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Msgr. Gutierrez Lent, Sin No M ore — p.

Profiles Narrison Babao: Dedication and Commitment — p. 2
Communities Atty. K aragdag: Duterte Signs Tax Amnesty Act— p. 3
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April 5-11, 2019

prsTd sTd
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perMiT no. 2 0 3
C H U lA V isTA,
C A9 1 9 1 0

DND backs Filipino fishers: Continue fishing in Philippine waters by Patric ia L ourdes V iray , Ph il-
Jason Paguio named Asian
star.c om | M A N I L A , 4 /2 /2 019

Business Association
— I n a sw ipe at th e presenc e
of Ch inese vessels in th e W est

President & CEO

Ph ilippine S ea, th e D epartment
of N ational D efense enc ouraged
Filipino fishermen to continue
C E O b r i n g s ex ec u ti v e ex p er i - fishing in the area.
ence with private, non-profit I n a statement released T uesday ,
a n d p u b l i c sec to r s th e D N D c alled on oth er c oun-
S an D iego, CA – T h e A sian tries to respec t protoc ols w h en
B usiness A ssoc iation (A B A ) c onduc ting ac tivities on interna-
named J ason Paguio as th e tional w aters.

organiz ation’ s new President and " J ust as th e Ph ilippines h onors
CEO. Founded in 1990, A B A our international obligations and
provides a strong voic e on busi- protoc ols, w e also ex pec t oth er
ness, c ultural and politic al issues c ountries and th eir vessels to do
of interest to S an D iego’ s A sian th e same espec ially w h en sail-
and Pacific Islander community. ing and fishing in international
I ts mission is to unite, promote w aters, " th e D N D said.
( C ont i nue d on page 8) T h is statement c omes in re-
sponse to reports th at h undreds
of Ch inese vessels h ave been de-
Analyst Heydarian issues warn- ploy ed in th e vic inity of Pag-asa
I sland, one of th e largest features
ing after men allegedly linked to in th e S pratly I slands.

ISIS were nabbed in Luzon

T h e Ph ilippines is c urrently
C h a p ter 9 2 o f “ D esti n y ” b y S i m eo n G . S i l v er i o , J r . repairing and upgrading its fac ili-
ties, partic ularly its dilapidated

G M A N ew s | M A N I L A , w eapons seiz ed from th em sh ould
4 /2 /2 019 -- G M A resident analy st be a reason for Ph ilippine auth ori- runw ay , on th e island, w h ic h is
va M arie w as so nervous sh e c ould not eat th e c ak e. S h e just h ad a few part of Palaw an.
R ic h ard H ey darian on T uesday ties not to belittle th em. sips of th e soft drink and remained sitting nervously as sh e aw aited h er
w arned th at th e supposed I S I S " H indi ibig sabih in na nak iride- " H aving said th at, w e enc ourage
fate. A fter th irty agoniz ing minutes, Ch arlie B uendia emerged from th e our fishermen to continue their
th reat in L uz on sh ould be tak en on lang sila. T h ese guy s h ave
seriously . c ertain level of training. I t' s pos- door of his office. fishing activities in our waters
T h is c ame follow ing th e arrest sible na may roon silang c ertain “ A t last, I am done for th e day , ” h e ex c laimed. “ I c an now give my full attention on y ou.” and Ex c lusive Ec onomic Z one, "
of tw o men in Cagay an provinc e. level of c ommunic ation direc tly Eva M arie didn’ t k now w h at h e meant. “ W ould h e now rape me? ” sh e ask ed h erself. T h e th e statement read.
High-powered firearms as well doon sa I S I S c ommand based sa th ough t of th e perc eived ex perienc es of starlets w anting to be disc overed, as h er friend told A c c ording to th e D N D , th e
as ex plosive devic es h ave been M iddle East or dito sa M alay sia h er, c ame to mind. A rmed Forc es of th e Ph ilippines'
rec overed from th e suspec ts. and I ndonesia, " H ey darian said. “ Ok ay , let’ s now h ave y our sc reen test, ” Ch arlie dec lared. W estern Command (W esc om) h as
H ey darian said th e tw o nabbed " S inc e medy o natalo-talo ' y ung He led her out of the room, past several doors in the hallway, and out of the office building. been monitoring th e presenc e of
individuals may h ave c ontac t I S I S group diy an sa M indanao A n assistant of Ch arlie w as w ith th em. T h ey entered a building eq uipped w ith movie c ameras Ch inese vessels in th e area.
w ith I S I S groups in oth er c oun- at dah il sa martial law , medy o and k lieg ligh ts. ( C o n ti n u ed o n p a g e 6 ) T h e D N D h as been forw arding
tries, adding th at th e k ind of th ese reports to th e D epartment
( ( C C ontont i i nuenue d d on on pagepage 88))
of Foreign A ffairs for appropriate
ac tion.
Hilbay: Presence of Chinese ships “Disrupt 3.0 Filipina Women: Rising” concludes
in Pag-asa Island a sign of invasion National Women’s Month Celebration in DC
' dip lom at ic p rot e st '

Presidential spok esperson

by G abriel Pabic o L alu, I n- “ L et me just point out th at th e
S alvador Panelo said th e D FA
q uirer.net | M A N I L A , 4 /2 /2 019— Pag-asa is a territory c urrently oc -
h as assured th e W esc om th at a
T h e presenc e of Ch inese sh ips in c upied by th e Ph ilippines. K ay a
diplomatic protest will be filed
Pag-asa I sland w ith in th e W est ‘ y ong pagpasok ng Ch inese ves-
against B eijing over th e presenc e
Ph ilippine S ea (W PS ) is already a sels w ith in th e territory of Pagasa
of vessels.
sign of invasion, former S olic i- is an invasion, ” H ilbay ex plained
H e also minimiz ed th e pres-
tor G eneral Florin H ilbay said on in a press briefing in Quezon City.
enc e of Ch inese sh ips in th e area,
W ednesday . “ T h ey are no different from
say ing th at th ey are only loitering
A c c ording to th e Otso D iretso Ch ina going into M anila B ay ,
th ere and th at th ere are not as any
c andidate, th e entranc e of th e bec ause th e M anila B ay is part
of th em as reported in th e new s.
Ch inese sh ips in th e disputed of th e territorial w aters of L uz on.
" A ba eh , di ibig sabih in pagnag-
region, w ell w ith in th e c ountry ’ s Pag-asa is an island w h ic h h as its
si-c irc le eh meron k ang binabal-
ex c lusive ec onomic z one, is no ow n territorial sea, ” h e added. D I S R U P T er s. ( L - R ) F W N P r esi d en t S u si e Q u esa d a , F W N E x ec u ti v e A d v i so r y C o u n c i l M em b er D r . B a m b i L o r i c a ; F W N E x ec u ti v e A d v i - ak ; pero k ung stationary k a lang,
different from th e vessels mak - R ec ent reports from th e A rmed so r y C o u n c i l M em b er G lo r ia C a o i l e; N o r w ei g a n I n sti tu te o f P u b l i c H ea l th A d v i so r y J o a n n e O c a m p o ; H en d er so n L eg a l S er v i c es D i r ec to r
o f B u si n ess D ev el o p m en t J en n i f er T a b o n es; N A S A E n g i n eer J o sep h i n e S a n ti a g o - B o n d , F W N F o u n d er a n d C E O M a r i l y M o n d ej a r ; J u sti n bak a nanunuod k a lang o nak atin-
ing th eir approac h tow ard M anila
B ay . ( C ont i nue d on page 9) F i tz si m m o n s; a n d J .P . M o rg a n V P f o r P o r tf o l i o M a n a g er I n ter n a ti o n a l M a r k ets ( r et.) J en n y S i c a t- C r a b b e. ( C ont i nue d on page 2) ( C ont i nue d on page 9)

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

5 pm
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com April 5-11, 2019

Dedication & Commitment

By Narrison Babao of long time students w h o w ere dow n into 4 q uarters and th e
original students under G M N ar- maestro test is th e testing at th e
S ome of th e strong c h arac ter rie B abao. end of 7 -12 unit. B abao-A rnis
traits among students w h o tak e c urric ulum is ex tensive bec ause
martial arts are: self-disc ipline, T esting w as lead by M aster it enc ompass th ree sy stem:
h onesty , integrity , c ourage, D ave B ertrand, assisted by G uro B atangas-B aston, V illabrille K ali
persistenc e, dedic ation and c om- L uis Orlina and M aster N arrison and Cac oy D oc e Pares so it tak es
mitment. M any students h as B abao. T h e maestro level under dedic ation and c ommitment.
c omes th rough th e doors to learn th e c urrent B abao-A rnis sy stem
B abao-A rnis sy stem but not very represents th e h alf-w ay point to T h e c andidates w h o w ere testing
many c omplete it to th e end. W e bec oming G uro or full instruc - for maestro w ere fath er and son,
just h ad our th ird maestro ex am tor. Under B abao-A rnis sy stem, M ark W h ennen and K ai W h en-
on M arc h 2 3 , 2 019 for c ouple th ere are total of 2 4 units brok en ( C ont i nue d on page 1 1)

“Disrupt 3.0 Filipina Women: Rising” concludes

National Women’s Month Celebration in DC

( C ont i n ue d f r om page 1)
W A S H I N G T ON , D .C. – Filipina
United S tates c ame togeth er for
a nigh t of w omen empow erment,
h igh ligh ting G lobal Pinay Pow er
at th e book launc h of “ D isrupt
619 931-0170
“ D I S R UPT ers” from ac ross th e suc c ess stories, and life lessons 3 .0. Filipina W omen: R ising” Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for your advertising needs.
( C ont i nue d on page 7)

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BBQ place I’ve been to in San Diego.
Hottest Place: Great Korean BBQ
Lunch: $15.99 restaurant/ bar in the Westfield Mission Valley Mall. There are a
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Free jumbo shrimp thing good and Great food come to 365 F. The ambience it’s amaz-
Hours: (Valid March 31, dinner only) ing and it’s a great place to enjoy a new korean experience.
Lunch:- The Best Korean Restaurant in San Diego356 BBQ & We are a
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1640 Camino Del Rio N., downtown San Diego. At 356 BBQ and Bar you’ll be in for a treat
Sun-Thur Ste. 206, when you taste our famous Korean BBQ made with prime meat cuts. 356 BBQ & BAR is a Ko-
(5:45 pm - 9 pm San Diego, CA 92108 rean barbecue restaurant that serves a range of food and beverage items. The restaurants menu
includes Angus prime steaks, beef , chicken, pork, shrimp and noodle soup.
Fri-Sat (619) 295-9774
(5:45 pm - 9:30 pm 1640 Camino Del Rio N., FSU12, SD CA 92108, Tel. 1-619.260.0356 - 356bbq,com
April 5-11, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3

California Communities
Secretary Nielsen convenes border crisis meeting, State Treasurer Fiona
taps Manuel Padilla to coordinate interagency Ma provides financial
border emergency cell empowerment to local
On A pril 2 , D epartment of
elected officials with
agenc y support to th e border c risis in responding to th e c urrent c risis, ”
H omeland S ec urity (D H S ) response effort. M anny is a 3 0-y ear said N ielsen. “ I h ave ask ed h im to

new training video

S ec retary K irstjen M . N ielsen veteran of th e U.S . B order Patrol, lead day -to-day efforts to ensure our
c onvened a D H S -w ide meeting serving most rec ently as Ch ief of th e frontline agenc ies h ave w h at th ey
R io G rande S ec tor. I n S eptember need to c onfront th is situation h ead
on th e h umanitarian and sec urity 2 018 h e w as appointed by President on. M anny ’ s team w ill utiliz e th e
c risis at th e south ern border. T h e T h e v i d eo k i c k s o f f " N a ti o n a l
T rump as D irec tor of th e D epart- Federal Emergenc y M anagement
F i n a n c i a l L i ter a c y M o n th ,"
S ec retary rec eived updates on th e
latest appreh ension numbers, c a-
ment’ s J oint T ask Forc e - W est. A genc y ’ s (FEM A ) N ational R e-
Effec tively immediately , M anny w ill sponse Coordination Center (N R CC) w h i c h b eg i n s o n A p r i l 1 DUTERTE SIGNS TAX AMNESTY ACT
pac ity c h allenges, and th e D epart- lead an I nteragenc y B order Emer- as th e h ub for interagenc y c oordina- M arc h 7 , 2 019 – A fter many To illustrate the huge benefits under
ment’ s operational response. genc y Cell to improve information tion.” S A CR A M EN T O – California
month s of w aiting, th e Ph ilippines th e new law , if y our parents left y ou
“ I w ant to be c lear w ith th e A meri- sh aring and c oordinate interagenc y Earlier th is w eek , th e S ec retary an- S tate T reasurer Fiona M a an- has finally passed Republic Act No. properties w ith a net w orth of 2 0 mil-
c an people: th ere is an unprec edented support to CB P and I CE efforts to nounc ed additional ac tions to address nounc ed today th at sh e is k ic k ing 112 13 , k now n as th e T ax A mnesty lion pesos some ten y ears ago, and
emergenc y at th e south ern border, bring th e situation under c ontrol. th e border emergenc y , and th is w eek off " N ational Financ ial L iterac y A c t. For purposes of th is artic le, w e y ou h ave neglec ted to pay th e estate
and D H S is leading a true govern- “ M anny brings deep on-th e-ground sh e w ill be traveling to th e S outh ern M onth " a few day s early w ith w ill foc us on th e estate (inh eritanc e) tax until now , y our estate tax today
ment-w ide emergenc y response, ” ex perienc e and an operator’ s under- B order to oversee response opera- the launch of a financial train- tax . A gain, to c larify , estate tax is th e (if not for th e amnesty ) w ould h ave
said N ielsen. “ W e are using every standing of th e c h allenges w e fac e tions. legal terminology for inh eritanc e tax , been around 10 million pesos. Under
ing video designed to inform and
County Air District receives $2.5
tool at our disposal, redeploy ing per- empower elected officials. not th e y early tax es th at are paid on th e tax amnesty law , y ou w ill only
sonnel and resourc es, and c alling on th e property . T h e h eirs need to pay need to pay 1.2 million pesos. T h at’ s

Million for Portside Environmental

all federal agenc ies to assist, w h ere As a former local elected official I th e estate tax before th e title of th e almost 90% off!
possible. W h ile only legislation c an
fix this crisis in the long term, we
c annot w ait for Congress to ac t. I t
Asian Journal
Justice Neighborhoods
k now th at issuing and administering
public debt c an be daunting, " said
T reasurer M a. " T h at is w h y w e h ave
inh erited property is transferred to
th eir names, or before th ey c an get
th eir predec essor’ s money from th e
T h e tax amnesty w ill be good for
only 2 y ears, c ounted from th e ef-
fec tivity of th e I R R . S inc e th e I R R
is our duty toFirst sec ure th e Weekly
Asian h omeland,
Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino Newspaper
created this first video in a series to bank . is y et to be issued, th e 2 -y ear period
enforc e our immigration law550s, East By Gig Conaughton, County of San
and 8th Street, J Tel.
e N eigh borh oods c ommu- R igh t now , w e are still w aiting for as of th is w riting (A pril 2 , 2 019)
Suite 6, National
iego o unications fice City CA 91950 • 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373introduc e th e princ iples, c onc epts,
uph old our h umanitarian obligations. nity . and proc esses req uired to effec tively th e I mplementing R ules and R egula- h as not begun. B ut k eep an ey e for
S o w e are devoting every th ing w e T h e County ’ s A ir Pollution tions (I R R ), w h ic h is ex pec ted to be announc ements bec ause tw o y ears
mak e w ise dec isions about invest-
c an to th at end.” Control D istric t h as rec eived $ 2 .5 W ith th e funding, th e distric t w ill ing in infrastruc ture and ec onomic issued w ith in A pril 2 019. T h e I R R go fast, espec ially if w e c onsider
S ec retary N ielsen announc ed h er million from th e California A ir for the first time monitor the ambient development." w ill guide th e B ureau of I nternal th e various steps needed to avail of
dec ision to temporarily re-assign R esourc es B oard to h elp c onduc t air q uality in B arrio L ogan, L ogan T h e online and on-demand R evenue (B I R ) on h ow muc h to th e amnesty and th e preparation of
M anuel “ M anny ” Padilla as th e lead air pollution monitoring in th e H eigh ts, S h erman H eigh ts and parts educ ational c oursew are video w as c ollec t and h ow to go about th e oth er th e estate tax doc uments. T h e last
official to coordinate DHS and inter- ( C ont i nue d on page 4) details. For instanc e, w e h eard th at amnesty w as in 2 007 , so th e nex t one
distric t’ s Portside Environmental produc ed by th e California D ebt
and I nvestment A dvisory Commis- th e B I R w ill be replac ing B I R Form w ill be dec ades aw ay . D on’ t let th is

