bell rang at “ Who are you? ” Romy asked the I can’ t even bear a child. I got sick
( Continued from page 1 ) Dante’ s contribution to make the seven in the evening. H er hus- girl. remember? ”
noticed it. party not a success, but as an instru- band was with his parents in the
Two of the girls held a long boa The girl didn’ t answer. She j ust H e had to remind his wife that due
“ Are you deliberately throwing the ment to ruin the bride and groom’ s
of owers and wrapped it around games, Mario? It looks like your
living room watching T.V . lazily. stared blankly at Romy. to his frequent visits to the brothels
relationship, and hopefully abort the Romy opened the door and saw “ Who’ s that? ” Romy’ s father asked in Ti uana, he was af icted with a
Mario’ s neck. Another put a heart is not in them.” wedding. from the inside of the apartment. venereal disease that caused him to
crown made of shiny plastic ma- Mario smiled and said,” I guess I a little girl and a Mexican woman
Seeing Mario wearing the crown, “ It’ s some little girl.” be impotent.
terial on his head, declaring him am j ust not good at them.” E va walked towards him. The girls
standing in front of him.
“ Are you Romeo Angustia? ” the Ditas got curious and went to the “ When did the doctors discover
as “ the king for evening” . “ No, he didn’ t want to win,” with Mario pulled away to give way
woman asked him. door. The little girl was j ust staring your ailment? ” Ditas asked Romy.
Frankie detected his play. to the leading lady of the night. E va
E verybody was having fun. “ And why not? Doesn’ t he want to “ Y es,” he replied. at them. “ About four years ago.”
One by one, the girls introduced was wearing a thong panty and a bra, “ Who are you? ” Romy asked in a “ She could have been conceived
get a kiss from the girls? ” The woman introduced the little
themselves with fancy monickers both glittering. Frankie also rented loud voice. before you got sick.”
He s afraid his bride might find girl as Mikaela. She said the girl
like “ Delight” , “ Tootsie” , “ Missie” , the room across the hallway where The girl began to cry. Ditas took “ Cuantos anos tiene usted (H ow old
about it and put him outside the was the daughter of her friend, a
“ Sweetheart” and others which obvi- the girls could change clothes. pity on her. She squatted before her are you),” Ditas asked the girl in her
kulambo (mosquito net) on their prostitute in Tij uana who recently
ously were not their real names. “ H ello, I am E va. Can I be your girl and softly said: “ Don’ t cry. What’ s broken Spanish.
wedding night.” died of AIDS. The girl’ s father was
Per cue, Frankie turned on a tape for the night? ” your name? Why are you here? ” “ Cinco,” Mikaela replied nervously.
“ Y eah, that’ s it,” everybody agreed identified as one of the prostitute s
recorder and played a loud music. Mario smiled. H e played along and The girl didn’ t answer. She seemed “ H ey Ditas, don’ t implicate my son
with Frankie. customers named Romeo Angustia.
“ Not so loud, “ said one of the boys. said, “ Of course.” not to understand E nglish. to that girl,” Aling Munda, Romy’ s
Mario was exposed and chose to The Mexican woman stated that the
“ Y ou’ ll ruin the mood of the groom.” All the boys hooted with delight. “ Como se llama (What’ s your mother, cautioned her daughter-in-
remain quiet. woman had identified Romeo by his
“ It fact, it will excite him,” said “ Why don’ t you go somewhere pri- name)? ” Ditas asked in Spanish. law.
“ I tell you what,” Frankie calmed bean-sized mole at the back of his
Frankie although he acquiesced with vate so you can really get acquainted “ Mikaela,” the girl shyly replied. “ No matter, someone needs to take
everybody down. “ L et’ s all make a ear. Shortly before the mother was
the request and turned the volume with each other? ” Frankie suggested Romy told Ditas what the woman care of her. She’ s a little girl,” Ditas
vow that whatever happens in this about to die, she launched a frantic
down. as he pointed to one of the rooms. j ust said. Ditas was also surprised. said.
room, stays in this room. Nobody search for the girl’ s father so she
Mario j ust sat there smiling as the E va didn’ t wait for Mario to “ Come in,” she led the girl inside. “ Don’ t take her, bring her to the
else would know about them.” could entrust her to him. She asked
girl called “ Delight” sat on his lap, answer. As per arrangement with The night was cold. police,” Aling Munda insisted.
“ Y eah, of course,” enj oined one of some Filipino sailors frequenting the
put her hand at the back of his neck, Frankie, she stood up and held Ma- “ Don’ t let her in. She might be “ But it’ s already late in the evening.
the guys. H e was married and didn’ t brothel and was told about a Filipino
and played with his left ear. rio’ s hand. H e could not refuse as he somebody else’ child. We might get Besides, there’ s a chance she might
want to get into trouble with his sailor with that distinct mole behind
The girls outnumbered the boys, wanted to be polite and not embar- sued,” Mang Teban warned her. be Romy’ s child.”
wife. his ears. He was identified as Romeo
so the latter took turns dancing rass her. Moreover, everyone was Ditas ignored him as Romy stood “ H ow will you know? ”
“ Relax Mario,” Frankie assured the Angustia, whom she later tracked
with each of them. A lot of alcohol looking at them. Still holding his quietly looking at the child. She “ We’ ll have a DNA test taken
groom. “ E nj oy yourself. This is your down through the San Diego phone
owed and although there was quite hands, she led him inside the room placed the girl on the sofa. later.”
last night of freedom when you can book.
a spread of food on the buffet table, and before she closed the door, she “ Is this your daughter? ” Ditas asked Aling Munda was about to protest
do whatever you want. By tomorrow, “ But I’ m not that girl’ s father! ”
they were hardly touched. U nknown looked back at all of the guys and her husband. when Romy told her to shut up.
you will be restricted from doing Romy protested.
to them, Frankie made sure hidden winked. “ No way,” Romy answered. “ Stop it mother, let’ s j ust have her
your wildest dream the rest of your “ Can you turn your head so I could
cameras were placed to record the (T o be continued) By then, his parents became curious tested tomorrow,” he said.
life.” see the back of your ear? ” she asked.
event. H e would use the recording Romy didn’ t have too. H e knew he and gathered around the girl. Ditas looked at the girl. She was
“ U nless of course you attend
to blackmail Mario in case he did had a bean-sized mole mentioned by “ But the woman said so,” Ditas beautiful with Mexican features. Di-
another stag party where the guests
something indecent, like sleeping the woman. When he refused, she noted. tas could sense some Filipino traits
would vow to keep to themselves
with one of the girls. H opefully, it forcibly put her hand at the back of “ There might be a lot of Romeo in her. She looked like a Mexican
what happened inside the room,”
would stop the wedding and give his Romy’ s ear and felt the mole. That Angustias in America,” he replied. Shirley Temple, with curly hair,
said the married guy.
friend Dante, Mimi’ s ex-boyfriend, was enough. “ But no one else has a mole at the beautiful eyes, and sharp nose de-
“ Y es,” the rest of the guests agreed.
another chance on her. “ H ere’ s your daughter, take care back of the ear like yours.” spite being dirty and disheveled.
Mario smiled and sipped his beer.
The group played several “ naugh- of her. We do not have the means to Romy was speechless. “ Come on, sit here,” she led Mi-
“ J ust enj oy yourselves, guys. Don’ t
ty” games, all ending up with the do so,” she said. She handed him an H e then told his parents what the kaela to the dining table. She could
worry about me,” he assured them.
winner earning a kiss from one of envelope containing the girl’ s birth Mexican woman said. sense the girl was hungry however,
If he had his way, he would have
the girls and the loser doing some certificate. “ H indi puwedeng maging anak mo the child could not understand Ditas.
