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Aboleth By espritdecalmar

"If you knew the things I knew, you'd want to hide at the bottom of a lake forever too."

Aboleths are a rare kith that first appeared in Faerie about ten years ago. Drawn from stories of ancient,
water-dwelling monstrosities, they were often made to terrorize fellow captives in nautical domains, at
least until they were slain by the designated hero as part of a mad fae drama.

• Beast: An amalgamation of eel, cephalopod, and crustacean, three glowing, glowering red eyes,
encased in a layer of slimy mucus.
• Fairest: A blue-skinned, sinuous being that projects a compelling aura of resolve and wisdom.
• Grimm: A kraken-esque entity whose body is made from the folded, glossy paper of a modern-day
• Wizened: Cobalt skin joined at non-Euclidean angles, carved with mind-warping runes that encode the
language of no human tongue.

Blessing: Aboleths can breathe underwater, and gain the Indomitable and Eidetic Memory Merits for
free. With eye or skin-to-skin contact, they can spend a point of Glamour and roll Intelligence + Wyrd
(resisted by Resolve + Wyrd). On a success, the changeling learns one of the victim's personal Breaking
Points. If the target doesn't possess Integrity, Clarity, or a similar-enough analogue to warrant personal
Breaking Points, the changeling receives a null-result.

Apollonian By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

"Go ahead. Name the challenge. We'll see which of us is better when you don't have any dirty tricks to fall
back on".

These changelings come to embody the physical ideal of perfection rather than the aesthetic, like the
heroic athletes of legend. Often fiercely competitive or highly ambitious as mortals, they were taken to
excel at all manner of physical contests for their Keepers, whether it's cleaving a block of stone in two
with a single blow, running for days on end without so much as losing their breath, or skittering catlike
through the most deadly obstacles. Such physical excellence may have enabled them to win their
freedom, or simply outmatch their Keepers by escaping.

• Beast: A man whose features are of an animal that embodies sportsmanship, such as the monkey,
eagle, tiger, deer, or lion.
• Elemental: A golden Colossus endowed with the strength of ten men.
• Fairest: An athlete who manifests floating holograms of colorful light shaped like medals, trophies and
heraldic symbols. These holograms usually appear close to the body part used in the sport, like wings on
feet for runners and a third eye on the foreheads of archers.
• Ogre: A kickboxer with muscles of stone, steel or bark, and exposed, pointy bones on knuckles, knees
and elbows.
• Wizened: A cyborg with augmentations and implants meant to optimize his performance in his
trademark sport.

Blessing: The Apollonian was intended to be a model of physical perfection. He gains an additional dot
to either Strength or Dexterity, which may bring him above the limit imposed by his Wyrd, as well as the 8-
Again quality on Athletics rolls which use his enhanced Attribute. In situations intended to demonstrate his
prowess to onlookers, such as during duels or competitions, the character ignores penalties to all
Physical Skill dice pools equal to half his Wyrd. He may increase this to his full Wyrd for a single action by
spending a point of Glamour. If the Apollonian spends Glamour in this manner outside of such situations,
the benefit is only equal to half his Wyrd for a single action.

Architect By Horodrigo
Well, this just got more interesting… Bring up the blueprints. I’d like to find out why the Queen would have
a secret passage that even I don’t know of”.

Human architecture has always enchanted the Fae, but secret passages, tunnels and crazy houses are
perhaps the most iconic features it has provided. Some Gentry like to gather humans to design and
construct elegant houses with complex systems of vaults, tunnels and hidden entrances for their own use.
Unfortunately for them, it is those same designs they demand that end up becoming a convenient means
of escape for wily Architects.

• Beast: A half-man half-ox monster, holding a gigantic axe.

• Elemental: A strange humanoid amount of bricks who can move and merge with the walls.
• Wizened: A worker with a safety helmet and mechanical arms attached to his body who can lift good
amounts of cement.

Blessing: The Architect automatically gains the Informed Condition on all Crafts and Investigation rolls
related to buildings. Furthermore, he can spend a point of Glamour and mark the perimeter of an area to
create a temporary Safe Place Merit. The level of the Merit is equal to half the changeling’s Wyrd (round
up), and the effect lasts for 24 hours from creation or until she leaves, whichever is longer. The area can
manifest secret passages and/or tunnels that increase the difficulty for finding the Architect as per Safe
Place. Sometimes, a new tunnel or secret passage is created without his knowledge. The effect manifests
differently based on the location's nature. If above ground, the Architect needs the materials to construct
the Safe Place (cement, bricks, etc), or can modify houses that haven't had any owners for at least a year
and a day. If underground, he can create tunnels with rocks and earth, but still needs materials for doors,
locks, etc.

Note: The effects of the Merit can be made permanent with Experience.

Babelfish By Nyrufa
"I am fluent in over six million forms of communication!"

The alien world of the Fae is home to infinite forms of dialect, many of which are physically impossible for
human mouths to speak. Changelings who became Babelfish were used as some form of universal
translator, bridging the gap between those who would have otherwise been incapable of communication.
Eventually, the magic of Arcadia blended the languages together for them, so now all dialect sounds the
same to the Babelfish. One day, they managed to outsmart their Keepers by luring them to a place where
they couldn't understand the people around them!

• Beast: A sophisticated trout wearing scholarly glasses, a top hat and wet scarf wrapped around his gills.
• Darkling: A bloodstained interrogator who laughs at the idea of language barriers.
• Wizened: A political android who accompanies Court ambassadors on foreign missions.
Blessing: When speaking to a Babelfish, you may as well be talking in their native language as far as
they're concerned. He gains the Legendary Language Merit for free, and may spend a point of Glamour to
confer its effects to another for the scene. The character may bless up to a number of individuals equal to
his Wyrd, and may remove this gift at any time.

Balaur By Nyrufa
"I'm warning you, inspector. Abandon this investigation. If you keep digging, you're not going to like what
you uncover."

In the Arcadian realm of dreams, sometimes people get the brilliant idea to dig their way under places
they weren't supposed to gain access to. From impenetrable vaults, to the roots of the Hedge itself.
Changelings who became Balaur were used as subterranean guardians for these ancient tunnel systems.
With the countenance of Biblical demons, they terrorized any who dug too deeply beneath Arcadia's soil.
One day, the Balaur chased its prey all the way back to the surface, where it soon managed to escape its
underground imprisonment.

• Beast: A large demonic serpent whose body is crowned with sharp, jagged fins.
• Darkling: Bright red skin, black horns and claws, a prehensile tail, handsome features and a gaunt
physique. He has all the charismatic charm of Satan himself, right up to when he screws you over for
personal benefit.
• Ogre: Cloven hooves, bright red fur, curling horns, monstrous claws and the wings of a dragon. This
creature resembles the traditional portrayal of a devil.
• Elemental: Skin of brimstone and muscles of fire, their roar is filled with the screams of hell itself.

Blessing: A Balaur was the last thing anybody wanted to encounter underground, with perhaps the True
Fae being the only exception. Their unarmed attacks inflict Lethal damage and they gain access to two
dots in Cloak of the Elements (Fire) for free at character creation. Additionally, they only need 3
successes to gain the exceptional benefit, instead of the usual 5.

Barrister 1E from 1d4chan

I’m sorry. But did you honestly think I wouldn’t notice that little business of yours? Especially when it’s
against the laws? I don’t think so.

Arcadia runs on rules and laws, though these esoteric systems are created from whole cloth and known
only to the True Fae. An inkling of this knowledge flows into the Barristers, who navigate the bizarre
legalities of life in and beyond the Hedge with inhuman aplomb. As mortals, they may have defined their
lives by a set of rules, or even possessed a knack for maneuvering through the system to get what they
wanted.. Either way, it was only by knowing and exploiting the rules of Faerie that they survived long
enough to flee via a loophole.

• Elemental: A courthouse statue made of white marble, as pristine as the justice it embodies.
• Fairest: An officer in full plate armor decorated in symbols of justice and order.
• Ogre: A hooded inquisitor, whose robes hide a body scarred by constant torture.

Blessing: Barristers gain the Bureaucratic Navigator Merit, and can perform Sealings on non-
changelings at no cost. If he performs a Sealing on a fae creature, he may initiate a Clash of Wills to bind
them without their knowledge. Both roll Wits + Wyrd, and the Barrister secretly places the seal if he
scores more successes.

Bellower 1E from 1d4chan

You want to help me? Here’s what I say to that.

Brothers and sisters to banshees and other howling, shrieking creatures, Bellowers may have been used
as messengers or alarms, or possibly developed their talent in order to drive away the sharp-eared
monsters that stalked them.

• Darkling: A wicked imp with a toothy grin and a howl that hammers one's soul.
• Fairest: A ghostly figure dressed in a white gown, whose silvery hair is blown back whenever she uses
her banshee wail.
• Wizened: A human body whose head has been replaced with a series of loudspeakers that can unleash
a blaring alarm if provoked.

Blessing: By spending a point of Glamour, the changeling shouts at the top of his lungs, causing the
Deafened Tilt and lethal damage equal to half his Wyrd plus successes in a Presence + Expression roll to
everyone within a radius of [Wyrd x2] yards. This can be avoided with a successful Wits + Composure roll
made to cover their ears in time, so warning one's motley and allies in advance is always a good idea. If
the changeling is gagged or otherwise unable to make sounds, this blessing may not be activated.

Berserker 1E from 1d4chan

Trust me. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

These changelings lived and breathed rage, becoming consumed in an uncontrollable frenzy. Whether on
the alien battlefields or the gladiatorial arenas of Faerie, they often found themselves in frenzied trances
that made them into a whirlwind of unstoppable violence like the warriors of legend. Sometimes, their
rage becomes too much for even their Masters to contain.

• Beast: A rampaging wolfman, eyes clouded with rage as he charges forward into battle.
• Elemental: A wild torrent of razor winds, tearing wildly into the flesh of his enemies whenever they dare
approach him.
• Ogre: A horned giant, whose muscled body only grows stronger with each grievous blow taken.
• Wizened: A steampunk construct whose hydraulic heart pumps adrenaline for blood.

Blessing: Berserkers gain the three-dot version of the Berserk Merit, and treat all wound penalties as
bonuses instead. He also benefits from the 8-again rule on all rolls made to stay conscious. If he spends
a point of glamour, he may add half his Wyrd on all Strength-based rolls for the scene.

Blackguard By Deionscribe
"All's fair in love and war. I just ended up having the last laugh in this fight."

In the Game of Immortals, the rules of engagement allow for more than just 'fair play'. And the Gentry
create Blackguards for many of the more shadowy theatres of war. As mortals, they may have been jaded
and pragmatic, looking after themselves and willing to get results with whatever tricks they had.
Unfortunately, this knack for survival was what aided them when they backstabbed their Keepers and
made their escape.

• Darkling: The figure is tall and slender, with corpse-like skin and spiked chain mail.
• Elemental: A living suit of obsidian black armor, with a menacing glow emanating from the visor of its

Blessing: A Blackguard gains three dots in the Killer Instinct Merit, and can apply it reflexively on any
creature. If he spends a point of Glamour, he may raise his effective dot rating in the Merit by half his
Wyrd for the scene.

Bramblewright By Deionscribe
"It's been quiet, so far. But my friends in the trods are on the lookout, just in case."

While all changelings make use of the Hedge to varying degrees, those made into Bramblewrights had a
special affinity for it. These Lost were made to impose their Keepers' will upon the Hedge which bordered
their realms, warping it according to their ever-changing desires. Upon choosing to escape, though, their
ability to shape this psychoreactive realm proved crucial to their success.

• Elemental: Twisting coils of thorny vines compose her body, but a small horror nesting in the hollow of
her heart is unique to each observer.
• Fairest: The androgynous figure is unquestionably beautiful, but his or her features are an amalgam of
everyone who ever broke your heart.
• Grimm: Ever-changing lines of text on his skin recount to onlookers the most painful moments in their

Blessing: The Bramblewright gains the Master Shaper Merit at three dots, and a dot of Empathy that can
take her beyond the limits of her Wyrd. She also takes no penalties to rolls for warping the Hedge, and
reduces the target number of successes for warping the Hedge by her Wyrd, to a minimum of one. When
she chooses to infuse objects or spaces with emotion, she needs to have invested at least [25 - Wyrd]

Burrower By Nyrufa
"I swear, if you call me a Dwarf one more time, I will take this axe and split your skull open!"

From goblin hordes, to bearded men, to Lovecraftian cultists, there are many stories of those who tunnel
beneath the surface. While in Arcadia, those who became Burrowers served in massive subterranean
kingdoms. The first time they saw daylight was most likely when they escaped to the surface and fled into
the Hedge. Sometimes the Burrowers were used to work the mines, digging out precious resources to
fuel their Keeper's needs or desires. Other times they were construction workers tasked with expanding
the Keeper's realm of influence. And if they were really unfortunate, they were just given a compulsive
urge to dig with no real explanation!

