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Amanda Maddox is a commercial photographer.

She primarily takes pictures of fashionable products

such as jewellery she has worked with Tie Rack, Beatrix Ong & Hugo Boss. The standard service
includes basic post-editing (single colour backgrounds, enhancing for web viewing, resizing of
images). All photos are taken with a digital camera, and can be delivered in a variety of formats (JPG,
TIFF, Photoshop, etc.). For standard product photography prices please click

I like this image due to the reflection of the rings

from the floor as well as the clear white
background which help to add further onto the
golden rings.

I like the way how the floor of the picture is out of focus
allowing us to get a closer detail of the rings as well as the rustic
aesthetic of the picture hence the wooden flooring.

The flowers in the picture are out of focus yet it has

developed a heavily detail distortion to the flowers.
This also links in with the pamphlet that is presented
in the picture as it talks about Lemon flowers and
they‘re yellow flowers.
Due to the dark background as well as the
reflexing black floor and made the area look
like water which is a cool little trick as both of
the two products are representations of
Olympic swimmers.

I really like this image as both the belts are

the same eat the front whilst at the back
they are both completely different and due
to the dark background has help as a form of
neon glow to the image.