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Personal Profile

PHD candidate in Communication for Development at Lusófona University

of Porto – Portugal (Finalist in 2019). MSc in Corporate Social
Responsibility & Sustainability at Aston University – UK. BA in Social
Communication - Catholic University of Salvador – Brazil. Advanced
Studies in C4D at Malmo University – Sweden and in Storytelling at New
Economics Foundation - London.
Experience covers more than 16 years working in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia & Pacific with emphasis in:

• Communication for Development approaches Highlights in C4D

• Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
• Planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation
• Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
• Digital and indigenous media
• Socio environmental impact M&E and reporting
• Behavioural change communication
• Research and Development
• Community mobilisation
• Capacity building
• Advocacy
•Corporate Communications
• Fundrasing & resource mobilisation
for Development
& Social Change
Communication for Development

Challenge background

1. UNICEF has been successfully working in partnership with the Angola Government
in special programmes such as "11 Commitments to Children" under the
SDGs. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all children in the country have access to their
basic rights and enjoy a better quality of life.

2. “All In to end adolescent AIDS” is an adolescent –inspired platform for collaboration to

amplify and accelerate the work being done by governments, international organizations,
civil society and the private sector to fast track results with and for adolescents.
Communication for Development & Social Change

Strategic C4D planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation campaigns: vaccination,

WASH and Children’s Rights. (Angola)
Communication for Development & Social Change

Research development on HIV/AIDS prevention using C4D approaches and digital marketing for
behavioral change amongst youth (Thailand, India, China, Philippines and Indonesia)
Communication for Development & Social Change

Challenges background

1. The Delegation of European Union in Angola is the founder

the PASS II Programme which is supported by the Public Health Sector.
This initiative aims to improve the Maternal and Child Health conditions
in this country.

2. The European Union is the sponsor of the Programme Climate Kic which
aims to develop a economy based on low carbon emissions around Europe.
Communication for Development & Social Change

Consultancy for elaboration of the C4D strategy, action plan and M&E tools for
three years project’s cycle – 2014 to 2017
Communication for Development & Social Change

Research development: benchmarking and

case studies production about sustainable practices (Finland and England)
Communication for Development & Social Change

Knowledge management and media advocacy_digital media (Brazil)

Communication for Development & Social Change

Socio-environmental Journalism on SDGs issues (USA/Angola/Israel/Brazil)

Communication for Development & Social Change

Media Advocacy _Content for newspaper (Angola)

Communication for Development & Social Change

Media Advocacy (Angola)

C4D &
Sustainable Development
C4D & Sustainable Development


The United Nations Development Programme – UNDP in

Angola develops a strategy to increase the knowledge and
participation of the private partners in the country on the principles
of Social Responsibility (CSR) following the UN Global Compact called:
Angolan Social Responsibility Network.

Communication coordinator of Angolan Network of Social Responsibility
and Sustainability from 2011-2014
C4D & Sustainable Development

Advocacy and awareness-raising activities to promote the CSR network (Angola)

C4D & Sustainable Development

Green Innovations is a holding company specialized in long-term projects that provide
solutions at scale to some of the world’s challenges contributing to United Nations’
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its portfolio companies contribute to economic
growth, driving sustainable development in biotech, namely: biotech, hi-tech, leisure, social
ventures and development for impact.

C4D activities: drafting impact report, website content, impact storytelling and cases
Sustainable Development: Research and development, capacity building, monitoring,
evaluation and reporting of sustainable practices (connected with the SDGs aligned to
business strategies) between sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Europe.
C4D & Sustainable Development

Impact assessment and reporting / Literacy activities about the SDGs incorporated into businesses
C4D & Sustainable Development

Capacity building on the SGDs and C4D approaches for social entrepreneurs (Brazil)
C4D & Sustainable Development


Founded in 2006 the Art and Culture Foundation is a public non-profit organization
part of CSR initiatives in this country. Its goal is to provide social support to the
community development and children’s wellbeing in Angola with projects in the
areas, such as: Culture, Education and Social Entrepreneurship.

Deputy Director - responsible for supervising 12 active projects, managing HR global
budget, institutional communication, being the official spokesperson of the NGO.
C4D & Sustainable Development

Project design, coordination and monitoring evaluation of 12 projects

C4D strategies:
Fundraising, Advocacy, Community Mobilisation.
C4D & Sustainable Development

Coordinator of Eco-friendly
education program
“Kamba Verde”

Entertainment Education
C4D & the Public Sector
C4D & the Public Sector

Behavioral Change Communication strategies for the Luanda Provincial Government

Corporate Communications

Design and implementation for Corporate communications

and marketing related to causes (various sectors)
Corporate Communications
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