left the party.
stupid antics as punishment. Mario “ No I won’ t,” Romy refused. iyan, anak ng puta iyan (She can’ t be “ Maybe she only speaks Spanish,”
At that time, a knock was again
too participated in the games and ev- “ Wait here, I’ ll get something in your child. She’ s a child of a bitch),” Ditas said aloud.
heard at the door .
ery time, he lost. One of his friends the car,” the woman said. She turned his father said afterwards. Romy was still confused. H e tried
“ Oh, oh, who might that be? ”
to recall his escapades in nearby
Ti uana five years ago, but there
to the fact that I was much younger. “ So what can you do about it? ” I 17 . E lectro-magnetic radiation were far too many of them for him
For that matter, everyone in the class asked. 18. Falling meteors to remember. H e was a new recruit
was young heck, we were a bunch H e gave me a few options, but 19. Synthetics in the Navy then, and he was like a
of smart-aleck college kids who mostly it boiled down to waiting it 20. Artificial ingredients child in a candy store. There was no
knew everything, would never grow out and perhaps taking some laser 21. Bad drivers way he would ever remember the
old, and would rather be out on a treatments. Or something. I don’ t 22. E nvironmental problems and or identity of the girl’ s mother.
date than sitting in that classroom remember. My elbow problem was disasters “ Is there a photo of her mom in the
talking about aging. Of course we transient (it means temporary, but 23. Not enough oxygen envelope? ” he asked Ditas.
didn’ t have a clue. you know how doctors are with 24. Too much oxygen “ No,” she replied.
Now, however, since I went through language). 25. Stress, stress, stress Ditas heated a bowl of soup, rice
that door marked “ Middle Age - No And on and on and on. There are and a piece of leftover fried chicken.
Turning Back” I recall the lessons A few years ago so many things that contribute to The girl gobbled them down as
from that class with wry amuse- aging that ust when you find one an though she had not eaten for days.
ment… or horror – take your pick. The main thing is, a few years ago I swer, (don’ t smoke), a new question Romy watched his wife feed
never would have had this problem. rears its ugly head. Questions like:
Watching clocks
Mikaela. H is father stood up from
Pain is not a good thing A few years ago I could have built * Which vitamin does what, how the sofa, looking over at the girl in
a house, shoveled a mountain, arm- many should I take, and will it help disgust.
I am thinking about this subj ect wrestled H ulk H ogan (yes, I would anyway? “ I don’ t feel like watching T.V .
Hey time! Slow down! – aging and time dilation – well, today because of a recent trip to a have lost), and still not had any pain * Do I really want to j oin AARP? anymore” , he said, walking towards
you’ re j ust out of luck. physician. L ast week I was working (at least not in the elbow). But that’ s * Senior citizen discount? Me? Are their room with his wife.
There is an interesting thing around the house, cutting and sawing the key, “ a few years ago.” you nuts? “ Quiet,” his wife cautioned him.
about aging: the older you get, the When I was in college, about nine on a kitchen oor no, don t know I hate saying “ a few years ago,” it These are questions that either have “ She might be our granddaughter.”
faster time ies. The phenom thousand years ago, I took a class on why I was doing it on the kitchen makes me seem even older (remem- no answer or the answer changes “ So what? ” Mang Teban asked.
enon is called “ time dilation” and aging. We discussed all the various oor, probably because it was closer ber a grandparent saying, “ Why j ust daily. Talk about confusing! “ Makakahati pa natin iyan sa grasya
aspects of getting older, including to the refrigerator) and, a few days a few short years ago, your grand- Personally, I don’ t have a clue
it’ s not a particularly good thing. ng anak mo pag kinupkop dito iyan
everything that happens from the later, I moved some boxes of books mother and I… ” ). Y ep, I hate saying regarding what to do about it all
Personally, I hate it… okay, I also (She might get a share of the bounty
instant of birth to the moment of out of my office. Normally this it, and yet find myself saying that except complain. And since I do that
hate getting older, but there you we receive from our son if she lives
death. The class was interesting at would not be any big deal. But the exact thing more and more. Part so extraordinarily well, I’ ll j ust keep here).”
go. When you combine the two the time, but that was probably due morning after finished all this work of it, of course, is because things it up. If nothing else, complaining Ditas and Romy could not be-
I awoke to shooting pains in my happened a few years ago that I about it is worthwhile j ust because of lieve what they heard. Mang Teban
elbow whenever I moved my arm remember (when you’ re young there how much it annoys younger people. didn’ t seem to care if the girl was
(the old j oke here is a man goes to j ust aren’ t enough years going back One last thought: Nothing, and I his granddaughter. E ven his wife
his doctor and tells him, “ Doctor, my to remember). mean nothing, makes you feel older seemed shocked by his insolence.
arm hurts whenever I move it like One of the terms people tend to than sitting in a hospice room with After feeding the girl, Ditas asked
this.” The doctor replies, “ Well, quit use with aging is “ age is catching up a family member as he or she spend Romy to watch her.
moving it like that. . figured the with me.” This is nonsense. Age their final few days on earth. ve “ Where are you going? ”
pain would stop in a day or two, took doesn’ t catch up with anyone. Age done that too often and I’ m pretty “ I’ ll go to Savon’ s. It’ s open
a couple of Advil, and pretty much couldn’ t care less. Age is simply a sure I’ ll do it again. twenty-four hours. I’ ll buy her tooth-
ignored it. process that goes on. The problem brush, some clothes and other things
Well, the pain didn’ t stop. So I is not with age playing catch-up but she might need.”
made an appointment with Roy, the with our bodies losing the battles Mikaela had arrived with nothing
physician who has been keeping this with: but the clothing she was wearing.
Writers: Msgr. Fernando Gutierrez, Virginia Ferrer, Zena Sultana-Babao, Dig- body in more or less working order 1. Gravity Romy did not say a word. H e was
gong Divinagracia-Araneta, Ofelia Dirige PhD, Marjon L. Saulon, Contributors: for the past few decades. Roy and 2. Sunlight still confused. H e stared at the girl
Ernie Delfin, Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD, Atty. Rogelio Karagdag Jr., Bill Labestre CPA I, it seems, are simply growing old 3. Free radicals who was quietly seated on the sofa.
together. H e knows where I hurt 4. Chlorine Then his fatherly instinct led him to
because he hurts there as well. 5. Red meat change the channel of the T.V . to a
Roy examined my arm and gave 6. Pollution Spanish station. The girl’ s eyes lit up
me the bad news. H e told me I had 7 . Sugar and relaxed watching the station.
something with a name that I can’ t 8. Saccharine
begin to pronounce. I asked him 9. Tobacco DITAS GAV E TH E GIRL A BATH
what it meant and he said, “ Y ou’ ve 10. Caffeine upon her return. She shampooed her
got tennis elbow.” 11. Dust mites hair and combed it afterwards. She
“ Tennis elbow? Me? I haven’ t 12. Plastics led her to the sink to brush her teeth,
played tennis in years.” 13. L iquor put a new nightwear on her, and was
“ It’ s j ust the slang term. Y ou can 14. Too much exercise about to tuck her to bed when Romy
get tennis elbow from all sorts of 15. Too little exercise stopped her.
things, especially from doing things 16. Not enough chocolate (okay, “ Don’ t let her sleep in our bed. She
with your arms you don’ t normally this is a personal belief, but hey, it’ s
do.” my column) ( Continued on page 10 )
March 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

