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Owner(s) have engaged __________ XYZ Realty to act as agent for the sale of property known as __________ and
located at __________ New York.

In return Agent will use his/her best efforts to sell the property. The Owner(s) agree to grant the agent the Open
Listing to sell this property under the following terms and conditions.

1) Time Period of Agreement: This agreement shall be in effect from __________ until the property is sold or
Agent is notified that the property is no longer available.

2) Price of Property: The property will be offered for sale at the list price of $______ and shall be sold subject to
negotiations at such price and terms which the Owner(s) may agree.

3) Commission to be Paid to Agent: The agent shall be entitled to one commission of ______% of the selling price.
Agent is due one month's rent of property is rented by Agent for Owner. All commissions are Negotiable.

4) Owner(s) Obligation after Expiration of Agreement: Owner understands and agrees to pay commission of
______% if this property is sold or transferred, or is the subject of a contract of sale within 120 days of this
agreement, expiring to anyone who was offered, quoted, shown the property by the Agent or subagent during the
time period of this Agreement. Owner will not however be obligated to pay such a commission if the owner enters
into an Exclusive Listing Agreement with another licensed real estate broker after that expiration of this agreement
or if the owner(s) sells the property themselves without any assistance from the Agent.

5) Negotiations and Deposits: Owner(s) agree to have all negotiations submitted by the Agent with buyers shown
the property with the agent or subagent. Further, all deposits shall be held by _______ XYZ Realty in its escrow
account at _______ Bank in _______ New York. Any forfeiture of the deposit by the buyer shall go 1/2 to Owner,
1/2 to ________, XYZ Realty not to exceed the commission due in #3.

6) Marketable title owners shall cooperate with the marketing of this property and shall provide at the time of
sale a good marketable title. All information given by the owners is correct to the best of their knowledge and
they give authorization to the Agent to place a For Sale sign on the property; to take interior and exterior photos of
the property; and to give listing information to buyers and subagents.

7) Nondiscrimination: It is agreed that the property is listed in full compliance of all local, state and federal fair
housing laws against discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, familial status,
age, military status or disabilities.

8) Acceptance: This is legal and binding contract. Not change, amendment, or termination of this agreement shall
be binding unless in writing and signed by both parties. By signing this agreement each party agrees to be bound
by the terms of this agreement and acknowledges that they have received a copy.
Owner ________________________________________________________ Date ________________

Owner ________________________________________________________ Date ________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone # ____________________ Attorney _______________________________________________

Acceptance by XYZ Realty _____________________________ Agent Date __________________

An "Open Listing" means that if you, the seller of the property, find a buyer for your property without assistance
from the broker you will not owe the agreed commission to the present broker. However, if a purchase offer is
accepted by you from anyone that has been sent to you, told about your property, or shown your property by the
broker you must pay the agreed upon commission to the broker.

Further, you agree that if you, or another broker, find and enter into a purchase agreement, you will notify
____________ XYZ Realty immediately.