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monday, january 9, 2017

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Former Iranian CPI(M) central Roberto Bautista Trump defends Russia

President Rafsanjani committee censures Agut claims Chennai outreach amid U.S.
dies at 82 V.S. Achuthanandan Open tennis title intelligence criticism
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PAC sends questions Note ban critics revere black money: PM Aadhaar must for
to RBI Governor
NEW DELHI: The Public Accounts
Committee of Parliament has
Modi thanks Modi thinking of Minister also met French
Foreign Minister Jean Marc
sent a questionnaire to RBI diaspora for next generation: FM Ayrault, who began his Other proofs of
Governor Urjit Patel and other support on three-day visit from the city,
NEW DELHI: Prime Minister and discussed bilateral co- identity will be
top officials on demonetisation.
The committee is headed by demonetisation Narendra Modi is thinking operation in the area of nuc- allowed till March 31
Congress leader K.V. Thomas. of the next generation lear energy, space and ‘Make
Besides Mr. Patel, Finance SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT while Congress vice- in India’ programme. NEW DELHI: From April 1, work-
Secretary Ashok Lavasa and president Rahul Gandhi In another interaction ers in rural areas enrolled un-
Economic Affairs Secretary BENGALURU: Hitting out at op- was only looking at how to with Suriname Vice-Presid- der the Mahatma Gandhi Na-
Shaktikanta Das will appear ponents of demonetisation, disrupt the next session of ent Micheal Ashwin Adhin, tional Rural Employment
before the committee. Prime Minister Narendra Parliament, Union Finance Mr. Modi promised to help Guarantee Scheme
Modi on Sunday termed Minister Arun Jaitley said the country become a hub (MGNREGS), must have an
쐍 NEWS | PAGE 12 those opposed to the move for Ayurveda in South Aadhaar card.
in a blog on two months of
Activists get bail after ‘political worshippers of demonetisation on America. Both countries re- Those who have re-
four years in jail black money’ (Black money Sunday. He said the airmed support for India’s gistered under the scheme
ke rajnitik poojari). WELCOMING DIASPORA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking inconveniences were now bid for permanent member- will be required to give fur-
NEW DELHI: After to close to four Black money and corrup- at the inauguration of the 14th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in receding. PAGE 12 ship of the expanded U.N. nish proof of possession of
years in jail as undertrials, three tion had been slowly eating Bengaluru on Sunday. — PHOTO: K. MURALIKUMAR Security Council, the MEA Aadhaar or undergo the en-
activists of Kabir Kala Manch, a into the country’s economy, spokesperson said, adding rolment process till March
Mumbai-based culture troupe, politics and society, and the the 14th Pravasi Bharatiya Di- “It is very sad to see some monetisation. “For me, FDI that Mr. Modi also discussed 31, a senior oicial in the Cab-
under investigation for carrying government took the re- vas convention here. “It is black money supporters ma- has two meanings. One is the bilateral issues with a deleg- inet Secretariat said. How- getting the 12-digit unique
out terrorism-related activities sponsibility of fighting these, unfortunate that some polit- ligning the moves against foreign direct investment ation from Malaysia. ever, till an Aadhaar card is identification number.
along with Maoists, were the Prime Minister said at ical worshippers of black corruption,” Mr. Modi said, and the other ‘First Develop- obtained, ration card, driving The government has in-
released on bail by the Supreme the end of his 40-minute money are terming our move while thanking the Indian di- ment of India’.” 쐍 BLOOD TIES MATTER, licence, voter identity card, voked Section 7 of the
Court. speech at the inauguration of anti-people,” he said. aspora for supporting de- On Sunday, the Prime SAYS PM | PAGE 13 Kisan passbook with photo, Aadhaar Act, 2016, which
쐍 NATION | PAGE 9 job card issued under the mandates that when the gov-
MGNREGS and a certificate ernment gives subsidy, bene-
Doubts over Hyderabad Mulayam asserts leadership; issued by a gazetted oicer
or a tehsildar will be admiss-
ible as proof of identity to get
fit or service from the Con-
solidated Fund of India
(CFI), an individual can be
hosting Bangladesh Test SP war has no sign of let-up the benefits.
Those who have applied
asked to undergo authentica-
tion or furnish proof of pos-
for Aadhaar can produce session of Aadhaar. — PTI
SPORTS BUREAU was “no way backing out their enrolment slip or a
from hosting the Test.” OMAR RASHID Uttar Pradesh,” Mr. Singh copy of the application for 쐍 CONTINUED ON PAGE 12
EDUCATIONPLUS MUMBAI: The Hyderabad dismissed as ‘illegal’ the de-
Cricket Association (HCA) TNCA’s stand LUCKNOW/ NEW DELHI: Had Mu- cisions taken at the “national
4 Pages
4 Pages
has reportedly expressed its
inability to stage the one-of
Test against Bangladesh
In another development,
the Tamil Nadu Cricket As-
sociation (TNCA) has told
layam Singh not taken the
battle to the Election Com-
mission (EC), there may
convention” — allegedly
scripted by Ramgopal Yadav
— here on January 1.
Fuel dealers defer card
from February 8 to 12 at the
Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.
the BCCI that it cannot con-
duct the two under-19 ‘Tests’
have been “a possibility” of
some compromise between ‘Shivpal U.P. unit chief’ refusal till January 13
A top-ranking oicial of between India and England the two factions of the Sama- In the presence of Rajya
the Board of Control for in Chennai in February be- jwadi Party, sources in the Sabha MP Amar Singh, Mr. STAFF REPORTER on credit/debit card transac-
Cricket in India (BCCI) told cause of a “hectic city cricket Akhilesh Yadav camp said on Mulayam asserted here that tions was hitting their
The Hindu that the HCA ap- schedule.” Its secretary clari- Sunday. Mulayam Singh, along with his brother Shivpal Yadav, MANGALURU: Hours after decid- profits. “We have received an
parently cited lack of funds fied that the decision had But since the battle is now Amar Singh, speaks to who has headed the anti- ing to refuse card payments oicial communication from
as the reason. nothing to do with the Lodha in the EC which will decide the media in New Delhi. Akhilesh camp, continues to at fuel pumps from Monday oil marketing companies that
Committee’s recommenda- which faction will get the bi- — PHOTO: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA be the president of the Uttar to protest some banks levy- the transaction charges have
Funds sought tions, the Supreme Court or- cycle symbol, the Yadav Pradesh unit of the Sama- ing the Merchant Discount been deferred till January 13.
However, HCA secretary der or the Bengaluru meet- scion is not willing to give an he was still the party boss. jwadi Party. Rate for purchases, dealers Hence, we have put of the
K. John Manoj clarified that ing on Saturday. inch. Saying “I am the national deferred their decision till stir,” said Ajay Bansal, pres-
the association had only The assertions came on a president of Samajwadi 쐍 CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 January 13. They argued that ident of the All India Petro-
written to the BCCI seeking 쐍 A TWIST TO THE day when Mr. Mulayam Party and Akhilesh Yadav is 쐍 BSP ANNOUNCES 101 the levy of 1 per cent and leum Dealers Association.
funds to stage the match and HYDERABAD TALE | PAGE 17 Singh asserted in Delhi that (only) the Chief Minister of MORE CANDIDATES | PAGE 12 between 0.25 and 1 per cent (With PTI inputs)

Dismissed Merchant Five killed as car crashes into Lucknow night shelter Allow scrutiny of
DU records: CIC
Navy oicer kills LUCKNOW: Five labourers were
killed and as many others in-
jured when a speeding car
lice said.
The incident took place
around 2 a.m. when 35 la-
ent of Police Manzil Saini
While four labourers died NEW DELHI: The Central In-

father, goes berserk rammed a night shelter

housing 35 daily wagers at
Dalibag locality in Hazrat-
bourers were sleeping inside
the night shelter and the car
rammed it.
on the spot, one died during
treatment at a trauma centre
formation Commission has
directed Delhi University to
allow inspection of records
SHUBHOMOY SIKDAR ganj in the early hours of The car was allegedly be- Four of the victims were related to all the BA students
Sunday. ing driven at high speed identified as Prithviraj, Ab- of 1978, the year the Univer-
NEW DELHI: A dismissed Mer- The two occupants of the when the accident took dul Kalam, Gokaran and sity says Prime Minister Nar-
chant Navy oicer allegedly car -- Ayush Kumar Rawat, place. Devraj, all aged between 30 endra Modi cleared the
slit his father’s throat and in- son of a former Samajwadi “Two of the accused, who and 37 years. examination.
flicted stab and burn injuries Party MLA, and Nikhil Arora were drunk, have been arres- All the victims were daily
on a dozen others, including were allegedly drunk and ted and car has also been wage earners from eastern The night shelter on the busy Daliganj Road in Lucknow
several policemen, at Ajanta have been arrested, the po- seized,” Senior Superintend- Uttar Pradesh. - PTI where five labourers were killed on Sunday. - PHOTO: RAJEEV BHATT 쐍 DETAILS ON | PAGE 12
Apartments in Madhu Vihar
here on Sunday.
After Rahul went on the
rampage, stabbing his father
35 times, he set himself
ablaze in a neighbour’s kit-
chen in an attempt to prevent
the police from overpower-
ing him.
The deceased, R.P. Matta,
60, who stayed with his mar-
ried younger son in Canada,
had come to India about two Deceased R.P. Matta.
months ago to resolve a dis- - PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
pute between the mother
and son over the latter’s rushed upstairs to the Mat-
marriage. tas’ flat but was attacked by
Rahul. In the meantime, a po-
Argued many times lice team also reached the
According to neighbours, apartment.
the father-son duo had ar- Deputy Commissioner of
gued several times over the Police (East) Omvir Singh
past few weeks. Mr. Matta Bishnoi said: “We freed Ms.
had even disowned his son, Bansal, but when the police-
following which the resid- men tried to overpower
ents’ welfare association had Rahul, he attacked them too.”
banned Rahul’s entry to the In the ensuing melee,
apartment. Rahul ran out, entered a
Defying the ban and neighbour’s flat on the third
armed with a chopper, Rahul floor and locked himself up
turned up at the apartment in the kitchen. He then
gate around 2 p.m. on turned on the LPG stove
Sunday. “When the guard knob, filling the room with
tried to stop him, he was as- inflammable gas.
saulted. As the guard fell to
the ground, Rahul proceeded Eforts fail
towards his first-floor flat. “When all eforts to per-
The guard immediately aler- suade him to come out failed,
ted the manager of the apart- our men decided to break
ment, who, in turn, informed open the door. When they
the police” said a neighbour. barged in, Rahul set the room
ablaze with a matchstick.
Mother away The fire engulfed the room
At the time of the incident, injuring him and many of the
Rahul’s mother was not at policemen,” said Mr.
home. Following an argu- Bishnoi.
ment with his father, Rahul Mr. Bishnoi said at least
slit his throat and repeatedly four sub-inspectors sufered
stabbed him. severe burns.
Hearing the commotion,
Renu Bansal, a neighbour, 쐍 SEE ALSO | PAGE 3


Kathputli Colony residents ‘slum’ it for better future

Families who have agreed to shift to the transit camp are
EDMC to get ‘advance’ funds
With sanitation workers on strike, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia
DELHI Calling all readers to connect with us for all things Delhi at

twitter - @DelhiConnect
slowly beginning to adjust to their new life Page 4 said ₨119 crore has been released to the EDMC Page 5 CONNECT www.facebook.com/NewDelhiConnect

student from
Delhi killed
A step in the right direction Book-lovers’ paradise

New Delhi railway station is all set to get more escalators and elevators
in accident SIDHARTHA ROY the the Divisional Railway
NAGPUR: Two persons,
Manager said.
including an Indian NEW DELHI: By mid-2017, pas- One foot over bridge at the
Institute of sengers at the New Delhi railway station, which is at
Management (IIM) railway station will no longer the extreme left of the sta-
Nagpur student from break into sweat while walk- tion building if one ap-
Delhi, were killed and ing to their respective plat- proaches from the Ajmeri
five other students forms. Gate side, has been installed
injured when the car along with escalators to
they were travelling in “Staircase free” reach every platform.
collided with a truck on With more escalators be- Apart from escalators to
Kamptee Road in the ing added and elevators to be reach each of the 16 plat-
early hours of Sunday, commissioned soon, the rail- forms, the authorities also
the police said. way station is going to be- aim to provide at least one el-
come nearly “staircase free”. evator at each platform. Sites
On the way for picnic The railway station for these elevators have
The car occupants already has 16 operational es- FOR PASSENGER CONVENIENCE: The railway station already has 16 already been identified and
were on their way for a calators, one each for its 16 materials for their construc-
picnic at Pench
operational escalators, one each for its 16 platforms.
National Park. platforms. With seven new — FILE PHOTO: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA tion have also arrived.
The student has been escalators to be added this
year, the total number by the He said that elevators We will have more escalators Delhi Metro model
identified as 26-year-
old Durgesh Chauhan, a end of 2017 would stand at 23. would have become opera- at the railway station in a few According to sources, the AN OLD FAVOURITE: Despite the ongoing book fair at Pragati Maidan, book lovers and
resident of Delhi. tional at the station by now if months,” Mr. Arora said. Delhi Division of Northern loyalists still made a beeline for the Daryaganj book bazaar on Sunday.
The other deceased Elevators to make debut not for the heavy rush of pas- Railway is trying to follow — PHOTO: SUSHIL KUMAR VERM
has been identified as Apart from escalators, el- sengers during the recent ‘More accessible’ the Delhi Metro model of op-
30-year-old Nitish evators are soon going to festive season, followed by He added that the plan to erating escalators and elevat-
Ramteke, who was at make a debut at the New the dense spell of fog. install more escalators and ors at its stations.
the wheel when the
accident happened,
according to the police.
The injured students,
Delhi railway station. By the
end of 2017, the railway au-
thorities plan to install nine
elevators at the station.
He said staircases have to
be closed for elevators to be
installed, which was not pos-
sible due to the rush.
elevators at the station was
to make it passenger-
friendly, particularly for the
diferently-abled and senior
“Though Delhi Metro sta-
tions don’t see as many pas-
sengers with heavy luggage
as railway stations do, they
JNU gender panel elections
who have been
admitted to Mayo
Hospital, hail from
“The elevators will be
commissioned as soon as we
provide space for them,” said
“In the last two years, 16
escalators have come up at
the railway station. Though
“The face of the railway
station will change soon, as
still keep working even when
installed at entry points
where the machines are ex-
delayed by over nine months
Odisha, Nagpur, Arun Arora, the Divisional work on installation of more we are making it more ac- posed to the elements,” said NEW DELHI: The protracted “We will propose holding
Haryana and The polls could not
Railway Manager, Delhi Di- escalators was closed due to cessible for the diferently- an oicial, who did not wish tussle between the Jawa- of elections once classes re-
Hyderabad. — PTI be held in April as
vision. the rush, it has started again. abled and senior citizens,” to be named. harlal Nehru University sume after the winter break,”
(JNU) administration and the sedition row had he added.
students over a host of issues Earlier, election to
sparked controversies
L-G stresses on cleanliness after first inspection has not only caused turbu-
lence on the campus but also
delayed the election process
on the campus
GSCASH would coincide
with JNUSU polls. However,
in order to maintain the
JATIN ANAND corridor, Press Enclave moval of malba from pave- an implementable ‘parking at the politically active insti- staf and representatives sanctity of the gender panel
Road, from Aurobindo Marg ments and public spaces, policy’ with active participa- tution for over nine months. from the JNU Students’ as non-political body, it was
NEW DELHI: Lieutenant-Gov- to Ring Road including Saf- providing children with pub- tion from stakeholders like The election to the post of Union, JNU Oicers’ Associ- decided three years ago to
ernor Anil Baijal on Sunday darjung Hospital and R.K. lic spaces by freeing parks of the municipal corporations, student representatives on ation and JNU Staf hold the two polls separately.
spoke about how the Capital Puram, and Munirka on garbage and parked vehicles, DDA, Transport Depart- the Gender Sensitisation Association. Though election is not
urgently needed a parking outer Ring Road. besides beautification of ment, PWD and the Delhi Committee Against Sexual contested on the basis of or-
policy, besides ensuring that The L-G was accompanied areas under flyovers and un- Police. Harassment (GSCASH), Constant tussle ganisations or a candidate’s
public parks are only used by by various oicials, includ- clogging u-turns,” said a Mr. Goyal, meanwhile, has which deals with complaints “The university adminis- political ideology, most can-
citizens, especially children, ing Puneet Goyal, Commis- senior oicial from the L-G’s been assigned as the nodal of sexual harassment at the tration and students have didates are supported by or-
for physical activity, instead sioner of South MCD; Uday Secretariat. oicer in his jurisdiction for university, are conducted in been engaged in a tussle fol- ganisations on campus.
of becoming dumping Pratap Singh, Vice-Chair- dealing with issues related to April every year. The polls lowing the February 9 incid- GSCASH, which works as
grounds for construction L-G Anil Baijal man of the Delhi Develop- Bats for public parks cleanliness and waste dis- could not be held last time as ent. Now, the authorities an autonomous body, was
waste or garbage. ment Authority; and K. The oicial added that Mr. posal, even as the L-G direc- the sedition row had sparked have even equated protests constituted in 1999. Its three
The L-G’s observations, are expected to be taken up Kamaraj, Special Commis- Baijal stressed on the need ted that agencies concerned a series of controversies on with crime... We have not major functions are gender
which came after a visit to in a series of meetings. sioner of Police. for all agencies concerned to ensure complete removal of the campus. been able to conduct elec- sensitisation and orienta-
locations in and around According to the Raj Ni- “The L-G chaired a meet- improve the condition of malba from public spaces GSCASH comprises two tions to such a crucial body,” tion, crisis management and
Saket on Sunday to take was, the inspection included ing, where he emphasised on public parks. He also em- before releasing payment to student-elected representat- said JNUSU president Mohit mediation, and formal en-
stock of the cleanliness here, a visit to the erstwhile BRT solid waste management, re- phasised on putting in place contractors of civil works. ives, faculty members, oice Pandey. quiry and redressal. — PTI



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‘Accused had strained ties with parents’ Neighbour recalls lucky escape
STAFF REPORTER didn’t lock myself in the bath-
Mother said Rahul hit her often; father had forbidden him from visiting Ajanta Apartments home NEW DELHI: An angry man walk-
ing into your home with a Eforts to calm Rahul
SHUBHOMOY SIKDAR aged to mutter in a state of Rahul started living alone. He chopper and holding you As Mr. Sharma went closer
shock and grief, she recalled would still visit his mother, hostage is the last thing you to calm him down, Rahul al-
NEW DELHI: “I have done the how her son would hit her of- including one visit with his would expect on a lazy legedly tried to attack him.
right thing... I won’t spare ten. Her only regret, she ad- wife after getting married last Sunday afternoon. V.K. However, the actor managed
anyone who gets in my way,” ded, was that her husband did September, said the police. Sharma said he considered to escape with just a cut to
was the purported statement not disown Rahul. According to Mr. Singh, his himself extremely lucky to the palm. “I kept trying to pa-
of an “unrepentant” Rahul friend’s eforts to mend the have survived the onslaught cify him, but he said he had
Matta to the police from the Behavioural issues relationship between the from his neighbour Rahul. Neighbour V.K Sharma already killed once and
hospital, where he was taken But police investigation mother and son strained it Mr. Sharma, a professional PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT would not hesitate to kill
after killing his father and set- shows that his disagreement further. He added that Mr. actor who has been part of a again. At this, I realised that I
ting himself ablaze. with the family pre-dated his Matta himself turned against few Bollywood films, found going on, he left the main had to ensure my own safety
According to investigators, marriage by at least two Rahul in due course. He even himself in the middle of a door open,” recalled Mr. first. I went to one of the
he did not utter a word about SHOCKWAVES: Crowd gathers outside Ajanta Apartments where years. While his father had forbade his son from visiting dramatic scene rivalling any- Sharma. rooms and moved to the ad-
the motive till late on Sunday the murder took place. PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT moved to Ontario in Canada their home at Ajanta thing he has been a part of in That open door allowed joining balcony, locking my-
evening. However, they sus- in 1995 to work as a driver and Apartments. his reel life. Rahul, who had allegedly self out. Rahul followed and
pect he had been drifting sulated his strained relation- Singh said, could be Rahul’s taken his younger son Mukul DCP (East) Omvir Singh stabbed his father 36 times kept knocking, but I didn’t
away from his parents for ship with his parents and his disagreement with his with him, Rahul stayed back Bishnoi added that Rahul had Open door and inflicted injuries on an- open the door,” said Mr.
quite some time due to men- behaviour, which had turned mother Vibha, who objected at the IP Extension house once been booked in a mo- “I was in the kitchen when other neighbour, to enter Mr. Sharma.
tal illness. The simmering an- more aggressive over the to his marriage to a divorced with his mother. lestation case. Recently, I heard a commotion. Some- Sharma’s house. By the time the police ar-
ger boiled over on Sunday, years, had made matters woman. His mother is yet to He took up a job in the mer- Rahul had shared links to sev- thing was happening down- “I was in the kitchen when rived and rescued him, Rahul
they said. worse. provide her version about the chant navy, where he worked eral articles on crime, crimin- stairs, drawing the attention he entered. Initially, I did not had locked himself in the kit-
Victim Ravinder Matta’s motive behind the murder of for at least five years, said the als, conviction and people be- of many in the building, in- notice that he was carrying a chen. A part of my house was
friend Joginder Singh added Argument over marriage her husband. police. Dismissed in 2014 ing framed wrongly on his cluding my son. When he left weapon. He brandished it damaged in all the commo-
that Rahul’s statement encap- The immediate trigger, Mr. In the few words she man- over behavioural issues, Facebook profile. the house to check what was and said he would kill me if I tion, added Mr. Sharma.

Centre to review Road safety week to begin Cop stabbed, brothers held
provisions of Man stabbed to death over ₨50 STAFF REPORTER 2,153 in 2010 in Delhi, the Cap- STAFF REPORTER ted the duo sitting in a park
ital has the dubious distinc- near Masjid Moth.
PC&PNDT Act STAFF REPORTER The accused were involving around ₨50.
Being his friend, Shambhu
NEW DELHI: The 28th Road
Safety Week, which begins on
tion of recording the highest
number of road deaths,” said
NEW DELHI: Two young men al-
legedly stabbed a Delhi Po-
“Identified as Dinesh and
Yogesh, the two were drunk.
NEW DELHI: A quarrel over a consuming alcohol supported Mobin. They Monday, will include activit- K. K. Kapila, chairman of the lice constable in south Del- The constable tried to in-
STAFF REPORTER paltry sum of ₨50 resulted with the victim near both hit Malkhan with the ies such as a walk near India Geneva-based International hi’s Masjid Moth area, the quire about their condition,
in a murder, when two intention of killing him,” Gate, a conclave, a seminar Road Federation (IRF). police said on Sunday. The but was attacked,” said a
NEW DELHI: In an efort to en- men stabbed their friend
a canal when a said Joint Commissioner about the ‘four E’s’ for road The week will open with a accused are brothers and senior police oicer.
sure that criminal cases are to death in north-west scuffle broke out of Police (Crime) safety, an essay competition road safety walk from India were allegedly in an inebri-
not slapped on doctors for Delhi’s Kanjhawala on Ravindra Yadav. for school students, and a so- Gate with Union Minister of ated state when the Argument breaks out
minor ofences, the Union New Year Eve, the police consuming liquor on the cial media campaign. Transport Nitin Gadkari, patrolling policeman walked An argument broke out
Health Ministry will review said on Sunday. evening of December 31. Father’s complaint The Road Safety Week is Union Health Minister J.P. up to them and asked a few when the policeman started
certain provisions in the Mr. Yadav added that a observed each year in Janu- Nadda, Minister of Sports Vi- questions, said the police. asking them a few questions.
Pre-Conception and Pre- One accused on the run ‘Intent to kill’ complaint was filed by the ary to spread awareness, es- jay Goel and Delhi Transport One of the youths took out a
Natal Diagnostic Tech- The Delhi Police Crime According to the police, father of the deceased. As pecially among the youth. Minister Satyendar Jain ex- Cut on head knife from his pocket and
niques (PC&PNDT) Act, Branch have arrested two Shambhu disclosed per the complaint, This year’s theme is ‘Accident pected to participate. The brothers have been ar- proceeded to attack the con-
noted a senior health men for allegedly killing during interrogation that Malkhan had gone to their is painful, safety is gainful’. rested, the police said, for at- stable, who ducked for cover.
oicial. their friend, even as the he and Mobin knew neighbour’s house on Gurugram tacking constable Ashok Ku- However, he sustained an in-
third accused is on the Malkhan and that the trio December 31, but failed to Highest road deaths The Gurugram Traic Po- mar with a knife. jury while trying to evade the
Health Ministry meet run. A senior police were consuming liquor return. India accounts for 11 per lice will also observe Road He received a cut on the attack.
The oicial added that the oicer said Shambhu was near a canal that day. The next morning, his cent of global road accident Safety Week with a ‘Joy of head in the attack, but is said The accused tried to flee
matter has been looked into arrested along with his “During consumption body, riddled with injury deaths, with about 1.46 lakh Giving’ campaign where to be out of danger. The in- the spot but one of them was
at the level of Union Health associate Mobin for of alcohol, a quarrel broke marks, was found near a fatalities — a number that is senior oicers will distribute cident was reported around 3 caught by the constable. The
Minister J. P. Nadda and Wo- killing Malkhan after they out between Mobin and canal adjacent to their among the highest in the flowers and goodies to com- p.m. on Sunday. The incident police was called. A team
men and Child Develop- had a fight while Malkhan over a matter colony. world. “Despite the number muters who adhere to traic happened after the con- reached the spot and man-
ment Minister Maneka of accident deaths coming rules. The awareness week stable, who was taking a aged to apprehend the other
Gandhi, who presided over down to 1,532 in 2015 from will end on January 15. round of his beat area, spot- accused from the area.
the 25th central supervisory
board meeting
PC&PNDT, where discus-

sions were held in this re-

BJP MLA’s oice burgled DELHI TODAY
gard. STAFF REPORTER sides ransacking the whole
place. Talk: Lecture on “The ‘In-Between-
ers’: Trade, Politics and Patronage on
Minor charges NEW DELHI: Burglars allegedly the Western Coast in 1st Century AD”
As per the oicial, a top broke into the oice of BJP Sensitive data at IIC, 6.30 p.m.
Health Ministry oicial said MLA O.P. Sharma near Mr. Sharma told journal- Dance: Antardrishti: Neo-classical
innovation in Odishi by Guru Ratikant
that there were several in- Karkardooma Court in east ists that the laptop contained Mohapatra & Srjan at IHC, 7 p.m.
stances of people being Delhi and decamped with a sensitive data about the Delhi Paintings: “Remains of Ayodhya:
slapped with criminal of- laptop and a television set. Assembly. The possibility of Places of Worship" solo show of
fences for minor things, in- Just like the theft at Deputy the same group of criminals paintings by Kota Neelima at Alliance
Francaise De Delhi, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
cluding not wearing an ap- Chief Minister Manish Siso- being involved in both the in- Paintings: Solo show of paintings by
ron, not having a display dia’s oice a few days ago, the cidents cannot be ruled out Kaushlendra Pratap Singh at Triveni
board, etc. suspects in this case too as the modus operandi seems Kala Sangam, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
“Discussions were held made away with the DVR at to be similar, said the police. Exhibition: “Timeless” - a solo ex-
on a range of issues. It was Mr. Sharma’s oice, prevent- A case of burglary, tres- hibition by ceramic sculptures by
Usha Garodia at IHC, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
decided that a review will be ing the police from accessing passing and criminal con- Exhibition: “Eternal” - a solo exhibi-
conducted on certain provi- the CCTV footage. spiracy has been registered at tion of drawings and paintings by
sions so that criminal pun- Anand Vihar police station. Bhaskar Singha at IHC, 11 a.m. – 7
Wire mesh cut open p.m.
ishment is not given for A forensic team also visited Exhibition: "Remaining Colors" —
minor things,” the oicial The incident was reported the spot to gather evidence group show of paintings and sculp-
said. to the police around 8 a.m., like fingerprints. tures at Hungarian Information and
when the BJP MLA reached The police are looking for Cultural Centre, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Stop female foeticide the premises and saw the the video recorder as they Culture: Tirumala Tirupati Dev-
asthanam: Thirupavai Upanyasam by
The Act was enacted to wire mesh on the metal door suspect the miscreants might Dr. K. Ananthachariar at Lakshmi
stop female foeticide and ar- outside the oice cut open have dumped it nearby. Nrisimha Mandir, Karol Bagh, 6:30
rest the declining sex ratio and the lock broken. The police oicers said p.m.
(Mail your listings for this column
in India. The miscreants turned some materials were left un- at
It also bans sex away the CCTV cameras fo- touched at the reception area cityeditordelhi@thehindu.co.in)
determination. cussed on the main oice, be- of the oice.
The oicial said that in-
stead of slapping criminal
cases for such minor things,
there could provisions of
fines among other things.
Senior oicials of the
Health Ministry, including
Union Health Secretary C.
K. Mishra and Director Gen-
eral of Health Services Jag-
dish Prasad were present
during the meeting.

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RELOCATED As part of its in-situ redevelopment plan for Kathputli Colony (left), the Delhi Development Authority plans to shift around 3,000 residents of the slum to a transit camp (right) at Anand Parbat for a couple of years.PHOTOS: SANDEEP SAXENA, SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA

Kathputli Colony residents ‘slum’ it for a better future

Families who have agreed to shift to the transit camp are slowly beginning to adjust to their new life
SHIV SUNNY Kathputli Colony agrees to nearby that accepts the new
the plan. residents. “My nine-year-old
NEW DELHI: Tied to a pole out- While many are yet to be son was not keen to leave his
side a row of empty rooms, convinced, it is the promise old school. But we had no
two monkeys tug at the ropes of better housing and other choice. Hopefully, he will
around their necks in an at- facilities that is motivating have a better life in the new
tempt to attack the little chil- people who have moved to flat that we will be allocated,”
dren teasing them. In front of the camp to adjust to a new says Begum.
another row of empty rooms, life. At the very entrance of
a group of men practising on the camp, a model of the up- Facilities at the camp
their dhols are interrupted coming multi-storey project An oicial with the private
when two kids crash their keeps curiosity and hope developer says they are do-
cycle into the musical instru- alive in the residents. ing everything to negate the
ments. A few metres away, a losses sufered by some fam-
man barbecues chicken that ‘Willing to compromise’ ilies. “They are getting free
he will sell later in the after- “Our women were forced 24x7 water and electricity.
noon. to take a bath in the open at Their lanes are cleaned by
Relocated from Kathputli our Kathputli residence. Our our employees. We have
Colony, which had been their kids played in gutter water. three water treatment plants
home for decades, hundreds We waded through the drains that provide drinking water,”
of artists and performers are in the rainy season and in says the oicial.
slowly adjusting to a new life summer, we had no water.
at a transit camp perched Now, we have separate bath- Helping out the residents
atop a hillock in central Del- rooms and toilets with doors. The transportation and la-
hi’s Anand Parbat. Our children have space to bour costs for shifting the be-
Comprising rows and rows play and ride bicycles,” says longings of the Kathputli
of rooms, constructed on a Bittu, while practising on his TEMPORARY HOMES: The Kathputli Colony Transit Camp in central Delhi’s Anand Parbat. PHOTO: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA Colony residents are borne
secluded piece of land and dhol. by the developers, he claims.
guarded by a posse of police- The 10x12 feet cabins have “We give them ₨500 coupons
men, the Kathputli Colony no attached bathrooms or kit- on arrival and their first meal
Transit Camp might remind chens, but most residents are is on us,” says the oicial.
visitors of a World War II willing to compromise. The coupons allow them
prison camp. “We have been told it is a to buy items from a local de-
When a family first arrives matter of a couple of years. partmental store as well as
at the camp, one of the mem- We have separate and clean evening snacks and other
bers is required to be photo- bathrooms for men and wo- items from certain shops,
graphed with a slate bearing men. There is no water prob- which have been authorised
his or her survey number and lem,” says Maya, a housewife. to accept the coupons.
other details. They are then Each family that moves in
sent to complete other is allotted a room and in- More families moving in
formalities. structed not to encroach Of late, with as many as 40
upon the area outside. Those families shifting in a single
Redevelopment plan with a small family are happy. day, it is a wait for a few hours
Kathputli Colony is the “We are a family of three. I before the families can move
first slum in the city that will can accommodate two visit- in with their luggage. “We
undergo in-situ redevelop- ors in my room any time,” need to get the electricity
ment by the Delhi Develop- says Bittu. connection fixed first,” says
ment Authority (DDA) with an oicial pointing to a
the help of a private de- Cramped living space newly-arrived family.
veloper. In lieu of multi- But people with large fam- Some distance away, an-
storey flats that the de- ilies are disgruntled. other family waits outside a
veloper will build for the With seven children in her cabin as their “uneven” room
slum dwellers, it will get to family, Ruksana Begum, who is re-plastered.
use a part of the land com- relocated to the camp three To ensure peace in the
mercially. years ago, has been forced to camp, the oicials concede
accommodate her family of that they are going soft on the
Few takers nine in a tiny room. rules for now. So, despite a
While the project takes “My door doesn’t close fine of ₨50 for littering, there
shape, the residents of Kath- when all nine of us are inside has hardly been an instance
putli Colony are being shif- the room. Why should my in which a resident has been
ted to the transit camp, which teenage daughter be forced penalised. A similar attitude
has been built by the de- to sleep with the door open? has been adopted towards
veloper. However, out of the In winter we can’t even sleep encroachment.
2,800 cabins, only 900 have outside. In Kathputli Colony, As more and more families
been occupied so far. we had two rooms, a terrace shift, the spick-and-span
The attempt to move the and a verandah to ourselves,” lanes are looking more like
3,000 residents of the slum to says her husband Mo- the ones back in Kathputli
the camp started three years hammad Hasmuddin. Colony. Shacks, shops, beds,
ago, but most did not trust The gang rape of a 14-year- clay ovens, goats and house-
the authorities and there was old girl in a public toilet in the LEAP OF FAITH: New arrivals (left) to the transit camp in Anand Parbat are greeted by a scale model of the multi-storey apartments (right) that are being built for hold items are all over the
resistance to the plan. In the camp on December 27 is at them in Kathputli Colony. PHOTOS: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA streets, reducing the wide
first attempt by the DDA, the back of Begum’s mind lanes into thin paths.
only 527 families agreed to when she talks about her they be allotted one more concern. “Since most of us picked up since mid-Decem- woman who relocated to the and the sick, the walk up the
shift. young daughters’ safety. room as the second son got perform on demand, we de- ber when more people shif- camp only a week ago. almost mountainous terrain Not feeling at home
The DDA started another The Anand Parbat police married recently. I told them cide the venue, date and rate ted to the camp. Tiny shops Several e-rickshaws ply is not easy. While most residents have
drive to persuade the resid- station right next to the to segregate the room with over the phone. So, we have have mushroomed in the loc- from the camp to nearby “When we cannot walk up settled down, a few are still to
ents in December last year camp, 31 CCTV cameras, and curtains so that each son got not lost out on work,” says ality — much to the displeas- areas of central Delhi, but the the hill, we are forced to hire feel at home.
and has been able to con- policemen patrolling her his privacy,” says the Sahil, a student whose father ure of the authorities. residents feel the pinch of be- an e-rickshaw. Also, it is dii- “We were very close to our
vince another 400 families to lane every few minutes do policeman. plays musical instruments ing moved away from their cult to find transport at neighbours. But with no con-
shift so far. little to comfort her. for a living. Awkward location earlier home that was so night,” says Sahil. trol over the allotment of
The residents have been The police in the camp say Little impact on jobs Those who earned their But for several women close to the Metro stations. rooms, we have been separ-
promised homes in swanky they come across residents Loss of jobs, usually the living doing small businesses who worked as housemaids, Looking to save some School nearby ated. Despite the chaos in
multi-storeyed buildings in ‘cribbing’ about lack of space, most feared consequence of sufered losses initially, but the relocation has cost them money, many residents of the Many have also been Kathputli Colony, we felt at
place of their unorganised but they come up with innov- relocation of such a large are hopeful of a better future. heavily. “Finding work in the camp choose to walk when forced to compromise on the home there,” says Mr. Has-
shanties, that are set to be ative solutions for them. number of people, has so far Mohammad Irshad, a poultry houses nearby is not easy. I they need to visit the nearby education of their children muddin, who has been at the
razed once every resident of “One family demanded not been a major cause of seller, says business has am yet to find work,” says a markets. But for the elderly even though there is a school camp for three years.

