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Our Vision
A world where Equity, Dignity and Justice
are assured for People with Disability.

Our Mission
Nurture an inclusive ecosystem and empower
people with disabilities with access to
comprehensive rehabilitation services, rights,
entitlements, equal opportunities and dignity
through a lifecycle approach.

Our Values
Values Description
Act honestly, ethically and responsibly in all aspects, adhering to principles of
fairness, reliability, loyalty and lawfulness.
Be sensitive to feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences by developing the
Empathy capacity to place oneself in another’s position, understand their perspective,
appreciate and respond with care.
Demonstrate responsibility, transparency and commitment to the highest standards of
openness, professionalism and integrity with all stakeholders such as PwDs,
community members, donors, government and vendors. Enable a space to voice
concerns in a responsible and effective manner.
Commit to participatory processes, knowledge sharing, team work, consensus
Collaboration building and seeking internal and external stakeholders to achieve our stated
Demonstrate excellence in process, product and service delivery. Listen to the
Excellence recipient’s voice. Commit to continuous improvement and innovation by developing a
conducive environment for individuals to realize their potential.
An internal ecosystem where people of diverse gender, cultures, abilities, views and
Diversity needs are respected, given equal opportunities thus creating a harmonious and
inclusive work environment.
(Registered under the Mysore Societies Registration Act of 1904)
6th Cross Hutchins Road, Off Hennur Road, Lingarajapuram,
St.Thomas Town P.O., Bangalore – 560 084.

E-mail: contact@apd-india.org / website: www.apd-india.org

Date: 27 August 2018 Phone : (+91)-80- 25475165/25489594/25470390


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of The Association of People with Disability will be
held on Thursday 19th September 2018 at 3.30 P.M. at the premises of the Association of People with
Disability to transact the following business:

1. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Body Meeting held on 24th August 2017
2. To consider and adopt the Annual Progress Report for the year 2017 – 2018.
3. To consider and adopt the Audited Statement of Accounts for the period 1st April 2017 to 31st March
4. To elect members to the Governing Board.
5. To appoint Auditors for the year 2018– 2019 and fix their remuneration.
6. To consider any other matter in the interest of the Association with the permission of the President.

For the Association of People with Disability

Hon. Secretary.

P.S. 1. Nomination for the election to the Governing Board should reach the Hon. Secretary on or before
the 12th September 2018 (Rule No.2.02, 15.05)
2. Every Member whose subscription is not in arrears for 3 months or more shall have the right to vote
(Rule No.15.05)
3. Any suggestion to consider under the agenda item No.6 may be sent so as to reach on or before 12th
September 2018.
Scaling Up as APD turns 60…
The year 2017-18, was a year of review, reflection and evolution, for The
Association of People with Disability (APD), to move forward and scale up.
It saw the end of the last 3-year strategy period and development of a new
strategy for 2018-2021. The detailed review made us feel proud of our
achievements in programme areas, while we observed the need to improve upon
our communications, research and use of technology. The blended approaches
of rights and programmes, lifecycle focus and community based rehabilitation
were certainly our unique areas. It also helped us recognise our potential
to serve beyond Karnataka.

Before we look at the future, please note two important points regarding the 2017-18 performance. The
“Reach” in 2017-18 shows a slight decline YOY due to a change in the definition in April 2017. Hence the
numbers are not strictly comparable. The care and service aspects in the new definition are vastly superior.
Secondly, we begin 2018-19 with an advance grant receipt of Rs 4.05 Cr compared to half that number in the
previous year, resulting in higher cash balance at the end of the year.

The new strategic plan named “WINNING TOGETHER” is geared towards a threefold increase in the reach
of Persons with Disability (PwDs) and resources from 2017-18. While programme implementation will focus
in North Karnataka region, expertise will be offered pan India through technical collaborations. The plan is
aspirational in aiming to set up a state of the art 45 bed Spinal Injury Rehabilitation center and an Institute
for Disability Rehabilitation and Research that will have national and international linkages.

APD’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee next year was a great opportunity for us to relook at our vision,
mission and values. It reiterated in everyone that the core of APD is the continuing commitment to strive for
rights, justice and equity for people with special needs. The dreams and vision of our late founder towards
inclusion of differently-abled people in all aspects of life so that their full potential is realised continue

Our well-wishers, friends, volunteers and donors stood by us. Our service recipients, partners and
Government egged us to do better. Our PwD Champions brought us pride and visibility. The Rights of
Persons with Disability Act gave us a boost to ensure ‘No one is left behind’. As I write this annual report, I
am happy to share that we were awarded the Best NGO 2018 award by Federation of Karnataka Chambers of
Commerce & Industry (FKCCI), a feather in the cap and a proud moment indeed. Thank you, everyone.

Glimpses of our work are shared in the report. Read, reflect, join us and make the world truly inclusive.
Thank you.
Christy Abraham

APD received the “Best NGO 2018” award from FKCCI. Felicitated by guests of honour Dr Parameshwara,
Dy. CM and Mr R.V. Deshpande, Minister For Skill Development., Revenue & Entrepreneurship
Early Intervention

Child receiving therapy through play activities

According to the last disability census (2011) in

India, 7.01% of children aged 0-6 years suffer from some
form of disability.

