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Explain MVC architecture with the help of a diagram.

Explain with the help of a diagram the life cycle of a JSP page.

Differentiate between the following :

(i) Client and Server Architecture
(ii) Static Webpage and Dynamic Webpage

Explain GET and POST methods of HTTP protocol. Why do you

use these methods ? Explain with example.

Explain the role of web container and HTTP server in the context of
web programming

Explain the difference between JSP Scriptlets, JSP Tags and JSP

Explain the following in the context of jsp, with an example :

(i) include directive
(ii) taglib directive

Explain the process of inclusion of a file into a JSP page ? Explain

with the help of an example. State the advantages of doing it.

Write a JSP/Servlet program that takes your name and programme

code as input and displays it on a web page.
Explain the two attributes of page directive which are included in
exception handling in JSP page.

Write a simple HTML/JSP code that handles the division by zero

error. Make suitable assumptions, if any.

Write a JSP program which will demonstrate the use of <jsp :

include> and <jsp : param.

Write a jsp program fragment that sets up a session on receiving

username and password. In case the username and password match
"IGNOU" and "TEST" respectively, the user is redirected to a page
named result.jsp.

Design a JSP page to fetch the record of the student having

attributes such as Roll No, Student Name and Programme from the
table designed in SQL server.

Assume that a database as a backend to a website exists with a table

having fields : Roll Number, Name, Programme code etc. Write JSP
code sequence of steps to display the list of students with
programme code "BCA".

Explain how errors are handled at page level in jsp programming,

with the help of a program fragment.
Assume that on execution of a SQL web query about a student, 5
records (of the same student) are returned in the result set having
the following fields :
student id
marks_out_of 100
Write the appropriate jsp commands to display these records and
the total marks of the student.

What are cookies ? Write a program to create cookies to store User

ID and password of the client on his/her machine.

What are JDBC Driver(s) ? Name them and differentiate between

Two and Three tier database access.

Assume that there is a table which contains field names such as

name, programme, course code and grade. Write a program using
JSP and JDBC to insert records into the database.

What is a cookie in the context of JSP ? Why is it needed ? Explain

how a cookie can be set with the help of an example

List the steps that would be required to verify the username and
password entered by a user on a login page to the information
stored in a database, using JSP.

Differentiate between the following :

(i) Static web pages and Dynamic web pages
(ii) 2-Tier architecture and 3-Tier architecture

What is an exception in the context of JSP ? How are the exceptions

handled using JSP ? Explain with the help of an example.
What is the use of JSP directives ? Explain the page and include
directives of JSP with the help of an example

Explain the following terms with the help of a diagram or an

example, if required :

(a) Methods of ResultSet object

(b) Hidden fields in the context of session management
(c) GET method

What is JDBC ? Write a program to insert a 5 record in the

employee table of database. Make and state suitable assumptions, if