Asian Journal sion (CD I A C), w h ic h is c h aired by 18 01, th e estate tax return. one slip by .
TrAnsporTATion Modeler T reasurer M a. CD I A C w ill deliver T h e amnesty applies to death s oc -
A tty . R o g el i o K a r a g d a g , J r . i s l i c en sed
th e videos th rough a c ustom w ebsite c urring before D ec ember 3 1, 2 017 . to p r a c ti c e l a w i n b o th C a l i f o r n i a a n d th e
First Asian Weekly
Perform transportation modeling Newspaper
in support in Southern
of regional California
San Diego’s Most Widely
Call (619) 699-1900 Circulated Asian-Filipino
or visit sandag. th atNewspaper
trac k s a learner’ s registration, Under th e old law , th e h eirs w ould P h i l i p p i n es. H e p r a c ti c es i m m i g r a ti o n l a w
org/jobs. Open Until Filled. 550 East EOE.8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373 progress, k now ledge gained, and h ave to pay th e estate tax w ith in i n S a n D i eg o a n d h a s c o n ti n u o u sl y b een a
6 month s from death , or else th ey tr i a l a n d a p p el l a te a tto r n ey i n th e P h i l i p -
certification of completion. p i n es si n c e 1 9 8 9 . H e tr a v el s b etw een S a n
I n support of its efforts to educ ate w ill pay penalties and interests. A nd Diego and Manila. His office is located at
public officials, the State Treasurer’s th e rates w ere q uite h igh under th e 1 0 7 1 7 C a m i n o R u i z , S u i te 1 0 2 , S a n D i eg o ,
AdV erTiseMenT old law – ranging from 5 % to 2 0% CA 92126. He also has an office in the
Office has formed a steering com- P h i l i p p i n es a t U n i t 1 7 1 8 , M a n i l a E x ec u ti v e
reQ U esT F or Q U AliF iC ATions And proposAl ( rF Q / p) no. p s19- 0841- 40 mittee composed of public finance -- w h ic h th e amnesty h as reduc ed R eg en c y , 1 2 0 0 J . B o c o b o S tr eet, E r m i ta , M a -
F or C iV il enG ineerinG And lAnd sU rV eY inG serV iC es
professional organiz ations, inc luding to just a at (the same as capital n i l a , w i th tel ep h o n e n u m b er s ( 0 2 ) 5 5 4 - 0 4 1 2
c ities, c ounties, sc h ool distric ts and gains and donor’ s tax es). & ( 0 2 ) 5 2 2 1 1 9 9 . P l ea se c a l l ( 8 5 8 ) 3 4 8 - 7 4 7 5
Pursuant to California G overnment Code sec tions 452, et seq., the San Diego Unified School District (District) is soliciting written statements of o r em a i l h i m a t r k a r a g d a g @ a tty i m m i g r a ti o n .
qualifications from professional firms and individuals for various projects that will require California licensed civil engineering and land survey- special district finance staff. The role W h ile th e T rain A c t (R epublic A c t
com. He speaks Tagalog fluently. Articles
ing services for bond and non-bond capital improvements at traditional and charter schools throughout the District. The District is planning to of th e steering c ommittee is tw o-fold. N o. 10963 ) already reduc ed th e w r i tten i n th i s c o l u m n a r e n o t l eg a l a d v i c e
award several as-needed contracts for periods of three to five years. These contracts may comprise multiple projects and will be authorized by
I t provides insigh t into th e roles and estate tax to 6% , it applies only to b u t a r e h y p o th eti c a l s i n ten d ed a s g en er a l ,
individual task order. Projects range in scope from minor repair and renovation to building replacement and new construction. Proposals from
responsibilities of elected officials death s oc c urring from J anuary 1, non-specific legal information. Readers must
small businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, and disabled veteran-owned businesses are encouraged. The District seek l eg a l c o n su l ta ti o n b ef o r e ta k i n g a n y
also seeks to promote employment and business opportunities for local residents and firms on all contracts as such opportunities may occur and 2 018 . S o th is new law is designed to l eg a l step s.
( C ont i nue d on page 4)
to the extent legally possible. Design professional services offered pursuant to a design professional contract, or any amendment thereto, entered benefit long-time heirs.
into on or after January 1, 2007, with a public agency, incorporate by reference the provisions of Civil Code section 2782.8. Submitting firms
must have a minimum of three years’ project experience for a California K-12 school district and/or public facilities. (Firms submitting as a Joint
Venture must meet this three (3) year experience requirement with the Joint Venture’s federal tax identification number as the Joint Venture and
must include a true, correct copy of the executed joint venture agreement. If not already in existence, the District requires a statement in the joint Jackie Tovar
venture agreement that each individual joint venturer shall be jointly and severally liable for the obligations and liabilities of the joint venture.) To:
As of January 1, 2012, the San Diego Unified School District no longer administers the in-house Labor Compliance Program for all new construc- SANDAG
tion projects. However, prevailing wage requirements still apply to all public works projects and must be followed pursuant to law. Effective
July 1, 2014, contractors and subcontractors performing public works subject to prevailing wage are required to pay a registration fee to the
Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”). Contractors and subcontractors who have not registered with the DIR on or after April 1, 2015 for GEN SILVERIO
any new projects awarded on or after this date will be precluded from the RFQ/P selection process. The DIR requires registration of contractors
and subcontractors for all projects above $1,000. Public works projects awarded pursuant to this RFQ/P are subject to compliance monitoring
and enforcement by the DIR. For additional information, see, California Labor Code §§ 1725.5, 1771.1, et seq.; https://efiling.dir.ca.gov/PWCR/
Herewith is proof of
S earc h ; and http://www.dir.ca.gov/Public-Works/PublicWorks.html. This contract is subject to DIR requirements and vendors must provide DIR your classified ad for
numbers with their proposals. publication in the Asian
The RFQ/P package is available through DemandStar at www.demandstar.com. re sp onse s t o t h e rF Q / p m ust b e sub m it t e d at or b e f ore 2: 0
p .m . on Ap ril 29, 2019, and needs to include one (1) original and four (4) copies of requested materials as well as five (5) electronic copy on
Journal. Please proofread
it an d f a x b a c k t h e

Asian Journal
a USB thumb drive. Deliver to: San Diego Unified School District, 2351 Cardinal Lane, Building M, San Diego, CA 92123, Attn: Jenny
Damiano, Contract Specialist. Responses submitted after the above stated date and time will not be accepted. The Board of Education for the correction if any or call
San Diego Unified School District reserves the right to reject any and all submissions and to waive any irregularities.
us for your approval. The
SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT PS19-0841-40 ad is tentatively scheduled
Asian Weekly Newspaper in Officer
Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino To: Julie Poeschel SDUSD
Andrea O’Hara, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts to be published in the
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts 550 East Department
8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
AJ-CA_04.05.2019 issue
of the Asian Journal if we
Ad ve rt ise m e nt f or B id s
Notice is hereby given that the San Diego Unified School District, acting by and through its governing board, will receive sealed bids for the receive your approval on
Herewith is proof of
furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation, equipment, and services for: time. At $4 per line
WH ole siTe ModerniZ ATion, p H Ase i your classified ad for
AT C Arson eleMenTArY sC H ool 1x4x10 lines,
it costs
in the Asian
Journal. Please proofread
A m and at ory sit e vi sit is sc h e d ule d f or 9: 0 a.m . on April 12, 2019 in front of the main office of Carson Elementary School, 905 Kramer $______.00 to be paid
St, San Diego, CA 92111. PLEASE SEE BID FOR DETAILS (No. C 19-0891-08). it an d f a x b a c k t h e
upon your receipt of the
All b id s m ust b e re c e ive d at or b e f ore 1: 0 p .m . on April 25, 2019, at the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department, 2351 Cardinal Lane, invoice and tear sheet.
us for your approval. The
Bldg. M, San Diego, CA 92123, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Thank you.
Under Public Contract Code 3400, the District has made a finding that the following particular materials, products, things, or services are des- ad is tentatively scheduled
ignated by specific brand or trade name in order to match other products in use on the particular public improvement either completed or in the to be published in the
course of completion: Fax #
Specification Section 283111 Digital Addressable Fire Alarm System
AJ-CA_04.05.2019 issue
Specification Section 237414 Packaged, Indoor, Heat Pump Units
The project estimate is between $5.7 m illion and $6 m illion. This is a PSA project and requires prequalification. The District requires that of the Asian Journal if we
Bidders possess any of the following classification(s) of California State Contractors License(s), valid and in good standing, at the time of bid receive your approval on


opening and contract award: B .
All late bids shall be deemed non-responsive and not opened. Each bid shall be in accordance with all terms, conditions, plans, specifications and time.
$4 per line
any other documents that comprise the bid package. The Bid and Contract Documents are available in three formats, hard copy, CD, or online 7 x2x10 lines, it costs
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from PlanWell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 8375 Camino Santa Fe, Unit B, San Diego, CA 92121, phone
number 858-535-0607, for a refundable payment of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) per set; CD’s are available for a non-refundable charge of $50. back to
$______.00 to be paid
Payments shall be made by check payable to SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. If the payment for Bid and Contract Documents is (619) 474-0373 or
refundable, refunds will be processed by the District only if the Bid and Contract Documents, including all addendums, are returned intact and upon your receipt of the
acknowledge via
in good order to Crisp Imaging within ten (10) days of the issuance of the Final Bid Tabulation. Online documents are available for download
on PlanWell through Crisp Imaging. Go to www.crispimg.com, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-
3171). All bids shall be submitted on bid forms furnished by the District in the bid package beginning March 19, 2019. Bid packages will not be
Thank you. We have late-start, short-term classes
invoice and tear sheet.

faxed. senATe B ill ( sB ) 854 reQ U ireMenTs: Effective July 1, 2014, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal,
or awarded a contract for a public works project (awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations
(DIR) pursuant to Labor Code §1725.5 with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code §1771.1(a) . This
Fax # in March & April
10-Week 8-Week 6-Week 5-Week
project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR. Prime contractors must add the DIR Registration Number for each of their
listed subcontractors to the Subcontractors List AND submit a certificate of registration for their own firm and those of their listed subcontractors
upon request by the District. Failure of the bidding prime contractor to list their subcontractors DIR Registration Number on the Subcontractors
March 11 April 1 March 11 April 1
List at time of bid may result in rejection of their bid as non-responsive. Refer to the following DIR Website for further information: www.dir.
ca.gov/Public-Works/PublicWorks.html preV AilinG W AG es: Prevailing wage requirements apply to all public works projects and must be SDUSD
followed per Article 17 of the General Conditions of this bid. proJeC T sTAB iliZ ATion AG reeMenT ( psA) : This project is subject to TO APPROVE
From:and fax
please sign
April 8
the Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) adopted by the Board of Education on July 28, 2009. The complete agreement is available for viewing
and downloading at www.sandi.net - Proposition S . disAB led V eTerAn B U siness enTerprise pArTiC ipATion proG rAM: GEN SILVERIO
back to
Pursuant to Resolution In Support of Service Disabled Veterans Owned Businesses (SDVOB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE)
(619) 474-0373 or
April 15
approved on May 10, 2011 by the Board of Education, the Bidder is required to satisfy a minimum DVBE participation percentage of at least
Herewith is proof of
three percent (3 ) for this project. In compliance with this Program, the Bidder shall satisfy all requirements enumerated in the bid package.
acknowledge via
Each bid must be submitted on the Bid Form provided in the bid package and shall be accompanied by a satisfactory bid security in the form of your classified ad for
either a bid bond executed by the bidder and Surety Company, or a certified or cashier’s check in favor of the San Diego Unified School District, EMAIL.
in an amount equal to ten percent (10 ) of their bid value. Said bid security shall be given to guarantee that the Bidder will execute the contract
publication in the Asian
as specified, within five (5) working days of notification by the District. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any Journal. Please proofread

Apply/Register Today: sdcity.edu

irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of 120 days after the date set it an d f a x b a c k t h e
for the opening of bids. For information regarding bidding, please call 858-522-5825. pre- Q U AliF iC ATion oF B idders: Pursuant to
Public Contract Code (PCC) §20111. , each contractor wishing to bid as a prime to the District for projects estimated at $1,000,000 or over, or
correction if any or call
any subcontractor performing the license classifications of A, B if performing the work of C-4, C-7, C-10, C-1 , C-20, C-34, C-3 , C-38, C-42, us for your approval. The
C-43 and/or C-4 wishing to submit a bid to a bidding prime contractor must be prequalified in order to bid. Projects estimated at 10 million ad is tentatively scheduled
or greater require audited financials. Contact Glenda Burbery at gbur be r y @ sandi .ne t to request a pre-qualification questionnaire. Completed
questionnaires must be submitted to the District no later than 10 BUSINESS DAYS before the bid opening due date. Any questionnaires
to be published in the
46 Financial Aid ONLINE, EVENING &
submitted later than this deadline will not be processed for this Invitation for Bids. The District encourages all general contractors bidding as a

prime contractor, and all MEP subcontractors to request a questionnaire, complete it and submit it as soon as possible. AJ-CA_04.05.2019

sAn dieG o U niF ied sC H ool disTriC T
Andrea O’Hara, M.A.
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Officer
of the Asian Journal if we
receive your approval on WEEKEND CLASSES
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Health & Wellness

People with osteoporosis should avoid spinal poses in yoga, study says Forgetting uses more brain power
— ScienceDaily.com to 2 018 for pain th ey attributed to than remembering
th eir y oga prac tic e. S ome w ere new — ScienceDaily.com someth ing, but h ow our brains do
oga postures that ex the spine to y oga. Oth ers h ad prac tic ed for Ch oosing to forget someth ing th at is still being q uestioned. Onc e
bey ond its limits may raise th e y ears. T h ey h ad pain in th e bac k , migh t tak e more mental ef- we can figure out how memories are
risk of c ompression frac tures in nec k , sh oulder, h ip, k nee or a c ombi- fort th an try ing to remember it, w eak ened and devise w ay s to c ontrol
people w ith th inning bones, ac - nation. th is, w e c an design treatment to h elp
Patients identified 12 poses they researc h ers at T h e University
c ording to researc h from M ay o people rid th emselves of unw anted
said c aused or aggravated th eir of T ex as at A ustin disc overed memories."
Clinic . T h e results appear in sy mptoms. T h e most c ommon th rough neuroimaging. M emories are not static . T h ey are
M ay o Clinic Proc eedings. postures involved extreme exing or These findings, published in the dy namic c onstruc tions of th e brain
R esearc h ers at M ay o Clinic and ex tending of th e spine. R esearc h ers J ournal of N eurosc ienc e, suggest that regularly get updated, modified
elsew h ere h ave desc ribed injuries used patients' h ealth rec ords, medi- th at in order to forget an unw anted and reorganiz ed th rough ex perienc e.
from y oga. T h is study ex amines cal exams and imaging to confirm ex perienc e, more attention sh ould be T h e brain is c onstantly remember-
injuries in people w ith osteopo- and c ategoriz e th e injuries as soft foc used on it. T h is surprising result ing and forgetting information -- and
bilitation spec ialist and th e study ' s L ask ow sk i, M .D ., c o-c h air of M ay o ex tends prior researc h on intentional
rosis and osteopenia -- c ondi- tissue, joint or bone injuries. senior auth or. " B ut if y ou h ave os- Clinic S ports M edic ine, c alled on muc h of th is h appens automatic ally
Researchers identified 29 bony forgetting, w h ic h foc used on reduc - during sleep.
tions c h arac teriz ed by low bone teoporosis or osteopenia, y ou sh ould providers, patients and y oga teac h ers ing attention to th e unw anted infor-
injuries, inc luding degeneration modify th e postures to ac c ommodate to w ork togeth er to produc e an indi- W h en it c omes to intentional
density . of disk s, slippage of vertebrae and mation th rough redirec ting attention forgetting, prior studies foc used on
Osteoporosis is a disease in w h ic h y our c ondition. A s people age, th ey vidualiz ed ex erc ise presc ription th at aw ay from unw anted ex perienc es or
c ompression frac tures. T h e latter ap- can benefit by getting a review of c onsiders th e y oga student' s medic al loc ating " h otspots" of ac tivity in th e
bones bec ome th inner and more peared to be related to postures th at suppressing th e memory ' s retrieval. brain' s c ontrol struc tures, suc h as
porous from loss of mineral c ontent. th eir old ex erc ise regimens to pre- h istory to protec t against injury and " W e may w ant to disc ard memories
put ex tra pressure on th e vertebra vent unw anted c onseq uenc es." provide optimal benefit. th e prefrontal c ortex , and long-term
B one loss th at h as not reac h ed th e and disk s. th at trigger maladaptive responses, memory struc tures, suc h as th e h ip-
stage of an osteoporosis diagnosis is Patients w h o inc orporated rec - T h e a u th o r s n o ted stu d y l i m i ta ti o n s.
suc h as traumatic memories, so th at
oga has many benefits. It im- ommendations to modify th eir T h e p a ti en ts w er e seen i n a m u sc u l o - poc ampus. T h e latest study foc uses,
c alled osteopenia. proves balance, exibility, strength sk el eta l c l i n i c a t a ter ti a r y c a r e c en ter , w e c an respond to new ex perienc es instead, on th e sensory and perc ep-
R esearc h ers review ed th e h ealth re- movements reduc ed th eir pain and in more adaptive w ay s, " said J arrod
and is a good soc ial ac tivity , " say s improved th eir sy mptoms. which makes generalizations difficult. tual areas of the brain, specifically
c ords of 8 9 people -- mostly w omen M eh rsh eed S inak i, M .D ., a M ay o R esea r c h er s r ec ei v ed f o l l o w - u p r ep o r ts L ew is-Peac oc k , th e study ' s senior th e ventral temporal c ortex , and th e
-- referred to M ay o Clinic from 2 006 I n a separate c ommentary , Edw ard auth or and an assistant professor of
Clinic ph y sic al medic ine and reh a- o n 2 2 p a ti en ts, a s m o st l i v ed o u t o f sta te. patterns of ac tivity th ere th at c or-
M a ter i a l s p r o v i d ed b y M a y o C l i n i c . psy c h ology at UT A ustin. " D ec ades respond to memory representations
N o te: C o n ten t m a y b e ed i ted f o r sty l e
able. S ometh ing w e w ould mak e V ermont. A fter sc h ool, H anis began of researc h h as sh ow n th at w e h ave of c omplex visual stimuli.
a n d l en g th . th e ability to voluntarily forget
for our friends, not food c ritic s. S o to polish h is sk ills at th e A meric an ( C ont i nue d on page 8)
( C ont i nue d f r om page 1 1) w e sc rapped th e entire menu and S easons R estaurant in N antuc k et.