APD has been running the Early Intervention programme

for the past 3 years considering the growing needs of
children within the 0-6 years age bracket. The programme
works to identify children with developmental delays and
provide them with therapeutic support to develop age
approprate functional skills. This family centric
programme builds the capacity of parents and
caregivers to facilitate the children in performing activities of daily living through a play and learn
methodology. The support is provided at the family, community and center level based on the
Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) for each child.

New Initiative

Hydrotherapy was introduced for the first time in

Early Intervention

2017-18 Achievements
Individual Family Support Plans developed 1290
Children enrolled in Anganwadi 441
Assistive devices provided 214
Social security accessed 252
Medical and surgical support 218
Parents trained 900

APD presented the Early Intervention model at the 2017 Conference hosted by The Indian
Association of Cerebral Palsy at Pune, Maharashtra and was acknowledged as the best
Joshua in Anganwadi ... a beautiful story …
Joshua, 6 years old, the child of Navya, a single mother from Bangalore’s Ramamurthy Nagar locality, came to
APD in November 2017. He had developmental delays in seven domains such as motor, sensory, self-help,
communication, social, play and cognition. He had no neck control, would drool and was unable to sit, even
for a few seconds.

Joshua was given early stimulation activities and assistive devices such as gaiters, ankle foot orthotics and a
standing frame to help him sit and walk. He received therapy every day and his mother was also trained on
the same. At the end of 6 months, young Joshua was able to feed himself.

With the help of stimulation and mobility aids, Joshua now makes eye contact, his drooling is under control
and he can sit without support for a few minutes. His mother is happy and has enrolled him into an
Anganwadi near his home where he plays and learns with able-bodied friends. Joshua continues to receive
therapy support at the APD center.

“ am so happy that Joshua can today go to a school and play and learn along with other children
who do not have any disabilities.” - Navya (Joshua’s Mother)

Joshua with his friends at Anganwadi

Inclusive Education
Inclusive education is a system of education wherein students with and without disability learn together
through methodologies adapted to meet the needs of both.

In 2017-18, APD has enabled the enrollment of 2168 Children with Special Needs (CwSN) into regular

APD drives inclusion by sensitizing and building the capacity of stakeholders such as parents, siblings, peers,
teachers and government officials.

Shradhanjali Integrated School (SIS)

SIS, since its establishment in 1973, maintains an 80:20 ratio of
Children with Special Needs (CwSN) and able-bodied children to
promote inclusion and develop a conducive ecosystem. During the
year 2017-18, 13 children passed out of class VII and were enrolled in
regular schools to pursue their education.

Model Schools
APD started working with regular schools in 2012 and adopted them
as “Model Schools”. The objective is to enroll more CwSN into regular
schools and provide them with therapy services, accessibility and trained
teachers to facilitate inclusive education. Presently, APD works with 35
such model schools across Bangalore, Vijayapura and Davangere districts
of Karnataka, where Deaf Education is a major focus.

BOT Schools
The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is used to develop more
schools like SIS. Currently 3 such schools are operational in
collaboration with BLDE University in Vijayapura, BVVS in Bagalkote
and Sahara NGO in Gulbarga disticts of Karnataka.

2017-18 Achievements
SIS enrollment 197
Regular school enrollment 2168
Model schools 35
Model school enrollment 400
SSLC passed 67
Teachers trained 625
Parents trained 1889
BOT schools 03

Confidence beats disability

Thirteen-year-old Saravana is the son of a fruit vendor from Bangalore. Though born with physical
disability which restricted his movements, he did not get discouraged. At the age of 4, he was enrolled in the
SIS preschool where his intelligence shone beyond his disability. He is currently in Standard V and shows
tremendous improvement in studies, peer interactions and extracurricular activities. He loves his school, the
trees around, the library, computer lab and sensory park. It has become an integral part of his life.

He is so self-confident that he is happy to help his friends in their studies as well. He has secured 1st rank in
the final examination.

The class teacher, Ms. Catherine, says, “I am proud of Saravana. He is very intelligent and active. He helps his
able-bodied friends to cope with their studies. I am amazed at his maturity and self-confidence”.

A confident Saravana in SIS School

Saravana, painting with his friends

As per the 2011 census, 6-8% of the country’s population has some form of disability. Statistics show that the
employment rates among people with disability (PwDs) are substantially lower than the able-bodied due to
lack of social inclusion, access to training, reservation of jobs and actual recruitment to the reserved positions.

Presently, there are many skilled and semi-skilled jobs that can be performed by PwDs. But there is a lack of
awareness and sensitivity among recruiters, poor job-readiness of the PwDs themselves along with lack of
awareness and training in required skills.

APD works to mobilize marginalized youth with disabilities, assess and provide rehabilitation services and
support to ensure optimal independance with assistive devices and therapy. They are trained in technical
and non-technical courses such as Hospitality, Retail Management, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO),
Horticulture and Industrial Training. Thereafter, the career guidance and placement cell at APD places them
in jobs suited to their qualification and ability. APD also sensitizes employers towards the needs of PwDs for
an equitable work environment.

