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Halia™ Onsite Ozone Generation

Design, Install, Maintain, Own and Operate

Ozone Generation and Supply System

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants Each on-site ozone system is a dedicated pro-
commercially available today. It has been used duction capacity with the corresponding product
effectively for many years in drinking water, back-up necessary to provide the user with
wastewater and industrial process applications, ozone when needed. The on-site ozone service
including COD removal, color removal and high- is structured as a long-term supply agreement
level disinfection. with a monthly facility charge.

As an on-site ozone supplier, Air Products will Advantages of Air Products’

design, purchase, install, maintain, own and Sale of Gas Ozone
operate the ozone generation and supply system
at the customer’s site. The on-site ozone system n No capital equipment outlay for customer
n No operation or maintenance risk to customer
• Oxygen VSA generator(s), and/or n No need for customer to have in-house
operating expertise
• Liquid O2 (LOX) system
n Guaranteed system performance
• O3 generation equipment
n Predictable long-term cost
• Necessary controls and monitoring equipment
n Flexible design options for hassle-free
ozone supply
n Access to Air Products’ vast experience in
on-site gas generation systems

Figure 1

Reliable Supply Chain

Pipeline Distribution

O3 Generation
PRISM® Oxygen Customer
VSA System Operations


Regional Liquid Liquid Customer

Manufacturing Storage Liquid Storage
24/7 System
Liquid O2 Monitoring
Comparison of Supply Scope and Associated Risks of
On-site Ozone Supply vs. Ozone Equipment Purchase

On-site Ozone Supply Equipment Purchase

(Sale of Gas or SOG) (Sale of Equipment or SOE)

The SOG supplier is responsible for: The SOE supplier is responsible for:
• Equipment design • Equipment design
• Assistance in specifying customer scope • Assistance in specifying customer scope
• Freight to site
The customer is responsible for:
• Procurement, construction, installation
and start-up • Freight to site

• Ongoing operations and maintenance • Procurement, construction, installation

and start-up
• Liquid product and backup supply
• Ongoing operations and maintenance
• Safety training
• Liquid product and backup supply
• Assets management
• Safety training
• Assets management

Air Products’ on-site ozone supply offering is available at 200 pounds per day
or higher.

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