A decade later
brough t bac k a lot of th e original replac ed it w ith th e c urrent menu B ut h is love for S an D iego - and forgave h im for splash ing me w ith S o y es, I did survive R y an’ s 11th y ear
staff from Carnitas’ S nac k S h ac k . w h ic h tastes good, it’ s easy to eat w arm w eath er- brough t h im bac k to th e w ater balloons. I t seems lik e c elebration and all th e ones th at fol-
“ I t’ s great to w ork w ith every one and it’ s N orth Park . I c an serve it to th e W est Coast, w h ere h e w ork ed ( C ont i nue d f r om page 6) just y esterday and h e w as tw o and low ed. N ow h e’ s an EM T , study ing to be
again, ” said H anis. “ W e h ave suc h a oth er c h efs w ith pride, but also h ave at a number of notable restaurants now h e’ s 11 and I don’ t k now h ow a paramedic and firefighter. I’m happy
a beer w ith my friends around th e th rough out S an D iego as an Ex ec u- c ak e frosting out of h er h air, out and proud but just a bit w istful for th ose
great rapport th at righ t w h en I th ink of h er ears, and out from betw een th ose nine y ears w ent by so q uic k ly .
of someth ing I need, th e staff h as fire pit and eat something myself.” tive Ch ef and Ch ef de Cuisine. I n M y dad say s th e same th ing about
parties of long ago.
T h e Porc h etta S h ac k is c urrently 2 009 Ch ef H anis earned th e h onor- h er toes. N ever mind – sh e’ s th ree.
already tak en c are of it. I t really is M ic h elle w ent to bed a bit after th at, me. T ime and aging are very strange
lik e a h omec oming.” enjoy ing its soft opening W ednes- able aw ard of “ Ch ef of th e Y ear” and so unforgiving.
day th rough M onday w ith a G rand from th e California R estaurant A s- and I stay ed up bec ause I ’ m alw ay s
Ch ef S teph en G age, c h ef de c uisine, up and someone h ad to mak e sure
from Chef Hanis’ Pioneer BBQ Opening slated for late spring. soc iation. S h ortly after th at h e w as
# # # induc ted into th e S an D iego H ome/ the boys finally went to sleep.
restaurant in L a M esa h as also c on-
sulted on T h e Porc h etta S h ac k menu. B orn and raised in S an D iego, G arden’ s “ Ch ef’ s H all of Fame” . H e
H anis Cavin is k now n nationally for is c urrently th e ow ner and founder of W ell th ey did a little after 1: 3 0 am
“ W ork ing w ith S teph en is a joy . H e’ s - after I w ent in th e room th ree times
y oung, talented and h ard-w ork ing. h is c ulinary talents. Early on, H anis’ Pioneer in L a M esa and c o-founder
W e originally designed th is amaz - h ome ec onomic s told h im th at h e
h ad a talent th at sh ould not be w ast-
of N orth Park ’ s new est addition, T h e
Porc h etta S h ac k .
and th reatened th em w ith no more
birth day c ak e ever if th ey didn’ t turn Seniors, 60+: come enjoy a warm, nutri-
ingly refined and beautifully crafted
menu for T h e Porc h etta S h ac k , but ed. I nspired by h is teac h er’ s advic e, T h e Porc h etta S h ac k is loc ated at off th e T V , turn off th e ligh t, and turn
off th eir mouth s and G O T O S L EEP
tious lunch provided by Serving Seniors
w h en w e look ed at it w e dec ided
w e w anted it to be more approac h -
H anis attended th e N ew England
Culinary I nstitute in M ontpelier,
2 63 2 University A venue in th e N orth
Park neigh borh ood of S an D iego. B EFOR E I S EL L Y OU B OT H T O at St. Charles Nutrition Center. Lunch is
served Monday – Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30
State Treasurer · California A ssoc iation of S anita-
tion A genc ies, County R y an of c ourse just told h is friend,
“ D on’ t w orry - h e alw ay s say s th at.”
p.m. Suggested donation $3.50, but any
( C ont i nue d f r om page 3) · California A ssoc iation of County ( C ont i nue d f r om page 3) W h ic h I do, of c ourse, but h e doesn’ t donation is gratefully accepted. No one
and w ill public iz e th e video program
to elected officials.
T reasurers and T ax Collec tors.
Fiona M a is California’ s 3 4 th
of N ational City — th e neigh borh oods
th at c omprise th e Portside c ommu-
h ave to tell h is friend th at.
will be turned away for inability to donate.
B y 2 02 1, T reasurer M a antic ipates
S tate T reasurer. S h e w as elec ted
on N ovember 6, 2 018 w ith more
nity — and tak e steps to reduc e th e A q uie t h ouse onc e ag ain All are welcome. Please join us!
th at a total of nine videos w ill be
available. The first video that was
votes (7 , 8 2 5 , 5 8 7 ) th an any oth er
air pollution and its h armful effec ts
on residents. A mbient air is th e air They finally went to sleep, and I St. Charles Senior Nutrition Center
released today is titled " W h at Y ou
c andidate for treasurer in th e state' s
history. She is the first woman of
immediately surrounding people at
street level.
snuc k in th e room and turned off th e
T V , turned off th e ligh ts, c overed 945 18th St., San Diego, CA 92154
N eed to K now B efore I ssuing D ebt."
I t c an be view ed h ere: h ttps: //w w w .
color and the first woman Certified
Public A c c ountant (CPA ) elec ted to
th em up and w ent out w ith a last www.servingseniors.org/meals
treasurer.c a.gov/c diac /debtpilot.asp Portside was one of the first 10 glanc e at th e boy w h o turned 11 and
th e position. T h e S tate T reasurer’ s c ommunities in all of California is grow ing up so very q uic k ly . A t
Office was created in the California selec ted by th e California A ir R e- th at point h e look ed angelic and I
T reasurer M a th ank ed th e follow ing
Constitution in 1849. It provides fi- sourc es B oard to be part of its Com-
loc al agenc ies and organiz ations for
nanc ing for sc h ools, roads, h ousing, munity A ir Protec tion Program. T h e
assisting in th e projec t:
rec y c ling and w aste management, state air board c reated th e program
· T h e L eague of California Cities,
h ospitals, public fac ilities, and oth er in response to California’ s passage
· California S tate A ssoc iation of
c ruc ial infrastruc ture projec ts th at of A ssembly B ill 617 in 2 017 , w h ic h
better th e lives of residents. aims to h elp c ommunities th at may
· California S pec ial D istric ts A s-
California is the world’s fifth-larg- be more vulnerable to th reats from
soc iation,
est ec onomy and T reasurer M a is th e air pollution bec ause th ey ’ re loc ated
· California A ssoc iation of S c h ool
state’s primary banker. Her office near ports, rail y ards, w areh ouses,
Business Officials,
proc esses more th an $ 2 trillion in industries and freew ay s.
· Community College L eague of
pay ments w ith in a ty pic al y ear and
provides transparenc y and over- W ork in th e c ommunity w ill
· California S oc iety of M unic ipal
sigh t for an investment portfolio inc lude plac ing multiple air q uality
Finance Officers,
of more th an $ 90 billion, approx i- monitors in th e four neigh borh oods,
· California M unic ipal T reasurers
mately $ 2 0 billion of w h ic h are c ollec ting air q uality data and using
A ssoc iation,
loc al government funds. S h e also th e distric t’ s air q uality improvement
· California S c h ool B oards A ssoc ia-
is responsible for $ 8 2 billion in projec ts to reduc e pollution. For ex -
outstanding general obligation and ample, enc ouraging businesses and
· A ssoc iation of California S c h ool
lease revenue bonds of th e state. people th rough monetary inc entive
A dministrators,
· California Ch arter S c h ools A s- grants to sw ap pollution-spew ing
F o r m o r e n ew s a b o u t th e S ta te diesel mac h inery and engines w ith
soc iation,
Treasurer’s Office, please follow elec tric or less-polluting diesel
· California M unic ipal Utilities A s-
T r ea su r er M a o n T w i tter a t @ engines.
soc iation,
C a l T r ea su r er , a n d o n F a c eb o o k a t
· A ssoc iation of California W ater
California State Treasurer's Office. A s part of th e state’ s program, th e
A genc ies,
A ir Pollution Control D istric t is
req uired to install, operate and start
reporting data from th e air q ual-
Work for the San Diego’s already began monitoring efforts th is
ity monitors by J uly 1. T h e distric t VA
Top Home Care Agency!
month , ah ead of sc h edule. r
T h e distric t establish ed a steering
c ommittee for th e Portside pro-
Now Hiring gram, w h ic h inc luded members of
th e neigh borh oods being studied,
businesses, agenc ies and organiz a-
Exerienced Caregivers tions. T h e distric t h as been w ork ing
w ith th e steering c ommittee on all
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts aspec ts of th e program, inc luding
site loc ations for air q uality moni-
Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits tors. T h e distric t h as already started
air pollution monitoring at S h erman
Requirements H eigh ts Elementary S c h ool and w ill
be monitoring at several more loc a-
• 3 professional references tions in th e c oming month s.
• Proof of eligibility to work in the US
For more information about th e Office Hours
Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
A ir Pollution Control D istric t and
Call for an appointment th e Portside Environmental J ustic e

Sat 9-3
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. N eigh borh oods, go to th e distric t’ s
w ebsite.

La Jolla Apply Online!

858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com em e rg e nc y V isit s W e lc om e
April 5-11, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

Diplomas are only symbols, education lasts a lifetime,
Briones tells graduates
by M erlina Hernando-M alipot, M anila and G rade 12 learners from sc h ools for every one.” H ow ever, sh e stressed tak ingly study ing y our lessons and
Bulletin | M ANILA, 3/ 30/ 2019 w ith D epEd-approved K to 12 transi- th at “ diplomas are only sy mbols, but th ose day s of putting y our k now l-
tion plan, or from sc h ools w ith per- educ ation lasts a lifetime.” edge at w ork to be a step c loser to
A s th e sc h ool y ear c omes to an mit to operate S enior H igh S c h ool S h e urged th ose w h o w ill graduate y our dreams, ” B riones added.
end, Educ ation S ec retary L eonor 2 014 , or from I nternational sc h ools and th ose w h o w ill c omplete th eir T h e graduation day is “ a c ommem-
B riones reminded public sc h ools w ith K to 12 program. G raduates are respec tive grade levels to ex ert ef- oration of y our ac h ievements, a time
th at graduation rites – as w ell as entitled to a h igh sc h ool diploma. fort in mak ing th emselves and th eir to antic ipate future opportunities,
moving up ex erc ises – th at mark M eanw h ile, th e moving up rites c ountry proud of th eir ac c omplish - and a season to embrac e and th ank

The Titanic Disaster a milestone in th e lives of learn-

ers “ sh ould be c onduc ted w ith out
w ill be for G rade 10 learners w h o
c ompleted J unior H igh S c h ool and
are entitled to a J unior H igh sc h ool
“ our mentors are confident that
people w h o h ave h elped y ou in one
way or the other to reach this finish
line, ” th e new ly minted educ ation
y ou w ill c ontinue living up to be-
By Z ena Sultana Babao h eard. One survivor desc ribed th e ex c essive spending, ex travagant Certificate. c ome c itiz ens of c h arac ter and lofty sec retary noted.
sound like that of a giant fingernail attire, or ex traordinary venue.” ideals, and w h ose c ritic al th ink ing “ W ith all th e k now ledge, sk ills,
T h e tragedy of th e T itanic on sc raping th e side of th e sh ip. W h at L I FET I M E and c ompetenc y w ill tak e th e c oun- and values y ou ac q uired, y ou h ave
th e evening of A pril 12 , 1912 h appened w as th at th e T itanic h ad try to path of global c ompetitiveness prepared y ourself for life-c h anging
c ollided w ith a giant ic eberg! “ T h e c losing c eremonies, or
h as passed from h istory into M oving Up, sh ould be simple I n h er message to th e graduates of and rec ognition, ” B riones, a Profes- endeavors and infinite possibilities.
legend. I t tells th e primal tale T h e mountain of ic e h ad c reated involving only th e learners, th e S c h ool Y ear (S Y ) 2 016-2 017 , B rio- sor Emerita of Public administration A s y ou journey th rough life, k eep
of man c h allenging nature and nes said if “ a man w ants an educ a- said. w ork ing h ard bec ause th is is just th e
a 3 00-foot gash , a mortal w ound parents, and th e sc h ool, ” B riones tion, h e c an learn all h e w ants.” B ut, “ W h en y ou reap th e fruits of y our beginning of many c h allenges as
losing. S upposedly unsink able, on th e side of th e sh ip. A nd to add said.
it w ent dow n on h er maiden “ if a man w ants to prove h imself, a h ard w ork and perseveranc e in th e w ell as future suc c esses, ” B riones
insult to injury, this magnificent diploma w ould be a tangible proof past y ears – all th ose nigh ts of pains- told th e graduates.
voy age. V olumes of book s and oating palace had only twenty G raduation ex penses, on th e
reels of films have recounted its lifeboats. N ot enough for th e 3 , 000 oth er h and sh ould be c h arged to th e
story , w ith th e bloc k buster 1997 passengers and c rew ! T h e builders S c h ool M aintenanc e and Operat-
movie “ T itanic ” th e most famous and the owners were so confident of ing Ex penses (M OOE) under its
th e sh ip’ s indestruc tibility th at th ey 2 017 budget. “ A ny D epEd person-
and profitable of all, especially c onsidered additional lifeboats un- nel sh ould not be allow ed to c ollec t
after garnering several A c ademy nec essary . any graduation fees or any k ind of
aw ards. c ontribution, h ow ever, th e Parents
S oon th e sh ip began to tilt. T h ere and T eac h ers A ssoc iation (PT A ) may
For ninety -seven y ears w e h ave w ere no bells, no siren, and no gen- give donations in c ash or in k ind, ”
been fasc inated w ith th e T itanic ’ s eral alarm to w arn th e passengers of B riones said.
history. The magnificent ship’s th eir impending doom. T h e stew ards “ M oreover, c ontribution for th e
tragic end affec ts us even today . simply k noc k ed from c abin to c abin, y earbook w ill be on voluntary basis
S c ores of fac ts, legends and my th s politely ask ing passengers to don only , ” th e former national treasurer
h ave surfac ed th rough th e y ears th eir life jac k ets and go up on dec k . of th e Estrada administration said.
attesting to our enduring fasc ination At first the passengers thought it T h is sc h ool y ear, D epEd announc ed
w ith th e “ sh ip of dreams” maiden w as all a jok e. T h ey responded w ith th at graduation c eremony w ill only
voy age th at immediately turned into amusement and disbelief. be for G rade 6 learners w h o c om-
a glaring c atastroph e. pleted elementary educ ation w h o are
M inutes tic k ed aw ay as th e w omen entitled to an elementary certificate
W h at is it th at fasc inates us about
Tsundoku: The
and th e c h ildren boarded th e few
th is doomed oc ean liner? I s it th e lifeboats. S ome w ives c h ose to
unth ink able tragedy and th e possibil- stay w ith th eir h usbands aboard th e
ity th at suc h tragedy c ould h ave been
avoided? Or is it th e sh eer arroganc e
sink ing sh ip. S ome men w ere luc k y
to get into th e lifeboats. A t pre- practice of buying
and unbelief of some people w h o
th ink th at th ey are better th an G od?
c isely 1: 3 0 a.m., tw o h ours and forty
minutes after th e sh ip c ollided w ith more books than
T h e T itanic
th e ic eberg, th e migh ty T itanic w ent
dow n into th e blac k ness of th e deep! you can read
Only 7 05 of th e 3 , 000 survived.
W h en th e T itanic embark ed on h er © Ux imetc pavel, TreeHugger.com
maiden voyage, the world was filled L ife is lik e th e T itanic
w ith h ope and aw e. T h e largest and T h e J apanese w ord desc ribes
most lux urious sh ip ever built, th e W h at h appened to th e sh ip c an also piling up book s to save for later
T itanic w as ow ned by th e W h ite S tar h appen in life – if w e don’ t h eed th e ... even if y ou' ll never ac tually
L ine and built by H arland & W olff signs of danger! I n some w ay s, our read th em.
in B elfast, I reland. A ll w h o c ould life, and soc iety in general, is lik e th e
afford th e trip, and even th ose w h o T itanic : tec h nologic ally advanc ed, " Even w h en reading is impossible,
barely c ould, w anted to tak e part in opulent and arrogant. th e presenc e of book s ac q uired pro-
its h istory -mak ing maiden voy age duc es suc h an ec stasy th at th e buy -
from Europe to A meric a. S o advanc ed, th at w e h ave at our ing of more book s th an one c an read
fingertips nuclear and biological is noth ing less th an th e soul reac h ing
W h at c augh t every one’ s attention w eapons of destruc tion th at c ould towards infinity. A. Edward New-
w as th e c ommon belief th at th e effec tively w ipe out c iviliz ation in ton, auth or, publish er, and c ollec tor
T itanic w as unsink able, bec ause th e blink of an ey e. S o opulent, th at of 10, 000 book s.
its ow ners and builders billed it as w e revel on w h at w e h ave, rath er A re y ou one of us? A master of
suc h . H er c onstruc tion w as reputed th an w h at w e are. A nd so arrogant, tsundok u? M ine tak es th e sh ape of
to h ave been th e best of th e best. I n th at w e th ink w e c an get aw ay w ith th e aspirational stac k by my bedside
fac t, w h en one of th e c rew members almost any despic able ac t w ith out table – bec ause I am going to read
w as ask ed at th e start of th e voy age fac ing th e c onseq uenc es. every nigh t before bed, of c ourse,
if th e T itanic w as truly unsink able, and upon w ak ing on th e w eek ends.
th e c rew man replied, “ G od h imself I n effec t, w e are proc laiming to th e H ah ah a. M y tsundok u also tak es
c ould not sink th is sh ip! ” w orld th at: “ G od h imself c ould not sh ape in c ook book s ... even th ough I
sink th is sh ip! ” rarely c ook from rec ipes. A nd I th ink
T h e T itanic h ad every th ing going I most fervently prac tic e tsundok u
for h er. T h e sh ip’ s c aptain, Edw ard H istory w ill tell us th at no soc iety w h en I buy th ree or four novels to
J . S mith , w as said to be one of th e or nation is unsink able! W h en a pile in my suitcase for a five-day
most ex perienc ed and respec ted men soc iety or a nation is so embroiled vac ation. S ometimes not even one
at sea. T h e T itanic w as eq uipped in evil and immorality , arroganc e sees its spine c rac k ed.
w ith th e most advanc ed tec h nologi- and unbelief – tragedy is not far off. T h ank h eavens th e J apanese h ave
c al features of h er day . M oney w as T h is generation – w ith its pow er and a w ord to desc ribe people lik e us:
not spared to give it opulenc e! I n its tec h nology , its opulenc e and im- tsundok u. D ok u c omes from a verb
fact, she was so magnificent it was morality , its law lessness and its pride th at c an be used for " reading, " w h ile
like a oating palace. The Liner’s – is now going th e w ay of th e T i- tsun " to pile up." T h e ol' piling up of
M anaging D irec tor made it a point to tanic . Unless w e c h ange our c ourse! reading th ings.
join h er on h er maiden voy age, and Unless w e adh ere to th e moral and " T h e ph rase ' tsundok u sensei' ap-
so did some of th e w ealth iest people natural law s of our G od! pears in tex t from 18 7 9 ac c ording
of th e W estern w orld. to th e w riter M ori S enz o, " Profes-
T h ere is a S upreme B eing th at sor A ndrew G erstle, a teac h er of
A lso on board w ere some poor governs us all. B ut sad to say , w e do pre-modern J apanese tex ts at th e
Europeans w h o w anted to c ome to not listen. W e turn deaf ears to th e University of L ondon, ex plains to
A meric a to build a new life. B ut it signs of impending doom – and lik e B B C. " W h ic h is lik ely to be satiri-
w as not to be. T h ings ex pec ted h ave th e T itanic – w e rush h eadlong into c al, about a teac h er w h o h as lots of
a w ay of turning w rong! disaster! book s but doesn' t read th em." Even
so, say s G erstle, th e term is not c ur-
W h at w ent w rong? L ook around y ou. I t is h appening rently used in a moc k ing w ay .
now ! T om G erk en points out at B B C th at
A series of errors and omissions English may in fac t seem to h ave
c ompounded to c reate a gigan- S eeing th at all th ings w ill c ome to a similar w ord in " bibliomania, "
tic c atastroph e! T h e migh ty sh ip pass, and th ey w ill, th e q uestions w e but th ere are ac tually differenc es.
ignored inc reasing signs of danger sh ould ask ourselves are th ese: A re " W h ile th e tw o w ords may h ave
as it speeded th rough th e nigh t to h er w e going to h eed th e w arning signals similar meanings, th ere is one k ey
rendez vous w ith disaster. and adjust our c ourse? A re w e going differenc e, " h e w rites. " B ibliomania
to listen to th e voic e of reason and desc ribes th e intention to c reate a
Early in th e afternoon of th at A pril do th e righ t th ing? Or are w e going book c ollec tion, tsundok u desc ribes
day , radio messages about ic eberg to let our arroganc e and unbelief sink th e intention to read book s and th eir
oating in the area were received us into oblivion? eventual, ac c idental c ollec tion."
from oth er sh ips. B ut th e sh ip’ s c ap-
tain saw no need to slow dow n. A t M mm h mm, guilty as c h arged.
10: 00 in th e evening, anoth er sh ip,
th e Californian, frantic ally w arned I t' s interesting to c onsider th e future
th e T itanic of more ic ebergs. B ut th e of book s righ t now – and th e poten-
radio operators, busy sending w ires tial fate of w ords lik e tsundok u. W e
from th e ric h and famous aboard to h ave dedic ated e-readers and ph ones
th eir friends on land, sh arply told th e and tablets th at c ould easily spell
Californian not to interrupt. doom for th e printed page. W e h ave
tiny h ouses and a major minimalism
T h en at 10: 4 0 p.m. tragedy struc k ! movement, both of w h ic h w ould
A faint sh udder w as felt aboard
( C ont i nue d on page 8)
th e sh ip and a strange sound w as
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com April 5-11, 2019

