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1. Writing as a relationship between you and the reader.

Writing is part of reading. You can’t write something without reading. And reading
inspires someone to write. As the quote of Anne Lamott who points out that “reading
and writing is two faces of a single coin”.

As go on reading, you yourself become a writer without knowing it. You become
inspired by some readings you’ve done whether it’s informative or not. When you read
you become a critic and a learner, and when you critic what you read you tend to do
something that is better than you read, to be informative to other readers. And when you
become a learner, you want to learn more and create your own book or blog to motivate
others to do what you become. When you write something you tend to practice your
reading skills through re-reading, re-proofing and peer revising stages in what you write.
Literacy starts to develop with exposure to and exploration of reading and writing.

As a writer you want to communicate with your readers. You want them to understand
you without physical contact to you. As a writer you want them to be inspired by you and
tell them what you want them to learn and understand. And as a writer you want your
readers to comprehend what they are reading. Something that is complicated to
understand sometimes tent to study or ignore by the reader. As a writer you must have
the connections to your readers through what you write. You want your writing as
informative as possible for the readers to learn something and adapt the information you
want them to adapt.
2. Understanding yourself about your research you want to do.

A research is a creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of

knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to
devise new applications. Research is an informative investigation that go through a
systematic process that obtain ideas, information and solution to a problem.

To understand yourself as a researcher to create a research, you have to find out your
interest. It is easier to move to a research when you are interested in what you are
researching all about. Your interest tend you to be more productive and more eager to
learn about. Another one is what makes you happy. In doing a research sometimes
makes you exhausted in doing it, but if your research makes you happy to learn about it
is easier to do. And most especially is your strength. In physical condition, your
capability in doing the research physically. You are capable of doing it and pursuing it
without hesitation. While in mental condition, your mind must have the ability to produce
some answers to your research. You must acknowledge your strength and limitations.

In doing a research, the researcher must fully understand what he/she want to achieve.
How he/she can relate herself into. The researcher must acknowledge his/her
capabilities to achieve more informative research for the readers to be inform and the
readers to be interested. As a researcher your research must be informative and
interested enough that you yourself can understand and comprehend. Doing a research
and finding suitable research is not easy but you must find out where you are interested
in what makes you happy to learn about and what is your capability in doing it.
3. Understanding your audience.. what your readers expect from your thesis book.

Readers are a person who reads and is fond of reading. Someone who loves to read
and learn. Reading is a complex cognitive process. It is a form of language processing.
Reading trains your understanding and your imagination. Readers tend to have a high
imaginative pictures within their mind. There are different types or readers. And as a
writer you must know who your readers are.

Readers always have expectations on what they are reading. Some of it are conscious
and some are unconscious. My thesis book must meet the expectations of the readers.
It must produce enough information that can inform the readers without any questions in
the end. My research must acknowledge the readers needs about the research as they
read along. My researcher must answer the reader’s questions about the research. It
must provide them the information they are looking for. My research must provide
solutions and conclusions to solve the problem. But can be diversified in time to time by
the readers who also want to create a research. It must be a good source of knowledge
to the readers. And must be detailed that the readers must easily understand what the
researcher is trying to express in the research.

Providing enough information for the readers is hard to obtain. But a researcher must do
its best to provide the readers expectation of knowledge he/she want to obtain. The
research must be full of ideas and knowledge for the readers to enjoy what they are