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Product Development

1. A tentative physical product or system procedure, including features and benefits, is known
as a _____ concept.

Select one:

a. Stated

b. Batch

c. Prototype

d. Product

e. Process

2. Services and goods are often arrayed on a scale which ranges from pure service to pure good.
Where does an automobile stand on this scale?

Select one:

a. Pure service

b. Primarily a goods and partly service

c. Primarily service and partly a goods

d. Pure goods

e. Partly service and partly a goods

3. Launching a product is also known as:

Select one:

a. Distribution

b. Campaigning

c. Commercialization

d. Marketing

e. Market testing
Product Development

4. he greatest number of product ideas are eliminated by _____.

Select one:

a. Attribute testing

b. Preference testing

c. Market testing

d. The PIC

e. Prototype testing

5. Which of the following is typically generated during the development phase of the new
products process?

Select one:

a. Full screened concept

b. Stated concept

c. Process concept

d. Tested concept

e. Protocol concept

6. Which of the following statements is true regarding a concept statement?

Select one:

a. It describes the technology to be used for manufacturing the product.

b. It lists the guidelines for developing the new product.

c. It discusses the results of prototype testing.

d. It describes various financial aspects of the new product, like budget allocation and expected

e. It states a difference and how that difference benefits the customer.

7. Which of the following is most likely to be the first purpose of concept testing?

Select one:

a. Identifying very poor concepts for early elimination

b. Estimating the likely sales or trial rate.

c. Identifying the technology needed for development.

d. Refining revenue estimates claimed by marketers.

Product Development

e. Identifying the problems faced by the customers.

8. For a(n) _____ concept, both market value and clarity are the lowest.

Select one:

a. Process

b. Protocol

c. Stated

d. Opportunity

e. Tested

9.Which of the following is the biggest cause of new product failure?

Select one:

a. The new product was not distributed through an appropriate channel of distribution

b. The new product was very costly

c. The intended buyer did not see a need for the item

d. The new product idea was not properly communicated to the intended user

e. The new product did not meet its need

10 .This format of a concept statement captures the advantages of the prototype without most of the

Select one:

a. Physical prototype

b. Virtual reality

c. Diagram

d. Verbal description

e. Written description