Promised Land
w anted to h ear. H e did not ex pec t it
to be th at easy to c onvinc e h er to do
w h at h e w ish ed.
I t w as too late for Eva M arie to

tak e bac k h er w ord. S h e h ad said th e
same th ing to h erself on h er w ay to
Charlie’s office when she felt she
failed th e test. I t w as w h at sh e h ad
promised G od, remember, th at sh e
w ould c ommit a sin so long as H e
made h er a movie star. C h a p ter 3 1 o f " P r o m i sed n g m g a k a sa m a h a n g k o n g P i l i p i n a marry him. At first he thought that
L a n d " b y S i m eo n G . S i l v er i o , J r . sa tr a b a h o , p u w ed e k o d a w d a l h i n w as good enough for h im. B ut h er
“ A ny th ing, ” sh e said softly as sh e
d i y a n a t g a w i n g a r ti sta ( M y F i l i p i n a h urtful statement “ sh e w ould not
cast her eyes on the oor. They both
Destiny: Decision T h e letter w as tuc k ed innoc ently in c o - w o r k er s sa i d I c a n ta k e h er to th e marry h im even if h e w as th e last
k new it meant sh e w as w illing to
D itas’ h andbag. R omy w as look - P h i l i p p i n es to b ec o m e a m o v i e sta r ) . man on earth ” k ept ringing in h is
sleep w ith Ch arlie to get th e job. S h e
ing for coins to be used in his office A n d y o u k n o w w h a t? K a p a n g a l a n p a ears despite h er being a good w ife,
( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) c ould h ardly say th e w ord and look
h ad one c h anc e to mak e someth ing vending mac h ines and peek ed into si y a n g T a ta y ( S h e i s f a th er ’ s n a m e- one w h o let h im tak e c ertain liberties
Ch arlie in th e ey es, y et sh e meant it.
“ L isten, ” Ch arlie announc ed to of h er life, and sh e blew it! th e bag. D itas w as tak ing a sh ow er at sa k e) . T h a t i s w h y I si n c er el y b el i ev e w ith w h enever h e pleased. A nd y et,
S h e w as desperate. S h e didn’ t w ant
get th e attention of th e people in “ G od, please mak e me pass th is th at time, preparing for w ork . sh e’ s a g i f t f r o m h ea v en , g i v en to th is h as not been good enough . H e
to blow th e opportunity .
th e room. “ L et’ s go to w ork .” sc reen test, ” sh e pray ed as sh e fol- I t w as unsealed, addressed to D itas’ u s th r o u g h T a ta y ’ s i n ter c essi o n . W e c ould not erase in h is mind th e belief
“ A s I said, th ere are many girls I
Eva M arie w as told to stand in th e lowed Charlie Buendia to his office. moth er in th e Ph ilippines and ready k n o w b ec a u se o f h i s a i l m en t, R o m y sh e married h im not out of love but
c an give th is opportunity . B ut I am
c enter, w ith th e blinding k lieg ligh ts “ I ’ ll do any th ing just to bec ome to be mailed w ith postage. D isre- c a n ’tg iv em ea c h ild . nec essity . T h is w as despite th e fac t
w illing to give y ou a c h anc e bec ause
foc used on h er. A gay man, w h o a movie star. I ’ ll even sleep w ith spec ting h is w ife’ s privac y , R omy T a k e c a r e a n d sta y h ea l th y . M a y sh e lived up to h er marital vow s of
I felt I h ave a soft spot for y ou. Y ou
seemed to be an assistant direc tor, Ch arlie.” took out th e letter and read it. a w a a n g D iy o sn a b a la n g a r a w being a loy al w ife, one w h o w ould
reminded me of my girlfriend w h en
instruc ted h er to follow a sh ort sc ript S h e w as so desperate sh e did not I n it, D itas w rote: m a g k a k a sa m a u l i ta y o ( G o d w i l l attend to all h is needs as long as sh e
I w as y oung. S h e died in an ac c ident
as sh e w as told to ac t w ith different realiz e sh e w as promising G od sh e h a v e p i ty a n d p r etty so o n , w e w i l l b e lived, one w h o promised to remain
and I c ould not forget h er. S h e w as
emotions. Eva M arie didn’ t k now w ould c ommit a sin so long as H e “ D ea r N a n a y , to g eth er a g a i n ) . h is partner for life.
also pretty but unsure of h erself. S h e
w h at sh e w as doing. S h e w as so granted h er w ish ! H o w a r e y o u d o i n g ? H a v e y o u b een I lo v ey o u ,N a n a y . W h at added to h is resentment,
look ed innoc ent and pure, lik e an
c onfused sh e c ould h ardly follow A s soon as th ey entered Ch arlie’ s ta k i n g y o u r m ed i c i n e a n d g o i n g to alth ough it w as not D itas’ fault, w as
angel. J ust lik e y ou.”
th e instruc tions. S h e w as ask ed to office, he motioned to her to sit on a y o u r d o c to r ’ s a p p o i n tm en ts? D o n ’ t D i ta s h is inability to h ave a c h ild due to
Eva M arie didn’ t k now if Ch arlie
look at different direc tions as beads c ouc h . H is assistant did not follow w o r r y a b o u tM a r io a n d L u c io .M y h is liaisons w ith prostitutes in T ijua-
w as ly ing, but someh ow it gave
of perspiration were owing from th em; th ey w ere alone in th e room. b r o th er s a r e o l d en o u g h to l i v e th ei r R omy q uietly put bac k th e letter na. T h is feeling of inadeq uac y and
justification to her decision to do
h er fac e due to th e intensity of th e “ S o th is is th e ignony mous ‘ c asting o w n l i f e a n d seek th ei r o w n f u tu r e. inside th e envelope and plac ed it in h is perc eived lac k of love from h is
“ any th ing” for h er to get th e job.
h ot k lieg ligh ts. A fter w h at seemed c ouc h ’ ” sh e told h erself. I a m g l a d th ey h a v e b een a c c ep ted D itas’ bag. A ll day , h e w as besieged w ife h ad made h im very insec ure,
“ W ould y ou be w illing to be my
to be an eternity , Ch arlie sh outed “ H ow did y ou th ink y ou did? ” to w o r k a s m er c h a n t m a r i n es. T h a t by guilt for h is maltreatment of h is prompting h im to be belligerent.
girlfriend so I c ould train y ou prop-
from amongst th e c row d of people in Ch arlie ask ed h er. w o u l d m ea n b etter p a y f o r th em a n d w ife. H e did not ex pec t D itas to I nstead of sh ow ering h is w ife w ith
erly ? ”
front of h er. S h e c ould only see th eir Eva M arie sq uirmed. a b etter l i f e, a l th o u g h I u n d er sta n d lie and mak e h im look good to h er love, h e maltreated h er so sh e c ould
Eva M arie did not respond. S h e w as
sh adow s as th e ligh ts w ere foc used “ N ot w ell, ” sh e admitted. I t w as y o u r w o r r y b ec a u se th ey w o u l d b e moth er. S h e even c laimed h e h ad feel th e pain in h is h eart. I n spite of
surprised h e w as direc t to th e point.
on h er. too late to tak e bac k th e w ords. S h e w o r k i n g o u tsi d e th e c o u n tr y a n d f a r brough t h er to D isney land and Uni- th is, h ow ever, D itas h ad remained
W h en sh e remained q uiet, Ch arlie
“ Ok ay , th at’ s enough .” remembered h er friend telling h er a w a y f r o m y o u . I w i l l m a k e su r e y o u versal S tudios w h en in fac t h e h asn’ t a faithful and sacrificing wife. And
B uendia follow ed up h is proposal
Eva M arie w as relieved but c rest- not to put h erself to a disadvantage w o n ’ t b e a l o n e a n d so m eb o d y w i l l tak en h er any w h ere sinc e sh e landed now , sh e w as even c overing up for
w ith a promise: “ I c an mak e y ou a
fallen. S h e w as sure sh e did not do during a negotiation. A dmitting sh e ta k e c a r e o f y o u . I w i l l h i r e a p r i v a te in A meric a. I n c ontrast, it w as h er h is fault by ly ing to h er ow n moth er
major movie star in six month s.”
w ell, c onvinc ed sh e h ad made a fool did poorly w as prec isely just th at. n u r se a n d a m a i d to h el p a n d a c - c ousin I sabel w h ose h usband A lbert and telling h er h e h ad been a good
T h ey w ere th e magic w ords Eva
of h erself. She should have exuded confidence, c o m p a n y y o u .G o d w illin g ,I m a y b e w ould tak e every w h ere. M eanw h ile, and loving h usband all along. M ore-
M arie w anted to h ear. S h e meek ly
“Let’s go back to my office,” Char- over-confidence, so she could have a b l e to v i si t y o u so o n . J u st ta k e c a r e th e maltreatment D itas h ad been re- over, th e fac t sh e w illingly took in
responded: “ Y es.” - A J
lie told h er. th e upper h and in th e negotiating o f y o u r sel f a n d sta y h ea l th y . c eiving from h im and h is parents h ad and loved h is ow n daugh ter as h er
( T o b e c o n ti n u ed )
“ H e did not even c ompliment me. table. E d i to r ’ s n o te: T o r ea d th e p r ev i o u s D o n ’ t b el i ev e th e tsi sm i s ( r u m o r ) been c ontinuous sinc e day one. ow n made R omy feel so guilty and
I ’ m sure h e’ ll let me go, ” th e th ough t “ I ’ m glad y ou th ink so; th us, I c h a p ter s o f th i s sto r y , v i si t th e A si a n o f o u r b a l i k b a y a n ( r etu r n ee f r o m H e remembered th e time w h en h e ash amed of h is beh avior.
c ame to Eva M arie’ s mind. S h e felt won’t have difficulty explaining to J o u r n a l ’ s w eb si te a t w w w .a si a n j o u r n a l u - a b r o a d ) to w n m a te th a t R o m y a n d h i s w as grow ing up. D itas, h is neigh bor, “ S ana anak mo siy a, para mabuo
angry at h erself for w asting suc h a y ou w h y w e c annot mak e y ou a big sa .c o m . H i g h l i g h t “ B o o k s a n d P o etr y ” . p a r en ts a r e m i str ea ti n g m e. I t i s f a r h ad been th e objec t of h is affec tion na ang pamily a natin (I h ope sh e’ s
golden opportunity . S h e remembered movie star, ” Ch arlie said. I t w as P u ll d o w n a n d c lic k “ A S IA N J O U R N A L f r o m th e tr u th . T h ey l o v e m e so m u c h sinc e h igh sc h ool. B ut sh e w ould y our daugh ter so w e c an c omplete
w anting to bec ome a movie star for w h at Eva M arie ex pec ted to h ear. I t B O O K S F O R S A L E a n d h a v e b een ta k i n g c a r e o f m e. I n h ave noth ing to do w ith h im. H e h ad our family ), ” R omy c ould remember
y ears. H er ambition to mak e it big felt lik e a bomb w as dropped on h er. f a c t, d u r i n g m y l a st b i r th d a y , R o m y no ambition th en and w as alw ay s D itas telling h im after th ey left th e
so sh e and h er moth er c ould esc ape “ B ut y ou h ave great potential. Y ou b r o u g h t m e to L o s A n g el es to v i si t h anging out w ith friends. W h en Social Welfare Office.
th eir q uagmire of poverty . S h e h ad are beautiful and ph otogenic in all D i sn ey l a n d , U n i v er sa l S tu d i o s, a n d D itas said sh e w ouldn’ t even marry A ll along, h e th ough t D itas w ould
long given up on finding her Ameri- angles.” h e sh o w ed m e a r o u n d to w n . H e i s a h im if h e w ere th e last man on earth , eventually resent h is abuses and give
c an fath er to migrate to th e United “ B ut I c ould learn. I just need more p er f ec t h u sb a n d a n d I c o u l d n o t a sk h e h ad been h urt and left tow n. H e up on th e marriage. H er letter proved
S tates and esc ape h er destitute life. training and ex perienc e.” Eva M arie f o r m o r e. eventually joined th e U.S . N avy , and to h im sh e w as in th e marriage for
S h e h ad foc used on bec oming a w as desperate. I h a v e m o r e g o o d n ew s. Y o u a r e w h en h e returned, h e found D itas th e long h aul, till death do th em part,
movie star instead and tak e advan- “ W e h ave h undreds lik e y ou w e n o w a g r a n d m o th er . R o m y f o u n d h i s in a dire predic ament. S h e needed as th ey pledged in th eir marital vow .
tage of h er mestiz a look s sh e h ad c ould train and spend our time on.” five-year old child named “Mikaela” money to tak e c are of h er sic k
inh erited from h er Cauc asian fath er, “ B ut I ’ m w illing to do any th ing! ” a n d w e h a v e a d o p ted h er a s o u r moth er, and th rough th e prodding A S US UA L , R OM Y W EN T OUT
w ith h er brow n h air, w h ite milk y “ A ny th ing? ” Ch arlie’ s fac e ligh t- o w n . S h e i s v er y b ea u ti f u l . S a b i n g a of h er relatives, sh e w as forc ed to D R I N K I N G w ith h is friends th at
sk in, sh arp nose and pretty ey es. S h e ened up. I t w as th e k ey w ord h e evening. I t w as a Friday nigh t and
th ey planned to bar h op and h ope-

around and h e’ s now 11 (w ill any - And then the party was finally over fully pic k up some girls. B ut h e
and y es, I survived it. B ut barely . felt uneasy and unc omfortable. H is
th ing ever h elp th e perfec t storm th ough t w as not w ith th e pretty w h ite
of migraine c lusters c aused by it H onestly , th at party w as simply lik e
every th ing else in life – fun and en- S imm, w oman try ing to engage h im in a
all? Probably not). c onversation, but rath er w ith D itas
joyable when it happens but difficult
to do and a h ec k of a mess to c lean I read my th e c urrent c opy of th e and how she had sacrificed so much
B e f ore t h e p art y A J th is afternoon. I read th e artic le for h im and h is parents. A nd th ere h e
up afterw ard. H ere’ s a q uestion:
W h at do y ou suppose it is about a about th e Ch inese buy ing up most of w as, enjoy ing h imself and unmindful
K ids, k ids, and more k ids for a th e new c ondo projec ts in th e Ph ilip- of h is responsibilities as a h usband –
pirate-th emed party (and darling c h ain-link fenc e th at mak es little
boy s w ant to th row oranges at it to pines. I s th is a major fac tor for y ou and now fath er. W h at w as h e doing
w ife M ic h elle w ouldn’ t let me mak e no longer advertising ne c ondo units th ere? H e h ad a life, a family : w h y
a real plank for th em to w alk – just see h ow many eith er a) stic k in th e
h oles or b) sh red as th ey go th rough ? in th e Ph ilippines for about th e last w as h e talk ing to th is drunk w oman
a pretend plank four inc h es off th e y ear in th e A J ? w h o k ept slurring w ords and laugh -
ground. B ig w oo).M ic h elle made ing at random moments. A t around
th e usual Costc o party run to get not t h e b alloons!
I presume th e Filipino builders eleven in th e evening, h e c ould not