MAKESHIFT ARRANGEMENTS: Each family, no matter the number of members in it, is assigned a single 10x12 feet cabin. There is no attached bathroom or kitchen, but the residents get free power and water supply round the clock.PHOTOS: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA


Police chief This time, the police said
“Dangal Maidan”, which
EDMC to get ‘advance’ funds
STAFF REPORTER “the civic bodies had become
BJP sweeps Faridabad municipal polls

FARIDABAD: After a victory in

up the tradition of not allot-
ting symbols to candidates in
the fray, was supporting Inde-
warming up? left the Bench smiling. centres of financial misman- the Chandigarh municipal pendent candidates. It was, in
After shying away from the “Why is it called Dangal NEW DELHI: Deputy Chief Min- agement and functional indis- corporation elections last fact, hoping to cash in on the
media for close to a year, Maidan?” ister Manish Sisodia said on cipline”. The civic bodies, he month, the Bharatiya Janata inconvenience caused to
Delhi Police “Your Lordship, people Sunday that the Delhi govern- added, had committed con- Party (BJP) has now won the people because of demonet-
Commissioner Alok wrestled here in ancient ment had released ₨119 crore tempt of court by disobeying Municipal Corporation of isation, and on the BJP’s al-
Kumar Verma recently times,” said a counsel at to the East Delhi Municipal a High Court order that issued Faridabad elections. leged failure to keep its poll
spoke to two news the Bar. The judges smiled Corporation (EDMC), two directions about payment of The BJP won 30 of the total promises.
organisations. The police even more. days after its sanitation work- salaries to all employees by 40 wards in the elections held Haryana Chief Minister
chief broke his silence a “Lordship, what about Bar ers launched a strike over the 7th of every month. “It is on Saturday. The remaining 10 Manohar Lal Khattar took to
few days back, when and Bench?” asked an delay in salaries. criminal negligence on the wards were won by Inde- Twitter to express his gratit-
26,000 police personnel advocate in a lighter vein, Levelling corruption EDMC’s part for not paying pendent candidates. ude. He attributed the victory
were promoted. However, as he proposed a friendly charges against the EDMC, PILING UP: The condition in east Delhi has worsened because of salaries to sanitation workers to the all-round development
his interviews focused match, making everyone Mr. Sisodia urged the civic garbage being dumped in the open following a strike by and causing inconvenience to Vote on party policies in the State and “good
only on the promotions. laugh. body to use the money to sanitation workers. PHOTO: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA residents by not maintaining Being seen as an airma- policies” of his government.
While the interviews are ■■■ hand out the pending salaries. cleanliness,” he said. tion of policies brought in by Haryana Finance Minister
being seen by many as a Leaving no The Deputy Chief Minister the Delhi government. We in- Chief Minister, who also The condition in east Delhi, the BJP’s State and Central Captain Abhimanyu told the
promotional event, some also announced that the ad- creased the amount to ₨702 holds the Finance portfolio. meanwhile, has worsened governments, especially de- media that the victory made it
others say that the stone unturned vance sum of ₨119 crore, which crore in 2015-2016 and have More than 25,000 muni- with garbage being dumped monetisation, the victory has clear that people had accep-
Commissioner is getting With the first Pravasi would be transferred to the already released ₨609 crore in cipal employees, including in the open. “We are yet to be come as a huge relief for the ted demonetisation with an
set to take questions from Haryana Divas, set to corporation on Monday this financial year [2016- 17,000 sanitation workers of paid salaries for October, party. The Congress, keeping open heart.
journalists during the begin on January 10, the morning, was meant to be re- 2017],” said Mr. Sisodia. the EDMC, went on a strike November and December. We
annual press conference, State government is leased once the revised estim- last week over non-payment will continue with the strike
scheduled for January 10. leaving no stone unturned ates were approved a month ‘Financial mismanagement’ of salaries. The sanitation till our demands our met,”
Over the years, the Delhi to ensure its success. later. The government, how- “Why are employees not workers, who have gone on said Sanjay Gehlot, president
Police Commissioners Aimed at recognising ever, decided to clear it in ad- being paid despite an increase strike several times over the of the Delhi unit of the MCD
have answered all kinds of achievements of Non- vance given the non-payment in funds? If they were man- past two years, held a protest Swachhata Karmchari Union.
questions on this day. It Resident Indians (NRIs) of salaries. “The EDMC re- aging in ₨300-400 crore outside Mr. Sisodia’s oice “If our demands are not
remains to be seen and Persons of Indian ceived ₨399 crore in 2012-2013, earlier, how is it possible that and the EDMC headquarters met, we will take a sterner
whether Mr. Verma will do Origin (PIOs) from ₨416 crore in 2013-2014 and they are not able to do so in in Patparganj. stand from Monday,” said Mr.
the same. Haryana, besides those ₨441 crore in 2014-2015 from ₨700 crore?” said the Deputy Mr. Sisodia also alleged that Gehlot. (With PTI inputs)
■■■ who are now settled in
What’s in other parts across the EDUCATIONAL
country, the programme is
a name? being advertised in a huge
Some places in the Capital way. Apart from this, an
have names that may come Australia-based couple,
across as funny. One of who make videos
them is Dangal Maidan, promoting the State’s
located near Old Delhi culture, have also been
railway station, which is invited to the event
being considered as scheduled to be held at
parking area to decongest Kingdom of Dreams in
Chandni Chowk. Gurugram.
Recently, when the High Not just this, senior
Court was listening to Haryana State Industrial
cases about the and Infrastructure
decongestion plan for Development Corporation
Chandni Chowk, the (HSIIDC) oicials are
police and the civic body ensuring that NRIs who
were asked about a have not had a pleasant
parking place. experience of dealing with
“Dangal Maidan can be the department are not
converted into parking invited.
space,” the civic body said. (Contributed by Shiv
“Which maidan did you Sunny, Akanksha Jain,
say?” said the Bench. Ashok Kumar)



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daughter and two sons.









It is notified that my Original
Certificate & Mark sheet of Main
Secondary Examination Year 2005
Roll No. 6128717 & Senior Sec-
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ph no: 7378640848




7 fishermen hurt
as ship rams
boat of Kochi
CPI(M) panel censures Achuthanandan Bengaluru man staged
attack to stop a marriage
Party says he breached organisational discipline, cannot be made a member of State secretariat
STAFF REPORTER SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT the State committee where charges against Fisheries
he can air his views,” Mr. Minister J. Mercykutty BENGALURU: Investigations into Kammanahalli, 34-
KOCHI: Seven fishermen were THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The CPI Yechury said. Amma, who is facing a Vigil- the recent attack on a woman year-old hatches plan
injured when a container (M) central committee has The meeting resolved not ance inquiry, he said there in K.G. Halli have revealed
ship rammed a boat, which censured veteran leader and to take action against Central was no prima facie case that the entire episode was
to prevent wedding
then capsized, of the Kochi former Kerala Chief Minister committee members E.P. Ja- against her at this stage. allegedly staged by the wo- of sister-in-law
coast on Sunday. V.S. Achuthanandan for yarajan and P.K. Sreemathy, Mr. Yechury said the Left man’s brother-in-law as part
A major tragedy was aver- breach of party discipline both facing charges of nepot- parties would go it alone in of a convoluted plan to marry was walking to a bus stop
ted as another fishing boat but allowed him to be an in- ism, and Electricity Minister the Assembly polls in five her. He was ‘inspired’ by the early in the morning on her
anchored nearby rescued the vitee to the State committee. M.M. Mani, who is one of the States. In Punjab, the CPI(M) footage of a woman from way to work.
fishermen before their boat The report of the Polit accused in a case relating to was open to an alliance with Kammanahalli, who was mo- According to the police, Ir-
capsized. Bureau commission on Ker- the murder of a Youth Con- the Aam Aadmi Party, if it lested by two men while she shad was married to the wo-
According to the Coastal ala was approved by the gress leader. clarified its stand on key is- was walking towards her man’s elder sister and the
police, the accident took committee, which warned Mr. Yechury told the me- sues, including communal- paying guest accommoda- couple have a child.
place around 3 a.m. of the Mr. Achuthanandan about dia that the party State com- ism. tion, said the police. However, Irshad fell in
Kochi coast when the ship violation of party norms and mittee had been directed to The central committee de- The police arrested 34- love with his sister-in-law. It
rammed the boat, Harshita, asked him to abide by the or- probe the charges against manded that the Centre re- year-old Irshad Khan for fak- was when their family began
and allegedly left without ganisational discipline of the TOUGH TIMES: V.S. Achuthanandan’s walkout from the party’s Mr. Jayarajan and Ms. Sree- move restrictions on with- ing an ‘on-camera molesta- to search for a prospective
even slowing down. party. State meet at Alappuzha led to the censure. — FILE PHOTO mathy. The report would be drawals from banks and tion’ with his sister-in-law on groom for the woman that he
As per reports, the con- Among the issues that led taken up for discussion at the compensate families of Sunday. After staging the came up with the plan to
tainer ship, after hitting the to the censure are the lead- the State committee. Brief- city as a veteran leader of the next meeting of the Central people who had lost their molestation in front of a stage an assault.
boat, dragged it along for a er’s walkout from the last ing the media about the de- Communist movement in committee. Mr. Yechury said lives and livelihood due to private shop where a CCTV He assumed that once the
while. party State conference at cisions of the three-day Kerala, would continue to the committee had decided demonetisation. camera had been installed, footage gained national cov-
Under the impact of the Alappuzha. meeting which concluded contribute to the CPI(M) not to take any action against The CPI(M) would launch the duo approached the po- erage, like in the Kammana-
collision, those on the boat Rejecting his plea to be in- here on Sunday, CPI(M) gen- within the norms and discip- Mr. Mani so as not to influ- a campaign on how demon- lice on Friday. halli case, the ‘molestation’
fell on the floor of the boat cluded in the party State sec- eral secretary Sitaram line of the party. ence the court verdict on the etisation was driven by the The woman filed a com- would gain public attention,
and sustained injuries, oi- retariat, the panel decided to Yechury said Mr. “Mr. Achuthanandan’s issue. BJP’s commitment to neolib- plaint claiming that a man and ruin any marriage plans
cials said. allow him to be an invitee to Achuthanandan, in his capa- party forum in Kerala will be Asked about corruption eral economic reforms. had attacked her while she for the woman.

Water literacy campaign need Kerala moves

HC against QR codes ensure policemen remain on the beat
of the hour: Rajendra Singh SBT-SBI merger Subhahu, an Android app, will make the delivery of police assistance efficient in Bidar
RISHIKESH BAHADUR DESAI adds the global positioning
BIDAR: In what is a probably stamps on the data sheet
VIJAYAWADA: Renowned water THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Describ- a first in the State, Bidar prepared at the end of the
conservationist Rajendra ing the merger of State Bank Police will start using a beat.
Singh has stressed on the of Travancore (SBT) with the mobile app to help
need for a “water literacy State Bank of India (SBI) ‘un- constables conduct their Fail-safe techniques
campaign” to end the water constitutional,’ the Kerala night beats eiciently. There are some fail-safe
crisis in the country. government filed an aidavit Subhahu, the Android techniques built into the
At the time of Independ- recently in the Kerala High application developed by a app to stop personnel from
ence, 232 villages had no ac- Court to declare the acquisi- team of young IT engineers misusing it.
cess to drinking water. But, tion ‘unwarranted.’ in Bengaluru, will help E-BEAT SYSTEM: SP Prakash Nikam (right) and other officers “We will introduce the
even after so-called develop- “There is no rhyme or police personnel complete watch a demonstration of the Subhahu. system in Bidar city first,
ment over decades, 2.65 lakh reason for annihilating the their night beat rounds on and then move to other
villages have no access to SBT, which is considered as time, not miss a street or them, is embedded in the the beat is on, and towns and villages in the
drinking water as per gov- Rajendra Singh (left) tasting a pudding prepared by farmers the national bank of Kerala. house, and react to system. afterwards as well. next phases,” said
ernment data, he said. after a panel discussion in Vijayawada.— PHOTO: CH.VIJAYA BHASKAR The sixth respondent (Ker- emergencies immediately. When connected to a Any delays in Superintendent of Police
“We have to blame ala government) fully sup- The electronic beat system server in the district police completing the beat will be Prakash Nikam.
ourselves. We changed the baralu here on Sunday. across all strata of society. ports the stand taken by the (e-beat) is likely to become oice, it directs the notified to the “It has advantages over
course of rivers. We built Dubbed as ‘Waterman of Such a campaign would res- petitioner (Save SBT operational in a month. constable to move from Superintendent of Police the earlier e-beat system.”
dams indiscriminately. And, India’, Mr. Singh recalled ult in tackling the problem of Forum),” the government The application can be house A to house B, and (SP) and other oicers. The older e-beat system
there is a climate change,” how he revived an ancient water shortage. Equally, what said in its aidavit submitted loaded onto the they get alerts if they miss Houses and streets will uses steel sensors that can
Mr. Singh said. “We can solve dam technology in Ra- we need was community- by Chief Secretary S.M. Vi- smartphones of constables houses or streets. be aixed with quick be damaged by rain. Some
the looming crisis if local and jasthan. driven decentralised water jayanand. It pleaded “to de- and oicers, or a specially response code tags. were stolen, and some
traditional solutions were Mr. Singh said villages management. clare the acquisition of SBT designed tablet can be used Delays will be notified Constables can go around stopped working due to the
followed,” he added. could prosper and become Speaking to media on the by SBI as unwarranted and for the purpose. The system works online scanning them. The codes lack of maintenance.
He was addressing a panel self-sustaining only if their sidelines of the panel discus- also declare that all proced- A map of the city, with and real-time data is fed contain the address and The new QR code tags
discussion on ‘Water devel- water problems were solved. sion, Mr. Singh said inter- ures and decisions taken by details of the beats and the into the server. Supervising other details of the house are printed on waterproof
opment’ organised by the For this, water literacy cam- linking of rivers was against the SBI and SBT are oicers responsible for oicers can access it while or shop owner. The app paper, he said.
Navyandhra Pustaka Sam- paign had to be undertaken nature and economy. unconstitutional.”



CBI to probe ‘diversion 4 years on, culture troupe trio gets bail
of compensation funds’ SC cites inordinate delay in trial of members of Mumbai-based Kabir Kala Manch, accused of terrorism
KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL But a perusal of trial re-
cords showed that only one
formed after the 2002 Gu-
jarat riots and addressed is-
SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT leased to at least 17 non-be- NEW DELHI: After close to four of the total 147 witnesses had sues like farmers' suicides,
₨47 crore was neficiaries. years behind bars as under- been examined so far. Dalit atrocities and corrup-
NEW DELHI: The Central Bureau earmarked for farmers The funds were trans- trials, three activists of the “We are informed that till tion through music, theatre
of Investigation (CBI) has in Panchkula for ferred through RTGS, draft Kabir Kala Manch (KKM), a date only one witness has and poetry.
taken over a case of alleged or cheque. Mumbai-based culture been examined and that too “In April-May 2011, one of
misappropriation of over ₨47 land acquired by It is also alleged that about troupe, were released on bail his examination is not over. the members of the KKM
crore from funds earmarked the HSIIDC ₨250 crore was diverted in by the Supreme Court. They The prosecution proposes to was arrested and tortured by
for compensation to farmers 2013 and again credited into were under investigation for examine 147 witnesses. The the Mumbai Police on the al-
in Panchkula for land ac- entered into a conspiracy to the account after a month. carrying out terrorism-re- accused appellants have legation that he was a mem-
quired by the Haryana State divert the funds between The transactions, under lated activities along with been in custody close to four ber of the banned CPI
Industrial and Infrastructure 2012 and 2015. scrutiny, were conducted Maoists. years. In the above circum- (Maoist). The Mumbai Po-
Development Corporation The National Highway through the branches of PNB Though noting that the stances, we are of the view lice claimed the petitioners
(HSIIDC). Authority of India (NHAI) in Delhi and Panchkula, J&K charges against them were that the accused appellants (Tatyaram, Murlidhar and
A former district revenue alleged that the bank account Bank in Chandigarh, In- indeed “serious”, a Bench of should be granted the priv- Mali) were absconding. Fear-
oicial and some bank oi- opened for the purpose of dusInd Bank in Panchkula, Justices Ranjan Gogoi and L. ilege of bail,” Justice Gogoi ing they would be en-
cials were allegedly involved compensating the farmers Maharashtra Bank in Nageshwara Rao said there observed in the five-page or- countered, the petitioners
in the siphoning of funds. showed a deficit of ₨47 crore Yamunanagar, Canara Bank should be some balance der pronounced recently. surrendered in the full glare
The case has been re- in June 2015. and Central Bank of India in between the charges they are Sagar Tatyaram, Ramesh of the media before the Ma-
gistered on the basis of a The land had been ac- Delhi. accused of and other factors Murlidhar and Sachin harashtra Home Minister,”
complaint lodged by the quired for industrial The CBI has invoked rel- like their period of custody, Maruti Mali, represented by Kabir Kala Manch members Sheetal Sathe and Sachin Mali the petition said.
State vigilance bureau. development. evant provisions of the In- which cannot be prolonged senior advocate Rebecca interact with the media in Mumbai. — FILE PHOTO: PTI Charged for extortion, fab-
It is alleged that the then dian Penal Code and the Pre- indefinitely in a democracy. John and advocate Harsh rication under the Penal
District Revenue Oicer Given to non-beneficiaries vention of Corruption Act, The court noted that the Bora, were ordered to be en- In the current case, out of a diferent courts, including Code and ofences under the
Naresh Kumar Sheokand, The State vigilance de- naming the former revenue State, in July 2016, had as- larged on bail by the trial total of 15 accused, four are one by the Supreme Court so dreaded Unlawful Activities
the then Punjab National partment took up the invest- oicial and the then Punjab sured the apex court that the court, which would set down absconding and of the re- far. In their special leave peti- (Prevention) Act, 1967, their
Bank (PNB) Senior Manager igation and found that more National Bank Senior Man- trial will be completed in six the appropriate conditions maining 11 accused, eight tions, the three activists con- case is investigated by Mum-
Bhim Singh and others had than ₨37 crore had been re- ager as accused. months. for their release. have been released on bail by tended that their troupe was bai's ATS.

Kochi calling Congress, RLD leaders

join BJP in Uttar Pradesh
PURUSHARTH ARADHAK Mr. Singh had introduced
Rahul Gandhi to the farmers
GREATER NOIDA: In a big blow to when the Congress was at-
the Congress in western Ut- tacking the BJP over the Land
tar Pradesh, senior Congress Acquisition Bill.
leader Thakur Dhirendra Mr. Singh, a key voice of
Singh on Sunday quit the the farmers associated with
party and joined the Bhar- the Congress for 30 years, has
atiya Janata Party in the pres- not signalled his further
ence of party’s UP chief Ke- course of action.
shav Prasad Maurya. Mr. Singh told The Hindu
The move is likely to that he was dissatisfied with
change political equations, the functioning of the Con-
especially in the Jewar As- gress leaders and hence he
sembly constituency where put his papers.
Mr. Singh has a strong net- Mahendra Nagar, presid-
work, and from where the ent of the Gautam Budh
BJP is likely to field him for Nagar Congress, said Mr.
the February 11 polls. Singh’s exit will not make any
Former UP Congress diference. “For the last few
spokesperson and resident of months, his activities indic-
Rabupura in Greater Noida, ated that he was going to join
Mr. Singh resigned from all the BJP. We are sure that his
PORTRAIT IN FOG: Morning walkers seen silhouetted against a foggy sky along the Fort Kochi beach. Fort Kochi, a cosmopolitan port town and an art hub where the Kochi Muziris posts of the Congress on exit has will not divide our
Biennale is going on, rises early and sleeps late. — PHOTO: THULASI KAKKAT Sunday. vote bank as our voters are
During the 2014 Lok Sabha loyal,” he said.
elections, the Congress can- Jewar constituency com-

Mumbai chief medical oicer wages a street fight against tuberculosis didate from Gautam Budh
Nagar Ramesh Chand Tomar
had joined the BJP just a
prise of Jewar, Rabupura and
Dankaur blocks.
It is dominated by power-
Dr. Lalitkumar Anande rides trains and visits schools to highlight the importance of immunity to contain latent TB week before the elections. ful caste groups like the Guj-
This led to a massive win for jars and Thakurs.
JYOTI SHELAR about latent TB bacteria. crowd, he emphasizes explains what keeps the identified by doctors at the BJP candidate Mahesh PTI adds
sneezing and coughing mycobacterium dormant Hinduja Hospital. The term Sharma. Even at that time, In a setback to Ajit Singh’s
MUMBAI: He is a one man Simple approach etiquette. But for others, he and what activates it. “The TDR was not accepted by Mr. Singh was a frontrunner Rastriya Lok Dal (RLD), its
help desk against an old “Everyone talks of active has many suggestions. “I mycobacterium is the government, however, for the ticket but the party legislative party leader
scourge. Dr. Lalitkumar TB, people who are already focus on the importance of extremely intelligent. It and the study turned the had decided to pitch Mr. To- Dalvir Singh on Sunday
Anande randomly gets on sufering, facing drug Vitamin D and C and remains dormant, waiting spotlight on the disease. mar. joined the BJP. Mr Singh, who
to any local train, positions resistance or side efects of proteins. And tell them for the body’s immunity to That is when the CMO The Congress, however, was elected to the Assembly
himself in the crowd and medicines. But I want the about simple food items fall. The moment that began his experiment. He claimed that Mr. Singh’s exit from Barauli in Aligarh on
starts talking using a tiny city to focus also on latent like lime, amla, green happens, it activates itself would visit bus stops, will have no impact as their RLD ticket, joined the BJP,
speaker. TB that we carry in our drumstick, peanuts and and multiplies. Ninety per autorickshaw stands or voters are loyal to the party. along with his supporters, at
Whether on trains, in Dr. Lalitkumar Anande bodies. We need to goat milk, which are loaded cent of TB cases are even social gatherings. Mr. Singh had hit the head- its headquarters here in pres-
housing societies, schools, understand how to keep the with these nutrients,” he pulmonary and the “Surprisingly, everyone lines in 2011 when he had ence of the party’s State pres-
colleges, temples and reputedly Asia’s largest, latent bacteria lying low,” says. organism eats up the lungs,” listened to the two-minute taken Congress vice-presid- ident Keshav Prasad Maurya.
mosques, his catch line is, runs a one man anti-TB says Dr. Anande who has For impact, the he explains. talk where I simply ent Rahul Gandhi on his mo- Besides Mr Singh, former
‘May I Help You?’ campaign. In the past four been attached to the TB campaigner often Dr. Anande’s initiative emphasized two things - TB torbike to Bhatta-Parsaul vil- BSP MLA from Karchana
The 53-year old chief years, Dr. Anande has hospital for 27 years. introduces himself as the began in 2013 after Mumbai is extremely dangerous and lages in Greater Noida. These (Allahabad), Anand Kumar,
medical oicer of Sewree’s communicated with over His approach is simple. If latent mycobacterium, was exposed to Totally only your immunity can twin villages had seen bloody Congress spokesperson
Tuberculosis Hospital, one lakh people in Mumbai he has a TB patient in the which causes TB. He then Drug Resistant TB save you.” clashes between farmers and Dhirenda Singh and others
the police. also joined the BJP.

Healthcare sector needs rational

stent pricing, say experts
NEW DELHI: With the recent gov- “Medical procedures in In- nology Assessment Board
ernment notification to bring dia are among the most aford- (MTAB) by the government
stents under the country’s able in the world, which is due will go a long way in standard-
Drug Prices Control Order, the to a combination of cost of ising and regulating stent
prices of the life saving device devices and services. Any no- quality in India and usher in
will be regulated and capped tification should be con- much-needed transparency,
by the National Pharmaceut- sidered only if it can bring which will enable price stand-
ical Pricing Authority (NPPA). down the overall cost of treat- ardisation in a rational man-
Considering the wider im- ment for the patient without ner,” Anjan Bose, secretary
plications on healthcare tech- denying them the options to general of NATHEALTH said.
nology providers, Healthcare avail the treatment of their On December 21 last year,
Federation of India choice. Such notifications sig- the Department of Pharma-
(NATHEALTH) has suggested nificantly impact the ‘Make in ceuticals, under the Ministry
that the government needs to India’ attractiveness of the of Chemicals and Fertilizers,
form a health technology as- country,” said Rahul Khosla, notified that the Centre in-
sessment board for standard- president of NATHEALTH. clude Coronary Stents in the
ising and regulating stent “The recently announced Drug Prices Control Order
quality in India. formation of a Medical Tech- Schedule-1.

Ginger species with medicinal

properties found in Andamans
SHIV SAHAY SINGH ditional knowledge about
this species, which was so far
KOLKATA: Scientists of the hidden from science.
Botanical Survey of India
(BSI) have found a new spe- ‘Ethno-medicinal uses’
cies of Zingiber (commonly After collecting and sys-
referred as ginger) from the tematically analysing the
Andaman and Nicobar Is- species, scientists found that
lands. The species Zingiber the new species indeed pos-
pseudosquarrosum, new to sesses ethno-medicinal uses.
science, belonging to genus “The fresh extract [juice]
Zingiber, was already used of fleshy tuberous roots is
by the local Particularly Vul- used to treat abdominal pain
nerable Tribal Groups and anti-helminthic troubles
(PVTGs) of the Andamans by Nicobarese and certain
for its medicinal values. other tribal communities,”
During an expedition to Lal Ji Singh, taxonomist and
north and middle Andaman, one of the scientists behind
one of local guides, who was the discovery, told The
a Nicobarese, shared his tra- Hindu.


Revisiting a passage from India

The challenge before India lies in the way it taps its widespread disapora’s financial and intellectual capital.
For this it needs to adopt a wise, pro-active, secular, non-jingoistic tone
from terror-related events. Indian workers, Rabuka overthrew the elected government.
M O N D AY , J A N U A RY 9 , 2 0 1 7 particularly the vast majority from Kerala, Their numbers have shrunk since then.
K.C. SINGH are still the favoured ones of the locals but are Persons of Indian origin have headed gov-
under pressure from more skilled workers ernments in some Caribbean countries such

The slowing January 9 commemorates the day Mahatma

from countries such as the Philippines or
cheaper labour from Nepal, etc. In India, the
Union and State governments have failed to
as Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, the two
nations with huge Indo-Caribbean popula-
tions. Generally, Indian policy in the past has

economy Gandhi returned from South Africa in 1915,

after honing satyagraha, or peaceful protest,
against the colonial and racist regime there.
upgrade skills of Indian workers going to
West Asia. Congress-led governments have
been particularly guilty, allowing the Kerala
been to not be seen as meddling in their in-
ternal afairs sensing that it may be counter-
productive. Two vital links have been reli-

hat India’s economic momentum has In 2002, the National Democratic Alliance lobby in the Union cabinet to drive India’s gion and cricket. But India has been unable to
slowed down is now beyond doubt. Ad- (NDA) government of Prime Minister Atal GCC policy. Often ministers have had kin build on that base by boosting investment
vance GDP estimates and gross value ad- Bihari Vajpayee decided to celebrate it annu- located there, compromising their ability to and business links and better connectivity.
ded (GVA) for the current fiscal year ally by holding events including bestowing act independently. That raises the question, which even China is
from the Central Statistics Oice clearly reveal the awards on prominent members of the Indian As a rising power, India’s prestige sufers beginning to pose now: to what extent would
extent of the slowdown. While GDP growth is now diaspora. The 15th edition of Pravasi Divas when its citizens are seen doing menial jobs. India be willing to go to protect the diaspora
this year is now on in Bengaluru. Moreover Indian strategic options get lim- when it runs into political turbulence in their
pegged at 7.1 per cent, compared with a 7.6 per cent When as Ambassador to the United Arab ited fearing reprisal against workers. That is countries of abode?
pace in 2015-16, GVA is forecast to expand at 7 per Emirates in 2002 I was asked to recommend why for decades India has let its citizens be
cent this year, easing from the 7.2 per cent posted 12 one name for the Pravasi awards, I refrained subjected to local labour rules that are medi- A blur between loyalties
months earlier. And as the Chief Statistician em- from doing so, fearing a single pick from eval and regressive, such as employer seizing Finally, the issue of diaspora in the U.S., the
phasised, these projections were based solely on many deserving ones might create specula- the travel documents of the worker on ar- United Kingdom and Canada. With rising
data from the first seven months through October tion regarding my motives and heartburn rival. Similarly, it should not require tweets to numbers and greater earnings, they are be-
and do not factor in the impact from the withdrawal among those bypassed. Since then it seems The danger with public and the Minister of External Afairs to get simple coming more proactive to rally in support of
of high-value banknotes and the consequent cash the process has gone the way of the Padma consular acts performed. Their safety and se- Indian interests. Their lobbying in the U.S.
awards, where hectic lobbying and politics Hindutva-fed ritual is that it may curity as indeed sanctity of their contracts with politicians worked famously to swing
crunch. A closer look at the sectoral GVA projec-
tions throws into relief the areas of concern: Min- trump merit. create a majority community must be addressed by local missions, which the Congressional vote for the U.S.-Indian
“Diaspora” is an omnibus phrase which backlash and divide the should be accountable for any slip-ups. nuclear deal in 2006.
ing and quarrying is estimated to shrink 1.8 per cent brackets people of Indian origin who have While the U.S. leads as the country with
this year after expanding 7.4 per cent a year earlier, emigrated since the 19th century to all Indian diaspora Triumph over adversity the highest number of Indian origin persons
while electricity, gas, water supply and other utility corners of the world. Roughly it falls into two India has a largely positive record dealing numbering around four million, the U.K. and
services — collectively an indicator of broader eco- categories: pre- and post-Independence. The besides emerging as a financial centre. Both with the diaspora that left India as inden- Canada are next with 1.45 million and 1.2 mil-
nomic activity — is slowing to 6.5 per cent from 6.6 latter further subdivides into migration to Abu Dhabi and Qatar are modelling them- tured labour in the 19th century — in the lion, respectively. The Rashtriya Swayam-
per cent. More worryingly, the seven-month num- the West, including Australia and New Zeal- selves as centres of culture and sports, civil period from 1833 to 1917 — particularly for the sevak Sangh has been active in spreading its
bers establish that two key engines of the economy, and, and workers in the West Asian countries aviation hubs and more spartan living. They Caribbean where labour shortages ensued message of Hindutva in all of them. During
manufacturing and services, are losing momentum — numbering over seven million — who also have poured earnings each year into sov- following the abolition of slavery. Coincid- NDA-I, the Vajpayee government even un-
faster than was anticipated, and this could spell began flocking there following oil cartelisa- ereign funds to act as a cushion during the ently, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, precedentedly appointed a special ambas-
tion by the Organisation of the Petroleum Ex- low oil price years. J.S. Khehar, hails from East Africa. sador in the U.S. for diaspora afairs, raising
trouble for the coming quarters. This is especially porting Countries after the Arab-Israel war But they face two new challenges. One, the The expulsion of Indians from Uganda by protocol issues with the U.S. State Depart-
so when seen in the backdrop of demonetisation of 1973 and the steep rise in oil prices. shale oil revolution in the United States com- Idi Amin in the 1970s tested Indian dip- ment. Thus he had to be located in New York
and what the Reserve Bank of India referred to as bined with slower global growth and envir- lomacy and its ability to protect the diaspora. with notional attachment to the Indian mis-
the “short-run disruptions in economic activity in The Indian in West Asia onmental concerns may have already pushed India passed the buck to Britain as the guar- sion to the UN, as no country will accept two
cash-intensive sectors such as retail trade, hotels & The last can be examined first. The earn- the world into a post-OPEC phase and peren- antor of their safety as most held British doc- ambassadors.
restaurants and transportation, and in the unorgan- ings bonanza allowed the hereditary rulers of nial low oil prices. Two, the entire region to uments. Mauritius, with Indians constituting That absurdity died with that government,
ised sector” and “aggregate demand compression West Asia to unleash a spending and con- the west of India up to the Mediterranean is the largest group and 48.5per cent of the pop- but Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s
associated with adverse wealth efects”. struction boom. Despite cycles of economic now swept by Shia-Sunni contestation and ulation being Hindus, has seen the com- Madison Square Garden show took the same
There is a silver lining in the CSO data, though. expansion and contraction, as oil prices rose the challenge posed by radical Islam. Thus munity consolidate political power, with to another level. There was a blurring
or fell, the six Gulf Cooperation Council instability may persist for decades. strategic support from Indian governments. between the loyalties that Indian origin per-
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in April projected
(GCC) states have learnt to live with the per- Therefore, Indians in GCC countries, ran- Located strategically in the Indian Ocean, sons holding U.S. nationality owe to their ad-
that growth could accelerate this year to 8 per cent ils of single commodity dependent econom- ging from skilled and unskilled workers to this country has been an asset for India, safe- opted nation and their innate love for India.
to 8.5 per cent subject to a ‘normal’ monsoon. The ies. Some such as Dubai, with almost de- those holding executive jobs or running busi- guarding the Southern maritime flank. Con- The danger with this kind of public and
improvement in rainfall has manifested both in the pleted oil reserves, have remodelled nesses, may have to face more challenging trariwise, India was unable to support 49 per Hindutva-fed ritual is that it may create a ma-
CSO’s projection for the ‘agriculture, forestry and themselves as entrepôt for regional trade and circumstances of economic slowdown, “Ar- cent of Indo-Fijians in their desire for a multi- jority community backlash and divide the di-
fishing’ sector, which is estimated to expand 4.1 per a destination for tourism and convivial living, abisation” or more jobs to locals, and threats ethnic government when, in 1987, Lt. Col. S. aspora.
cent this fiscal compared with the previous peri- For instance, Sikhs are the largest compon-
od’s 1.2 per cent, and in rabi sowing data from the ent of the diaspora in Canada, at 34 per cent
Ministry of Agriculture. Preliminary reports from
CARTOONSCAPE compared to 27 per cent Hindus, with the rest
the States show the total area sown under the rabi being Muslims and Christians. That is why
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
crop as on January 6 stood at 602.75 lakh ha, up 6.5 joked that he had more Sikhs in his cabinet —
per cent from last year. If farmers countrywide can this includes his Defence Minister — than
tide over the acute cash shortage resulting from de- Mr. Modi. Sikhs are at the number two spot in
monetisation and ensure that the sowing translates the U.K and the U.S.
to strong growth in output, we could see rural con- The Wall Street Journal estimates that
sumption provide some cushioning from the slow- there are 15.6 million persons born in India
down. Nonetheless, in the Union budget due next living abroad. This number has grown by 17.2
month, the Centre will have to work in a substantial per cent since 2010. The Chinese diaspora is
fiscal fillip to help rekindle economic momentum. 50 million strong, with 32 million settled in
Southeast Asia. For China, this community
became the bridge to integrate their eco-
nomy to global supply chains once Deng
Unclogging Xiaoping opened Chinese doors in the 1980s.
They also funded investment in Chinese eco-
nomic zones.
the cities Undoubtedly, the Indian diaspora’s remit-
tances in the past have been of vital assist-

he move to make New Delhi’s iconic Con- ance to Indian foreign exchange reserves. But
the challenge now is to go to the next stage —
naught Place a pedestrian zone from Feb-
of harnessing not just their financial but also
ruary, and keep out cars and other their intellectual capital. The Modi govern-
vehicles from its middle and inner circle ment needs to market not Hindutva-laced
roads, during a three-month trial programme is an faux nationalism but a new way of dealing
inspiring attempt to reconquer public space. Urban with each of the three groups — wisely, pro-
design in India is the preserve of State governments actively, and in a secular non-jingoistic tone.
and local bodies, which have failed spectacularly to
provide a safe, comfortable and accessible experi- K.C. Singh is a former diplomat.
ence for walkers. The pilot project in the national
capital represents a refreshing change, taking a leaf
out of the book of global cities that have pedestrian-
ised their landmarks, often in the face of conservat- Letters emailed to letters@thehindu.co.in must carry the full postal address and the full name or the name with initials.
ive opposition. Prominent examples are Times
Square in New York and the route along the Seine in Demonetisation’s narrative The ordinance route hacking attempts, it would Russian President Vladimir Putin there is a need for a unified state
Paris, and the curbs on cars in central avenue in underscore the fact that he was has said that “there is a need to policy to handle all this, maximise
Madrid. Contrary to apprehensions that restric- In the two months of turmoil One would have hoped that with ready and willing to employ and focus on stopping the flow of donor production and ofer stability to
tions afect commercial activity, the experience following demonetisation, the progress, this system would hardly encourage unfair and unjust means money to IS and its illegal oil trade farmers. Smaller land holdings
around the world has been quite the opposite: bet- lesson most of us have learned is ever be resorted to and the duration to win the election, and at the cost of which make up the arteries and should be consolidated into larger
ter walking and public transport infrastructure and how to live as far as possible in a of parliamentary sittings would be his country’s honour and prestige. lifeblood of the terrorist group”. The holdings to form co-operative farms,
availability of food plazas attract more people, im- cashless way and to the best of one’s increased. Instead, we have a The election result would have been U.S. and its allies would do well to ofering shares to farmers pro-rata
ability (“When banks are awash piquant situation where even in this a diferent story had the hacking listen to Mr. Putin on Syria. and salaries if they also work in the
proving the local economy. In America, pedestrian with cash”, Jan.7). The positive limited duration, constitutional “story” been oicially revealed farm.
injuries decreased after vehicles were removed R. Venkatesan Iyengar
efect of demonetisation can be seen amendment bills are being set aside. during the campaign. In hindsight, it Hyderabad This way, availability of loans,
from Times Square, beginning seven years ago. in banks where the initial rush has It should not be about who began must and can be said that the FBI application of scientific methods in
Globally this has been the trend too when cities reduced to to a large extent. People the trend of resorting to Director’s move to revive the email farming, and even marketing and
curb car use and clean up the air. Such examples have taken things in their stride. We parliamentary disruptions and who controversy involving presidential Parched earth financial management will be easier.
should convince the Ministry of Urban Develop- are on the way to becoming a has a more valid issue at hand to do candidate Hillary Clinton at the fag We are paying the penalty for not Large land holdings can have their
ment that it is moving in the right direction, and if transparent economy as so. The issue is about the time being end of the campaign had afected following rain harvesting with own captive water storage and
anything, this needs to be extended to other cities. demonetisation has hit black wasted and the dangers of her election prospects. Ms. Clinton sincerity (Tamil Nadu editions, granaries to stock during better
Keeping powered vehicles out of core areas, ex- marketeers. Only time will tell continuing to adopt such disruptive has genuine reasons to be aggrieved. “Alarming dip in water table across times and tide over in leaner
whether the government’s move has tactics. Our political leaders should All said and done, let it not be districts”, Jan.7 and “Rain-starved seasons. Individual losses can be
panding pavements for pedestrians and facilitating
been a grand success or otherwise. realise that with continuing forgotten that the U.S. has covertly Chennai sees dipping water table”, avoided. Scientists can ofer advice
the use of bicycles is today a high-priority goal for disruptions, the importance of and overtly wielded its power and Jan.6). Even with a marginal on crop selection and improving
mayors and urban governments the world over. In N. Visveswaran,
Chennai Parliament as an institution is losing sway to influence elections in many monsoon, rain water harvesting can soil fertility.
the intermediate phase, many cities find it reward- its importance. The ruling a country. Then why blame Russia ensure nearly four times the optimal S. Sankar,
ing to levy a stif congestion charge on personal It is sad that the writer, an dispensation should also provide for hacking? water requirement for agriculture, Chennai
vehicles entering designated areas. This is a mature academician who follows the ample space for the Opposition to C.G. Kuriakose, drinking and domestic needs.
idea and needs to be trialled in India, under its on- economy, should label commercial air its concerns. Parliamentary Allowing the wastage of water
banks to be ineicient in terms of committees must be allowed to
Kothamangalam, Kerala
run-of is unfortunate. At least now An actor for all seasons
going smart cities programme. It should be man-
dated by law that all proceeds would go towards handling the currency transition work round the year and where we should desilt most of our In the demise of actor Om Puri, the
and in managing loans. The good consent becomes necessary, before Dark clouds over Europe waterbodies, and create and repair nation has lost an extremely
funding walking, bicycling and emissions-free pub-
service of banks in general in promulgating any ordinance R.K. Raghavan is right in concluding water harvesting structures talented and versatile actor par
lic transport infrastructure. The importance of processing the exchange of (Editorial – “Clamping down on that multiple regions of the world, especially in the rural areas on a excellence. The ease with which he
such a levy is evident from a study by Transport for demonetised notes and the ordinance raj”, Jan.7). and especially Europe, face the warfooting. Water resources characterised real life was what
London in 2014-15, that found the British capital los- disbursement of new notes has been prospect of increased terrorist development should be looked after made watching his films a treat.
Ravi Rai,
ing £5.5 billion a year in financial costs arising from appreciated. Tarring the banking Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh activity (“A grim outlook for by socially aware engineers. With his tough looks and raspy
congestion. Measures to unclog cities are often community with the same brush Europe”, Dec.26). It is not clear how P.C. Pandian, voice, whether it be in the role of
posed, wrongly, as detrimental to the economy and and implying that it is ineicient
Russian hacking long European nations, which have Chennai sub-inspector Anant Velankar in
eiciency. While cars will continue to remain relev- because of wrong-doing by a few chosen to throw open their borders “Ardh Satya”, Abu Mian the wizened
ant for longer-distance travel, dense urban areas oicials while handling such a If Russia was successful in its to refugees, plan to keep them in It is painful to read about agrarian old gatekeeper in “Mirch Masala” or
need relief from excessive motorisation. Union humongous exercise is unfair. A “hacking attempts” during the 2016 camps given that no serious steps distress due to crop failure and an Inspector Udham Singh in “Gupt”,
major reason for the rise of NPAs in U.S. presidential election campaign, have been initiated to address the inability to pay back debts. Is there he epitomised youth, vigour and
Minister for Urban Development M. Venkaiah
the banking system is on account of it not only shows the U.S.’s immediate cause of the crisis — no lasting solution to this problem constant resilience against injustice/
Naidu has favoured people-centric ideas for Con- the slowdown of the economy. In incompetence and inability to ward ending the Islamic State-engineered other than appealing to the Central oppression coupled with an
naught Place, including aesthetic features such as managing NPAs, the eiciency of of hacking but also its woeful strife in Syria and Iraq. government for relief packages? As insatiable zest and passion for life.
water fountains and areas for relaxation. These are banks can only be as good as the intelligence failure (‘World’ – The longer the refugee crisis we are likely to face increasing His performances in “Gandhi” and
not expensive to put in, and State governments support systems available. Everyone “‘Putin directed campaign to persists, the more advantageous it is natural calamities such as poor or the tele-serial “Tamas” were
must extend the template to all cities and towns, ac- knows where the weak links exist. discredit Clinton, aid Trump’”, for extremist organisations. The excessive rains, cyclones and exemplary.
knowledging the wider social benefits. A.N. Appaiah, Jan.8). Had President-elect Donald refugee influx could prove to be a dealing with the politics of the B. Suresh Kumar,
Mumbai Trump been in the know of alleged Trojan horse. upstream States over water sharing, Coimbatore


