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8:00am-9:00am : Registration Eng’r. Joel L.

Blinon, RMP, ME
Eng’r. Joseph Velarde, ME
9:00am-9:20am : National Anthem Eng’r. Aaron T. Nolido
I am a person of INTEGRETY; I act with HONESTY, Transparency, and Accountability, Invocation Eng’r. Stepen I. Camba/
I do the right things, the right way. Eng’r. Ibrahim M. Suaib
PSME Creed Eng’r. Bonifacio Elles
I am PROFESSIONALISM at all time with high respect to others, observing proper PSME Core Values Eng’r. Hermar Canda
conduct, following the code of ethics, honoring commitments, and acting fairly and
with dignity. 9:20am-9:30am : Welcome & Opening Remarks Eng’r. Sandy A. Almogino, PME
I strive for EXCELLENCE thereby achieving the highest standard of performance in all 9:31am-9:45am : Message from The VP International Eng’r. Carlito Alpay, PME
my undertakings.
Message from our newly elected PCEA Eng’r. Jeffrey F. Vaflor, PME
I internalize TEAMWORK. I act with sense of urgency, mindful of entrepreneurial spirit Western Region Area Governor
and work with unity, cooperation, collaboration, synergy and convergence towards a Introduction of our Resource Speaker Eng’r. Jofel Suan, ME
common goal.
I exercise LEADERSHIP with humility characterized by stewardship. 9:46am-12:00pm : Technical Presentation Proper Eng’r. Henry Cordero, RMP, PME,
I lead by example, walk the talk and celebrate success as owned by all members of the M. ENV. ENG’G.
12:00pm-12:30pm : Lunch Break
I embody CONCERN FOR STAKEHOLDER especially the welfare of all members, 12:00pm-12:30pm : Continuation of Technical Presentation

employee and all we work for those who work for us.
4:00pm-4:15pm : QUESTON & ANSWER
I am integral part of a RESILIENT, NATIONALISTIC, and GOD-FEARING Organization. Oath Taking of New Members Eng’r. Alain Andigan, ME
I weather the odds and implore peace, harmony, kindness, good work, love of country
and social responsibility. 4:16pm-4:30pm : RECOGNITION Eng’r. Sandy A. Almogino, PME

Plaque of Appreciation to Eng’r. Jerry Gutierrez, PME

Eng’r. Jeffrey F. Vaflor, PME Eng’r. Carlito Alpay, PME
Plaque of Appreciation to resource
We, the Mechanical Engineers of the Philippines Conscious of our responsibility to Eng’r. Henry Cordero, RMP,
God, our Country and Fellowmen. PME, M. ENV. ENG’G.
Affirming our adherence to the Code of Ethics for Mechanical Engineers, Desirous in 4:30pm-4:45pm : AWARDING OF CERTIFICATES
participating and contributing in the Social Economic and industrial growth of the
country. 4:45pm-4:55pm : PICTURE TAKING
Determined to support one organization that shall embrace the Mechanical 4:55PM-5:00pm : Closing Remarks Eng’r. Jerry Teodoro Bein, PME
Engineering Profession. Have resolve to unite accomplish these aims by constituting
a National Organization of Mechanical Engineers.
Eng’r. Joey Salalila, PME
Charter President