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BLDG. 44 LOT 31, ROAD 1901, Blk. 903
Bukowarah, Riffa, Bahrain
Contact no. (+973)36511991
E-mail address: kbentazal@ymail.com



Highly enthusiastic Nurse with contagious and positive work ethics. Looking for a
Registered Nurse position in a prestigious institution using exceptional skills in
assessing and screening, and carrying out prescribed treatment of patients to support
the long-term mission of the facility.


 REGISTERED NURSE and a Licensure Examination Board Passer in the

 NHRA Registered Nurse in Bahrain
 A consistent Dean’s lister for the Academic Year 2007-2011.
 Graduated as a Special Academic Awardee year 2011.
 7 years experience in nursing practice.
 3 years experience in various general hospitals and specialized areas as a
nurse trainee (internship) such as Secondary and Tertiary General Hospitals,
Veteran Hospital, Lung Center of the Philippines, Mandaluyong Mental
Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital, San Lazaro Hospital for Contagious Diseases,
Lying Inns.
 Rotated to all Hospital areas during internship such as OPD (Out- patient),
Emergency Department, Medical Ward, Ob-Gyne Ward, Pediatric Department,
Operating Room, Labor Room, ICU, NICU, PICU, and Recovery Room.
 Currently working as a Staff Nurse in Medical/Surgical Ward.
 Highly skilled in assessing, planning, implementing, documenting,
coordinating, and managing patient care in keeping with facility and hospital
 In-depth knowledge of communicating and collaborating with patients,
families, physicians and other health care professionals in achieving quality in
patient care
 Thorough understanding of assessing patients to recognize suitable nursing
 Solid track record of providing exceptional patient care.
 Able to handle emergency situations in an opportune and safe manner.
 Well-versed in administering medications and treatments as prescribed by a
 Particularly effective in assisting physicians and healthcare professionals
during surgery and other medical procedures.
 Competent at recognizing the existence of intellectual differences and utilizing
proper resources obtainable throughout the Hospital.
 Able to respond to the requirements of the pediatric, adolescent, adult and
elderly patient, family members and visitors.

 Knowledge of techniques required for treating and diagnosing deformities,
diseases, and human injuries.
 Immunization
 Knowledge of human nature and performance
 Patient care plans
 Primary care
 Infection control
 Administration of medication
I. Staff Nurse (Medical/Surgical Ward/OB Ward/)
Middle East Hospital
Rd No. 28, Block No. 328, Building, 105
Manama, Segaya، Manama
August 2018-Present
 Conducts an individualized patient assessment, prioritizing the data
collection based on the adult or elderly patient’s immediate condition
or needs within timeframe specified by client facility’s policies,
procedures or protocols.
 Conducts ongoing assessments as determined by the adult or elderly
patient’s condition and/or the client facility’s policies, procedures or
protocols and reprioritizes care accordingly.
 Develops plan of care that is individualized for the adult or elderly
patient reflecting collaboration with other members of the healthcare
 Performs appropriate treatments as ordered by physician in an
accurate and timely manner.
 Performs therapeutic nursing interventions as established by
individualized plan of care for the adult or elderly patient and his/her
 Provides individualized patient/family education customized to the
adult or elderly patient and his/her family.
 Documents patient assessment findings, physical/psychosocial
responses to nursing intervention and progress towards problem
 Initiates emergency resuscitative measures according to adult
resuscitation protocols. Maintains confidentiality in matters related to
patient, family and client facility staff. Provides care in a non-
judgmental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to the adult
or elderly patient’s and family’s diversity, preserving their autonomy,
dignity and rights.
 Reports patient condition to appropriate personnel during each shift.
• Maintains current competency in adult medical surgical nursing.
II. Staff Nurse
Dr. Lamya’s Laser Specialist and Dental Center
Shop 12, Building 649, Road 1509, Block 915
The Walk, Riffa Bahrain
June 2013 to July 2018

 Assisting dentists and other dental care professionals in the practice.

