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1.1 Introduction
1.2 Objective of the Project
1.3 Significance of the Project
1.4 Scope and Limitations
1.5 Project Description


2.1 Housing Plan

2.2 Elevation (Topographic Map)
2.3 Water Distribution Plan


3.1 Flow Rate and Head Loss Computation

3.2 Computation for Pumps and Turbines
3.3 Computation for Pipe Diameters


4.1 Final Water Distribution Plan

4.2 Piping Schedule
4.3 Conclusion

A water distribution system is the physical works that deliver water from the water source to the

intended end point or user. It is designed to deliver enough water quantity and quality to meet the

requirements of the customer. This is achieved by way of pumps and motors, watermains, service pipes,

storage tanks or reservoirs, and related equipment, in a closed system under pressure. Some of the levels

of service within a community includes, enough water for domestic use within a home for cooking,

cleaning, and drinking, domestic use plus water available for fire protection and lastly, domestic use plus

commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural use. Providing enough water of appropriate quality

and quantity has been one of the most important issues in human history.

For designing a water distribution system, there is what use which is series and parallel connection

of pipes. In series connection, they are connected end to end so that the fluid flows in a continuous line

without any branching. The volume rate of flow through the pipes in series is the same throughout. And

in parallel connection, they are so connected that the flow from a pipe branches or divides into two or

more separate pipes and then reunite into a single pipe.

Sustainable water supply has been made through many efforts on the development of a water

supply system. As water demands pressures raise increasingly on the existing water supply system, many

studies attempted to develop a general water supply system to assist decision makers to design more

reliable systems for a long-range operation period. These attempts also include the optimization of total

system construction and operation cost.


1. The experiment intent to design a water distribution system that should be capable of supplying water

at all the intended places with enough pressure head for 50 houses and through it the students will be

able to show the difference of series and parallel connection of pipes.

2. Also, another objective of the experiment is to explain the concept of flow through pipe in series and

parallel connection in an interesting way of showing it.

3. To show the calculation about the series and parallel connections of the pipes used to the actual



This project is significant in highlighting the water distribution computation and plans in a village

consisting 50 houses. Making a water distribution plan for a village needed to be systematic and have a

methodical study. The basic intension of this plan is to ensure that the water distribution plan can

distribute water for consumer in efficient and economical way.

In taking care of the safety of the consumer the student ensured that every computation needed

is systematically computed. The purpose of this is to make sure that the problems are minimized to the


The purpose of water distribution system is to deliver water to consumer with appropriate quality,

quantity and pressure. Water distribution system is used to supply water from its source to the point of

usage. Water quality should not get deteriorated in the distribution of pipes. This project is capable of

supplying water at all intended places with sufficient pressure head and the layout should be such that no

consumer would be without water supply, during repair of any section of the system.


The project aims to practice and apply the knowledge that the students had acquired in hydraulics

which taught the student how every system in water distribution works. The project is a design of water

distribution in a village. The design that needed for this project are Housing Plan, Elevation (Topographic

Map) and Water Distribution Plan. The computations that will be used for this project are Flow Rate and

Head Loss, Computation for Pumps and Turbines and Computation for Pipe Diameters.
The project of water distribution must supply for only 50 houses in the village. The project only

cover the Hanes St. in San Andres, Rizal. The computation is all about water distribution system there is

no other computation used in this experiment. The goal of this project is to get the proper piping schedule

and the final water distribution system.


The project is located at Hagen St. San Andres, Rizal which is near to manggahan floodway. The

location is very convenient especially for the consumer because it is near to pharmacy, grocery, fast food

chains and many more. The project is a village consisting 50 residential houses with 1 club house. Every

street consist of 4 or 8 houses it also have two entrance gate one is from the front side and the other one

is from rear side.