FROM THE READERS’ EDITOR Time for a political solution

What readers want-2 Two years after the national unity government took power on the promise of reform and change,
Readers made an interesting observation about the mix
of reports from the staf and those from news agencies. the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe combine needs to recover the earlier momentum
They feel that the newspaper online carries more stories
from agencies than from staf reporters. “[An] agency currently has about 155 seats in Sri
copy tends to give the bare-bones of a story, whereas a Lanka’s 225-member Parliament. Mr.
A.S. staf reporter’s copy tends to have greater depth and MEERA SRINIVASAN Sirisena has nearly 50 SLFP parliament-
PANNEERSELVAN context,” a reader said. He cited a few examples of The arians with him, some of whom are re-
Hindu’s legal correspondent’s reports from the Su- portedly threatening to defect to the Ra-
preme Court that captured the nuances of judgments japaksa camp.
better than most agency reports did. When platforms multiply and sources Two years after Sri Lankans made an Mr. Rajapaksa, with the residual SLFP
of information are abundant, many readers firmly believe that in The emphatic point by voting for change, MPs and other miscellaneous support-
Hindu, staf reporting should largely replace agency reports in national and which President Maithripala Sirisena ers, sits in opposition with almost as
regional stories. They feel that agency reports are fine for international and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremes- many legislators backing him. Sucked
events, be it politics or sports. It is a matter of trust — a copy produced and inghe personified at that time, the na- into the politics of survival, the Presid-
processed exclusively by The Hindu staf has greater resonance with them. tional unity government they brought ent currently appears to be channelling
The other elements in the readers’ wish list are varied in their emphasis, to power seems trapped in the politics all his energies into holding his party to-
but are linked by a common thread, which is that The Hindu should con- of survival. gether, especially after pro-Rajapaksa
tinue to play a role in enforcing accountability of all institutions. For in- In the early hours of January 9, 2015, forces floated a new political
stance, a reader wanted a series of stories on the status of implementation Sri Lanka witnessed that crucial regime organisation.
of various welfare measures. He wanted to know why many schemes exist change after 10 years of the Mahinda More recently, Mr. Rajapaksa has
only on paper, not on the ground. The newspaper, in readers’ opinions, Rajapaksa brand of authoritarianism, threatened to topple the government in
should be able to name the persons accountable for lapses that adversely af- marked by high surveillance, intimida- 2017, but the President and Prime Minis-
fect the livelihood of millions. tion, media repression, and the wither- ter have rubbished his comments. The
ing of democratic institutions. The re- Constitution disallows premature dis-
The task of scrutiny gime’s corruption and nepotism solution of Parliament and a return to
Readers want to see more investigative reporting on corruption. For overshadowed its development eforts, Rajapaksa-led rule is politically im-
many, it seems as though the media has left the task of financial probity, in- eroding Mr. Rajapaksa’s war victor im- probable at the moment, they emphas-
tegrity, and meeting targets to institutions such as the Comptroller and age that had helped him garner support ised. But every time this government
Auditor General of India, the Su- among the Sinhalese majority. NOW OR NEVER: “Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe can get their act fails, Mr. Rajapaksa could gain ground.
preme Court, and various stat- Proposals and ideas from There was new political space for any together and see the constitutional reforms through to make this new chapter in The UNP, currently the main ruling
utory bodies. One of the readers alternative that ofered change. That is Sri Lanka their legacy.” The two leaders in Moragahakanda. FILE PHOTO: AFP party in government, also faces pres-
said that the independent media
readers were not personal how the current government came to sure from its backbenchers, while
should retain the responsibility preferences but manifestations power, promising change and good gov- A troubling aspect of the their interest in domestic political de- Prime Minister Wickremesinghe seems
of scrutinising the Union and of their understanding of what ernance in their insurgent campaign. velopments has visibly diminished. It is solely focussed on economic develop-
State governments, primarily With a sizeable section of the rural Sin- government has been its unlikely to heighten unless Mr. Rajapak- ment and trade agreements. A leader
because some individuals, des- they want in a newspaper halese backing them, along with the silence on sections of Buddhist sa’s comeback bid, currently far- with his experience must know that
pite honourable exceptions, who wield power in statutory bodies tend to overwhelming endorsement of north- monks who consistently fetched, looks stronger. without a political solution and a stable
convert their oicial findings to post-retirement job applications. A de- ern Tamils, Muslims and upcountry Despite the political fragility and in- government backing it, even the grand-
tailed story on the number of oicials from statutory bodies who got a post- Tamils, and some international support, engage in hate speech security of the current government, it est and most well-intentioned eco-
retirement job would reveal the inherent limitation of giving the task of Mr. Sirisena deposed Mr. Rajapaksa. His has the opportunity to move signific- nomic projects may fizzle out.
scrutiny to only these bodies, said some readers. In fact, a qualitative ana- Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and its The country’s economy was far from antly ahead on the promised constitu- Even as six subcommittee reports on
lysis of their investigations, findings and recommendations could be a basis rival, Mr. Wickremesinghe’s United Na- healthy and the sharp political difer- tional reforms. In a sense, the climate the draft Constitution await discussion
for evolving a code for the appointments to crucial watchdog bodies. tional Party (UNP), formed Sri Lanka’s ences within the government became for a political solution has never been in Parliament, the government’s priorit-
One of the first suggestions that came this year was for a weekly news first national unity government. It was a apparent. Contradictory messages from more conducive. Not only because it ies are clearly elsewhere. The latter part
feature that not only provides the context but also looks at precedents, best major reconfiguration of political the two leaders exposed their artificial has the two main parties at the helm, but of 2016 saw the Constitution-making
practices and worst examples. For instance, in the wake of a petition by forces. People felt hopeful. unity. Increasingly and more evidently, also because the Tamil National Alli- process take a backseat, bringing the
political parties to the Election Commission (EC) seeking a directive to the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe govern- ance (TNA), which represents northern government’s immediate political com-
postpone the Union budget from being tabled on February 1, some readers Hopeful 2015, turbulent 2016 ment was seen as soft-pedalling cases Tamils, has opted for engagement over pulsions to the fore. There has been
wanted to know the exact sequence of events that led to the postponement The government, at least in its first linked to the former first family — be it boycott with this government. The little public debate on the new Constitu-
of the budget in 2012. Which parties demanded the postponement? What year, managed to keep that hope afloat, corruption or murder — fuelling specu- main opposition party now, the TNA, tion. Unless the government engages its
were the reasons cited by them? Was there an EC directive that led to the in spite of a massive bond scam at the lation on possible backroom negoti- voted in favour of the budget and has majority Sinhalese constituency on the
postponement or was it the decision of the government itself to defer the Central Bank involving a governor ap- ations with the Rajapaksa forces. mostly backed its programmes, ac- reforms, it may find it very hard to push
budget till the elections for the five States were completed? Under the pointed by Mr. Wickremesinghe. Keen The other equally troubling aspect of knowledging the need to work with this the new Constitution resisting other
Model Code of Conduct, what elements in the budget would be considered on giving this government a chance, Sri the government has been its silence on government. political pressures. A referendum in
a violation of the Code and what concessions or programmes permissible? Lankans reiterated the point in the Au- sections of Buddhist monks who con- Also, the pressure on Sri Lanka from such a scenario could prove risky. The
Is there a legal binding? Can the apex court intervene in the election pro- gust 2015 parliamentary elections. sistently engage in hate speech. The the international community and the stakes are high and time is running out.
cess if the Model Code violation raises questions about free and fair elec- The government adopted a constitu- government took no action on a monk human rights lobby on questions of ac- Mr. Sirisena and Mr. Wickremesinghe
tions? What are the similarities and diferences between the 2012 and the tional amendment to clip the powers of who resorted to an unmistakable racist countability and war crimes has signi- have a choice. They can get their act to-
2017 elections to these five States? Are there compelling reasons that make the executive president, opened up abuse and death threat to a Tamil oicer ficantly lessened in the last two years. gether and see the reforms through to
the date for the budget non-negotiable for the government? Readers would space for the media, evolved a compre- in the eastern town of Batticaloa. The The TNA too has privileged constitu- make this new chapter in Sri Lanka their
like an extended explainer of one complex issue every week to make sense hensive strategy for reconciliation and Buddhist clergy, which enjoys consider- tional reform over accountability, re- legacy. Or they will be seen as leaders
of our polity and economy. assured the UN Human Rights Council able political clout in Sri Lanka, remains cognising the grave political risks in who squandered a great opportunity.
While many readers came up with suggestions for content, only one of a four-pronged approach, and began insulated, as it was in the Rajapaksa era, raising the latter at this juncture. In a For lakhs of Tamils still struggling to
wrote at length about the design of the newspaper. Vijay S. Raghavan from drafting a new Constitution. President from any legal action. sense, Sri Lanka has never been closer rebuild their lives since the island’s bru-
Mumbai wrote extensively about the need for a redesign and for improve- Sirisena made several trips to the north For the international actors, particu- to clinching a political solution. tal war that ended seven years ago, the
ment in the printing quality across editions. He said there is unevenness in and released a portion of the land that larly the U.S. and India, ties with Sri wait has been long and painful. As far as
the quality of printing — while it is excellent in some centres, it is not so in was under military occupation. He told Lanka following regime change are al- A question of priority the two leaders are concerned, it is as
others. “Any newspaper design will be liked by readers only for a few years,” the Tamils that he had an obligation to most entirely on grounds of economic However, coalition politics comes much a question of political will as it is
he said. “They would like a change in the product’s presentation after every solve their problems. partnership or security. While both with its shortcomings. It was not going of ability. It is now or probably never.
few years. When [Mario] Garcia’s design was introduced in 2005, it was Stepping into its second year, the gov- countries continue to be preoccupied to be easy for this government. The
stimulating for the readers. But after so many mutilations of that original ernment encountered more turbulence. with Chinese presence in Sri Lanka, Sirisena-Wickremesinghe combine meera.srinivasan@thehindu.co.in
design, The Hindu has lost its charm. Font sizes at present are not good as
they are small and not pleasing to the eyes. [The] layout is very congested.”

Looking towards a greener future

This was one of the most exciting exercises for me as the Readers’ Editor.
Readers’ comments and their level of engagement reairm our faith in an
informed public sphere. Most of their proposals and ideas were not per-
sonal preferences or whims but manifestations of their deep understanding
of what they want in a newspaper. I would like to assure the readers that the
Editor and his team are amidst a consultative process to arrive at a new look
as well as a new mix of content for this legacy newspaper that was launched
India’s green bond market has witnessed many milestones, but its full potential remains untapped
in 1878. Your voices are central to this consultative process.
for developing a formal definition of
readerseditor@thehindu.co.in ‘green’ to ensure understanding across
RANA KAPOOR sectors. A more descriptive and ex-
haustive classification from Indian reg-
ulators and policymakers in the coming
years would be crucial in expanding the
Green bonds, which finance environ- green bond market further.
FROM THE ARCHIVES mentally friendly businesses and assets, Following global trends, the upcom-
have emerged as one of the key finan- ing year is poised to witness the first
cing mechanisms driving the global ‘blue bond’ issuance (bonds used to
economy’s transition to a greener fu- specifically finance water infrastruc-
(dated January 9, 1967) ture. Since the issuance of the first ture) in India. Globally blue bond issu-
green bond in 2007 by two multilateral ances have crossed $10 billion, with In-
Puri Acharya’s fast Prabhu Dutta Brahmachari, development banks (World Bank and dia yet to enter the market. Given the
who went on an indefinite fast on European Investment Bank), the green rising financing gap in India’s water
The general condition of November 20 last demanding a bond market has grown exponentially sector, it is imperative to utilise such in-
Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Puri total ban on cow slaughter, has and is currently pegged at over $180 bil- novative mechanisms for water infra-
further deteriorated to-day lost 61 pounds of weight, lion in cumulative issuance. Penetrating structure augmentation as well.
[January 8], the 50th day of his fast according to information received markets across developed and emer- While credit enhancement has given
against cow slaughter. by the State unit of the Goraksha ging economies, green bonds have seen an impetus to green bonds and will re-
According to a medical bulletin, Mahabhiyan Samiti in Allahabad. extensive participation from corporates main crucial, there is a scope for other
contraction of his muscle was The Brahmachari, whose and financial institutions, including innovative mechanisms such as securit-
very much prominent to-day and condition was critical on Friday, sovereign and municipal bodies. isation. Many standalone green projects
body pain persisted. Though was slightly better yesterday. A groundbreaking year for green such as roof top solar, energy eiciency
extremely weak, he appeared Muni Sushil Kumar, leader of the bonds was 2015. Global markets wit- ILLUSTRATION: SATWIK GADE and rural water supply still remain unat-
cheerful, the bulletin added. His Cow Protection Movement, has nessed currency green bonds and in- tractive to institutional investors owing
tongue was moist and coated. His not formally tendered his novative structuring along with maiden to about Rs.18,131 crore (equivalent to While credit enhancement has to the smaller scale and vast geograph-
pulse beat was 84 (regular, but resignation from the high green bond issuance in a number of $2.7 billion) and making India the sev- ical spread. Aggregation and securitisa-
low in volume), blood pressure command of the Goraksha countries. The green bond market was enth largest green bond market globally. given an impetus to green tion of such projects could be a wel-
88/60 and temperature 96.6 Mahabhiyan Samiti although further strengthened with issuance These green bonds have been crucial in bonds, there is a scope for come move in providing mainstream
degrees. His heart beat continued deadlock over policy and doubling to $81 billion in 2016 from $42 increasing financing to sunrise sectors other innovative mechanisms debt to small-scale green projects.
to be feeble. programme continues. billion in 2015. Supported by market- like renewable energy, thus contribut- The recent drive by the Prime Minis-
driven state policies and marked by a ing to India’s sustainable growth. The such as securitisation ter to resuscitate the municipal bond
rapid growth in green bond issuance in Climate Bond Initiative, in its India up- market for water supply projects in cit-
India and China, the Asian market has date, indicated that about 62 per cent of level guidelines. ies such as Pune and Hyderabad is
emerged as a frontrunner in the green the green bond proceeds have been al- In addition to SEBI’s guidance on highly commendable. The Indian gov-
CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS bonds space. located to renewable energy projects,
followed by the low carbon transport
green bonds, the Reserve Bank of India
passed regulatory reforms aimed at
ernment’s ambitious push for smart cit-
ies has opened emerging points that
>>It is a sacred movement and not scared movement as mentioned in the tenth Contributing to sustainable growth sector and low carbon buildings ac- strengthening and expanding India’s may be suitable for private sector parti-
paragraph of a report, “Modi hails nation for fighting graft” (January 8, 2017). India’s green bond market has wit- counting for 17.5 per cent and 14 per cent corporate bond market. The extent of cipation and may soon culminate into
nessed a number of critical milestones of the proceeds, respectively. At 2.2 per partial credit enhancement provided by India’s first green muni bond.
>>Editing error: A sentence in a report, “Sri Lanka’s next big fight” (Week- following Yes Bank’s and India’s first cent for each, the allocation of green banks has been increased to 50 per cent With an eventful year gone by, espe-
end Being, January 8, 2017) read: “Sri Lanka, after consistent eforts to green infrastructure bonds issued in bond proceeds towards water manage- from 20 per cent of the bond issue size, cially the formalisation of the Paris ac-
strengthen its CKDu response mechanisms (COMMA) currently has nearly February 2015. A growing number of ment and waste management has been while also permitting banks to issue cord at the COP22, 2017 promises to de-
400 dialysis machines.” It should read, “Sri Lanka, after consistent eforts to corporates and financial institutions somewhat limited owing to perceived masala bonds — key moves that will liver on some of the commitments
strengthen its CKDu response mechanisms, currently has nearly 400 dialysis have leveraged this innovative mechan- sector-specific issues as well as due to bolster the Indian green bond market. undertaken globally for green finan-
machines.” The (COMMA) was wrongly introduced while editing. ism to raise capital, attracting foreign projects being smaller in size and geo- cing. With developed countries reaf-
investments and inducing momentum graphically dispersed. Expectations from 2017 and beyond firming their $100 billion mobilisation
in the market. India also witnessed its Indian regulators have shown exem- The full potential of India’s green goal per year by 2020 to support climate
It is the policy of The Hindu to correct significant errors as soon as award-winning first green masala bond plary foresight in recognising green bond market remains untapped, with action in emerging nations, utilisation
possible. (rupee-denominated bond), with the bonds as a key tool towards financing only a limited number of issuers so far. of green bonds as an efective vehicle to
Please specify the edition (place of publication), date and page. International Financial Corporation the nation’s climate change targets and With increasing interest from the gov- tap into climate funds is anticipated to
The Readers’ Editor’s oice can be contacted by raising an of-shore rupee bond on Lon- in guiding the development of the green ernment and market regulators, 2017 is grow. Collective participation of regu-
Telephone: +91-44-28418297/28576300 (11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to don Stock Exchange for investing in Yes bond market through necessary expected to see further developments lators, policymakers, corporate and fin-
Friday);Fax: +91-44-28552963; E-mail:readerseditor@thehindu.co.in Bank’s green bond, demonstrating how policies and reforms. In January 2016, in terms of innovations and supporting ancial institutions is going to be crucial
Mail: Readers’ Editor, The Hindu, Kasturi Buildings, innovations in emerging markets have the Securities and Exchange Board policy and regulatory frameworks in pushing frontiers of green bonds fur-
859 & 860 Anna Salai, Chennai 600 002, India. the potential to capture global (SEBI) of India published its oicial aimed at bringing more clarity and im- ther, unleashing new opportunities in
All communication must carry the full postal address and attention. green bond guidelines and require- petus to the space. addressing climate change.
telephone number. Green bond issuance in the country ments for Indian issuers, placing India Further to the interpretation indic-
No personal visits. witnessed a 30 per cent year-on-year in- amongst a select set of pioneering ated in SEBI’s green bond guidelines on Rana Kapoor is MD and CEO, Yes Bank, and
The Terms of Reference for the Readers’ Editor are on www.thehindu.com crease in 2016, cumulatively amounting countries who have developed national what classifies as ‘green’, there is a need Chairman, Yes Institute.

12 | NEWS



Aadhaar must for Rahul’s focus is on narrow gains: FM Cong. will go it
alone in U.P.: Azad
MGNREGS work In blog on demonetisation, Jaitley says the Prime Minister is thinking of the next generation
MEERUT: Four days after the
SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT Economic activity is being he said that nearly three dates for the Uttar Pradesh
restored,” Mr. Jaitley said
‘Modi wants to create crore reported an income of Assembly polls were an-
NEW DELHI: Prime Minister adding that banks now had a new normal, to less than ₨5 lakh a year and nounced, senior Congress
Narendra Modi is thinking of more money to lend and in- change expenditure only 24 lakh declared an in- leader and AICC member in
the next generation, while terest rates had come down. come above ₨10 lakh a year. charge of the State, Ghulam
Congress vice-president Calling the government’s pattern of India “No better evidence is re- Nabi Azad, said here that
Rahul Gandhi is only looking demonetisation decision an and Indians’ quired to substantiate that there had been no discussion
at how to disrupt the next obviously disruptive reform both in the matter of direct on alliance with any political
session of Parliament, Union that would change India’s decision, Mr. Jaitley said, “All and indirect taxes, India con- formation.
Finance Minister Arun Jait- “retrograde status quo” of opinion polls conducted by tinues to sufer being a Addressing the party’s
ley said on Sunday in a blog cash transactions and tax independent media organ- hugely tax non-compliant “Janakrosh” [public anger]
on two months of demonet- evasion compromising ex- isations have shown that an society,” Mr. Jaitley said. rally on demonetisation, Mr.
isation. penditure for poverty eradic- overwhelmingly large per- “Reducing cash may not Azad said the Congress
While the Prime Minister ation, national security and centage of people have sup- eliminate crime and terror- would contest the elections
is now speaking of cleaning economic development, Mr. Arun Jaitley at an Amritsar ported the government’s de- ism but it can inflict a serious alone.
the political funding sys- Jaitley admitted that its im- rally on Sunday. — PHOTO: AFP cision. The Opposition blow to them. The States “Lots of things are happen-
tems, his opponents want a plementation carried pain disrupted a full session of have shown that the stores of ing inside the Samajwadi
ENGAGED IN WORK: MGNREGS workers carrying water pots “cash-dominated, cash-gen- and could lead to “short- banks does not render this Parliament. Their protests cash do not disappear on Party,” Mr. Azad said. “In my
at Pennakonam village in Perambalur district. — FILE PHOTO erating and cash-exchange term criticism and incon- money to be legitimate have been inefective. Their their own till governments opinion, it will be a good
system to continue”, he said venience”. cash,” he said explaining that exaggerated claims on the take active steps to reduce thing if Mulayam and
The expenditure for the at checking leakages of wel- adding that the pain and in- this money can now be iden- disruption of the economy the quantum of paper cur- Akhilesh do not split. The
MGNREGS is met from the fare funds, was launched on convenience caused by de- Transient impact tified with its owner and have proved wrong.” rency,” Mr. Jaitley wrote. Congress party will contest
Consolidated Fund of In- January 1, 2013 to cover 24 monetisation are now “Drop in economic activ- taxed as opposed to the “It is a tragedy that a na- “The Prime Minister’s de- the polls on the issue of
dia. A sum of ₨38,500 crore schemes of eight Minis- receding. ity on account of the cur- earlier situation when paper tional party like the Con- cision is intended to create a development.”
has been allocated for the tries. Under the DBT, all “Now that the queues out- rency squeeze during the re- currency served as “a zero gress decided to adopt a new ‘normal’,” he added. State PCC chief Raj Bab-
MGNREGS in the current cash benefits are trans- side the banks have disap- monetisation period would interest anonymous bearer political position, opposing “It seeks to change the ex- bar and the Congress chief
fiscal. ferred to the beneficiary’s peared and the remonetisa- have a transient impact on bond” with no history at- both technology, change and penditure pattern of India ministerial candidate Sheila
The move to make bank account. tion has moved ahead, it the economy… The fact that tached to it. reforms,” he said. and Indians. The demonet- Dikshit gave the rally a miss.
Aadhaar mandatory for the The Centre has asked its would be worthwhile to ana- large quantum of high-de- Emphasising that there Highlighting that only 3.7 isation puts a premium on The turnout too was appar-
MGNREGS will prevent departments and the State lyse the rationale behind the nomination currency has was no social unrest while crore tax assessees filed in- honesty and penalises dis- ently much smaller than was
leakages of subsidies and governments to widen the decision and its impact … been deposited with the implementing such a major come tax returns in 2015-16, honest conduct.” expected.
ensure that the beneficiar- scope of the DBT scheme
ies get their due, according to include all monetary and
to another oicial who is in-kind transfers. To spread
part of the wing looking
after the implementation of
the Aadhaar-linked Direct
the scheme further, it was
shifted to the Cabinet Sec-
retariat last year, and its im-
PM’s degree row:
Allow scrutiny of
Army enthused by new Urjit to reply to MP
Benefit Transfer (DBT)
The DBT scheme, aimed
plementation is being mon-
itored by the Prime
Minister’s Oice. — PTI records, says CIC indigenous artillery gun panel’s questions
formation Commission has DINAKAR PERI
directed the Delhi Univer- NEW DELHI: The Public Ac-
Mulayam asserts sity to allow inspection of re-
cords related to all the BA
NEW DELHI: The Army has
given the thumbs-up to a
counts Committee of Parlia-
ment has sent a question-
students of 1978, the year the heavy artillery gun, Ad-
leadership University says Prime Minis-
ter Narendra Modi cleared
vanced Towed Artillery Gun
System (ATAGS), being de-
naire to RBI Governor Urjit
Patel and other top finance-
related oicials on
Samajwadi Party supremo cision of the party general the examination. veloped by Defence Re- demonetisation.
Mulayam Singh is expected body, and not in the per- The Commission rejected search and Development Or- The committee is headed
to approach the Election sonal capacity by the contention of the Central ganisation, in collaboration by Congress leader K.V.
Commission (EC) on Akhileshji,” a Samajwadi Public Information Oicer of with the private sector. Thomas.
Monday to submit docu- Party leader said, dismiss- the university that it was a This is significant step in “Members had their ques-
ments and stake claim over ing speculations that the third party personal inform- indigenisation as the Army tions on the issue. They have
the party’s name and elec- Chief Minister would be ation and found “neither and the DRDO had consider- been compiled and sent to Urjit Patel
tion symbol, the bicycle. forced to step down as merit nor legality” in it. able diferences on projects the RBI Governor and other
The Akhilesh camp has party chief. It directed the university in the past. top oicials. They will ap- raised about some aspects of
already submitted docu- Reacting to Mr Mulayam to facilitate inspection of the “The gun has come up pear before the PAC on Janu- demonetisation: how many
ments of its support within Singh’s assertion that he relevant register containing very well. The way the pro- ary 20,” Mr. Thomas told The people were involved in the
the party for the symbol. was still the party chief, the complete information on the ject is unfolding, if it contin- Hindu. decision-making; is there a
The Akhilesh camp leader stressed that Mr. results of all the students ues that way, it will be one of Soldiers test one of the Bofors guns. Of 1980s vintage, they Mr. Patel apart, Finance law that can restrict people’s
maintains that the Chief Akhilesh Yadav had been who passed the Bachelor of the finest guns in its class in are the last-inducted artillery guns.— PHOTO: VIVEK BENDRE Secretary Ashok Lavasa and access to their money; how
Minister has the legal con- legally elected the national Arts exams in 1978, along the world,” a senior Army of- Economic Afairs Secretary much money has come back
trol of the party and any president by the “highest with roll number, candidate’s ficer told The Hindu. The oicer said an Army Parliament in November that Shaktikanta Das will attend into the banks after demon-
dispute would be settled by decision making body” of names, father’s name and ATAGS is a 155-mm, 52-cal- team had been involved in the gun had several signific- the meeting. The oicials etisation and how much
the EC. the SP on January 1. marks obtained, and provide ibre towed artillery gun be- the project since the concep- ant features such as an all- will answer not just these black money has been extin-
“Before going to the EC, “Netaji is the eldest in the certified copy of the extract ing developed in mission tual stage. electric drive, high mobility, questions but also others re- guished; what was the need
there was some possibility. family. In personal and fam- of relevant pages free of cost. mode for the Army’s artillery quick deployability, auxiliary lated to the decision to de- to demonetise if counterfeit
But Amar Singh took Netaji ily issues, whatever he says RTI applicant Neeraj modernisation programme. Technical trials power mode, advanced com- monetise and the economic currency estimates did not
(to the EC) on the first day. we accept and respect, and wanted to know the number It was designed by the Proof firing tests of the munication system, and impact. necessitate it and if an ad-
They initiated it. And later obey. But the issue of party of students who appeared for DRDO’s Armament Re- armament systems were car- automated command and vanced country like Japan
Ramgopalji went (to the and State president is a con- the 1978 BA exams and the search and Development Es- ried out during technical tri- control system. It also boasts Unanswered questions has a higher cash-to-GDP ra-
EC) after the notice. There stitutional and legal matter. results of all the students. tablishment (ARDE) in als in June and September a range of 45 km, depending Oicials can respond to tio than India; and how much
is no issue; nobody is in a And it has been decided by The Central Public Informa- Pune. Bharat Forge Ltd. of and some initial integrated on the type of ammunition the members’ questions money has been pumped
capacity to compromise or the highest decision-mak- tion Oicer of the University the Kalyani Group, Tata firing tests were successfully used. The gun has to go there or later in writing. back into the system?
leaving anything,” an ing body by our party that had responded that what was Power Strategic Engineering carried out in December. Of- through a rigorous integra- The PAC, which scrutin- Sources say the committee
Akhilesh aide told The Akhilesh Yadav is the na- being asked was “personal Division and Mahindra De- ficials said they were on tion and testing cycle before ises the reports of the Comp- is expected to quiz the oi-
Hindu. tional president,” the legis- information of the students fence Naval System from the track to have the first fully in- large-scale induction. troller and Auditor-General, cials on these issues, as sev-
“There is no issue of dis- lator, an Akhilesh confidant concerned, the disclosure of private sector are involved in tegrated gun system for user Sources said that by the takes suo motu note of im- eral details about demonet-
pute. The decision was said. which has no relationship to a big way, along with the trials by the Army in the first present sequence, it could portant matters. isation and new notes put
taken by the national con- (With inputs from Vikas any public activity or in- Ordnance Factory Board half of 2017. tentatively be inducted in the The development is cru- into circulation have not
vention, a collective de- Pathak) terest”. — PTI (OFB), in the project. The government informed Army between 2022-24. cial as questions have been been made public.

Amar Singh gets

BSP announces 101 more candidates in U.P. SC wants paper trail
‘Z’ category cover
NEW DELHI: Rajya Sabha mem-
LUCKNOW: The Bahujan Samaj
Party (BSP) on Sunday an-
Mayawati’s focus is
on Dalit-Muslim
leaders, legislators, MPs and
party candidates where she
in EVMs for fair poll
ber Amar Singh has been ac- nounced candidates for 101 told them to fan out in their LEGAL CORRESPONDENT apex court, on a petition filed
corded ‘Z’ category security Assembly seats in Uttar Pra- consolidation to constituencies and work for by BJP leader Subramanian
cover of Central paramilitary desh, completing the exer- the BSP’s victory. NEW DELHI: Even as five States Swamy, had directed the
commandos by the Union cise for all but two of the 403
wrest power from She asked party leaders to go to the polls, the Supreme Election Commission to in-
government owing to threat constituencies, fielding 12 the Samajwadi Party expose the Samajwadi Party Court has reiterated the ne- troduce the paper trail in
perception following “recent more Muslim candidates this government on ‘lawlessness’ cessity to implement the EVMs in a phased manner
activities”. time to ensure Dalit-Muslim father Mulayam Singh Yadav. and the Centre on Vote Verifier Paper Audit for the general elections in
The development comes consolidation in a bid to With a weak Samajwadi demonetisation. Trail (VVPAT) in electronic 2014.
in the backdrop of infighting wrest power from the Sama- Party, Muslims will look for She took potshots at the voting machines (EVMs) to In its recent order, Justice
in the Samajwadi Party jwadi Party. alternatives and Ms. May- Yadav family spat saying ensure 100 per cent transpar- Gogoi directed the EC “to
ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Candidates for the two re- awati wants to be at the right voters should not spoil their ency in elections. bring on record the approx-
Assembly polls. maining seats in Sonebhadra place at the right time, say ballots by backing the Sama- In the VVPAT system, imate time within which the
Oicials said the Home district will be finalised after BSP supremo Mayawati at a party meet ahead of the U.P. analysts. jwadi Party as doing this when a voter presses the but- entire system of the VVPAT
Ministry issued an order in a decision is taken whether Assembly polls, in Lucknow on Sunday. — PHOTO: PTI If she manages to direct would indirectly benefit the ton for a candidate of his can be introduced, subject to
this regard on Saturday night they are general or reserved the entire Muslim vote her BJP in the polls. choice in the EVM, a paper grant of sanction and release
and asked the Central Indus- for ST, the BSP said in a re- Brahmins 66, Kshatriyas 36 community. Muslims, who way, she could pose a tough ballot containing the serial of funds as and when re-
trial Security Force (CISF) to lease here. and others 11. had by and large supported challenge to the BJP and the Key fact number, name of the candid- quired”.
take up the task immediately. Out of the 403 seats up for the Samajwadi Party in the SP, they believe. An analysis of the com- ate and poll symbol would be The court has listed the
“In view of recent activities, grabs, the BSP had prepared Muslims in a fix 2012 elections, are in a plete list released by the BSP printed for the voter. petition filed by the Back-
there is perceptible threat [to a final list comprising 97 Since Muslims account for quandary in view of the Call to partymen brings out an interesting fact The VVPAT is intended as ward and Minority Com-
Mr. Singh],” an oicial said, Muslim candidates (12 more nearly 20 per cent of voters squabbles in the Yadav fam- Before releasing the fourth that it is not Dalits but the an independent verification munity Employees Federa-
citing inputs from the Cent- than 2012), 87 Dalits and 106 in the State, Ms. Mayawati ily and factional fight list of candidates, Ms. May- upper caste which has got system for voting machines tion for hearing after eight
ral security agencies, but did OBCs, besides earmarking decided to field more can- between Chief Minister awati presided over a meet- the second biggest share designed to allow voters to weeks.
not elaborate. — PTI 113 seats for upper castes — didates belonging to that Akhilesh Yadav and his ing of party oice-bearers, after Muslims. — PTI verify that their votes were Three years ago, a Bench
cast correctly, to detect pos- of then Chief Justice of India
sible election fraud or mal- P. Sathasivam and Justice Go-

BJP, Cong. yet to declare candidates for Punjab polls

function and to provide a goi had observed that
means to audit the stored VVPAT in EVMs would en-
electronic results. sure “free and fair” polls and
help in “sorting out
VIKAS VASUDEVA tions where the rapport a paigning, but admitted that Second time disputes”.
candidate enjoys with a voter Sukhbir launches campaign “it was unfortunate that This is the second time the The EC had, at the time, in-
CHANDIGARH: Though the stage plays an important factor, ticket could not be an- Supreme Court is insisting formed the apex court that
is set for a three-cornered political leaders say. CHANDIGARH: Stepping up of the convoy vehicles of Mr. nounced six months before on the implementation of the VVPAT could be intro-
fight in the Punjab Assembly “In Punjab, the Assembly election campaign ahead of the Badal soon after he finished an the elections, as decided at VVPAT in EVMs. In 2013, the duced in a phased manner.
polls, the BJP is yet to finalise elections are “candidate- Punjab Assembly polls, Shiromani election meeting at a village. The the Jaipur session of the
its list of candidates and the centric” and a delay in an- Akali Dal (SAD) president and police denied that the attack was party.” The party has so far
Congress still has 40 seats nouncing the candidates will Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir directed at him, saying it was a declared candidates for 77 of
undecided. surely afect the electoral Singh Badal on Sunday kicked off result of confrontation between the total 117 seats.
The delay in selecting can- prospects of any party, campaign in his Jalalabad two groups. — Special Sources said it seemed dif-
didates could afect the pro- whether BJP or Congress,” constituency. Stones fell on one Correspondent ficult that the Congress list
spects of these parties in the Pramod Kumar, director of Capt. Amarinder Singh would be out before January
elections, which experts and the Institute for Develop- 10 as party’s vice-president
leaders feel are ment and Communication in parties such as the AAP and brothers, is contesting the re- and the BJP are apprehensive Rahul Gandhi, who is on a
“candidate-centric”. Chandigarh, says. the Akalis, which have an- maining five. that the delay in announcing vacation, is likely to return
Punjab goes to the polls on nounced their candidates The SAD has announced candidates would afect the on January 9 and then a
February 4. AAP ahead in race and have started can- 92 candidates till now. The prospects of the parties. meeting would be held to fi-
Selection and early an- “The BJP has not an- vassing,” he said. party will contest 94 seats Punjab Congress presid- nalise the candidates.
nouncement of candidates nounced even a single can- The new entrant AAP, has out of the total 117, as per the ent Amarinder Singh said the The BJP is likely to an-
are advantageous as it gives didate till now. The Congress fielded candidates for 112 seat-sharing arrangement final list would be out by nounce its list of candidates
ample time for campaigning, is yet to take a call on 40 seats. Its alliance partner, the with the BJP. January 9. He denied that the on January 11, said senior
especially in the State elec- seats. This will only help Lok Insaaf Party of Bains Leaders in the Congress delay would afect cam- party leader Kamal Sharma.
NEWS | 13


Blood ties matter, not colour of Diaspora will help improve

ties, says Portuguese PM
passport, Modi tells global Indians SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT

BENGALURU: The Indian dia-

spora, which is well integ-
‘System in place to address issues such as loss of passport, medical emergency and shelter’ rated in Portugal and con-
tributing to the nation’s
SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT development, is willing to
help improve ties between
BENGALURU: Assuring non-res- the two countries, Portugal
ident Indians (NRIs) and Prime Minister Antonio
Persons of Indian Origin Costa said at the Pravasi
(PIO) of continued support Bharatiya Divas on Sunday.
from the Indian government, Soon after he started his
Prime Minister Narendra speech, Mr. Costa surprised
Modi on Sunday said the gov- the audience when he re-
ernment did not look at the vealed that he was of Indian
“colour of the passport but origin and proud of it. “It is SON OF THE SOIL: Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio Costa
only the blood relationship”. true. Oicially, I am a person addressing the Indian diaspora in Bengaluru. — PHOTO: AP
“Security and safety of In- with roots in India.”
dian nationals abroad is of “I’m doing my part and coming to invest, work, study Indian origin to lead a
utmost importance to us,” contributing to the develop- or to simply live there. European country. Ability to
said the Prime Minister at ment of both Portugal and He said the contribution of interact with people from
the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas India,” said Mr. Costa, who Indians to the Portuguese so- outside the country, culture
convention. traces his roots to Madgaon ciety was highly valued and or religion is part of the Por-
In the past two years, he in Goa. the diaspora too was contrib- tuguese DNA,” he said.
said, the government had fa- “Members of the diaspora uting to the Indian society. Later, recalling his Indian
cilitated repatriation of in Portugal are willing to “Portugal and India have a connection, Mr. Costa said
nearly 90,000 Indians work- contribute and support this centuries-old relationship — he still had relatives in Mad-
ing in 54 countries and as- cause.” historical, cultural and goan. “Madgoan is the place
sisted 80,000 Indians who Mr. Costa said Portugal re- personal.” where my father spent his
were caught in dangerous ceived everyone with open “Maybe, it is not by chance childhood and had a home. I
situations. arms —whether they were that I am the first person of will visit my relatives.”