( Continued from page 1 )
“ The slowdown in Asian exports
has been broad based, re ecting
weakening global output and, in


particular China, given its role
as a source of final demand and

IN THE 40’s, 50's, 60's, and 70's

in the region' s supply chain,”
Moody’ s said.
“ These trade-driven economies
are key nodes in the manufacture of First, some of us survived being lang), (noon cloth or rattan duyan
intermediate products, especially for born to mothers who did not have lang tied to the posts or ceiling,
electronics, which are particularly an OB-Gyne, smoked and/or drank babies fell asleep sa sobrang hilo )
exposed to tensions between the U S San Miguel Beer or Syoktong, while and when we rode our bikes, we had
and China,” it added. they carried us. The manghihilot was no helmets, no kneepads, sometimes
“ Given the uncertain outlook for the cheapest way to deliver babies. wala pang preno yung bisikleta.
growth and trade policy, as well as Dinala ka ba ng nanay mo sa pedia- Take-out food was limited to Ong-
generally tighter financing condi trician for DPT? While pregnant, pin' s pansit or Aling Toyangs pre-
tions, slower investment growth will they took cold or cough medicine, cooked ulam in kalderos. No pizza
amplify the trade slowdown.” cortal or medicol, ate isaw, and didn' t shops, McDonalds, K FC, Subway,
China is counting on its millions of worry about diabetes or cervical ollibee and, coffee was ust kape
consumers and renewed investment to cancer. hinde ga-mahal as in Starbucks.
stabilize the economy as slowing global Then after all that trauma, our As children, we would ride in
growth and a trade war with the U S hit baby cribs were made of hard wood j eepneys libre pag kandong,hot un-
its export machine. covered with lead-based paints, pati airconditioned buses with wooden
The U S and China have exchanged na yung walker (andador) natin, seats(yung J D bus na pula), or cars
tariffs on more than $ 360 billion in matigas na kahoy or rattan at wala with no airconditioning & no seat
two-way trade, and China' s exports and
imports plummeted much more than
pang gulong. belts (ngayon lahat may aircon na)
expected in February. We had no soft cushy cribs that play Riding on the back of a carabao on
U S Trade Representative Robert L igh- music, no disposable diapers (lampin ( Continued on page 8 )
thizer and Treasury Secretary Steven
Mnuchin will return to Beij ing next
week as the U nited States and China
inch toward resolving their trade war, a
senior administration official told AFP
on Tuesday.
The renewed shuttle diplomacy is a
sign of progress in the talks after several

Road sign
weeks in which momentum toward a
resolution appeared to have slowed. —
Ian N icolas Cigaral with AFP

Filipino Farmer J ohn Callahan lived on a

quiet rural highway. But as time
got to do something about all of
these people driving so fast and kill-
( Continued from page 2 ) went by, the traffic slowly built up ing my chickens."
topics. “ It’ s my own exploration, I and became so heavy and so fast that " What do you want us to do? "
think, because I’ m so far away. I’ m his chickens were being run over at a asked the policeman.
always asking questions in a way rate of three to six a day. " I don' t care, j ust do something
that I wouldn’ t if I were living here,” So one day Farmer J ohn called the about those crazy drivers! "
she said.” “ I consider my primary local police station and said, " Y ou' ve ( Continued on page 9 )
readers to be Filipinos and what I try

to do is make it accessible to West- tribunal, which ruled in Manila’ s
ern readers.” favor in J uly 2016 and invalidated
( Continued from page 3 )
( Continued from page 1 )
able fishermen, including 320,000
China’ s claim. Beij ing has ignored
and belittled the ruling.
Manila and five other governments
E lsewhere, outsourcing and con- Filipino fishermen, but also have been contesting ownership of
sulting firms that handle H 1B visas present and future generations of the strategic waters and island chains
are suing the government to open the people across nations,” it added. for decades. China asserts sover-
oodgates. ver 40 lawsuits claim eignty over nearly the entire South
U .S. Citizenship and Immigration China’ s moves to restrict access China Sea, where undersea oil and
Services (U SCIS) is far too stringent to areas in the resource-rich waters, gas deposits have been discovered in
in approving H -1B visa applications, the statement said, has “ seriously several areas.
and would like regulations relaxed. undermined the food and energy The ICC is an independent interna-
security of the coastal states in the tional body, separate from the U nited
South China Sea, including the Nations system, and the first perma
Philippines.” nent international court that deals
The “ grave consequences of such specifically with the gravest crimes
actions, it said, j ustify the ICC’ s facing humanity, such as genocide.
involvement as it affirms one of the It also prosecutes individuals for war
principles of the Rome Statute that crimes and aggression.
“ the most serious crimes of concern ICC came into being on J uly 1,
to the international community as a 2002 - the date its founding treaty,
whole must not go unpunished and the Rome Statute of the International
their effective prosecution must be Criminal Court, entered into force. It
ensured....” can only prosecute crimes commit-
China’ s restrictive actions in the ted on or after that date.
South China Sea have worried its “ These atrociously inhumane
smaller neighbors, like the Philip- actions of Chinese officials in the
pines, due to its massive claim that South China Sea and within Philip-
encroaches on their sovereign ter- pine territory remain unpunished,
ritories. Beij ing said its claims over and it is only the ICC that can exact
the waters are “ indisputable” and accountability on behalf of Filipinos
anchored on history that is backed by and the international community,
ancient maps and documents. respecting the rule of law,” the state-
The Philippines challenged this ment said. — N B, GM A N ews
claim before an international arbitral

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Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 22-28, 2019

Spiritual Life
How the Rosary drove Strength in Every Situation
communism out of Brazil M editation:
March 19 is the anniversary of Father Calloway wrote: “ As it The L ord visited me today and said, M y daughter, do not be afraid
a time when Catholic women was taking place, more than 20,000
women marched into the streets with of what will happen to you. I will give you nothing beyond your
of Brazil picked up their most strength. Y ou k now the power of M y grace; let that be enough. Af-
powerful weapon— the rosary— rosaries in their hands to engage in
spiritual battle! The marched right ter these words, the L ord gave me a deeper understanding of the action
and drove communism from their into the midst of the communist rally of H is grace (Diary, 1491).
country. and prayed the rosary so loudly that J anuary 15, 1938. Today, when the sister about whom the L ord
they shut it down.” warned me came to see me, I armed myself spiritually for battle.
M arch 24, 2019, 3rd Sunday of L ent In 1964, the oppressive President
J oao Goulart had appointed many Although it cost me much, I did not depart one bit from what the L ord
Lent: Fidelity and Sin
Six days later, on March 19, more had commanded. But when an hour had gone by, and the sister made
communists to positions of lead- than 600,000 people marched
ership. H umble, faithful women through the streets of Sao Paolo no move to go, I interiorly called upon J esus to help. Then I heard a
J oke of the week: They were hav- vigilant and guard against presum- understood the power of the Blessed praying the rosary. It was called the voice in my soul saying, Do not fear. I am watching you this very
ing trouble with thieves robbing ing that one is already saved. There Mother’ s intercession and formed “ March of the Family with God to- moment and am helping you. In a moment, I will send you two
the vigil light stand, so the j anitor is always a need for a continuing rosary groups. They showed up at ward Freedom.” E ven non-Catholics sisters who are coming to visit you, and then you will find it easy to
hid in the confessional to watch repentance and vigilance to be faith- political rallies and drown out speak-
ful to God.
j oined in. continue the conversation (Diary, 1494).
for the thief. H is feet were sticking ers by loudly praying the rosary.
out under the curtain so a woman Within two weeks on April 1, a
parishioner thought Father was hear- Re ection: am who am. There The event which took place on M y Prayer Response:
military coup deposed President
ing confessions. The j anitor tried to is no other way to talk about the March 13 in the city of Belo H ori- Goulart who then ed the country.
L ord J esus, thank Y ou for Y our graces that give me strength in every
tell her that he was not a priest, but Christian God than to acknowledge zonte during a communist rally was In thanksgiving for the victory, the situation. Y ou watch over me every moment. H elp me to always trust
she either could not understand him that he is existence itself. H e is also written about in Father Donald Cal- people of Brazil organized another in Y ou.
or she thought he was saying some the ground of our existence or of loway’ s newest book, 10 Wonders march in gratitude to Our L ady and * The words of J esus ap p ear in boldface typ e
kind of prayer. Anyway, when she being, the God “ who causes to be of the Rosary. President Goulart had her rosary. It was held the very next -- Diary of St. M aria Faustina K owalska: Divine M ercy in M y Soul © 1987 M ar-
finished her confession, the anitor what comes into existence.” H e is orchestrated a rally there, calling for day, April 2, through the streets of ian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V .M . E x cerpted from Divine
went out of the confessional and told not an abstract philosophical reality, a communist revolution in Brazil. Rio de J aneiro and called the “ March M ercy M inutes with J esus: Praying Daily on J esus' Words from the Diary of St.
her very clearly, “ I’ m not the priest. but a personal God who shares his The archbishop of Rio de J aneiro, of Thanksgiving to God.” Over one Faustina by R ev. George W. K osicki, CSB © 2010 M arian Press
I’ m the j anitor.” “ I’ m going to tell existence with man by creating him Cardinal de Barros Camara, went on million people participated.
Father you heard my confession,” and his world. It is God who has national radio pleading with people
blurted out the lady. But the j ani- called us out of nothing, j ust as he
had taken the initiative to call Moses
to live the Fatima message in order There’ s a reason that the Blessed DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET
tor came back, “ Then I’ ll tell your to overcome the communist threat. Mother told us in many of her ap-
husband what you confessed.” to approach him in the burning bush. paritions to pray the rosary daily. It
God has diffused himself and in do- “ President Goulart was so enraged is the prayers of the life of Christ How to Recite the Chaplet of
Scriptures: First Reading: E xodus ing so he has created man according by the archbishop’ s message that through Mary— j ust as he chose to
3: 1 8 13 15. The first reading lays to his image. This diffusion hap- Divine Mercy
he insulted the people of Brazil in come to us through his Incarnation.
down the groundwork for all today’ s pened first in creation and ultimately a public speech and ridiculed the The rosary is a spiritual weapon
readings: God’ s name is revealed to occurred in the Incarnation of J esus rosary, saying that it was the com- The Chaplet of Mercy is recited
of mass destruction, leaving sin in
Moses: “ I am who I am.” The God who assumed our human nature munist ideas that would reform its wake and laying the ground for using ordinary rosary beads of
of our ancestors in the faith is not an and made visible the Invisible God. and save Brazil, not the rosaries of miracles, conversions, and victories five decades. At the National
abstract reality, but One who “ who By his death and resurrection J esus simple women,” Father Calloway over evil, attained by J esus through Shrine of Divine Mercy in
causes to be what comes into exis- completely manifests God’ s diffu- explained. the intercession of his mother. Stockbridge, Massachusetts the
tence.” H e is the God the Creator sion. “ In times past, God spoke in Our L ady of the Rosary, pray for
who mixes with his creation and is partial and various ways to our an- Chaplet is preceded by two
Those were fighting words that us!
embedded in the lives of creatures. cestors through the prophets in these fired up the prayer warriors. They opening prayers from the
Sacred H eart of J esus, have mercy Diary of Saint Faustina and
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 10: last days, he spoke to us through a showed up to the rally in Belo H ori- on us!
1 6 10 12. St. Paul tries to em son whom he made heir of all things zonte which was led by the presi- Source: http: / / www.pattimaguire- followed by a closing prayer.
phasize the “ now” and “ not yet” and through whom he created the dent’ s brother-in-law and expected to armstrong.com/ 2019/ 03/ how-rosary-
situation of our earthly life. H e is universe” (H ebrews 1: 1-2). be the biggest one yet, drove-communism-out-of-braz il.html Optional Opening Prayer
clear about the glory that awaits all