• Beast: A giant mole who walks upright like a man and wears comically thick lense glasses.
• Darkling: A dark robed cultist who can be found muttering about entities locked away eons ago.
• Elemental: Spending time as a human sink hole, their body is comprised of loose, shifting mud that
threatens to swallow prisoners down into the earth.
• Fairest: With rosy cheeks, a pot belly and hair covering the tops of their feet, they lived under the hills of
Arcadia for a time. Eventually, the call of adventure prompted them to abandon their shire homes.
• Ogre: A stout, broad shouldered man holding a pick axe in one hand and his waist length beard in the
other. He's known around the Freehold for being an alcoholic.
• Wizened: One of their hands was replaced with a trough after it was crushed by falling rocks. A mining
helmet is strapped tightly around their head flameless torches hang from their twin bandoleers while
telescopic spectacles adorn their face.

Blessing: Having been forced to work underground for so long, Burrowers are now exceptionally skilled
excavators. Burrowers will never become lost underground regardless of the structural layout they find
themselves in, and they can see without the need for a light source unless their vision is supernaturally
impaired. Additionally, by spending a point of Glamour, the Burrower is capable of digging a 6x6 foot
space equal to half their Wyrd in only a single turn, provided that their tools are capable of penetrating the

Briarborn By White Oak Dragon

"Don't get too close. I don't want to hurt you, but I will."

Before their abductions, the people who would become Briarborn tended to keep other people at a safe
distance. The Gentry honed these people to a razor's edge and used them as living barriers and
obstacles to corral their other servants. Given their intended role, it was often simple for them to abandon
their post and slip into the Hedge. Even after escaping, though, the briarborn tend to lead lonely
existences bereft of physical intimacy.

• Beast: They appear as animals that are covered in protective quills or spines, such as porcupines,
hedgehogs, or sea urchins.
• Darkling: Razor sharp splinters of bloody broken bone jut out of her grayish skin at odd angles.
• Elemental: She has beautiful fragrant roses in her hair, but her woody green skin is protected by myriad
barbed thorns.
• Grimm: Ink flows down the sharp black quills covering his body, forming bizarre pictographs upon his
• Wizened: His form is drawn and ragged, with metal spikes embedded in his skin and barbed wire coiled
around his limbs.

Blessing: All Briarborn are covered in sharp thorns, spikes, or quills of one sort or another. Any
unprotected physical contact more forceful than a gentle touch inflicts 1 Lethal damage on the individual.
Especially forceful contact, such as that caused by unarmed attacks, inflicts half the Briarborn's Wyrd in
Lethal damage. This damage is doubled when large areas of the Briarborn's body are contacted, such as
during grappling attempts or passionate embraces. Armor protects against this damage as it normally
does. The Briarborn can withdraw the quills into her body, but this is a painful process. By spending a
point of Glamour and suffering a point of Bashing damage, the blessing is rendered inactive for the
remainder of the scene. Unsheathing the quills again before the end of the scene costs another point of
Glamour and inflicts a level of Lethal damage.
Coachman By White Oak Dragon
"Relax, Boss. We'll be there in no time."

When the Gentry decide to travel, they choose all manner of fantastic vehicles for their journeys. The
Coachmen are chosen from mortals with a love of travel or a talent for vehicle operation to pilot these
strange conveyances, and sometimes to serve as the means of travel itself. Whether he was lashed to a
hollow gourd carriage, pedaling a tiny gnomish airship, or piloting a gigantic walking castle, it was a
Coachman’s duty to ensure that his Keeper's journey was both quick and entertaining.

• Beast: A great yellow cat with many legs, its eyes gleaming like headlights as it runs down hidden
• Darkling: A short man with a friendly yet creepily wide grin on his pale face. His eyes are lost in the
shadows beneath the visor of his hat.
• Elemental: It has the chrome grille of an old-fashioned automobile for teeth, headlamps for eyes, and
wheels in place of its feet.
• Grimm: His skin is an intricate parchment navigational map, but the labels are of significant historical
events rather than locations.
• Ogre: She has the head of a frenzied black mare, and her back is a rough network of livid whip scars.

Blessing: Coachmen understand how to operate any conveyance that they touch, and gain the 8-Again
effect on any rolls to do so. Furthermore, his Streetwise and Survival rolls for navigating to a destination
receive a number of bonus dice equal to his Wyrd. If the Coachman has a Specialty in the specific type of
vehicle he is operating, he may spend a point of Glamour when travelling to a known destination to
reduce his travel time by half. Such a destination does not need to be one that the Coachman visited
previously. But if he hasn't, then the destination does need to be specific enough that a person could
realistically navigate to it with the available information. "The city of Seattle", "the Avalon Restaurant in
Gurnee", or "my childhood home" would all be acceptable destinations, but "the Huntsman's secret lair"
would not be, unless he already knew the location.

Coveted By White Oak Dragon

Tell me that you don't love me, and I promise that I'll go. Tell me you that you do, and we can figure out
what to do about my husband.

Often beautiful and always desirable, the Coveted were created to be gifts for the Gentry's rivals or to
disrupt the unity of changeling freeholds. These living apples of discord were intended to utilize their
inherent desirability to sow envy and jealousy among all, causing instability among their victims that their
Keepers could then exploit. While one of the Coveted may be able to free herself from her Keeper's
influence, she will inevitably find herself dragged back into the same petty rivalries that she had hoped to

• Darkling: The skin of her delicate body is the color of beautifully polished opal, but her eyes glow a
sickly green and her smile seems unnatural.
• Elemental: She is a beautiful and baroque golden statue, with silvered angelic wings and two gleaming
emeralds for eyes.
• Fairest: His penetrating green eyes sit within features that subtly alter to be pleasing to the individual
• Grimm: Her skin is composed of illuminated manuscripts, promising ancient and forgotten wisdom, with
intricate patterns of silver and gold highlighting her forest green eyes.
• Wizened: His haggard body is held together with loops of the purest silver and gold, and there is
sadness lurking in his weary jade eyes.

Blessing: The Coveted gains the Apple of Discord Contract for free, and she gains the 8-Again quality
when rolling for the Contract's activation. Additionally, she may spend a point of Glamour to add her Wyrd
to her Manipulation rolls for the scene.

Crystalsoul By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

Oh, did that hurt? Well, that’s what happens when you hit a lady that hard.

Imbued with the alien, crystalline landscape of certain parts of Arcadia, these Lost have aspects of quartz
and diamond, minerals stacked in geometric shapes or organically grown like coral. They may have spent
untold years trapped and immobile in a transparent topaz prison, or mined luminous rock crystal from the
depths the earth. Often, they find themselves vibrating in tune with others around them, sometimes to
lethal effect.

• Darkling: A woman bedecked in black, opaque crystals that seem to absorb all the light around her. Her
eyes have a glint to them in the light, not unlike a cat's.
• Ogre: The changeling's scarred body is riddled with endless splinters of jagged crystal, stained red with
his blood.
• Wizened: Parts of his body - eyes, limbs, and patches of his skin - have been replaced with grafts of
translucent crystals.

Blessing: The Crystalsoul resonates with the forces around him. He can reflexively spend glamour within
a scene to reflect Wyrd points of damage from each strike made against him back at his attacker. Each
Glamour point spent allows the Changeling to apply this blessing to a single attack roll.

Damsel By Nyrufa
"If you expect me to be put out just because you saved me, I'll show you what happened to the last guy
who made assumptions about me."

Some Fae like to play the hero in their realm, defeating the forces of evil and saving the people while
being showered with praise. Unfortunately their alien mindset is unable to distinguish genuine acts of
heroism from a common PR stunt. Changelings who became Damsels were taken from women who lead
abusive or dangerous lives for the soul purpose of being rescued over and over again. During their time in
Arcadia, they were constantly kidnapped, threatened, assaulted, or imprisoned from the world, only to
have their Keeper come to their rescue. After being celebrated for their heroic deed, the Keeper would
take the Damsel to his bed and the cycle would repeat again. One day, they decided to save themselves
instead of waiting around for others to do it for them.

• Beast: Isolated from social contact, she often found that animals were her only companions in life. One
day she used her connection to them and became the savage princess of the wild that she is now.
• Darkling: Her Keeper trapped her in a continuous loop of watching her friends and family slaughtered
by a tyrant who claimed her as his bride, only to have the Keeper avenge their deaths and free her from
the unwanted marriage. That kind of trauma can do terrible things to a young girl's soul, like giving her the
strength to murder her husband who was still exhausted from sex.
• Elemental: A beautiful nature spirit kidnapped by evil wizards who desired her power for their own. One
day, she decided to show them what happens when you antagonize mother nature.
• Fairest: Her perfect beauty attracted the scorn of those vying for her Keeper's affections. One day, she
took advantage of her position and staged a preemptive strike on the evil queen, denying the Keeper his
chance to save the day.
• Ogre: She was told that only true love's kiss would break the spell that turned her into a hideous
monster. But now she's done looking for romance, she just wants revenge on the one who cursed her.
• Wizened: A life sized toy brought to life, she was the key piece of a play set orchestrated by her
Keeper. Before her escape, she showed the puppet master why men often have a psychological fear of

Blessing: Damsels were made to be rescued until they learned how to rescue themselves. Their blessing
gives them the Rote quality on attempts to persuade others that they are weak or foolish. They also add
half their Wyrd on attempts to maintain their Wits during unprovoked confrontations, even if they pretend
to have done otherwise. Additionally, by spending a point of Glamour, they can add +3 to Subterfuge rolls
for the rest of the scene.

Note: As the name implies, Damsels are stereotypically female characters. However, there have cases where eccentric or female oriented Keepers

have chosen male Damsels as well.

Deadeye By White Oak Dragon

I felt a little embarrassed, losing the contest, being outdone by a girl. She was pretty damned impressive
with that rifle, I'll give her that. Didn't miss a single target the whole time. I figured that she must have
something hidden under those dark glasses she wore, something to give her an edge. So, when I went to
congratulate her, I snatched them right off her face to prove it. That just made it worse. She wasn't
cheating at all. She didn't even have any eyes under there. I had been outshot by a blind girl! I'll never live
it down.

Sometimes the Gentry wish to deal death to enemy forces from a distance, and the Deadeyes are their
tools of choice. These eerie changelings are chosen from people who pride themselves on their aim, and
made to fight or perform tricks with their weapons for the amusement of their Keepers. Most would have
been content with their lot, except that their Keepers preferred servants that could not be blinded, and
took their eyes.

• Darkling: The gunslinger in black always wears a bandanna over his eyes, though tears of blood
sometimes seep out from the empty sockets beneath it.
• Elemental: Her wooden muscles are always as tense as bowstrings, and her eyes are two burnt circles
on the wood of her face.
• Fairest: Her body is sleek and graceful, but there is a cold, hard look to the gleaming emeralds in her
• Wizened: He watches the world through the crosshairs on the lenses that have replaced his eyes, and
his skin is gunmetal gray.

Blessing: Deadeyes have a talent for ranged combat. When taking an aiming action, the Deadeye does
not lose her Defense for the turn, and will gain the 8-Again effect on the ranged attack that follows.
Additionally, by spending a point of Glamour, she can increase the distance of her next ranged attack by
10 yards per dot of Wyrd, pushing back range increments accordingly. Attacks that normally aren't ranged
can benefit from this effect as well, but the range is only equal to her Wyrd in yards, and these attacks
cannot benefit from the aiming action. All Deadeyes are also immune to the Blinded Tilt.

Di-Cang From Winter Masques

"Do you trust me? Don't worry. Everything is going to be alright, now that I'm here."

Bleeding hearts and gentle souls, mortals who were made into Di-Cang were tasked with calming the
suffering of those poor souls condemned to Arcadia, and even mend their injuries with a touch. This close
affinity to the pain of his fellow captives, however, may have been what drove the Di-Cang to escape in
the first place.

• Beast: A humanoid turtle with a shell studded with glistening gems that pulse with a soothing note.
• Elemental: His entire body is carved from translucent crystals, and radiates a soft glow that eases the
burdens of those who behold it.
• Fairest: Her appearance would seem oddly plain, if not for the luminescent crystals embedded on her
forehead and the palms of her hands.

Blessing: A Di-Cang can spend Glamour or Willpower to use the Lay on Hands Merit, and only suffers its
drawback for every 1 + Wyrd points of damage healed. Furthermore, the damage received from healing
lethal and aggravated wounds is downgraded by one level. If the Di-Cang uses the blessing to treat
diseases and other ailments, he reduces the target number of successes by half his Wyrd, to a minimum
of 1.

Doppelganger By White Oak Dragon

"No, sir. I've been here all night. Ask anyone."