Quick steps WITH OPEN ARMS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi being driven around in a battery-operated car during the 14th Pravasi Bharatiya

Illegal recruitment will be

The ecosystem of admin- Divas at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in Bengaluru on Sunday.—PHOTO: PTI
istrative organisation had
been strengthened to ad- been directed to be proactive strict action was being taken atic engagement with the In- “Achievements made by
dress issues such as loss of to address the problems against illegal recruitment dian diaspora, Mr. Modi said the PIOs in their respective
passport and need for legal
advice, medical emergency,
shelter and transportation.
“Indian embassies have
quickly. Our response is
driven by accessibility, sens-
itivity, speed and prepared-
ness,” he said adding that
agents in India to ensure mi-
grant Indian workers were
not misled.
As a result of the system-
they were keen on connect-
ing deeply with India’s social
and economic transforma-
countries is a great inspira-
tion. I am confident that
brain drain can be converted
into brain gain.”
done away with: Minister
STAFF REPORTER tee deposited by the recruit-
‘States have been ing agents from Rs. 20 lakh to
already told to
A promise to heirs of indentured labourers
BENGALURU: The Union gov- Rs. 50 lakh are some of the
ernment on Sunday made it recruit domestic help steps taken,” he said.
clear that it will take strict
action against illegal agen- only through Database on workers
SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT ficulties in obtaining the OCI that PIOs are facing in get- verting PIO cards to OCI ation and should come out cies that hire people for jobs government agencies’ The Ministry of External
card as they are unable to ting the OCI card. Starting cards without paying penalty with specific policy to ad- abroad, especially in West Afairs is creating a national
BENGALURU: Bringing joy to furnish proper documents with Mauritius, new proced- had been extended to June dress the issue,” he said, Asian countries. Afairs. In his inaugural repository, which will have
Persons of Indian Origin and the family tree to secure ures and documents will be 30. pointing out at the problem The Centre said that it had speech at the Pravasi Bhar- details of educational quali-
(PIO) who are descendants the card. put in place so that PIOs of PIOs in Reunion Island, already asked the States to atiya Divas, Prime Minister fications of migrant workers
of indentured labourers, Indentured workers from from these countries get ‘A good step’ where it has become next to recruit women as domestic Narendra Modi also touched that can be used by foreign
Prime Minister Narendra India were taken to Surin- their cards,” Mr. Modi said. Welcoming the announce- impossible to get the OIC helps only through agencies upon the issue of illegal re- oicials to verify the creden-
Modi on Sunday said new ame, Reunion Island, South Girmit is a corrupt form of ment, Jean Regis Ramsamy card due to lack of proper established by the State gov- cruitment. tials of the employee.
procedures and documents Africa, Guyana, Mauritis, Fiji the English word agreement, Nadarassin, who is part of a documentation. ernments. “Our aim is to ab- The Centre has launched To a query on the worries
would be put in place to help and Trinidad and Tobago to and Mahatma Gandhi had delegation from Reunion Is- “Many on our island are olish illegal recruitment and an online portal called e-Mi- faced by Indian women
them get the Overseas Cit- work in sugarcane planta- called himself the first land, said it was a indeed a seventh generation PIOs for do the same through a certi- grate and ‘MADAD’ plat- working as domestic helps in
izen of India (OCI) card. tions. Girmit. good step. The Reunion Is- whom it is diicult to get de- fied agency. If we find illegal forms to address the griev- the West Asian region, Mr.
Thousands of PIOs whose Other issues of PIOs in Re- land is about 200 km southw- tails beyond four genera- activities related to hiring of ances of migrant workers. Singh said: “We are also act-
families migrated to several Special bond union Island, Fiji, Guyana est of Mauritius in the Indian tions. The only way is Indians for foreign jobs, “Prosecution sanctions by ing on that. No woman below
countries as indentured la- “We have a special bond and Suriname would also be Ocean. through an Act of Parliament strict penal action will be the CBI or State police the age of 30 will be issued
bourers four to five genera- with Girmitya countries and addressed, he added. “The Indian government that would provide OCI taken,” said Gen. V.K. Singh, against illegal agents and an work visa as a housemaid
tions ago, currently have dif- are aware of the diiculties He said the date for con- should understand the situ- card,” he added. Minister of State for External increase in the bank guaran- outside the country.”

For these islanders, a reunion with Tamil India sees increase in tourist arrivals
They are now learning the language, the mother tongue of their ancestors SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT

SHARATH S. SRIVATSA Reunion Island have been BENGALURU: India registered an

facing problems in 11 per cent increase in foreign
BENGALURU: Their ancestors obtaining Overseas Citizen tourist arrivals (FTAs) in
came from the then of India (OCI) cards due to 2016 (calendar year) over
Pondicherry and parts of unavailability of 2015, with as many as nine
Tamil Nadu in the mid-19th documents. “Our estimate million tourists visiting the
century as indentured is about 30 people out of country. This excludes visits
labourers to work in the the about three lakh PIO by non-resident Indians.
sugar plantations on population have the OCI Revealing the figures dur-
Reunion Island in the card. It is diicult to ing a session on ‘Partnering
Indian Ocean. More than a establish ancestry and with diaspora to accelerate
century later, the People of trace our origin because tourism in India’ on the
Indian Origin in this the archives on the island second day of the Pravasi
French territory are fluent A stall of the Reunion Island diaspora. — PHOTO: K. MURALI KUMAR have been destroyed. Bharatiya Divas here on
in French and a creole, but There is no document to Sunday, Vinod Zutshi, Sec-
speak little or no Tamil at India,” said Jean Regis nearly 8 lakh population. prove our origin nor do we retary, Ministry of Tourism,
all. Now, they are Ramsamy Nadarassin, a “The creole that we speak know anyone in India,” Mr. said this was way above the
attempting to relearn historian and journalist, has a few Tamil words, but Nadarassin said. He is projected 4.5 per cent
Tamil, the language of their who was part of the 14- it is largely French,” said among the 30-odd OCI growth. This also resulted in Artists perform at the inauguration of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. — PHOTO: K. MURALI KUMAR
forefathers, in schools and member delegation at the Latchimy Antoinette card holders on the island, a 15 per cent growth in in-
temples. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Canaguy, who works as a but he said that getting the come from FTAs, he said. India was emerging as a pop- Buddhist, Ramayana and prioritising homestays and
“Though we have here. “We are again French teacher in the card was a Herculean task. ular destination for wedding Krishna. These circuits are involving homestay listing
retained traditional food learning Tamil. Some island. “Since I am a historian, I ‘Liberal visa regime’ tourism. to be introduced in 12 to 18 portals to plug the gap.
habits, cultural and priests in temples are As in many other managed to dig out details India’s e-tourist visa was Among the plans to pro- months at a cost of Rs. 100 The Tourism Ministry is
religious practices, we helping us understand it.” countries where Indians and could trace members one of the most liberal visas, mote tourism in the country crore each. also investing in amenities
have lost our language and The PIOs form about 30 had worked as indentured of my extended family in he said, adding that 161 coun- is development of 13 theme- Admitting to a gap in de- along highways, including
links with the families in per cent of the island’s labourers, the PIOs on Puducherry.” tries were being covered un- wise circuits, including spir- mand and supply, Mr. Zutshi toilets and interpretation
der the scheme. He also said itual, heritage, wildlife, said the Ministry was also centres.

14 | WORLD


Trump accepts intelligence findings Iran’s ex-President Akbar

He believes that Russia was behind the intrusions, says incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Hashemi Rafsanjani dead
WASHINGTON: U.S. President- TEHRAN: Former Iranian pres- ency, a breathing space after
elect Donald Trump accepts U.S. vows more ident Akbar Hashemi Raf- the end of the 1980-88 Iran-
the U.S. intelligence com- sanjani, a pugnacious polit- Iraq War, was marked by re-
munity’s conclusion that complex military ical survivor despite his construction, cautious re-
Russia engaged in cyberat- support for moderates, died form and repairs to Iran’s re-
tacks afecting the U.S. pres- training in Europe on Sunday after sufering a lations with its Arab
idential election and may heart attack, news agencies neighbours.
take actions in response, his BREMERHAVEN (GERMANY): The reported. But it was also marred by
incoming Chief of Staf said U.S. military on Sunday vowed to Mr. Rafsanjani, who was human rights violations,
on Sunday. increase the scope and 82, was a pivotal figure in the rampant inflation and dii-
Reince Priebus said Mr. complexity of its European foundation of the Islamic Re- cult relations with Europe,
Trump believes Russia was training exercises to deter public in 1979, and served as not least with Britain after
behind the intrusions into Russian aggression, as more U.S. President from 1989 to 1997. the “death sentence”, or
the Democratic Party organ- tanks, trucks and other He had been admitted to fatwa, handed down to
isations, though he did not equipment arrived in Germany for the Shohadaa Hospital in writer Salman Rushdie by
clarify whether the Presid- a big build-up on NATO’s eastern northern Tehran, one of his Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Khomeini.
ent-elect agreed that the flank. “This is one part of our relatives, Hossein Marashi, Iran’s President from 1989 to After serving a maximum
hacks were directed by Rus- efforts to deter Russian was quoted as saying by the 1997. — FILE PHOTO: AFP two consecutive terms, Mr.
sian President Vladimir aggression, ensure the territorial agencies. Rafsanjani played an import-
Putin. integrity of our allies,” U.S. Air “Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Iran into a wealthy family. ant role in the election of the
“He accepts the fact that Force Lieutenant General Tim Rafsanjani was transferred to He studied theology in the reformist Mohammad
this particular case was en- Ray, deputy commander of U.S. hospital after a heart attack,” holy city of Qom before en- Khatami, who succeeded
tities in Russia so that’s not European Command, said. Reza Soleimani, a speaker of tering politics in 1963 after him as President from 1997 to
the issue,” Mr. Priebus said He underscored the United the Expediency Council, Ir- Shah Mohammad Reza Pah- 2005.
on “Fox News Sunday”. States' “rock-solid commitment an’s main political arbitra- lavi’s police arrested the Mr. Rafsanjani was always
Mr. Priebus’s comments to Europe” in the northern tion body which Mr. Rafsan- founder of the Islamic repub- a member of Iran’s top cler-
marked a significant shift German port of Bremerhaven, jani chaired. lic, Ayatollah Ruhollah ical body, the Assembly of
away from the repeated dis- where he marked the arrival in Mr. Rafsanjani’s death is a Khomeini. Experts, charged with ap-
missals by Mr. Trump of Rus- recent days of some 2,800 pieces huge loss for both reformists A confidant of Khomeini, pointing — and if required
sian interference in the pres- of military equipment that will be and moderates, as he stood Mr. Rafsanjani was the dismissing — the country’s
idential election. used by nearly 4,000 U.S. troops as a pillar for the two camps. Speaker of Parliament for supreme leader.
The Republican Presid- LIKELY ALLIES? President-elect Donald Trump had praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as a in exercises in NATO states near Mr. Rafsanjani was born two consecutive terms until Mr. Rafsanjani chaired the
ent-elect has rebufed claims strong leader during his campaign. Graffiti depicting the two in Belgrade, Serbia. — FILE PHOTO: AP Russia. — Reuters on August 25, 1934, in the vil- Khomeini’s death in 1989. influential committee for
that Russia was behind the lage of Nough in southern Mr. Rafsanjani’s presid- several years. — AFP
hacks or was trying to help find her to be honest,” she
him win, saying the intru-
sions could have been car-
ried out by China or a 400-
said of the website that pos-
ted the documents. Russians mock charges of meddling Florida airport shooter Our government
‘Selective leaks’
pound hacker on his bed. ANDREW HIGGINS accusations against Russia joke!” she wrote.
won’t be toppled,
‘Russian eforts failed’
However, Mr. Trump’s
Ms. Conway also repeated
Mr. Trump's accusation that
the White House leaked in-
MOSCOW: The absence of any
are based on ‘confidence’
and assumptions. U.S. was
Alexei Kovalyov, a
Russian journalist who has faces death penalty says Sirisena
concrete evidence relating sure about Hussein frequently criticised RT,
senior aide Kellyanne Con- formation about the intelli- to meddling by Kremlin in possessing WMD in the said he was aghast the MIAMI: U.S. authorities have trieved a 9mm semi-auto-
way told CNN that “any at- gence before it was shared charged the Iraq War veteran matic handgun and ammuni- MEERA SRINIVASAN
the U.S. elections in the same way.” report had given so much
tempt, any aspiration to in- with Mr. Trump on Friday. intelligence report was met attention to the television accused of shooting five tion that he had declared and
fluence our elections failed”. “You can't have people in with a storm of mockery on ‘Laughter of the year’ station. people dead and wounding stowed inside his checked COLOMBO: Those waiting to
“They were not successful positions of keeping us all Saturday by Russian Margarita Simonyan, The Kremlin, which has six at a Florida airport with luggage, then allegedly topple Sri Lanka’s National
in doing that, and it’s a very safe and knowing classified politicians and editor-in-chief of RT, a denied any role in the federal crimes that could loaded the weapon while in a Unity government will never
important point,” she said of information or intelligence commentators. state-funded television hacking of the Democratic carry the death penalty. bathroom and opened fire in be successful, President
the Russians, blaming information, we can’t have In a message posted on network, who is cited National Committee The Justice Department the crowded baggage claim Maithripala Sirisena said on
Democrats instead for allow- them leaking to the media,” Twitter, Alexei Pushkov, a repeatedly in the report, computer system, had no on Saturday charged Esteban area of Terminal 2. Sunday, inviting citizens to
ing their accounts to be she said. member of the defence and posted on Twitter scoing immediate response to the Santiago (26) with firearms FBI special agent George join him in a journey to take
hacked. Mr. Trump has made re- security committee of the at the U.S. intelligence declassified report. Mr. ofences and carrying out an Piro said agents were look- the country forward.
Mr. Trump’s Democratic peated calls to improve rela- Russian Parliament’s upper community’s accusations. Putin instead made a show act of violence when he ing into the motives for the His remarks come weeks
rival Hillary Clinton lost the tions with Moscow. “Having house, ridiculed the U.S. “Aaa, the CIA report is out! of business as usual, opened fire at the busy Fort attack, including “continuing after his predecessor
election “all on her own”, Ms. a good relationship with report as akin to CIA Laughter of the year! Intro attending a church service Lauderdale airport. Santiago, to look at the terrorism Mahinda Rajappaksa vowed
Conway added. Russia is a good thing,” he assertions that Iraq had to my show from 6 years to mark the start of who had earlier shown signs angle”. Mr. Piro said Santiago to topple the government in
“We didn't need tweeted on Saturday. weapons of mass ago is the main evidence of Orthodox Christmas. — of “erratic behaviour”, ar- appeared to be acting alone 2017.
WikiLeaks to convince the “Only ‘stupid’ people, or destruction: “Mountain Russia’s influence at U.S. New York Times News rived on Friday on a flight and that “every indication” is Contrasting his govern-
American people they didn’t fools, would think that it is gave birth to a mouse: all elections. This is not a Service from Alaska. that he followed rules in fly- ment’s initiatives to those of
like her, didn’t trust her or bad!” — Reuters, AFP At baggage claim he re- ing with the weapon. — AFP the Rajapaksa administra-
tion, Mr. Sirisena, speaking
at an event to mark his gov-
ernment’s second an-
niversary, said that while the
former government invested
in plush roads, highways and
buildings, none of that be-
nefited the common man.
Observing that he was
committed to economic de-
velopment that benefited all,
he said at one level Prime
Minister Ranil Wickremes-
inghe was taking the lead in
market-oriented initiatives.
Simultaneously, he said,
the government was
evolving policies directed at
the socioeconomic welfare
of all Sri Lankans, reiterating
his commitment to working
towards sustainable devel-
opment goals.

Protests against port

On the controversial Ham-
bantota port, he said no legal
agreement had been
reached. Alluding to recent
protests against the project,
he said: “If they don’t want an
industrial zone in Hamban-
tota, I will take it to Polon-
He was referring to the an-
cient town in Sri Lanka’s
North-Central Province,
from where he hails.
Andhra Pradesh Chief
Minister Chandrababu
Naidu, who was the guest of
honour, spoke of his govern-
ment’s technology-backed
initiatives aimed at address-
ing poverty. Sri Lanka has de-
clared 2017 as the year of
poverty alleviation.

Istanbul attacker is an Outrage in China over IUD ‘removal’ ‘We will control our borders after Brexit’
Uzbek jihadist: Reports SUI-LEE WEE Govt. is persuading she would be prepared to
ISTANBUL: The attacker who The 34-year-old man BEIJING: A few months after Lu women to remove quit Europe’s trading zone to
achieve it. “The referendum
shot dead 39 people on New
is part of the
Qiumei gave birth to her intrauterine device to vote was a vote for us to...
Year’s night at an Istanbul daughter in 2012, oicials
nightclub has been identi- Central Asian cell visited her home and told her
enable them to have bring control into our
fied as an Uzbek jihadist who she was required to be fitted a second child immigration system. I’m
belongs to the extremist Is-
of the Islamic State, with an intrauterine device. clear that is part of what we
LONDON: Prime Minister need to deliver,” she told Sky
lamic State (IS) group, Turk- say media reports For more than three dec- ing that women be fitted Theresa May insisted on
ish press reports said. ades, this was national policy with an intrauterine device News in an interview. “We
Sunday that Britain will have will be able to have control
There had been confusion oicial confirmation of the in China. The IUD was the after they had one child, and “control over our borders”
over the identity of the at- report. government’s most import- sterilised after they had two, over our borders, of our
after Brexit, suggesting that laws.” — AFP
tacker — who remains on the The killer slipped into the ant tool for limiting couples in the early 1980s. From 1980-
run — with reports initially night after killing 27 foreign- to one child, and almost all 2014, according to oicial
suggesting a Kyrgyz national ers and 12 Turkish nationals new mothers were required statistics, 324 million Five killed as Palestinian rams truck
and then a Uighur from at the Reina nightclub in to get one.Ms. Lu considered Chinese women were fitted
JERUSALEM: A Palestinian sites in the Old City such as
China. But intelligence ser- Istanbul just 75 minutes into the demand invasive and po- NEW PROBLEMS: Two babies in a park in Beijing. China with IUDs.
vices and anti-terror police 2017. Despite an intense man- tentially harmful to her Last year, confronting an
rammed a truck into a group the Dome of the Rock and
scrapped the “one-child” policy last year. — FILE PHOTO: AP of Israeli soldiers visiting a providing one of the most
in Istanbul have now identi- hunt, he remains on the run, health. Still, like hundreds of ageing population and a
fied the man as a 34-year-old with some reports saying millions of Chinese women, an apology, has provoked extract. But many Chinese shrinking workforce, Presid-
popular tourist spot in spectacular views of
Uzbek who is part of a Cent- that he is still believed to be she had one put in. outrage. women have chafed at the ent Xi Jinping decided to
Jerusalem on Sunday, killing Jerusalem.
ral Asian IS cell, the Hurriyet in Istanbul. Turkish police Now, a year after abandon- While IUDs elsewhere can thought of the government’s scrap the policy.
four and wounding at least 15 Police spokeswoman Luba
daily and other Turkish had last week released im- ing the “one-child” policy, often be removed with the getting involved, yet again, in To that end, the govern-
people, authorities said. Samri said the driver was
newspapers reported. ages of the alleged killer, in- the government is hoping to tug of their strings in a doc- their private lives. And for ment said 18 million women
The driver was also killed killed by Israeli forces,
It said he has the code cluding a chilling silent make it up to Ms. Lu and mil- tor’s oice, surgery is usually many mothers, the ofer has would be eligible for the free
in what Israeli police were without specifying whether it
name of Ebu Muhammed video he purportedly took in lions of women like her — by needed in China because come too late for them to removal of IUDs in the next
calling an attack at the was Israeli soldiers or the
Horasani within the IS ex- central Istanbul with a selfie removing their IUDs for free. most devices are designed or consider having a second three years. — New York
location overlooking holy police. — AFP
tremist group. There was no stick. — AFP But the ofer, made without altered to be more diicult to child. China began demand- Times News Service


Bank of India cuts rates on retail loans Nalco plans to raise output capacity Tata Motors plans innovation centres
Bank of India has reduced interest rates on retail Aluminium major Nalco plans to raise its Tata Motors is betting big on emerging mobility
loans with effect from January 9. The rate for production capacity to more than 73 lakh tonnes solutions and mulling setting up innovation
home loans is now 8.70 per cent. — PTI this fiscal from about 68 lakh tonnes. — PTI centres globally to be “future ready.” — PTI

Taxmen call for data on deposits

SEBI queries Tata
firms on Mistry,
Wadia allegations
BHIM app safer than mobile before, after demonetisation move
NEW DELHI: Market regulator
SEBI has sought detailed ex-
planations from some listed
Tata firms on alleged viola-
wallets, says e-security firm SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT

NEW DELHI: The tax depart-

ment has now asked banks
and post oices to provide
dated that no withdrawal
shall be allowed from the ac-
counts having substantial
credit balance or deposits if
PAN or Form No. 60 was not
tions of corporate gov- Tool uses three-factor authentication, making it easier to trace fraud details of cash deposits made provided.
ernance and insider trading from April 1, 2016 till Novem- While the Centre had ini-
norms flagged by ousted dir- YUTHIKA BHARGAVA now as UPI and BHIM are ber 8, when the demonetisa- tially said that deposits up to
ectors Cyrus Mistry and there. Once everybody gets a tion of high-value currency ₨2.5 lakh in the November 9-
Nusli Wadia. NEW DELHI: Allaying security Virtual Payment Address, notes was announced, in December 30 window to de-
The fresh queries have concerns over the Centre’s why would you ever want to cases where deposits of ₨500 posit old ₨500 and ₨1,000
been raised by the capital flagship digital payment ap- upload money into a wallet and ₨1,000 notes exceeded Customers have to submit bank notes, may not be scru-
markets watchdog following plication BHIM, the CEO of from your bank when you specified limits after PAN details by Feb. 28. tinised by the tax authorities,
receipt of letters from Mr. cybersecurity solutions firm can pay directly?” he said, November 8. it had later clarified that any
Mistry, who was ousted as Lucideus, said it was cur- pointing out that UPI elimin- Bank account holders, “The banks and post of- amount of deposits could be
chairman of the more than rently among the most se- ates the need for a third party who have not yet submitted fices have been mandated to looked into.
$100 billion conglomerate, as cure ways to make digital wallet. their PAN or Form 60 to their submit information in re-
also from Mr. Wadia who has payments. Once the BHIM App is in- respective banks, have been spect of cash deposits from Closer scrutiny
also been removed as inde- Saket Modi, CEO of Lu- stalled, the user can select asked to so by February 28, April 1, 2016 to November 8, Since it had come to the
pendent director from vari- cideus, one of the many her bank out of the 35 listed 2017, failing which no with- 2016 in accounts where the Centre’s notice that people
ous Tata firms. SEBI has firms involved in testing the banks. drawals will be allowed from cash deposits during the were paying impoverished
asked some listed Tata firms UPI-based application’s The application, which such accounts having a ‘sub- period November 9, 2016 to account holders to deposit
to provide specific details safety, said that the increas- already knows the phone stantial credit balance,’ as December 30, 2016 exceeds large sums of cash into their
and explanation on allega- ing adoption of Unified Pay- number, runs a check to per an earlier decision by the the specified limits.” accounts so as to convert it
tions levelled by Mr. Mistry ments Interface (UPI) pay- match the mobile number Reserve Bank of India. Following the decision to into white money, Economic
and Mr. Wadia. — PTI ment mechanism would SAFETY NET: No user would be able to do transactions without against the selected bank’s scrap the legal tender nature Afairs Secretary Shaktik-
spell doom for mobile wal- the UPI PIN, says Saket Modi. — FILE PHOTO data base to automatically Rules amended of old high-value currency anta Das had said in Novem-
lets, which saw a surge in detect the account whose “Income-tax Rules have on November 8, the tax de- ber that the tax department
their usage in the past two library — a piece of code that — both of which are unique. KYC details you have already been amended to provide partment had sought details would scrutinise all deposits.
Anti-avoidance months owing to the cash NPCI made and gave to This means that the same filled in while opening the that banks shall obtain and of deposits above ₨2.5 lakh in “From this move, the gov-
crisis following the demon- every bank to be embedded UPI cannot be used from two bank account. link PAN or Form No 60, savings accounts, more than ernment could potentially
tax rule to kick in etisation of high-value cur- into their net banking applic- phones. The BHIM applica- For consumers, before where PAN is not available, ₨12.50 lakh for current ac- have a huge amount of data
rency on November 8. ation, was already there,” he tion will also not work on a UPI, there were three popu- in all existing bank accounts counts and exceeding on bank transactions that can
from April 2017 ‘Not in haste’
said, stressing that this phone which doesn’t have a lar options of digital pay- (other than basic savings ₨50,000 in a single day up to further be analysed to ascer-
should quell concerns about SIM card. ments — net banking, mobile bank deposit accounts) by 28 December 30, the last day to tain trends in bank transac-
NEW DELHI: Tax anti-avoidance Comparing the BHIM the application’s security “This uniquely identifies wallets or plastic cards. 02.2017, if not already done,” deposit old notes in banks tions,” said Rishi Shah, eco-
rule GAAR will kick in from App’s features with larger based on its creation in a not just the device but the Net Banking allows a users the notification issued on and post oices. nomist at Deloitte.
April 1, 2017, the tax depart- apps like Facebook, Mr. Modi short span of time. active number. If there is to access the bank account January 6 by the the I-T De- The central bank, on “Analytics on the data can
ment said. said that testing an app for The encryption used for some fraud…you have an op- without going to the bank, partment said. December 15, 2016, had man- prove to be valuable.”
In its 2016 year-end review, the latter with 200-odd fea- the application to commu- erational number plus the but a third party transfer
the Central Board of Direct tures may take a year, but the nicate with the payments device ID, which in some even within the same bank
Taxes, which is the apex
policy-making body of the
I-T department, listed its ma-
BHIM App has only two fea-
tures so the argument that it
server is the same that is
used in Google Wallet or
cases can be masked, but a
combination of both makes it
takes a minimum of 30
minutes. Apple team to meet govt. oicials on Jan. 25
was released hastily without Apple Pay. easy to track the cell phone “The entire net banking
jor achievements. appropriate tests doesn’t While e-wallets use a one- and law enforcement agen- process is lengthy and com- NEW DELHI: A team of the U.S.- based technology major has Currently, the government
“Major achievements of hold water. factor authentication mode cies can physically trace the plex… That is where e-wal- based iPhone maker Apple asked for several tax and provides support by way of
CBDT in the current finan- “The security of an applic- by default, both net banking person, if needed.” Mr. Modi lets came in. They are far will meet a group of senior other incentives, including benefits under the Modified
cial year 2016-17 so far in- ation definitely requires a and credit or debit cards use said. more convenient (don’t even oicials from ministries, in- long-term duty exemptions, Special Incentive Package
clude, among others, Enact- particular time frame, but two-factor authentication. “The third factor is the ask for a KYC). But conveni- cluding IT and finance, on to enter the manufacturing Scheme (MSIPS) to boost
ment of The Benami that isn’t a valid argument. “BHIM uses three-factor UPI PIN, set by the user, ence always comes at a cost,” January 25 to discuss its de- sector in India. electronic manufacturing.
Transactions (Prohibition) BHIM has only two main fea- authentication and hence, is which will be required for Mr. Modi said. “With cards, mands for setting up a manu- However, the sources said The scheme ofers finan-
Amendment Act, 2016, Im- tures — send or ask for relatively more secure from a every transaction through there is an issue of limited facturing unit in the country. the technology major should cial incentives to ofset dis-
plementation of The Direct money and see your account consumer point of view. It the application.” No user PoS terminals along with the Oicials from depart- set up the manufacturing ability and attract invest-
Tax Dispute Resolution balance or previous UPI also combines the conveni- would be able to do transac- physical logistics of manu- ments of commerce, indus- unit in India without seeking ments in the electronics
Scheme, 2016 and of GAAR transactions. Somebody who ence of a mobile wallet with tions without the UPI PIN, facturing and delivering a trial policy and promotion additional support. hardware segment. It also
from Assessment Year 2018- says this, needs to find a flaw the security of net banking,” he said. card,” he explained. (DIPP), revenue, environ- As many as 42 companies gives subsidy for invest-
19,” an oicial statement said. and report it,” he told The he said. Mr. Modi’s firm Lucideus ment and forest, electronics are making mobile phones in ments in special economic
In May, CBDT had started Hindu. When a user opens BHIM M-wallets doomed? has also been involved in the and information technology India, including Chinese zones, among other benefits.
talks with stakeholders for “We have been working on application for the first time, “You can send and receive security of the UPI common (DeITY) will take part in the firm Huawei and Xiaomi, Apple’s products are man-
their views on where they re- UPI for many months. BHIM the application automatic- money in real time very con- library. “We have done the deliberations. and no firm has approached ufactured in six countries,
quire clarity before GAAR is is only an abstraction layer ally binds itself to their veniently and securely. So security for the code… which In a communication to the the government for any addi- including Korea, Japan and
implemented. — PTI on top on UPI. UPI common device ID and phone number you don’t require m-wallets is the heart of UPI.” government, the Cupertino- tional incentives. the U.S. — PTI


‘TReDing’ the path to quick payments global round-up

Boeing misses 2016 goal for new

orders, deliveries hit target
Delays in receivables from big clients hurt SMEs. TReDS, the Trade Receivables Discounting System, may ease the pain Boeing Co. fell 80 planes
short of its goal for new
orders in 2016, but likely
ARUN S ment Act addressed the issue of buyers, who pay after long delays. Banks that are discounting Engine (NTREES), a
clinched the title of world’s
delayed payments to MSMEs by All would be better of if the MSME web-based platform established in
stakeholders in the biggest planemaker for
T he government’s demonetisa-
tion exercise has had an impact
on liquidity of Micro, Small & Me-
specifying that the buyer of goods or
service will have to make payment
to the (MSME) supplier within 45
could sell its claim on the large
buyer in the market. The MSME
would get its money quickly, while
receivables exchange also
December 2009 for e-discounting of
receivables of MSMEs. After seek-
ing comments on the draft TReDS
another year. Boeing on
Friday said it delivered 748
dium Enterprises (MSME) in the days from the day of acceptance (or the market would get a claim on the
account for a sizeable guidelines in July 2014, the RBI, in
jetliners last year and
portion of the credit to booked net orders for 668
country, according to a recent na- deemed acceptance), FISME better-rated large buyer instead of December 2014 announced the final aircraft worth about $94
tionwide survey by the global ana- sources said in reality this period holding a claim on the MSME.” the MSME sector, and guidelines and said the TReDS billion at list prices. Boeing
lytical company CRISIL. stretches to an average of about 65 Mr. Rajan said all this would hap- have a good would be an authorised payment had predicted orders
“Every third MSME is also facing days and in some cases even up to pen when the three Trade Receiv- system subject to the RBI’s over- would roughly match deliveries, which it forecast at between
delays in receivables from clients, 120-150 days. About 90 per cent of ables Discounting Systems understanding of MSMEs sight under the Payment & Settle- 745 and 750 planes. Boeing’s delivery total likely means the
which has curbed their ability to re- MSMEs rely on informal sources for (TReDS), which the RBI has li- Ajay Kumar Kapur ment Systems Act, 2007. Chicago-based aerospace and defense company beat
pay creditors, and pay salaries, on credit, as per government estimates. censed, start later this (2016-17) fin- Deputy Managing Director, SIDBI Noting that the TReDS will give European rival Airbus on output. Airbus has forecast at least
time,” said the survey that covered ancial year. “The key is to reduce MSMEs greater access to finance 670 deliveries in 2016, and is due to reports totals on
more than 1,100 MSMEs between ‘Demand for credit’ transaction costs by automating al- and put greater discipline on cor- Wednesday. Investors watch orders and deliveries closely to
November 24 and December 24. S.S. Mundra, Deputy Governor, most every aspect of the transaction porates to pay their dues on time, gauge future aircraft production levels and revenue, since
“The steel sector was the most im- Reserve Bank of India (RBI), had, in so that even the smallest MSMEs of trade receivables of MSMEs, from the RBI in November 2015 granted airlines make most of the payment when aircraft are
pacted on this score, with nearly August 2016, referred to “a huge un- can benefit,” he had said. corporate and other buyers (includ- in-principle nod to three applicants, delivered. Airlines have slowed their shopping for jets,
two-thirds of respondents admitting met demand for credit for MSMEs” In his speech announcing the ing government departments and NSE Strategic Investment Corp- especially large wide body models, causing Boeing’s “book to
to problems, followed by textiles, lo- saying, “As per provisional data for Budget 2015-16, finance minister state-owned enterprises), through SIDBI, Axis Bank and Mynd Solu- bill” ratio ofnew sales to deliveries to fall to its lowest level
gistics and construction sectors,” the period ended March 2016, total Arun Jaitley pointed out that a signi- multiple financiers. This should im- tions to establish and run TReDS. since 2004. Even so, Boeing’s orders fell less than expected,
suggesting aggressive sales campaigns at year-end, analysts
CRISIL said. outstanding loan of the banking sys- ficant part of the working capital re- prove the liquidity in the MSME sec- The other applicants were Trade said. — Reuters
There are about 51 million enter- tem to MSME sector stood at quirement of an MSME arises due to tor significantly,” Mr. Jaitley had Receivables Exchange (Group of
prises in the MSME segment in In- around ₨11.1 trillion in 20.6 million long receivables realisation cycles. said. According to Mr. Mundra, the Banking Professionals)-Mumbai,
dia. They have generated employ- loan accounts. Contrast this to the “We are in the process of establish- objective of TReDS is to create Elec- DICIC Bank of India-Kolkata, NSDL HMD Global unveils Nokia
ment for about 117.1 million persons estimated need of ₨26 trillion (or ing an electronic TReDS financing tronic Bill Factoring Exchanges that Database Management Ltd-Mumbai
and accounted for 37.5 per cent of $520 billion of debt demand in the could electronically accept and and Trade Receivables Exchange- smartphone, first since 2014
the country’s GDP, according to the MSME sector) and the num- settle bills so that MSMEs could Mumbai. Since the TReDS will not HMD Global, the Finnish
MSME ministry. As per the Federa- ber of MSMEs at 51 mil- encash their receivables be allowed to assume any credit risk, company that owns the
tion of Indian MSMEs (or FISME), a lion.” Mr. Mundra said without delay. When he its minimum paid up equity capital rights to use Nokia’s brand
majority of MSMEs conduct their there is a total finance took over as the RBI gov- shall be ₨25 crore, the RBI had said. on mobile phones,
transactions, including sales, pur- requirement of ₨32.5 ernor in September According to Mr. Mundra, “It announced on Sunday its
chase and payments of wages, in trillion ($650 bil- 2013, Mr. Rajan had said would be important that the use of first smartphone, targeted
cash and therefore their businesses lion) in the the RBI “intends to fa- TReDS is made mandatory for, to for Chinese users, with a
have come to a “grinding halt” fol- MSME sector - cilitate Electronic Bill begin with, corporate and PSUs and price of 1,699 yuan ($246).
lowing the government’s surprise an amount Factoring Exchanges, later for the Government depart- The unveiling marks the
first new smartphone
announcement on November 8 to comprising ₨26 whereby MSME bills ments.” He had asked the industry carrying the iconic handset name since 2014 when Nokia Oyj
withdraw notes in the denomina- trillion ($520 against large com- chambers and the MSME Ministry chose to sell its entire handset unit to Microsoft. The new
tion of ₨500 and ₨1,000 that accoun- billion) of debt panies can be ac- to “proactively examine this aspect device, Nokia 6, runs on Google’s Android platform and is
ted for 86 per cent of the currency in demand and cepted elec- as success of the TReDS initiative manufactured by Foxconn. It will be sold exclusively in China
circulation in value terms in the ₨6.5 trillion tronically and can be a game changer for the through online retailer JD.com, HMD said. After the 2014 deal,
country. ($130 billion) auctioned so sector.” Microsoft continued selling cheaper basic phones under
of equity de- that MSMEs Nokia’s name and Lumia smartphones under its own name,
Informal funding unavailable mand. are paid Stakeholders’ key role but last year, it largely abandoned both businesses. HMD in
What is hurting MSMEs the most ‘Raghuram promptly.” He Ajay Kumar Kapur, Deputy Man- December took over the Nokia feature phones business and
following demonetisation is the Rajan, in July said this was aging Director, SIDBI and on the struck a licensing deal that gave it sole use of the Nokia brand
delay in receivables from big clients, 2016 while he a proposal board of Receivables Exchange of on all phones and tablets for the next decade. It will pay
that is the Centre/State govern- was the RBI in the re- India Ltd (or RXIL – the NSE Stra- Nokia royalties for the brand and patents, but Nokia has no
ments & their agencies, public sec- Governor, had port of tegic Investment Corp-SIDBI joint direct investment in HMD. Nokia Oyj is currently focused on
tor units and large private corporate said, MSMEs his Com- venture), said while SIDBI and NSE telecom network equipment business and technology
entities. MSMEs are no strangers to get mittee on are the promoters of RXIL, a major patents. — Reuters
such payment delays. According to a squeezed Financial factor that can lead to its success is
report published in September 2015 all the Sector reforms that its stakeholders include SBI,
by Knowledge and News Network – time by in 2008, and ICICI Bank and Yes Bank. Ford plant turns ‘cemetery’ as
a venture between FISME and GIZ their that he inten- These banks accounted for a size- Trump wrenches Mexican autos
(the German Agency for Interna- large ded to see it able portion of the credit to the Ford Motor Co.’s abrupt
tional Cooperation) – a study of the carried out. MSME sector, and therefore had a move to scrap a planned
balance sheets of the top 2,700 non- In March good understanding of MSMEs and $1.6 billion car plant in
MSME companies in India showed 2014, the RBI had their clients, he said. SBI Caps and central Mexico has
that “the biggest of Indian compan- brought out a ICICI Securities are reported to be spooked a network of
ies are holding on ₨10,000 crore ‘concept paper’ on among the other investors in RXIL. suppliers who bet on a
due to micro & small enter- ‘Trade Receivables Mr. Kapur said RXIL has got the RBI growing customer base
prises against supplies and Credit Exchange approval and will start operations and dramatised the risk
made by them.” for Financing soon. Meanwhile, FISME, in its pro- that Donald Trump’s
FISME sources said, MSMEs’ and had sought posals for consideration for the agenda poses to the
however, unlike earlier, feedback from stakeholders. In Union Budget 2017-18, said TReDS country’s broader
MSMEs are now un- this regard, the concept paper can be purposeful only if legislative economy. Many auto parts
able to fall back on detailed the well-recognised backing is extended to it, making it makers had started to expand in anticipation of Ford’s plant in
informal sources of model of the Mexican Devel- necessary that the invoices are up- the state of San Luis Potosi, where industry is “easily 70 per
cent” dependent on the auto sector, said Julian Eaves,
afordable finance opment Bank that runs a loaded mandatorily and status of
managing director of Preferred Compounding de Mexico, a
particularly for programme based on re- deemed acceptance is granted to U.S.-owned maker of rubber compounds operating here. The
their working cap- verse factoring to facilit- them to convert them into negoti- loss to the economy, Eaves calculates, could run into
ital as such funds ate the liquidity and fin- able financial instruments. hundreds of millions of dollars, and maybe even into billions,
have dried up due ancing requirements “This will not only provide much over the next five years, as manufacturing, contracting and
to the cash crunch for MSMEs in Mexico. needed liquidity to MSMEs but will indirect jobs all fall short of plans. Officials are still analysing
after the demonet- As per the paper, India also usher in financial discipline in the economic impact of the decision. The hemorrhaging may
isation drive. has a similar initiat- corporates and PSUs which is be just the beginning of Mexico’s pain from Trump’s vows to
Though the ive - the SIDBI-NSE equally important for the country’s shake up trade and bring manufacturing jobs back north
MSME Develop- Trade Receivable E- financial system,” FISME said. when he takes office on January 20. — Reuters