Trainees with speech and hearing impairment practicing

at the APD Training Center

Mr. Ashok Kumar, happy with his career at Star Bazaar

Trainees undergoing horticulture training at APD’s

Kylasanahalli campus

2017-18 Achievements
ITI 121
Horticulture 151
Employer Led Training 349
Rural Livelihood 34
Placements Carry forward 2018-19
ITI 46 ITI 42
Horticulture 86 Horticulture 28
Employer Led Training 210 Employer Led Training 87
Rural Livelihood 15
Walk in placement 31

Major Employers during 2017-2018

Actis Technologies, Adyar Anand Bhavan, Aditya Birla Retail, Crazy Flora, Hatti Kappi, HET
Technology, Home Shop, Micro Logix, Kabelschlepp India, Lemon Tree, Nandhana Restaurant,
Reliance Retail, Sasmos, Star Bazaar, Sri Krishna Farm & Nursery, Tata Coffee, Vindhya Info Media,
Vasudev Adigas and Vishal Mega Mart.

Livelihood training rekindles the dream of independence

“ I am Padmavathi from Mulbagal village in Kolar district. At the age of 2, I had high fever that turned out
to be a polio attack. My parents, being uneducated, could not tell and my right leg was affected. Though my
parents work in a quarry and earn little, they educated me up to SSLC. I could not pursue my studies
further due to financial constraints. To support my ailing parents, I came to Bangalore to work in a
garment factory and then approached APD.

After the assessment, I enrolled in APD’s Employer Led Training - Hospitality course for 8 weeks at the
Presidency College of Hotel Management (PCHM). I became competent in communication, computers
and also enhanced life skills that helped me change my attitude towards life and gain self-confidence.

After the training, I was sent for an on-job training (OJT) in Vasudev
Adigas. Thereafter, APD placement cell got me a job at Vishal
Mega Mart for a salary of Rs.12000/- with statutory benefits.
I am satisfied and happy that I can support my family and
make my parents proud.”

A proud Padmavathi at the workplace

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
The government claims that 10 in 10,000 people in India suffer from Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). But APD has
handled over 3000 SCI cases in Karnataka alone, that too in just 3-4 districts. APD has taken the initiative to
be the leader in SCI rehabilitation to drive attention to this area.

There are two SCI rehabilitation programs at APD.

Institution Based Rehabilitation (IBR)

This is an intensive 3.5 months, residential programme where people with spinal cord injury (PwSCI) learn
to wash their clothes, cook food, take care of their daily routine and move or transfer from wheelchair to bed
and other daily chores. This helps them rebuild their social skills and be included in society to lead a
dignified life.

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Some PwSCIs, especially women, cannot leave home for the residential program. APD then works with them
in the community. Because of the breaks and lower intensity, this program takes 8 months to a year to show
results. However, the trained CBR workers follow-up on a periodic basis to help the PwSCI achieve
2017-18 Achievements
PwSCI identified 1297
Leading independent life 150
Women rehabilitated 114

APD is the first organization in India to offer custom 3D-printed postural supports to
PwDs with issues such as scoliosis.

A PwSCI participating in TCS WORLD 10K marathon

Therapeutic standing in SCI management

There is hope after Spinal Cord Injury
“I was a happily married man with two beautiful daughters, holding a steady job. I thought there was
nothing more I could ask for from life. After an accident, I am wheelchair bound, unable to carry out the
most basic tasks like visiting the toilet.”

Gyanaprakash (42), had given up hope of ever regaining independence when he was referred to APD.
After 3 months of institution based therapy, specially designed for his condition and moral support, he
can manage himself very well. There is pride in his eyes as he says, “I am able to move from my bed to the
wheelchair, have a bath and wear my clothes without assistance. I am now living for the sake of my
daughters. My company has also been supportive and has promised to give my job back. The future is not
hopeless after all.”

“Pride and dignity is my right”

PwSCI receiving a wheelchair from a donor, Walkabout


Community Mental Health Programme
Mental health is a growing concern in India. An estimated 0.1% of the country’s population (approx. 10
million) suffer from some form of mental illness. In Karnataka, over 50 lakh people with mental illness
(PwMI) are supported by less than 700 healthcare professionals, doctors and social workers. The lack of
awareness, limited access to mental health care coupled with social stigma makes reaching out to people
with mental illness a tough task.

In order to cater to the emerging needs of persons with mental illness, APD launched the Community
Mental Health Program in 2004. This programme focuses on mental health awareness in the community,
colleges and public places through wall writing and trainings on stress management. Residential training
programme for persons with mental illness on team building, sharing of case studies with parents and other

Currently the program is active in 5 taluks of Davangere district.

2017-18 Achievements

Treatment provided 792

Stabilized and back on job 274
Stakeholders trained 1049

Deepika Padukone, Founder of The Live Love Laugh

Foundation interacting with APD’s service recipient’s
family in Davangere

ASHA workers receiving Mental Health Training

Mobility Aids and Assistive Devices
To cater to the growing needs of PwDs, APD manufactures assistive devices such as calipers, crutches and
artificial limbs at its Bangalore headquarters. Some products like special wheelchairs are procured from
Motivation UK and other sources. APD distributed 3500 orthotic assistive devices and donated 650
wheelchairs this year. Mobility aids and assistive devices are critical across programs - early intervention,
education or livelihood - supporting APD’s lifecycle approach to rehabilitate PwDs.

