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Effective Customer

Ground Rules

Speak one at a time

Whole hearted participation Share ideas & experiences

Respect the views of others

Provide constructive feedback

Be open to new ideas

Step out of your comfort zone

Have Fun!!
Be patient
Ground Rules

No side talking No phone allow delayed

•Create and understand customer service.
Purpose of •Know why is it important/impact of customer service.
this session •Levels, aspect and nature of customer expectation.
•Tips to practice.

By the end of session we will:

• Know how to set a service mindset.
• Create a first and final impression.
• “Expect that every customer walks out with a satisfactory
smile in their face”.
Who are Customers?
“A customer is the most important visitor on our

He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on


He is not an interruption of our work. He is the

purpose of it.

He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it.

We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is

doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do
What is Customer Care ?

Customer care is at the heart of

all successful companies. It can
help you develop a loyal
customer base and improve
relationships with your
What is customer service?
Customer service adds value to a product and builds
long-term relationship with our customer.
Modern Day Customer Service

It is the empathy that

employees have for the
people they are serving, the
understanding they have of:

•Why the customer is here?

•What has made them choose US over our
•What are their expectations?
•At any point in the process, are those expectations
being met, exceeded or falling short?
•What does it take to make their visit BETTER than
they expected?
Modern Day Customer

Without exceptional customer

service WE don't really have a
welcome business at all!
Why customer care is so important?

 96% of dissatisfied customers DO NOT complain

 But 1 unhappy customer will tell 9 others
 13% will tell at least 20 other people.
End of Session 1
Customer experience attitude
We needs to fly over
E those expectations!
So how should we
c respond?
o Customers’ expectations keep
n rising!

What customers expect

More friendly behavior & enthusiastic

approach from front executive
Specific Problem Resolution in very first visit
Good quality spare parts with in affordable
price in case of NWR service

 Positive consultation/advice from Front Desk

for decision making process
 Meet their queries about specific product &
service promptly
 Respect & empathy while providing service
Customer experience attitude
Respect comfortable

To feel

To receive To be
help or understood
assistance Timely
Effective Tips for service
Great First Impression
Skills what do you need…

Three main customer care skills that need to be

displayed when serving the customer…

1. Listening
2. Talking
3. Behaviour
Effective Listening Tips…
Pay attention
Listen for ideas
Take notes
Assess the customer’s emotional state
Assess the customer’s level of expertise
Read between the lines
Listen the “unspoken” service request
When you please avoid when talking…

 Using jargons/ abbreviations

 Mumbling
 Using negative language
 Arguing
 It’s not my fault
 You’re the fifth today to complain
about that
 Interrupt
 Jump to conclusions
When talking…
Behavior aspect…

 Perdition
 Observations
 Don’t take personally
 Focus on interests not positions
 Perceptions can blur your vision
 Do feelings have to do with this
Some simple (but not easy) principles of dealing
with difficult behavior:

 Don’t react.
 Deal with feelings.
 Attack the problem, not the person.
 Practice direct communication.
 Look past positions to the underlying
 Focus on the future.
Always enrich it….


Know your products.

Know the SOPs / policies.
Sharpen your saw, keep updated.
Be a team player.
Know your SWOT & act accordingly.
Excellent Customer Service
The Relationship Economy
End of Session 2
Motivational video…
How to approach with Customer…

 First address the customer as ‘Sir’ and if possible use his

 Listen carefully what customer want to say. If necessary
enlist all problems in a paper.
 Repeat all listed complains to customer.
 Check for any physical damage made by customer on to
the- charging port , headphone port, display, SIM tray,
buttons of keypad, upper or lower shell.
How to approach with Customer…

 If any damage found, inform it to customer and enlist

these in the SO form.
 Fill customer name, contact number, address, IMEI
number , purchase date and put tick on warranty check
 Write down the problem codes or mention all problems
in detail in the SO form.
 Put tick on ‘ATTACHMENT’ box.
How to approach with Customer…

 Put off the MMC card and SIM card and give
these back to customer.
 Inform customer about what accessories you are
taking from customer.
 Finally, take the warranty card from customer.
Dress up…
Clean Shaved
Clean full sleeve shirt & decent trouser with black shoe
(for men)/ Sharri or Selowar & kamiz ( for women)
ID Card
Name Plate (not ready yet)
Team Work…
End of Session 3
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