INTERVIEW  PETER KERKAR ‘Mini grids can power

Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for tourists rural economic activity’
LALATENDU MISHRA Chinese students coming into our structure. The tourism industry • What is the roadmap to reduce TCA SHARAD RAGHAVAN and CEA standards,” he ex- Even from his company’s
facilities in Europe and for India we will spring around it. The govern- debt? plained. “Usually, the point of view, one of the im-
Cox & Kings, the world’s oldest are very interested in expanding the ment is very aggressive already in NEW DELHI: Mini grids can power coming from the portant criteria in selecting
travel company had started in 1758 physical base of PGL and Mein- the international arena in terms of At the end of the September spur economic activity in smaller of-grid solutions is a village to install a mini
as a regiment agent to the British inger, we believe that the time is marketing. They should be more quarter, we had ₨3,400 crore worth rural areas and accelerate DC energy. While it is good grid is to see whether there
Army. The company had arranged ripe and India is ready for a product aggressive overseas because there gross debt and ₨1,900 crores of net the process of expanding for lighting, it does not sat- is at least one customer in
the transport of Arthur Wellesly’s like ours because our health and are 150 countries competing to lure debt. You should also look at that in mobile phone network isfy the community’s re- the area – like a telecom
troops to the Battle of Waterloo safety standards are far superior. tourists. The Government should relation with our EBITDA. Our last across the country due to quirement to run any sort of tower, petrol pump, school
and had even organised Mahatma do more of what it is doing. year’s EBITDA was ₨930 crore and their large capacities and business,” he said. or bank – that could make
Gandhi’s trip to London. • How are the Brexit and Trump at the peak we had ₨6,200 crore of the ability to connect to the The power generated up a significant portion of
Peter Kerkar (53) is now spear- factors affecting the travel industry? • Yours was a British brand and you gross debt. In four years, it has come national grid, according to from a mini grid can be the energy demand from
heading the company’s growth turned it around. The Tatas had bought down substantially. I do not think Smart Power India. seamlessly transferred to the mini grid.
from the U.K. In 1986, Mr. Kerkar, For us, America is relatively a small JLR, a marquee British brand and we are highly leveraged. A mini grid, as defined by the national grid since it is
the son of former Taj Group boss market and our clients will not be turned it around. Is there a comparison We have paid back most of the the Ministry of New and Re- already going through a a Business potential
Ajit Kerkar, fresh out of Stanford afected because they are at the top- lurking here? debt through internal accruals and newable Energy, is an of- charge controller which “The selection of the vil-
University, joined Cox & Kings as end. What Mr. Donand Trump does asset disposals. grid power system with a manages the flow of energy lage is very important. We
General Manager. At the time, he may have a ripple efect across the To be fair his (Ratan Tata) is more Our focus is to continue to gener- generation capacity of and an inverter which con- look at the number of
had 8 employees and 12 clients. He world in terms of how people look creditable because it is a real turn- ate cash and pay down some of the between 10 KW and 500 verts the electricity from households and the poten-
has led the firm to become a leading at travel. He is against illegal immig- around. Ford had failed and sold debt from internal accruals and KW. There are a number of DC to AC. It also has a stor- tial of existing commercial
player in the leisure, accommoda- rants. From a tourism perspective, that company to the Tatas while consolidate our position through other solutions of smaller age facility to meet night activity and the future po-
tion and education service areas no one will have an issue. Proced- mine was more like starting from organic growth. capacities that rural areas demand as well. tential demand. There
beyond just travel, through a series ures may become much more tight zero base. So it is more like taking We have done what we had stated can use such as a solar lan- should be a threshold
of mergers, acquisitions and asset but no one can say no to tourists. nothing and creating something. in our five-year plan which was to tern, a solar home solution, No fluctuations amount of economic activ-
disposals. He had the company lis- Brexit is a fantastic opportunity Yes, I did have a fantastic brand but focus on three business segments: or even a community solu- “The power that comes ity. And the other important
ted on the stock exchanges in India for Indian tourists because the I did not have any infrastructure leisure, both domestic and interna- tion like a micro grid. out is regular and standard criterion is the presence of
in 2009 and acquired Holiday- value of pound has become 20 per around it. tional; Meininger which is the But a mini grid is the only with no fluctuations,” Mr an anchor-load customer, a
break through a leveraged buyout cent less than last year. The U.K. has So my challenge was to create a hostel/hostel business with 7,000 alternativethat provides the Mukherjee said. single customer who can
for $780 million. Cox & Kings In- become cheap. It was always the business that actually lived up to beds; and, the education business kind of electricity that can Apart from commercial guarantee at least 25-30 per
dia, which has reached a billion most expensive place to travel. the brand rather than taking a brand which is PGL. We will grow all be used for business activit- enterprises, rural banks or cent of the demand” he said.
dollars in market capitalisation Today it is cheaper to go to U.K. that was devalued and trying to re- these businesses organically. ies, Jaideep Mukherjee, schools, Mr. Mukherjee A combination of flexible
with more than 6,500 people, now rather than going to Paris. create that. Cox & Kings was an Chief Executive Oicer said that a large part of the regulation by the govern-
plans to scale up these businesses in Anglo-Indian company and now • What is the EBITDA break-up for your (CEO), Smart Power India demand for mini grids came ment and erratic power
key markets in Asia. • What else can be done to it is an Indian-led company. arms? told The Hindu. from telecom service pro- supply from the national
promote tourism? Its roots were in sending “One of the deficiencies viders for powering mobile grid has meant that mini
• Global business accounts for 74 per people to India and As of March 31, 2016 India leisure of the other of-grid power towers. grids can compete directly
cent of your revenues. Will this Tourism is always now we are sending In- business contributed 26 per cent, solution models is that “They (mobile towers) with the national grid and,
change? linked to infrastruc- dians across the world. international leisure 17 per cent, while these solutions are have a presence across rural according to Mr. Mukher-
ture. The regional- In a way, you can say education 33 per cent and Mein- good in moving households India and all of them sufer jee, often the mini grids are
Since India is growing at the fastest isation of airports is the empire strikes inger 18 per cent. away from kerosene and from inadequate power and installed in places already
rate for all our businesses (other a fantastic move. All back. We have actually providing them with reli- so have to use diesel,” Mr. covered by the national
than through the Meininger acqusi- he (PM) needs to do become the parent • Investment plans for the future? able and clean energy, they Mukherjee said. “There is a grid.
tion), in three years, you will see In- is to improve infra- company. do not provide the energy national mandate to green “Where the grid has
dia contribution at 40 per cent of Our focus is to consolidate our posi- required to fuel enterprise 50–60 per cent of the tele- reached, the power is inad-
the revenue. With demonetisation, tion. We will continue to invest in or commercial activity. You com towers and also the equate, erratic and not able
India will grow much faster. Our organic growth. and in centres in will not be able to power cost of using diesel is very to meet the energy require-
plan is to bring the Meininger busi- Europe, Australia and India. We will equipment, motors, etc,” high and it (the risk) in- ments of the village,” he
ness into India soon. grow them organically. In India, we Mr. Mukherjee said. cludes diesel theft and all said. “In fact, of the 95 mini
are at the right place at the right “A mini grid is a larger the other nefarious activit- grids operational today,
Globally, where is your focus? time. For the last 16 years, we have system that converts direct ies that go along with it not technically, almost 80-90
China and India are the most demonstrated cumulative growth current (DC) to alternating to mention the pollution. per cent of the villages are
important markets for us. In of more than 15 per cent. We are current (AC) and it The power demand of a electrified as per govern-
China, we are very interested in growing at double the market rate. provides safety as per REC telecom tower is 24/7.” ment standards!”

SPORT | 17


Telecast schedule Pliskova laid low Biggest achievement Pakistan recalls Hafeez
PBL: STAR Sports 1, 3 & HD1, 3, 7 p.m. New World No. 5 and champion at last Just hearing about the World Cup gives me Pakistan has called up experienced all-rounder
PWL: Sony ESPN & ESPN HD, 7 p.m. week’s Brisbane International, Karolina goosebumps. I have also played couple of T20 World Mohammad Hafeez for the ODI series in
쑺 쑺 쑺
La Liga: Sony Six & Six HD, 1.10 a.m. Pliskova, withdrew from the Sydney Cups but to play a World Cup as captain of India Australia. It is his first selection to the national
(Tuesday) International WTA tournament that began would be the biggest achievement of my life. team since he cleared the ICC’s bowling
NBA: Sony Six & Six HD, 6.30 a.m. (Tuesday) on Sunday with a left thigh injury. — Virat Kohli assessment test in Brisbane in November

A twist to the Can’t host u-19 ‘Tests’

Hyderabad tale
against England due to
HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad
Cricket Association secretary
hectic schedule: TNCA
K. John Manoj says they have
only written a letter to the S. DINAKAR two under-19 ‘Tests.’”
BCCI seeking release of funds The TNPL was held
to host the India-Bangladesh CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu
between August 24 and
Test and other domestic Cricket Association (TNCA) September 18, 2016. Palani
events. said here on Sunday that the noted several first division
“There is no way we are go- decision not to host the two games, in normal course,
ing to back out from hosting under-19 India-England ‘Tests’ would have been conducted
the Test match next month at was because of what it called a during that period.
the Rajiv Gandhi international hectic city cricket schedule.
The two ‘Tests’ were to be Palani said, “The TNCA has
stadium here. I had written the never shied away from its re-
letter to the BCCI a couple of held here between February 13
and Feb. 24. sponsibility. In July and Au-
days ago asking for funds as gust 2015, we hosted the two-
per the Supreme Court order,” Speaking to The Hindu on
‘Test’ series between India ‘A’
the HCA oicial told The Sunday, TNCA joint secretary
and Australia ‘A’ that was fol-
Hindu. R.I. Palani explained, “I was
lowed by the triangular one-
Questioned whether he had the one who signed the letter
day ‘A’ tournament involving,
even hinted that not getting where the TNCA has ex-
India, Australia and South
funds may force the HCA to pressed its inability to host the
Africa. But this time the back-
back out from hosting the ‘Tests.’ And I signed it on Sat-
log and the demand for
Test, John Manoj said there urday. This has nothing to do
grounds are too much.”
was no suggestion to that with the Lodha Committee re-
commendations, the Supreme
“In fact, the BCCI oicial MONEY MATTERS: Owing to the uncertainty looming over funds needed by the HCA to host a Test, there is a possibility that the Hyderabad fans may not get to
Court order or the meeting in No change in
P.R. Viswanathan is visiting
Hyderabad tomorrow
watch the India-Bangladesh encounter at the Rajiv Gandhi stadium next month. — FILE PHOTO: K.R. DEEPAK
Palani, the de facto TNCA plan, says KSCA
(Monday) to discuss with the secretary after K.S. BENGALURU: The Karnataka State

HCA expresses inability to host Test

HCA curator Y.L. Viswanathan was disqualified Cricket Association (KSCA) has stated
Chandrasekhar about the by the apex court for serving that it intends to host the two
pitch preparations,” he said. more than nine years in the as- international matches allotted to it
“We are going ahead with sociation, said, “It was my de- over the next two months, as per
our Test match preparations cision and I take the respons- schedule.
and even convened a meeting ibility for it. We have a heavy There may be ambiguity around
of the Executive Committee CRICKET / Lack of funds could be the reason for the decision backlog of matches because of
the Tamil Nadu Premier
fixtures at other venues, but the KSCA,
on Monday to discuss the pre- due to host a T20I against England
parations for the Test match,” G. VISWANATH Stadium from February 8 to 12. host the two under-19 ‘Test’ the team can depart for home there is a possibility of full- League (TNPL) and the (Feb. 1) and a Test match over
the HCA secretary added. A senior BCCI oicial con- matches between India and from there. member associations not ofer- Vardah cyclone.” Australia (March 4-8), maintained that
For his part, Narender MUMBAI: In a startling develop- fided to The Hindu that the England in Chennai in The TNCA communication ing venues for BCCI’s matches. “We have to conduct the there was no change in the plan for
Goud, the HCA’s interim chief, ment that has shocked the HCA has apparently cited lack February. was received on the day the ju- Cricket Australia oicials TNCA first division matches, now.
pleaded ignorance about HCA Board of Control for Cricket in of funds as the reason for with- nior National selection com- are scheduled to visit Pune, lower division games and “As things stand, we are hosting
backing out. India (BCCI), the Hyderabad drawing from hosting the Test. Logical mittee chose the probables for Ranchi, Bengaluru and inter-university matches. We the two matches,” said the KSCA
“As far as I know, HCA is Cricket Association (HCA) In another development, the The BCCI had scheduled the seven-match series. Dharamsala where the team need grounds to hold our own secretary, R. Sudhakar Rao. “We are on
gearing up to host the Test and has expressed its inability to Tamil Nadu Cricket Associ- five ODIs against the England A senior BCCI oice-bearer, will play Tests in February- matches. At a time like this, it the job. What happens in the future, I
we will host it come what stage the one-of Test against ation (TNCA) has written to under-19 team in Mumbai and ousted by the Supreme Court March. The BCCI is keeping its will be extremely hard for us don’t know.” — Shreedutta
may,” said Goud. Bangladesh at the Rajiv Gandhi the BCCI saying that it cannot two ‘Tests’ in Chennai so that order of Jan. 3, had said that fingers crossed. to take the responsibility for Chidananda

Yuvraj and Dhawan sweat it out in the nets PWL

AMOL KARHADKAR making his maiden appearance peace. They will hope to set
Sakshi wins, but Delhi loses again
on the field after handing over Brabourne afire on Tuesday,
MUMBAI: Under-19 stars. Left- the captaincy to Virat Kohli. though. UTHRA GANESAN The two were the only wrest-
handed batsmen. Exciting But the performances of Yuv- 앫 Sakshi recorded a 10-0 win lers to earn points for Delhi.
characters on and of the field. raj and Dhawan will be closely Root to arrive later NEW DELHI: Sakshi Malik won her over Manju Kumari in the The Delhi team also sufered
Not too mention, their speech monitored too. After all, Joe Root, England’s batting second bout in as many 58kg section due to the absence of three-time
mannerisms. neither was really in the reck- mainstay, is all set to join his matches but Delhi lost its Olympic medallist Mariya
Yuvraj Singh and Shikhar oning to be selected for the limited-overs team-mates in second tie on the trot, going cipate any further — the league Stadnik in the 48kg after the
Dhawan have a lot in common. series against England. time before Sunday’s series down 2-5 to Punjab, in the Pro also lost Delhi’s Bajrang Punia, weight category was blocked
But watching them train to- Yuvraj did score heaps of opener in Pune. Wrestling League here on considered a successor to Dutt by Punjab captain Vladimir
gether at the Brabourne Sta- runs in the opening half of the Root, expecting the birth of Sunday. Delhi is now placed last in the 65kg category, to injury. Khinchegashvili.
dium on Sunday would have Ranji Trophy before taking a his child, has stayed back home in the table. The Georgian himself won
He was replaced by Surjeet
given the observers the feeling break for his wedding. In fact, but it is learnt that he is likely to With the competition losing his third bout this season,
Grewal, but the latter was no
that the two have been re- his tally of 672 runs in just eight join the squad in Mumbai on big-name Indian wrestlers thumping Pankaj Kumar 8-1 in
match for double Olympic
united in India colours after innings is his highest in a Ranji Thursday, a day before it every day, Sakshi may well end the 57kg division.
medallist and former World
treading diferent paths, at season ever since making his leaves for Pune. up as the biggest and only popu- Sangeeta, one of the two
champion Toghrul Asgarov of
least in the recent past. debut in 1996-97. CONTRASTING FORTUNES: While Shikhar Dhawan has been picked Root was thus the only mem- lar name left in the fray by the Azerbaijan, losing 6-0 in just 29 Phogat sisters remaining in the
All through their 90-minute However, his subdued per- despite a dismal 2016, Yuvraj Singh comes into the side on the ber missing from England’s time the second season of the seconds after being pinned to competition, was dispatched in
net session, Yuvraj and formances during the last strength of his best Ranji Trophy showing ever. — PHOTO: PTI first training session of the tour PWL ends 10 days from now. the mat. three minutes 57 seconds by the
Dhawan batted as flawlessly as year’s World Twenty20 — at the Brabourne Stadium on With Sushil Kumar and unbeaten Nigerian Odunayo
any batsman of their stature where he tallied just 52 runs in the second Test against New haps his last opportunity to jus- Sunday. Yogeshwar Dutt already not That bout also clinched the Adekuoroye in 53kg, the latter
would against local net bowl- four matches — would have in- Zealand in October. And with tify his place in the side. The The squad slogged out for part of the PWL and the Phogat tie in Punjab’s favour. opening up a 15-0 lead to win by
ers. They appeared to be get- dicated that his eventful and K.L. Rahul having impressed fact that Rohit Sharma contin- more than three overs, with sisters, Geeta and Babita, Sakshi herself won compre- technical superiority.
ting themselves back in the courageous journey in interna- across formats, Dhawan was ues to be sidelined due to a spin bowling consultant pulling out on Saturday — the hensively 10-0 against Manju Jitendra edged past Rio
groove for Tuesday’s warm-up tional cricket was perhaps far from being assured of a thigh injury also seem to have Saqlain Mushtaq spending a lot UP franchise owners insisted Kumari in the 58kg section and Olympic stand-bye Praveen
match for India-A against the coming to an end. place in the limited-overs worked in Dhawan’s favour. of time with the slow bowlers. that they would return to action the Rio Olympic bronze medal- Rana 5-4 in 74kg, with 10
touring England side, ahead of For Dhawan, on the other squad. However, during their nets Later in the day, captain Eoin soon, but the others claimed list’s fiance Satyavrat Kadian seconds to go, while Vasilisa
the ODI and T20 series. hand, almost the whole of 2016 While he has been dropped session — which also saw Yuv- Morgan and wicketkeeper- that the sisters had pulled out was also victorious, twisting Marzaliuk won 2-1 against Alina
No doubt the limelight will was a lean patch, before he was from the T20 squad, his selec- raj bowl to Dhawan towards batsman Jos Buttler attended a due to lack of fitness and match and turning over Krishan Ku- Makhynia in 75kg, both for
be on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, sidelined with an injury during tion to the ODI squad is per- the end — the duo seemed at promotional event at a mall. practice and unlikely to parti- mar for an easy 14-4 win. Punjab.

Bautista Agut is Chennai Open champion Bopanna and Jeevan bag the doubles title
N. SUDARSHAN S. DIPAK RAGAV Jeevan consolidated and then
broke again to go ahead 3-2.
CHENNAI: Roberto Bautista Agut CHENNAI: Rohan Bopanna and From there, they all they had to
does not have the air of a gifted Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan beat do was hold serve to seal the
tennis player. He does not Purav Raja and Divij Sharan 6-3, match.
seem to possess one stand-out 6-4 on Sunday in the first-ever “I think the early break in the
big weapon either. What he all-Indian doubles final at the first set gave us the mo-
has, though, is an ability to Aircel Chennai Open to secure mentum,” said Bopanna. “It is
combine a broad set of not-so- their maiden ATP title as a pair. great to start the season with a
spectacular skills into an ef- Bopanna’s 15th career title title, especially after last year,
fective combination. would have come as a relief to and I think I am headed in the
On Sunday, in the Aircel him after a barren run in 2016, right direction.”
Chennai Open final, Daniil and Jeevan would have cher- With this win, Jeevan became
Medvedev experienced the ished the fact that his maiden the first player from Chennai to
full impact of this as the Span- triumph at this level was win the title here.
iard beat him 6-3, 6-4. achieved in his home-town. “I loved the moment. It’s
“I played a Purav and Divij, who had great,” he said.
great final,” knocked out Leander Paes and “You are playing in your
Bautista Andre Sa in the opening round, GETTING OFF THE MARK: This was Rohan Bopanna’s first title in backyard, making the final des-
Agut said looked of-colour in the final. over a year, and Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan became the Chennai pite not being seeded, it’s
after his first The latter was broken in the Open’s first ever home-grown champion. — PHOTO: S.R. RAGHUNATHAN already a great start to the
triumph here second game of the first set and season.”
and fifth the pair went down 0-3. They as their opponents struggled aces to take the set. Speaking about the difer-
Tour title did pull level after breaking with accuracy and failed to Early in the second set, Purav ences between the two teams,
overall. “It Bopanna in the fifth game. close out points. and Divij started well by break- Purav said: “Rohan returned
was my best match of the A TACTICAL TRIUMPH: Roberto Bautista Agut rode an effective combination of a wide set of not- While Bopanna was impress- Purav was broken in the ing Bopanna for a 2-0 lead but well to set the tone. He hit two
week. I recovered pretty well so-spectacular skills all the way to the title. — PHOTO: R. RAGU ive with his aggressive returns, eighth game and Bopanna pro- failed to sustain the momentum return-winners every game.
from the fact that I was losing the left-handed Jeevan played duced a solid service game to as Divij surrendered the break For me, he is one of the best
by one set and 4-1 [in the content with just staying in the did not allow Medvedev even would have said yes.” some skilful lobs and chips even hold at love with a couple of immediately. Bopanna and doubles players of this decade.”
quarterfinal against Mikhail rallies by playing conservative a snif on his service games, “Even if I lose 6-0, 6-0, just
Youzhny]. It feels great.” tennis, often went for a tempo- winning a whopping 84 per let me be here!” he added with
Tactically, Bautista Agut
played a sound match. It prob-
ably helped that he had earlier
changing, point-ending win-
ner but mostly erred.
It was not that Bautista Agut
cent of the points.
Yet, Medvedev did not leave
without charming the crowd.
a laugh.
For Bautista Agut, it was a
similar start to the one he had
Dimitrov wins Brisbane A harbinger?
faced an opponent in a mould himself was never aggressive; When presented chances — as last year when he won the title BRISBANE: Grigor Dimitrov won to win a tournament. And it
similar to Medvedev’s in his aggression was was calcu- few and far between as they in Auckland. He will hope 2017 his first title in over two years happened during the first
Mikhail Youzhny; someone lated. He often fell back on his were — he did do enough to proves to be just as successful. when he upset World No. 5 Kei week of the year,” he added.
with an aggressive baseline inside-out forehand. The way herd Bautista Agut out of a There has been some talk of Nishikori to win the Brisbane There was an injury scare
style. he positioned himself made it point. The two holds to love in his title having come rather International on Sunday. for Nishikori who took treat-
With a flatter stroke than impossible to read and, on oc- the second set conveyed that easily, for he did not have to In an enthralling final ment for a sore hip at the end
most other grinders, Bautista casion, just as deceptively, he he was indeed capable of put- beat a single top-40 player all between two evenly matched of the second set.
Agut often hit deep. He drew drove a few down the line too. ting together a streak. week. The loaded draws in opponents, Dimitrov claimed
Medvedev wide on the deuce “He hits it a bit flat,” said And once he even ended on Doha and Brisbane, the two the Roy Emerson Trophy with Nishikori said he was not
court and sheared the ball Medvedev. “I like to hit the the right side of a 30-shot rally, competing events, added to a 6-2, 2-6, 6-3 victory for his sure how bad his injury was
across on the ad. The work on ball flat too but I didn’t get the indicating his staying power. the contrast. fourth title on the ATP Tour. but added it would not afect
the ball and the angles meant time. He didn’t give me a free “It’s never good to lose a Chennai can compete with “I think that was kind of an his Australian Open chances.
that they were almost always point, and was better at tournament final,” said Med- neither the former’s money emotional win for me, but at
the same time, it wasn't unex- Davis opens her account
beyond Medvedev’s strike everything.” vedev, who will make his nor the latter’s geography, but
zone. Bautista Agut broke Medve- Grand Slam main draw debut that should not diminish the pected,” he said. “I think I have At the Auckland Classic on The very first meeting of 2017 between Novak
The Spaniard also drew dev just once each in both sets at the Australian Open. title. One can only beat the op- put in the work.” Saturday, Lauren Davis collec- Djokovic and Andy Murray turned out to be a
Medvedev into monotonous — in the fourth game of the “But if you’d asked me be- ponent in front of him, and “I have set myself quite high ted her maiden WTA title with thriller, with the former prevailing in three tight sets
cross-court exchanges on the first and the ninth game of the fore hand if I would be happy Bautista Agut did that rather goals for the first six months, a 6-3, 6-1 win over Ana Konjuh to win the Qatar Open. — PHOTO: AFP
backhand. The Russian, never second. It proved enough as he with a final appearance here, I well. and one of them was actually in the final. — Agencies
18 | SPORT


‘Getting promoted to
Prachi, Sanya star
Stay at the crease — Lehmann mantra No. 3 was the turning
CRICKET / Bowlers will have a say, but the onus is on batsmen, says the coach
and Sanya Noronha netted
four and three goals respect-
ively as Sports Authority of SYDNEY: Coach Darren Test against India, let alone
point of my career’
Gujarat Hockey Academy Lehmann has told Australia's miss the tour entirely. MELBOURNE: Ricky Ponting has
(SAOGHA) thrashed Hockey batsmen to be prepared to bat “It's a case of what's the best made a interesting revelation
Puducherry 16-1, in the B-divi- for long periods in next line-up to win in India and about his career, saying his
sion of the seventh National month's four-Test series in compete,” Lehmann said. promotion in the batting order
sub-junior hockey tournament India. “At the moment you would from No. 6 to three during the
for women here on Sunday. Australia scored seven cen- say he would play but we have 2001 Ashes series was the
The results : turies in the 3-0 Test series to sum up what the conditions turn-around which gave him
B-div.: Assam Hockey 5 (Maxima clean sweep of Pakistan com- are like, what the pitches will the opportunity to prove his
Xalxo 3, Milka Surin 2) bt Dadra & pleted in Sydney on Saturday, be like, how we'll play, how worth in the team.
Nagar Haveli HA 0; Hockey Gujarat 2 but Lehmann warned the bats- we'll play everyone in the XI to “I never felt I was an instru-
(Hetaxi Patel, Prachi Nikam) bt men would have to be pre- give us a chance to take 20 mental, solid part of the team
Hockey Jammu & Kashmir 1 (Ishta pared to “grind it out” in India. wickets.” until I got the opportunity to
Sharma); Hockey Bhopal 6 (Shivani While Australia had it much bat at No. 3,” Ponting said on a Ricky Ponting. — FILE PHOTO
Gowtham 4, Kanchan Batham 2) bt its own way against Pakistan, No excuses: Warner cricket.com.au podcast.
Hockey Uttarakhand 1 (Khushi Katar- winning all three Tests, atten- Meanwhile, vice-captain “When I made the move up tralia needed a new one-drop.
iya); Hockey Rajasthan 3 (Komal tion has now switched to the David Warner, Australia will there, to me that was, ‘Right, Skipper Steve Waugh de-
Bharati 3) bt Goans Hockey 1 (Pra- coming tough assignment on have “no excuses” but to bat now you’ve got your chance cided to promote Ponting to
jwala Harmalkar); Sports Authority the subcontinent with the well, pick up 20 wickets and up the order’,” he said. that slot, from where the latter
of Gujarat Hockey Academy 16 (Pra- squad to be announced this adapt to the conditions if they Before the Ashes series in would go on to score the ma-
chi Patel 4, Sanya Noronha 3, Kashish week. desire to beat an in-form India England that year, Ponting had jority of his runs in Test
Patel 2, Khushi Patel 2, Ekta Dubey 2, Pundits said it was expected in its own backyard. a horrid tour of India, which cricket.
Sweta Jatav 2, Shalini Rathod) bt to include the 13 players who “Whether it’s batting or the host won 2-1, with of-spin- In the fourth Test at Head-
Hockey Puducherry 1 (D. Rosy). — were in the squad in Sydney, GEARING UP: Australia coach Darren Lehmann and vice-captain David Warner have begun bowling and taking catches, ner Harbhajan Singh making ingly, Ponting made his mark,
Sports Reporter plus Shaun Marsh and prob- putting in place a gameplan for the India tour. — FILE PHOTO we’ve got to be on from ball the visiting batsmen, including scoring a sublime 144 of just
ably two others — likely an ad- one and have a Plan B if Plan A Ponting, dance to his tunes on 154 balls in the first innings,
Mahak wins title ditional fast bowler and an ex-
tra batting all-rounder.
Lehmann told reporters after
Saturday's 220-run Sydney
need to bat for 150 overs plus in
India to post a big total.
debacle against South Africa
in Hobart in November.
doesn’t work,” he was quoted
as saying by cricket.com.au.
the typically spin-friendly
sub-continental wickets.
and followed it up with 72 in
the second. “A lot of people
There will be a great deal of Test win. I think (England's) Lehmann refused to guaran- Marsh is yet to play a Test in “We just saw the recent series The then 26-year-old Pont- talk about the time I met (my
focus on Australia's spin con- Alastair Cook summed it up tee third-Test hero Matt Ren- India but has made two cen- with England and to be bru- ing’s scores batting at No. 6 wife) Rianna, and certain
tingent of Nathan Lyon, Steve really well on the tour, where shaw a starting berth against turies from three Tests in Sri tally honest they played very were 11, 0, 0, 6 and 0. things happened in my life
O'Keefe and Ashton Agar. they didn't bat long enough. India. The young opener is un- Lanka, including 130 in August well,” Warner said. “They bat- Several months later, des- where things really started to
But Lehmann said it was the They got decent scores but der threat from veteran Shaun at an average of 76.5. ted deep, they got big runs on pite his poor form, Ponting change. But, if someone asks
batting that must be ready for they still didn't bat long Marsh if selectors adopt a Renshaw has the weight of a the board. India just got bigger kept his place for the Ashes me, I talk about getting the op-
the challenges against Virat enough. That's going to be the horses-for-courses policy for career-best 184 in the first in- runs on the board.” tour. With Damien Martyn portunity to bat at No. 3 in the
Kohli's top-ranked India. challenge for this group. the tour, despite being one of nings against Pakistan in The first Test against India finding his place in the XI for Test team, because it was the
“Batting long periods of “We batted 135 overs in the the revelations of Australia's Sydney and would be deemed begins in Pune on February 23. the first Test at Edgbaston and extra responsibility that came
time is going to be the key,” first innings (in Sydney). We'll Test revival since the innings unlucky not to play the first — Agencies Justin Langer being axed, Aus- with that.” — ANI