2017-18 Achievements
APD collaborated with the International
Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and assisted PwDs provided with assistive devices 2170
3 teams to develop new assistive devices and Accessible toilets constructed 100
assistive technology. Among these, 2 groups - Home accessibility ensured 55
Bleetech and Nonspech bagged 1st and 3rd prizes
Barrier free environment at schools 14

“ am happy that I can move around without much
hassle and do my work independently. I am ever
grateful to APD for providing me an appropriate
- Ms Anusha from Chitradurga

Policy and Advocacy

The Policy & Advocacy team is responsible for urban and rural advocacy on disability issues, rights and
entitlements as well as effective lobbying at State and District level, growing Community Based Organizations
(CBO) and sensitizing all stakeholders.

A recent highlight is the team’s collaboration with UNICEF and the Women and Child Development
Department of Government of Karnataka to develop an institutional policy for children with special needs.
APD also collaborated with UNESCO to influence the education policy of the Government of Karnataka.

2017-18 Achievements

No. of Capacity Building sessions organised 79

No. of Access Audits conducted in schools 25

Strategic Partnerships
APD believes in sharing, nurturing and building the capacity of grassroots NGOs to reach out to maximum
number of people with disability in the new geographies. During 2017-18, twelve strategic partners were
provided with financial and technical support in the areas of Early Intervention, Education & SCI
management. The partners were also supported to have strong organizational monitoring systems, develop
processes and structures in Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Legal Compliance.

Names of Partners
Asha Deepa Angavikalara Sarva Abhiwruddi Seva Samsthe, Ilkal
B.D. Tatti (Annavaru) Memorial Charitable Trust, Laxmeshwar
Bijapur Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS), Hungund
Karnataka Angavikalara Aikyata Vedike (KAIV), Sindhagi
Karnataka Rajya Bennuhuri Apaghatada Angavikalara Sangha, Ramanagar
Margadarshi The Association for Physically Challenged (Regd), Kollegala
REACH (Rural Education And Child Health) Society, Muddebihal
Roshni Social Action Centre, Hangal
Samuha - Samarthya, Koppala
SEARCH, Bagalakote
Spoorthy, Organization for Education and Social Development, Davanagere
Women Welfare Society, Belagavi

2017-18 Achievements
Total reach 5302
Stakeholders trained 3699
Partners Meet 05

Early Intervention residential camp for parents

and children at Ashadeepa, Ilkal, Bagalkote
Government Interface
APD continues to network with central and state governments that include Ministries of Women and
Child Welfare (W&CW), Social Justice and Empowerment (SJ&E), Education, Health and Family Welfare
(H&FW) to influence policies and obtain grants to support programs of APD. Our Livelihood (Employer Led
Training) and mainstream Education proposals have been accepted and enrolled for the grant by MSJ&E,
Government of India. Government of Karnataka issued an order on a child-centric grant for speech and
hearing impaired children in Shradhanjali Integrated School. We are also empaneled with the National Skill
Development Corporation (NSDC) and Deen Dayal Upadhayay Gramin Kalyan Yojana (DDUGKY) as a
training partner for short-term courses.

Core Functions
Human Resources Development

Staff attrition was contained at 17% through several supportive HR initiatives and market aligned pay
scales. A structured ‘Nurture/Mentoring Program’ was conducted in which 18 mid-level managers were
trained and groomed as next level leaders within the organization. Domain and training skills of 76 staff
members were enhanced with training programs. The Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment
(POWASH) committee was formed.

Information Technology and Management Information System

Development and implementation of Goonjan software (mobile app) facilitated data capture for program
monitoring and evaluation at the grassroots level and across all partner NGOs. Centralized inventory of
IT infrastructure was initiated in APD.

Donor Assurance

The Donor Assurance Team facilitated donor relationship and reporting to all the Corporate, Individual
Donors and Funding Agencies, regularly and consistently.

Marketing and Communications

It was heartening to note the positive response from corporate, local agencies and individual donors to
support ongoing programs. This reconfirms the credibility we have earned with the donor community.
Social media and focused marketing activities gave us an opportunity to engage our existing donors and
raise awareness among new donors. We continued to focus on forging long-term relationships with
corporate donors. We also focused on events and expansion into more crowdfunding platforms as part of
the fundraising strategy.

We saw the introduction of hydro therapy in the Early Intervention unit and renovation of the training hall
this year. The movement of the livelihood team to the N S Hema Horticulture Training center and SCI team
to the Jeevan Bhima Nagar center was facilitated.

Staff details Men Women Total

Full Time Staff 134 96 230
PwDs 56 14 70

Highest salary paid: Rs.1,25,362/- per month, Lowest salary paid: Rs.11,033/- per month.

International Travel Details

A five member team visited UK as part of the global school exchange programme sponsored by donors,
amounting to Rs. 5,73,376.

Board Members’ Travel Expense

Expenses for Board Members travel during the financial year were Rs. 31,750.

We acknowledge and appreciate all our well-wishers and supporters who have significantly contributed to the
progress of APD during this year.

Bowring Hospital, St John’s Medical College, Mahaveer Jain Hospital, M.S. Ramaiah Hospital, Indira Gandhi
Hospital, Baptist Hospital, NIMHANS, Sparsh and BLDE Medical College, Vijayapura.

B.R. Shiv Shankar, Vinod Kumar Khandpur, Alka Singh, Saroja, Alice Ruemmler, Ronja Kraemer, Anita,
Aruna Morada, Rajani Wadhwani, Eva Bockholt, Saroja P Shetti, Meena Kumari, Naveen Dhanwant,
Vetrivelu, Sayrui Sato, V Chaitanya, Nagaveni M.