Sometimes the Gentry need a servant that can be in more than one place at a time. Towards this end, the
Gentry look for people who are known for their obedience or who work well with others, and make them
into doppelgangers. Some were taken to function as living armies, with each doppelganger functioning as
an independent unit in the greater legion. Other doppelgangers were taken to act as part of a traveling
Gentry's entourage, quietly following behind while their twins slip off to spy on another Keeper. A
doppelganger's escape forces him back into a single body, but the sensation of existing in separate
bodies never truly leaves him.

• Beast: Pack creatures, such as a wolf whose voice echoes with the howls of many others.
• Darkling: A ghostly figure that casts three dark shadows regardless of ambient lighting.
• Wizened: Glowing eyes stare out of the depths of an ancient Greek helmet, and each armored footstep
sounds like the tread of an entire army.

Blessing: By spending a point of Glamour, a Doppelganger is able to create a duplicate of himself. Each
duplicate has a number of Health levels equal to the changeling's Wyrd, and will persist for the duration of
the scene unless dismissed sooner. The Doppelganger may create up to half his Wyrd in duplicates, and
each will instinctively act to assist the changeling, functioning as secondary actors in teamwork actions
involving a Physical Skill. Each duplicate created after the first will impose a -1 distraction penalty on all
actions, which is cumulative with any other distraction penalties. The Doppelganger may also take full
control of a single duplicate by spending another point of Glamour. While actively controlling the
duplicate, he cannot engage in any strenuous activities with his own body, and will suffer a -3 distraction
penalty on all other actions. Only one duplicate may be controlled in this manner at a time. If a duplicate
is killed, the Doppelganger suffers a point of lethal damage from the shock. And if he is rendered
unconscious, all duplicates that are not being actively controlled are automatically dismissed.

Dreamstalker By White Oak Dragon

She was just standing there when I woke up. She leaned down, kissed me on the forehead, and
whispered "I told you I knew where you slept." Then she was gone. I swear, I'm never sleeping again.

Dreamstalkers are unusual for changelings, as most spent little time in their Keepers' lands. They are
invariably tasked with haunting mortal dreamscapes, collecting information or bestowing blessings and
curses on the Gentry's behalf. Some are used to delight mortals, plying them with dreams of wonders just
out of reach, calling them slowly but surely into their Keepers' arms. Others visit nightmares upon those
who have committed some transgression against the Gentry, making each night another battle for the
mortal's sanity. While an escaping dreamstalker may think freedom to be only a mortal dream away, she
finds that no matter how far she runs, every night pulls her dangerously close to where she started.

• Beast: A humanoid figure composed of countless crawling spiders or a tangled mass of branch and wire
filled with staring red-eyed crows.
• Elemental: Constantly shifting features and colors, never the same twice, yet somehow always
recognizable as the same entity.
• Fairest: Beautiful dream lovers, too perfect to be human, beckoning seductively.
• Wizened: Little imps with constantly twitching fingers and glowing symbols forming from the multi-
colored sands pouring from cracks in their skin.

Blessing: Dreamstalkers gain the Dreamsteps Contract for free, and gain an exceptional success on 3
successes instead of 5 when rolling for the Contract's activation. Additionally, a Dreamstalker may spend
a point of Glamour when touching a mortal to mark them. A Dreamstalker instantly knows whenever a
marked mortal has fallen asleep, and by spending another point of Glamour, this mortal is treated as
though they were nearby for the purposes of the Dreamsteps Contract, allowing the Dreamstalker to
travel through their dreams from a distance. A Dreamstalker may only have a number of mortals equal to
their Wyrd marked in this manner, although they can erase a mark at any time by spending another point
of Glamour.

Drudge By Deionscribe, 1E from Winter Masques

It was the strangest thing. She said it'd take three hours to clean the house, so I said I'd be back then to
pay her. I got to the restaurant, and realized I'd left my purse at home, so I went back. I caught her sitting
on the couch, watching television. I was so livid! But that's not the weird part. I realized that the whole
house was sparkling already. She'd cleaned the whole place in less than 20 minutes. I don't know
whether to be mad or keep paying her.

Even in the enchanted realms of Arcadia, there were tasks reserved for only the most menial of its
citizens. Drudges were given the most unpleasant tasks to perform, and were expected to do so without
drawing attention to themselves. They were fashioned after house elves, domovoi, and other such
faeries, and formed the bulk of the workforce in a number of Keepers' domains. However, not all had their
spirits broken in Arcadia, and some managed to slip away through the Thorns before their negligent
Keepers noticed their absence.

• Beast: Her mouse-like whiskers quiver as she quietly mends the torn clothing.
• Darkling: A pallid man in a dusty suit, silently nodding as he drags the body away.
• Fairest: A shapely and beautiful woman with pointed ears and a maid's outfit that remains pristine
regardless of the filth surrounding her.
• Wizened: Her clothing is permanently ragged and her skin is always covered in dust, but her glass eyes
are cleanly polished and striking to behold.

Blessing: A Drudge gains the Brownie's Boon Merit for free, and can benefit from it even if she is being
watched. If she isn't, however, she may spend Glamour to further reduce the time between Extended rolls
a number of times equal to half her Wyrd. Additionally, the Drudge benefits from a +2 bonus to rolls to
hide or go unnoticed. This benefit stacks with any other bonuses that the Drudge may receive from
Contracts or other sources.

Enchanter By Deionscribe, 1E From Goblin Chronicles

You dare deny my claim to this man, good sir? Or was that merely a poor choice of words?

Stolen to serve as vassals to Arcadian overlords, Enchanters were the chosen of their masters, fashioned
into a near-splitting image of their likeness. They were taught many ancient secrets of Arcadian magic to
help enforce their Keepers' will throughout their domains. For many, though, those secrets were more
than enough to escape their clutches and flee through the Thorns.

• Beast: A noble savage in the fullest sense, with a well-groomed mane and a glare which demands the
beings of the Hedge to bow before him.
• Elemental: The primal force he embodies seems placid in nature, but you can't shake the feeling that
his true power churns beneath the surface.
• Fairest: A tall, ethereal figure who radiates authority, and carries herself with the grace expected of the
Fair Folk.

Blessing: The Enchanter gains the Gentrified Bearing Merit for free, and benefits from the 8-again rule
on all rolls made to perform Sealings on Huntsmen. She also doubles her Wyrd for the purpose of
convincing a Huntsman of her status as a Keeper. If a Hobgoblin who interacts with her attempts to see
through her ruse, he must roll Wits + Composure with a target number equal to half her Wyrd to expose
her as a fraud.

Engaoler By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

"Don't bother trying to struggle. Those ropes aren't going to break any time soon. I made sure of it.
Besides, you and I need to talk".

These changelings had the dubious privilege of being both the ward and the warden, working as
incarcerated overseers in the dank prisons of Arcadia. There, they were tasked to ensure that none of
their Keepers' other captives escaped, lest they lose what little freedom they had and suffer the same fate
as their charges.
• Beast: A serpentine creature whose deft hands make chains as tight as a constrictor.
• Elemental: This changeling is a humanoid wrapped together with dozens of chains of varying length.
• Ogre: A hulking overseer, whose bare chest and back are decorated with scars left by the bite of a whip
like his own.

Blessing: By spending a point of Glamour, the Engaoler adds her Wyrd either to the durability of an
object or to the number of successes required to bypass restraints or a locking mechanism. This blessing
may only be used for the purpose of making breaking into or out of things more difficult. In the case of
supernatural means of escape, the Engaoler rolls her Resolve + Wyrd in a Clash of Wills. Changelings
attempting to use Glamour to escape must spend an amount equal to 1 + half the Engaoler's Wyrd.

Executioner By Nyrufa
"I could make this painless for you... but you pissed me off."

Although the True Fae are functionally immortal within their own realms, even they are not strangers to
the hand of death. Changelings who became Executioners were created to dispose of those who their
Keepers no longer wanted around. Sometimes the executions were public spectacles, and other times
they needed to be as discreet as possible. Maybe their Keeper shouldn't have taught them so many ways
to kill Fae...

• Beast: A pit fighting animal who was only released for gladiator matches. They still wear the shattered
restraints once used to keep them locked up.
• Darkling: A lithe figure dressed in shinobi robes and carrying hidden weapons under their clothing.
• Elemental: A magically animated suit of armor, uninhibited by human emotions on the battlefield.
• Fairest: A beautiful angel of death who beckons you into their sweet embrace with promises to ease
your suffering.
• Ogre: A lumbering man who never removes his black cowl in public and spends his free time
sharpening his weapon of choice.
• Wizened: A cyborg monstrosity who's body was remade into an engine of war.

Blessing: Masters of death and destruction, the Executioner gains the benefit of the 8-Again rule when
attempting to use any weapon type they have a Specialty in. Additionally, when attacking, they may
spend a point of Glamour to upgrade an amount of damage equal to half their Wyrd.

Fury By Deionscribe
"They say crime doesn't pay. But that's not quite true. Scum like you pay in blood and tears, sooner or
later. Now, give me one reason why I shouldn't make the pain you're feeling last."

The laws of Arcadia are hard, even towards the slightest of infractions. Changelings made into Furies
may have already been abusive or abused as mortals. At their Keeper's command, they were made to
inflict terrible tortures on fellow captives as punishment for acts of defiance. While such atrocities tainted
their ability to relate to others, they instilled in them a ruthlessness that caused even their Masters to
quaver in fear.

• Darkling: She is a vicious crone with bat wings, bloodshot eyes, and serpents for hair.
• Elemental: She is a towering figure of dark stone, with flames dancing in her eyes and upon her broad
• Fairest: He is a handsome older gentleman, but he has a cruel smile and his red eyes seem to
penetrate the darkest depths of one's core.
• Grimm: Observers can always read the litany of their own sins written upon her flesh.

Blessing: Furies gain the Air of Menace and Torturer Merits, and can apply the former to supernatural
creatures. They also gain a dot of Intimidation, which can take them beyond the limitations imposed by
their Wyrd. If a Fury spends a point of Glamour while using Hard Leverage, she may choose to open
additional Doors equal to her Wyrd, or inflict the Guilty Condition. If the victim is already suffering the
Guilty Condition, the Fury may instead choose to inflict either the Broken or Fugue Condition.

Grifter By Deionscribe
"Trust me on this. I haven't let you down, yet."

Many True Fae spirit their victims away through proxies, and those changed into Grifters were counted
among such tools. Chronic liars and silver-tongued rogues, many were tasked with luring unsuspecting
mortals into the waiting arms of their masters, or sowing dissent within a Freehold. Those who do defy
their Keepers did so after the lies become too much to bear, or they came to see their deceptions as the

● Darkling: A demonic figure garbed in a trenchcoat, whose red eyes glow in the shade of his fedora.
● Elemental: The white mist that is her body greatly obscures the expressions of her face.
● Grimm: Lines of encrypted text adorn his skin, and his eyes adjust and focus like camera lenses.

Blessing: The Grifter gains the Rigid Mask Merit, and does not take lethal damage whenever he sheds
his mask. Furthermore, in place of the Merit’s original penalty, changelings and other creatures that can
perceive his Mien suffer a penalty equal to 1 + Wyrd on rolls made to tell either if he's lying or what he is

Harpy By Nyrufa
"It's mine! Get your hands off it!"

Sometimes the True Fae want to guard something so strongly, that they need a way to ensure nobody
will ever reclaim it again. To fulfill this task, they create the Harpies; vicious thieves who traditionally
possess the combined features of humans and birds, although some Keepers have been known to use
other flying predators instead of birds to create new types of Harpies. Anyone foolish enough to try and
reclaim their stolen possessions would have to not only scale the shear cliffs of the Harpy's nesting
ground, but also have to fend off the enraged creature as they defended their hoard. With wsings like
razor blades and the ability to soar through the skies, it goes without saying that most did not succeed!
But even the Keeper would not be able to keep their avarice in check, and one day the Harpy was lured
away from their post by the glittering treasures of the mortal world.

• Beast: The head of a woman attached to the body of a bird of prey; scaled to human size.
• Fairest: The head and torso of a beautiful woman with the wings and legs of a majestic bird.
• Ogre: An ugly hag with the wings and legs of a carrion bird; she has a temper to match her avian
Blessing: Harpies possess the talons of a predator and their wings are said to be as sharp as a razor's
edge. When performing unarmed combat, the Harpy inflicts lethal damage instead of bashing. They also
gain a +2 bonus on all climbing and grappling rolls, and add their Wyrd to their jumping distance. If they
spend a point of Glamour, the Harpy can perform a Reflexive jump, lunge or plunge in any direction
without having to pick up speed first.

Hearthweaver By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

Oh, this will not do at all. Any Loyalist could walk right in without a problem. Let me see how we can fix

Evoking the stories of fey who build, nurture, and protect houses and other places of great significance,
the Hearthweavers may have served as caretakers and groundskeepers for their Keepers' estates,
whether it be an Arcadian domain, a Hollow in the Hedge, or a Fair Haven found on the Ironside. While
this meant they were watched more closely than others, the knowledge they were privy to became their
escape's greatest asset.