Jim Caviezel gave what may be the

faithful believers after their earthly Our existence or coming into being
soj ourn is over. That glory is already is God’ s gift to us, however, what we You expired, Jesus, but the source
of life gushed forth for souls,
greatest Catholic address of the
experienced now in an imperfect make of our existence and how we
way its final fulfillment, however, live it is our gift to God. God deliv- and the ocean of mercy opened
is the promise of tomorrow. Y et, ered the H ebrew people from their up for the whole world. O Fount
all should not be complacent to
believe that the sacraments auto-
E gyptian masters. H owever, they did
not responsibly live up according to 21st century of Life, unfathomable Divine
Mercy, envelop the whole world
matically work to guarantee one’ s their newly found freedom. Instead, T he famed actor of ' T he Pas- H e recounted a moment during the
and empty Yourself out upon us
salvation. God helps those who help they used it to grumble against sion of the Christ' called for filming of The Passion, when he was
themselves. There is still a need for God and his chosen leaders, Moses wedged under the cross and someone O Blood and Water, which gushed Jesus, I Trust in You!
the nex t generation to “ send else pulled it the wrong way, causing forth from the Heart of Jesus as a
man’ s cooperation with the grace and Aaron. With freedom comes L ucifer straight back to hell.”
of salvation. St. Augustine said, responsibility. With existence comes his shoulder to become dislocated. fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!.
“ H e who created you without your responsibility as well. E xistence is J - P M auro
H e said this footage remains in the
cooperation will not save you with- God’ s gift and a privilege, live it final cut of the film and commented Begin with the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle's Creed:
out your cooperation.” God who is responsibly. that had the production taken place
J im Caviezel was preparing for in a studio, we might never have
ever-present in the world is continu- Our Father
ally bestowing upon us his grace for The First Commandment, Thou the release of his latest faith- seen such an authentic performance.
themed film, Paul, Apostle of Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
our salvation. But God’ s grace still shalt have no other gods before me, “ The suffering made my perfor-
Christ — which was released last mance, j ust as it makes our lives.” Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
needs man’ s free cooperation. Gos- is the foundation of the remaining
spring — in which he plays L uke “ There was a lot of pain and suffer- Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as
pel: L uke 13: 1-9. The story of the nine Commandments. Failure to
H ebrew people shows that in spite keep the first results into idolatry, the Evangelist. As is fitting for the ing before the resurrection and your we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into
of what God has done for them: they murder, robbery and other sins. biggest star attached to a picture, path will be no different. So embrace temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.
were saved from starvation when your cross and race towards your
he went to FOCU S’ leadership goal. I want you to go out into this
he fed them with manna, supplied Quotation of the week: God is not summit (SL S conference) to pro- Hail Mary
them with water from the rock and an idea, or a definition that we have pagan world and shamelessly profess Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou
protected them from the burning committed to memory, he is a pres- mote the feature film. your faith in public. The world needs
proud warriors, animated by their amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
sun, they still grumbled against him. ence which we experience in our
The college students were per- faith. Warriors like St. Paul and St. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at
J esus tells his followers to always be hearts. L ouis E vely.
haps expecting a speech about the L uke who risk their names and repu- the hour of our death, Amen.
new film, but what they got was a tations to take their faith, their love
phenomenal call to action that sent for J esus into the world.”
To all Pinoy
lang ni tatay ang meron noon ! The Apostle's Creed
shivers down our spines. H e spoke about democracy and
We would spend hours building I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and
The crowd was thrilled to see Ca- how the freedom to do what you
our wooden trolleys (yung bearing viezel’ s kindly, bearded face, to such earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was
( Continued from page 7 )
ang gulong) or plywood slides out want is not the same as the freedom
a breezy summer day was considered an extent that it did not seem they to do what you aught. H e quoted conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered
of scraps and then ride down the would ever calm down. H e gently under Pontius Pilate, was crucified; died, and was buried.
a treat. (ngayon hindi na nakakakita street, only to find out we forgot the Maximilian K olbe’ s famous phrase,
ng kalabaw ang mga bata) Did you raised a finger and the room became “ Indifference is the greatest sin of He descended into Hell; the third day He arose again from the
brakes! After hitting the sidewalk or still enough to hear a pin drop. Then
make your own saranggola and falling into a canal (sewage channel) the 20th century,” to which he added, dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God,
pasted bubog on the strings? Caviezel began, speaking softly and “ Well, my brothers and sisters, it is the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the
a few times, we learned to solve the reading from his prepared speech a
We drank water from the garden problem ourselves with our bare & the greatest sin of the 21st century living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic
hose and NOT from a bottle pur- little clumsily: as well.”
dirty hands. “ The name Saul means ‘ Great One.’ Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
chased from 7 11 (minsan straight We did not have Playstations, Nin- H e brought the whole speech
from the faucet or poso) walang 7 11 The name Paul means ‘ little one.’ together by quoting the famed pre- the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.
tendo' s, X -boxes, no video games While making this film learned that
noon, sari-sari store ni Mang Akong at all, no 100 channels on cable, no battle speech from Braveheart in
to buy sarsi, suntan, RC cola or changing one little, tiny letter that which William Wallace pumps up Then, on the large bead before each decade:
DV D movies, no surround stereo, no we can become great in the eyes of
choco-vim. IPOD' s, no cellphones, no comput- his army by speaking of freedom and
We shared one soft drink bottle God. But it requires us to be little what one must be willing to do for it. Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood,
with four of our friends, and NO ers, no Internet, no chat rooms, and if we wish to be great. This is the H e broke from the quote, speaking
no Friendsters, Facebook. MSN etc. Soul and Divinity, of Your Dearly Beloved Son,
ONE actually died from this or con- way of the saints. This is the way with conviction and leaving aside his
....... .....WE H AD RE AL FRIE NDS of the H oly and this is the way Saul Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins
tracted hepatitis. prepared speech, saying :
We ate rice with star margarine, and we went outside to actually talk became St. Paul.” “ E very man dies. Not every man and those of the whole world.
pampatangkad daw, took raw eggs and play with them! TV viewing H e continued speaking of vocations truly lives. Y ou, you, you. We all
straight from the shell, and drank was a treat, kilala mo ba si Popeye, and how one must open up to discern must fight for that authentic freedom On the ten small beads of each decade, say:
softdrinks with real sugar in it (hindi Gumby, Betty Boop & followed the such a calling. H e spoke of how he and live my friends. By God, we
diet coke), but we weren' t sick or bouncing ball in Melody Tunes? knew he wanted to be an actor, the must live! And with the H oly Spirit
That was karaoke then, L OL ! For the sake of His sorrowful Passion,
overweight kasi nga...... stressful time of his role as E dmond as your shield and Christ as your
We climbed walls and trees (to have mercy on us and on the whole world.
WE WE RE AL WAY S OU TSIDE Dantes in The Count of Monte sword, may you j oin St. Michael and
PL AY ING! ! get aratiles and catch salagubang & Cristo, as well as the sacrifices he all the angels in sending L ucifer and
We would leave home in the morn- tutubi - tied them on the neck with made during his time playing J esus all his henchmen straight back to hell Conclude with (Say 3 Times):
ing and play all day, and get back a string), fell out of trees, got cut or in The Passion of the Christ. H e said: where they belong! ”
when the streetlights came on. Sarap " bukol" , broke bones and teeth and “ When I was up there on the Cross, It is interesting to watch the change Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
mag patintero, tumbang preso, habu- there were no stupid lawsuits from I learned that in H is suffering was in Caviezel when he switches be- have mercy on us and on the whole world.
lan at taguan. Tandaan mo ba PIK O, these accidents. The only rubbing our redemption. Remember the tween his scripted speech and spon-
step-no-step- yes, trumpo, garter & we get is from our friends with the servant is no greater than the master. taneous remarks. As if to visually
words..masakit ba ? pero pag galit Optional Closing Prayer
mala-ahas sa haba na goma? K ung E ach of us must carry our own cross. illustrate the difference between the
naulan, j ackstones, pick-up sticks or yung kalaro mo,,,,ang sasabihin sa There is a price for our faith, for “ Great One” and the “ L ittle One,”
sungka, bahay-bahayan, tinda-tinda- iyo..beh buti nga ! our freedoms. I have been literally once his moment of commanding Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of
han, titser-teacher- an or swimming We played marbles (j olens) in the scourged, hit by the whips, crucified, presence is over, he leans back over compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase
sa baha or kangkungan. dirt , washed our hands j ust a little struck by lightning, yes, open heart the podium and gives a sheepish Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not
No one was able to reach us all day and ate dirty ice cream, fish balls surgery — that’ s what happens after smile as he messes up the last bit of despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence
(di uso ang cellphone, walang beep- & inihaw na baga. We were not five and a half months of hypother his prepared words. submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.
ers). And yes, we were O.K . Sipol ( Continued on page 9 ) mia.”
March 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Arts & Culture

