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Gov. Alfonso D.

Tan College
Institute of Teacher Education
Course Outline
The course builds on the Movement Competency Training course which focused on the fundamental
movement patterns and core training. Based on the primary movements (squat, hinge, lunge, vertical push
and pull, horizontal push and pull), fitness training starts with body weight training to improve balance,
coordination, endurance and flexibility, then progresses to training for core strength and power, with or
without resistance training equipment. Emphasis is on exercise progression and regression for the
enhancement of skill-related fitness components in preparation for and/or in conjunction with vigorous
physical activities, such as sports participation.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILO)

At the end of the semester, students will be able to;
 Discuss Physical Fitness and its Aspects which includes, the components, exercise, training and its
 Perform the different body weight training exercises properly.
 Discuss the importance of the body weight training in developing a physically fit person.
 Execute the different Core Strength and Power Training Exercises with continuation and accordance to
their health needs.
Perform the Chest and core Exercises in progression and regression.


I Aspect of Total Fitness

 Physical Fitness and its Aspects 1. Isotonic Training
 Components of Physical Fitness
 Exercise and Its Values
 Military Press
 Effects of Training  Two-Arm Curl
 Half Squat
II Body Weight Training  Supine Bench Press
 Balance:  Rowing Exercise
1. Sumo Squat with Outer Thigh Pulse
2. Standing Crunch With Under-the-leg Clap
 Side Arm Raises
3. Curtsy Lunge With Oblique Crunch  Wrestler’s Bridge
4. Plank with Flying Plane Arms  Heel Raise
5. Rolling Forearm Side Plank  Press Bar Leg Thrust
6. Arm Sequence With Lifted Heels  Press Bar Quadriceps Strengthener
7. T-Stand WIth Hinge and Side Bend
 Coordination and Agility:
 Abdominal Curl
1. Six Step
2. Bear-crab turn and roll 2. Isokinetic Training
3. Foot Step
4. Single Leg Windmill  Flexibility:
 Endurance:
1. Isometric Training
1. Ballistic Stretching
 -Wall Sit 2. Static Stretching
 -Plank Hold 3. PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular
 -Overhead Hold Facilitation)
 -Glute Bridge 4. Range-On-Motion (ROM) Stretching
 -Body Hold
I Core Strength and Power Training Exercises:
 Abdominal Crunch
 Bridge
 Single-Leg Abdominal Press
 Double-leg Abdominal Press
 Segmental Rotation
 Quadruped
 Modified Plank
 Side Plank
 Superman

Exercise Progression:
Progression 1: Incline Push Up
Progression 2: Push Up on Knees
Progression 3: Standard Push Up
Progression 4: Wide Push Ups
Progression 5: Decline Push Up
Progression 6: Uneven Push Up
Progression 7: One Arm Push Up

(Regression Starts with Progression 7

Up to Progression 1)

Progression 1: Crunches
Progression 2: Sit Ups
Progression 3: Leg Lifts
Progression 4: Flutter Kicks
Progression 5: V Ups
Progression 6: Hanging Leg Raise

(Regression Starts with Progression 6

Up to Progression 1

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