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Meeti ng Type:_ - - - - - _ -_- _ _ _ - _ _Regular Meeting
Date:-____...__ September 13,2OLB
Time:----..._._ .6:00 p.m.
Place:.......--- .Municipal Building Community Room
Address:_____ 43 Bombardier Road Miltoru VT 05468
Contact..._- .(802) 893-1186
Website:_____ www.miltonvt.gov

3 The Chair called the meeting to order at 6:0L p.m.
Members Present: Bruce Jenkins, Chair; Henry Bonges, Vice Chair; Robert Brisson
& Members Absent: Julie Rutz, Clerk
I Staff Present: Michael Burris, Development Review Planner
0 Public Present: Dennis Johnson; Scott Roth; Joseph Marotti Jr.
b None.

8 5. New Hearings/Business:
A. Rothspeed, LLC and Dennis ]ohnson, applicants, request Conditional Use and Major Site Plan
{} approval to commence a change of nonconforming use, from a conservation laboratory to chassis
manufacturing. The property is located at 335 Westford Road, described as 21.6049-000000, Book 265 &
: Page 1, SPAN 12201.. The subject property contains a total of 5.55 acres and is located within the
,., Agricultural/ Rural Residential (R5).
The Chair administered the Oath to hrterested Persons.
Johnson said that the company only has four employees, works specifically with chassis, and would like to
I add a sign to the property to help people locate their business after hearing about it through social media
I and word-of-mouth. Johnson assured the DRB that the noise level would not increase due to operations.
1,. The DRB may require that the applicant schedule a site visit prior to closing the hearing.
.:\ 2. Followingreview, the DRB may determine what conditions should be applied to the current
4 application to further lessen its impact when compared to that of the prior proposal.
{3 3. The site should be accessed by a driveway between 24to 4O'to maintain consistency with Public
Works specifications. Access outside of this 2MU alongWestford Road shall be prohibited. Access
a should be restricted accordingly or the impervious surfacing should be removed.
t) 4. The L3 proposed parking spaces shall be demarcated however practical, the ADA space shall be
Town of Milton Development Review Board Meeting Minutes of September 13,2018
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demarcated accordingly, and no vehicle shall be parked in the Row.

5. The applicant shall maintain the grade of the parking area as approved in the prior approved site
plan. Stormwater shall continue to be directed to the drain in the southwest coirre, of the lot.

6. The DRB should require that the signage be oriented away from Westford Road to reduce its
visual impact. Signage lighting shall be turned off at the close of business hours. Signage should
be indicated on the site plan.

7. A landscaping surety shall be established to guarantee that the three proposed northwoods red
maples survive up to three years from their installation.

8. Landscaping must be maintained in a healthy condition, and dead or dying plants must be
replaced within 1 growing season with a comparable plant.

9- The DRB may require additional landscaping elements to reduce the proposal's visual impact.

10. Alt spot lights on the site must be fully shielded and downward-facing with an angle of no
greater than 45o above straight down.

L1. Two dumpsters will be located behind a concrete retaining wall south of the parking area, and
they will be further screened by fencing in accordance with the proposal.

12. In order to maintain consistency from the prior proposal, working hours should not occur
outside of 8 a.m. - 5 p.-., Monday through Friday.

1.3. The Development Review Board may place conditions on approval to further the purposes of the
Unified Development Regulations as deemed necessary.

L4. In consideration of the conditions and revisions set forth, the DRB shall determine if the
proposed use will have a lesser impact upon the surrounding area than the prior approaed use.

15. The Applicant shall obtain a Project Review Sheet from the Permit Specialist in the District
Regional Office of the Agency of Natural Resources, provide a copy to the Towry and obtain all
required State permits and approvals prior to construction. The applicant must comply with all
State conditions of approval.

16. The Applicant shall submit one (1) full-sized (to scale) and one (L) reduced (17xL\ complete
final plan sets depicting the requested changes. The revised plans must be deemed Final by the
Development Review Planner prior to being eligible for a Zoning Permit from the Zoning
Administrator. The Applicant is adztised to submit an electronic .pdf plan for staff reoieu prior to
submitting all the copies of theFinal Plan set.

17. AZoning Permit is required prior to installation of signage and use and an associated Certificate
of Compliance is required prior to use.

18. The ZoningPermit and Site Plan Approval shall expire two years from the date of issuance if the
applicant does not receive a certificate of compliance by this date. The applicant may apply to
the Zoning Administrator for a single one-ye.u extension for the identical proiect.

Town of Milton Development Review Board Meeting Minutes of September 13,2018

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79. Omission or misstatement of any material fact by the applicant or agent on the application or at
any hearing which would have warranted refusing the permit or approval shall be grounds for
revoking the permit or approval at any time.

20. The DRB shall motion to recess or close this hearing. If recessed a specific time, date, and place
shall be designated to resume the hearing. If closed the DRB shall issue a decision within 45

Bonges MOTIONED to CLOSE the hearingat6:37 p.m. SECOND by Brisson. APPROVED,3-0.

Officer Elections
6. Other Business: DRB
The Development Review Board postponed this item and will return to it when all members are present.
The Development Review Board APPROVED the minutes of August 9,2018 as written.

7. Possible Deliberative Session

Priaate session for deliberations on applications and zoitten decisions in accordance with 1V.S.A. 312.

8. Adiournment
Bonges MOTIONED to ADJOURN the meeting at6:41. p.m. SECOND by Brisson. APPROVED,3-0.

Minutes approved by the Development Review Board thi, ? 5i)' day of vr ,20L8.

Bruce |enkins, Chair

Draft filed with the Town Clerk this day of 2018.

Filed with the Town Clerk this day of 2018.

Town of Milton Development Review Board Meeting Minutes of September 13,2018

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