Donsol Eco-Tourism counts the ways it gives back to the locals
The work we do on the eco rich area called Ticao Island which and books. Why the children? If we get Geographic, and other NGOs in H ong
aspect is very close to our heart. is not getting the same support as the involved with the children, they realise K ong have j oint forces in organising
municipality of Donsol. With Donsol the benefit of tourism and we hope that a trip for children from H ong K ong to
Our business should not only be they will be the motivators of change to Donsol to swim with the whale sharks.
E co Tour on Ticao Island, we wish
a business to us but we have to not only to develop the tourism in embrace diving tourism and eco-tourism The realisation that “ Sharks are Friends”
give back to the community and the area, but to develop the tourism
instead of destroying the oceans and the will hopefully develop a culture of “ No
the environment that has accepted eco system. to shark s fin soup .
with the environment and the com- G iving an alternate source of liveli- FU TU RE PROJ E CTS IN TH E PIPE -
us so warmly. munity as priority. hood. H aving a resort means that we L INE :
In addition to incorporating best SO, WH AT H AV E WE DONE ? hire staff from the local community. Solid waste management proj ects for
practices of reducing, reusing, and
recycling to contribute to lowering
the human destruction to our planet,
Replanting of the mangrove forests in
Brgy Tacdugan. We have tapped into the
expertise and support of Siliman U niver-
This is a basic and we would think that
all resorts and commercial entities hire
from the community where they are
the community. We are currently in talks
with the E co Waste Coalition of the
Nang Dahil Sa Iyo
the heart of Donsol E co Tour’ s eco sity for this proj ect. Siliman U niversity located. But we go a step further. Our Making Manta Bowl a marine pro-
has also done various seminars/work- resident instructors has a dive guide tected area. This will take more time and Nang dahil sa iyo nagkakulay ang aking daigdig
activity is our work with the com-
munity. Far ung provincial areas shops with our staff and the barangay “ scholarship” program for willing and more effort as there are more stakehold- nagliwanag na rin ang dating makulimlim na langit
where the resort is at to tell them about able fishermen. With our trust to grow ers to deal with here.
in the Philippines, do not realize the the importance of the mangrove forests the diving tourism in the area, we feel Organic farming and food sustainabil-
halaman ay nabuhay at naging rosas ang paligid
importance of being eco-friendly and how protecting the mangrove forests that the local fishermen would be the ity. Most supplies like chicken, pork, sana naman sa aking tabi' y j uwag ka nang umalis.
since they have more basic things can help them. best guides for their area. With them fruits, and vegetables are purchased
to worry about like putting food on B uilding Tacdugan Elementary learning how to dive and learning how in the main town of Ticao Island or in
the table. To us, being eco means School. For this we have to thank the to be a dive guide, they realise the rich- L egaspi City. The people in the com- Nang dahil sa iyo nakausap ko ang mga bituin
knowing the problem and working guests of Ticao Island Resort who have ness of their seas and realise that there is munity need knowledge and support to at kawangis mo rin sila na may kakaibang ningning
on solving the problem at the root. been extremely supportive in donating a more sustainable livelihood in tourism plant vegetables and fruit and to raise
The maj ority of Donsol E co Tour’ s funds, school supplies, and books to than fishing. Furthermore, we have chickens and pigs for food. In due time, masigla kung nakikipaglaro sa hihip ng hangin
eco-community work has been put help us build a descent school for the been working with local boat makers in we hope to make planting, poultry, and walang pakialam anumang hialahil na darating.
into practice in the vicinity of our children of the barangay. We will be do- building proper dive boats and the crew such a new form of livelihood for the
ing some renovation work in time for the of these dive boats will also be from people in the area.
resort, Ticao Island Resort. There
has been so much concentration of
new school year of 2012. In the past 2 the local community. H aving more dive We thank those who have been sup- Nang dahi sa iyo naging malambing ang musika
years, we (with the support of guests and boats and having more people busy with porting our proj ects! Donsol E co Tour
tourism development in Donsol, but other supporters) have been consistent in
nanunuot sa kaibuturan bawa' t isang nota
the dive boats will mean that there will has been present on Ticao Island since
so near Donsol is a very ecologically providing the kids with school supplies be less time for the fishing. 2009 and our presence has been warmly sabay kumpas ng sanga na siyang tiklado ng alpa
No To Shark ’ s F in Soup camp aign of accepted mainly because of your sup- at sa ating pag-awit sana' y huwag nang matapos pa.
O cean G eograp hic. We support Ocean port in making our company make our