• Beast: An animal known for making its own home, such as a beaver, a spider, and various species of
• Elemental: The stones that comprise his body are as firm as the foundations of any good home.
• Fairest: Her mien bears a strong tie with the Thorns, manifesting as intricate markings on her body that
shimmer within her Hollow.

Blessing: Hearthweavers gain a bonus to their Defense equal to half their Wyrd, and can spend a point
of glamour to treat an area marked by the Safe Place Merit as a Hollow for the purpose of warding it
against trespassers. If someone attempts to forcibly enter a Hollow owned by the Hearthweaver, his
effective Wyrd is reduced by the owner's for the purpose of forcing his way in and for rolling in a Clash of

Honeysoul By White Oak Dragon

Look, I'm no happier about this than you are, but you're wounded, and if we're going to have any chance
of getting out of here alive, you're going to need to get over it and start eating.

Some Keepers fancy themselves to be gourmets, partaking of exotic fare and hosting great banquets
featuring esoteric recipes. It was the sad lot of the Honeysoul to provide the substance for these bizarre
repasts. Each night, she was devoured by her Keeper or his favored guests and servants. And each
morning, she was born anew from her bones. Even when a Honeysoul has escaped this vicious cycle, it
is not uncommon to see her weep in sympathy over her own meals.

• Beast: She is a timid rabbit girl, with a bite taken out of one long chocolate ear.
• Darkling: Green and red gummy flesh mingle together, covering a visible skeleton of hard black bones.
• Elemental: His features are lovingly detailed with icing upon his gingerbread flesh.
• Fairest: Her skin is the color of honey, and it is slightly sticky to the touch and sweet to the taste.
• Ogre: He is a great boar-like creature with slightly burned yet succulent flesh, a tantalizing aroma filling
the air around him.
Blessing: Each night when the Honeysoul sleeps, she heals all bashing damage and lethal damage
equal to half her Wyrd, or she may downgrade a single level of aggravated damage to lethal. If her rest is
disturbed to the point where she would not regain Willpower, this magical healing will not function for the
night. She also does not suffer penalties from starvation, and her vitality doubles the benefits of any
magical healing she receives, such as that received from devouring goblin fruits. Additionally, her flesh
and blood is mystically potent and especially nourishing. Any beings who devour it may regain a point of
Willpower or Glamour, or heal a single level of bashing or lethal damage for each point of lethal damage
inflicted upon the Honeysoul. This blessing can only be used a number of times per day equal to her

Hivedrone By Nyrufa
Our name is Legion, for we are many

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes the True Fae come up with a brilliant idea. One of them was that it
is much simpler keep your slaves under control when they all think exactly the same! Hivedrones were
connected to a vast, mental network designed to monitor and transmit thoughts between each other.
What one drone thought, they all thought. What one drone learned, they all learned. Their escape from
Arcadia came when they were severed from the collective and regained their sense of individuality.

• Beast: A worker bee who got separated from the others while pollinating the flowers of their Keeper's
• Fairest: A beloved leader who always seems to know what the people expect of their government.
• Wizened: A half shaved head with a surgical scar reveals the location of the transmitter chip in their

Blessing: A Hivedrone's durance left them with a natural talent for the thought processes of other beings.
By rolling their Wits + Intelligence, a Hivedrone can detect the presence of any thinking being within ten
yards per dot of Wyrd, provided that the being is not hidden by supernatural means. Additionally, by
spending a point of Glamour, they may create a telepathic link with one of their allies within visual range
for the duration of the scene. Additional Glamour may be spent to add other allies to this mental network,
up to a limit equal to the Hivedrone's Wyrd. While linked into this network, the group may all communicate
with each other silently, and none of them suffer untrained penalties to Mental Skill rolls, provided at least
one member of the network has a dot in the specified Skill. The characters may also engage in teamwork
actions for tasks involving Mental Skills. A character who travels more than Wyrd x 10 yards from the
Hivedrone is automatically severed from the link.

Huckster By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

Don’t ask questions, mate. Just say yes, and I’ll get what you need.

Everything has a price, and that goes doubly so in the lands beyond the Thorns. Some Changelings were
taken for their talent in bartering, buying, and more importantly, selling. They may have worked the goblin
markets at their Master's behest, managed the appraisal and purchase of slaves, or just bargained every
sunrise for another day of life. Those who manage to escape did so by cunning and guile, trapping their
Keepers in bad deals or exploiting the fine print to force an opening.

• Beast: A cunning magpie, with piercing eyes that gauge the ticks and tells of clients and dealers.
• Darkling: Green skin, sharply pointed ears and noses, and a mind that's even sharper for business.
• Wizened: Magnifying glasses for eyes, fingertips sensitive to the slightest differences in texture, and
ears surgically altered to pick up on the faintest changes in tone.

Blessing: Hucksters are skilled brokers and businessmen, able to land good bargains (and weed out bad
ones) with ruthless efficiency. They gain the Market Sense Merit for free, and may apply the latter to
deals and transactions made outside the Goblin Market. They may also perform Bargains without
shedding the Mask a number of times equal to half their Wyrd in a day.

Hushwight By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

"Shhh. Keep it down. He'll hear us if it's too loud".

Some Lost had to learn how to move ever-so-silently through the Arcadian gloom, lest they draw the
attention of dangerous predators or, worse, wake their Fae masters from dreamless sleep. These
Changelings may either prefer the quiet of solitude or revel in as much noise as they can, in defiance of
their former Keepers.

• Darkling: A thin, pale-skinned creature with spidery limbs who blends almost effortlesly in a crowd.
• Elemental: A being whose form reminds one of a lingering cloud of smoke, or the swaying stem of
• Ogre: A brutish figure who - in spite of his size - only ever draws notice when he wishes to.

Blessing: A Hushwight gains the Unobtrusive Merit, and adds his Wyrd as a dice bonus to all Stealth
rolls. If he spends a point of glamour to make a Composure + Stealth roll, he may extend a zone of
perfect silence in a circle with a radius equal to twice his Wyrd in yards for a number of turns equal to the
successes rolled. In this zone, no sound can be heard or made without a successful Wits + Composure
roll penalized by the Hushwight's Wyrd. This glamour-powered silence automatically fails without a roll if
any sound louder than normal conversation is made by the Hushwight. (i.e. shouting for help, slamming a
door, or trying to sneak up on someone with a revving chainsaw).

Iceborn By Deionscribe
"Don't worry. A little cold never bothered me"

Taken by Keepers who made their homes in realms of endless winter, Iceborn were kept as sentries who
roamed under the cover of blizzards. Their touch is imbued with biting cold, and many intruders who
crossed their paths more often than not ended up as stiff corpses. Yet while most were numbed by the
cold they now embodied, some manage to flee when memories of a warmer time thawed their hearts and
urged them to flee.

• Beast: A white wolf whose howl echoes with those of the winter winds.
• Elemental: A living snowman with glistening patterns of ice instead of veins.
• Fairest: A platinum-haired woman garbed in a translucent blue gown.
• Grimm: Snowflakes decorate his flesh, their kaleidoscopic forms shaping lines of text which speak of
cold, lonely tales.

Blessing: Iceborn are immune to any penalties from cold weather, and can walk on ice without difficulty.
If they spend a point of Glamour after a successful touch action, they may inflict the Extreme Cold Tilt on
a target. This Tilt lasts for a number of hours equal to successes on a Resolve + Occult roll, and has an
initial penalty equal to half the changeling's Wyrd. If the victim is already suffering the Tilt, he adds to its
penalty, and takes any dots in excess of 5 as lethal damage.

Jester By White Oak Dragon

I am beside myself with amazement! Here I am, carefully forged, trained, and perfected to be exactly
what I am, and yet, here I find a greater fool before me!

Wise fools and masters of mockery, the jesters were kept for both comedy and candor. Jesters were
expected to keep the courts and banquets of the Gentry echoing with laughter, often at the expense of
guest and host alike. While most changelings wouldn't dare to question their Keepers, a jester could often
get away with it, provided that he could do so in an amusing manner. Jesters who escape always hope
that they have gotten the last laugh, but most secretly fear that their freedom is part of a larger cruel joke.

• Beast: The brightly colored cockscomb on the head of this rooster-like changeling is not a hat.
• Elemental: The porcelain fool in faded motley, the points of her hat tipped with jingling brass bells,
appears to have been shattered and repaired countless times.
• Grimm: The dour man's patchwork skin records countless tales that illustrate the ultimate absurdity of
life itself.
• Ogre: The misshapen hunchbacked dwarf grits his teeth and walks with a frog-like gait. The smell of
smoke and charred flesh follows him everywhere.
• Wizened: Greasepaint oozes from her pores, and tarnished silver hooks pull at the corners of her
mouth, twisting her face into an eternal grin.

Blessing: Jesters add their Wyrd to any Wits or Social rolls intended for amusement or mockery, and
gain an exceptional success on three successes rather than five on such rolls. An exceptional success on
such a roll allows the changeling to inflict his choice of the Admonished, Amused, or Humiliated Condition
upon the target. Additionally, by spending a point of Glamour when placing the Condition on the target,
any other listeners with a lower Composure score than his successes will be overcome with laughter at
his jest, suffering the Insensate Tilt for a number of turns equal to the Jester's Wyrd.

New Conditions

Your character has been gently warned about a foolish course of action that she was about to take, and
now she is reevaluating her plans. Your character's newfound hesitancy about her actions inflicts a -1
penalty to Wits and Manipulation rolls, but she may resolve this Condition at any time to gain a +3
bonus on a roll related to abandoning her previous course of action.
Possible Sources: The advice of a wise mentor, an observant or cutting remark about one's actions.
Resolution: Your character gains confidence in a new course of action, changing her tactics and
resolving the Condition as described above.
Beat: Your character meets with disaster and regret by holding to her original course of action.

That was hilarious! Your character's mood has been greatly improved, and that has given him a bit
more heart to face the challenges before him. When spending a point of Willpower to add dice to a roll,
if the roll is successful, the character may choose to resolve this Condition instead of spending the
Willpower point.
Possible Sources: Witnessing something that gave a good laugh.
Resolution: Resolving the Condition as described above, suffering damage, or gaining another
Condition that ruins your character's good mood.
Beat: n/a

Your character has been deeply embarrassed, causing her to become frustrated and stumble through
social situations. Her Composure score is treated as though it was 2 lower, which also affects all
derived traits. She also loses the 10-Again effect on all Social rolls while the Condition persists.
Possible Sources: Vicious mockery, a dramatic failure on a roll in front of numerous witnesses.
Resolution: Facing the source of the Condition and emerging victorious, gaining an exceptional
success on a roll, or inflicting the Humiliated Condition on another character.
Beat: Your character suffers a dramatic failure on a Social roll.

Lionheart By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

I am a man of honor, Your Majesty. Your subjects, however...

The chivalrous champions and dashing heroes, these changelings embody all that makes up the knights
in shining armor of legend. These Lost were paladins of exemplary honor or dignified chevaliers to their
Fae lords and ladies. Yet while loyalty to their Keepers bound many to their Durance, those who escaped
did so because of a commitment they once upheld as mortals. Some may have even kept their captors
from following by using their ties to the Wyrd's laws against them.

• Beast: An animal associated with chivalry or honor, like an eagle or lion.

• Fairest: A gallant man-at-arms, his weapons and armor gleaming under the sun.
• Ogre: A stoic giant whose intricate scars are worn upon his body with pride.

Blessing: A Lionheart gains an extra dot in Resolve or Composure, which can take him above the usual
limits imposed by his Wyrd. He can also strengthen a Sealing without the need to spend Willpower, and
can make it more difficult for even other fae to break a seal if he does. A changeling who finds herself the
victim of such a Sealing must roll her Resolve + Wyrd against the Lionheart's in a Clash of Wills in
addition to the usual cost of undoing it.

Logician By Deionscribe
I have already gone through all possible courses of action. Believe me when I say that this is the best

Some changelings were shaped to be the living beings of pure reason and thought. These Lost served as
calculated advisors to their faerie master, while others were given tasks of great magnitude and order.
Their heightened thought processes, however, led them to the solution to their plight, and thus made their
escape possible.

• Beast: An animal well-known for its intellect, like a dolphin or an octopus.

• Darkling: A cold-hearted demon whose pupiless eyes gleam with inhuman intellect.
• Elemental: Shifting fractals of light that cluster together in the shape of a man.
• Wizened: A human computer, with circuit lines and fiber wires running throughout his body, and a
crystalline processor for a brain.
Blessing: A Logician gains a dot of Intelligence, which can take him above the usual limitations imposed
by his Wyrd. He also gains the Common Sense Merit, and may use it a number of times per chapter
equal to his Wyrd, although never more than once in a scene. If the Logician spends a point of Glamour
in a scene, he takes no penalties for rolling Mental Skills, and adds his Wyrd as bonus dice to all rolls for
memorizing or recalling information.

