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The Importance of English Language

Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or

using some other medium. People communicate with others by using language and it is
one of the various ways to communicate. Language is very important because through
language we can deliver messages, ideas and feelings with others. In this world, there are
thousands of beautiful languages and one of it is the English Language.

The importance of English cannot be denied because English is an International

language and it is the common language spoken everywhere. Thus, if we learn English
language, we can communicate with a large number of people around the worlds because
it is widely used in general and official communications. It is also easy to learn and not
too difficult compared to other languages.

Furthermore, English is important in education and student’s life. In Malaysia, it

is one of the main subjects besides Bahasa Melayu and it must be learned in schools and
universities. English is the second language after Bahasa Melayu and every students in
Malaysia must passed the English examination to pursue the higher education.

Besides, English is important in education because students who want to go

abroad for education will have to learn English well. If they are planning to study abroad,
just applying to the college of their choice is not enough. There are other requirements
which must be fulfilled in order to secure a place in an abroad university. One of the
essential requirements is a valid score card of an accepted English Language Test. They
must take English Language Tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, CAE and CPE. So, it is
essential to learn English and mastered it very well before studying abroad.

Moreover, there are many schools in different countries around the world that
offer programmes in English. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities to find an
appropriate school and course to suit the academic needs of the students. Parents also can
have an ease mind if their children can speak well in English because their children will
have a bigger and wider opportunities in educations.
On the other hand, English can be useful in finding a job because nowadays it is
essential to have English language skills. The ability to speak English well is one of the
most important things to gain employment. Those with strong English skills will have
more opportunities than those who have only basic English skills. Proper English does not
only mean the ability to make grammatically correct sentences, but it also means other
related skills for effective communication such as presentation skills, convincing and
negotiations skills and interpersonal skills using that language.

Furthermore, there are most of the content of reference books, ensiklopedias and
internet that are published and produced in English. Therefore, learning English will
make easier to understand and gain information and knowledge about something.
Besides, learning English will help us to understand about other cultures in the world.

As a conclusion, English is the language which connects people from different

regions, cultures and nation. Thus, English language is very important in daily life and we
can build a better world if we can understand each other and use the language very well.

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