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A Seminars and Fieldtrips Report

Presented to
Faculty of the College of Engineering
University of Perpetual Help System Laguna

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Submitted by:

Falla, Christian L.
Gilbuena, Wendel T.
Greganda, Juan Carlo F.
Karamihan, Kenneth C.
Oyales, Carl Justine L.
Tuason, Ferangelo C.

Under the Supervision of

Flocerfida Laza-Amaya, EdD, ASEAN Eng

March 2019


Brief History ....................................................................................... 1

Background of the Company .............................................................. 2

The Company Mission and Vision ..................................................... 3

Chapter 2 PHOTOGRAPHS .................................................................................... 4


What Have I Learned From The Experience? .................................... 7

Chapter 4 PERTINENT DOCUMENTS .................................................................. 15

Chapter 1
The Company Profile

Brief History

Figure 1. Analog Devices, Inc. Logo

The company, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) was founded by two MIT graduates,

Ray Stata and Matthew Lorber in 1965. The same year, the company released its first

product, the model 101 op amp, which was a hockey-puck sized module used in test and

measurement equipment. In 1967, the company published the first issue of its technical

magazine, Analog Dialogue.

In 1969, Analog Devices filed an initial public offering and became a publicly

traded company. Ten years later, the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1973, the company was the first to launch laser trim wafers and the first CMOS

digital-to-analog converter. By 1996, the company reported over $1 billion in company

revenue. That same year, Jerald Fishman was named President and CEO, a position he held

until his death in 2013.

In 2000, ADI's sales grew by over 75% to $2.578 Billion and the company acquired

five companies including BCO Technologies PLC, a manufacturer of thick film

semiconductors, for $150 million.

In January 2008, ON Semiconductor completed the acquisition of the CPU Voltage

and PC Thermal Monitoring Business from ADI, for $184 million.

By 2004, ADI had a customer base of 60,000 and its portfolio included over 10,000


In July 2016, Analog and Linear Technology agreed that Analog would acquire

Linear in an approximately $14.8 billion cash and stock deal.

Background of the Company

Analog Devices, Inc., also known as ADI or Analog, is an American multinational

semiconductor company specializing in data conversion and signal processing technology,

headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts. In 2012, Analog Devices led the worldwide

data converter market with a 48.5% share, according to analyst firm Databeans.

The company manufactures analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing

(DSP) integrated circuits (ICs) used in electronic equipment. These technologies are used

to convert, condition and process real-world phenomena, such as light, sound, temperature,

motion, and pressure into electrical signals.

Analog Devices has approximately 100,000 customers in the following industries:

communications, computer, industrial, instrumentation, military/aerospace, automotive,

and consumer electronics applications.

The Company Mission and Vision

“Analog Devices mission is to be the world’s best signal processing company.

Analog Devices is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through signal processing

technologies. We transform people’s experience with technology by bridging the analog

and digital worlds.”

Chapter 2

Figure 2. ADI Philippines Parking Lot. Figure 3. ADI Philippines Building 4.

Figure 2 and 3 illustrates the outside of the Analog Devices, Inc. Philippines

Building 4 where the briefing and plant tour started..


Figure 4. ADI Philippines Lobby 1 Figure 5. ADI Philippines Lobby 2

Figure 4 and 5 shows the Analog Devices, Inc. Philippines Lobby area where the

students assembled before the start of the briefing and plant tour proper.
Chapter 3
Assessment of the Activity

This chapter covers the assessment of the students regarding the seminars and

field trips which demonstrates their understandings and experiences as the activity was

being performed.

What Have I Learned from the Experience

Having a visit at the Analog Devices Inc., was one of the best plant tour that I have

experienced, why? Because just seeing the front gate of the ADI gave me a very good

impression, its like you are in a different country just seeing the entrance gate, and the

facilities outside was good also. Afterwards, entering the main lobby of the company gave

me a thinking of “this is what I want and this is where I want to go”, the lobby is like a five

star hotel and very cozy, the soothing air and the relaxing music and the accommodating

staff made us very welcome. Moving on to the training room, I have seen the employees

desk and their workplace, gave me again a thinking of “someday I’ll be in this place”,

because I have always dreamed of having a workplace like in the ADI. Afterwards, we

moved into the training room where the presentation and history of the ADI., was

presented. While the presentation, they introduced to us who developed the ADI., we have

also seen how their buildings evolved from one to four. They also introduced to us how

their company works and their process, and also their different kind of products and the

software and machine that they are using. Moving on, the last part was the tour of their

different laboratories, this time I was really rrally amazed of this company because I have

seen how clean, how organized and how advanced their technology was. Seeing inside the

different laboratory with people inside of it working was very satisfying to look because

once again, their laboratory workplace was one of my prospects of where I want to work
in. After the tour inside, I can’t forget how the ADI company is good, until now I keep on

thinking that I want to work there, in that place.


What Have I Learned from the Experience?