Lusterlit By Deionscribe, 1E from 1d4chan

Let’s shine a little light on this mystery.

Lusterlit were infused with radiant and brilliant light to become shining beacons to hold back the darkness
or glittering stars gleaming in the night sky. As mortals, they may have been inquisitive individuals, keen
on shedding light upon the truth of things. Others may have looked inward instead, seeking personal
enlightenment within themselves. All, however, were, noted for bearing reason, intellect, and inspiration,
traits which invariably played a role in their escape.

• Beast: An insectoid being that roughly resembles a firefly.

• Darkling: Bulbous heads, shark-like teeth, and skin that glows electric blue.
• Elemental: The figure's entire body is suffused with a faint and pulsing luminescence.

Blessing: The Lusterlit can spend a point of glamour or Willpower to use the three-dot version of
Psychokinesis (Light). Furthermore, they are immune to any effects which impede their sight, and add
their Wyrd when contesting or resisting supernatural powers which affect the mind.

Maenad By Nyrufa
"Hah, you call that mind bending pleasure? Come to one of my parties, and bring a trauma kit!"

In the heat of passion, the human mind becomes open to new experiences they would never have
condoned while thinking clearly. For the Gentry who fashion themselves upon the dreams and emotions
of humanity, some have taken a fascination with this quality and create Maenads as part of a social
experiment. Those who were taken to serve this role were subjected to durances that overloaded their
emotions, making it nearly impossible for them to slow down and think about what they were doing. They
performed sexual acts which no human on earth would dare to attempt outside of the internet, their anger
turned into berserker fury, their hunger became ravenous starvation, their sorrow left them wailing on the
ground as if the apocalypse had begun. All these and more were what the Maenad experienced while in
the service of their Keeper. Miraculously, the Maenad had a moment of clarity one day that allowed them
to become self conscious again. It was at that moment, they made their escape amidst the chaos!

• Beast: A disheveled woman who sports the claws and glare of a wild animal, civilized society may
describe her as a savage due to her mannerisms.
• Fairest: A beauty like this comes around only once in a generation. Her admirers treat her like a living
goddess and cater to her every whim.
• Ogre: A literal man eater, her body is covered in blood splatters from the lovers she tore appart in a
lustful frenzy.

Blessing: The Maenad's durance was spent in excessive self indulgence until they become self
conscious of their actions. Now that they are free, they are strongly associated with emotional outbursts.
The Maenad regains 2 points of Willpower from indulging in their Vice instead of the usual 1 point.
Additionally, by spending a point of Glamour and rolling a Wyrd + Manipulation against a target's Wits +
Composure, they can give a number of people equal to their Wyrd an additional Vice of the Maenad's
choice for the rest of the scene. While under the effects of this blessing, the subject (or subjects) receive
the Wanton Condition for both of their Vices (the permanent one and the temporary one), as it becomes
much more difficult for them to resist the temptation. The temptation only requires 3 successes to be
Exceptional instead of the usual 5 for as long as the Maenad's influence has a hold over them.

Mageslayer By Deionscribe
"Your magic shall not save you!"

Those transformed into Mageslayers were made into weapons against the very magic of Arcadia itself.
Their durance saw them destroy enchantments and kill sorcerers with ruthless efficiency. However, when
they finally chose to defy their Keepers, they were able to repel whatever magic was used to try and
subdue them.

• Beast: A lambent-eyed owl with bone white feathers.

• Elemental: Sculpted from mountain ash, this entity's presence causes an adverse reaction to the
senses of any unfortunate witch.
• Fairest: A white-haired warrior with golden .cat's eyes and an intricate array of sigils marked upon his

Blessing: Mageslayers gain two dots in the Contract of Abjuration, and can always invoke it as a
Reflexive action. They also gain a +3 bonus for contesting or resisting any harmful supernatural powers,
and their attacks bypass supernatural Armor equal to their Wyrd.

Miracle Worker By Nyrufa

"No, I don't need a machine to counterfeit money for you. Although I wouldn't mind marrying your

Arcadia is a place where the laws of nature have no power over the inhabitants. Like the infamous
Rumpelstiltskin, these Changelings were taken to perform bizarre and seemingly impossible tasks to
satisfy the demands of their Keeper. The payment they received for a job well done was almost as bizarre
as the task presented to them. Their escape came on the day when even the Keeper was unwilling to pay
for their services anymore.

• Darkling: A shriveled dwarf garbed in tattered rags and with shaggy hair growing down to their waist.
They are notoriously ill tempered despite his ability to spin straw into gold!
• Fairest: A Tolkien elf who works as a fashion designer turning gutter trash into supermodels.
• Ogre: An aged blacksmith who forged godly weapons for his Fae masters before his escape.

Blessing: While in Arcadia, Miracle Workers were used to create things that seemed impossible to do
with the resources provided to them. They gain a bonus equal to their Wyrd on all Craft rolls. Additionally,
they can spend a point of Glamour and roll a Craft+Wyrd check to turn a base material into a completely
different material. The number of successes determines how many units of the material are transformed.
Mirrorshade By Deionscribe
"Magic mirror on the wall, who shall be the next to fall?"

The Gentry can make a looking glass out of any mirror, and Mirrorshades are capable of the same feat
with their power. Some served as observers and spies, peering through a myriad of mirrors in search of
new knowledge for their Keepers to use. Others, however, became guards and assassins, hiding
wherever one can see his reflection until they emerge to deal the killing blow.

° Beast: A piscine being with glittering translucent scales.

° Elemental: His body glistens like the clear waters of a lake.
° Grimm: Words of flickering flame drift through his polished bronze skin.

Blessing: The Mirrorshade gains the Glimpse of a Distant Mirror Contract, and gains an Exceptional
Success on it at three instead of five. If he spends a point of Glamour and touches a reflective surface
that’s at least as tall and wide as he, he may hide within it for a number of minutes equal to his Wyrd.

Oathdevil By White Oak Dragon

Silence! I don't want to hear your protests or excuses. You agreed to our bargain. I'm just here to collect.

Woe be to those who encounter the Oathdevil at the crossroads, for his friendly demeanor obscures the
hidden barbs of his agreements. These changelings, chosen for their literal minds and attention to detail,
were often employed by their Keepers to track and punish their wayward servants. Upon escape, an
Oathdevil is likely to weave himself an intricate web of influence and owed favors in whichever freehold
he claims as home.

• Fairest: She is inhumanly beautiful, with a lovely voice and seductive mannerisms that distract from the
dainty horns upon her head and the fire in her eyes.
• Grimm: His vellum skin is covered in minute contractual language, with larger signatures inked in blood
foreshadowing the fates of those who would cross him.
• Ogre: A large and menacing figure, with two spiraling horns and three golden hairs upon his head.
• Wizened: His fiber optic tail twitches of its own accord, and his horns are constructed from the bones of
an oathbreaker.

Blessing: An Oathdevil is a dangerous changeling to cross, as the pledges that he creates carry severe
consequences. When sealing a statement, the sealing is automatically considered strengthened. If he
spends Willpower to strengthen it further, he may impose either the Leveraged or Ensnared Condition on
the subject. These Conditions last for the duration of the sealing, but become Persistent if the pledge is
broken. Additionally, the Oathdevil may track the subject as though they shared a personal Oath together.
By spending a point of Glamour in the presence of someone with the Oathbreaker Condition, the
Oathdevil may apply the Ensnared Condition, which persists until the Oathbreaker Condition is resolved.
The Oathdevil may only have a number of subjects Ensnared equal to his Wyrd at any time, although he
may remove the Ensnared Condition and apply Leveraged instead for a point of Glamour.

New Condition -- Ensnared

You made a deal with the devil, and are now paying the price for going back on your word. You suffer
the effects of the Leveraged Condition, as well as a -3 penalty to contest or resist the Oathdevil's
Orc By Nyrufa
"Yeah, I drink the blood of elves, whatever. Now piss off before I start feeling thirsty!"

As terrible as warfare is in the human world, it still can't compare to the glorious nightmare that is a war
between rival Fae armies. Changelings who became Orcs did not simply participate in war, they lived for
it! Chosen from the ranks of the blood thirsty and the adrenaline junkies, Orcs were commonly male,
although there were occasional females seen among their number. The only opinions Orcs considered
valid were those of the strong. Cowards and weaklings were not worthy of consideration, which is why
they abandoned the army once they felt their Keeper was no longer worthy of their allegiance.

• Beast: The head of a boar on the body of a man or woman. Their pot belly serves well to mask the
brutish strength coursing through their limbs.
• Darkling: Gray skinned, pointy ears and a hoard of battle scars, this barbarian raided enemy
settlements at night and returned to base before sunrise.
• Ogre: A green skinned humanoid with porcine tusks and hulking muscles. Even the women of their clan
were more than a match for human soldiers.

Blessing: Orcs lived and breathed combat during their time in Arcadia, turning them into savage warriors.
Orcs gain the benefit of the 8 again rule on all contests involving Strength and Stamina. Additionally, they
may spend a point of Glamour to add +3 damage on melee attacks (weapon or fists) on its next attack.

Orphanwretch By White Oak Dragon

Look kid, I'm sorry. No, no, don't cry. I shouldn't have said that. Please, don't cry. Come on, I'll buy you

Pity is an emotion that is alien to most Keepers, but sometimes the Gentry find situations where it can be
used to their advantage. Orphanwretches are often selected from the most miserable mortals that a
Keeper can find, and are made into small and wretched beings designed to elicit feelings of pity and
mercy from other Fae or their servants. While many are left in the Hedge near the lands of a hated rival,
some use the opportunities afforded to them by their infiltration to escape.

• Beast: With his cropped ears and docked tail, you can't help but feel sorry for the poor miserable
• Darkling: A diminutive and wrinkled old man with a bent and broken form, a wheezing cough
punctuating his every statement.
• Elemental: A tiny tattered teddy bear, forgotten and forlorn.
• Fairest: Saucer-sized, brown eyes that always look to be on the verge of tears. A face that warms the
hearts of all with its smile and breaks them to little bits with their frown. To do anything wrong to this
perfect little angel would be unthinkable.
• Grimm: If you look closely, all the dust, dirt and bruises on that weary body are made out of tiny poems
about all the people who have used him and left him behind.
• Ogre: From the dust and blood covering his face and the bruises and scratches upon his skin, you can
see that the little street kid is tough as nails, but there is a gleam of wonder still lurking in his beautiful
blue eyes.
• Wizened: The young waif in the threadbare rags leans on a crutch and walks with a pronounced limp, a
side effect of the weathered peg of cedar that has replaced her missing leg.
Blessing: The Orphanwretch gains the Small-Framed Merit at no cost. Additionally, whenever another
character succeeds in a Social roll against the changeling, he may reflexively spend a point of Glamour to
inflict either the Guilty or Leveraged Condition on the character. Doing so also gives the Orphanwretch a
number of bonus dice equal to his Wyrd on his next Empathy, Persuasion, or Subterfuge roll against the

"Bon apetit. It's fresh out of the stove."

First appearing in Italian folklore, the Pamarindo were master butchers and chefs in their Keepers
banquet halls, needing to hunt and prepare all manner of strange game. Out of the Hedge their methods
and recipes may look gruesome yet are oddly satisfying.

• Beast: A stately bloodstained carnivore, well worked claws as their cooking utensils
• Fairest: Shapely and well fed with the aromatic smell of cooking meat, yet harsh taskmasters in the
• Ogre: Built as if hammocks and other appropriated meat make up their muscles
• Grimm: Unread recipe cards placed along his back, with naught but an apron and knife he’s worked his
way through every use of cuisine in a tale
• Wizened: Shriveled potbellied folk like a dried carcass, deftly arranging cuts of meat

Blessing: the Changeling gains a +2 bonus when appropriate to finding food or staving off their own
deprivation. He also receives a free Weaponry Specialty in Knives and the Interdisciplinary Merit keyed to
it. If he spends a point of Glamour with a pound of meat or flesh available (other ingredients optional), the
Pamarindo can whip up a meal within a minute to feed a number of people equal to their Wyrd. The dish
nourishes for a full 24 hours.

Portender By Nyrufa
"Yes, it's a bag of salt, I keep it in case of emergencies. Now hold your breath, we're driving past a

Despite all the pomp and bluster, the True Fae are not as omniscient as they would have you believe.
Portenders were used to forewarn their masters of tragedy before it struck, or sometimes they were the
cause of such tragedy. One day they managed to escape when they refused to warn their master

• Beast: A foreboding animal such as a raven, black cat, or large dog. Its gaze constantly follows the ill
• Darkling: A ghostly woman who prowls the streets, wailing away into the night. Her cries signal that
somebody will die before the next sunrise.
• Fairest: Brought on board her Keeper's ship before it was attacked at sea, this woman managed to
conceal her identity by dressing like the enemy and stealing some weapons to defend herself.
• Elemental: A gestalt entity formed out of broken down, rusty and faulty technology. They are literally an
accident waiting to happen.
• Ogre: A nightmarish and horrific creature; merely seeing them in person is said to condemn a man to
• Wizened: An oracle whose flesh has been embedded with round scrying crystals allowing them to read
the patterns of fate.