To all Pinoy
damaged self esteem ek-ek na yan. Geographic’ s “ Sharks are our Friends” community plans a reality. Again, Thank
Ang pikon, talo. and No to shark s fin soup campaign . you! Nang dahil sa iyo ngayo' y masdan mo' t nakangiti
( Continued from page 8 ) Ang magulang ay nandoon lang In March 2012, Donsol E co Tour, Ocean (See article on page 12) sa bawat araw na dumarating maganda ang bati
afraid of getting sick or germs in our para tingnan kung ayos lang ang
mga bata, hindi para makialam at sana ay wala nang katapusan ang bawa' t sandali
Road sign
stomachs. Finally, he asked the policeman,
We had to live with homemade makipag-away sa ibang parents. liwanag at ligaya lang ang sa atin ay maghari.
That generation of ours has pro- " Y our signs are doing no
guns, gawa sa kahoy, tinali ng rub- ( Continued from page 7 ) good at all ... can I put up my own
berband , sumpit , tirador at kung duced some of the best risk-takers,
problem solvers, creative thinkers So the next day the policeman had sign? " Nang dahil sa iyo hayan muli akong nagkabuhay
ano ano pa na puedeng makasakitan, the Main Road workers The policeman said, " Sure, go walang sawang nananabik sa bagong bukang-liwayway
pero masaya pa rin ang lahat. We and successful professionals ever!
They are the CE O' s, E ngineers, Doc- go out erect a sign that said: ahead."
made up games with sticks (sya- H e was willing to let Farmer J ohn sana' y wala nang katapusan ganitong pakiramdam
tors and Military Generals of today. SL OW: SCH OOL CROSSING
tong), and cans (tumbang preso) and Three days later Farmer J ohn called do j ust about anything nang dahil sa iyo naparam at pumanaw ang lumbay.
although we were told they were The past 50 years have been an
explosion of innovation and new the policeman and said, in order to get him to stop calling to
dangerous, wala naman tayong bi- " Y ou' ve got to do something about complain.
nulag o napatay.... paminsan minsan ideas.. C op yright 2019 by V irginia F errer. All rights reserved.
We had failure, success, and these drivers. The school
may nabubukulan lang. crossing' sign seems to make them The policeman got no more calls
We walked a lot, rode bikes, or responsibility. We learned from our
mistakes the hard way. go even faster! " from Farmer J ohn.
took tricycles to a friend' s house and Three weeks later, curiosity got the has been killed since then. I' ve got So he drove out to Farmer J ohn' s
Y ou might want to share this with So, again, the policeman sends out to go. I' m very busy." house, and his j aw dropped
knocked on the door or rang the bell, the Main Roads workers best of the policeman
or j ust yelled for them to j ump out others who' ve had the luck to grow H e hung up the phone. the moment he saw the sign.
up as real kids. We were lucky and they put up a new sign: and he decided to give Farmer J ohn
the window! a call. " H ow' s the The policeman was really curious It was spray painted on a sheet of
indeed. SL OW: CH IL DRE N AT PL AY and he thought to himself, wood....
Mini basketball teams had tryouts That really sped them up. So problem with those drivers. Did
and not everyone made to the team. And if you like, forward it to your " I' d better go out there and take a NU DIST COL ONY
kids too, so they will know how Farmer J ohn called and you put up your sign? "
Those who didn' t pass had to learn to " Oh, I sure did, replied Farmer look at that sign, it might Go slow and watch out for chicks!
brave their parents were. called and called every day for be something that WE could use to
deal with the disappointment. .Wala three weeks. J ohn, and not one chicken
iyang mga childhood depression at slow down drivers."


PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557



PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
For details and information Clinic Hours (National City) : Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat - 9am to 6pm
(Poway): Tuesday & Thursday 10am to 6pm
please call our office at (619) 259-6464
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 22-28, 2019

U.S. town becomes ‘sanctuary city A message

the Safety of our eet.

As the for the unborn’ about the 737

Southwest® has a long history with
the 7 37 and a stellar safety record. Our

experience with the MAX , along with
the other U .S. operators, has been phe-
ROSWE L L , New Mexico, to grow and develop. The difference
MAX 8. nomenal. We' ve operated over 40,000

by Rudy Liporada
March 15, 2019 (L ifeSiteNews)
– The City Council of Roswell,
New Mexico passed a resolution
between the individual in its adult state
and in its zygotic state is one of form,
not nature. A message from Southwest
ights covering almost 90,000 hours.
There is a ton of data collected, which
we continuously monitor. In all of our
“ The protection of human life is Airlines CE O Gary K elly analysis since our first ight in 2017,
Read p revious articles by Rudy Lip orada Thursday declaring its j urisdic- important to the people of the City of or that by our U .S. counterparts or the
at ww.asianj ournalusa.com tion to be in support of “ fetal Roswell,” the resolution says. FAA nothing has presented any ight
Since Sunday, we have been safety concerns. It is also important

life,” something local pro-life continually working with the to add that all Pilots at Southwest are