Mahak Jain.
TABLE TENNIS Westbrook leads Royal Sceptre appeals most Anderson powers
jumped to a smart start for the
season as she won the girls’
WB, AAI youth teams triumph Thunder’s win HYDERABAD: Royal Sceptre appeals
most in the Raja Bahadur Venkatram
Reddy Memorial Cup (2,400m), the
Sameeruddin 51.5.
1. Space Ship, 2. Mandy,
3. Shakesphere
Kiwis to victory
LOS ANGELES: Oklahoma City main event of the races to be held
title in the ITF grade-3 junior here on Monday (Jan. 9).
VADODARA: West Bengal boys Gujarat bt UP 3-2, West Bengal bt 11-4, 7-11, Archana bt Amrutha 11-9, star Russell Westbrook (1,200m), 4-y-o only, rated 46 to 70 derson bludgeoned 94 of just
tennis tournament at the
and Airports Authority of In- Maharashtra A 3-2. 11-3, 11-3). notched his 17th triple-double 1 RAJA BAHADUR VENKAT- (Cat. II), 3-15: 1. Dream Girl (6) 41 balls as New Zealand beat
CLTA Stadium on Sunday. Semifinals: AAI bt Kerala 3-0,
dia girls in the youth category, Juniors: Final: PSPB Academy of the season on Saturday, RAM REDDY MEMORIAL CUP Suraj Narredu 60, 2. Preciosa (3) Bangladesh by 27 runs in the
The 15-year-old Mahak, Tamil Nadu bt West Bengal 3-1. (2,400m), 4-y-o & over, rated 66 to Beuzelin 58.5, 3. Paprika (2) P. Gad-
and Petroleum Sports Promo- bt Maharashtra 3-1 (Anukram Jain leading Thunder to a 121-106 third Twenty20 l on Sunday to
seeded No.1, defeated fourth 90 (Cat. II), 12-40 p.m.: 1. Greek Star dam 54.5, 4. Ruby's Gift (7) N.
tion Board (PSPB) Academy lost to Aniruddha Marathe 11-13, 10- Quarterfinals: Kerala bt North home win over Denver (1) Srinath 60, 2. Western Wind (2) Rawal 54.5, 5. Seven Colours (4) P. sweep the series. Anderson,
seed Axana Mareen of Bel-
boys and Tamil Nadu girls in 12, 12-14, Manav Thakkar bt Shaurya Bengal 3-2, AAI bt Telangana 3-0, Nuggets. P. Trevor, 3. Tiger (3) K. Mukesh Trevor 53.5, 6. Without Makeup (5) who put on 124 for the fourth
gium 1-6, 6-2, 6-2. After rain Kumar 55, 4. Carolina Moon (5) Kiran Naidu 53, 7. Charlie Brown
juniors emerged champions at Pednekar 11-5, 13-11, 11-4, Anukram/ Tamil Nadu bt Maharashtra A 3-2, Westbrook, who leads the wicket with Kane Williamson
had washed out play on Sat- Kuldeep Singh 53, 5. Royal Sceptre (8) Sai Kumar 52.5, 8. Big Flash (9)
the 11Even Sports junior and Manav bt Shaurya/Shubham Ambre West Bengal bt Maharashtra B 3-0. NBA scoring and is averaging (6) S. Zervan 52 and 6. Valerian Deepak Singh 52 and 9. Scooby (60), hit a New Zealand record
urday, Mahak was perhaps rel-
youth National table tennis 6-11, 11-8, 11-6, 11-7, Manav Thakkar Juniors: Final: Tamil Nadu bt a triple-double, produced 32 Steel (4) P. S. Chouhan 52. Dooby Doo (1) Ajit Singh 52. 10 sixes in his blitz as it posted
atively rusty at the start.
championships here on bt Aniruddha Marathe 11-5, 11-9, 8- West Bengal 3-1 (Selenadeepthi points, 17 rebounds and 11 as- 1. Royal Sceptre, 1. Dream Girl, 2. Preciosa, 194 for four.
After having won the 2. Carolina Moon 3. Paprika
Sunday. 11, 11-8). Selvakumar lost to Prapti Sen 9-11, sists in the 54th triple-double Bangladesh in reply made
grade-2 title in Japan in Octo-
The results: Boys: Youth: Semifinals: Maharashtra A bt 11-4, 3-11, 11-5, 5-11, Yashini of his career. 2 ROMAN BEAUTY PLATE 7 STARSKY PLATE (1,400m), 167 for six in its 20 overs.
ber, it was another morale-
Final: West Bengal bt PSPB 3-2 West Bengal 3-2, PSPBA bt Gujarat Sivashankar bt Moumita Datta 11-5, In San Antonio, rookie re- (Div. II), (1,200m), maiden fillies 3- 4-y-o & over, rated 26 to 50 (Cat. Tamim Iqbal and Soumya
booster for the small-built Ma- y-o only (Cat. II), (Terms), 1-10: 1. III), 3-50: 1. Euro Zone (4) P. S.
(Arjun Ghosh bt Abhishek Yadav 5- 3-1. Quarterfinals: West Bengal bt 11-7, 2-11, 11-8, Selena/Yashini bt serve forward Davis Bertans Sarkar launched the reply by
hak, ranked 70 in the world. Cannon Fury (4) Kunal Bunde 53.5, Chouhan 60, 2. Sweet March (1)
11,11-5, 11-9, 6-11, 11-7, Ronit Bhanja Karnataka 3-0, Maharashtra A bt Moumita/Surbhi Patwari 12-10, 11-7, of Latvia scored a career-high 2. Dean's Gal (5) Kuldeep Singh 53.5, Beuzelin 60, 3. Olympic Hero (9) reaching 44 in the fifth over
In the boys’ final, however,
lost to Manav Thakkar 6-11, 7-11, 13- Tamil Nadu 3-0, Gujarat bt Delhi 3-0, 11-8, Selenadeepthi bt Moumita 4- 21 points as Spurs posted their 3. Jasmine Garden (9) P. Trevor 53.5, Srinath 59.5, 4. Negress Pearl (5) when Tamim was dismissed
Dhruv Sunish could not capit- 4. Limousine (3) Beuzelin 53.5, 5. Akshay Kumar 56.5, 5. Prime Time
15, Anirban Ghosh lost to Birdie Boro PSPBA bt Mizoram 3-0. 11, 9-11, 11-7, 11-8, 11-3). 30th win of the season, 102-85 for 24.
alise on winning the first set in Moghalrajpuram (7) G. Naresh 53.5, (7) K. Mukesh Kumar 56, 6.
6-11, 5-11, 14-16, Arjun bt Manav Girls: Youth: Final: Airports Au- Semifinals: Tamil Nadu bt Telan- over Charlotte Hornets. 6. Raajneeti (2) S. S. Tanwar 53.5, 7. Dragonstone (2) Kiran Naidu 55.5, Bangladesh was 89 for two
the tie-breaker and lost 6-7(2),
11-2, 8-11, 9-11, 11-7, 11-7, Ronit bt thority of India bt Tamil Nadu 3-1 gana 3-0, West Bengal bt Maha- The results: Atlanta 97 bt Dallas Sweet Pistol (8) K. Sai Kiran 53.5, 8. 7. Palisades Park (8) P. Trevor 55.5, after 10 overs, but with Sou-
6-1, 6-3 to Jack Draper of Great rashtra A 3-1.
Abhishek 12-10, 5-11, 11-6, 6-11, (Archana Girish Kamath bt Selen- 82; San Antonio 102 bt Charlotte 85; Sweetie Pie (6) Akshay Kumar 53.5 8. General Salute (3) B. R. Kumar mya out for 42, it could not
Britain. and 9. Top Starchy (1) Suraj 54.5, 9. Cannon Grey (10) Kunal
The results (finals): 11-4). adeepthi Selvakumar 11-7, 12-14, 6- Quarterfinals: Telangana bt Chicago 123 bt Toronto 118; Ok- sustain the run rate. — AFP
Narredu 53.5. Bunde 53, 10. Chester (6) S. S. Tan-
Boys: Jack Draper (GBR) bt Dhruv Semifinals: PSPB bt Delhi 3-0, 11, 11-7, 11-4, Ayhika Mukherjee bt Andhra 3-1, Tamil Nadu bt Haryana lahoma City 121 bt Denver 106; Utah 1. Sweetie Pie, 2. Top Starchy, war 53 and 11. Surprise Party (11)
Sunish 6-7(2), 6-1, 6-3. West Bengal bt Gujarat 3-2. Amrutha Pushpak 11-9, 10-12, 12-10, 3-0, West Bengal bt Karnataka 3-0, 94 bt Minnesots 92; Boston 117 bt 3. Jasmine Garden Aneel 53. SCOREBOARD
Girls: Mahak Jain bt Axana Quarterfinals: Delhi bt Ra- 6-11, 11-6, Chipia Frenaz lost to Maharashtra A bt Rajasthan 3-0. — New Orleans 108; Indiana 123 bt NY 1. Sweet March, 2. Olympic
3 ROMAN BEAUTY PLATE Hero, 3. Negress Pearl
Mareen (Bel) 1-6, 6-2, 6-2. — jasthan 3-0, PSPB bt Mizoram 3-0, Yashini Sivashankar 9-11, 8-11, 11-4, Sports Bureau Knicks 109. — Agencies New Zealand: K. Williamson b
(Div. I), (1,200m), maiden fillies 3-
Sports Bureau y-o only (Cat. II), (Terms), 1-40: 1. 8 BANARSILAL GUPTA ME- Rubel Hossain 60, J. Neesham lbw b
Cannon Dear (9) Kunal Bunde 53.5, MORIAL CUP (Div. I), (1,100m), 4- Rubel Hossain 15, C. Munro c Sou-
2. Celtic Queen (2) Sai Kumar 53.5, 3. y-o & over, rated 26 to 50 (Cat. III), mya Sarkar b Rubel Hossain 0, T.
CHESS Exclusive Symbol (6) Ajeeth Ku- 4-25: 1. Ice Crystal (1) Aneel 60.5, 2.
Advani triumphs mar 53.5, 4. Kohinoor Lucy (4) S. Ragas Ajalias (7) K. Sai Kiran 60, 3. Bruce c Imrul Kayes b Mosaddek
Hossain 5, C. Anderson (not out) 94,
Top Indians ignore richest event Sreekant 53.5, 5. Lucky Nicky (3) K. Chinese Thought (10) A. A.
Mukesh Kumar 53.5, 6. News O' Star Vikrant 58.5, 4. Malakeye Ziba (8) C. de Grandhomme (not out) 4; Ex-
KOLKATA: Sixteen-time World (5) P. Trevor 53.5, 7. Rose Petal (7) G. P. Gaddam 58.5, 5. Born To Do It (9)
champion cueist Pankaj Ad- Akshay Kumar 58, 6. Wine N Dine
tras (lb-14, w-2): 16; Total (for four
Naresh 53.5, 8. Sharp Eye (8) P. S.
vani beat two-time defending Chouhan 53.5 and 9. Snow Castle (1) (11) N. S. Rathore 58, 7. Pixie Girl wkts. in 20 overs): 194.
RAKESH RAO Suri and S.L. Narayanan form of rounds starting before Akshay Kumar 53.5. (3) Beuzelin 56.5, 8. Ikigai (12) G. Fall of wickets: 1-34, 2-36, 3-41,
champion Aditya Mehta 75 Naresh 55.5, 9. Wild Heart (2) K.
(60)-56, 76(57)-19, 87-47, 73-17, the creamy layer of home noon. Some do not agree to the 1. Sharp Eye, 2. News O' Star, 3. 4-165.
Lucky Nicky Mukesh Kumar 54, 10. Raja Bangladesh bowling: Mashrafe
0-101(101), 101(101)-0 in the fi- NEW DELHI: The country’s challenge. appearance money ofered Hindustani (4) Sai Kumar 53.5, 11.
richest prize-money chess Meanwhile, among the while others question the 4 SARDAR MOHAN SINGH Golden Adara (6) Kiran Naidu 53, Mortaza 3.2-0-42-0, Taskin Ahmed
nal to win the title in the Kolk- 4-0-37-0, Rubel Hossain 4-0-31-3,
event — the annual Delhi In- playing conditions. BAGGA MEMORIAL CUP 12. Dear Friend (13) Kunal Bunde
ata Open snooker champion- overseas contenders, third (1,400m), 4-y-o & over, rated 46 to 52.5 and 13. Top Sprint (5) B. R. Ku-
ternational Open — will ofer seeded Ukrainian Olexander
Shakib Al Hasan 4-0-22-0, Mosaddek
ship at the Bengal Rowing From an organiser’s point of 70 (Cat. II), 2-10: 1. Torremolinos mar 50.
more than ever when it begins Bortnyk is yet to arrive due to
Hossain 3.4-0-27-1, Soumya Sarkar
Club here on Sunday. view, it works out cheaper to (8) Akshay Kumar 60, 2. Magna 1. Raja Hindustani, 2. Born To
here on Monday. visa issues. Carta (9) P. Trevor 56.5, 3. Do It, 3. Ragas Ajalias 1-0-21-0.
Mehta started of strongly, invite overseas GMs and play- Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal c de
Strengthandbeauty (2) N. Rawal 56,
but Advani asserted his su- From last year’s Rs. 35 lakh, It is pertinent to note that ers. Moreover, as an organiser 4. Batur (4) Beuzelin 55.5, 5. Golden 9 DARK ANGEL PLATE Grandhomme b Boult 24, Soumya
premacy as soon as he got a the prize-fund stands en- for a number of years leading stated bluntly, “the Indians de- Arrow (7) Ajeeth Kumar 55.5, 6. (1,400m), 5-y-o & over, rated upto
Sarkar c & b Sodhi 42, Sabbir Rah-
hanced to a staggering Rs. 51.51 Indian players have ignored mand unreasonably in India George Cross (3) Srinath 55, 7. Citi 30 (Cat. III), 5-00: 1. Golden
chance. Advani, who was trail- Xanthus (9) Md. Sameeruddin 62, man b Williamson 18, Shakib Al
lakh spread over three cat- Colors (6) Suraj Naredu 53, 8. Mir-
ing 23-56, took advantage of this event, along with the other but agree to play overseas for field (5) Sai Kumar 52.5 and 9. 2. Green Olive (4) Khurshad Alam Hasan c Anderson b Boult 41, Mah-
Mehta's miss and posted a egories. Not surprisingly, the International Open events much less while staying in ac- Gangadhar (1) G. Naresh 52. 62, 3. Racing Ruler (12) Kunal
mudullah b Sodhi 18, Mosaddek
break of 60 to take the first raised prize-money has attrac- held in Mumbai, Chennai, commodation inferior to what 1. Mirfield, 2. Batur, Bunde 61.5, 4. Pretty Star (5) B. R.
3. Citi Colors Kumar 61, 5. Amazing Power (1) G. Hossain c de Grandhomme b Santner
frame. ted a record 27 Grandmasters Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. we ofer. In short, no organiser Naresh 60.5, 6. Dorian (8) K. 12, Nurul Hasan (not out) 7, Rubel
Advani won the next three and over 1600 entries from 28 M.R. Lalith Babu. — FILE PHOTO wants to deal with those mak- 5 BANARSILAL GUPTA ME- Mukesh Kumar 60.5, 7. Kohinoor Hossain (not out) 1; Extras (lb-1,
frames before Mehta rallied to countries. ‘Conditions’ not favourable ing unreasonable demands.” MORIAL CUP (Div. II) (1,100m), 4- Valour (6) S. Sreekant 58, 8. Cap-
the brighter side, the depth of y-o & over, rated 26 to 50 (Cat. III), tain General (11) A. A. Vikrant 55, 9. w-3): 4; Total (for six wkts. in 20
win the fifth with a century But ironically, from India, In private, many players jus- “In the absence of sound Squanderers Square (7) A. S. overs): 167.
the field is bound to test the 2-45: 1. Mandy (1) Akshay Kumar
break. However, Advani not a single top-10 male or tify their decision to stay away sponsorship for chess, it is in- 60.5, 2. Platinum (5) A. A. Vikrant 59, Pawar 55, 10. Rainbow Blues (3) P. Fall of wickets: 1-44, 2-82, 3-97,
replied with a century break to top-15 female, is part of this title-aspirants. by pointing to the “conditions’ deed creditable that Delhi In- 3. King David (10) Beuzelin 58.5, 4. Gaddam 50, 11. Royal Gold (2) Ajit 4-122, 5-150, 6-161.
emerge winner. large field. M.R. Lalith Babu, ranked ofered by the host. These con- ternational has enhanced the Matica (6) Ajit Singh 58.5, 5. Royal Singh 50 and 12. War Dancer (10) S.
Dynamite (2) B. R. Kumar 58, 6. S. Tanwar 50. New Zealand bowling: Santner
“The way Aditya started, I Headed by Tajikistan’s lone 11th in the country, leads a ditions include appearance prize-money by Rs. 15 lakh. Shakesphere (12) A. S. Pawar 57, 7. 1. Amazing Power, 2. Golden 4-0-37-1, Wheeler 4-0-29-0, Boult 4-
never thought I would get to Grandmaster and former Mo- pack of five Indian GMs money, accommodation, Moreover, almost all the ex- Space Ship (4) N. S. Rathore 57, 8. Xanthus, 3. Captain General 0-48-2, Neesham 1-0-17-0, Sodhi 4-
win the first frame. I think win- scow Open champion Farrukh among the top eight seeded travel ,etc. penses are met from the rev- Khan Sahib (7) Khurshad Alam 55.5, Day's best: Dream Girl 0-22-2, de Grandhomme 1-0-4-0,
ning the first frame gave me Amonatov, rated 2619, the players. Diptayan Ghosh, Many players do no wish to enue generated from entries,” 9. Sir Legend (3) Kiran Naidu 54, 10. Double: Royal Sceptre -
Bouncer (11) N. Rawal 53, 11. Mirfield Williamson 2-0-9-1.
the confidence to go ahead for field lacks the appeal of ac- twice National champion M. play two rounds a day (on two said a modest Hunter's Pride (9) K. Mukesh Ku- Jkt: 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9; Tr (i): 1, 2 & 3; (ii): 4, Man-of-the-Match: Anderson.
a win,” said Advani. complished performers. On Karthikeyan, local Vaibhav days). Some are not in favour player-turned-organiser. mar 53 and 12. Refulgent (8) Md. 5 & 6; (iii): 7, 8 & 9; Tla: all races. New Zealand won by 27 runs.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Balaki and Ajathashatru SOLUTIONS
1 Clamp, and for a while, drill support of robot (7) 23 Film star has a conservative T A R A P E S A S T E
7 8
(5,3,3) 15 Bull swallows Big Apple and hairdo (7) H G E E A K N
9 10 9 Occasionally test aim in mineral (4) 24 Take a blanket, we hear (5) There was a person belonging to Gargya gotra called E T A N I B T E R N C P I

Balaki. He had studied only one branch of the Vedas and

commotion (2,5)
16 Demonstrators are in favour of 26 Chopin certainly hides tool (6)
10 Heartlessly study cricket, for had not delved into the subject deeply. Yet, he sought out E I C G E R E A
setter’s doctor (10) 27 Asian engineer protected by
11 12 instance (6) King Ajathashatru and tried to instruct him. Ajathashatru I D E A S A N T H I A L E V

11 Poets are leading drunks in 18 Giants lash native upheaval (10) giant (7) welcomed him and said, “I am glad you have thought it fit
13 14 pubs? (5) 20 Initially, I don’t envision any plan 28 Loosens up, makes fun of a book to instruct me. Usually everyone goes to ofer such N A E A O E O M
15 16 12 Drone, endlessly at sea, in (4) (6,5) instruction to King Janaka, thinking he is the only one who O I D D R A N D S B A R

qualifies to be taught and also because they think he alone

17 is generous with gifts. I too am generous. I shall give you
SU | DO | KU
18 19 20 21 10000 cows.” Balaki then began to speak of how he B I T N D E A A C B R

22 F ACROSS meditated upon Brahman. When Balaki spoke of the Sun,

Ajathashatru said he meditated upon the Sun as
23 24 resplendence. Then, as Balaki listed everything he
meditated upon, Ajathashatru explained how he himself
meditated upon it. Ajathashatru listed the benefits he had
26 27 obtained through meditation, said M.K. Srinivasan in a
discourse. Meditation upon Brahman as ether gives
progeny, as air confers invincibility, as Agni confers
28 irresistibility, as water confers comforts, as a reflection in
the mirror gives brilliance, as the echo of walking confers
longevity, as shadow confers the boon of choosing to die
when one wants to, as the Brahman in the body confers a
glorious body and sense organs. So everything that Balaki
knew was already known to Ajathashatru.
2 One moth initially in flower’s 7 Swindle resort, blame bozo (9) 19 Vice can be treated with
cracked surface (6) weakened pathogen (7) At the end of Balaki’s narration and the observations
8 Wild tale about Bond’s boss (6) from Ajathashatru, the king asked Balaki, “Is that all?” Sudoku is a mind game and a
3 Value company of good man (4) 13 Her co-stars form musical 21 Final villager falls into grave in Balaki said this was all he knew. Ajathashatru said that puzzle that you solve with
4 Turning away extraterrestrial groups (10) famine (6) knowing this did not mean one knew Brahman. Balaki then
reasoning and logic. Fill in the grid
giant somehow (10) 22 Bank auditorium missing hall with digits in such a manner that
14 Attacking donkey that is unwell requested Ajathashatru to accept him as his pupil and every row, every column and
5 Sit awkwardly in bandage when (9) entrance (6) teach him about Brahman. Ajathashatru was humble, every 3x3 box accommodates the
hurt (8) 17 Military buildings have cake 25 Footprint of idols from the South despite being a king and despite being so knowledgeable, digits 1 to 9, without repeating
6 Company to approach bank (7) stands (8) (4) and he agreed to accept proud Balaki as his student. any.

SPORT | 19


Anil Kumar stars for Karnataka Acers put it past Smashers


BASKETBALL / A nervy Kerala loses to Haryana BENGALURU: Bottom-placed

Delhi Acers pulled out all the
K. KEERTHIVASAN some fine shooting by Punjab’s Uttarakhand scored a thrill- stops to topple Chennai Smash-
Rajvir Singh. ing 69-67 win over Tamil Nadu, ers 5-2 in the Premier Badmin-
PUDUCHERRY: Anil Kumar may Aravind and Anil showed its second victory in men’s ton League (PBL) here on
appear scrawny for the sport, their prowess in the third Group-B. Trideep Rai tilted the Sunday.
but he makes up for it with his quarter. The former was quite scales in Uttarakhand’s favour In Jan Jorgensen (World No.
energy and sharp mind, and of solid in defensive and ofensive with a three-pointer which 2) and Son Ho Wan (World No.
course, wonderful shooting rebounds, and proved a handful made it 67-all with hardly two 4), Delhi boasted of two singles
skills. in shooting. minutes remaining. players of high calibre. In the
Anil has been efective and He scored the bulk of points A mispass from Prasanna first encounter of the day, Jor-
flamboyant in equal measure so in the third. At the stroke of the Venkatesh saw Uttarakhand gensen dropped the first game
far in the Senior National bas- final whistle in the third, score the match-winner to Tommy Sugiarto, but staged
ketball championships here. On Karthikeyan’s basket gave the through Arjun Singh. a comeback to win 10-12, 11-4,
Sunday, he was at his fluent crucial lead for Karnataka at The results: 11-6.
best in Karnataka’s thrilling 83- 60-58. Men: Group-A: Karnataka 83 (Anil In the deciding game, the
79 win over eight-time cham- With around three minutes Kumar 30, Aravind 28, Karthikeyan 11) Dane executed two delicate
pion Punjab in a Group-A remaining and with the scores bt Punjab 79 (Arshpreet Bhullar 14, Ra- drop shot
match here on Sunday. at 77-76 in the final quarter, jvir Singh 28, Gurvinder Singh 21); winners
With the victory, Karnataka Aravind and Anil took the Haryana 72 (N. Naveen 13, V. Vikas 10, to set the
is on course to top the group match away from Punjab. P. Pardeep 18, V. Vinit 13) bt Kerala 67 pace. A
(two victories) with a match re- Leading 59-56 going into the (Ashwin Philip 11, Albin Baby 15, B. short
maining. Later, in another fourth quarter, Kerala appeared Gineeb 14). Group-B: Uttarakhand 69 while
Group-A contest, Haryana steady and looked like it could (Vishesh Briguvanshi 18, Amrit Pal later, at match point, Jorgensen
outscored Kerala 72-67. pull it of. Kerala’s downfall Singh 28, Trideep Rai 12) bt Tamil displayed fantastic reflexes to
It was not just Anil who stole began with Albin Baby's foul on Nadu 67 (Rikin Pethani 14, Prasanna return three heavy Sugiarto
the show. His teammates, Haryana’s Pardeep when it was Venkatesh 24, Vineeth Revi Mathew smashes.
centre Aravind, forward leading 65-63. 10, P. Akilan 12); Tamil Nadu 90 (Vin- In the mixed doubles rubber, TRIUMPHANT: Delhi Acers’s G. Jwala and Vladimir Ivanov
Karthikeyan and ball-handler eeth Revi Mathew 17, Rikin Pethani 14, Delhi’s Vladimir Ivanov and G. combined well to get past Chennai Smashers’s Chris Adcock
Rajesh Uppal produced stellar G. Sivabalan 11) bt Chhattisgarh 39 Jwala edged out Chris Adcock and P.V. Sindhu. — PHOTO: G.P. SAMPATH KUMAR
One of Punjab’s star senior
Ban lifted (Rudraksh 20); Uttarakhand 98 (Amrit
Pal Singh 30, Vishesh Briguvanshi 17,
and P.V. Sindhu 7-11, 11-4, 11-9.
way. Sindhu did not disappoint,
players, Talwinderjeet Singh PUDUCHERRY: Relenting from its Anoop 12) bt Gujarat 50 (D. Pulva 13, Kashyap outplayed The Ivanov-Ivan Sozonov gliding and pounding her way
started of with a brilliant three- earlier stand of not allowing those S.Y. Shake 11, M. Singh 10). Group-E: Chennai’s P. Kashyap (World combination made short work to a 11-6, 11-7 victory.
pointer in the very first minute. who had played in the UBA Pro men’s Odisha 72 bt Puducherry 61. No. 62) was outplayed by Wan of Adcock-Mads Kolding, The result: Chennai Smashers
Interestingly, that was the last league to take part in the Senior Women: Group-A: Indian Rail- 12-10, 11-4. Kashyap held a 10-9 which sealed the fate of the tie. lost to Delhi Acers 5-2 [Tommy Su-
we saw of the speedy ball-hand- National championships, the ways 67 (P. Anitha 19, Sitamani Tudu advantage in the first game, but Marquee name Sindhu then giarto lost to Jan Jorgensen 12-10, 4-
ler-cum-sharp-shooter. Basketball Federation of India 15) bt Maharashtra 21 (Shireen a smash into the net allowed took the court against Tanvi 11, 6-11; Chris Adcock & P.V. Sindhu
Each quarter was close and announced on Sunday that it has Limaye 11); Chhattisgarh 95 (Poonam Wan to get his foot in the door. Lad, in an inconsequential af- lost to Vladimir Ivanov & G. Jwala
there was little to choose lifted the ban on the players of all Chaturvedi 40) bt Punjab 26 . Wan then proceeded to shut fair. The large crowd at the 11-7, 4-11, 9-11; P. Kashyap lost to Son
between the two teams. States and institutions. Group-B: Rajasthan (T. Kamlesh 35, out his Indian opponent, and Koramanagala Indoor Stadium, Wan Ho 10-12, 4-11; Adcock & Mads
IMPRESSIVE SHOW: Karnataka’s centre Aravind gave a good Karnataka led the first 19-15 The ban, however, still applies to Nisha Sharma 14) bt West Bengal put Delhi 3-0 ahead. however, was more than happy Kolding lost to Ivanov & Ivan So-
account of himself in the match against Punjab. only to fall behind 35-39 in the coaches and officials. (Poushali Datta 21, Rupkatha Chatter- The men’s doubles — Delhi’s to stick around and watch the zonov (T) 6-11, 6-11; Sindhu (T) bt
— PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR second, thanks primarily to jee 13, Poulami Chatterjee 11). trump match — also went its Olympic silver medallist. Tanvi Lad 11-6, 11-7].

An entertaining, but goalless draw Thoi stunner does it for Mumbai
Balwant strikes for Bagan
Y.B. SARANGI as debutants face of
Katsumi Yusa headed to Daryl
Dufy whose half-volley found

MUMBAI: Mumbai Football Club

BARASAT: A 10-man Mohun the Churchill goalkeeper Priy- S. SUDARSAN adopted the attacking style
Bagan cashed in on Balwant ant Singh. coach Santosh Kashyap prom-
Singh’s goal to overcome a Churchill, looking for the CHENNAI: A defeat would have ised. The hard-running Thoi
fighting Churchill Brothers 1-0 equaliser, saw Brandon been terribly harsh on the de- Singh scored a stunning goal in
and begin its I-League cam- Fernandes’s shot from about butants as Chennai City FC the 22st minute in its opening I-
paign on a winning note at the 30 yards sail over the Bagan and Minerva Punjab FC League game for the home side.
Vidyasagar Stadium here on bar. showed character in an enter- Goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattim-
Sunday. taining encounter at the Nehru ani then held his ground to
Even though Bagan man- Captain courageous Stadium on Sunday. The two thwart numerous raids by DSK
aged to grab full points in front Led by its courageous cap- finished without a goal and Shivajians, resulting in a hard-
of its home fans, it needed to tain Keenan Almeida, who shared points. earned 1-0 victory.
raise its game ahead of bigger played with his head wrapped The early signs were posit- Yellow smoke floated across
challenges. in bandage after an injury, ive for Chennai City. The the Coopeerage stadium, let of
Balwant, making a Churchill played with purpose shape was good and the hun- by the home team fans in the
comeback after a nine-month to frustrate Bagan. ger for possession impressive, stands. DSK made the early IN THE THICK OF IT: Mumbai FC’s Thoi Singh, who kept the
lay-of due to injury, justified Bagan stepped up the pace and the host was unfortunate moves and forced the ball into Shivajians defenders busy, scored a sensational goal in the
his selection ahead of Jeje but could not capitalise on its not to take the lead after 10 the rival goalmouth, but Katti- 22nd minute.
Lalpekhlua by providing the chances. Dufy, who needed to minutes. mani remained in control of the
breakthrough in the 28th beat just Priyant, needlessly A cross from right-winger situation, assisted by a hard- easier time in the second as his middle from the centre line
minute. passed the ball to Yusa. Abhishek Das was headed SAVING THE DAY: Minerva’s Loveday Okbchukwu thwarts a working defence in front of defenders grew in confidence upto the box. The latter moved
Pritam Kotal, advancing on Souvik, who fed Yusa and re- straight to Minerva ’keeper Chennai City FC effort. — PHOTO: K. PICHUMANI him. Thoi’s goal came out of to deal with crosses from the into position but mistimed.
the right flank, sent in a precise ceived the ball back on the Ravi Kumar by the side’s un- the blue, keeping Mumbai in flanks, balls floated in of free- The second half saw frenetic
aerial ball to Balwant at the far goalmouth, watched his slid- der-22 player Lalnun Mawia. 30th minute. Manandeep In the 55th minute, Amiri high spirits till the final whistle. kicks and numerous corner- activity in the visitors’ half.
post and the latter headed ing efort go wide. The youngster failed to con- Singh received the ball near skipped past three players to In a game marked by end-to- kicks. Sasha Kolunja over- Thoi was involved in most of
home. Once Subhasish Bose was vert again when the ball fell to the box and drove powerfully move into the box, but there end action, the chunky mid- lapped for Shivajians from his the moves around the middle
The goal saw the Churchill red-carded in the 64th minute him after a goalmouth melee. towards goal, but Karanjit was none to support him. fielder startled the Shivajians central defensive role and and right, testing the defenders
players spring into action as after earning two yellows Minerva absorbed the pres- proved equal to the task. Chennai City coach Robin backline and custodian Soram headed powerfully forward, reactions’ by tapping the ball
Surchandra Singh and the within a gap of nine minutes, sure and started playing long A few minutes later, Charles Raja removed Ab- Porei with a right-foot strike. but the Mumbai goalkeeper into free space and trying to get
ever-active Kingslee Bagan made substitutions to balls to forward Joel Sunday. Karanjit produced a superb in- hishek Das and replaced Za- Thoi approached the ball boun- was, thankfully, in a position to round his marker.
Fernanades combining well to bolster its defence, allowing The ploy was to avoid running stinctive save to deny Victor keer Mundampara to add bite cing around the centre of the block. Siam Hangal displayed a cool
get past the Bagan midfield Churchill to apply pressure. into Chennai City’s defensive Amobi. to the attack. box, went on a diagonal burst Spaniard Juan Querro, the head and ability to drift into
and pose a threat. Finally, it was the host midfielders Dhanpal Ganesh However, the best player on The home team was lively in and connected first-time. A de- Mumbai skipper, darted across space when in possession.
However, their attempts which heaved a sigh of re- and Denson Devadas, who the pitch was Chennai City’s the final 20 minutes, but the fender in front thought he had to the rival half in quest of Quero and Kim Song Yong
were thwarted by the swift liefafter holding on to its showed exceptional positional Haroon Amiri of Afghanistan. Minerva defence thwarted all the angle covered, but the ball passes and kept teammates slogged it out for Shivajians up-
Anas Edathodika. slender lead. sense in shielding the back On numerous occasions, his danger. Though the two sides slanted home of the underside busy with classy eforts on the front, but a goal proved elusive
The Bagan forwards came The result: four. quick feet and acceleration en- were solid in defence and mid- of the crossbar. run. Thoi set up captain Steven in its first away game.
close to increasing the lead Mohun Bagan 1 (Balwant Singh Minerva tested Karanjit abled him to tear away from field, they need to improve Kattimani, who was kept Dias for a crack at goal with a The result: Mumbai FC 1 (Thoi
five minutes later. The busy 28) bt Churchill Brothers 0. Singh for the first time in the the tacklers. their attacks. busy in the first half, had an speedy burst through the Singh) bt DSK Shivajians FC 0.

Perisic rescues Inter at Udinese Guardiola admits to errors Ronaldo favourite to win
MANCHESTER: Manchester City
manager Pep Guardiola has
taken responsibility for the
leader Chelsea.
“At times my ideas were not
good, because I’m still getting
cause I see them training, how
they sufer.
“You have to look at your-
inaugural FIFA award
club’s recent inconsistent to know the players, to know self and see what you have to PARIS: Following his success in He watched Eder’s extra-
form and said he is still getting what is the best position, the do to help them find each Ballon d’Or, the Portugal and time winner from the bench.
to know his players and how best way to play, to adapt to other and play to each other Real Madrid star Cristiano
best to use them. them,” Guardiola told British more fluently, not all the time Ronaldo is set to add another Best season
City made a flying start un- media. with an aggressiveness,” he garland — the Best FIFA Ronaldo himself acknow-
der Guardiola, winning its first “Sometimes I have an idea: added. Men’s Player Award— on ledged to sports daily Marca
10 games in all competitions, three at the back or play a “That is my job. I have to Monday in Zurich. late last year that it was a
but has won just nine times in player in a certain way, and help them and I tell them that. After Champions League “fantastic season,” indeed
21 matches since, a run which sometimes it didn’t work. And, And most of the times we were and Euro 2016 success for club “perhaps my best on an indi-
has left it fourth in the Premier when that happens, I never not good, it was my responsib- and country last year, Ronaldo vidual and team level.”
League, seven points behind complain to the players. Be- ility.” — Reuters is the overwhelming favourite His achievements will al-
for yet another accolade for most certainly see him once
his bulging trophy cabinet. again shut out longtime rival

Maradona defends Tevez’s big Possible double

It could well be a double
Lionel Messi and Atletico
Madrid’s French striker Ant-
oine Griezmann for the FIFA
celebration for Real, with its award.
money move to China manager Zinedine Zidane
hoping to land the coaches
title having led the merengues
His Euro 2016 final injury
aside, the only other blip of
sorts for Ronaldo, 31, was the
BUENOS AIRES: Argentine foot- to European Cup glory — 14 fact he was named in the Foot-
ball legend Diego Maradona years after doing so as a ball Leaks financial scandal.
has defended compatriot Car- player. He and his entourage have
SUPER-STRIKER: Wissam Ben Yedder (right) got a hat-trick to set up Sevilla’s 4-0 win at Real los Tevez’s big money transfer Last year, FIFA ended its strenuously denied claims
Sociedad in La Liga on Saturday. — PHOTO: AFP to China’s Shanghai Shenhua six-year collaboration with that he has illegally stashed
from Boca Juniors. magazine France Football for some €150 million in ofshore
UDINESE: Ivan Perisic scored and was left lamenting spurn- ate goal-line clearance. According to Maradona, the Ballon d’Or award and is tax havens and Swiss bank
twice including the late winner ing a series of half-chances just Mario made amends four Tevez “did what he had to do” now to unveil its own brand accounts.
as Inter Milan began the New before half-time when Mauro minutes with a great delivery by going to China and “did not new “Best” distinction. But it unlikely that issue will
Year with a 2-1 comeback win Icardi coolly set up an un- for Perisic, who rose to nod defraud anybody,” reports In accordance with the trouble the national coaches
here in Serie A on Sunday. marked Perisic to beat Orestis past Karnezis at the ’keeper’s Xinhua. pizzazz such a star-studded and skippers and journalists
Inter travelled north looking Karnezis inside the keeper’s far post. Tevez was transferred to occasion demands, US actress called upon to seal their FIFA
to secure its fourth consecut- near post seconds before the The results: La Liga: Athletic Bil- Shenhua in December, where Eva Longoria will host the ce- choice.
ive win only to come up interval. bao 0 drew with Alaves 0; Real Betis he will earn around $40 mil- remony aided by German The nominees: Best FIFA Men’s
against a determined Udinese Inter resumed in positive 2 (Castro 51, Piccini 85) bt Leganes 0. lion a year, despite pleas from broadcast host Marco Schreyl. Player Award: Cristiano Ronaldo,
side that saw Seko Fofana test fashion, Ever Banega meeting On Saturday: Real Sociedad 0 his fellow players and fans of With his Ballon d’Or safely Antoine Griezmann and Lionel Messi.
visiting ’keeper Samir Handan- Antonio Candreva’s cross in lost to Sevilla 4 (Ben Yedder 25, 29, Boca Juniors for him to stay. tucked away after his third Best FIFA Women’s Player
ovic with a vicious drive after deep at the far post only to vol- 83, Sarabia 73); Eibar 0 lost to At- Boca Juniors made $11 million Champions League title, Award: Melanie Behringer, Carli
just six minutes. ley wide. letico Madrid 2 (Saul Niguez 53, from the transfer. thanks in major part to his 16 Lloyd and Marta.
On 17 minutes, Jakub Jankto Inter coach Stefano Pioli re- Griezmann 74); Las Palmas 1 (El Zhar “The fans of Boca should ENDORSING DECISION: Diego Maradona has come to the support goals in 12 games, as well as Best FIFA Men’s Coach Award:
ran on to the loose ball inside placed Banega with Joao Mario 55) bt Sporting Gijon 0. thank him for coming back (in of Carlos Tevez saying that the Argentine’s decision to play in Portugal’s Euro 2016 success Claudio Ranieri, Fernando Santos and
the area and beat Handanovic 10 minutes after the restart but Serie A: Napoli 2 (Gabbiadini 77, July 2015 from Juventus) but it China was a personal one and should be respected. — FILE PHOTO — the country’s first major Zinedine Zidane.
with an unstoppable shot. Perisic remained the biggest Tonelli 90+5) bt Sampdoria 1 (Hysaj is time that a money goes to a crown — CR7 is seen as a Best FIFA Women’s Coach
After a couple of missed threat to Udinese, the Croatian 30-og); Udinese 1 (Jankto 17) lost to player, and not a manager or be speaking Chinese today. paid player in the world after shoe-in for the men’s new Award: Jill Ellis, Silvia Neid and Pia
chances, Udinese had the ball curling a free kick just wide of Inter Milan 2 (Perisic 45+2, 87); businessman,” Maradona told Carlitos (Tevez) did not de- the China deal. FIFA title. Sundhage.
in the goal again on 31 minutes Karnezis’ upright just after the Chievo 1 (Pellissier 62) lost to sports newspaper Ole. fraud or scam anybody. He Maradona admitted that About the only downside FIFA Puskas Award: Marlone,
when Duvan Zapata beat hour. Atalanta 4 (Gomez 4, 23, Conti 42, Maradona also criticised an- simply ofered an amazing of- Boca Juniors would sufer as for the former Manchester Daniuska Rodriguez and Mohd Faiz
Handanovic from close range Portugal midfielder Mario Freuler 69); Genoa 0 lost to Roma 1 other Boca Juniors legend, fer and he has nothing to feel “Tevez is irreplaceable”. United and Sporting Lisbon Subri.
but the whistle had already should have given Inter an (Izzo 36-og); Lazio 1 (Immobile 90) bt Juan Roman Riquelme, who bad about,” added the Mexico “There is no player to be star was the fact he was of the FIFA Fair Play Award
blown for a foul by Frenchman 83rd minute lead when Crotone 0; Sassuolo 0 drew with recently stated he would not 1986 World Cup champion. bought to replace him. Many pitch when Portugal sealed its FIFA Fan Award: ADO Den Haag
Cyril Thereau as he skipped Karnezis pushed Candreva’s Torino 0. have gone to China. “Riquelme and Maradona are spoken of but nobody is in win over France, having been supporters, Borussia Dortmund-Liv-
into the area. cross into his path, only for Sil- On Saturday: Empoli 1 (Maccar- “If China had ofered $50 would have done the same.” his class,” said the legend. — stretchered of with injury in erpool supporters and Iceland sup-
Udinese lost momentum van Widmer to make a desper- one 78-pen) bt Palermo 0. — AFP million to Riquelme, he would Tevez, 32, is now the highest IANS the first half in tears. porters. — AFP


Ziggy Stardust film to be screened across Europe Chinese city to appoint ‘toilet chiefs’ Why some people do not like music
David Bowie’s concert film Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders The city of Xi’an, one of China’s most popular The very few people who do not like music at all may have
from Mars is all set to be screened in cinema halls across tourist destinations, will appoint “toilet chiefs” reduced brain connectivity between two regions of the
Europe on March 7, Variety magazine reported. and may also make public toilets free of charge. brain linked to sound processing and reward, scientists say.