Blessing: Portenders were strongly tied to luck and fortune during their time in Arcadia, and retain that
connection to a lesser extent once they escape. They gain the Changeling Fate Contract for free, but do
not suffer from its Ban and need only spend 1 Glamour to invoke it. Furthermore, they add their Wyrd as
a dice bonus on all rolls made to detect an impending ambush.

Psyblade By Deionscribe
"The mind can be a delicate thing. But mine is as sharp as any blade."

Assassins and precision fighters, those made into Psyblades by their Keepers were charged with cutting
down key targets in order to sow chaos among enemy forces. Their hands and feet were weapons in
themselves, and their strikes could cripple an opponent by disrupting the balance of his energies. A
Psyblade who escapes, however, did so by briefly stunning her Keeper. But even after emerging through
the Thorns, there are many who would covet her talents.

• Beast: A humanoid eel whose veins and arteries pulse with electricity.
• Elemental: A vaguely humanoid shadow whose hands light up with ethereal flame when it strikes.
• Fairest: A dark-haired woman garbed in form-fitting armor, who slowly weakens her foes with each
punch and every palm strike.

Blessing: A Psyblade can spend Glamour or Willpower to use the Aura Reading Merit without any
drawbacks, and doubles her effective Wyrd rating when contesting or resisting any supernatural powers
which would detect, influence, or read her thoughts. Her unarmed attacks also inflict lethal damage, and
she may spend Glamour during a successful Brawl attack to inflict the Stunned Tilt. If the attack roll
scores an Exceptional Success, the attack also inflicts the Disoriented Condition for a number of turns
equal to 1 + half her Wyrd.

Revelrouser By White Oak Dragon

"You've got to come with me tonight! I've heard the guy they've got playing before, and this rave is going
to be like nothing you've ever experienced before!"

The revels of the Gentry are legendary, and mortals are known to lose all inhibitions at the first note of
faery music that they hear. Chosen from mortals with a talent for music and a lust for life, the
Revelrousers are utilized as entertainers by Keepers seeking an evening of unbridled debauchery. A
Durance of endless revelry can strain the sanity of even the most dedicated performers, however, and a
Revelrouser may discover that escape is his only chance for respite.

• Beast: A rugged man with the horns and legs of a goat and a set of pipes hanging around his neck.
• Elemental: Neon light outlines her every rippling feature as she raises the silver flute to her sparkling
• Ogre: A cracked but functional electric guitar clutched in the roughly calloused hands of a two-headed
giant singing in harmony.
• Wizened: Glowing eyes pulse with each beat emitted from the turntable embedded within his chest.
Blessing: Revelrousers gain the rote quality on all rolls to perform music. By spending a point of Glamour
while performing, the changeling may roll Presence + Expression vs. Composure + Wyrd to induce
hedonistic behavior in his audience, inflicting the Swooning or Wanton Condition on all affected members
of the audience. The Condition persists for a number of hours equal to the Revelrouser's Wyrd. A
character suffering from either Condition who partakes in alcohol or drug use will also gain the Intoxicated
Condition for the same duration. Without spending Glamour, the changeling may still seek to inflict one of
these Conditions on his listeners, but the Condition only affects those with lower Composure than the
changeling's Wyrd, and the effects will only persist for the duration of the Revelrouser's performance.

Romancer From Winter Masques

Romancers were taken to act as a form of mirror, reflecting things not as they were but as the Gentry
wished them to be. Those who gaze upon her are subject to a subtle illusion that emphasizes those
aspects of the changeling that the subject find most appealing, sometimes going so far as to convince the
subject that small aspects of the changeling are utterly different than they really are.

• Beast: A literal chameleon, whose skin changes color in response to his emotions ans surroundings.
• Elemental: A man whose body was a shifting column of water, features rippling whenever they work to
conform to his mark's desires.
• Fairest: A woman with ever changing features that always seem to appeal to the tastes of those she

Blessing: A Romancer gains the Many Mask Merit for free, and subtracts half her Wyrd from all rolls
made to describe, identify, or remember her by appearance. Furthermore, she raises her first impression
by a number of steps equal to half her Wyrd when conducting Social Maneuvering.

Runeskin By White Oak Dragon

"The old lady who lives in that house is a witch. My big brother told me so. He said that she seems nice
enough, but he once saw her turn into a toad. You can go up there if you want to, but I'm sure not about
to ring her doorbell!"

The Gentry take people with an unhealthy fascination with the occult to make into Runeskins. These
changelings served as familiars or apprentices to sorcerous Keepers, and learned first hand the extent of
the magic that the Gentry wield. Although the Runeskins may utilize their knowledge to escape their
Keeper, the constant flow of Arcadian magic never truly leaves them.

• Beast: An animal that appears to be a witch's familiar, such as a black cat with glowing sigils in her
eyes, or a toad with warts forming arcane patterns.
• Darkling: Inky black symbols shift from one shape to another as they slowly drift across her pale skin.
• Elemental: An androgynous figure made up of translucent blue light, with glyphs of brighter light floating
within the shining form.
• Wizened: He is tall and lanky, with a long white beard and dexterous wooden hands engraved with
intricate runes.

Blessing: Runeskins are especially adept at acquiring and wielding the magic of Arcadia. Each Runeskin
has an affinity for a second Seeming, and will gain the favored effect for that Seeming as well as their
own when acquiring new Contracts. Additionally, by spending a point of Glamour, the next Contract that
the Runeskin activates within the scene will benefit from the 8-Again rule. The changeling may only use
this blessing a number of times in a scene equal to their Wyrd, and the Glamour cost to utilize the
blessing is not obviated by enacting a Contract's Catch.

Sentinel By Deionscribe
"Just so we're clear. If you hurt her in any way, I will hunt you down and make you wish you were never
even born!"

Lost who were forced to protect what their Keepers judged as most valuable, whether it was a person,
place, or thing. Put to task as watchdogs, palace guards, and bridge trolls, they developed both a unique
sense of territoriality, as well as a protective instinct to their charges. Needless to say, it was those same
qualities that drove them to escape either to protect someone from the wrath of their Keeper, or to seek
out what mattered more to him in the world he was taken from.

• Beast: This canine always wears a spiked collar, and there is a growl to his voice when strangers are
• Elemental: She is built like a tower, with stone bricks for skin and two flickering flames in the windows
of her eyes.
• Ogre: A bodyguard whose tall stature and muscular build intimidates all but the most foolhardy of

Blessing: Sentinels gain three dots in the Defender Merit, and add half their Wyrd to their Initiative when
fighting in a Hollow or Safe Place owned by them or their allies. They are also aware of the well-being of
anyone they have an active pledge with, and can tell how much and what kind of harm they suffer. If they
spend Glamour while touching someone, they may grant their target a minor blessing which gives +2/+2
Armor. Each point empowers the blessing to last for a number of attacks equal to his Wyrd within the
scene. The Armor's rating is doubled if the subject is a Touchstone.

Shepherd By White Oak Dragon

My friends, we cannot simply hide here and wait for mad gods to snatch us away again! Take up your
arms, and let us drive this Huntsman from our door!

The Others are not often religious beings, but on occasion, the trappings of religion suit their purposes,
either to play at spirituality or to instill such feelings in others. The Shepherds were often extremely
religious before they were taken to act as the Gentry's holy men and women. A Shepherd may have
acted as a spiritual adviser, herding her Keeper's other servants with her words, or she may have been
sent out into the world to form bizarre cults in her Keeper's honor. After escaping, most struggle to
reconcile their experiences in Arcadia with the faith that they had held before.

• Beast: The horned shaman smells of smoke and speaks with a gravelly voice, and there is a vicious
scar upon his throat.
• Elemental: A fire and brimstone preacher composed of actual fire and brimstone.
• Grimm: A handsome man clad in ritual robes sown from the pages of assorted holy texts from around
the world.
• Ogre: A savage one-eyed monk with blue skin and a charming voice.
• Wizened: A smiling, squat little man with countless holy relics hung from straps of leather that cross and
penetrate his skin.
Blessing: Shepherds were intended to move large groups of people to act in the favor of their Keepers.
Each Shepherd gains the Inspiring Merit free of cost, even if she lacks the prerequisite. When using this
Merit, instead of the usual penalties, she suffers a -3 penalty to the roll for a single listener, a -2 penalty
for a small clique, a -1 penalty for a small crowd, and no penalty for a large crowd. When utilizing the
trappings of a religion that the majority of listeners believe in, the Shepherd may add her Wyrd to this roll.
Additionally, by spending a point of Glamour, any listeners who have gained the Inspired Condition from
the speech temporarily gains either the Virtuous or Vice-Ridden Merit with a Virtue or Vice of the
Shepherd's choice. The Merit persists until it is used to regain Willpower or for a number of days equal to
the shepherd's Wyrd, whichever comes first. All affected listeners receive the same Virtue or Vice.

Spellbinder By Deionscribe
“You tore my life apart. Now, I'll do the same to yours.”

There is power in one's image, and those who subvert it can hold great power over him. Changelings
transformed into Spellbinders were made to punish their Keepers' captives and enemies with equal
measure. They wove charms bearing pieces of their victims, and used them to inflict all manner of harm.
Some were brutal and powerful in their curses that they would often leave a trail of death in their wake..

Blessing: Whenever she makes an Occult roll, the changeling receives an exceptional success at three
instead of five. She also can spend Glamour or Willpower to invoke the Curse Effigy Merit. If the roll
succeeds, it gains automatic successes equal to half her Wyrd in addition to the roll results.

Spelldrinker By Deionscribe
"That was a neat party trick. Got any more?"

In a land where magic exists in abundance, the Spelldrinkers existed to warn and ward against hostile
sorceries. They were arcane lightning rods, painfully conditioned to absorb magic so they may take it unto
themselves, or turn it back against the offending witch. Some were so effective in this purpose, though,
that they struck their own Keepers down with their own power.

• Darkling: A dark robed figure with pale skin and discolored eyes. Emulating the code of the Sith, they
learned how to usurp the power of their rivals and turn it to their own ends.
• Fairest: Standing firm in the face of the Gentry's wrath, neither sword nor sorcery can frighten the
Freehold's champion as they march into battle.
• Elemental: An energy being whose body flares up in the presence of magic.
• Grimm: Lines of runic script are etched upon his skin, a spell of protection in narrative form.
• Ogre: Raw magic saturates his flesh, and leaks out as wisps of smoke from luminescent scars and
bleeding wounds.
• Wizened: Small, crystal diodes have been grafted to their flesh, generating a protective network when
they sense incoming magic.

Blessing: A Spelldrinker may make reflexive kenning rolls without spending Willpower regardless of his
Clarity, and benefits from the 8-Again quality on these rolls. If he successfully contests or resists a
supernatural power used against him, he may retain it for later use within the scene. The Spelldrinker can
store a number of such powers equal to his Wyrd, with unused effects dissolving into one point of
Glamour each at the end of the scene. He uses his own dots in Attributes and Skills when rolling for
Contracts, but does not add his Wyrd for Contracts that he does not possess. The Spelldrinker's dice pool
when wielding the powers of other supernaturals (such as a Mage's spells or Kindred Disciplines) is equal
to the higher of his Wits or Resolve.

Sprite By Nyrufa
"I didn't want to grow up either. I just wish there had been an easier way to arrange that."

Arcadia is filled with splendor and beauty that would delight any child regardless of gender. But as they
grow older, they lose that sense of whimsy and imagination as maturity sets in. Changelings who became
Sprites were originally children who feared the idea of growing up and wanted to remain young and
carefree. While in Arcadia, these children were notorious pranksters who teased other residents of
Arcadia with their games and tricks. But when they finally encountered the horrors that lurked on the other
side of the Hedge, they decided that maybe growing up in the human world wasn't such a bad alternative.

• Beast: Dressed in animal themed pajamas, this child looks like they were a member of Neverland's Lost
• Elemental: The soul of a child inhabiting a wooden puppet or plastic doll, they can almost appear
lifeless when they aren't moving.
• Fairest: An elven child with pointy ears, cute facial features and hair that comes in any shade of the
rainbow. When in the company of friends, they are full of joy and laughter.
• Ogre: A mischievous little imp with devilish horns and tail along with bright red skin and fangs. Their
mischievous grin reveals they're up to something.