Corporate Volunteers
Intel, Cognizant, Northern Trust, EMC 2, TCS, Discovery Channel, ANZ, SSGA, Google, Standard Chartered
Bank. Goldman Sachs, Tata Pro-Engage and Deloitte.

Ministries and Departments

Department of Urban Development; Rural Development and Panchayati Raj; Education, Woman and Child
Development; Disability Commission; Directorate for the Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior
Citizen; Karnataka State Child Rights Commission; Department of Health and Family Welfare; Ministry of
Social Justice and Empowerment; District Administration; Davangere and Vijayapura.

Foundation / Organization / Service Organization

International Committee of Red Cross; SERVE Trust Ireland; IIT Chennai; Hans Foundation; Prasanna Trust;
Annaswamy Mudaliar School; Nightingales; Bubbles Autism Centre; Salaam Trust; Intra Life; Tamara Trust;
Disability NGO Alliance; Deaf Child Worldwide and SCIAF.

Annual Report
We acknowledge the contribution of Mr Jacob Kurian, Ms Christy Abraham, Mr Ravi Raghavan for their
valuable contribution, Ms Jaya Bharathi for content and Mr Shubhajit Bhattacharya for design and layout.

Donor Speak
“We are extremely proud to have APD as our partner under SMART+ Programme of Tech Mahindra
Foundation. The unique approach of APD to understand the lastest requirement of industries and
matching it for persons with disability is incredible. APD is a self-driven and dedicated partner with
whom a long-term partnership is very fruitful. We wish to be part of APD’s journey for a long time”.
Tech Mahindra Foundation

Administration Details

Name of the Organization The Association of People with Disability

1. Society registration no: S2179 Dt 20/05/1959
2. FCRA Registration no : 94420100 Dt 01/02/1985
Registration Details 3. 35 AC (Donations exempt 100%) Notification, No. 122/2015/ Fno.
V27015/4/2014-SO (Nat.com) for financial years 2014-17.
4. Registered under 80G of Income tax Act, 1961.
Registered Office 6th Cross Hutchins Road, Off Hennur Main Road, Lingarajapuram,
St. Thomas Town Post, Bengaluru – 560 084, India.
1. Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bengaluru
2. Kyalsanahalli, Bengaluru
Other Operational Centers 3. Ananda Ashram, Chintamani, Kolar Dt.
4. Vijayapura Dt.
5. Davangere Dt.
Telephone : (+91) 80 25470390
Telephone, E-mail and Web Email : contact@apd-india.org
Website: www.apd-india.org
Statutory Auditors M/s Rajagopal & Badri Narayanan
Internal Auditors M/s Venkat & Vasan
Bankers 1. Yes Bank
2. State Bank of India
Mr M.J. Aravind, President
Mr Mohan Sundaram, Vice President
Mr Jacob Kurian, Secretary
Mr Atul V. Vora, Treasurer
Mr V.P. Mahendra, Trustee
Mr S. Mohan Rao, Trustee
Governing Board Justice R. Gururajan, Trustee
Mr S. Renukaradhya, Trustee
Dr Thelma Narayan, Trustee
Ms Anita Bhat, Member
Mr Abhijit Mukherjee, Member
Mr Venkata R.K. Nakkina, Member
Mr P. Pradeep Kumar, Co-opted Member
Mr Subir Hari Singh, Co-opted Member
Dr Kurian Zachariah – Physical & Social Rehabilitation
Advisory Panel Members Mr K.G.Y Narayan – Livelihood & DNA
Mr Gurgeet Singh Arneja – Government Interface
Chief Executive Officer Ms Christy Abraham
Association Membership
As on 31st March 2018: Total 85; Patron Members: 08; Life Members: 70; and Ordinary Members: 07
[See Rule 17 B]

Audit Report under Section 12A (b) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, in the case of
Charitable or religious trusts or institutions

Report on the Financial Statements

We have examined the Balance Sheet of THE ASSOCIATION OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY, having its office at
6th Cross, Hutchins Road, St. Thomas Town Post, Hennur Road (Lingarajapuram), Bangalore – 560 084 as at March 31,
2018 and the Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended on that date which are in agreement with the Books
of Accounts maintained by the said trust or institution.

Trust’s Managements’s. Responsibility for the Financial Statements

Trust’s Management is responsible for the preparation of these financial statements that give a true and fair view of the
financial position and financial performance of the Trust/Institution. This responsibility includes the design, imple-
mentation and maintenance of internal control relevant to the preparation and presentation of the financial statements
that give a true and fair view and are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Auditor’s Responsibility

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in
accordance with the Standards on Auditing issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Those Standards
require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about
whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement.

An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial
statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditor’s judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material
misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making, those risk assessments, the auditor
considers internal control relevant to the Trust/Institution’s preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements
in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances. An audit also includes evaluating the
appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of the accounting estimates made by management
committee, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements. We believe that the audit evidence
we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.