In this plant tour, I have first learned how important the time management for the

industry. The first part of this plant tour was the presentation about the Analog Devices

Inc., its history, branches, and all the type of devices that they are making or providing to

the market. In this presentation, I have learned the different process of making components

inside the company and take note that they are not only focusing analog devices, they are

also making and providing digital devices to the market and especially in the military and

aircraft field. I also learned the kind of process that they are using in providing a good

quality of devices, which includes their testing, assembling, and even programming of the


After the presentation about the company, we proceed to the main course, which is

the plant tour in the Analog Devices Inc., Where they show us the real machines and

equipment that they are using in production, how they are testing the quality of each

component that they are made, and how clean the environment must be so that the devices

will not lessen its quality.

In this plant tour I’ve also learned the importance of respecting everyone in

the workplace and the essence of being responsible or disciplined in the industry.

What Have I Learned from the Experience

In this plant visit, I learned firstly is that, be on time. The number one values of

Analog Devices Inc., is that, respect everyone. You should be on time and never be late

whenever there’s a gathering because time is gold for Professionals. The first thing we did

in the company was the power point presentation. They introduces what is Analog devices

and what Analog devices do. Then they’ve started showing what they do in the

semiconductor industry and how they process their products. I’ve learned in the

presentation how semiconductor industry works and what they do. I learned that Analog

Devices is an American Multinational semiconductor company that prioritizes and

specializes data conversion and signal processing. After that we made a tour in the

production and we saw how they process and how the products were done. I learned and

understand the safety measures and what I shouldn’t do whenever I’m in a semiconductor

industry. I also learned the functions of some of their devices, machines and technologies.

What I really appreciated in the company is that, they didn’t let their employees feel like a

prisoner or they didn’t want them to stress a lot in the company. They have leisure, events,

gym, and the employees were the one who holds their time but they have to finish their

tasks in time. I learned that you really need to treat your employees right and you need to

show them good values for you to get good things in return.

What have I learned from the Experience?

This company values time, work, respect and social well-being of its employees

and vise versa. This was shown as how dedicated and welcoming they are from the first

contact and negotiation, up to the plant tour proper itself.

The students were assembled on a meeting hall of ADI Building 4 where the HR

Management gave the briefings on the do’s and don’ts of the company. We were advised

that taking pictures inside the company was restricted as the facilities inside were

confidential. Furthermore, the presentation started on the brief history of the company,

followed by the other crucial information on what they are doing for the industry. Going

through the presentation, I realized that what we actually have the basic information on the

production of integrated circuits and logic devices. These were lectured to us on our major

subjects such as the Electronics 1 and 2, Logic Circuits and Switching Theory, Computer

Architecture and Organization, Digital Signal Processing, Control Systems, as well as the


After the presentation, we proceeded on the plant tour, where we were introduced

on the different facilities of ADI. As such, they were very conservative of the cleanliness

of their working areas where they manufacture and test the devices on different aspects

such as the temperature and accuracy. They also have their own building for producing and
storing Liquid Nitrogen for absolute zero temperature testings. Moreover, they use

programming languages which were known to us namely Python, C and VB.NET, also

some signal processing programs such as LabView, SciLaband MATLAB.

Overall, the plant tour was one of our best moments of our lives as the company

was exquisite in terms of the structural design, laboratories, office areas and etc. They have

shown their production and services with great details.


What Have I Learned from the Experience

During this plant tour, we first learned that being on time is a huge factor in the

industry. Analog Devices Inc.'s number one values are that, respect everyone, whether what

it is you should respect others so that there is no conflict within the workspace. In the

industry time is the most valuable asset that the company have, wasting time is like wasting

money. The company provided a presentation about what Analog Devices Inc. is and what

do they do. I learned the process of making a semiconductor and what are the raw materials

used in creating such product. The company also showed us the different machines and

equipment they used to create, test, assemble and program the integrated circuit. After the

presentation we proceed to the production, and showed us the machines and equipment that

they used, they also further explain on how the semiconductors were made in each machine

and how it is being process. I learned in this plant tour on a semiconductor company the

safety measures of the company. I also learned how the machines, devices and technologies

were used in developing a certain product. This plant visit taught me the value of time, to

respect each other, and I learned new things, like the softwares that the company used when

they are training their employees that are commercially available and easy to use with

enough time and determination is given.


What Have I Learned from the Experience

On our plant tour, first thing I’ve noticed that being on time is very important to

their company. Not necessarily you have to come early, but you should not be late

everytime. I’ve learned that when you are there, you should respect everyone in front of

you. Analog Devices, Inc. is an American multinational semiconductor company that is

specialized on data conversion and signal processing technology. ADI gave us the

overview of what the company do and also the history. They showed us that ADI continues

to thrive in the semiconductor industry. Also, they explained on how their product

processed. They showed us the step by step of building a product. After presenting the

overview, we began to tour in the production. They showed and explained us the everything

we see on the surroundings, even the pictures and the miniature of the whole production.

Also, they explained us what’s on every room we saw. I’ve learned new devices or machine

and their functions. ADI is very good on treating their employees, they are not very strict

inside the company. Actually, they gave a time for their employees to have a break, not

just only to work.

Chapter 4
Assessment of the Activity

The documents attested with the report function as evidences which serve to

establish several facts, and rely upon as proofs of the student’s seminars and field trips.