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Extending EBS with ADF is being the hot topic in the integration world.

I have faced the

challenge of integrating the ADF page with EBS. I have not seen any blog on this. I started
this blog to share my firsthand experience.

Traditionally EBS is extended with Oracle Application Framework (OAF). OAF is tightly
integrated with EBS and has built-in functionality to access EBS AOL objects and provide
security. But ADF is more robust with great features and the Oracle’s new ERP (Fusion
Apps) is built with ADF. Migration path would be easier if the extension are built with ADF.

We can only accomplish this with EBS R12.1.3 release. This release provides the feature to
call External ADF pages. Here are the steps on how to extend EBS with ADF pages:

1) Set External ADF Server: We need to set the external server context using a system
profile setting. We will have to use system administrator responsibility to access this setting.

Set ‘External ADF Application URL’ profile at

the required level, we have set at ‘Site’ level
since we have only one external server
context root.

2) Define ADF Function: Follow the standard way of defining function except selecting a
ADF function type. Here are the screens used for defining the ADF function.
3) Add the ADF function to an EBS Menu: Select an EBS responsibility where you want
to display the ADF function. Find out the EBS menu used for that responsibility. Add ADF
function to that menu as shown in the picture:

4) ADF Extension Page in EBS: Re-login to EBS and the ADF extension will be visible

under the responsibility you have added.

I will try to post another blog on Navigating back from ADF page to EBS soon.