Blessing: Due to their great love for teasing others, Sprites mastered the art of remaining unseen when
they didn't want to be. They begin character creation with the Light-Shy Contract for free and only need 3
successes instead of 5 to gain an Exceptional Success. Furthermore, they may spend a point of Glamour
to add their Wyrd to all Crafts and Subterfuge rolls for the scene.

Stitchborn By White Oak Dragon

Don't worry about me! It's just a scratch! Keep going!

Before their Durances, most Stitchborn had either a soft and comforting personality or a keen fashion
sense. These hapless changelings were taken to be made into the bizarre fripperies of the Gentry or
plush accessories to decorate their luxurious palaces. Despite the torments they suffered, many are able
to maintain their original personality traits upon their escape.

• Darkling: Burlap skin covers a thin frame, with stalks of straw jutting out of his raw wounds.
• Fairest: Her skin is made of the finest black silk, stitched together with beautiful gold and silver threads.
• Grimm: His linen skin is covered with colorful embroidered images of wondrous tales.
• Ogre: Beige mohair fur has been stitched and restitched to the ragged overstuffed figure, and one
button eye is missing.

Blessing: A Stitchborn gains the Raiment of Moon and Stars Contract for free, and may ignore a number
of points of bashing damage equal to his Wyrd each turn. Additionally, he may make attempts to repair
damage to his flesh once per day. The changeling may sew or direct another to sew any rips in his flesh,
rolling Dexterity + Crafts. Each success on this roll downgrades one level of lethal damage to bashing or
repairs one level of bashing damage. This action requires a minimum of three turns for each wound that
the character is currently suffering to complete, and suffers normal penalties for lack of proper equipment
if the Stitchborn does not have a sewing kit available.

Stormtouched By Deionscribe
You thought you had me cornered? Out here in the open with a storm brewing? Well, I'm about to prove
you wrong.

Imbued with all the fury and power of their namesake, Stormtouched already embodied it in some way as
mortals. Some may have been prone to violent mood swings, while others had a certain relentlessness in
their actions. A few may have even taken because of their fascination with storms. In any case, their
Keepers had them exposed repeatedly to waves of lightning until they filled every fiber of their being. Yet
while this transformation made them into living weapons, many were also made more empowered by the
experience. This sparked defiance against their captors, and eventually culminated with their flight
through the Thorns.

• Beast: These changelings seem to be raptors, with lightning clutched in their talons and thunder
echoing from their flapping wings.
• Fairest: Her flesh is made from the peaceful blue sky, but when angered, the lightning flickering in her
gray eyes dances throughout her body.
• Grimm: Electricity continually crackles over his cloud-gray skin, causing the faint text to illuminate briefly
for seconds at a time.
• Wizened: He is tall and thin, his lower half narrower than his top. His eyes have been replaced with
plasma globes, and his spine is a Jacob's ladder.

Blessing: Stormtouched have three dots in the Psychokinesis Merit, and can spend Glamour or
Willpower to manipulate electricity with it. They also take no damage from electrical sources. If a
Stormtouched is outdoors during suitable weather conditions, he may spend Glamour and roll Resolve +
Occult to call down a bolt of lightning. If used as an attack, the roll is penalized by the target's Defense,
and deals bashing damage equal to half the Changeling's Wyrd, plus successes in the roll.

Suncursed By Nyrufa
"I've been here the whole time. Didn't you notice one of the decorations is missing? "

From gargoyles, to garden gnomes, trolls and even some iterations of dwarf. There are many tales of
those who transform into inert stone at the touch of sunlight. Changelings who became Suncursed were
forced to adapt to a nocturnal life cycle, moving about only at night and taking shelter from the sun, lest
they be rendered defenseless. Knowing they could not move during the day, their Keeper never thought
to place guards around them during that time. That is until they found a way to break the spell and regain
their mobility in daylight.

• Beast: A fearsome gargoyle who possesses the horns of a goat, wings of a bat, tail of a lizard, face of a
demon and claws of a dragon.
• Fairest: A Weeping Angel whose hands are placed over her face when she's still, but are capable of
snapping a person's neck in an eyeblink.
• Ogre: A pale skinned troll with giant muscles and tiny brain, he's lost too many good meals because he
wasted the night away conversing with them.
• Wizened: A wee little man with a big nose, white beard and pointy hat. He loves to tinker with machines
as a hobby.

Blessing: While in Arcadia, the Suncursed turned to stone upon exposure to sunlight, but they
discovered a way to regain their mobility while in such a state. When exposed to sunlight, the they gain
+3 to their Armor rating as their body hardens like rock. Additionally by spending a point of Glamour, the
Suncursed can add their Wyrd to Stealth rolls when attempting to hide in plain view as long as they are
remaining still during that time. Even if the room is fully illuminated with a crowd of people, onlookers will
simply believe them to be a statue meant for decoration.

Tangletail By White Oak Dragon

Don't worry, I can reach it. Why don't you go pick up supper, while I take care of this?

Sometimes the Gentry have tasks that require more than just an extra set of hands. Tangletails were
usually skilled at multitasking before their Durances, and the Gentry rewarded them with additional limbs
to maximize their utility. Whether a Tangletail had a long scaly tail, tentacles stretching from her wrists
and shoulders, or long beautiful hair with a mind of its own, she was expected to perform to the highest
level in whatever tasks she was assigned.

• Beast: They appear as animals with prehensile tails or tentacles, such as monkeys or squids.
• Darkling: His heavily wrinkled skin can stretch away from his skeletal frame, operating independently of
the muscle and bone beneath it.
• Elemental: Her eyes stare unblinkingly out of a tangled mass of lianas and moss, and two especially
long vines stretch out from her shoulders.
• Fairest: Her shining golden hair is far too long to seem practical, but it is surprisingly strong.

Blessing: Each Tangletail is in possession of one or more prehensile appendages. These appendages
can stretch to grapple a single target up to the Tangletail's Wyrd in yards away. This distance can be
extended further for the scene by spending a point of Glamour for each additional yard. The Tangletail
may maintain such a grapple as a reflexive action without sacrificing their action or Defense for the turn.
And the appendage is considered to have a functional Strength equal to half their Strength + Wyrd, and a
functional Dexterity equal to her normal Dexterity. The appendage may also be used to grasp or
manipulate objects at the same distance, although it can't manipulate anything that the Tangletail would
have difficulty wielding without opposable digits.

Taskmaster By Deionscribe
"Fine. Let me rephrase that. Drop the gun. Now."

Not every Keeper wishes to keep a constant eye on his changelings. Taskmasters are appointed to watch
their captor's servants, ensuring that her will is upheld even in her absence. While Taskmasters were
natural leaders before their abduction, their roles as slave drivers often alienate them from other
changelings. Most of those who escaped, though, either earned at least the respect of their fellow
captives, or had no qualms about using them as puppets in order to save themselves.

• Beast: A tall and imposing ant man, with large, sharp mandibles and thick, twitching antennae.
• Darkling: A cruel sneer permanently twists the face of the pale woman, a livid scar stretching from her
forehead to her cheek.
• Elemental: This changeling appears to be an imperious queen painted in bold watercolors.
• Wizened: The changeling's eyes have been replaced with swirling black and white disks, and phantom
whips extend from the back of each hand.

Blessing: The Taskmaster opens one additional Door when employing Hard Leverage, and can spend
Glamour or Willpower to use the three-dot version of the Mind Control Merit. Anyone influenced by her
command suffers a penalty equal to 1 + half her Wyrd for the rest of the scene or until it is completed. The
effect lasts for a number of turns equal to the Taskmaster's Wyrd if the command cannot be done at the
time and place it is given.

Timekeeper 1E by GibberingEloquence
"Be brief with me. I have 19 minutes and 47 seconds until my next meeting."

As mortals, they may have been punctual individuals, mindful of the hours they spent in their daily lives.
In Arcadia, they were given the duty to keep track of the strange passage of time, which was not always
an easy task. Often immobile, they had to figure out the mad patterns of day and night to remember all
the appointments of their Keepers' agendas, although they did not decide how time passed themselves.
Some of this power remained even after their escape.

• Elemental: A well-chiseled statue bearing a clock upon .

• Fairest: A woodland nymph whose leaf-like hair changes with the seasons.
• Wizened: The figure's body is studded with objects and materials associated with time, such as clocks,
hourglasses, sand, water and quicksilver.

Blessing: The Timekeeper counts seconds like a stopwatch, even if he was unconscious in a barren
room. He gains the Good Time Management and Patient Merits, and can tell the precise age of any
person, object, or place they see. If this knowledge is supernaturally concealed, he may roll Wits + Wyrd
in a Clash of Wills. If he spends a point of Glamour, he may also know the Defense, Initiative, and Speed
of any people encountered in the scene.

Toon By Nyrufa
"Aww, anybody can do that, Doc. This is Loony Toon Land!"

Many among the True Fae find entertainment in the pain of others. Changelings who became Toons were
used to provide their Keepers with slapstick humor for hours at a time, their bodies subjected to injuries
that would cripple or even kill ordinary people, only to resume work hours later in good health! It was this
pseudo-immortality that led to their escape from their Keeper's realm.

• Beast: A brightly colored, anthropomorphic animal who looks like they walked out of a children's
entertainment program.
• Darkling: An adult cartoon known for its gritty atmosphere and serious undertones.
• Elemental: An inanimate object brought to life, complete with human appendages and facial features.
• Fairest: A character from a 1980's action cartoon who is known for their witty one liners and popular
catch phrases.
• Ogre: A violent anime character who's series displayed grand, over the top battles to satisfy the
adrenaline fueled audience.
• Wizened: A cartoon version of their original human form, changed in order to assimilate to the Keeper's

Blessing: Like they say, it is almost impossible to kill a Toon. The Changeling automatically gains the
Quick Healer Merit for free at character creation. Additionally, they may reflexively spend a point of
Glamour to ignore Wyrd x3 Bashing damage or Wyrd x1 Lethal damage when they suffer injury.

Note: Any damage that the Toon ignores will appear to heal itself instantly in cartoonish fashion such as reattaching lost limbs, inflating crushed body

parts or even just returning to perfect health when you take your eyes off them.

Tradesman By Nyrufa
"I assure you, she'll be a valued slave for your collection. And I'm offering her for the low, low price of my
continued freedom!"

In the world of the Fae, everything is conducted through bargaining and contracts. But making deals is
dangerous, even for the Gentry. Changelings who became Tradesmen were used to conduct business
proposals in their Keeper's stead, while allowing their master to reap the profits of their dealings. They
bargained with Hedge Markets, Loyalists and even the True Fae themselves, until eventually they
became experienced enough to cut a deal that resulted in their escape.

• Beast: A raccoon-dog who carries their wares in a large, fur covered bag slung over their shoulder.
• Darkling: A shifty street peddler who sells stolen merchandise in dark alleyways.
• Fairest: A merchant prince dressed head to toe in extravagant jewelry and top of the line clothing.

Blessing: Their time spent in Arcadia has instilled the Tradesman with a supernatural talent for business
sense. They gain +3 on attempts to barter with others. Additionally, they may spend a point of Glamour to
add their Wyrd on attempts to appraise items.

Treasured From Winter Masques

“Like what you’re seeing? Maybe you can do a favor for me if you want me all to yourself”.

The Treasured were taken because they had a certain beauty about them. Treated as nothing more than
prized objects for display, they spent their durance in golden cages or atop cold stone pedestals, with no
greater hope than to please the eye of a passing Gentry. Countless hours of this, however, gave them the
strength of will to bide their time and make their escape.

• Beast: An animal that's beautiful yet resilient, such as a bird of prey or an elephant.
• Elemental: Jeweled, gilded, and alabaster, like Michelangelo’s David given the faintest hint of color.
• Fairest: A figure that has stepped away from Alma-Tadema’s The Roses of Heliogabalus.

Blessing: Treasured gain the Vainglory clause, Splendor of the Envoy's Protection, for free, and benefit
from the 8-again rule when invoking its effect. They also acquire the three-dot version of the Iron Stamina
Merit, and reduce environmental penalties by half her Wyrd.

Twoface By Deionscribe
"You're sure he's hiding something?"
"Absolutely. You ought to pay more attention to the details, like how unusually polite he's being with you."

Alluding to folktales on creatures like the Futakuchi-onna, as well as how people think of their conscience
as voices in their head, Twofaces were taken by Gentry who desired advisors and confidantes, or
perhaps someone who could gauge the intentions of their rivals. Their minds were painfully divided, with
one half enchanted to glean greater insights to its surroundings. Such a split, however, was a blessing in
disguise, as the separate personalities worked together to discover a way out.

• Darkling: A fiendish creature that possesses a face on both sides of its head.
• Elemental: A living whirlwind that periodically assumes a human form, with a head that shifts between
two faces.
• Fairest: A delicate, yet graceful woman, whose long dark hair conceals the monstrous mouth behind
her head.

Blessing: The changeling gains the Dark Passenger Merit for free, and can ask a number of questions
equal to her Wyrd + 1 when using it. Furthermore, she only needs to feed the mouth after a number of
days equal to her Wyrd.

