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Cable Systems for High and Extra-High Voltage: Development, Manufacture,

Testing, Installation and Operation of Cables and their Accessories

Article  in  IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine · October 2001

DOI: 10.1109/MEI.2001.954593 · Source: IEEE Xplore


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J.J. Shea


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thoroughly, making this book useful to pecially useful is that the full range of superconducting cables, and cable test-
anyone who needs to learn about these topics in electronic packaging materi- ing. The section on dielectric strength
processes. The chapters all contain nu- als is covered, and the properties dis- and breakdown has a good but short
merous references to the recent litera- cussed in each section and listed in the theoretical description of defects that
ture, but the certain chapters by tables are the key properties required can occur in various types of insulation
authors from Japanese industrial labo- in narrowing a search for materials to and their effects on cable life. Unfortu-
ratories cite the Japanese patent litera- particular classes of materials. More- nately, no actual engineering data on
ture and other technical literature in over, since the book is small, it’s easier real cables is presented. Field grading
Japanese. While understandable, those to find the information. covers metal sheaths, conductors, and
citations may be less accessible to read- —K. F. Schoch, Jr. semiconductive layers incorporated
ers in other countries. into the cable insulation interfaces.
—K.F. Schoch, Jr. There is a description of space charge
Cable Systems for High and buildup effects in various types of di-
Extra-High Voltage: electrics. The testing section contains a
Electronic Packaging Development, Manufacture, summary of the major partial discharge
Materials and Their Testing, Installation and (PD) techniques used on various cable
Properties Operation of Cables and systems. Of particular interest is the
M.G. Pecht, R. Agarwal, P. McCluskey, T. their Accessories differential field operating PD detec-
Dishongh, S. Javadpour, and R. Mahajan E. Peschke and R. von Olshausen tion scheme using Rogowski coils for
CRC Press Publicis MCD Verlag detecting PDs from cable joints. Other
2000 Corporate Blvd. NW Available from: novel diagnostic techniques included
Boca Raton, FL 33431 John Wiley & Sons using fiber optic cables embedded into
www.crcpress.com 605 3rd Ave 4th Floor the sheath of the high-voltage cable for
ISBN# 0-8493-9625-5 New York, NY 10158 temperature monitoring. Even though
114 pp. - $74.95 Phone: +1 800 225 5945 this book describes voltages indige-
http://www.wiley.com nous to Germany and all the specifica-
The topic of electronic packaging ISBN 3-89578-118-5 tions and standards are only directed
materials encompasses a wide range of 296 pp. - $94.95 (Hardcover), 1999 towards IEC standards, the rest of the
subjects, starting with semiconductors text is an excellent, up-to-date refer-
themselves to attachment materials First published by Siemens in Ger- ence book for cable engineers and power
and substrates, and to interconnects man in 1998, this book is a clear, com- engineers from any country. This text is
and packages to printed wiring boards prehensive, and very readable text intended for technical people working
and coatings to connectors and cables. covering a wide range of high- and ex- for cable and power companies and
This thin volume provides a surpris- tra-high-voltage cables, cable systems, could be used in the classroom for a
ingly complete survey of all of these and applications. course in cable engineering.
topics and a few more. The first chap- The text covers in detail cross-linked
ter provides an introduction to the polyethylene-insulated cables for up to
technical issues and properties of ma- 525 kV as a replacement for oil/paper Physics of Pulsed
terials that are important for these ap- insulated cables, as well as underground Breakdown in Gases
plications, including electrical, cables using high-temperature super- Y.D. Korolev and G.A. Mesyats
thermal, mechanical, and chemical conductors and gas insulated lines. In URO-Press
properties. From there, the book dis- addition, other types of high-voltage Moscow, Russia
cusses materials in order from the cables, oil/paper and gas pressurized are Order from:
semiconductors out to the outer pack- also discussed. There is a great deal of Swallow Research
ing and cables. Each chapter has nu- practical and fundamental information 39 Linden Lane
merous tables of properties of the presented in addition to the already Shirley, NY 11967
materials typically encountered in each mentioned topics, including general Phone: +1 631 399 7875
application, along with a discussion of properties, design, materials, manufac- Fax: +1 707 667 0630
the major issues in each area. turing technology and quality assur- http://www.swallowresearch.com
The book provides good, general in- ance. Furthermore, new cable designs ISBN 5-7691-0779-0
formation that can be a useful intro- on the market, bulk power cables, ac- 274 pp. - $69.99 (Hardcover), 1998
duction to a given topic. Thus, the text cessories, testing, standards, and appli-
would be helpful for someone starting cations are discussed. For our readers interested in gas dis-
out in the field and for current practi- Specific topics covered that might be charge physics, this book covers
tioners who need to have a quick refer- of particular interest to our readers are up-to-date experiments and theory of
ence to material properties for given dielectric strength of cables, partial pulse breakdown in gases. The tradi-
applications. What makes the book es- discharges, breakdown, field grading, tional processes for gas breakdown are

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