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This Exclusive AUTHORITY TO SELL is hereby given to

_______________________________________________________________________________, with
address at ______________________________________________________, under the following terms
and conditions:

1. That the property to be offered for sale and is the subject of this Authority is described as follows
(hereinafter referred to as the “PROPERTY”);

Address/Location : ______________________________________________

Lot Area : ______________________________________________

Brief Description : ______________________________________________


OCT/TCT/CCT No. : _______________ on file with the Register of Deeds of


Tax Declaration Nos. : Lot : __________________________

Improvement(s): __________________________

Registered Owner(s) : ______________________________________________

2. That the aforedescribed Property shall be offered on a straight sale basis at the gross price of
(PhP__________________), subject to further upward or downward adjustment in the future by the
undersigned, payable in cash or whatever payment mode or scheme that I/we may agree on with a
prospective buyer;

3. That the payment of the corresponding capital gains tax or expanded withholding tax (whichever is
applicable) shall be for my/our account. The documentary stamp tax shall be for the account of the
_______________; other miscellaneous and incidental costs and expenses to be incurred in the process
of securing the clearance and approval of the BIR, shall be for my/our sole and exclusive account. Any
unpaid real property taxes, utility bills and homeowner’s/association dues, shall also be for my/our
account. The payment of the transfer fees, sale registration expenses, transfer of title and all Registry
of Deeds-related costs, expenses, fees, charges as well as other miscellaneous and incidental expenses
to be incurred in the process of securing the new title in the name of the buyer, shall be for the
exclusive account of the buyer. Legal documentation expenses, if any, as well as the notarial expenses
shall be for the account of the _________.

4. That in the event of sale, the property shall be delivered and conveyed to the buyer free and clear of
any liens and encumbrances. If necessary, the property shall also be cleared of and vacated by all
tenants and/or occupants;
5. That in consideration for services in the event of sale,
__________________________________________________________________________ shall be
entitled to receive a commission equivalent to _____ Percent (__%) of the gross and actual selling
price, whether documented or not, and shall be paid immediately at closing date upon receipt of the
full sales proceeds in cash free and clear of any charges. If the payment of the sales considerations is
made in installments, the abovementioned agents commission shall also be paid on a pro-rata basis;

6. That this AUTHORITY TO SELL shall take effect from the date of acceptance herein by
_______________________________________________________________________ and shall
continue to be valid and effective for a period of __________________ (___) days from the date hereof
or until the receipt by the Broker of the full payment of his/her commission pursuant to Paragraph 5
above. If necessary, this Authority may be further extended or renewed upon my/our mutual

7. Hold-over Clause. In the event the Property is sold to a buyer to whom has offered to and/or negotiated
with and accordingly registered the name and identity to me/us in writing during the effectivity of this
AUTHORITY TO SELL, he/she shall be entitled to receive the same commission due him/her if the sale
is consummated, executed or finally closed within ___________________ (___) days from the date of
the expiry of this AUTHORITY TO SELL or any extension date thereof;

8. That I/We am willing to provide to ______________________________________________________

any of his/her prospective buyers any and all property information, data and documents, if required.

9. That I/We are the registered owner in fee simple of the Property and that I/we have the legal authority
to dispose of the same.




Date:______________, 200_

Note : Attached are copies of the title, tax declaration(s), Lot Plan and Vicinity Plan.