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A Study on Leadership Questionnaire

1. Gender

a. Male b. Female

2. Age

a.18 b.19 c.20 d.21

3. Dicipline

a. Engineering bards &Sciences censuring d.Management

4. Do you think that you have the capability to be a good leader?

a.to a great extent b.somewhat c. very little d.not at all

5. Do you to like to learn new things?

a,always b.very often c.sometimes d.rarely

6. Do you influence others and get support?

7... Do you like to listen to people and talk to them?

8. Are you a diplomatic person?

9. Do you set goals for the future?

10. Do you make progressive plan?

11. Do you have long term Vision & Mission?

12. Do you have trust & integrity?

13. How crucial is building group morale to you?

14. Do you available whenever neede?

15. Do you delegate the work to appropriate person? Whenever needed?

16. Which of the following style suites you?

a. If I order, I anticipate others to follow it (Auto Critics)?

b.Mostly, I delegate the authority7 to others (democratic)

c. I give full freedom to make decision & did bit give directions to others (Laissez -

d. I take care & guide my subordinates like a parents. (Paternalistic)

17. E. I struggle to inspire my subordinates to 20 more than excepted o


18. Do you motivate others for better performance?

19. Do you feel vulnerable when you are questioned about your decision?

20. If anything go wrong, are you willing to take responsibility of the issue?