In our opinion and to the best of our information and according to the explanations given to us, the said accounts read
with the schedules forming part of Report and notes relating to Significant Accounting Policies give a true and fair
view, in conformity with the Accounting Principles generally accepted in India :

a) In the case of the Balance Sheet, of the state of affairs of the above named trust / institution as at March
31,2018 and

b) In the case of the Income and Expenditure Account, of the Excess of Income over Expenditure of its
accounting year ended on March 31, 2018.

The prescribed particulars are annexed hereto.

For Rajagopal & Badri Narayanan

Chartered Accountants

Place : Bangalore M.S.Rajagopal

Date : 20/08/2018 Partner
Membership No.020244
Firm Reg. No.003024S


Schedule As at 31-Mar-2018 As at 31-Mar-2017

Capital Fund 1 2,72,31,934 2,75,86,946
General Funds 2 3,01,44,518 3,00,69,603
Endowment and Other Funds 3 6,28,50,460 5,91,39,001
Current Liabilities & Provisions 4 5,11,87,120 2,66,07,423

17,14,14,032 14,34,02,973

Fixed Assets 5 2,72,31,934 2,75,86,946
Investments 6 7,68,69,444 8,65,26,323
Current assets loans & advances
Stock on Hand 7 47,20,185 22,34,374
Sundry Debtors 8 27,95,502 25,66,235
Loans and Advances 9 99,99,755 81,57,404
Cash & Bank Balances 10 4,97,97,212 1,63,31,691

17,14,14,032 14,34,02,973
Significant Accounting Policies and
Notes on Accounts A

As per our report of Even Date

For Rajagopal & Badri Narayanan
Chartered Accountants

Sd/- Sd/- Sd/- Sd/-

M.J. Aravind Jacob Kurian Atul V Vora M.S.Rajagopal
Hon. President Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer Partner
Firm Reg. No.003024S

Place : Bangalore
Date : 20/08/2018



Schedule For the year ended For the year ended

31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
Grants & Donations 11 12,55,48,387 11,20,87,076
Other Resources 12 1,62,36,829 1,95,71,836
Interest Received 13 87,44,637 72,49,530
Depreciation-Withdrawn from Capital 5 32,08,633 38,13,843

15,37,38,487 14,27,22,285

Salary & Benefits 14 7,88,92,261 6,69,51,738
Program Expenses 15 5,85,35,445 5,66,73,665
Administrative & General Expenses 16 1,25,55,826 1,45,27,636
Depreciation 5 32,08,633 38,13,843

15,31,92,165 14,19,66,881

Excess/(Deficit) of Income over

expenditure for the year
transferred to general funds 5,46,322 7,55,404

Significant Accounting Policies and

Notes on Accounts A

As per our report of Even Date

For Rajagopal & Badri Narayanan
Chartered Accountants

Sd/- Sd/- Sd/- Sd/-

M.J.Aravind Jacob Kurian Atul V Vora M.S. Rajagopal
Hon. President Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer Partner
Firm Reg. No.003024S
Place : Bangalore
Date: 20/08/2018


Schedules Forming Part of Balance Sheet as at March 31, 2018

As at 31-Mar-18 As at 31-Mar-17
SCHEDULE - 1 Rs. Rs.
Opening Balance 2,75,86,946 2,64,75,734
Donor Funds 24,00,007 42,43,291
Donor Funds - in kind 53,900 -
General Funds 4,71,407 7,96,468

29,25,314 50,39,759
Less: Sale of Assets 71,692 1,14,704
Depreciation 32,08,633 38,13,843
Grand Total - Sch 1 2,72,31,934 2,75,86,946

Opening Balance 3,00,69,603 3,01,10,667
Add: Excess of Income over Expenditure for the year 5,46,322 7,55,404
3,06,15,925 3,08,66,071

Less : Capital Expenditure incurred during the year-

Transferred to Capital Fund 4,71,407 7,96,468

Grand Total - Sch 2 3,01,44,518 3,00,69,603


Endowments -Sch-3a
Opening Balance 5,91,39,001 5,05,72,000
Add : Transferred from Scholarship Fund - 20,89,193
Add: Received during the Year 20,00,558 85,67,001
Add: Interest Op Balance 22,49,425 -
Add: Interest earned 50,83,602 45,04,922
93,33,584 1,30,71,923
Less: Utilised during the year 55,38,957 15,45,802
Less: Transferred to Un Spent Grant A/c 17,94,069 29,59,120
6,11,39,559 5,91,39,001

As at 31-Mar-18 As at 31-Mar-17
Rs. Rs.
Other Funds
Wheel Chair Fund - Sch - 3b
Opening Balance - 15,53,802
Interest earned - 70,936
- 16,24,737
Less: Utilised during the year - 16,24,737
- -
N S Hema Memorial Corpus Fund - Sch - 3c
Opening Balance - -
Received during the year 19,70,510 -
Interest earned 10,678 -
19,81,188 -
Less: Utilised during the year 2,70,286 -
17,10,902 -

Grand Total - Sch 3 6,28,50,460 5,91,39,001

Donors Account - Unutilised Grant-sch 4a
Opening balance 2,18,53,952 5,06,01,856
Add: Grant Received 11,76,81,218 5,95,17,403
Add : Received during the Year - For Fixed assets 24,00,007 11,90,000
Add : Interest Received 10,18,536 11,63,062
13,89,66,228 11,61,97,268