Three Poems
activists say makes Roswell a FAA, Boeing, and others within deeply experienced and highly trained,
“ sanctuary city for the unborn.” ( Continued from page 2 ) the U .S. government, regarding as are our Mechanics who are highly ex-
In a seven-to-one vote, with one coun- perienced and trained to safely maintain
K ung ang Sanggol ay Dalita cil member abstaining, the City Council Fleet said. the Boeing 7 37 MAX aircraft every airplane in our eet.
passed Resolution 19-28, which declares About 150 of the hundreds of type that was involved in the I realize this disruption may incon-
“ that innocent human life, including sailors manning the Blue Ridge, the E thiopian Airlines Flight 302 ac- venience our Customers during this
K ung ang sanggol ay isinilang sa isang dampa
fetal life, must always be protected and command and control agship of cident on March 10. This after- busy spring travel season, and we will
At babansaging H ari ng sangkatauhan, the U S Navy’ s 7 th Fleet, are proud do everything in our power to mitigate
that Society must protect those who can-
Aakuin at tatangapin mo ba siya? Filipino-Americans, including noon, the FAA issued its order the impact to our operation. For that, I
not protect themselves.”
K ung ang isang tala ay sisinag sa silangan The resolution also states that the City Feliciano, who also once worked for to ground the MAX , with our offer my sincere apologies. To support
Tungo sa dampang pinagsilangan Council declares “ its opposition to any NATO forces as a chef. knowledge and support. We have our Customers, we are offering e ible
Susundin mo ba ang liwanag tungo sa kaharian diminution by the New Mexico L eg- “ There were 39 countries I served removed the 34 MAX aircraft rebooking policies for any Customer
Ng mga maralita, ng mga dukha, islature of the limitations on abortion” booked on a cancelled ight.
every day. Y ou should know their from service they will remain out Thank you for your patience and
Ng mga nangangailangan? and “ honors the rights of healthcare cuisine. One time, a Spanish general of service until the FAA rescinds
providers to obj ect on moral grounds to understanding. We will provide frequent
Maglalakbay ka ba na may dalang pasalubong told me ‘ my mom used to serve this, this order. With more than 7 50 updates to you as this story develops.
performing abortions and opposes any
At luluhod sa may duyan ng sanggol can you prepare it? ’ So I learned,”
regulation or law seeking to violate that aircraft in our eet, more than 95
Na nababalot lamang ng gulagulanit right.” said Feliciano as he cited the chal-
Na malabasahang pangtalukbong? This week, the New Mexico Senate lenges he has faced over the years in percent of our aircraft are unaf-
Makikipaggitgitan ka ba sa halobilo was considering a pro-abortion bill that military kitchens in Asia and E urope. fected by this order. ( Continued from page 6 )
Ng mga marurusing, ng mga gusgusin, would have forced doctors to commit H is j ourney to the military culinary
abortions. It also would have repealed world began when he j oined the last Safety is our top priority. It always has might have a disease,” he told his
Ng mga hapis sa mga gutom, been. It always must be. Our commit- wife.
Sa mga kapuspalad, sa mga walang old, unenforced sections of the law batch of Filipino recruits to the U S
criminalizing abortion – preparation for ment to the Safety of our E mployees Ditas was appalled by the insensi-
Pag-asa sa kanilang mga hinaing Navy in Clark, Pampanga in 1992. and our Customers is unwavering and
a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade. He has studied and finished fine arts tivity of Romy considering he might
New Mexico is home to an infamous uncompromising. U .S. airlines operate be the child’ s father. And even if he
Gayung ang sanggol ay iniluwal in college but heard of the U S Navy within the most advanced, regulated
late-term abortion facility, Southwestern
recruitment and signed up. weren’ t, how could he be so cruel
Women’ s Options, and has some of the aviation system in the world and nothing
“ I’ m so proud to have worked for is more sacred to all of our Southwest
to an innocent child? She spread a
U pang ipamudmud ang pagmamahal loosest abortion laws in the country. blanket on the oor, put a pillow on
At pagsisilbi sa buong sangkatauhan. Southwestern Women’ s Options com- the Navy for almost 30 years. When Family Members than the trust our
you’ re good at your craft, one good Customers place in our airline every day, it and motioned to the girl to sleep
U pang tuligsain ang pagkaganid, mits abortions throughout the third there. When Mikaela was hesitant to
trimester of pregnancy. thing about the Navy is that you can on every ight. You have our commit
Pagsasamantala sa kapwa, pagkamal In a surprise pro-life victory, though, go to school,” said Feliciano, who ment to minimize the disruptions to our do so, Ditas got a pillow for herself
Ng kapangyarihan at kayamanan the New Mexico Senate rej ected the bill hails from Angeles, Pampanga. Customers' travel plans, while adhering and slept beside her. - AJ
Sa pamamagitan ng pagyurak sa karapatan 24 to 18. E ight Democrats j oined 16 to the FAA' s requirements and ensuring
While serving at the Navy, he
Ng mga marurusing, ng mga gusgusin, Republicans in voting against it. graduated from V irginia Advance
Ng mga hapis sa mga gutom, The Roswell resolution cites the Dec- Culinary School in September
Sa mga kapuspalad, sa mga walang laration of Independence’ s listing of life
as the first unalienable right. t also cites
2012 and later on became a certi-
Pag-asa sa kanilang mga hinaing. fied American Culinary Federation That included pancit, lumpia and
a paper from the American College of
Pediatricians stating: E xecutive Chef. adobo, a quintessential Filipino dish
At dahil rito’ y ang sanggol The predominance of human biological Feliciano said he was proud to of chicken or pork marinated in
Na iniluwal sa dampa research confirms that human life begins be part of the Navy and that his vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and spices
ay lalatayan ng mga hagupit at conception-fertilization. At fertiliza- accomplishment is “ an honor and a that’ s popular in his home province
at kokoranahan ng tinik tion, the human being emerges as a privilege.” and beyond.
bago siya ipako sa krus. whole, genetically distinct, individu- As a military master chef, Feli- Did the U S Navy people like them?
ated zygotic living human organism, a ciano took the opportunity to offer “ Oh yeah. E verybody loves it,”
member of the species H omo sapiens, Philippine traditional dishes from Feliciano replied with a big smile. —
Tutulungan mo ba siyang needing only the proper environment
Magbuhat ng krus his growing up years in Pampanga. L A, GMA News
At sa ipinamudmud niyang
Aral na pagsilbihan ang sangkatauhan,
Nakahanda ka bang maipako
Rin para sa sanglibutan?

H uwag mo na akong sagutin, K aibigan.

Gawin mo na lamang ang nararapat
Ayun sa iyong budhing nararamdaman.

The F ragrance of the F orest The F inal Poem

The fragrance of the Forest, Does it matter that you squeeze
Its scent hides a secret, from your brain the profound word
Within its bosom it harbors that would rhyme with the last word
The defenders not only of the forest in the initial line of your poem?
But those who depend on the fragrance, Do you even squeeze
The scent of the forest r do the words ust ow
From those who wreck the fragrance, To paint with words the emotions
The scent, the entire forest Y ou like to convey, to drive home?
To satisfy their unsatiable greed Do the words j ust drive along,
Without mercy to those Stitched together like in a parade
Who depend on the fragrance Sometimes in dissonance
And scent of the forest. Often in consonance with the norms?
Thus, sprout from the forest No matter. Words are j ust words
Its defenders to annihilate That could arouse anger
Those with greed Or whatever moods
So that who depend on the forest For action is the final poem.
Will forever savor the fragrance,
The scent, the entire forest
Which harbors its secret.
March 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Angel Locsin as Marvel’s Wave? Designer of Pinay superhero shares choice casting
“ It’ s a collaboration of ideas be- She played the iconic K omiks char- She has nonetheless managed ematic universe continues to smash
tween me, greg and Marvel editorial. acter Darna in a TV series, and was to adj ust to the condition and has bo office records globally, has
Would love to see you as Wave, for a time set to reprise the role in regained her form, notably as seen made no announcement of a screen
Angel! ” he said on Tuesday. Star Cinema’ s adaptation, but ulti- her action-packed lead role in “ The adaptation featuring Wave or any
Sharing the conversation thread in mately had to back out due to a spine General’ s Daughter.” character from the same batch of
her Instagram Stories, L ocsin again inj ury she continues to recover from. Marvel, whose phenomenal cin- Asian superheroes.
addressed the Filipino artist, saying:
“ Can’ t stop smiling. Thank you, Sir
@leinilyu for the wonderful reply.”
Wave, also known as Pearl Pangan,
is from Cebu, Y u earlier told ABS-
CBN News. H er powers are water-
and tech-based, he said.
L ocsin, dubbed local showbiz’ s
“ Action-Drama Queen,” is no
stranger to portraying a superhero.

Wave, a.k.a. Pearl Pangan, is

Marvel’s first Filipino super-
hero. Instagram: @ leinilyu
AB S- C B N News
MANIL A — Wave has yet to
formally make her comic book
debut, but already the character’ s
co-creator has an actress in mind
to portray the new Filipino super-
hero of the Marvel universe.
The comics giant unveiled the
first image of Wave in early
March, two months before the
May release of “ War of the
Realms: New Agents of Atlas,”
the upcoming series where she
will be introduced alongside other
Asian superheroes.
Angel L ocsin currently stars in the
action-drama series ‘ The General’ s
Daughter.’ ABS-CBN/Dreasmcape
E ntertainment Television
Reacting to the artwork of Wave at
the time, L ocsin tweeted: “ I' m excit-
ed to learn more about this character!
I [ love] that her weapon of choice
is a K ampilan, which is believed
to be the sword L apu-L apu used to
strike down Ferdinand Magellan.
So, [ thumbs up] for that! Regarding
her costume, I wonder what’ s the
inspiration behind the design? ”
Over a week later, L einil Y u, the
Filipino artist who designed Wave in
collaboration with Marvel Comics
writer Greg Pak, replied to L oc- 3400 E 8th St Suite 107
sin’ s tweet — much to the actress’
National CIty, CA 91950
619 931-0170
The ethical
( Continued from page 12 )

Dental Implant Centers

whale shark in the ideal situation,
overwhelmed me with emotion.
Sounds cliché when you say it out
loud, but it was a humbling moment.
DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
Islan in Donsol

Donsol doesn’ t offer a guarantee of

whale sharks and there is a season
to be weary of, with February and
March being peak season. What
it does offer is one of the most
incredible experiences you can have
with a truly wild and free animal.
For the time-poor traveling in the
Philippines, maybe it’ s not worth
the risk of not seeing one. Though

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

even without whale sharks the Bicol
region is stunningly beautiful.
If you can’ t make it to Donsol
this time around, try not to settle
for Oslob. It may require a little
more patience and luck, but, Donsol ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
provides your best chance of seeing Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
wild whale sharks, arguably in the
world. Not only that, your contribu- ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
tion to the community helps create
the template for a sustainable and ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
ethical relationship between the ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
whale sharks, local communities,
and tourists. E fforts that will ensure
the well being, safety, and survival
of all parties involved.
H ow you travel, what you do, and
where you spend your money is al-
ways your decision, but at least now Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
you won’ t be so naive when you
make it to the Philippines.