A decade later
stuff and w h en I w ent in th e garage w ould not h ave to put a lot of money ignore h is guilty feeling any more.
th e nex t morning I notic ed th at th e I ’ m sure th at M ic h elle th ough t th at
a w ater balloon toss on a h ot sum- into advertising to th e Ch inese and H e push ed th e drunk girl aw ay and
c artons of ic e c ream h adn’ t q uite told h is friends h e w ould go h ome.
1 0 y ea r s? S er i o u sl y ? made it to th e freez er. K now w h at mer’ s eve w as a good idea but sh e
didn’ t seem to th ink th e entire th ing
middle c lass Ch inese are not as tigh t
w ith th eir money as many /most “ W h y ? I t’ s still early . I th ough t w e
T h is c olumn appeared over 10 sw arm of little munc h k ins run- th e h andiest th ing about a spouse is? Filipino-A meric ans. T h e Ch inese w ould drink and h ave fun until th e
T h ere’ s alw ay s someone available th rough . I t really isn’ t too smart to
y ears ago. A dec ade of a k id go- ning around th e plac e w anting give a bunc h of k ids w h o are speed- buy ers migh t also feel better about sun c omes up, ” h is partner-in-c rime
to blame. S h e th ink s I left th e ic e renting th em out as th ey do in ask ed
ing to sc h ool, h aving parties, tak - h amburgers, h ot dogs, c ak e, ic e c ream out and I th ink sh e did. H ey , ing th ough life on a sugar h igh th e
lik es of w h ic h generally isn’ t seen A meric a, in plac es suc h as California “ I don’ t feel w ell, ” h e ex c used
ing trips, w ork ing, and so muc h c ream, games, and more. A ll for it w ork s. A nd it w as h er; I don’ t c are h imself.
more. Y ep h e’ ll soon be 2 2 and I th e entranc e fee of some plastic ex c ept during H allow een, a bunc h and L as V egas. M any of th em h ave
w h at sh e say s. already purc h ased c ondos in Ch ina H e w ent straigh t h ome and found
of w ater balloons. T rust me – th e
th ough t it migh t be fun to torture toy th at a sw eat sh op manufac - k ids w ill not th row th em only w h ere th at w ill probably never inc rease in th eir apartment dark . Every one h ad
h im w ith th is little piec e one last tured, and toy stores sell for ab- A ny w ay , I got th at h uge stic k y , value as th ere are so many of th em. retired to bed.
gooey , ugly mess c leaned up early y ou w ant th em th row n. T h e k ids
time. S o h ere goes: surd amounts of money . R y an’ s not only got nailed, but th e mom’ s W h ile my w ife and h er moth er pur- H e q uietly opened th eir room and
A few day s ago, th ere w as a birth day h ad onc e again rolled and th en w ent on to th e plank , th e c h ased a c ondo in Ch ina a few y ears in th e dark saw th e sh adow s of h is
w ater balloons, and th e run to B loc k - got mailed, th e h ouse got nailed, th e
dog got nailed and I even got nailed ago, it sits empty ex c ept for th e 5 or w ife and daugh ter sleeping on th e
buster for th e Pirates of th e Carib- six w eek s y earls sh e uses it as a base oor. He removed his shoes and
bean movies. T h ose are for R y an onc e. I t only h appened onc e bec ause
I th reatened to get even and th at w h ile sh e visits th e rest of th e c oun- street c loth es and instead of going to
and h is neigh borh ood friends w h o try . S h e and most Ch inese w ould bed, h e got h is pillow and plac ed it
are spending th e nigh t to w atc h . seemed to w ork – th ey pretty muc h
stay ed c lear of me. B ut any th ing and never rent th eir c ondos out, as most beside D itas w h o w as ly ing side-
T h en I got to (h ad to) prepare th e Ch inese renters do more damage to w ay s, c uddling w ith h is daugh ter.
barbeq ue for th e c h ic k en, burgers every th ing else w as fair game.
th e rental th en th e ow ners w ill ever H e laid dow n beside h er and put
and h otdogs. I do lik e th e barbeq ue c ollec t in rent and not muc h th ey c an h is arm around h er w aist. D itas w as
part – th ere’ s noth ing lik e stand- D o y ourself a favor th e nex t time
y ou’ re planning a party – leave th e do to mak e th e renters ac c ountable aw ak ened as sh e felt h is arm and h is
ing over ames as meat cooks, and for damages. breath beh ind h er ears.
smok es, to mak e y ou feel at one w ater balloons at th e store. Y ou w ill
be h appier, th e oth er parents w ill be “ I love y ou, ” h e w h ispered to h er.
w ith th e universe. M ust be th e inner I f th e Ch inese nationals purc h ase a “ I love y ou very muc h .”
c ave-dw eller c oming out. Of c ourse h appier, y our h ome w ill be drier and
believe me, th e dog w ill be eternally h undred th ousand c ondos or more, D itas w as surprised. S h e th ough t
th ere w ere th e oth er assorted party won t this help in Chinese gain in u- sh e w as dreaming. R omy h ad not
Writers: Msgr. Fernando Gutierrez, Virginia Ferrer, Zena Sultana-Babao, Dig- th ings th at someone, somew h ere grateful.
enc e over Ph ilippino N ational, if not uttered th ose w ords sinc e th ey got
gong Divinagracia-Araneta, Ofelia Dirige PhD, Marjon L. Saulon, Contributors: dec ided needed to be done and married. H e h ad never been th at in-
Ernie Delfin, Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD, Atty. Rogelio Karagdag Jr., Bill Labestre CPA F inally ! just regional politic s.
sinc e th en every mom in th e US h as timate w ith h er. Even w h en h e made
dec ided w as th e baseline for k ids R ic h ard love w ith h er, h e seemed distant
birth day parties. A nd no, I don’ t But the party finally wound down
around 7 : 3 0ish and w e w ere left and aloof, sometimes belligerent,
k now w h y . c ertainly never c aring. S h e didn’ t say
w ith an impossibly messy h ouse,
our daugh ter nearly c omatose from a w ord.
W h en did k id’ s parties start getting “ I ’ m so sorry . I ’ m sorry for w h at I
so elaborate? I s it w h at th e k ids ex h austion and R y an and a friend
w h o w as spending th e nigh t c amped h ave done to y ou. I sw ear I ’ ll mak e
w ant? I s it w h at th e parents use to up for my bad beh avior, ” R omy
sh ow th e oth er parents w h at good out in th e play room play ing a video
game. I ’ m not sure w h ic h sound is c ontinued.
parents w e are? W h at’ s going on D itas c ould not believe w h at sh e
h ere and h ow do w e stop th e mad- w eirder: th e noise from th e game or
th e ones boy s mak e as th ey play it. h eard. H e must be drunk , sh e told
ness? (W ell of c ourse it’ s a rh etoric al h erself as sh e c ould smell beer in h is
q uestion! ) breath .
Our daughter finally got to sleep
about 8 : 3 0 after w e sh ow ered th e “ W ill y ou forgive me? ” R omy
And af t e r t h e p art y ( C ont i nue d on page 8)
( C ont i nue d on page 4)
April 5-11, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

“Disrupt 3.0 Filipina Women: Rising” concludes

National Women’s Month Celebration in DC
( C ont i nue d f r om page 2)
h eld at th e Ph ilippine Embassy
Ch anc ery A nnex on 2 8 M arc h
2 019.

Organiz ed in c ollaboration w ith

th e Filipina W omen’ s N etw ork
(FW N ), th e book launc h c apped
th e Ph ilippine Embassy ’ s c elebra-
tion of N ational W omen’ s M onth
th is M arc h .
“ W omen’ s empow erment and
gender eq uality are not ex c lusively
w omen’ s issues. T h ey c onc ern every
one of us. T h ey speak of balanc e, not
only for th e betterment of w oman-
k ind, but for th e advanc ement of F W N C E O a n d F o u n d er M a r i l y M o n d ej a r ta l k s a b o u t th e F i l i p i n a W o m en ’ s N et-
entire c ommunities and ec onomies, ” w o r k d u r i n g th e b o o k l a u n c h o f “ D i sr u p t 3 .0 F i l i p i n a W o m en : R i si n g ” a t th e P h i l i p -
A mbassador J ose M anuel G . R o- p i n e E m b a ssy o n 2 8 M a r c h 2 0 1 9 .
mualdez said in h is opening remark s.

T h e A mbassador furth er added “ th at

men sh ould do more to h elp c reate
an environment th at enc ourages, ac -
c epts, and c elebrates not only w om-
en’ s partic ipation in dec ision- and
polic y -mak ing, but more importantly ,
in mak ing sure th at all of us – men
and w omen togeth er – are partners in
building our c ommunities, grow ing
our livelih ood, and c reating a sh ared

M s. M arily M ondejar, CEO and

Founder of Filipina W omen’ s N et-
w ork in h er remark s sh ared FW N ’ s
mission and goals of h arnessing Fili-
pina women’s in uence, knowledge, A m b a ssa d o r J o se M a n u el G . R o m u a l d ez r ec ei v es c o p i es o f th e D I S R U P T b o o k
and ac c ess w h eth er in government, ser i es f r o m F W N C E O a n d F o u n d er M a r i l y M o n d ej a r a n d F W N P r esi d en t S u si e Q u e-
c orporate, educ ational institutions, sa d a a f ter h e d el i v er ed o p en i n g r em a r k s a t th e b o o k l a u n c h o f D i sr u p t 3 .0 a t th e P h i l -
and c ommunity organiz ations w orld- i p p i n e E m b a ssy o n 2 8 M a rch 2 0 1 9 .
w ide, w h ile FW N President S usie
Quesada underscored the importance
of telling and sh aring th e stories
of Filipina leadersh ip, vic tories,
purpose, and pow er th rough th e
D I S R UPT book series.

A spec ial guest speak er, M s. J ose-

ph ine S antiago-B ond, Ch ief of th e
A dvanc ed Engineering D evelopment
B ranc h of th e N ational A eronautic s
and S pac e A dministration (N A S A ),
talk ed about w ork ing h ard and em-
bracing opportunities, finding lasting
c onnec tions, and being proac tive in
y our c h osen c areer.
“ Y ou h ave to really believe th at y ou

S p ec i a l g u est sp ea k er M s. J o sep h i n e S a n ti a g o - B o n d sh a r es h er i n sp i r a ti o n a l sto r y

to th e g u ests o f th e D i sr u p t 3 .0 b o o k l a u n c h .

bring value from y our uniq ueness M ic h elle Oc ampo w h o read an ex c erpt
and tak e ac tion, ” M s. S antiago-B ond from h er ow n story “ T h e D y namic s of
said. Defining Success and Failure.”

T h e program also inc luded book read- M s. G loria T . Caoile and M s. B ambi
ings from D I S R UPT auth ors and guest L oric a served as th e moderators of th e
readers. T h ey are M s. J ennifer T abones program. M s. L oric a and c ommunity
w h o read an ex c erpt from “ Five D ollars stalw art M s. M itz i Pic k ard led and c oor-
in M y Poc k et” by Filipina D I S R UPT er dinated th e efforts to ensure th e event’ s
A na B el M ay o; M s. J enny S ic at-Crabbe suc c ess.
w h o read an ex c erpt from “ L eading for D I S R UPT 3 .0 is th e th ird installment
S ustainable S olar Pow ered H ousing of th e book series on Filipina leadersh ip,
Community ” by Filipina D I S R UPT er follow ing D isrupt 2 .0: Filipina W omen
Emma I mperial; M r. J ustin Fitz sim- D aring T o L eadand D isrupt: Proud,
mons w h o read an ex c erpt from “ From L oud, L eading w ith out a D oubt.
th e B oondoc k s T o T h e B oardroom” by T h e D I S R UPT book series is available
h is moth er, Filipina D I S R UPT er S onia on A maz on.— S o u r c e: P h i l i p p i n eE m b a s-
D elen; and Filipina D I S R UPT er J oanne sy - u sa .o r g

Five Ways to be Happy

1. Free y our h eart from h atred. 4 . Ex pec t less.

2 .Free y our mind from w orries. 5 . H ave a deep relationsh ip w ith

G od.
3 . L ive simply .

Funny sayings (from Pun.me)

D on' t w orry if plan A fails, th ere are k now w h en y ou' re done.
2 5 more letters in th e alph abet. I f y ou’ re not supposed to eat at
If I m not back in five minutes, just nigh t, w h y is th ere a ligh t bulb in th e
w ait longer... refrigerator?
A bank is a plac e th at w ill lend y ou D on’ t drink w h ile driving – y ou
money , if y ou c an prove th at y ou migh t spill th e beer.
don’ t need it. I th ink th e w orst time to h ave a
A balanc ed diet means a c upc ak e in h eart attac k is during a game of
eac h h and. c h arades
D oing noth ing is h ard, y ou never
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com April 5-11, 2019