Less: Utilised during the year

- Programme Expenditure 10,27,54,276 9,01,00,025
- Capital Expenditure 24,00,007 42,43,291
(Refer Schedule -4ai) 4,05,84,469 2,18,53,953

Endowment Interest-Sch-4-b
Opening balance 22,49,425 3,76,522
Received during the year 50,83,602 45,04,922
Utilised during the year 55,38,957 26,32,019
(Refer Schedule -4ai) 17,94,069 22,49,425

As at 31-Mar-18 As at 31-Mar-17
Rs. Rs.
Other Creditors & Provisions-Sch-4-c
Sundry Creditors 2,62,856 15,86,899
Audit Fee 2,69,500 2,87,500
Other Statutory dues 10,17,807 -
Provision for gratuity 56,01,017 -
Others 16,57,401 6,29,646
88,08,581 25,04,045
Grand Total - Sch 4 5,11,87,120 2,66,07,423

Fixed Assets 2,72,31,934 2,75,86,946
(Refer Detailed Schedule No.5)
Grand Total - Sch 5 2,72,31,934 2,75,86,946

Fixed Deposits-Scheduled Banks 1,40,02,443 8,16,24,323
Fixed Deposits-Others 6,28,67,001 49,02,000
Grand Total - Sch 6 7,68,69,444 8,65,26,323

Plants 10,39,227 11,82,582
Wheel Chair & Ortho 36,80,957 10,51,792
Grand Total - Sch 7 47,20,185 22,34,374

Sundry Debtors
Sundry Debtors 27,95,501 25,66,235
Grand Total - Sch 8 27,95,501 25,66,235

Pre-Paid Expenses & Advances
Tax deducted at Source 9,43,825 10,23,750
Advance - Recoverable in cash or kind or for
value to be received 19,04,001 22,99,094

Grants receivable 67,72,524 39,87,486

Deposits 3,79,404 8,47,074
Grand Total - Sch 9 99,99,754 81,57,405

Cash & Bank Balances
Cash on hand 31,509 22,180
Cash at Scheduled Banks 4,97,65,703 1,63,09,511
(In Savings Bank Account)
Grand Total - Sch 10 4,97,97,212 1,63,31,691


Schedules forming part of Income and Expenditure account for the year ended 31st March 2018

For the year ended For the year ended

31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
Rs. Rs.
Grants & Donations -Sch -11a
Govt Grants 31,59,328 18,34,327
Funding Agencies 5,31,81,683 4,47,08,473
Corporate Grants 4,24,25,497 3,35,67,882
Donation -35 AC 6,98,214 81,02,939
9,94,64,722 8,82,13,620

General Donations-Sch -11b
Donations 1,92,30,277 1,77,19,835
Donations - in Kind 68,53,388 61,53,621
2,60,83,665 2,38,73,456
Grand Total - Sch 11 12,55,48,387 11,20,87,076

Other Rosources
Resource Mobilisation 63,88,600 78,79,158
Plants 59,42,135 82,01,185
Mobility Aids & Appliances 38,34,402 33,76,789
Sale of Assets 71,692 1,14,704
Grand Total - Sch 12 1,62,36,829 1,95,71,836

Interest Received
- Fixed Deposit 74,16,579 60,60,441
- Savings Bank 13,28,058 11,89,089
Grand Total - Sch 13 87,44,637 72,49,530

Salary & Benefits
Salaries 6,35,35,001 5,51,88,673
Benefits 1,17,43,038 91,37,702
Others 36,14,222 26,25,363
Grand Total - Sch 14 78,892,261 6,69,51,738

As at 31-Mar-18 As at 31-Mar-17
Rs. Rs.
Program Expenses
Seeds & Plants
Opening Stock Seeds, Plants 11,82,582 10,36,051
Seeds & Plants 11,81,127 21,43,394
Organic Manure & Plants Protection 2,63,325 1,42,065
14,44,452 22,85,459
Closing Stock Seeds, Plants 10,39,227 11,82,582
A 15,87,806 21,38,929
Appliances/Wheel Chair
Opening Stock Wheel Chair & Ortho 10,51,792 10,16,032
Pre Fabricated Aids & Appliances/
Material for Appliances 1,12,10,818 84,94,867
Closing Stock Wheel Chair & Ortho 36,80,957 10,51,792
B 85,81,653 84,59,107
Training / Education Aids
Educational Programme 75,36,490 72,67,375
Training Expenses 31,13,482 63,58,857
1,06,49,972 1,36,26,232
Awareness & Capacity Building Program
Awareness & Net Work 24,85,859 37,07,103
Capacity Building 2,60,99,112 2,14,48,003
2,85,84,971 2,51,55,106
Nutrition/Mid Day Meal
Nutrition/Mid Day Meal 59,04,776 60,24,393

Mobility, Hearing Aids, Wheel chair etc.,

Mobility, Hearing Aids, Wheel chair etc., 32,26,267 12,69,898
C 4,83,65,986 4,60,75,629
Grand Total - Sch 15 (A+B+C) 5,85,35,445 5,66,73,665

For the year ended For the year ended
31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
Rs. Rs.