 Careful sterilizing of dental instruments to ensure sterile conditions.
 Ensuring that the dental surgery health and safety policy is adhered to.
 Managing the clinic specialist dentist diary.
 Taking notes from dentists dictation for a patients records.
 Explaining to patients what their treatment entails.
 Working at the reception of the clinic, welcoming patients, booking them
in then directing them to the waiting room.
 Making appointments and taking payments.
 Supervising trainee dental nurses.
 Administrative duties like maintaining a patients' dental record.
 Taking X-rays of patients and then using these to diagnose a patient
dental conditions.
 Making models of patients' teeth.
 Assisting dental care professionals with procedures such as endodontic,
implantology, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and laser treatments.
 Pre-operative and Post-Operative Care to patients.
 Preparing the surgery for dental treatment.
 Using dental software package to input future appointments.
 Assisting in patient’s referral to hospitals for major surgeries and other

III. Staff Nurse

MKT Medical Clinic
Atis St. Golden Acres Subd. Las Pinas City
May 2011 to May 2013.
Timing: 8am to 5 pm (9 hours duty/ 5 days a week)
 Develop nursing care treatment plans.
 Treat patients for illness or injury and perform routine lab work.
 Educate patients.
 Having excellent communication skills, ability to empathize to gain a
patients trust and confidence.
 Supervise other staff including other nurses.
 At a practical level, working in recovery, duties include airway management,
pain management, monitoring temperature, blood pressure, pulse,
respiration rates, giving injections and administering medications, care of
dressings and drains and administering blood transfusions
 Assist doctors.
 Assisted for in patient confinement ranges from children to adult.
 Performed and Assisted in Normal Spontaneous Delivery.
 Facilitated admission discharges and transfer.
 Prepared chart notes and other documentations.
 Experience of collecting and recording study data of ECG's, Blood Pressure,
pulse, temperature and samples.

IV. Customer Service Representative

(Tele performance-night shift)
January 2012 May 2013.
At&T Prepaid Account
Timing: 10 pm- 6am


 Basic Life Support (CPR PRO) on December 29, 2017 accredited by
ASHI/ NHRA(Bahrain).
 Patient Safety and Priorities on July 29 &30 2018 accredited by NHRA
 Health Care Accreditation on August 1 &2, 2018 accredited by NHRA
 Monitoring Patient using Early Warning Scoring System on November
4, 2018 accredited by NHRA. (Bsahrain)
 Pediatric Nursing, Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses
and Newborn Screening at Colegio de Sta. Monica Amphitheater on10,
March 2011.
 Community Health Nursing at CSM Amphitheater on 2, March 2011.
 Communicable Disease at CSM Amphitheater on 3, March 2011.
 Nursing Theories and Nursing Process held at Colegio de Sta. Monica
Amphitheater on 17, February 2011.
 Demystifying Nursing Research: Lifelong Path to Evidence-Based
Nursing Practice Philippine Trade Center on 29, January 2011.
 CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer at Colegio de Sta. Monica
conducted by Community Health Education Emergency Rescue Services
on 15, November 2010.
 First Aid with Disaster Management & Mass Casualty Incident at
Colegio de Sta. Monica conducted by Community Health Education
Emergency Rescue Services on 15, November 2012.
 Oxygenation and Hematologyheld at Colegio de Sta. Monica
Amphitheateron 23, March 2011.
 IV CANNULATION Seminar held at Colegio de Sta. Monica
Amphitheateron 23, March 2011

Tertiary : Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Colegio de Sta. Monica
#98 Marcos Alvarez, Talon Uno Las Piñas City

Secondary : Filamer Christian College

Roxas Avenue, Roxas City

Elementary : Minoro Elementary School

Minoro, MambusaoCapiz

Awards : Special Academic Awardee 2011

: Honor Student 2007
: Valedictorian 2003

Age : 27years old
Birthday : June 9, 1991
Place of Birth : MambusaoCapiz, Philippines
Civil Status : Married
Nationality : Filipino
Religion : Iglesia Ni Cristo

Assistant Vice President
Account Management
Gulf International Bank B.S.C.
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
(+973)17522660/ (+973)36513573


M.B. Ch. B., Arad Board
Consultant Ob / Gym
Dr. Basma ABDULFATIH Ob/ Gyn Clinic
Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain
(+973) 39960606


Senior Resident Dentist at Dr.Lamya’s LSDC
Muharraq/Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain
(+973) 36687715


Nurse In-Charge M/S Ward
Middle East Hospital, Segaya, Kingdom of Bahrain
(+973) 39820983