Donsol Sunset
Fluent in Tagalog
Is diving with whale sharks on
your bucket list? If you’ re looking Two convenient locations
for other places to dive with sharks,
check out Why I Went Cage Div-
ing with Great White Sharks and ❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
Why Y ou Should Too or Swim-
ming With Whale Sharks.-- L ink:
http: / / www.bucketlistpublications.
com/ 2017/ 02/ 04/ philippines-whale-
866.469.7645 • www.drkhazian.com
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 22-28, 2019

The ethical solution to diving with whale sharks
in the Philippines
B y: Peter B ateman, B uck et List Pub- other legs of their migration.
lications In addition to the dangers of feed-
I was in search of an ethical ing, the rules of interaction are
solution to diving with whale not followed or enforced. Tourists
sharks in the Philippines. I’ m in constantly touch and hang onto
love with the Philippines. It could whale sharks, as the animals try to
reach feed from the boats. Boats
possibly be the most underrated which routinely run into or over the
country in South E ast Asia. A animals, causing serious inj uries as
big claim in a part of the world these gentle giants innocently swim
known for the cheap insanity of toward any vessel, in the hopes of
its nightlife, low cost of living, food.
incredible natural wonder, and
friendly people. Still, the Philip- Donsol
pines stands out. A unique mess The wonder of seeing these gentle
of thousands of island paradises, giants of the ocean is significantly
exploding with culture, gorgeous diminished in the context of a fren-
landscapes, and all functioning zied tourist soup, containing inj ured
inside a semi-lawless chaos. It’ s whale sharks, crammed boats, and
somewhere you need to experi- greedy tour operators. As in the
ence to fully appreciate. It’ s here maj ority of animal tourism cases, it’ s
where I found the best place to go a simple equation of poor struggling
communities and naive tourists that our course, heading toward a com-
diving with whale sharks. leads to exploitation. Almost no one motion in the distance. We franti-
wants to contribute to the mistreat- cally kitted up and waited patiently,
The Philippines is not without ment of animals, it’ s j ust a matter of excruciatingly patiently, on the side
its problems, and animal tourism education for tourists and alterna- of the boat.
remains one of the tropical nations tive means of income for locals. So J ust as we reached the other boats,

lesser known issues. Most practices what’ s the solution? there was silence and the captain
are at best exploitative, and at worst, turned to us “ it dived” he said.
downright torture. I’ m really not Donsol Dive Disheartened was an understatement
one of those PE TA types. I’ m not a we had missed it by minutes.

vegetarian. I’ m not subscribed to any I’ ve been obsessed with whale It was only the beginning of the
animal welfare institutions. I don’ t sharks since I learned how to dive. whale shark season, which stretches
even like cats. Although, once you from November to J une. Maybe
are aware the maj ority of problems I’ d made a mistake coming in early

are caused by the naivety of tourists, J anuary. There was another option,
it’ s hard to turn a blind eye. I still hadn’ t been diving. If I could
A worrying amount of animal tour- choose a perfect time to see the
ism on the surface appears harmless, sharks, during a dive would be it.

but in reality, is extremely cruel. It Though, I thought it the less likely
only takes a quick google search to option.
discover that riding elephants causes
deep physical and psychological Donsol Dive boat

AY MAKAKATULONG trauma. E xotic animals offered for

photos have often had their teeth or
claws removed and are sedated to
keep them passive. And, places like
Swimming with them in the wild has
been on the top of my bucket list.
These enormous creatures grow to
Three hours into the following day
and one dive down we were headed
over 12 metres (40ft) long and spend for a dive site locals called ‘ the

PARA MAGING Thailand’ s Tiger Temple are perhaps

the manifestation of evil itself.
In the south of Cebu Island, Philip-
pines, tourists can swim with whale
their time lazily following the popu-
lations of plankton and shrimp that
spawn throughout the world’ s great
Manta bowl’ . I must have been half

oceans. They are an embodiment of

MADALI ANG BUHAY. sharks all year round. The town of

Oslob is now world famous, hosting
hundreds, even thousands of tourists
every day. From sunrise to sunset the
freedom, gracefully, carelessly and
literally going with the ow. When
heard about the exploitative practices
of Oslob, I was heartbroken. After
bay is a clutter of tiny bamboo boats, all, I still wanted to see the sharks. I
leaked petrol, fisherman, divers, and felt the knowledge that whale sharks
over-enthusiastic swimmers trying would be inj ured, malnourished, and
to get their hands on the world’ s big- their survival possibly impacted, asleep when the boat came to a halt.
gest fish. might taint the experience in Oslob. I The crew started screaming “ whale
Mag-apply lamang para sa aming Donsol B each Island from the
had to look elsewhere.
The small fishing village of Donsol
shark! ” , running up and down both
sides of the boat. As i j umped to my
boat feet an enormous creature breached
programang “tulong sa bayarin” at lies in the Bicol region, about an
hour’ s drive from L egazpi Airport, the surface in front of us. The boat
which is a further forty minutes via turned to parallel the animal as we
makatipid ng tatlumpung porsyentong o frequent ights from the island of immediately tried to gear up as fast
Cebu. I had heard that the village as we could.
higit pa para sa buwanang bayad nang fisherman who once hunted the J umping in and descending into the
sharks were now committed to their ocean, we impatiently went through
inyong enerhiya. Puwede rin kayong protection and feeding them was all our safety checks, but the shark
strictly forbidden. needed to find had disappeared into the blue.
tumangap nang karagdagang katipiran na out if Donsol was where I could ethi- Disappointed we tried to orient
cally find my wild whale shark. ourselves, as a huge dark shadow
walang bayad at energy saving upgrades Oslob can promise whale sharks
came over our group. I looked up to
Spotting whale shark s see a second monstrous whale shark,
para sa inyong mga tahanan. because the sharks are fed to guar-
antee they stick around. H owever, The first day opted to go on a
peacefully glide over top of us.
I screamed into my regulator and
keeping this promise severely im- whale shark interaction. Regula- scrambled to take photos, while
pacts the health and survival of the tion limits the number of boats each hopelessly trying to keep up with
very animals the local community
Alamin kung ikaw ay may kakayahang depend on. Tour operators import
day to six, with a maximum of six
passengers per boat. E very vessel
it. The powerful ripples of its tail
effortlessly swimming through the
plankton and krill that are not found
sumali sa sdge.com/CARE in the fish s natural diet, food which
relies on spotters, in place of feed-
ers, searching for the dark shadows
water, could be felt all around us.
has been shown to be deficient in of the shark. As a result, sightings, W hale Shark Donsol
a number of nutrients needed for though extremely common, are not
their survival. Feeding also disrupts guaranteed. I didn’ t know it was possible to
natural migration, artificially keeping I was optimistic after hearing there feel so excited, so accomplished,
the sharks in Oslob far beyond the had been three sightings the day after swimming with a fish. But, this
natural plankton and krill season, before. H owever, after almost three was something I had worked toward
possibly effecting breeding and the hours of searching I was understand- and was determined to do right. The
local ecosystem. At the same time, ably losing my optimism. Seconds agony of missing out the day before,
these practices condition whale before the final spark of hope was the uncertainty over my time in Don-
sharks to associate humans with about to be extinguished, I felt the sol, and the thrill of encountering a
food, a potential death sentence on j olt of the engine. The captain reset ( Continued on page 11 )


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