Sapphire hunters flock to Madagascar’s mines STAR TREK

‘Do not want my children to become actors’
The island is one it’s scary, but when you want Theoretically, the extrac-

scar-winner Ben Affleck, who has three kids with
to succeed, you have to take tion of sapphires is regulated estranged wife and actress Jennifer Garner, says he would
of the largest risks,” he said. “Just digging by Madagascar’s mining not much encourage his children from becoming actors.
the hole itself takes time, al- code, which insists on per- The 44-year-old star says he does not want his kids to follow in his
producers of the most two weeks. Sometimes mits and the redistribution of or Garner’s footsteps as “overnight success and stardom” has
precious stones we find nothing...it can take a share of the taxes to benefit made him confused at times, reported Femalefirst.
months to find something in- local municipalities. “I wouldn’t allow them to do it until they’re 18, and once they were
BETSINEFE (MADAGASCAR): The teresting.” In practice, the industry is 18, they can do whatever they want to do, but I would discourage
dusty figure is lowered Without sapphires to sell, largely unregulated, but it is a it,” Affleck said. The Argo actor opened up about his own journey
slowly into the ground like a he depends on the mine lucrative trade, said Sunil. A to stardom, saying: “Overnight, I went from somebody no one ever
bucket into a well, armed “bosses” — gem shop own- stone that fetches $300 in Sri heard of, to somebody that gets
with just a crowbar, a shovel ers, usually of Sri Lankan ori- Lanka costs him less than a recognised on the street and could
and an old, unreliable head- gin, in the neighbouring tenth of the price to buy from get a table at a restaurant. I was 24
lamp. town of Sakaraha — for a few a miner in Madagascar. years old and it was a confusing
In the surrounding coun- handfuls of rice or manioc to On the question of taxes, time. I’ve got three kids now, and it’s
tryside, bodies rise and sink survive. Sunil was less certain of his a whole long road later.
from hundreds of holes just “The bosses pay for our figures, but said he paid a 10 “I have a much better perspective
wide enough for a man. Chil- food and materials, which per cent export tax to author- on it all, although it still can be
dren run between the rubble helps us hold out. Without ities in the capital confusing and difficult to deal
and the smell of cooking their help, we would starve,” Antananarivo. with. There’s no map to
wafts from the makeshift said Soja. “After that, we’re “These small sapphire it, you’ve just got to
shelters. Guards armed with obliged to sell them the mines are beyond the control figure it out on your
hunting rifles stand by, turn- stones we find.” of the state, so there are no own.” — PTI
ing the settlement of oicial statistics,” Mines
Betsinefe into a threatening ‘Lucrative trade’ Minister Ying Vah Zafilahy
scene. In the world of Mada- Sitting behind his desk in told AFP, vowing industry
gascan sapphire mining,
LIFE AT STAKE: A sapphire miner resurfaces from a hole in the ground on the outskirts of
his gem shop in Sakaraha, reform to bring them under
Styles might release album around Grammys
Sakaraha, Madagascar. — PHOTO: AFP

there are few rules. Sunil W.J. — as he calls him- formal regulation. inger-actor Harry Styles is reportedly working on unveiling
sparked a sapphire rush. Andry Razafindrakoto, a stu- own equipment and today self — examined his latest A local elected oicial in new music around the upcoming Grammy Awards
Vast deposits Activity at this informal, dent from the nearest big manages a small team of nine buy of blue and pink and light Sakaraha, who asked to re- ceremony.
Sapphires were first dis- though not entirely illegal, town of Tulear who was one miners. yellow sapphires under a main anonymous, said the The 22-year-old has wrapped up working on the movie Dunkirk —
covered in Madagascar in mine in the southwest of the of the many hoping to make But success stories are lamp. municipality was not receiv- and now the former One Direction member is releasing a solo
the late 1990s, and already country was suspended re- their fortune: “I came here to rare. His two “bodyguards” ing any taxes or income from album. “Instead of dropping something around Dunkirk, Harry is
the Indian Ocean island is cently by authorities after mine sapphires because it’s Like most of his fellow toured the surrounding the many mining operations working on dropping music and a full album right around the
one of the world’s largest scules broke out between diicult to find work in other miners, Albert Soja does not mines to collect the stones under way. Grammys,” a source told HollywoodLife.com. “He thinks the
producers of the precious villagers and would-be areas.” earn wages for his countless, and pay for miners’ food. The “Some days are better than surprise and shock of it
stones. Its 250-kilometre- miners flocking in from the When he sold his haul of gruelling trips underground. best finds are sent to Sri others, but this business has all will make a bigger
long deposit is among the rest of the island. stones for some four million To make money, he must find Lanka, to be polished, cut a future,” said Sunil, laugh- splash, instead of
biggest in the world and has Says 19-year-old student ariary ($1,200), he bought his and sell stones. “Of course and sold, Sunil explained. ing. — AFP announcing a release
date. He has enough
songs to put out an
album, it’s just the final
American author Another day in Moscow logistics that are being
worked out now.”
Nat Hentof The 59th edition of
Grammy Awards will
passes away be held on February 12.

NEW YORK: Nat Hentof, the au-

thor, journalist, jazz critic Dilip Kumar refused Baghban, says author

and civil libertarian who ilm-maker B.R. Chopra had offered the role of main lead in
called himself a trouble- Baghban to Dilip Kumar, his favourite actor. But the
maker, and proved it with a legendary actor turned it down as he could not decide on his
shelf of books and a moun- co-actress, according to Achala Nagar, the author of the novel.
tain of essays on free speech, The film was eventually made in 2003 with mega star Amitabh
wayward politics, elegant Bachchan in the lead, almost twenty years after it was offered to
rifs and the sweet harmon- the 94-year-old legend. “When B.R. Chopra approached Kumar for
ies of the Constitution, died the role, he had said that neither Nargis, nor Meena Kumari was
on Saturday. He was 91. alive...even Raakhee had stopped working in films. He rejected the
His son Nick announced role because he believed that no contemporary actress was
the death on Twitter. suitable to play the role opposite him,” Achala said.
Hentof wrote for the Vil- The author said that Kumar was unsure about the choice of his
lage Voice for 50 years, and female co-star. He could not think of anyone who would be able to
produced articles for The measure up to him, both in terms of seniority and name. — PTI
New Yorker, The Washing-
ton Post, Down Beat
magazine and dozens of ‘ Lion has made people realise my potential’
other publications. He wrote

e became a star with his debut film Slumdog Millionaire
more than 35 books — nov-
but British-Indian actor Dev Patel went through a period of
els, volumes for young adults
struggle where he felt pigeonholed as a performer until
and non-fiction works on
Lion came his way. Directed by Garth Davis, the true-life inspired
civil liberties, education and
movie is tipped to get nominated at the Oscars this year.
other subjects. The Hentof
Patel says he knew he had a great role the
bibliotheca reads almost like
moment he read the script. “The film has
an anthology: works by a jazz
opened people to my potential. After
aficionado, a mystery writer,
Slumdog Millionaire, it was really hard for
an eyewitness to history, an
me to get quality work. You think it would
educational reformer, a
be easy but it is actually quite a struggle.
political agitator, a foe of
But I kept working hard and have been
censors, a social critic.
patient for many years now. So,
He was, indeed, like the
when a role like this came, I gave
jazz he loved — given to im-
everything that I had to do justice
provisations and permuta-
to it. It feels really good when it
tions, a composer-performer
is recognised,” Patel said from
who lived comfortably with
Los Angeles. — PTI
his contradictions. — New Icicles on the roof of a house in a village outside Moscow on Sunday. The temperature dropped to minus 27 degrees Celsius in the Moscow area.— PHOTO: AFP
York Times News Service

The hidden artist of the

Soviet space programme
Galina Balashova designed
her first space habitation
module for Soviet cosmo-
nauts, she drew a landscape
on its interior wall, some-
thing that could remind
them of home.
An architect by training
and an artist at heart, Ms.
Balashova went on to spend
three decades designing the
interior of the Soyuz and
other Soviet spaceships,
making sure the crafts were
not just metal carcasses Galina Balashova, the artist who designed the first space
stufed with equipment, but habitation module for Soviet cosmonauts, at her home in
also living spaces. Korolyov, on the outskirts of Moscow. — PHOTO: AFP
Beginning in 1963 over just
one weekend, she sketched on one side and a sort of sofa Balashova says she was not
the interior of the Soyuz craft on the other, where they allowed to put her name un-
at home after Sergei Koro- could nap” — a ubiquitous der her work, complaining
lyov, the father of the Soviet setup in Soviet households. that her bosses took the
space programme, asked that credit.
the ship be made habitable. Not given credit Ms. Balashova still lives in
Engineers had fitted out After Korolyov approved her tiny apartment in Koro-
the module with two giant her sketch, which included lyov, a town outside Moscow
boxes of instruments, but the landscape drawing on that is home to Russia’s space
Korolyov had rejected the the wall, she also had to mission control and named
design and decided to get provide the actual watercol- after the space travel
outside help. our painting that would go visionary.
“They didn’t understand up into space. Since Koro- She now lives on a pension
what a living space is, they lyov had approved the design of 18,000 rubles a month. “I
don't use spatial thinking but with a landscape drawing, never wanted to go to space,”
think in terms of instru- the engineers “always asked she admitted. But as an archi-
ments,” said Ms. Balashova, for one” on subsequent mod- tect, she found the work in-
now in her 80s. “Over the ules. “Nine of [the paintings] teresting, she said, and found
weekend, I thought of how to went to space,” laughed Ms. her inspiration in constantly
place the instruments, Balashova. striving for harmony in her
designing a sort of cupboard Despite that, Ms. designs. — AFP
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Monday, January 9, 2017


Admit two
Before the magic begins...
S. RAVI not go above 68 degrees.
On ensuring authenticity

t a time when atten- of the wax figures
tion spans are short We go for a sitting with the
and the millennials celebrity. At a sitting our
believe in accessing sculptors take around 250
everything, from education to measurements and 180 pho-
entertainment, at the click of
With Madame Tussauds set to open in New Delhi, Steve Mansfield, Principal tos. The subject is photo-
a button, Madame Tussauds Sculpture Artist of the world renowned museum, reveals how these lifelike graphed at various angles in
located at 22 cities across the the pose of the final figure.
world, continues to draw figures come into being Hand casts and dental casts
crowds in droves. With selfies are also taken at this early
becoming a craze, it is com- stage.
mon to see pictures on Face- On the figures he sculp-
book pages showing people ted for Madame Tussauds
clicking themselves with the in Delhi
wax figures of their favourite The two main characters I
film stars, personalities, have sculpted for the new
sportspersons and political Madame Tussauds in Delhi
Music “Chitra” leaders. For those who have are Shah Rukh Khan and
Beat the Monday Blues and The People and Co. not visited any of these wax Prime Minister Narendra
kick start the week on a Premises is holding a solo museums the wait is over as Modi. As a Principal Sculptor,
musical note with Akash show of paintings by Delhi- Madame Tussads’ 23rd at- though, a large part of my job
Vincent, the Delhi based based contemporary artist traction is opening shortly in is overseeing the various
singer-songwriter, who will Trishna Singh on New Delhi’s Connaught stages of production of many
perform live at the Piano architectural heritage and Place. Besides housing figures other figures for this new at-
Man Jazz Club. country’s diverse flora and of local interest its star at- traction. I very much enjoy
Date: January 9 fauna. traction include statues of working on the Indian fig-
Time: 9 p.m. Date: On till January 11 Prime Minister Narendra ures, particularly those con-
Venue: B 6-7/22 Time: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Modi and superstar Shah nected with the Bollywood
Safdarjung Enclave Venue: No. 5, Building No. Rukh Khan. industry. There’s a wealth of
Market, 8, Tower-B, Cyber City, Steve Mansfield, Principal films to be enjoyed, and I al-
New Delhi Gurugram Sculpture Artist, Merlin Ma- ways watch films connected
gic Making, in an interaction to who I am sculpting, or
waxes eloquent on how these overseeing. Generally, we ap-
figures are made, the research proach all our figures in the
Theatre undertaken on the subject
and some of his own experi-
same meticulous way. Some-
thing I am mindful of is that
Mahesh Bhatt presents ences. Associated with the or- we are not, as sculptors, al-
“The Last Salute” a Hindi ganisation for more than 15 ways initially familiar with
play written by Rajesh years, Mansfield has created particular personalities –
Kumar and directed by portraits of Prince William personalities who are incred-
Arvind Gaur which and Harry, David Cameron, ibly well-known where they
explores the Gulf crisis and Britney Spears, Kylie will eventually be featured.
the US intervention. Minogue, George W. Bush, So research and guidance
Date: January 11 Hillary Clinton, Dame Judi from a variety of sources, to
Time: 7.30 p.m. Dench, Brad Pitt, Angelina SHAPING THE STAR Steve Mansfield working on Shah Rukh Khan’s figure compliment the technical
Venue: Kamani Auditorium, Jolie and Michael Jackson. and artistic side of what we
Copernicus Marg, Mandi The Bollywood portraits visitors want to see, based on tumes is a collective decision ate the pose and the head and working on a number of fig- do, can be essential.
House, New Delhi overseen by him include regular polls and feedback; between the celebrity and the hands are then sculpted from ures at any time. Those in- On his experience with
Kareena Kapoor and Katrina together with extensive mon- studio. We usually select a clay, from which plaster volved are sculptors, sculpting Prime Minister
Kaif for Madame Tussauds itoring and research by our very interactive pose or a sig- moulds are taken. A mixture moulders, wax-finishers, hair Narendra Modi and Shah
London and Narendra Modi global and local teams looking nature style of the celebrity. of beeswax and Japan wax is and colouring artists, hair Rukh Khan
“Eternal” and Shah Rukh Khan for Ma- at news events and other in- On the process of cre- heated to 74 Celsius, and is stylists, costumers and pho- Prime Minister Narendra
The India Habitat Centre dame Tussauds Delhi. dicators of who’s ‘in’ both in- ation of the figure poured into the moulds. The tographers...and that’s Modi’s figure was an over-
has organised a solo art Edited excerpts: ternationally, and in those Making of wax figures en- plaster casts are removed without all the people work- whelming experience; he was
exhibition showing On the criteria for choos- markets where we have an tails a huge process. The first once the wax has cooled to ing behind the scenes: pro- very interested in the whole
drawings and paintings by ing a personality for the attraction. step is sculpting and mould- leave the hollow wax head. duction managers; process and very religiously
artist Bhaskar Singha. wax figure On deciding on the pose ing. The measurements from The second step is hair and researchers and talent man- sat through the entire sitting.
Date: January 10 Our choice of figures re- and costumes the sitting are used to make styling. The eyes are made agement team. He was extremely cooperat-
Time: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. flects those celebrities our Our figure poses and cos- an metal armature to replic- from acrylic with silk threads On the quality of wax ive and patient we took over
Venue: Convention Centre to simulate the veining of the used 250 measurements. He was
Foyer, Lodhi Road, New eye while the iris is hand The consistency of the wax very encouraging, as a brand
Delhi Regal option painted. The hair are indi- does not change with the we are very proud to have
Anshul Jain, General Manger and Director, Merlin Entertain- vidually inserted by hand, change in climate/location. made his figure.
ments India Pvt Ltd is busy with the launch and is obviously not washed, and then cut and However, we do control tem- My memory of meeting
keen to disclose too many details about the museum till it is styled to finish. Meanwhile, peratures in our attractions, Shah Rukh Khan makes me
Exhibition unveiled at the Capital’s landmark Regal Building. the figure is painted using lay- all we need to ensure is it does feel warmly towards the fig-
Talking about choosing Delhi as the first city for launching the ers of oil-based paints to ac- ure I sculpted of him. I have
Khoj International Artists’
Madame Tussauds in India, he says they could not think of a better curately replicate skin tone. to say that there are some
Association in
place to launch than right in the heart of the nation’s Capital. The third and final phase is Our choice of figures particularly brilliant new fig-
collaboration with Kadist,
“Madame Tussauds is iconic and so is Connaught Place. I think the finished figure. The head reflects those ures coming through for
presents “Frozen World of
they perfectly complement each other. Even from a tourist point and hands are fitted to the Delhi, which although I am

body, which is then dressed in celebrities our
the Familiar Stranger”, a
of view I think CP is a must do. The history of CP compliments the only overseeing, I feel very
group show of video
250 years legacy of Madame Tussauds.” the chosen styling. It takes visitors want to see, proud of.
installations, performances
Jain sounds optimistic about the response expected. “We are around four months and 20 based on regular For those who are no more,
and artworks featuring ten
already receiving an overwhelming response from people be it on social media or otherwise. artists to complete a figure. we have a research team that
But this can vary depending polls and feedback
Indian and international
We have something to offer for all age groups therefore we expect large numbers to walk in.” does all the historic research,
artists. On till January 11, S
But does it holds true for the millenials as well. “I think this is about the right time to enter on complexity. We have a trying to get all the possible
17 Khirkee Extension, New
India. While the young are glued to TV, Internet they are also very open to try new things. large team of very talented pictures and information. We
Delhi, 11 a.m .to 7 p.m.
Madame Tussauds Delhi will offer a host of experiences. We showcase figures in dynamic creative people here at the also get in touch with the
poses to make the whole experience more immersive.” studio, who are variously celebrity’s family.

The sleuth is back

inventive ways. The only Doyle’s The Adventure of the episodes, there is the size and
Mark Gatiss, co-creator of Sherlock , on how it is a series about a detective, not a detective series excitement in the Six Napoleons . “It is one of scale to be considered. Then
underwhelming Season 3 was Steven and my favourite it is difficult to put the
MINI ANTHIKAD CHHIBBER Watson’s marriage, which stories,” says Gatiss, who characters through the
promised to pull the series plays Mycroft. “It is a classic wringer time and again.
The long wait is over and the out of the rut of crime- Holmes story where a There is an argument to be
consulting rooms at 221B busting bromance. seemingly trivial but made for not stretching it
Baker Street are open again However, the first episode unexplained event — and handing over the keys of
for business. “It hasn’t been of Season 4 has come in for smashing busts of Napoleon 221B Baker Street to
that long,” Mark Gatiss, who flak for its treatment of the — leads to a bigger mystery.” someone else.”
created Sherlock with Steven Mary Watson arc. “We The second episode is To the criticism that
Moffat, says over the phone thought it through very called The Lying Detective Sherlock is not particularly
from London. “There was carefully,” Gatiss insists. “We (based on Doyle’s The Dying likeable, Gatiss comments,
The Abominable Bride last didn’t get rid of the character Detective ) and introduces “We were criticised for
January,” Gatiss says, about just because it was the horrid Culverton Smith making Sherlock too human
the special which sees convenient to do so.” played by Toby Jones. The in the last season! Sherlock is
Sherlock back in Victorian While the earlier seasons third episode is called The not about two middle-aged
times solving the grisly riddle saw Sherlock trading his pipe Final Problem , but wait a men sitting by the fire. There
of a bride who shoots herself for nicotine patches and no minute wasn’t the third is a knock on the door, a
and then apparently rises mention of his fondness for episode of Season 2, The client comes with a problem
from the dead to commit the seven per cent solution of Reichenbach Fall based on and Sherlock solves it. Our

murder. We were criticised cocaine, The Abominable The Final Problem ? “There version is a series about a
“We wanted to make the for making Sherlock Bride has Sherlock having are elements from the stories detective, not a detective
special, special,” the 50-year- too human in the drug-induced hallucinations. as always, but not from The series. So yes, when we first
old writer and actor says. “It Will there be more drugs in Final Problem , because we meet Sherlock, he is
was an excuse to have last season! the new season? “I cannot have already done that. It is a unlikeable, Watson softens
Sherlock in two time frames tell you that can I?” demands good title, that’s why we are his edges. Also, he is allowed
in the same episode. The Gatiss. “Steve and I decided using it.” to be rude and arrogant
funny thing is, when we it would be darker. Sherlock Does the final in the title because he does what we
pitched the story to Benedict is a recovering addict, there indicate that this will be the would like to do. It would be
(Cumberbatch), five minutes is a reason why his brother, last season for the high- impossible to live with
into the narration, he asked ALL SET TO SOLVE The cast of Sherlock; Mark Gatiss PHOTOS: TODD ANTONY Mycroft, watches over him.” functioning sociopath? “I someone like Sherlock, but
‘can I have my hair cut?’ He Following the tradition of honestly have no idea. It is that is the power of fiction.”
hates his curly hair you see.” that surrounds the famous series going into meta mode. Sherlock made brainy the when you thought the naming the episodes after extremely difficult to get Sherlock Season 4 airs on
While Moffat and Gatiss detective — gaslight, mist, Season 1 was bright, edgy and new sexy, with Martin makers couldn’t top Season 1, Doyle’s stories, the first Benedict and Martin’s AXN India every Saturday at
have been credited with hansom cabs and all — there breathtakingly audacious. Freeman making for an came Season 2 which pushed episode of Season 4 is called diaries to coincide. When you 8 p.m.
clearing the reverential fog seems to be a danger of the Benedict Cumberbatch as interesting Watson. Just the envelope in a variety of The Six Thatchers based on are making 90-minute

THE HINDU Monday, January 9, 2017 VARIETY

ATIF KHAN a tough job in India though

The kite runner digital technology has helped

present generation of film-

aid Khedawala (10) makers to tell different stor-
had an intense gleam ies. “Funding is the biggest
in his eyes as he hurdle a documentary maker
spotted a kite. His comes across to and I was for-
passion for kites and the fest- tunate Akanksha Tewari, my
ival was unmistakable - seri- National Award winner Hardik Mehta reveals what attracted him wife supported me by invest-
ous and innocent in equal to Uttarayan, the International Kite Festival ing time and resources in get-
measure. When Hardik Me- ting this film made along with
hta, director of National Arya Menon, who saw poten-
Award winning documentary tial in the film. Apart from it,
Amdavad ma Famous asked editing in documentary is a
little Zaid if he could make a difficult job and it is like writ-
documentary around him, he ing a screenplay in feature
said, “Just do not stop me films as we use hours of foot-
from running after the kites, age. Also you have the added
otherwise you can shoot as responsibilities of not twist-
you please.” ing the facts and being true to
There is perhaps no other the subject,” explained Mehta
event much anticipated in on challenges which docu-
Gujarat, than the ongoing Ut- mentary as a form possess.
tarayan, the International Being a Gujarati himself,
Kite Festival held every Janu- one asks him if he remembers
ary and that is what attracted his own childhood while film-
the young director to the ing the festival, and he says he
bylanes of old walled city of never learned how to fly kite.
Ahmedabad. “I saw people “I have never touched a kite
from 6-year-old to a 60-year- after I got hurt from the sharp
old, everyone walking around maanjha during my child-
with their eyes glued to the hood, so I have no love for this
sky buzzing with hundreds of festival, but yes now I kind of
colourful kites. It was a sur- appreciate it as it has given
real experience. It brought me a film that I will remem-
people from across age, class ber for life,” reflects the dir- HAPPILY EXHAUSTED Shweta Tripathi
and community, on the same ector who is a mass
playing field, the terraces of communication graduate
from MCRC, Jamia Millia Is-
Meanwhile, he is all pre-
pared for his next document-
ary which has music as a
Fun in the Zoo
A SURREAL EXPERIENCE Stills from the documentary “Amdavad ma Famous” backdrop and is looking for-
ward to the release of Shweta Tripathi on her line-up of
old pole areas, which was fas- making a documentary movie set is something I take much more to the film. For Trapped which he has co-
cinating to me,” recalls around Uttarayan but was great pride in. My plan was him this kaleidoscopic fest- written with Vikramaditya films for 2017
Mehta. impressed by Zaid’s passion not to go very near to Zaid – ival gave all the inspiration to Motwane and has Rajkumar
He is happy that the film for kites and wanted to cap- so I kept shooting from the keep shooting and not stop Rao in the lead role. “Some- CHETAN BHERWANI around the globe.”
got its due as it is released ture his passion for kites. terraces and from across the during the festival, in fact times you just got to keep do- She is also the leading lady
through Netflix and has trav- “Over the span of two years, road which needed less com- there came a time when he ing what you want to do and Shweta Tripathi described of Zoo, the country’s first
elled to all major festivals in 2014-2015, I followed Zaid for munication. But in the asked me: ‘What not to the right people will join and her current state of mind as movie to be shot completely
about 75 cities across all six three days each year, during second year we came the shoot?,” reveals Mehta. make the journey beautiful,” ‘happy exhaustion’. And why on an iPhone. “I had my
continents. “It is about the the festival of Uttarayan. We closest to him as he went for He laments the fact that sums up Mehta as he moves not? She’s going to have a reservations initially, but
nostalgia of childhood and witnessed Zaid’s transforma- the kites and our bond making a documentary is still for his next challenge. busy 2017 with two movies director Shlok Sharma con-
takes you back to the streets tion from a boy next door to tightened,” informed Mehta. in the pipeline. vinced me completely. Being
of Gujarat. Lot of my friends an aggressive kite runner. The colourful festival of Her first release will be on the sets was absolute
who immigrated to the US And everything was going Uttarayan has everything to Haraamkhor opposite bliss, as there weren’t many
have messaged me that this well for Zaid, till he hit upon a capture but to build a narrat- Nawazuddin Siddiqui, in people around. The use of a
film took them back to the challenge, the new security ive, he took the point of view which she plays a 15-year- smaller camera made it
streets of Gujarat and they guard of the terrace from of the child and shot it the old who is in love with her easier to lose myself in the
It is about the missed the frolic of the fest- where Zaid intended to fly his way child sees this festival. teacher. “I think the subject character.” Shweta doesn’t

nostalgia of ival,” said the Vadodara-
based director.
kites,” remembers Mehta on
how he followed the young
“The visuals were hard to
capture as we had to con-
has been dealt with sensit- intend to chase the big ‘Bol-
ively and I am positive that lywood dream’ and star in
childhood and takes Mehta, who has an experi- boy. On maintaining commu- stantly follow him and that is it will resonate with the big films. “If I were to chase
you back to the ence of assisting directors in- nication level with the child, where my cinematographer audience.” Haraamkhor has those big commercial
streets of Gujarat cluding Dev Benegal ( Road, he used his experience from Piyush Puty came to rescue. already done its share of movies, I would have lost out
Movie ), Vikramaditya Mot- his earlier films where he had Piyush belongs to Odisha and rounds in film festivals. on roles such as the one I
wane (Lootera ) and Vikas the knack of communicating had never seen this kind of “They (film festivals) have play in Zoo, ” says Shweta,
Bahl in 'Queen ' (2014) as a with kids and child actors. “I madness for the festival. So been a vital part of my ca- who has also worked on the
script supervisor, mentioned have seen my crew depend on his was a really fresh per- reer, as they give the movie a web series The Trip by
that he did not thought of me for it. Managing kids on a spective and that added so platform to be showcased Disney.

Down Memory Lane frockcoat on duty but retain

his turban. The Queen
feed their grudge. A bonfire
of the Munshi’s precious
Towards inclusive development
Spotlight on Victoria’s Munshi
declared that she found him papers was made by order
a most intelligent man, of King Edward (sensing a
useful to her as a secretary love affair) at Frogmore Dr. Subhash
and adviser when she dealt
with Indian affairs. E.E.
Cottage, one of the
Munshi’s houses, the
The news of a Tisdell, in “Queen Victoria’s spectacle being watched “Development
Private Life,” says that she sadly by Abdul Karim
full-length film doted on him and treated himself. After the Munshi’s And Its
on Abdul Karim him with a familiarity never death at Agra, King Edward Discontents”
before shown to a servant. VII ordered the destruction
has evinced Sensing the Queen’s of the remaining letters of highlights issues
interest in the disposition, the people in
the castle had to treat the
the late Queen-Empress in
the possession of Munshi
confronting the
life of the man Munshi with due deference, Abdul Karim’s wife. Lord country
nor was he himself inclined Minto, they Viceroy, did not
who tutored to tolerate any nonsense. quite like the idea of spite S. RAVI
the Queen Early in 1890, a theatrical
performance was arranged
being carried beyond the
grave, “begged that old Mrs. We are surrounded by con-
for the Royal Household. Karim be allowed to keep a stant discussion on economic
A fter more than a
century the spotlight is
back on Queen Victoria’s
When the Munshi entered
he was shown to the row
assigned to the Queen’s
few letters in Queen
Victoria’s handwriting. It
will be good.” Permission
development with different
stakeholders airing their
views about how to make In- WAY AHEAD A beneficiary displaying her Bolsa Familia card
Munshi, Abdul Karim, with dressers. While the was granted. The Munshi dia self-sustaining and vi-
a full-length film being tirewomen felt insulted, and his family had to return brant. should be preferred as they not), misuse and unsustain-
made on him based on the Munshi Abdul Karim stood to Agra soon after the This debate is confusing are eco-friendly and people able use of natural resources
book “Victoria & Abdul – staring for a second and Queen’s death. Here the and among those trying to friendly. The writer points by the profit-oriented private
The True Story of the then stalked out saying, Munshi lived at his ‘Karim clear the air is Dr. Subhash out how more consumption sector (and also by many pub-
Queen’s Closest Confidant” “This is not the place for Lodge’ (opposite the old Sharma, a leading social sci- as an indicator of develop- lic sector enterprises/institu-
by Shrabani Basu. The THE MONARCH AND THE TUTOR Cover of the book on the Queen’s master.” When Central Jail, now entist, through his book “De- ment is fallacious while dis- tions) and MNCs,” he
shooting in the Munshi’s which the film is based the Queen heard of the demolished) until his death velopment and its proving that development observes.
hometown is taking place in incident, she was annoyed on April 20, 1909. The Discontents”. Zeroing on will trickle down from top to In the context of farmers’
the vicinity of the Taj aftermath, it not only Denneby (Extra-Groom-in- and took the official photos and letters left in population, food security, wa- the bottom on its own and suicide and many giving up
Mahal. But the right place created bitterness and waiting) and subsequently concerned to task for his the possession of Mrs ter, poverty, education and that natural resources are in- agriculture as occupation,
should have been Farzana engendered a near-revolt as the Queen’s Hindustani indiscretion; her secretary, Karim, which could be seen environment movements, the finite and its maximum ex- Sharma makes a pertinent
Road in Agra where he that overwhelmed and teacher and her Indian Sir Herny Ponsonby, had to with the family having book challenges the domin- ploitation would bring observation. “In the Indian
stayed at Karim Lodge. The rocked the inner echelons Private Secretary, is a story apologise and promise that disintegrated and Karim ant development discourse maximum development. context I am of the view that
Central Prison where he of the Victorian court as no of uncommon interest. In such things would not Lodge having passed into (DDD) which is described as Pointing that a vast Indian the wider and higher indus-
and his father worked has other episode, barring the has been in circulation in recur. the possession of a stranger. “one-dimensional, narrow, population is poor, unem- trial path of development
made way for Sanjay Place infamous ‘Brown Affair’, different forms, almost as a The same year Munshi Thomas Smith went on to exclusive, rigid, hegemonic, ployed, sick, malnourished (‘catching up’ with the West)
Shopping Centre, which too had ever done. But Victoria love legend, for decades and Abdul Karim came on leave say: top-down, casual and tem- and illiterate or semi-literate will not succeed since here
should have been focused in was a shrewd and might well stand to Agra. The Queen was “I am obliged to Syed porary.” The author puts for- despite rich natural re- more than half of population
the film, along with headstrong woman. ‘That comparison with the quite upset and wrote to Muhammad Ali Shah Qadri ward an alternative sources, Sharma describes it is dependent on agriculture
Panchkuian Cemetery harsh, crushing policy will romantic adventures in the her daughter, the Empress ‘Maikash Akbarabadi’, the paradigm, Real Social Devel- as a great paradox and whose contribution to GDP
where the Munshi is buried. not do now,’ she had Arabian Nights. His rise Frederick of Germany, that well known poet, infirm and opment which he says is “in- tragedy. “There is a massive has declined from 50 per cent
Father read a paper on prophesied, and stood firm was meteoric: cottages were she was greatly old, who at great clusive, multi-dimensional, inequality in ownership of re- in 1950s to just 14-15 per cent
Munshi Abdul Karim at the by her prerogatives. ‘Her built for him, his wife, inconvenienced since, inconvenience guided me to multi-faceted, flexible, so- sources, (haves and haves- at present due to far less than
Agra Archaeological Society wisdom’, says Elizabeth nephew and aunts were besides giving Hindustani the Munshi’s tomb in the cially equitable, economically required public investment in
meeting held at Dholpur Longford, ‘may have been brought from India to live lessons and holding Panchkuiancemetery. It is viable, ecologically sustain- different activities of agricul-
House in the city on August questionable, but it is with him. His father, Dr. instructive conversations, under a stone pavilion, on a able, politically participatory, ture.”
9, 1980. Here are some impossible not to marvel at Waziruddin, also visited he looked after all her big platform, and is made of organisationally transparent Drawing attention to the
revealing extracts from it: the old lady who, partly as a England and the Queen had correspondence boxes. In white marble. The epitaph and culturally acceptable to fact that India has its own
“The advent of Munshi protest against prejudice, her physician, Dr. Reid, that year, the Munshi had on the headstone has a local people.” unique social-economic and
Abdul Karim at Balmoral challenged two Viceroys, show him round the also the distinction of being chronogram which gives Sharma says the book is agro-climatic conditions,
Castle, during Queen two Prime Ministers, two London hospitals. Abdul painted against a the year of his death as 1327 targeted at demystifying what where liberalisation, privat-
Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Secretaries of State, many Karim, 24 years of age, tall, background of gold, by the H (1909 AD). Under the development is and what it is isation and globalisation have
year of 1887, was an event other officials and most of slim, smart and clever, was Queen’s painter, Joachim same canopy is the tomb of not. For example, it shows not yielded desired results,
that shocked the prudery of the court.’ employed as a clerk at the von Angeli. During her stay Khan Bahadur Dr Haji how often it is misconstrued Sharma suggests pursuing a
the English aristocracy. “Munshi Abdul Karim’s Central Prison, Agra, where in Scotland in the summer Waziruddin who died in that economic growth is syn- different course. “There is a
Following as it did the sojourn at the court, his father was serving as a of 1890, the Queen attended 1318 H (1900 AD).” onymous with development need for localisation, region-
Indian Upheaval of 1857, starting as an Indian groom doctor, when he was the Braemer Gathering but high economic growth alisation and ‘glocalisation’
and the gruesome under Major-General selected for the assignment. where the tall and turbaned may not be accompanied by (global plus localisation).
The Queen engaged an figure of the Munshi was jobs. “Hence ‘jobless growth’ Without returning to the ‘li-
English tutor for him, but conspicuous. After her and there may not be real de- There is a need for cence-permit raj’ , we have to

soon he had Victoria as his Diamond Jubilee
own pupil. He instructed celebrations in 1897, she
velopment (planned social
change in the quality of life
localisation, ‘re-form’ (by deconstruction),
‘re-doing’ (reflexive action/
her in sociology, religion created the Munshi e.g. in education, health, san- regionalisation and praxis) and ‘reconstruct’ (dis-
and language. “Commander of the Royal itation, housing, life expect- ‘glocalisation’ (global continuity with present) the
“Consequent on his being Victorian Order,” (C.V.O.). ancy, distributive justice globalisation through the
raised to the rank of After Queen Victoria’s etc.),” explains Sharma. Like-
plus localisation) praxis of ‘think globally and
“Gentleman Courtier,” the death in 1901 the intriguers R. V. Smith wise, he elucidates, why big or act locally’ as Brazil has
Munshi, as he came to be against the Munshi coming The author is a veteran mega projects should not be shown the way through its
known, was to wear the into power were able to chronicler of Delhi equated with development ‘Bolsa Familia’ (family allow-
rather more often small ones ance) scheme.”