Venator By White Oak Dragon

Shut up! Don't you hear that howl? That's a briarwolf, and they don't travel alone.

The Hedge is a place of great peril as well as wonder, and the odd creatures called hobgoblins are
among the greatest dangers a changeling might face, outside of the Gentry and the Huntsmen
themselves. Whether he faced them in arenas surrounded by scores of gaping Fae spectators or
patrolled the Hedge borders to rid his Keeper's lands of dangerous pests, it was the Venator's task to
tame or slay these bizarre beasts. An escaped Venator often becomes a valued Hedge guide or guardian
for the freehold that earns his loyalty.

• Elemental: A bronze helmet encrusted with verdigris sits atop her body made of thick studded leather.
• Grimm: The pale scars covering the sun-tanned skin of his muscular body recounts his past victories
and the legends of the creatures that he's slain.
• Ogre: The skull of a great beast sits upon his head, his own tusks barely visible beneath it.
• Wizened: His oddly formed body has been enhanced with the bones of his previous conquests, with
furs stitched over his skin.

Blessing: A Venator is skilled at hunting, slaying, and taming the wild hobgoblins of the Hedge. He gains
the Interdisciplinary Specialty (Bestial Hobgoblins) Merit for free, and gains an exceptional success on
three successes rather than five on any roll that benefits from it. Additionally, if the Venator successfully
renders a Hedgebeast completely helpless without killing it, he may spend a point of Glamour to make it
into a temporary Fae Mount or Hedgebeast Companion as per the Merits for a number of days equal to
his Wyrd. This can be extended by spending additional points of Glamour for each additional day that he
wishes to maintain the bond. The Venator may only have a number of hobgoblins bonded to him in this
way equal to the lower of his Presence or Composure, although permanent instances of the Merits do not
count against this total. He also cannot apply this blessing to the more humanoid hobs.

Voidwalker By Deionscribe
“I’m sorry, but were you looking for this? Well, it’s mine now”.

Perhaps it was a sense of loneliness they felt, or at least a feeling of being somewhat detached from the
world. Whatever the reason, Voidwalkers were taken and isolated by their Keepers, and were thus left
alone with no one else to relate with until the void hollowed them out. In Arcadia, they served as
messengers and thieves, using their affinity for the spaces in-between to move over vast distances. This
same power, though, came to be their means of escape if they proved faster and more clever than their

• Darkling: A gray-skinned person with hollow eyes and hair that's either stark white or deep black.
• Elemental: A wraith-like figure with slick, translucent skin that seems to shimmer whenever it moves.
• Ogre: A hulking figure who seems to fill more space in a room than he actually does.

Blessing: The changeling gains the three-dot version of the Apportation Merit, and can spend glamour in
place of Willpower to activate it. He also ignores its drawbacks as long as it is targeted within a distance
of [Wyrd x2] yards, and can target inanimate objects up to a Size rating equal to Wyrd + 1.

Vulcanalis By Deionscribe
"Are you tryin' to get invited to my next barbecue? Because the only way I see this endin' is you and your
buddies reduced to slag."

The Earth is not just enduring, it is forceful, reminding all of its presence and power; the changelings of
this Kith embody that sense of power, parallelling gods and spirits of volcanos. As mortals, they may have
been hot-tempered, quick to explode upon provocation. Or they may have seemed mild-mannered, yet
seethed with pent up rage deep inside. Once they were taken, they were cast into rivers of lava and lakes
of magma, where the crushing pressure forced their anger and fury to finally erupt in all their glory.

• Beast: A salamander with charcoal scales, whose body lights up in fiery patterns when angered.
• Elemental: A figure sculpted from boiling rock, veins of magma visible on the surface.
• Fairest: He appears to have skin reddened from prolonged exposure to the sun, and his body is
adorned with crimson tattoos.

Blessing: Vulcanalis inflict lethal damage with their unarmed attacks, and gain an additional dot in
Presence that can take them above the usual limitations imposed by their Wyrd. Furthermore, they can
spend glamour to inflict the Inferno Tilt up to a radius of three meters. Each point of glamour spent causes
the Tilt's effects to last a number of turns equal to the Vulcanalis' Wyrd.

Wavemaster By Deionscribe
"Do what you want with them. Drown them if you like. I certainly would".

Anyone who survived a flood knows very well how destructive water can be. Changelings who were
remade into Wavemasters spent their durance commanding raging rivers and turbulent seas. More than
once, they have used this power to drown any who dared intrude on their Keepers' realms. And they have
just as often slain fellow captives who tried to swim for freedom. Those Wavemasters who do escape did
so after willing the waters of their prison to hold the Gentry at bay.

• Beast: An anthropomorphic shark with sharp teeth and webbed hands and feet.
• Elemental: A being sculpted wholly from living coral.
• Fairest: A sea witch with blue skin and silvery hair, with a pair of gills at the sides of her neck.

Blessing: A Wavemaster can breathe underwater, and halves all healing times so long as she is fully
submerged. She also benefits from the rote quality on all swimming rolls. If she spends Glamour or
Willpower, she may use the three-dot version of the Psychokinesis Merit to affect water, and may use her
Wyrd instead of the normal dice pool.

White Knight By Nyrufa

"Evil never dies. Trust me, I tried everything I could to kill that bastard!"

True Fae who like to be the center of attention for their realms often create grand narratives to extol their
virtues to others. But some among the Gentry have another idea in mind, and instead of being the hero of
their story, they choose to play the villain. It is easy to corrupt the righteous, to cast them down into the
dirt. But it is almost impossible to stamp out evil forever. Somehow, it always finds a way to survive and
replenish its strength. Changelings who became White Knights were used to play the role of noble hero in
these narratives, rising up to a challenge that they could never permanently succeed at. No matter how
many times the hero prevailed, the villain would return, gradually sapping the hero's resolve and proving
to the realm that the Keeper could not be defied forever. Eventually, the White Knight realized they
needed to grow stronger if they were to defeat their enemy once and for all. And so, they made the
journey to the distant lands beyond the Hedge where many strong rebels were said to gather.

• Beast: A noble savage who protected the forest and its inhabitants from corruption. Their armor is sewn
together from leaves and bark
• Fairest: Their golden armor which once shined like the sun has become dim since it was exposed to
human world. Regardless, their posture is still regal and inspiring, with eyes that remain ever vigilant for
• Grimm: His white gold armor is etched with an intricate floral pattern, but those who look closely will see
that the lines of the etchings are made up of the tales of epic heroism throughout the ages.
• Darkling: With sloping posture and empty gaze, they realized the futility of their crusade. Their armor is
rusty and battle worn from countless battles against the forces of darkness.
• Elemental: A stone sentinel used to guard against the armies of evil. It has fallen into disrepair as moss
and vines now grow upon its artistically sculpted armor.
• Ogre: Once a stalwart champion of justice, now a bitter and disgruntled mercenary. Their bulky armor
looks far too heavy for any normal man to wear properly.
• Wizened: Like her immortal foe, she too refused to die. Her armor has become a part of her, using
mechanical prosthetic to repair her damaged body.

Blessing: Ignoring how they escaped Arcadia, the White Knight is a seasoned protector who has many
years of experience battling the forces of evil. They start with the Read Lucidity Contract for free, and gain
an Exceptional Success at 3 instead of 5 when using it. Additionally, they can spend a point of Glamour to
add +2 Melee and half their Wyrd to their armor rating for the rest of the scene.

Wildling By Deionscribe
“Look, I know rats are smart, okay? I'm telling you, though, this one was reading through my emails! That
ain't natural!”
Holding an affinity to animals as mortals, Wildlings were taken to assist in the assembly and caring of
great menageries. Some used their heightened talent to lure beasts into the Hedge in attempts to
produce new species for their Keepers. Others, however, were taught how to act through the bodies of
their animal companions in order to serve as scouts and sentries. Most Gentry, however, underestimate
how deeply a Wildling bonds with his charges. And in nurturing those bonds, he finds the means to bring
about their freedom.

• Darkling: Slender and covered in fine gray fur, her eyes are beady like those of a rat.
• Elemental: With a goatskin stitched over his legs and the eyes of a goat staring wildly at the world
around him, this changeling seems to be a satyr composed of solid bone.
• Fairest: He is a handsome savage, with long flowing hair and the gleaming eyes of a raptor.
• Wizened: She seems to be a shriveled old woman, but the canine eye in her right socket and the feline
eye in her left both shine brightly.

Blessing: The Wildling benefits from the 8-Again rule on all Animal Ken rolls, and can spend Glamour or
Willpower to use the Animal Possession Merit on any animal he established the Bonded Condition with. If
he is made to roll Resolve + Animal Ken to maintain control of the animal when it's injured, reduce the
penalty to the dice pool by his Wyrd.

Windwalker By Deionscribe
"I'm a leaf on the wind. Watch me soar".

Vassals to Lords and Ladies of Arcadia's skies, the Windwalkers were tasked with directing the wind for
various tasks. Most were occupied with benign vocations like the sculpting of cloud gardens and dispersal
of storms. But there were also changelings whose powers were honed so that they could sweep away
entire armies with powerful hurricanes. Whatever his role in Arcadia was, though, something in the
Windwalker’s work that inevitably remind him of the world he left behind. And he quickly wastes no time
spiriting himself back through the Hedge on the four winds.

• Darkling: a disheveled figure wearing a black, featureless cowl and a frayed noose around their neck.
They were forcibly taught how to dance in the wind.
• Fairest: A graceful, pointy eared sylph whose clothing is fashioned out of thin cloud vapor that never
seems to disperse unless she wants it to.
• Ogre: A body comprised of dense, black clouds with sparking eyes and the strength of a storm coursing
through their limbs.

Blessing: Windwalkers use the higher of Wits or Dexterity for Defense, and benefit from the rote quality
on all Initiative rolls. They also take no physical penalties from the Heavy Winds Tilt, and reduce the
damage they take from it by half their Wyrd (rounded up). If they spend Glamour or Willpower, they can
use the three-dot version of the Psychokinesis Merit to manipulate wind.

Windrider By Nyrufa
You don't have the balls to tame me!

Long seen as a symbol of nobility and pride by magical and mundane parties alike, those who became
Windriders were used as mounts to carry their masters across sky and sea. Most of them were created by
combining the features of a predatory bird with some other type of animal. Both parts blending seamlessly
together and being fully functional as if such hybrids were natural creatures. Only the most regal were
permitted to harness them, while anyone undeserving was gored in the attempt. Their escape came on
the day when their esteemed masters were judged unworthy to saddle them, thus prompting the
Windrider to rebel! Although they value their new freedom, they still offer rides to those who have earned
their trust.

• Beast: Angelic wings attached to the body of a horse, they now run wild and free across the sky, forever
denying the bridle of their captors.
• Fairest: A gryphon fit for a king. From the torso upwards is the body of a giant eagle, but from the waist
down they have the legs and tail of a lion.
• Ogre: The wings of a dragon and the body of a lion, this manticore tragically lost its scorpion's tail during
aerial combat.

Blessing: Windriders often bear the features of two or more dangerous animals. Their unarmed attacks
inflict lethal damage due to their savage claws and fangs, and their time spent as airborne steeds allows
them to fly at twice their normal movement speed for six minutes per dot of Wyrd. If they spend a point of
Glamour, they double this duration for the scene. While flying, they may carry a passenger who is within
their capacity to lift, but suffer -1 to their Speed for each Size rating of the passenger in question.

Wyrdo By Nyrufa
"Look, it's very simple. That cloud insulted this scorpion That's why you got chocolate pudding instead of

In the homeworld of the True Fae, things rarely make sense to human perspectives. But once in a while
you get that special brand of craziness that leaves even the True Fae scratching their heads in confusion.
Changelings who became Wyrdos were taken from those who already teetered on the brink of insanity
and were constantly transformed and recreated during their stay. Unsure of what they were supposed to
be, their whimsical madness would eventually allow them to disorient even the True Fae themselves, and
thus escape back to the stable reality of Earth.

• Elemental: A human sized spleen that crawls around with a giant thumb and a single knee cap.
• Darkling: An old man with an octopus for a face who often lives underground, his hobbies include
sailing and oneiromancy.
• Wizened: A private investigator who's own body functions like a magic satchel, containing all the
gadgets he needs to complete his mission.

Blessing: Due to their experience in Arcadia, Wyrdos have grown accustomed to madness and can deal
with it much easier than other people. They gain the benefit of the 8 again rule when attempting to resist
Clarity breaks. Additionally, they can share this with other Changelings by spending a point of Glamour
and explaining their alien rationality. The effects of this last until the end of the scene.

Note: The Wyrdo's explanation doesn't have to make logical sense. There is also no word count and can be anywhere from brief quips to full on

lectures. Players are encouraged to have fun with it, either way.

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