Spiritual Life
Worried about a friend or family A Powerful Prayer Weapon
member? Try the Green Scapular Me d it at ion:
T h e G r een S c a p u l a r i s o f ten also ex perienc ed mirac ulous visions.
u sed to a sk G o d f o r a p h y si c a l I n 18 4 0 S ister J ustine B isq uey buru W h en I h ad said th e pray er, in my soul I h eard th ese w ords: Th is
h ea l i n g o r sp i r i tu a l c o n v er si o n . rec eived a vision of th e B lessed p ray e r w ill se rv e t o ap p e ase My w rat h . Y ou w ill re c it e it f or nine
M oth er, w h o gave to h er th e G reen d ay s, on t h e b e ad s of t h e rosary , in t h e f ollow ing m anne r: F irst of
Philip K osloski, Aleteia.org S c apular of th e I mmac ulate H eart of all, y ou w ill say one oU r F ATH er and H Ail MArY and t h e i
W e all k now of someone in our M ary . I t w as approved by Pope Pius B elieV e in G od. Th e n on t h e oU r F ATH er b e ad s y ou w ill
I X in 18 7 0 and h as been a popular say t h e f ollow ing w ord s: “ et e rnal F at h e r, i of f e r Y ou t h e B od y and
lives w h o is in need of h ealing. sac ramental ever sinc e.
T h ey migh t need a ph y sic al h eal- B lood , soul and div init y of Y our d e arly b e lov e d son, our lord Je -
A p r i l 7 ,, 2 0 1 9 , 5 th S u n d a y o f L en t sus C h rist , in at one m e nt f or our sins and t h ose of t h e w h ole w orld . ”
Lent, Sin no more
ing, or a spiritual one. W h atever T h e G reen S c apular is a simple on t h e H Ail MArY b e ad s y ou w ill say t h e f ollow ing w ord s: “ F or
th e c ase migh t be, w e c an rest green c loth th at h as th e image of t h e sak e of H is sorrow f ul passion h av e m e rc y on us and on t h e
assured th at G od desires th eir full th e V irgin M ary on it, w ith a pray er w h ole w orld . ” in c onc lusion, t h re e t im e s y ou w ill re c it e t h e se
Joke of the week: On the final night guilty . restoration. on it th at say s, “ I mmac ulate H eart w ord s: “ H oly G od , H oly Mig h t y one , H oly im m ort al one , h av e
of th e L enten mission, at th e end of of M ary , pray for us now and at th e m e rc y on us and on t h e w h ole w orld ” (D iary , 4 7 6).
an eloq uent h omily , th e priest said, T h e sec ond th at w alk ed aw ay are While it can be beneficial for the hour of our death.” There is no offi-
“ S tand up, th ose w h o w ant to go to th e sc ribes and th e Ph arisees. T h eir person th emselves to pray for h eal- c ial “ enrollment” in th e sc apular, but My pray e r re sp onse :
h eaven.” T h e w h ole c ongregation ac tions tow ard th e w oman c learly ing or c onversion, G od also look s th e c loth c an be blessed by a priest.
stood up. W h en th ey w ere onc e more betray th eir disc riminatory c h arac ter. favorably upon th e pray ers of friends I t is reported th at Our L ady said to T h ank Y ou, J esus, for th e pow erful pray er w eapon Y ou h ave given us.
seated, h e paused and th en h e said, T h e G ospel say s, “ T h ey brough t or family members. W h en a group of S ister J ustine, “ T h e greatest grac es H elp us to use it regularly for merc y not only for ourselves but for th e
“ N ow stand up th ose w h o w ant to go h er, ” and “ made h er stand in th e people brough t before J esus a para- c ome from using th e sc apular but w h ole w orld! T h ank Y ou for th e global c onsc iousness Y ou give us of
to h ell.” A n elderly man at th e bac k middle.” T h eir intense sc rutiny and ly tic , J esus look ed upon th e faith of th ese grac es c ome in direc t propor- th e w orld’ s need of Y our merc y .
of th e c h urc h got up, and th e priest foc us on th e w oman’ s sin mak e th e h is friends and c ured th e paraly tic tion to the degree of confidence in
said, “ D o y ou really w ant to go to ac c users miss th e truth th at th ey in addition to forgiving h is sins (c f. me w h ic h th e user h as.” * The words of J esus appear in boldface type
h ell? ” “ N o, Fath er, ” replied th e man. are also sinners. T h eir diversionary M atth ew 9: 1– 8 ).
“ B ut I didn’ t lik e to see y ou standing tac tic – foc us on th e w oman aw ay - - D ia r y o f S t. M a r i a F a u sti n a K o w a l sk a : D i v i n e M er c y in M y S o u l © 1 9 8 7
A s J esus said to h is disc iples, “ I f M a r ia n F a th er s o f th e I m m a c u l a te C o n c ep ti o n o f th e B .V .M . E x c er p ted fro m
th ere alone.” from th emselves – w as evident. One w ay to req uest from G od suc h y ou h ad faith as a grain of mustard D iv in e M er c y M i n u tes w i th J esu s: P r a y i n g D a i l y o n J esu s' W o r d s f r o m th e
T h ey w ant th e w oman to pay for h er a h ealing or c onversion is to use th e seed, y ou c ould say to th is sy c amine D ia r y o f S t. F a u sti n a b y R ev . G eo r g e W . K o si c k i , C S B © 2 0 1 0 M a r ia n P r ess
S c riptures: First R eading: I saiah 4 3 : ow n sin, and w h ile th ey stand in th e G reen S c apular, a sac ramental of th e tree, ‘ B e rooted up, and be planted
16-2 1. S ec ond I saiah rec alls G od’ s bac k ground, th ey pretend th ey are Ch urc h th at h as been k now n to be an in th e sea, ’ and it w ould obey y ou”
marvelous and mirac ulous deeds in not sinful. T h ey w ant th eir sinful- effec tive c h annel of G od’ s mirac u- (L uk e 17 : 6). “The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
beh alf of th e I sraelites. G od’ s past ness to go unnotic ed by pointing lous intervention.
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
blessings are surpassed by th e new an accusing finger to the woman. A bout 10 y ears after S t. Cath erine I t is a freq uent prac tic e for th ose CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY
th ings in store for th em, suc h as, J esus teac h es all th at injustic e to th e L aboure rec eived visions of th e V ir- w h o h ave th e G reen S c apular to
th eir triumph ant return from ex ile. w oman in suc h a male dominated gin M ary regarding th e M irac ulous
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
G od say s th at h e w ould mak e for soc iety mak es every one c onc erned M edal, a religious sister in h er order
( C ont i nue d on page 1 1)
h is people a path in th e desert and an ac c omplic e in h er adultery . On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
rivers in w asteland. S ec ond R eading: was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
Ph ilippians 3 : 8 -14 . For Paul, th ree T h e th ird person, th e w oman,
movements c h arac teriz e Ch rist’ s stay ed w ith J esus. W h en J esus Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
life: c ontrol, loss of c ontrol and new bent dow n and began to w rite on Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
c ontrol. J esus as G od did not h old on th e ground, h e w as reminding th e the whole world.
to h is divine pow er (c ontrol), instead w oman and h er ac c users th e truth
h e emptied (loss of c ontrol) h imself th at from th e beginning of c reation On the Hail Mary beads say:
of th is pow er, but in doing so h e w as w h en G od fash ioned man “ out of For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
ex alted (new c ontrol) by G od th e th e c lay of th e ground” (G enesis 2 : on us and on the whole world.
Fath er. L ik e Ch rist, Paul gave up h is 7 ), h e intended th e w oman, tak en
old w ay s and assumes a new life in from man’ s rib (G enesis 2 : 2 2 ), is In conclusion say three times:
Ch rist. G ospel: J oh n 8 : 1-11. I n all meant to be man’ s “ suitable partner”
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
of J esus’ teac h ing, as w ell as in h is (G enesis 2 : 18 ). G od h as dec reed for have mercy on us and on the whole world.
actions, no one can find any which both man and w oman to be togeth er
sh ow s h e disc riminates against w om- in c aring for all h is c reation. T h eir
en. D isc rimination against w omen,
orph ans and w idow s w as c ommon in
love for eac h oth er is based on th is
oneness and togeth erness, for th e Forgetting th is ac tivation h its th e ' moderate
level' sw eet spot, th at' s w h en it leads
to later forgetting of th at ex peri-
th at c ulture during J esus’ time. T h ey “ tw o of th em bec ome one body .” ( C ont i nue d f r om page 4)
w ere th e most vulnerable among (G enesis 2 : 2 5 ) I t means th e man " W e' re look ing not at th e sourc e of enc e."
th e H ebrew s, bec ause th ey w ere sh ould see to it th at th e w oman is attention in th e brain, but th e sigh t of T h e researc h ers also found th at par-
pow erless and dependent on oth ers. respec ted and does not bec ome an it, " said L ew is-Peac oc k , w h o is also tic ipants w ere more lik ely to forget
On th e oth er h and, J esus’ w ords and objec t of h is pleasure, a sex sy m- affiliated with the UT Austin Depart- sc enes th an fac es, w h ic h c an c arry
deeds re ect his deep respect for bol or in th e c ase of th e w oman in ment of N eurosc ienc e and th e D ell muc h more emotional information,
w omen, w idow s and c h ildren. A today ’ s G ospel, an objec t used to M edic al S c h ool. th e researc h ers said.
c ase in point is th e G ospel story of further the accusers’ selfish interests. Using neuroimaging to trac k pat- " W e' re learning h ow th ese mec h a-
th e w oman c augh t in adultery . J esus’ A t th e same time, th e w oman sh ould terns of brain ac tivity , th e researc h - nisms in our brain respond to dif-
attitude to th e w oman c augh t in adul- also sh ow respec t not only for h er ers sh ow ed a group of h ealth y adults ferent ty pes of information, and it
tery reveals th e plan of G od sinc e partner, th e man, but also for self and images of sc enes and fac es, instruc t- w ill tak e a lot of furth er researc h and
th e beginning of c reation: to love in be gratefully responsible for th e gift ing th em to eith er remember or replic ation of th is w ork before w e
Ch rist every w oman. of h er w omanh ood. forget eac h image. understand h ow to h arness our abil-
Their findings not only confirmed ity to forget, " said L ew is-Peac oc k ,
Re ection: Empathy came from the
G reek w ord empath eia, passion. Em-
S y and J ill M iller sent an open let-
ter to a new spaper: “ From w oman Jason upon th at foundation to positively
impac t th e region’ s ec onomy and th e
small business c ommunity .”
th at h umans h ave th e ability to
c ontrol w h at th ey forget, but th at
w h o h as begun a new study using
neurofeedbac k to trac k h ow muc h
path y in its truest sense means th at to man. I’m finding it increas- ( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) suc c essful intentional forgetting attention is given to c ertain ty pes of
one c ompletely and direc tly identi- ingly difficult to fulfill my purpose; T h e organiz ation h as rec ently memories.
and advoc ate on beh alf of th e launc h ed educ ational w ork sh ops req uired " moderate levels" of brain
fies self with other’s motives, feel- many people in advertising, motion ac tivity in th ese sensory and perc ep- " T h is w ill mak e w ay for future
region’ s A sian and small business and one-on-one, no-c ost c onsulting studies on h ow w e proc ess, and
ings, and situation. Empath y req uires pic tures, television, and radio h ave tual areas -- more ac tivity th an w h at
us to be w eak w ith th e w eak , to be ignored my inner q ualities, and c ommunity . to ensure small businesses h ave th e h opefully get rid of, th ose really
resourc es th ey need to be suc c ess- w as req uired to remember.
vulnerable w ith th e w ounded, and h ave repeatedly used me only as a " A moderate level of brain ac - strong, stic k y emotional memories,
sy mbol of sex . T h is h umiliates me, A s President and CEO, Paguio w ill ful. A B A h as also rec ently partnered w h ic h c an h ave a pow erful impac t
to suffer w ith th ose w h o are h urt- tivity is c ritic al to th is forgetting
destroy s my dignity , prevents me foc us on c reating more opportuni- w ith th e S mall B usiness D evel- on our h ealth and w ell-being, "
ing. I n h is love for us, G od sent h is mec h anism. T oo strong, and it w ill
from being w h at y ou w ant me to be ties and greater ac c ess to c apital, opment Center.-- A B A S a n D i eg o L ew is-Peac oc k said.
only S on, J esus Ch rist, w h o bec ame strength en th e memory ; too w eak ,
... an ex ample of beauty , inspiration, inc reasing c ivic engagement, strong p r o v i d es a str o n g v o i c e o n b u si n ess
emph atic (inc arnated), in solidar- and y ou w on' t modify it, " said T rac y
and love.” I n th e new spaper, anoth er advoc ac y for business and diversity , c u l tu r a l a n d p o l i ti c a l i ssu es o f i n ter est S to r y S o u r c e:
ity w ith our c onc rete and h istoric al to San Diego’s Asian & Pacific Islander W ang, lead auth or of th e study and
open letter w as sent. “ From man to ex panding partnersh ips and c ultivat-
c ondition in all its aspec ts, ex c ept in c o m m u n i ty . a psy c h ology postdoc toral fellow
w oman, w as publish ed. R emember, ing th e nex t generation of leaders M a ter i a l s p r o v i d ed b y U n i v er si ty o f
sin. Unfortunately , th is c onc rete and at UT A ustin. " I mportantly , it' s th e
th at I w ill ac c ept y ou at y our ow n th rough a mentorsh ip program for T ex a s a t A u sti n . N o te: C o n ten t m a y b e
h istoric al situation is h eavily laden intention to forget th at inc reases th e
evaluation of y ourself, and if y ou aspiring entrepreneurs and ex ec u- ed i ted f o r sty l e a n d l en g th .
w ith sin and, among oth er th ings, ac tivation of th e memory , and w h en
do not respec t th e sublime beauty tives.
during J esus’ time (and even today ), ( C ont i nue d f r om page 5)
of y our w omanh ood, y ou c annot “ A strong, grow ing and diverse
is also burdened w ith disc rimination
Letter Analyst
ask me to. S o, uph old my image of business c ommunity is integral to seem to sh un th e piling of book s
against w omen.
w oman th at I may more easily be maintaining – and improving – th e th at may go eternally unread. W e
th e man y ou w ant me to be. (J oh n S . q uality of life for all residents, ” said h ave inc reasing aw areness about
Every true enc ounter w ith Ch rist ( C ont i nue d f r om page 6) ( C ont i nue d f r om page 1)
N iendorff) Paguio. “ W e believe th at a rising resourc es and " stuff" in general; is
brings out th e truth . T h e story of th e ask ed h er as h e lifted h is h ead to see mah igpit ' y ung situation, bak a
ec onomic tide lifts all boats, and th at th ere room for stac k s of bound paper
w oman c augh t in adultery is anoth er h er fac e.
T h e beauty of th e story sh ow s itself if loc al businesses both small and in th e modern w orld? tumitingin sila sa L uz on area, " h e
ex ample of th is enc ounter. “ L et th e D itas look ed at h im. S h e still w as
not only in th e revelation of th e truth large suc c eed, w e c an c reate more added.
one among y ou w h o is w ith out sin not sure if h e w as jok ing.
th at all are sinners, but G od is truly loc al jobs, more revenue, and a more W h ile generally unc luttery , treeh ug-
be the first one to throw a stone at “ W ill y ou? ” h e ask ed again.
one w ith us in th is dark ness th at stable ec onomy for our region.” ging me th ink s th at transferring my Ph ilippine N ational Polic e c h ief Po-
h er.” J esus k now s th at th ose before “ T h ere’ s noth ing to forgive, ” sh e
sh rouds our sinful situation. W h en Paguio brings more th an 12 y ears tsundok u to a list of digital editions lic e G eneral Osc ar A lbay alde earlier
h im: th e elders, th e ac c users, th e finally answered,
w e realiz e h ow sinful w e are and th at of ex perienc e as a small business rath er th an a stac k of ph y sic al ones said auth orities h ave not monitored
w oman are all sinners. I f h e agrees “ I k now y ou may not believe me
th ere is a loving and emph atic G od ow ner and business advoc ate as a migh t be th e w ay to go ... th e truth any imminent danger, specifically in
to sentenc e th e w oman to death , h e now , but I w ill mak e y ou h appy from
w h o c ame and died for our sins. W e public polic y advisor in loc al gov- is, real book s th at one c an h old in th e L uz on, from th e I S I S group.
c ould be ac c used of violating th e now on, ” h er h usband promised.
sh ould bear in mind J esus’ w ords to ernment. A s a c ommunity leader, h ands are one of th e th ings th at I am
R oman dec ree and w ould be found “ T h ings are going to be better, I
th e w oman, “ G o, and from now on he co-founded multiple non-profit loath e to abandon. I love th e smell, H e also said polic e c ontinue to
guilty of tak ing aw ay from th e promise.”
do not sin any more.” organiz ations and h as served on th e w eigh t, th e turning of pages. I monitor th e area.
S anh edrin th e righ t to impose death D itas w as pleased w ith th e w ords
various boards, c ommissions and love being able to easily ip back a
penalty . I f J esus does not c ondemn but w as not ex pec ting muc h . S h e
Quotation of the week: The Church c ommittees w ith loc al ph ilanth ropic , few pages to reread a sentenc e th at President R odrigo D uterte said
th e w oman, h e w ould not be observ- still thought his behavior was in u-
sh ould be a soc iety of th e forgiven c ivic and business institutions in- persists in my memory . A nd may be, th e Ph ilippines w ill not be able to
ing th e M osaic L aw th at presc ribes enc ed by alc oh ol and th e nex t day h e
and th e forgiving. W illiam G . S pen- c luding th e N T C Foundation, A sian apparently , I love buy ing book s th at, eliminate terror group I slamic S tate
death to w omen c augh t in adultery . w ould go bac k to being th e same old
c er. Pacific American Coalition (APAC), ok , may be I don' t seem to ac tually during his remaining years in office.
I nstead of letting th em trap h im in R omy . H e probably w ouldn’ t even
S an D iego R egional Ch amber of read. D uterte h ow ever said h e is " try ing"
th at sinful situation, J esus used it to remember w h at h e said. - - A J
Commerc e and th e City of Coronado to reduc e th e th reat of I S I S to th e
sh ow not only G od’ s merc y , but also
T ransportation Commission. S o h ere' s th e deal I ' ve made w ith " barest minimum possible." — A nna
h is emph atic understanding of th e ( T o b e c o n ti n u ed )
Paguio h eads an organiz ation th at my self. I w ill resist fast fash ion and Felic ia B ajo/K G , G M A N ew s
h uman c ondition.
th rived under th e leadersh ip of c rummy unsustainable food and a ( T o r ea d th e p r ev i o u s c h a p ter s, v i si t
former President and CEO, W endy bunc h of plastic c rap th at I don' t
The first that went away are the o u r w eb si te a t w w w .a si a n j o u r n a l u sa .
Urush ima-Conn and its strong board need. A nd in return, I w ill allow
elders. R ath er th an beh aving pru- c o m , p u l l d o w n " B o o k s & P o etr y " , c l i c k
of business ex ec utives, c orporate my self to engage in some tsundok u " A si a n J o u r n a l B o o k s f o r S a l e" a n d
dently , th ey disc riminated against
sponsors and members. “ W endy – besides, it' s not ac tually a w aste c l i c k " P r o m i sed L a n d " f r ee o f c h a r g e.
w omen. T h ey are eq ually guilty as
leaves a legac y of w h at h ave been bec ause of c ourse, I ' m going to
th e oth ers, bec ause th ey used th eir
some of A B A ’ s most suc c essful get to th at teetering stac k of book s
w isdom not to liberate w omen, but
y ears, ” said A B A B oard Ch airper- someday , really . A nd if th e J apanese
to dominate th em. J esus pric k s th eir Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588
son, J eni B urgess. “ A s w e c ontinue h ave a poetic w ord for it, it must be
c onsc ienc e and sh ow s th em th at th ey
th eir misuse of w isdom mak es th em
to move forw ard, w e intend to build alrigh t. for your advertising needs.
April 5-11, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Arts & Culture

I ndependenc e from S pain in K aw it, tive M ovement advoc ate, h istory buff

A Glimpse of Cavite --but never w on th e w ar

against S pain, as ex plained in th e in-
and an amateur " new bie" w riter)
" I t is rath er spec ulative as it is w ith out
basis of h istory if w e mean of " h istory "

Ilonggo History
famous betray al --th e " M oc k B attle
of M anila of A ugust 13 , 18 98 " . is th at w h ic h h ad been w ritten for us by
th e " tutas" or lac k ey s of our c olonial and
* N ov. 6 & D ec . 2 3 , 18 98 -S pain imperial masters.." -- B enjie Evic ner
by Dinggol Araneta formally surrendered to both ; th e
N egros R epublic th at merged (D ec .
Estuc h e (I N M Co-Founder)
T h e Cooperative M ovement-" I t is not
Divinagracia 2 , 18 98 ) w ith th e Federal R epublic th e best w ay , it is th e only w ay " ..
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times. of th e V isay as based in I loilo (re- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oo0oo~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist spec tively ) J oin th e L ast L augh w ith us!
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism. ex c erpted: " ...T h ese tw o nations, * W h en Ch ristoph er Columbus said th at
from a purely legal point of view ,
th e w orld is round, people ask ed -W h at?
and th en th ey laugh ed. Pag-asa (2)
Ang Republika Federal sa UN T I L T OD A Y . T h is c ould imply th at
th e M anila-based T agalista-oriented
* W h en th e W righ t broth ers said th ey ' ll
y and soar the skies, people asked

