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Candle In The Wind Words & Music by Elton Jobn & Bernie Tanpin © Gopyrighe 1973 for ee world by Dick James Music Limited, Chancelors House, Chancellors Road, London WG. All Rigs Reserved. Internacional Capyrigha Secured d= 128 if though I ney - er the toughest role you knew you at all. ev- erplayed Hol- ly Nor - ma Jean was tough 1. Good-bye 2. Lone-li = ness E, HTH onG# TB once while those a - round —__ youcrawled and pain. was the price you paid you had— thegrace to hold yourself —_. super star -wood cr-at - cd a 4 = SS = % — é z ss Be _E, F ee HEH onE pi ae = SS eS # They crawled outof the wood-work — and they whispered Oh the 40 in - t0___ your brain hey set you on a tread - mill ____. and press still hound - ed you all “the pa - pers had to say —— was made you change your name ad it seems tome Mar-i- lyn wasfoundin ‘the nude — And it ‘ > a SS lived your life dle in the wind know = ing —- who to cling to —____ when the rain set in Al they that you would have liked ___ tohave known you but. I was just — Your can-dle had burned__ out leg- end ever did