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The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce endeavours to keep businesses informed on the policies and

positions that affect their ability to succeed in Alberta. We aim to provide our members with
information about the policy platforms of each Alberta political party. We have circulated this
questionnaire to all parties and will publish the results out to the business community on April 2, 2019.
Please limit the answers to 250 words, with references to further information if necessary.

1. Since the economic downturn began in 2014, all orders of government have piled new and
higher costs onto business. Provincial examples include corporate tax, Employment Standards
Code and Labour Relations Code changes, minimum wage and the carbon tax. How will your
party address the cost burden on business in Alberta?

2. How will your party increase investor confidence, boost private investment and grow our

3. How will your party improve Alberta’s trade-enabling infrastructure – including key projects like
pipelines – in order to ensure that our people, products and services can reach new markets?

4. Alberta currently spends $1.9 billion annually on debt servicing costs due to a string of deficits
from successive governments over the past decade.
a. Does your party have a plan to balance the budget?
b. What steps will you take to balance the budget and how long it will take?
c. What is your party’s plan to pay off the debt?

5. Alberta spends more per person than any other province on health care. What will your party do
to control health care costs, and what impact will those actions have on front-line workers and
patient outcomes?

6. 28% of Edmonton’s labour force is employed in health care, social assistance, education, and
community and government services. How will your approach to the provincial budget impact
these workers?

7. What is your position on the need to diversify Alberta’s economy and what actions (if any)
would you take towards diversification?

8. Despite the New West Partnership and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, internal trade
barriers still cost the Canadian economy as much as $130 billion each year. How does your party
plan to address these barriers and boost interprovincial trade?

9. Alberta accounts for 0.6% of global carbon emissions. How will your party address Alberta’s
contribution to the fight against climate change?