Kabisay-an (The Federal Unitarian c entral government of th e -H ow ? and th en th ey laugh ed. D i dapat mabah ala sa lak i ng patak ng ulan
Ph ilippines in th e V isay as and M indanao * W h en J ules V erne w rote someday na tila y apak ng k apre sa bubong niny o D amian
Republic of the Visayas)
is an Oc c upational G overnment, th at man c ould travel below th e seven seas
ultimately originated from an invalid and sh all w alk on th e moon, people mah ih imbing k a rin k aagad sa ilang saglit lamang
T reaty of Paris...." ask ed - W h en? and th en th ey laugh ed. dah il may \ b pag-asang lupa sa buk id ay ' di na tigang.
D r. J ose P. D ac udao; N ational * W h en J oh n th e B aptist proph esied th e
H i sto r i c a l F a c ts o b v i o u sl y of S pain' s formal surrender prior to
c oming of th e M essiah , people ask ed
th is U.S . and S pain treaty of peac e President -S ave Our L anguages th ru
o m i tted o r d el i b er a tel y h i d d en Federalism Foundation (S OL FED ), -W h o? and th en th ey laugh ed. B atid k ong namamalik mata k a sa iy ong nak ik ita
i n o u r S c h o o l H i sto r y B o o k s (Paris) and th e $ 2 0-million buy -out. * W h en th e I longgo N ation M ovement
S pain h ad no more legal righ ts to I nc . ang mak ulay na bah agh ari sady ang nak ak amangh a
( S o u r c e: H i sto r y R eb o r n " T h e * J uly 4 , 194 6 -T h e United S tates of (I N M ) G lobal N etw ork announc ed its
F ed er a l R ep u b l i c o f th e V i sa y a s" sell. I n legal parlanc e " nemodat q uod mission and vision, people did not even at tulad nga ng mga naririnig mo na A ngela
non h abet” -meaning “ y ou c annot A meric a granted Ph ilippine I ndepen-
- b y : d i n g g o l a .d i v i n a g r a c i a * J u n e 1 2 , denc e on a silver platter w ith strings both er to ask , W h at? H ow ? W h en? or ang k ay amanan sa dulo, ang malak i mong pag-asa .
2 0 0 7 ) give w h at is not y ours” . attac h ed. W h o? --T h ey just laugh ed and laugh ed.
T h is diplomatic " Faux pas" th at " T rue I ndependenc e c ould never be just * People are still laugh ing, ...but th e
was supposed to be officially con- self-proc laimed nor bestow ed upon, it laugh ter is fading! N apak asarap h aplusin ang balah ibo ni M uning
* T h at S pain h ad already formally ang iny o alagad... sa guih apon ...ding-
surrendered to th e Federal R epublic summated and bec ame legal and in- h as to be w on and duly ac h ieved w ith ibay ong ligay a ang sa iy o' y siy a nitong dating
ternationally binding only on A PR I L dignity " -- dinggol araneta divinagrac ia gol a. divinagrac ia~ ~ ~
of th e V isay as even before G en.
11, 18 99 sh ould, or rath er must be (Founder: I longgo N ation M ovement email address: dinggol102 3 @ gmail. pag-asa ang h atid k ung bagsak na bagsak ' tong damdamin
Emilio A guinaldo w as proc laimed (I N M ) G lobal N etw ork ..D ec . 2 5 , 2 005 ) c om T o join! A s a start, visit FA CE- nitong alagang h ay op na siy ang lagi mong k apiling.
Ph ilippine President in M alolos, B u- rectified. B OOK : I longgo N ation M ovement
* J une 12 , 18 98 -G en. Emilio * A lover of nature and reform ac tivities
lac an on J anuary 2 3 , 18 99. T h at our by profession; a genealogist and envi- w ebsite .. (N on-ilonggos w h o sh are our
I ndependent V isay an R epublic , h ad A guinaldo proc laimed Ph ilippine advoc ac y are w elc ome) S ina L uc y at D itas mga bago k ong k aibigan
ronmentalist by avoc ation. A Coopera-
never been under th e auth ority and nagbigay sa ak ing buh ay ng mga bagong pananaw
jurisdic tion of A guinaldo' s " K ataga-
logan" R epublic in L uz on.
ex c erpted: " ...A paper w ritten by DND Hilbay elo’ s c laim as an outrigh t lie.
“ I w ould just lik e to c all out S ec re-
tary Panelo for dec eiving th e press
mga pay ong k apatid na dulot ay bagong ang buh ay
sila ang mga \ b pag-asa sa tulad k ong namamanglaw .
J ose M anuel V elmonte, a researc h ( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) ( C ont i nue d f r om page 1)
assoc iate at th e UP T h ird W orld Forc es of th e Ph ilippines (A FP) y esterday . ‘ Y ong balita na nilabas
gin k a lang, " h e told reporters on k ah apon ay nagprotesta raw ang N atatandaan mo ba noon ng ik aw ay nagduda
S tudies Center, found th at th e V i- M onday . h ave revealed an “ ex traordinary
say an revolutionary elites not only Pilipinas don sa presenc e ng Ch inese sa mga balitang h atid sa iy o nitong si L aura
(A ba eh , if y ou are c irc ling, th en surge” of a Chinese eet in the vessels [ T h e new s c ame out y ester-
h ad soph istic ated politic al ideas but th ere is an intention beh ind th at. B ut W est Ph ilippine S ea. M ore th an pinak inggan mo pa rin bagama' t alinlangan k a na
also resented attempts by M alolos day w as th at th e Ph ilippines protest-
if th e sh ip is stationary , may be it is 00 fishing vessels were seen sur- ed th e presenc e of Ch inese vessels] , ” dah il may pag-asa k a pa na magbabago rin siy a.
to assert its auth ority . A T agalog just w atc h ing or look ing)
military ex pedition sent by M alolos rounding th e sandbars of Pag-asa. h e pointed out.
H e said reports on th e number of “ Y esterday , inamin ni S ec retary
to Panay to assert its presenc e w as Ch inese sh ips around Pag-asa w ere
met w ith h ostility . T h e L uz on forc e A dministration c ritic s h ave urged Panelo na w ala naman talagang
ex aggerated. government to file a diplomatic Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
led by G enerals A nanias D ioc no and protesta. A ng sinabi ni S ec retary of
" L ik e iy ong total daw ng 617 , protest against Ch ina regarding th e Foreign A ffairs T eddy B oy L oc sin,
L eandro Fullon w as regarded by h indi naman pala totoo iy on. K asi
th e V isay an revolutionaries, led by issue, say ing th at it is a c oordinated h indi daw naman nila ilalabas ano
th e V isay an supremo, G en. M artin
ang basis ng monitoring ng W estern
Command, iy ong bow iy on, y ung
effort to restrict Filipino fisherfolk
from venturing in th e area.
man ‘ y ong sinabi nila [ S ec retary
Panelo admitted th at th ere w as no
Divine Mercy
D elgado, as an ' ' invasion' ' forc e ..."
(S ourc e: I nq uirer-1999- 06-13 " V iew
part ng sh ip eh — ‘ B -o-w ’ , k asi iy on
ang binibilang nila k ung ilang araw
H ilbay said th at President R odrigo protest. T h e one stated by Foreign #shrine
of revolt in provinc es spurs revision" D uterte h as an obligation to c all out A ffairs S ec retary T eddy B oy L oc sin in Encinitas, California
nandoon. A ng total pala 2 7 5 lang, Ch ina, as th e A sian superpow er’ s ac - w ill never be made public ] , ” h e said. divinemercy724.com
B y : A mando D oronila) h indi 617 , " h e ex plained.
A c c ording to D r. L uis C.D ery , an tions th reaten sovereignty aside from /jpv A project of the Divine Mercy Hills

eminent Filipino S c h olar: " Ex pound-

Earlier th is y ear, W ash ington-based going against th e United N ations Be part of the story. Jesus, I Trust in You!
Foundation of Southern California, a
501(c)3 non-profit organization
th ink tank A sia M aritime T ranspar- (UN ) Ch arter.
ing th e ex tent of A guinaldo' s Ph ilip- enc y I nitiative released satellite “ T h at is of c ourse a violation of th e
pine A rmy ; th e B angsamoro nation' s
M indanao, S ulu, and th e rest of its
ph otos sh ow ing People' s L iberation
A rmy N avy , Ch inese Coast G uard
UN Ch arter bec ause th at c onstitutes
th reat or use of forc e. T h at’ s w h y
䌀䰀䔀䄀一 吀䔀䔀吀䠀 䄀一䐀 䠀䔀䄀䰀吀䠀夀 䜀唀䴀匀 䘀伀刀 䰀䤀䘀䔀℀
islands never fell under A guinaldo' s ships and fishing vessels near Subi
politic o-military c ontrol and sover- h indi lang dapat note verbale lang
R eef, w h ic h is 12 nautic al miles yung fina-file ng ating Department
eignty . I n fac t as late as A ugust 18 98
muc h of north ern L uz on, south ern
from Pag-asa I sland.
T h e Ch inese vessels h ave been
of Foreign A ffairs. I t sh ould be a 䰀漀漀欀椀渀最 昀漀爀 愀 挀愀爀椀渀最
loud and public diplomatic protest, ”
L uz on, th e V isay as, and M indanao
remained outside of th e c ontrol of
operating in th e area around th e
same time th e Ph ilippines started
H ilbay said.
“ I w ould say even th e President h as
愀渀搀 昀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀 搀攀渀琀椀猀琀㼀
A guinaldo' s R epublic . T h us, several repairs on Pag-asa I sland as early as
military ex peditions w ere sent to th e formal c onstitutional obliga-
J uly 2 018 . tion to c all out Ch ina bec ause th eir
th ese plac es to bring' th em to rec og- The report observed that the fishing
niz e th e First Ph ilippine R epublic ." presenc e is a th reat to our territorial
vessels appear to be part of th e Ch i- integrity , ” H ilbay added.
* T h at th e 18 98 T reaty of Paris pre- nese maritime militia as th ey h ave
liminaries, sh ould not h ave inc luded On M onday , Presidential S pok es-
no gear that indicate fishing activitiy. person S alvador Panelo said th at
territories of th e sovereign " V isay an T h e sh ips h ave also disabled th eir
N ation" ; th e c onfederation of both th e D epartment of Foreign A ffairs
automatic identification transceivers, (DFA) has already filed a diplomatic
th e Central and W estern V isay as h iding th eir ac tivities in th e area.
Cantonal G overnments by virtue protest.
H ow ever, H ilbay h as c alled Pan-

( C ont
i nue d f r om page 12 )
18 96), N ational H ero of th e Ph ilip-
pines, w rote th e last c h apters of
h is novel ‘ N oli M e T angere’ in th is
in deep th ough t w ith a far gaz e.”

I n front of th e w ell-manic ured park

of Odenw ald in W est G ermany , h ouse w h ile a guest of Pastor Ullmer and c obblestone law n is a statue w ith
c an be reac h ed 3 0 minutes by c ar in 18 8 6.” mini fountain and th ree manmade
th rough a pine forest and z igz ag islets, w h ile nearby is a c onc rete-
roads from H eidelberg. Outside Pastor Ullmer’ s h ouse is a and-w ood benc h c anopied by h uge
street named J ose R iz al w h ile an em- anc ient trees, h alf-bare, w elc oming
R iz al spent th ree month s in W il- bank ment along N ec k ar R iver bears th e c oming of w inter.
h elmsfeld as a h ouse guest of Pastor th e name of our national h ero—
K arl Ullmer, w ith w h om R iz al h ad a R iz al-Ufer. A tinge of sadness and nostalgia
c h anc e meeting earlier w h ile stroll- engulfed me as I sat on th e benc h
ing along th e Ph ilosoph en W eg (Ph i- I t w as in W ilh elmsfeld w h ere R iz al reminisc ing about R iz al merrily
losoph er W ay ), a “ sc enic path along c elebrated h is 2 5 th birth day . T h ey c elebrating h is 2 5 th birth day in 18 8 6
th e bank s of N ec k ar R iver w h ic h
overlook s H eidelberg’ s majestic
toasted to straw berry punc h and and toiling on his first novel “amid 䌀䄀䰀䰀 吀伀䐀䄀夀 ℀ ⠀㘀㄀㤀⤀㐀㜀㜀ⴀ 㔀㜀  켥 䐀爀匀洀椀氀攀刀砀⸀挀漀洀
enjoy ed th e w armth of th e c ompany . th e sepulc h ral silenc e of th e vic arage
c astle.” Pastor K arl Ullmer, th e vic ar I t w as an intimate relationsh ip w ith garden, among the German owers
of th e paris, bec ame R iz al’ s devoted Ulmer’ s family th at, th ree genera- h e loved so muc h .”
friend. tions later, tw o grandsons of Pastor 䐀爀⸀ 䴀礀爀渀愀 䔀⸀ 䰀愀稀愀最愀Ⰰ 䐀⸀䴀⸀䐀⸀
A long friendsh ip blossomed be-
Ulmer w ould tenderly reminisc e R iz al’ s statue, c reated by Filipino ᐧ䘀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀Ⰰ 䌀愀爀椀渀最 ᐧ䌀漀渀瘀攀渀椀攀渀琀
about th eir former tenant. sc ulptor A nastac io Caedo, w as un-
tw een th em, and th e G erman pastor veiled on S ept. 2 , 197 8 . ☀ 䬀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀ⴀ 䠀漀甀爀猀 ☀
invited for th e y oung foreigner to “ M y grandfath er used to say th at 愀戀氀攀 䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀 䰀漀挀愀琀椀漀渀
stay w ith h is family as h ouse guest.
R iz al’ s stay w ith th e Ullmers gave
h is vic arage h ad only tw o foreign I n naming a plaz a for our national ᐧ䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀爀礀 眀椀琀栀 ᐧ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀
guests, one an empress (Eliz abeth h ero in W ilh elmsfeld, th e people of
h im th e c h anc e to mak e inc redible of A ustria, w h o stay ed in th eir H eidelberg w as “ h onoring th e mem- 愀 䰀椀最栀琀 吀漀甀挀栀 䄀瀀瀀漀椀渀琀洀攀渀琀猀
progress in speak ing and w riting residenc e in 18 8 5 ) and th e oth er, ory of a man of letters and sc ienc e, ᐧ䌀愀爀椀渀最 匀琀愀û 䄀瘀愀椀氀愀戀氀攀
in G erman. I t also afforded h im to R iz al, and th at of th e tw o it w as w h o, w ith c ourage and generosity
ᐧ䔀洀攀爀最攀渀挀椀攀猀 ᐧ䘀刀䔀䔀
savor and imbibe th e spring peac e R iz al w h ose memory lingered th e and broth erh ood, struggled until
of green valley s, farm h ouse and longest.” death for th e moral and intellec tual 圀攀氀挀漀洀攀℀ 䌀漀渀猀甀氀琀愀琀椀漀渀猀℀
pic turesq ue sc enery . advanc ement of h is people.” 䘀䄀䴀䤀䰀夀 켥 䌀伀匀䴀䔀吀䤀䌀 켥 伀刀吀䠀伀䐀伀一吀䤀䌀
riz al’ s Me m orial park
In this idyllic setting, he finished T ime and distanc e c annot obliter-
writing the last chapters of his first T h e h igh point of any visit to W il- ate th e memory of R iz al in H eidel- 㤀㄀㐀 䔀⸀ 㠀琀栀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 匀甀椀琀攀 ㈀ 㠀Ⰰ 一愀琀椀漀渀愀氀 䌀椀琀礀Ⰰ 䌀䄀 㤀㄀㤀㔀 
novel, “ N oli M e T angere, ” as w ell as h elmsfeld h as to be a tour of R iz al berg— “ T h e City w ith H eart.” T o
made c ruc ial revisions on th e draft. Park . I t is nestled in a pic turesq ue th e inh abitants of H eidelberg and
setting— rolling, steep h ills bound th e G erman government, “ D ank en”
T o k eep R iz al’ s memory alive, a and dominated by pristine forest (T h ank y ou).
plaq ue c arved in gold letters on th e amid buc olic surroundings.
blac k marble w as installed in th e R a m o n M .R o d a i s a r eti r ed p r o f es-
th ree-story , c entury -old stone h ouse S tanding at th e c enter of R iz al Park so r o f S p a n i sh a n d R i z a l c o u r se
of Pastor Ullmer on J an. 4 , 1960. is a “ larger-th an-life bronz e statue a t th e C o l l eg e o f C o m m er c e o f th e
T h e plaq ue reads as follow s from its sh ow ing R iz al w ith a q uill in h is U n i v er si ty o f S a n to T o m a s.
original G erman: “ J ose R iz al (18 61- righ t h and touc h ing h is fac e sligh tly
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com April 5-11, 2019

As the As H-1B Hiring escalates, firms moving jobs to Canada: Study

by Nate Swanner, Dice.com an additional 2 1 perc ent say th ey ’ ve th e c orrelation betw een th e rapid Canada open up more jobs for U.S .-
already established at least one office ex pansion of tec h jobs in Canada and based w ork ers stateside? T h e ex pansion
A new study sh ow s c ompanies in th at c ountry . A s th e report goes on th e H -1B program’ s befuddling state of foreign offices may provoke some

by Rudy Liporada
plan to h ire more H -1B c andi-
dates domestic ally , but are also
to note, T oronto added more tec h jobs
th an S eattle, W ash ington D .C., and th e
“ B ay A rea” c ombined, and th e provinc e
c an’ t be ignored. T h e U.S . government
vac illates betw een restric ting H -1B and
c h anging th e program, w ith th e most
c onc ern th at c ompanies w ill stak e a
larger c laim to mak ing th eir h ome in
Canada should they find the visa pro-
sh ifting jobs to Canada. of Ontario is h ome to over 1, 7 00 tec h rec ent proposal plac ing ‘ premium’ ap- gram friendlier th ere. A q uic k look at th e
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada c ompanies. (I t’ s unc lear if “ B ay A rea” plic ants into th e general lottery pool. H -1B program domestic ally sh ow s w h y
at ww.asianjournalusa.com Envoy G lobal rec ently released a study means S an Franc isc o, S ilic on V alley , or Canada plans to add over one mil- c ompanies are look ing north ; premium
on immigration trends, and found U.S . a c ombination of th e tw o.) lion new permanent residents over a proc essing for H -1B visa applic ations
c ompanies are inc reasingly moving jobs A full 63 perc ent of c ompanies say th ey th ree-y ear period, w ith 3 3 0, 8 00 ey ed y o-y os betw een ‘ suspended’ and ‘ open-