THE HINDU Monday, January 9, 2017 SPECTRUM

‘I don’t want to go back in time’ Bridging the
Tarun Tahiliani says India is not going to become a fashion hub any time soon
Sheetal Banchariya is building a

A network of independent rural

s 2017 gets rolling,
fashion maestro
Tarun Tahiliani is journalists to unravel stories from
Star power on a new high.
the grassroots
Firstly, he has had remark-
Bollywood actor Sunny
able response to his winter
Deol was the cynosure of all
collection where he demon- India is the world’s largest through external lens, but we
eyes when he came to the
strated his creativity on democracy, as well as a nation aim at igniting the journalist
K.D Jadhav Indoor Stadium
concept saris, skirts and growing rapidly towards de- within the tribal youth in a
recently to witness the
jackets made of yarn and velopment. The strength of region where the school going
Pro-Wrestling League
crochet. And has now just India’s democracy and eco- kids are the first generation
Season 2.
wrapped up his four-year- nomy has attracted the whole learners for institutional edu-
The brawny actor, known
long challenging carpet pro- world. And media plays a ma- cation”, said Sheetal
for his heavy duty action
ject, which has culminated in jor role in strengthening the Banchariya.
scenes in Hindi films, was
“Proud to be Indian” collec- democracy in our nation. The project launched the
seen supporting NCR
tion, which entailed the Despite all this, our society first edition of their story-let-
Punjab Royals team with
senior couturist recreating has been ignorant towards ter this week, and also shared
great enthusiasm. He
his mastery over detailing on the problems concerning the individual stories via Inter-
cheered and motivated the
rugs, some of them so huge tribal. . net. The expenditure for
team that is co-owned by
that they can cover up halls As a solution to this reality, printing the story letters is
his father Dharmendra.
of colossal buildings like the ‘Aawaaz’ is focusing on train- covered entirely through
Sunny even posed with
Bikaner House where we ing the tribal youth with crowd funding. The agenda
wrestlers and received an
meet for an interaction. journalistic skills and build- behind crowd funding here is
overwhelming response
More about that later. ing a network of independent to utilise the urban economy
from the crowd.
Firstly, his funny one-liners rural journalists in the tribal for the rural development.
uttered in an American ac- villages of Sarada Block in The medium of stories is
cent are intact even while en- Udaipur, Rajasthan, with the Hindi as the tribal in this re-
during relentless travel from aim of unravelling stories gion don’t even use Hindi as
one end of the globe to an- from the grassroots. their first language in day-to-
other, back-to-back meet- The project is being run by day conversations.
ings with multiple partners REDEFINING COUTURE Tarun Tahiliani with the brand new collection Sheetal Banchariya, a journ- The huge gap between the
and sharing his vision of alism graduate from the Delhi people who are impacted by
fashion with people who ap- take our clothes to Indians heights. And Bollywood is You have an eye for Has demonetisation led University who is currently policies and the policy
preciate his eye for couture. and then people from other such a strong influence that detail... to decrease in sale as it is pursuing Gandhi Fellowship. makers itself needs to be re-
Excerpts: countries. We have barely people either want to be- Look at this carpet (points alleged that people do not “The idea initiated after duced to ensure holistic de-
For your winter collec- started dressing our own come clone or they want to to a big-sized one hung on pay the entire amount in observing the need for ad- velopment. Since
tion you have drawn in- people. We have to be more derive inspiration from them the wall). See the amount of white money? equate representation of development is a process and
spiration from the cast influential. Everyone is but have their own indi- detailing; it has so many So far there has been no stories belonging to the tribal not an event, it requires more
bronze sculptures of the wearing Western clothes. vidual style. We were lucky jaalis , colours. affect. Initially, there was a
Design late Mrinalini Mukherjee. Not even one person here is as we had space to make a With pret coming into bit of jhatka ; people were
section of our society. There
have been various attempts to
time and money to cover
these remote areas.
workshop How did you translate her wearing garments created by store; some finances and prominence and the shocked but our December cover the tribal regions
vision? an Indian designer (pointing backing. We were unusually concept of less is in, do you sales are okay. We have not
Filmmaker and fashion Mrinalini Mukherjee did out to media people). So lucky. think tailor made couture grown; we are same as last
photographer Rohit Suri hem sculptures; that was the where is the hub? Each year a new cycle in will find few takers? year.
conducted a workshop and principal thing. So we did the What kind of obstacles fashion comes. In 2017, it There are many takers for Coming to your latest
shared his in-depth falls, the drapes and used did you face in redefining is predicted that we will bridal fashion. Couture is for fascination for creating
knowledge of fashion and fabrics inspired by the work. the art of draping in India. see inspiration from 1970s special occasions and for the hand-knotted and hand-
photography at Mulk Raj We printed and hand- Firstly, I didn’t have an eye and 1980s rich. Then there is bridal tuffed rugs following your
Anand Gallary at Hauzkhas weaved them to make them for draping. It was difficult in I hope not for a while; we ready to wear. association with Obeetee
Village. look like hand texture. Mrin- the initial years as I did not had just got rid of them. Why What do you do to stay Hand-knotted carpets
Rohit Suri gave direction to alini was famous for tex- have a background in fash- do you want to see them? relevant. takes years to make. This
the students to create their tures. ion. The biggest obstacle we The truth of the matter is I keep an eye on culture project was started in 2013.
own collection for the As a veteran, who has faced was that we did not that except for disco dresses, and youth. It is an incredible technique
commercial market keeping been in fashion for three have technically qualified I think the millennial which of silk and wool. There is also

in mind the upcoming decades, can you share
your vision to make India a
people. As people draped
fabric on their own to tech-
drive fashion have changed a
lot. Everything has changed.
We have a lot of fine chikankari of Lucknow.
It is a new craft which ex-
fabrics and colours as per
design forecast of spring major centre of fashion? nically recreate it was diffi- As far as I am concerned I work to do just for presses in a new way. It
summer 2017 “Bloom India is not going to be the cult. Now, we are getting don’t want to go back. The Indians to access doesn’t pretend to be juicy
Contest”. next hub of fashion. We have trained designers and tech- reason being that our life- Indian designers. couture. It was a new me-
This was part of a a lot of work to do just for nical people and they help style is different, our fabrics dium; a labour of love for
workshop “ How To Design Indians to access Indian de- me translate our vision and are different, our needs are both sides. YOUTH VOICE Endorsing the project
For Fashion Week” signers. Firstly, we need to take draping to greater different.
conducted by Vaatsaalyaa
Charitable Trust for
Education to discover
talented students who can
Untangling the web
get into the fashion
industry. Cantering ahead
2017 is the year
With Kwid leading the pack, Renault India hopes to
continue its upward journey of Voice
In times of demonetisation
when there is little to rejoice
Renault India is happy as a H appy new year! Here’s to
a fabulously connected
year ahead, where we all hope
clam. It registered a growth
of 9.2 per cent with monthly the Internet does more good
sales of 11,244 units in the than harm.
Celebration of month of December 2016 as As I’m sure you’ve been
seeing, everyone’s making
crafts against 10,292 units in the
their top trends in 2017 lists.
corresponding month last
year. Renault India has be- Full disclosure — I’m very bad
The 31st edition of Annual at lists. So, there is no list
Dastkari Haat Crafts come one of the fastest grow-
ing automotive brands in from me. What I really should
Bazaar, a fortnight-long have done is asked what you
bazaar focusing on the rich India. And, this growth can
largely be attributed to their thought the online trends of
crafts tradition of Iran 2017 would be.
along with popular arts, small car ‘Kwid’ which has
been pushing the sales figures But, all is not lost. Now that
crafts and textile from the you know it’s in the offing,
host country, opened at Dilli of the French car maker.
By December 2016, let’s plan our list for 2018 and
Haat recently. At the event, I’ll work up an easy way for HANDS FREE Devices like the Google Home speaker are
which celebrates diverse Renault India had sold over
1.10 lakh units of Kwid alone. everyone to contribute. I ushering in the era of voice PHOTO: AP
arts and crafts around the promise! And we all have one
world, is seeing the With great cabin space to
make sure there is enough whole year to prep. recognise Indian accents, as our voice. And, not all of us
participation of nine For 2017, however, the one well as many others. It totally speak English.
talented craftspeople/ comfort for three adults in PICTURE PERFECT Renault Kwid AMT on the road
the rear seat, Kwid became big thing that I believe will go understands that I want a Imagine having all the in-
artists/calligraphers from mainstream is Voice. dosa and pulls up Google formation on the Internet
Iran. The idea is to make an instant hit in the compact quick pace. growth. In a short span of mains to be seen if we can
entry-level car segment. In So much so, that Renault time, Renault has grown its have from Renault’s stable a Voice is the new Maps showing me a plethora available to you, by only hav-
them engage with Indian interface of places to choose from, ing to ask a question, or
counterparts to revive old fact, the first-in-class seven- India now has quite a few presence exponentially, be- car that becomes a super-hit
inch touchscreen display, things in pipeline and is fo- coming one of the youngest like Kwid. We’ve all seen this some- complete with reviews and voicing a thought, with the
civilizational and creative where. Someone talks into a travel times. results delivered to you in
links between the two class-leading boot space of cused to offer more cars and and fastest growing automot- “Our focus for 2017 will be
300 litres and driver’s side more services with a bigger ive brands and the number to continue and build on our phone and something starts English-shminglish your language. The applica-
countries. happening — music starts Last October, Google an- tions and possibilities seem
airbag all helped to swell the dealer network. In terms of one European brand in India. growth journey, reflecting
ranks of the product over all network expansion, Renault We are on track with a 4.5 per our long-term commitment playing, lights go on, an Uber nounced that the second lan- limitless.
others in the segment. In India ramped up its network cent market share at the end to the Indian market. We arrives at their door. All these guage it was adding to its Mainstream?
December, came the AMT from 205 to 270 in 2016, of 2016 achieving a robust plan to launch at least one things happen without them shiny new artificial intelli- But ultimately, none of this
version of the car with a making it one of the fastest three-digit growth over new product every year, over touching their smartphone. It gence Google Assistant was will work unless we stop feel-
unique rotary dial on the ramp-ups in the automotive 2015.” After the launch of the next five years, beginning all happens because they just Hindi. This is really big news ing like complete idiots while
central console with D, N, industry. Kwid 1.0 litre and Kwid AMT, with some exciting product spoke out loud, almost like for obvious reasons. talking to our phones in pub-
and R modes and better fuel Sumit Sawhney, Country in the year 2017, the manu- innovations starting this making a wish. To make all this advanced lic. This is the only reason I do
efficiency. All at a price of CEO and Managing Director, facturer intends to add some year. We will continue to Possibly the most familiar technology accessible to the not speak to my smartphone
Rs.4.25 lakhs that is only Rs. Renault India Operations more cars to its growing port- build our network this year as prompts for this seemingly most number of people, we while out and about, and keep
30,000 more than the top- said, “India is a priority mar- folio. And high on the list of well, with strategic measures magical virtual assistant are need an interface that’s easy my conversations with virtual
end RXT trim of Kwid ket for Group Renault and expected launches are to make our cars more ac- the phrases: “Hey Siri” and and intuitive, it’s natural. assistants limited to dinner
1.0litre. Since then, Renault plays an important role in Renault Modus, Captur, Dok- cessible to customers across “OK Google”. Microsoft also This interface isn’t a predict- party tricks, or asking about
has been moving ahead at a Renault’s international ker, and Talisman. Well, it re- the country.” has their virtual assistant ive keyboard in Tamil, or a the weather in the confines of
Cortana and Amazon has Al- touchscreen in Gujarati – it’s my home. Mainstream is
Classical exa, but more about those an- when everyone is using voice
extravaganza other day. To make all this all the time and the rest of us

Swami Haridas-Tansen
Sangeet-Nritya Mahotsava,
Game over A dosa or a saucer?
Virtual assistants have
been around for a while, and
weren’t good for much, espe-
advanced technology
accessible to the
join in to stop looking like

started at the Shankar Lal

cially if you had any accent
most number of
Hall of Modern School,
Barakhamba Road recently. Marion Cotillard explains why she Marion, 41, who is currently that wasn’t very American. people, we need an
The festival started off with gave video games a miss expecting her second child Each time I ask Siri, interface that’s easy
a performance by with film director Guillaume “Where can I get a dosa” it
renowned vocalist Ashwini It’s game over before it has inspired role. Canet. “ thinks I’m asking “Where can and intuitive, it’s
Bhide Deshpande, followed even begun for Assassin’s “I played Tetris for hours It’s really easy for me to be I get an awesome / saucer / natural.
by a sarod recital by Amaan Creed star Marion Cotillard. and hours as a teenager, but I addicted, so I have to be care- Dawson”.
Ali Bangash and culminated The actress says she won’t dare not play games now, be- ful, especially with a baby on Google Now, however, has
with a vocal recital by so much as pick up a control cause I know I would get the way.” learnt a tremendous amount The author is a digital
Pandit Chhannulal Mishra. pad despite her video game- totally addicted,” says in the last few years and can strategy expert
THE HINDU Monday, January 9, 2017 ESCAPE

ny Indian tourist over six lakh, Jeju is an range of alcoholic beverages

Jamboree in Jeju
planning a vaca- ideal destination for the while you enjoy the ride
tion to Southeast harried metrowallahs look- into the sea. Wine, soju, or
Asia or the Far ing for a lazy holiday. They Korean vodka, and beer are
East rarely looks beyond can soak up the sun in the served on board and they
Malaysia, Singapore, Thail- island’s beaches during the come with potato wafers
and or Japan. These coun- day, shop late into the even- and other snacks.
tries have been the favoured ing at Jeju City’s malls and Tourists can also do some
destination for years and neon-lit market places, and fishing while indulging
realising this, many coun- wrap up the day, rather the The South Korean volcanic island offers a lot to the harried metrowallahs themselves. The tour oper-
tries offer Indian visitors
visa on arrival or even e-
night, at its throbbing pubs
and restaurants.
looking for a lazy holiday, says H KHOGEN SINGH ators provide fishing rods
with the food to bait the
visas to make it convenient Crime is almost non-ex- fish. The best time for the
for last-minute travellers. istent in Jeju. Tourists feel ‘wine on the yacht’ is in the
It is now time to add absolutely safe, allowing evening. Tourists can catch
another idyllic, serene and them to take strolls even at a view of the sun going
fun-filled destination to the midnight. The snazzy shops down into the sea.
tourist map of Indians: Jeju and eateries that dot the Perhaps the biggest at-
Island in South Korea. main city only lock their traction of Jeju is the wo-
Known to domestic tourists glass doors for the night, men divers, or Haenyeo. In
as the Hawaii of South unlike many places in India fact, Jeju is synonymous
Korea, the island has fab- where even double shutters with women divers who go
ulous beaches, romantic cannot guarantee full safety into the sea to gather sea-
walks along the coast, the to shops from thieves. weed, abalone and other
highest mountain in Korea Unlike the popular shellfish from the depths of
and a vibrant night life. beaches in India, Jeju’s the sea.
For beginners, Jeju Is- beaches don’t offer any wa- The existence of women
land is a self-governing ter adventure activities divers is unique to Jeju and
province south of mainland such as water skiing, yacht- Japan. It is unclear how the
South Korea. Unlike the ing or windsurfing. That is practice of women turning
mainland, Indian visitors to good for those who only to diving started. But the
Jeju don’t require a visa for want to laze around in its first record of the existence
stay up to 30 days. So if you wind swept, green creeper- of Haenyeo is found in writ-
are keen to check out Jeju filled beaches and not be ings about the Joseon dyn-
but wish to avoid mainland Being a volcanic island, asty in 1629.
South Korea, there are Jeju has many craters of As the men of Jeju, it is
flights from Hong Kong that extinct volcanoes. One of said, were busy fighting
fly directly to the island. the most popular craters wars, it was left to the wo-
With a population of just among tourists is the men to take to sea diving to
earn a living. But whatever
the reason, today diving to
collect seafood is the sole
profession of the women of
Jeju, men have long given
RIDE TO RELAX Explore the vast expanse of sea in Jeju this up.
The Haenyeo also played
Sangumburi crater. Less visitors. The same is the hour’s drive from the main water along the island, a common parlance, Jeju a major role in the anti-
than an hour’s drive from case with the rim of the city. Measuring 22 metres diver employed with the op- boasts of a museum dedic- Japanese movement in the
the city, the crater is said to crater. Only a part of the in length, its operators erator releases food into the ated to its fans. The mu- 1930s. But modernisation is
have a circumference of rim is open for those who claim that the submarine is water, attracting sea fish seum, Play Kpop, is a must slowly dealing a death blow
about two kms and more want to walk along the the world’s largest for the and other aquatic life such visit for music buffs. to this art, with more and
than 300 feet deep. It is not crater’s rim, the rest has purpose of tours. It began as abalone, octopus and Opened only last year, the more women giving up this
known when the crater was been fenced off as it is operation in 1988, the first jellyfish. museum offers hologram job.
formed but the tourist bro- private property. Nonethe- in Asia and the third in the The highlight of the un- performances by K-pop’s The Jeju administration,
chure available at the spot less, the view from the world, and claims an acci- derwater tour is the view of top stars. Visitors can even in recognition of the contri-
claims it was around crater’s summit is simply dent-free record. a mysterious wrecked ship take photos with their fa- bution of the women divers
1,30,000 years ago. breathtaking as it offers a The submarine dives up lying on the seabed. The vourite idols, in the virtual to the economy and daily
On the well-paved walk- good view of the plains that to 40 metres and gives tour- ship is now home to count- form though. life of the province, has
way to the crater are nu- surround the crater. ists a breathtaking view of less fish and other underwa- For those who want to opened a museum to pre-
merous cemeteries in Among the range of activ- the underwater ecosystem ter creatures. enjoy an hour of high life, a serve the Haenyeo culture.
traditional Jeju style. Most ities that is a rage with tour- of Mun Island, the world’s In a sign of the ever grow- yacht tour of the Jungmun (The writer was in Jeju
of them, if not all, are ists is a ride on the largest soft coral reef. As ing popularity of Korean Marine Park is an option. on the invitation of Korea
private so it is not open to submarine in Seogwipo, an the submarine dives under- pop music, or K-pop in The ticket price includes a Tourism Organisation)

The call of the Naga tribes

RACHNA BISHT RAWAT visits the Hornbill festival and discovers the rich culture and startling beauty of
a land lost in time

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER War rituals, songs of love and parting, bird calls and enchanting chants mesmerise the audience at the festival PHOTOS: RITU RAJ KONWAR AND MANOJ RAWAT

y the roadside, the different things to different hand? Can you wash down and exchange nods with the fashionable dresses, and moustaches; men string
flaming red people, but that’s what they steaming hot rice and spicy magnificently costumed gorgeous smiles, making bracelets knotting together
poinsettias bloom, told me that chilly winter Hono So (chicken cooked tribes sitting besides us, tourists go breathless. the letters of your name (or
setting the hills on morning when I drove down with dry bamboo shoots) spears by their side, bare Even as we watch the that of someone special) and
fire. They stand beside to Kohima in a battered old with some sticky rice beer? legs stretched out. night get darker, the night smiling women offer
wooden houses and pink- yellow taxi, for a romantic Can you mix zutsu and Come evening, we thumb market acquires twinkling appetising snacks of snails,
cheeked girls with ash-black weekend with my Army- chumcho, the two locally- a ride in a tiny sunflower- lights and music, and fried slugs and other nameless
hair and Mona Lisa smiles, officer-on-field posting brewed beers? The answer yellow taxi zipping towards meat odours wafting from creepy-crawlies that will
making you forget that boys husband. to all three is yes! Kohima city. It screeches to barbeques saturate the air. never ever crawl again.
as young as 19 died here At least one December in Sitting in the open-air a halt, burning rubber at our Local bands perform by A few hours later, we
fighting a futile war. And your lifetime, you too must bistro-style eating places, feet. A guy with a snazzy the roadside, the music decide to reluctantly call it a
that 1,420 of them lie buried make a trip there, enduring we discover two varieties of hair cut, ringed ear lobe and carrying over the chattering day, and walk down to the
in Kohima, a reminder of the shamefully bad road fascinating local beer on the a head that could have and laughing. People stand crossing from where we flag
the bloody encounter from Dimapur to reach the menu and both bubble up in belonged to a rock star pops and watch, chewing on satay a taxi. Another rock star kid
between the Allied forces capital city. And you must our bamboo mugs; the cool out and raises an eyebrow at or drinking coffee from with a hairstyle our teenage
and the invading Japanese drive up a further 12 and tangy zutsu, and the us. To our query if he can paper cups. Shacks sell son would die for, careens to
during the Second World kilometres to reach Kisama warmer and flatter take us to Kohima, “Le ja mufflers and caps, blonde a halt beside us and tells us
War. village, where all 16 tribes of chumcho. We try a sakoge ?,” he answers, and red hair wigs and to hop in.
In the cemetery, a cherry Nagaland come together combination of both to get “Sakega ” (Can do, in bad Leaning back on the seat,
blossom tree sprouts new each year to celebrate just a little tipsy as we lean Hindi). A deal is struck at with the moonlight on our
leaves and school girls with Hornbill, a festival named back and enjoy the lively Rs. 50 per head. We jump in. Seated in an face, we head for our room
blue blazers and ribbons in after the beautiful yellow- performances in the Soon, three more travellers amphitheatre-style in Jakhama. We will drive
their braids wave joyfully to beaked jungle bird with morungs. I am not very jump in. A plump local back to Dimapur airport on
passing tourists. Once large limpid eyes. culinary adventurous, so I granny with warm crinkled arena, in the the broken roads next
where armies marched, There, sitting in the warm skip the pork and dog meat eyes places herself in the company of old morning; the man in Olive
little kids with runny noses sun, under an aquamarine buffet; and the seemingly co-driver’s seat and Green shall go back to his
chase fat hens. They catch blue sky, rubbing shoulders crisp and crunchy insect immediately gets into an men with finely- duties and I shall
your eye and leave you with with a bare-chested Lotha satay. I do shop for bamboo animated conversation with wrinkled faces, and reluctantly take a flight back
memories that will haunt tribal who has an evil, shiny- handicraft, Naga skirts and the rock star. girls with beautiful to Delhi; returning to mad
you for a long time; long edged dah tucked into his bead jewellery. We morung Accompanying her are a hot traffic, jammed roads and
after the music and dance of waistband and two hornbill hop, sample food at in the company of old men and enchanting chants young mamma and a fat skin and son, whose FAs are about to
Hornbill fades away. These feathers in his headgear, you different huts, shake hands with finely-wrinkled faces mesmerise us as we clap and baby with Wimpy kid hair champagne- begin.
happy people are a reminder may want to meditate on with friendly locals and that have seen a lot of sun giggle with the audience, and inquisitive eyes, who sparkling eyes, we I would rather not go
that wounds heal, scars fade, some of life’s deeper match a step with the and life, and girls with gasping in unison when the squeeze in next to us. back, but then life can’t be
and life goes on. That questions. Like: When you dancers. beautiful skin and male performers get The taxi deposits us in the watch the barefeet all song and dance,
however heartbreaking the don’t understand a word of The air is crisp, and you champagne-sparkling eyes, naughty, lifting their skirts Kohima market that is dances especially if you are not a
past has been, new hope what the other person is feel life can’t get better, but who are still discovering it, with cheeky grins and slowly coming to life for the Naga. Till next year then,
lurks around the corner.
I’m not sure if the red-
leafed poinsettia trees say
saying, can you still
converse in music and
dance, and gestures of the
then the performances start
again. Seated in an
amphitheatre-style arena,
we watch the barefeet
dances. War rituals, songs of
love and parting, bird calls
flicking sand off their butts.
Like everybody else, we
take pictures, click selfies
night carnival. We watch the
beauties of Kohima totter
past in their high heels,
,, Kohima, I say in my mind. I
shall return. The poinsettias
wave in the breeze.

Science & Technology Maths for engineers Goalpost

A team of Indian Behind the marvels of Jishnukanth talks about
researchers from engineering lies the magic his final semester,
three institutes develop of mathematics. A look at the learning German and
a novel method to complementary nature of experiencing the Deutsch
detect retinal diseases the two disciplines way of life
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SPATIKA NARAYANAN the recruiter reviewing it.”
Build an online presence for
occasions when you feel like a

t is not easy to get your cur- more creative representation of
riculum vitae noticed. Espe- yourself is the way to go; for ex-
cially with the volume of ample, http://visualize.me/, or a ALERT

competition that Gen Y personal website that you can Fair and Lovely Foundation
faces. According to a study build for free. It’s also never a Scholarship
by TheLadders.com, recruiters bad idea to put together a portfo-
spend about just six seconds on lio of your past projects and ex- For meritorious girls who have
each CV they receive. This perience on GitHub/GitLab, been enrolled in graduation under
means job-seekers have a lot to Porterfolio, Be hance or You- any discipline or are receiving tu-
prove in this brief time and the Creative or traditional, recruiters spend only seconds on Tube, depending on your inten- ition from a coaching centre.
little space a single A4 sheet ded profession. Eligibility: Students who
affords. each CV. So, what makes for an arresting resume? Once you have assembled the passed Class X and XII with 60 per
Aakash Neeraj Mittal, an various incarnations of your CV, cent or more marks; between 15
alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, use your discretion to dictate and 30 years of age ; total family
tailored his CV to represent a which one should go with which income less than 4 lakh per year.
Flipkart product page, for their application. Sian shares some Application: Online only.
associate programme manager words of advice, “If you’re apply- Prizes and rewards: Rs. 25,000
role. His CV went viral earlier ing to a large company, chances - 40,000 per student
this year. “They (Flipkart) were are they have an Applicant Deadline: February 28
going to choose two or three Tracking System which will dis- Website:
people out of the 1,500 that were play your CV in a certain way. http://www.b4s.in/plus/FAL6
to apply. I knew that if I went the Not all file types will be accepted
traditional way, I wouldn’t make or show up Gandhi Fellowship
it to the interview. So, I thought the way you For students from top colleges
of doing something crazy,” ex- imagine. who have demonstrated leadership
plains Aakash. “They wanted If in qualities through work in academic
someone who knew the art of doubt, stick and extracurricular activities (en-
selling a product and could think to a simple trepreneurial activities count).
out-of-the-box, so I showed black and Each Fellow has to bring change in
them those qualities this way.” white tem- five schools in two years impacting
Search YouTube for ‘creative plate in an the lives of 1,000 students.
CVs’ and several results pop up easy to read Eligibility: Graduation and
— dozens of motion-graphic, or file type above.
stop-motion CVs as well as tu- and include Application: Online only.
torials on how to make them. links to a Prizes and rewards: A stipend
Yes, YouTube CVs are now a ILLUSTRATION: SATHEESH VELLINEZHI portfolio so of Rs. 14,000 per month; phone al-
trend. To stay competitive today, “There are two types of recruit- itself too seriously. Submitting a isn’t aligned to the job require- good old the re- lowance of Rs. 600 per month,
it may no longer be enough to ers —one who loves creativity creative CV gives you the chance ments, your application likely Mi- cruiter can rent-free accommodation and
present the same staid and for- and prefers a candidate who to stand out, showcase your won’t progress.” crosoft see your other allowances for two years.
mulaic CV to recruiters. doesn’t follow a queue and the skills and increase the likelihood But one thing is for sure, a Word has creative Deadline: Applications are open
Of this competitive environ- other, still traditional in the way of a recruiter clicking through to creative CV is something that some work.” now.
ment, Aakash says, “Supply is they think.” check out your portfolio. But if can help you get noticed. If fresh- If you’re Website:
much greater than demand. So, Sian Havard, a recruiter with done badly, design elements can you’re a design newbie, Aakash looking wondering http://www.b4s.in/plus/GF10
you must put in extra effort. 10 years’ experience recruiting detract from your application, so says, “Photoshop and Google are CV tem- where
That doesn’t necessarily mean across Asia Pacific (APAC), they should be used with care.” enough. Photoshop to design the plates in Aakash’s The Lotus Scholarships
your CV should be visually at- Europe, Middle East and Africa Sian adds, “Design elements CV and Google to help you out their viral CV fi- The University of West (USA) of-
tractive or colourful. It can be as (EMEA), USA and founder of wouldn’t necessarily resonate as when you get stuck with latest up- nally fers financial assistance to each of
simple as a black and white A4 Milkshake Group, a career well in an extremely corporate Photoshop.” date. landed him, after he received 14 its students who meets the eligibil-
CV but there should be some- coaching consultancy. She says, environment, or if the person is If you would like to tread the Sian says, “If you’re starting job offers and invitations to join ity criteria completely. In the case
thing in it which can catch any- “If someone knows how to use applying for non-design related middle ground — keep the pro- from scratch, a template is a startups as co-founder, he’s now of new admissions, the scholarship
body’s attention.” design elements well, they can positions like finance or medi- fessional CV, but add a touch of good idea as it will give you some a successful business analyst at a form is to be attached with the ad-
There is still debate among re- definitely enhance their CV if cine. Remember, just because colour and maybe some in- structure to build from. You can technology-based transporta- mission form.
cruiters about whether a creat- they are applying for a role re- your design skills are excellent, if fographics — you could use on- start with it, then change ele- tion network company. Eligibility: An academically ex-
ive CV is as acceptable as a quiring creative skills, or a role at there are spelling and grammat- line tools such as Enhancv, ments as you go to make it feel “This CV has changed my life,” cellent student with demonstrable
traditional one. Aakash explains, a company which doesn’t take ical errors or your experience Kinzaa or Novorésumé. Even more personal for both you and he says. financial need, enrolled in a gradu-
ation or master’s course in UWest.
Application: Online only.
Location: Work from home http://bit.ly/Twenty19TH715 Prizes and rewards: Golden: up
» INTERN Designing » INTERNSHIPS Stipend: Rs. 1,500/month
Eligibility: All students HR intern at Dalphin Labs
to $10,000; Silver: up to $5,000
http://bit.ly/Twenty19TH714 Category: HR/Recruitment
SPEAK Deadline: February 15

Madonna’s outfit Game programming intern Location: Delhi Website:

ccording to college at Photon Tadpole Studios Finance and accounts intern Stipend: Rs. 10,000/month http://www.b4s.in/plus/UOW0
curriculum, we Eligibility : All students Courtesy:
Category: Software at Tanush Business Services http://bit.ly/Twenty19TH716
were supposed to www.buddy4study.com
undergo an intern- Location: Mumbai Category: Accounting and Courtesy: www.twenty19.com
ship after the sixth Sipend: Rs. 5,000 - 10,000/ Finance
semester. Ever since I joined
Everyday was a new experience, month Location: Hyderabad/Gurgaon/
NIFT Gandhinagar, I had in- every second, extraordinary, writes Eligibility: All students
terned a lot. Through the In-
ternet portals and designer Kritika Jain. Stipend: Rs.
websites, I applied to over 40 Graphics design intern at 7,000/month
places in India and abroad.. Eligibility : Busi-
Cash Basket ness/manage-
Having already worked in
the Indian market, I was Category: Graphic design/art ment students
keen on an international in- work/illustrator
ternship. Indian internship
selections happen during
April for May-June. But in
the U.S, selection starts from
February for an internship
scheduled for May-June. I
found vacancies in 3-4
places in the New York City
but all the deadlines were in
two weeks within which I
had to prepare the final port-
folio and CV. as
At Norisol Ferrari, the last
date for the application was
February 15, 2016 and I
wanted to send my applica-
tion by February 13. Ten Kritika Jain
days later, I woke up to find every step was worth it.
that my application with the The industry Working on Madonna’s out-
cover letter and portfolio wants fit was like a dream. The
had been accepted All I had sourcing on the streets of
left was a Skype interview people with Manhattan was the best ex-
with the Design Head. Dur-
ing the interview, she asked
passion and perience — there was so
much variety and versatility
me about my interests, views good in the working styles. Every
on fashion and previous as-
signments. The interview
communi- second of my journey was
went well. A week later, I re- cation skills. Here’s my suggestions to
ceived the confirmation let- future interns — proudly
ter. I was chosen for the thing new. Norisol Ferrari own your work. Be confident
internship at Norisol Fer- herself was a powerhouse, when you go for an inter-
rari; I was actually going to she was always upbeat and view. The industry wants
NYC for my internship! My enthusiastic. She constantly people with passion and
dream was one step away inspired and motivated me. good communication skills.
and my happiness knew no The exposure, learning pro- Don’t give up until you get
bounds. cess, workspace organisa- what you want. Take every
On May 23, I flew to the tion, accuracy and day as a learning process and
US. My joining date was May timeliness were key factors every gesture as a lesson.
25 and the internship was till that I learnt during my time Don’t hesitate to ask for help
July 21. I had a Monday to there. for when you’re stuck,
Thursday working week I did overtime every day, people might have a differ-
from 10.30 am to 7 pm. From starting at 10 am and finish- ent way of doing things.
the first week, I was pre- ing by 8.30 pm. The journey Kritika Jain is a final-year
pared for a different setup to took me an hour and-a-half student of Bachelor of
the organisations I had everyday during which I had Design at NIFT
worked with earlier. Every to change three trains and Gandhinagar. Courtesy:
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SNAPSHOTS Indian scientists’ novel approach

to diagnose retinal diseases
The tool helps in early detection of diabetic macular edema
A clue on preterm labour

» The role of B cells in preterm labour arly diagnosis of cer- INDEPENDENT SPECIES |The newly accepted banasura laughing thrush has a
is revealed by new research in mice tain eye diseases and restricted distribution in Wayanad district PHOTO: SANDEEP DAS
studying the early
which shows that lack of these leads to
low level of progesterone-induced progression of the Kerala’s avian diversity gets a boost
diseases has now be-
blocking factor 1, and administering come possible, thanks to the K. S. SUDHI Travancore species as separate
PIBF1 reduced preterm labour. work carried out by a team of ones, considering how diferent

researchers from three insti- he avian species diversity of they were from the other two. They
tutes — IISER, Kolkata, L.V. Kerala got a boost in the last had published a paper in 2012 mak-
Prasad Eye Institute, Hydera- days of 2016 with BirdLife ing a strong case for splitting the
bad, and BARC, Visakhapat- International dividing a species.
nam. The researchers used species in two. BirdLife In- According to Dr. Nameer, colo-
the retinal data captured by a ternational, an organisation which nial ornithologists had suggested
well-established imaging assesses the conservation status of way back in 1800s that all four
method in ophthalmology birds globally, has split the group of laughing thrushes be treated as in-
(optical coherence tomo- montane laughing thrushes, which dependent species. However, in the
graphy or OCT) and applied are endemic to the Western Ghats, early 1900s, the concept of sub-spe-
an algorithm based on a stat- and recognised them as two new cies gained currency and two of
istical biomarker tool for species. As a result, Kerala now has them were wrongly treated as sub-
early detection of diabetic four mountain laughing thrushes in species. It was in 2012 that a sci-
Water on Ceres macular edema. The results BREAKTHROUGH |Using multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis, the researchers Nandan place of two. entific assessment was carried out
» A report in Science discusses were published in the Journal Kumar Das (left) and Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay from IISER Kolkata were able to get depth- The newly accepted species are to establish the existence of four dif-
of Biomedical Optics. related information PHOTO SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT Banasura laughingthrush (Trochal- ferent species, he explained.
evidence of water ice in Ceres. It is now opteron jerdoni), which has a very The identification of the two new
thought to have a crust of rock and ice. Disease progression density of the constituents in image into one-dimensional restricted distribution in Wayanad species was carried out by follow-
This can lead to a better understanding Early diagnosis of eye dis- each of the 10 layers and this Finding images and analysed these district and Travancore laughing- ing the internationally accepted
of its composition and also lead to
insights on theories of its formation.
eases and quantification of gets manifested as diferent different using multifractal detrended thrush (Trochalopteron merdi- scoring system. The morphological
disease progression has been refractive indices. “As the dis- fluctuation analysis(MF- onale) found in diferences, the distribution of each
a challenge. For instance, the ease progresses there is a layers of the DFA),” says Nandan Kumar Thiruvananthapuram district. species, its habitat and altitude pref-
human retina has 10 layers
and subtle morphological
change in the refractive index
of the medium which gets re-
retina in a Das from IISER, Kolkata, and
the first author of the paper.
While the conservation status of the
Banasura species was assessed as
erences were identified through
field trips. The scores obtained
changes in these layers do not corded in the OCT images. diseased In the case of the retina, endangered, the Travancore variety were suicient to separately clas-
lead to a change in thickness
that can be detected by OCT
And this data, which is hid-
den in the OCT images, can
condition diferent layers are afected
by diferent diseases. For in-
was considered vulnerable, consid-
ering the risk the species were
sify the species. The conservation
status of the birds was also revisited
imaging. But OCT images do be extracted using multi- was a stance, the photoreceptor facing. after their reclassification, he said.
contain data on subtle re- fractal detrended fluctuation layer is afected in the case of The two original species of the BirdLife International recog-
fractive index variations and analysis (MFDFA),” says challenge diabetic macular edema, family were Nilgiri laughingthrush nised the findings and reclassified
the researchers have success- Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay while the top layer (retinal and Palani laughingthrush. The Nil- the birds in the latest Red List. Re-
fully teased out this informa- from the Indian Institute of disease progresses the dis- nerve fibre layer) is afected giri species, assessed as an en- search papers on the genetic char-
tion to help diagnose eye dis- Science Education and Re- tance between two success- in the case of glaucoma. “So dangered one, is found in Silent Val- acteristics of each species are ex-
Life before agriculture eases early and study the search (IISER), Kolkata, and ive peaks increases. “Finding that’s why it is important to ley National Park and Siruvani hills pected shortly, he said.
» Research published in Science early progression of disease. one of the authors of the pa- diferent layers in a diseased know how the disease afects of Kerala. The near-threatened Pa- Laughingthrushes are found only
Biological tissues have per. condition was a challenge. diferent layers,” says Dr. lani laughing thrush is found mainly in the peaks of Western Ghats, pop-
challenges the belief that permanent complex geometrical pat- Using the software, the re- But now it is doable,” says Dr. Richhariya. in Munnar hills and the mountains ularly known as sky islands. These
human occupation of the Tibetan terns, which are called multi- searchers are able to find a Richhariya. “Diabetic macular edema of Periyar Tiger Reserve apart from mountain peaks are separated from
plateau began only after the advent of fractals. “The OCT images peak at the junction between is well characterised and we Grass Hills and Palani hills in Tamil the others so well that the birds
agriculture. The study pushed it back to are light intensity-based and two layers from the refractive Gauging depth know what changes to ex- Nadu, according to ornithologists. from one sky island find diicult to
between 7,400 and 13,000 years . so the multifractal informa- index data extracted from the “The two-dimensional pect. So we used this disease Dr. P.O. Nameer, Head, Wildlife move to the next sky island. This
tion gets hidden,” says Dr. OCT images. The thickness OCT images have informa- for establishing our tech- Division of the Kerala Agriculture has resulted in the creation of four
Ashutosh Richhariya from of a layer can be calculated by tion on depth and lateral dir- nique. We can use our ap- University, and J. Praveen, the co- closely related species, each of
Hyderabad’s L.V. Prasad Eye measuring the distance ection depth. We are inter- proach for other eye diseases ordinator of Bird Count India, them occupying a series of moun-
Institute and one of the au- between two successive ested in depth-related such as age-related macular which organises the national bird tain tops across the entire range of
thors. peaks. When the thickness of information. So we first un- degeneration (AMD) too,” counting exercise, had been arguing southern Western Ghats, noted the
There is a change in the a layer becomes more as the folded the two-dimensional Dr. Richhariya says. for treating the Banasura and ornithologists in a scientific paper.

A fully biocompatible cell-level motility engine of an external AC magnetic field to

energise the vesicle and make it
move towards the egg. The work by
SHUBASHREE DESIKAN even a blood cell moving within the Manna et al on the other hand is
plasma, simply difusing through the completely biocompatible.

n science fiction, we are familiar medium is too slow and ineicient a “The most important component
Teenage angst in worms with instances of how tiny process because of the viscosity of of the work is the idea that stringing
particles are dragged along by the fluid in question which drags the together active particles into a
» Scientists studying the microscopic some artificial mechanism body backward. It would be like a filament can generate enough power
roundworm found them showing within the body – robotic cures, person trying to swim through to transport a colloid. The
ambivalent behaviour as they grew up. external control of the mind, drug honey or molasses - they would challenging part was to incorporate
This manifested in adolescent worms delivery, the examples abound. Now need to spend much more energy the efect of fluid motion on the
having completely different food-seeking a Chennai-based group - Ronojoy than while swimming in water to transport of the colloid. We use high
habits as compared to adults. Adhikari from Institute of traverse the same distance in a given performance computing facility to
Mathematical Sciences and P. B. time. In real life, micro-organisms compute this hydrodynamic
Sunil Kumar and Raj Kumar Manna and cells overcome this problem by interaction,” says Prof. Sunil Kumar
from IIT Madras - has come up with what is called active transport – at of IIT Madras. As a next step, “We
a workable design for a system using WORKABLE DESIGN |In this artist’s impression, the active filament transports a the extra-cellular level, in some want to include increasing degree of
which nanosized particles can be micrometer-size colloidal cargo in a viscous fluid by spontaneously changing cases, this is achieved by having cilia realism in our analysis: look at an
made to move through a viscous its shape PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT or hairlike filaments that “beat” and environment that is more like blood,
liquid like blood without the move the surrounding fluid, thereby look at geometries which are more
application of external energy. attached to a string of active “In this paper we show that it is giving rise to motion. Two among like branched capillaries, explore
Unlike in earlier schemes, the particles. These active particles by possible to design synthetic myriad examples of bodies moving designs for greater energy eiciency
process is entirely biocompatible converting biochemical energy filaments which can beat and work inside the body using active and talk more closely with
and does not involve the application stored in ATP or carbohydrates into as motility engines for colloidal transport are sperms and the ciliary experimentalists,” says Prof.
of external magnetic fields etc. The mechanical energy, make wavy or transport. We have provided a layer in the lung. Adhikari of Institute of
No global warming hiatus research will appear in Journal of spiral movements that propel the design for a fully biocompatible Earlier work, which proved such Mathematical Sciences. “People
» A paper in Science Advances Chemical Physics. colloidal particle through the motility engine that can be put to a things can happen outside of science have been designing drugs on the
The concept is that you have the viscous medium. Using a small variety of uses,” says Raj Kumar fiction, showed that an inert sperm computer for a long time. This is
independently confirmed results of a cargo to be delivered inside a small magnetic field, of strengths that are Manna, a research scholar at the cell could be transported by an possibly the first instance where a
controversial 2015 NOAA study which micro-sized colloidal particle, which safe for the human body, can be used physics department of IIT Madras, external motility engine to reach an realistic drug delivery engine has
refuted “global warming hiatus” – an could also have a small piece of to move this motility engine in the first author of the paper. egg cell within the uterus and been designed on the computer,” he
apparent slowdown in rising surface magnetite. This colloidal particle is preferred direction. For tiny cell-sized objects, take fertilise it. But this involved the use adds.
temperatures between 1998 and 2012.

Tweaking photosynthesis for a better crop yield ically], and it is a crop, so it

produces the layers of leaves
we needed. [Also] because
plants performed better in
low light than WT.
And then, in order check
» SPEAKING multiply.
As human population in-
as a “waste of time.” If only
we can hasten this process
for improving crop yield.
Such a switching of NPQ
the process is the same in
rice, soybeans, wheat, and
the productivity in the field
as crops, they planted both
OF SCIENCE creases, we would need more
of crops in order to cater to
(termed non-photochemical
quenching, abbreviated as
levels is governed in plants
by the action of three pro-
cowpea, we have strong con-
fidence that this should work
types of tobacco plants in the
university field. Plants from

e depend on the global demands for food. NPQ) of recovery safely, ar- teins. One protein abbrevi-