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3 Engaging Students In Their Own Learning

Rounded Average: 4/6

I think 2 of the interviews throughout the year could be subject interviews to help build
relationships with subject teachers. This is particularly important for VCE staff and year 10
4 students (recommendations for VCE). Although, this would be very tiring for staff.
5 continue to gather data
Get data from more students and parents across many year levels on the specific parts of
learning support (interviews, teacher availability etc.) and how they like it, or if alternatives
4 would be better, and act on that data.
The TA process works reasonably well.
5 * Are there too many? * Are there families that just wont engage?
Never stop the hunger for designing new wheels. Lean on your work mates. But also, smell
6 the flowers on the journey, don't just let stats, data and results be the be all and end all.
definitely need subject/interviews back to support TA- at times you simply cannot give the
5 exact information back to families- just data is never enough.
We really need to be able to address those parents for greater feedback on the unsurity.
What can we do to help them clarify their response? What can the school/TA person do to
4 help those families?
Students and parents also need to really be challenged to take responsibility in student
5 engagement as well.
4 More chances to self assess and peer assess
Provide opportunities for students to see best practice work samples, develop an agreed
criteria for assessment, complete peer assessment and have the opportunity to discuss and
respond to assessment. The school could look to develop a series of engagement/ process
5 cycles that the students become familiar with and are consistently used across the school.
5 Promotion in outlining outcomes for lessons- I know we have been pushing this for some time
4 we need to continue to engage students in different ways not just with testing
Resample data, present by cohort and as whole school population. 30+ respondents in each
4 cohort would be desirable.
Maybe students do more feedback and evaluation of their own learning. More thoughtful
4 response to assessment.
* Maintain a focus on certain specific aspects of teaching which achieve this goal e.g. giving
clear learning intentions for each class session, providing timely and effective feedback.
Continue to encourage staff to complete these aspects. Don't keep changing the focus about
the key goals for teaching in our classes - it starts to muddy the waters and provide mixed
messages as to what is important - leads to overload. Would suggest to keep the focus over a
5 couple of years to really allow these things to sink in
Engaging students is becoming more and more difficult. Electronic devices have been a
4 burden for teachers.
3 Revisit the mobile phone policy- do we have one.
Perhaps as we focus more and more on utilising PAM, Learning Areas and assessments, we
5 could encourage more feedback from students and families through this communication tool
Arm TAS with more knowledge so that they can confidently discuss students across all KLA
5 and yr levels
4 A more formal feedback at TA interviews from the student would be good.
4 Success criteria and writing goals- my aim for my classes in English.
It is so hard to get students engaged in their own learning. Staff are challenging students, but
students aren't willing to join the party. I believe this comes down to lack of consequences in
regards to their own learning eg. out of a class of 21 students, 2 students submitted
homework - I could not keep them back because it was the end of the day, I emailed all
parents making them aware of my expectations and only got a few responses (all from
parents who's children do the right thing majority of time) students don't care that they are
not completing work as they know that nothing 'bad' or 'serious' will come of it. Extremely
bad culture in this regards and something we really need to improve if we want results to
improve. More support is needed, teachers need to be backed up when they raise concerns
2 about students and there needs to be more of an emphasis placed on student countability.
5 No suggestions.
Continued practice of TA in the mornings, interviews and nurturing relationships between TA
6 teachers and students.
Audit the curriculum. Review assessment practices to have sampling across the school justify
how they can assess curriculum outcomes according to what we report. Support Learning
Areas to build effective curriculum which deals explicitly with the curriculum mandated to us.
Use research-based assessment building guidelines and practices consistently across subject
2 areas for students to understand how they will be assessed and measured as 'successful'.
I believe for the senior years, year 10-11 & 12 10 minute Parent Teacher Interviews should be
4 available to them. which could also incorporate for their Career Plan
3 .
This area directly relates to the motivation students have for learning. Increasing the thirst for
improvement through increased learning feedback will assist greater motivation. Greater
feelings of investment students and families feel from there teachers through more
4 meaningful and informed discussions should be explored.