AFP – Cradle of Noble Heroes – Not to Canada to avoid th e c onfused state

of H -1B and oth er w ork visa programs.
A round 65 perc ent of respondents say
are inc reasing th eir presenc e in Canada.
B reak ing th at dow n, 3 5 perc ent say th ey
are both sending more people to Canada
for 2 019 alone under new immigration
rules. M ost (5 8 perc ent) w ill arrive via
th e Ex press Entry sy stem, and many
but-w ith -c h anges, ’ w h ile end-around
play s from th e T rump administration
on th e H -4 spousal w ork visa mak e life
As the Bamboos Sway By Rudy D. fore w h ic h is ac tually apparently Canadian polic ies are “ more favorable” and h iring more foreign nationals th ere. of th em w ill be granted visas under th e at h ome h arder for foreign-born tec h
Liporada h appening, sh ould not be th e presi- th an th e ups and dow ns of th e U.S . A round 13 perc ent say th ey are simply S k illed W ork er Class, Ex perienc e Class, employ ees.
dent, as c ommander-in-c h ief, be th e program(s). sending domestic talent to Canada w ith - or S k illed T rade Class. T h ough th ere’ s T h ough one study sh ow s T rump’ s
S o, w h at h appened to “ A ng ma- foremost son, for th e ‘ glory ’ ever of S ome 3 8 perc ent say th eir c ompany out h iring foreign nationals, w h ile 15 no specific tech worker provision in the H -1B moves h ave been largely effec tive,
is “ c onsidering” Canada as an ex pan- perc ent are only h iring foreign nationals Canadian sy stem, th e h uge uptic k in tec h outsourcing firms are suing on behalf of
matay nang dah il sa iy o? ” th e nation, w h en w ronged, ‘ to suffer
sion destination for new staffers, w h ile to w ork th ere. jobs suggests th e applic ant pool alone tec h w ork ers and h iring c ompanies w h o
and die? ’ W h ile Envoy G lobal’ s study isn’ t w ill be a driver for tec h in Canada. feel H -1B denials are too freq uent and
W h en I started my elementary B ut I guess for th e A FP, th e Ph ilip- uniq ue to tec h , or even th e H -1B visa, W ill more foreign nationals going to restric tive.
sc h ooling, every morning w as pine N ational A nth em is just a song
full of emotions signify ing noth ing. th e A FP ever defend th e Ph ilippines?
punc tuated w ith th e singing of
In the first place, the AFP was not
th e Ph ilippine N ational A nth em c reated to defend th e moth erland. N ever.
in English . T h e w ords w ith in S tory be told, it w as c reated to de-
th e h y mn th at dug deep into my fend th e rulers of th e Ph ilippines. I nstead during th e guerilla w arfare
h eart w ere “ … Cradle of noble I t sh ould be noted th at during th e against th e J apanese, th e A FP forc es
h eroes… N e’ er sh all invaders S panish regime in th e Ph ilippines, w h o joined th e United S tates A rmed
trample th y sac red sh ores… B ut ty rant S pain c onsc ripted loc als and Forc es in th e Far East (US A FFE)
c reated th e guardia c ivil, merc enar- w ere ordered by M c A rth ur to not
it is glory ever, w h en th ou art engage th e J apanese until h is return.
ies from among th e indios. L ik ew ise,
w ronged for us, th ey sons to suf- th e United S tates, after subjugating T h e peasant based H uk bo ng B ay an
fer and die.” th e Flips (Fuc k ing L ittle Peoples), L aban sa H apon (H uk balah ap or
establish ed th e Ph ilippine Constabu- H uk s) w h o engaged th e J apanese
L ater on, I guess to bec ome more lary on A ugust 8 , 1901, by auth ority and, th rough th e proc ess of attrition,
nationalistic , w e started to sing th e of th e A c t N o. 17 5 of th e Ph ilippine almost finished the Japanese forces
anth em in Filipino. S ame translated Commission. T h e c onstabulary w as w h en M c A rth ur ‘ liberated’ th e Ph il-
loosely w ords dug deep into my c reated to assist th e A meric an troops ippines. B randed as c ommunists, th e
h eart – “ … D uy an k a ng magiting. S a in c ombating th e remaining Filipino H uk s w ere th en massac red. T h ose
manlulupig, di k a pasisiil… A ming revolutionaries. who escaped and ed to the moun-
ligay a na pag may mang-aapi, ang Captain H enry T . A llen w as tains w ere h unted dow n as bandits
mamatay nang dah il sa ‘ y o.” entrusted to th e Ph ilippine Con- until tail end of D ic tator M arc os’ s
stabulary ’ s c reation and h e w as later regime.
R ec ently on M arc h 3 1, 2 019 at dubbed as th e Fath er of th e Ph ilip-
K oronadal City , S outh Cotabato, pine Constabulary . Constabulary S o, w h en did th e A FP ever defend
President R odrigo ‘ D igong’ D uterte soldiers th en w ere trained at th e th e Ph ilippines?
reiterated h is line th at h e c ould not Ph ilippine Constabulary S c h ool
go to w ar w ith Ch ina on th e S outh w h ic h w as establish ed in February N ever.
Ch ina S ea dispute. H e said h e 17 , 1905 at th e S anta L uc ia barrac k s
w as not prepared to go to w ar and w ith in th e w alls of I ntramuros. I n I nstead th ey protec ted ty rants
lose government troops in a mas- 1908 , th e sc h ool w as transferred to lik e D ic tator M arc os, th e landlords
sac re. “ Ch ina S ea na ‘ y an sige ak o B aguio City and w as seminal to th e against th e peasants, c apitalists
binabanatan nila. [ I am being c riti- evolution of th e c urrent Ph ilippine against th e w ork ers, th e presidential
c iz ed about th e S outh Ch ina S ea] . M ilitary A c ademy . regimes against th ose w h o ex erc ise
A m I prepared to go to w ar? I am I n sh ort, th e Ph ilippine Constabu- th eir righ ts of freedom of speec h and
not. W ill w e w in th e w ar? N o. I t w ill lary and th e future A FP w as origi- seek ing for redress.
just c reate a massac re. M aubos lang nally designed, lik e th e guardia c ivil,
sundalo k o pulis diy an [ I w ould lose to suppress Filipino rebellion, not A nd now , th e A FP is protec ting
my soldiers and polic emen] .” to defend th e Ph ilippines against D igong w h o protec t drugs lords in
In the first place, Digong is not foreign invaders. h is sh am w ar on drugs, k illing peas-
being urged to go to w ar w ith Ch ina. Y ou say th e A FP w ith th e A meric an ants, ac tivists, journalists, th e poor
H e is just being ask ed to assert forc es defended against J apan, y ou even not drug users, and oth ers w h o
Ph ilippine righ ts over th e Ph ilippine say ? Consider th is. ex erc ise th eir righ ts of freedom of
S eas against enc roac h ment of Ch ina. N umeric ally , th e US and Filipino speec h and seek ing for redress.
T h e Ph ilippine righ ts are bac k ed up soldiers outnumbered th e J apanese
by an I nternational T ribunal ruling invaders. A t th e start of th e w ar, A fter all, D igong c alls th em h is sol-
w h ic h Ch ina and D igong ignore. M ac A rth ur h ad under h is c ommand: diers and polic e, not as of th e people
I gnoring th is resulted to Ch ina being 11, 7 96 A meric an troops; 2 0, 000 and h ave c laimed to h ave doubled
able to set up military bases on dis- Filipino regulars; and 100, 000 raw th eir salaries.
puted islands w ith in th e sph ere of th e reservists. W h en th e J apanese L t.
Ph ilippine maritime righ ts, disabling G eneral M asah aru H omma landed S o never mind if th e Ph ilippine
Filipino fishermen to fish within ash ore at L ingay en G ulf on D ec em- sh ores are being trampled by th e
Ph ilippine sh ores, and allow ed Ch ina ber 2 2 , 194 1, h e only h ad 4 3 , 000 Ch inese or oth er foreigners.
to c reep upon ric h natural resourc es troops w ith units of tank s and artil-
within the area which should benefit lery . N oneth eless, th ere is h ope th at
th e Filipinos. I nstead of fac ing th e J apanese on th ere are still members of th e A FP
th e sh ores, th e troops w ere moved w h o k eep in th eir souls th e w ords
I f th is is not already ‘ trampling’ th e to B ataan, raw , sh ort supplied – in ‘ ang mamatay ng dah il sa iy o.’ I t
Ph ilippine sh ores, I don’ t k now h ow h ardly indefensible terrain. I n th e is h ope th at th ey w ould sh are th e
else to c all it. A nd w h ere is th e spirit end, th e forc es th at w ere c onc en- new visions of a real fighting force
of “ N e’ er sh all invaders trample th y trated in B ataan and Corregidor only aligned w ith th e old visions of th ose
sac red sh ores” or “ S a manlulupig, served as a sh ield used by M ac A r- w h o really fough t against foreign
di k a pasisiil” w ith in th e soul of th e th ur and th e Ph ilippine President invaders lik e L apu-lapu and A ndres
A rmed Forc es of th e Ph ilippines Manuel L. Quezon and his cabinet to B onifac io.
(A FP)? A nd true, w e do not w ant be able to esc ape to A ustralia. T h en th ey w ould be truly in th e
w ar, but sh ould invasion c ome to S o, w e pose th e q uestion: W h en did ‘ Cradle of N oble H eroes’ .
April 5-11, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

The Shack is Back: Porchetta Shack opens in North Park

Ch ef H anis Cavin is bringing sandw ic h , th e H ot B eef S andw ic h for a more relax ed, at-h ome feel. and guest c h efs from around tow n on
“ th e bac k y ard” bac k to N orth and seasoned c h ic h aron w ith c h eese “ N orth Park used to be a plac e for a regular basis that will go to benefit
Park w ith h is new est restaurant dip among oth ers. industry folks and misfits. Everyone loc al c h arities.
and bar, T h e Porc h etta S h ac k . “ W e opened Carnitas’ S nac k S h ac k w h o built N orth Park and paved th e “ S ara w ork s w ith A lph a Projec t
in 2 011, and sinc e th en th e N orth w ay for w h at it is today bonded in in East V illage as w ell so giving
L oc ated at 2 63 2 University A v- Park neigh borh ood h as c h anged in a th e k itc h ens, at th e bars and in eac h bac k to th e c ommunity h as alw ay s
enue, w h ere th e original loc ation lot of ways. We definitely felt it was oth er’ s bac k y ards. T h is is really just been really important to us, ” said
of Carnitas’ S nac k S h ac k opened, time to update th e menu, but w e also a spac e to pay h omage to th at time Chef Hanis. “When we first opened
T h e Porc h etta S h ac k is a new rei- w anted to get bac k to our roots at th e and allow c ustomers to ex perienc e Carnitas’ w e used to h ost an array
magining of th e previous spac e. same time and bring th e Original feel th e old sc h ool neigh borh ood and of events that would benefit differ-
of N orth Park bac k to th e S h ac k , ” give th e industry a plac e to sh are ent c h arities around tow n and th at
W h ile th e interior design c h anges said S ara S troud, c o-founder of T h e ideas over drink s and good food is a big part of getting bac k to our
are minimal, Ch ef H anis h as c reated Porc h etta S h ac k . again, ” said Ch ef H anis. roots w e w anted to inc lude w ith T h e
a w h ole new menu w ith th e same re- G oing against th e c urrent c raft I n h onor of c ollaboration and sh ar- Porc h etta S h ac k .”
fined simplicity and approachability c oc k tail trend, th e new spac e ing ideas, T h e Porc h etta S h ac k w ill Ch ef H anis and S ara h ave also
as th e Carnitas’ S nac k S h ac k menu, inc ludes a full bar th at h as been also be featuring guest bartenders ( C ont i nue d on page 4)
but h igh ligh ts th e c ulinary tradition dubbed, “ H anis’ T avern” and foc uses
of th e porc h etta. on a simpler servic e sty le w ith y ou-
S ome menu favorites inc lude T h e call-its and shots furnished by a fire
Porc h etta T ac o, a Pork M ilanesa pit and law n c h airs nex t to th e bar

Dedication cal application, the final part of the

maestro ex am, th e c andidates h ad to
spar w ith 4 different sparring part-
( C ont i n ue d f r om page 2)
nen and W ay ne Collins. M ark ners back-to-back. The first part was
W h ennen started training direc tly th e bared-h and portion th at foc us on
Filipino B ox ing c alled “ Pananatu-
under G M N arrie B abao around k an” , h ands-only “ k untao” or both
J anuary 2 013 and son K ai W h en- th eir h ands & feet w h ic h is c alled
nen started training th e follow ing Kuntao-Sikaran. The final part of
month February 2 013 w h en h e th e sparring test w as single sparring
w as around 9 y ears old. M ark using padded stic k s.
W h ennen w as originally referred
by h is neigh bor, guro J oh n D uc a W e also lik e to th ank th e follow ing
w h o original student under G M students in assisting as feeders and
sparring partners th e follow ing: mae-
N arrie B abao. S inc e. guro J oh n stro D on D iz on, maestro D omingo
D uc a is not ac tively teac h ing, A gnas, M ik e V itug, J oh n Cabaguing
M ark and K ai W h ennen w ould and V on L oy ola. Of th e many strong
mak e w eek ly drives from N orth c h arac ter traits instill in student dur-
County . T h e th ird c andidate w h o ing th eir journey is dedic ation and
w as testing w as W ay ne Collins c ommitment or never giving up.
w h o already h as ex tensive martial
arts bac k ground in A k i-J itsu.
W ay ne Collins started th rough DIVINE MERCY
B lac k B elt Club US A in J uly #shrine ENCINITAS
2 012 , a taek w ondo sc h ool ow ned
by M ac iste L im w h ere G M N ar-
rie B abao w ould teac h . W ay ne
Save the Date:
took sh ort break from training
and started training few month
April 13, 2019,
after G M N arrie B abao passed Saturday
aw ay in Oc t 2 013 . GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024
T h e maestro ex am represents th e or google “divine mercy shrine encinitas”
end of 7 -12 units or th e end of th e email: divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com
2nd Quarter which would be equiva- www.divinemercy724.com FB @divinemercy724
lent to blue belt under traditional belt
sy stem. Prior to being eligible to test,
th e c andidates h ad to pass multiple
c h oic e w ritten ex am w h ic h c overs
Divine Mercy Shrine

Divine Mercy Shrine


variety of topic s from h istory , termi- JOIN US FROM 2:00 TO 4:00 PM ON THE 13TH
nology , c onc epts and applic ations. OF THE MONTH TO: 1) OFFER THE ROSARY,
Jesus I Trust In You! 3400 E 8th St Suite 107
Jesus I Trust In You!
T h e oral ex am c overs th e ph y sic al 2) PRAY THE DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET AND
aspec ts in demonstrating tec h niq ue, 3) WALK THE WAY OF THE CROSS
National CIty, CA 91950
ex plaining drills or applic ation and A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
ability to spar or fight.

The 7-12 units or the 2nd Quarter

Dental Implant Centers

c overs use of double w eapons suc h TM
as espada y daga and sinaw ali or
double stic k applic ation, w eapon dis-
arms, break falls and w restling h old
esc apes and muc h more. S tudents
also starts to learn numerado sy stem DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
w h ic h is referred to V illabrille K ali
w h ic h G uro N arrie B abao learned
from h is late instruc tor, G M B en
L arusa during th e mid 7 0’ s. T h e
students also start building th eir
fundamentals in Cac oy D oc e Pares
sparring c alled esk rido w h ic h M aster
N arrie B abao learned from h is oth er
late instruc tor, S G M Ciriac o Cac oy
Canete. One of th e c ore fundamen-
tals is building th eir foundation

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

Esk rido c ontrolled-sparring w h ere
th e student is able to live stic k as
c lose or c orto range w ith absent of
protec tive gear.

B esides oral k now ledge and tec h ni- ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC
No referrals.
( C ont i nue d f r om page 8)
❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
plac e th e sc apular near someone w h o ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
is in need of h ealing, w h eth er ph y
c al or spiritual. T h en, th e person w
h o
❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
plac ed th e sc apular sh ould pray w ith
great faith for th e friend or family
member in need.

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila

Countless mirac les h ave been
866-469-7645 Fluent in Tagalog
attributed to th e devout use of th is
sc apular.
A s alw ay s, it sh ould be noted th at
Two convenient locations
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Heidelberg still celebrates Jose Rizal’s birthday
Ramon M . Roda, 6/ 18/ 2011 --
Unk now n to many , D r. J ose
R iz al c elebrated h is 2 5 th birth day
w ith a L uth eran minister, K arl
Ulmer, and h is family on J une 19,
18 8 6, in W ilh elmsfeld, an idy llic
and q uaint suburban distric t 15
miles from H eidelberg tow n.
I n c ommemoration of th at oc c a-
sion, th e Ulmer family h onored th e
“ y oung Filipino ey e doc tor w ith a
party in th eir h ouse w h ere straw ber-
ry punc h w as served, ” as rec ounted
by Fritz , one of Pastor Ulmer’ s sons.
T h e G ermans h ave a deep attac h -
ment and devotion to R iz al, and
today h e is still revered as one of
th eir ow n in tw o plac es in G ermany :
H eidelberg and W ilh elmsfeld. trac e R iz al’ s footsteps in G ermany ’ s is one of th e most c h arming poems,
Old-timers and G erman R iz alis- oldest university tow n, w h ere our luminous, not blac k , music al, not
tas of H eidelberg pay respec t to h ero stay ed for six month s. c urt.” I t w as publish ed in th e D e-
our national h ero w ith appropriate I w as enamored w ith H eidelberg’ s c ember 18 96 issue of L a S olidaridad.
c eremonies during h is birth day every romantic surroundings and pic -
y ear. T h ey still sh are fond memories turesq ue sc enery . T h e ruins of th e T o pay tribute to th e N ational
of our h ero’ s memorable six -month magnificent castle perched on a steep H ero, a bronz e mark er plac ed at
sojourn in H eidelberg and W ilh elms- bank of N ec k ar R iver, overlook ing th e faç ade of th is w ell-preserved
feld, w h ic h th ey reminisc e w ith th e c ity , give a very romantic aura. boarding-h ouse reads: “ I n th is build-
partic ular devotion and veneration. T h e Old R oman B ridge w ith its h is- ing, former L udw igsplatz 12 , R iz al
toric gatew ay is aw e-inspiring. lived from Feb. 18 to J une 18 8 6. H is

ANG TATLUMPUNG re t rac ing riz al’ s f oot st e p s

H eidelberg, a c ity in south ern

I n H eidelberg, R iz al studied th e
G erman language; attended lec tures
in oph th almology as an observer
poem ‘ A las Flores de H eidelberg’
w as w ritten h ere on A pril 2 2 , 18 8 6.
Embassy of th e Ph ilippines, J une 19,
G ermany , is famous for its anc ient under D r. Otto B ec k er and profes- 1960.”

PORSYENTONG university , romantic surroundings,

old c h urc h es, majestic c astles and
c obblestone streets redolent of a
sor W ilh elms K ueh ne, at th e A lte
Universitat; and trained under tw o
outstanding oph th almologists, D r.
T h e building h as remained inc red-
ibly th e same as it w as during R iz al’ s
by gone era. H eidelberg is th e best- B ec k er and D r. G alez ow sk y , in th e time. Another marker was affixed

BAWAS SA INYONG k now n plac e and destination for

Filipino tourists and R iz alistas bound
for th e h istoric G erman c ity bec ause
“ A ugen K linik ” or ey e c linic .
R iz al stay ed for a w h ile in a four-
story pension h ouse at K arlstrasse
at th e entranc e of th e University
Ey e Clinic w h ere our y oung doc tor
trained in oph th almology .
of R iz al’ s poem “ T o th e Flow ers

N o. 16, but h e soon moved to an-
of H eidelberg, ” and th e th ree-story oth er boarding h ouse— a th ree-story R iz al left H eidelberg and moved to
B aroq ue building, th e A lte Universi- apartment at L utw igsplatz N o. 12 W ilh elmsfeld. From W ilh elmsfeld,
tat. I t is G ermany ’ s oldest university , G rebangasse in front of University h e w ould regularly c ommute to
founded in 13 8 6.

of H eidelberg. and from H eidelberg in th is 12 -k m
T h e y oung R iz al arrived in H ei- stretc h , w h ic h took h im th ree h ours
delberg on Feb. 3 , 18 8 6, from Paris The first oor of the place where w alk ing th e marvelously beautiful
and immediately fell in love w ith th e R iz al used to live now h ouses a forest to attend h is studies at th e
beautiful c ity .

book store. I t w as h ere w h ere R iz al university .
I n Oc tober 1998 , or 112 y ears after in h is lonely moment w rote h is
R iz al’ s arrival in H eidelberg, I trav- nostalgic poem “ A las Flores de id y llic W ilh e lm sf e ld
eled to G ermany for a one-month H eidelberg” on A pril 2 2 , 18 8 6, w h en
“ c entennial tour” (1998 being th e


h e just turned 2 5 . W ilh elmsfeld, a mountainous vil-
100th anniversary of th e dec laration lage w ith anc ient trees on th e h illside
of Ph ilippine independenc e) to re- N ic k J oaq uin said th at “ th e poem ( C ont i nue d on page 9)

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