Administrative & General Expenses

Travel & Transportation - Sch-16a
Travel & Conveyance 3,62,126 30,01,397
Transportation Charges 6,28,275 6,56,275
9,90,401 36,57,672
Repair & Maintenance -Sch-16b
- Building / Electricity 7,84,155 18,50,501
- Vehicle 2,95,641 3,42,254
- Others 10,28,995 10,10,343
21,08,791 32,03,098
Admin & Other Expenditure-Sch-16c
Rent 5,07,135 6,29,461
Postage, Fax & Telephone 6,86,867 9,25,652
Security Charges 20,40,354 19,11,879
Printing & Stationery 7,00,187 5,72,137
Power, Light & water Charges 10,03,394 9,68,750
Rates, Taxes & Insurance 3,19,580 3,46,002
Audit Fees
- Statutory Audit Fees 50,000 57,500
- Internal Audit Fees 2,00,000 2,30,000
Others 39,49,117 20,25,485
94,56,634 76,66,866
Grand Total - Sch 16 1,25,55,826 1,45,27,636

Annexure To Schedule-4ai
(Amount in Rs.)
Donor Name Opening Grants Total Capital Unutilised
Balance Received Program Expenditure Grants
during the Expenditure
Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives 54,67,611 2,53,50,701 1,52,72,168 - 1,55,46,143
Chitra Aravind 21,09,119 1,29,63,550 1,27,59,803 7,94,560 15,18,306
TITAN Company Limited (1,42,642) 72,53,790 33,28,042 78,535 37,04,572
Mind Tree Foundation 5,34,015 40,55,906 35,37,301 - 10,52,620
Northern Operating Services Pvt. Ltd. 12,51,520 18,50,000 90,286 7,54,601 22,56,633
AMEX Foundation 18,29,534 27,93,874 22,98,785 - 23,24,623
Zurich Financial Services 14,00,783 2,52,012 10,54,496 - 5,98,299
TESCO Hindustan Service Centre Pvt. Ltd 14,34,638 5,60,000 10,54,699 4,03,249 5,36,690
MJ Aravind 6,77,822 1,00,00,000 2,95,000 2,10,840 1,01,71,982
ABB India Foundation 5,32,626 88,30,643 88,54,502 - 5,08,767
SS Hosakote 7,78,263 22,00,000 22,94,941 57,000 6,26,322
Give 2 Asia - 25,74,179 23,66,090 - 2,08,089
Live Love Laugh Foundation 66,182 20,00,000 18,10,643 42,861 2,12,678
MIBLOU (1,57,458) 9,97,657 7,17,954 - 1,22,245
VST Trillers & Tractors - 15,00,000 15,00,000 - -
Hema Hatangady - 50,00,000 44,10,359 - 5,89,641
Others 51,24,128 1,67,26,418 2,12,43,686 - 6,06,860

Sub Total Grants & Fundings (A) 2,09,06,140 10,49,08,729 8,28,88,755 23,41,646 4,05,84,469

Endowment Interest Opening Interest Interest Interest Carried

Balance Received utilised for utilised for Forward
during the Program Capital Interest
year Expenditure Expenditure
WIPRO Interest 11,77,809 28,14,317 34,00,225 - 5,91,901
Others 10,71,616 22,69,284 21,38,732 - 12,02,168
Sub Total FD/ Endowment Interests (B) 22,49,425 50,83,602 55,38,957 - 17,94,069
Grand Total C=(A+B) 2,31,55,565 10,99,92,331 8,84,27,712 23,41,646 4,23,78,538

Donor Name Opening Grants Total Program Capital Grants

Balance Received Expenditure Expenditure Receivable
during the
Deaf Child World Wide (19,51,407) 57,06,219 37,54,812 - -
Deaf Child World Wide - CDM (4,97,178) 9,96,603 7,31,243 - (2,31,818)
Cap Gemini (1,75,851) 1,75,851 - - -
TITAN Company Limited 5,84,252 - 16,03,325 - (10,19,073)
Maha Ganapathy Charitable Trust 50,000 1,50,000 4,75,782 - (2,75,782)
Net App Services Pvt Limited 13,460 15,31,000 18,92,664 - (3,48,204)
Motivation - 4,42,868 5,92,305 - (1,49,438)
Disha Govt Grants - 1,55,000 2,44,908 58,361 (1,48,269)
Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd - 13,12,500 17,07,599 - (3,95,099)
Hans Foundation - 34,86,695 68,03,810 - (33,17,115)
IIT Madras (6,68,811) 4,90,158 5,58,847 - (7,37,500)
State Bank of Mysore (1,31,600) 1,31,600 - - -
Aon Hewit / Caf Aon (2,62,539) 16,12,539 15,00,227 - (1,50,227)
Total Grants Receivable 30,39,674 1,61,91,033 1,98,65,522 58,361 67,72,524

Fixed Assets - Schedule - 5

(Amount in Rs.)
Particulars Cost as on Additions Additions Deletions Deletions Total as on Up to For the On On Total as on WDV as at WDV as at
01.04.2017 upto from upto from 31.03.2018 31.03.2017 Year Additions Deletions 31.03.2017 31.03.2018 31.03.2017
30.09.17 01.10.17 30.09.17 01.10.17

Land 4,79,354 - - - - 4,79,354 - - - - - 4,79,354 4,79,354

Building 3,92,45,373 - 18,93,509 - - 4,11,38,882 2,20,06,842 17,23,853 94,675 - 2,38,25,371 1,73,13,511 1,72,38,530
Boiler 2,06,380 - - - - 2,06,380 93,199 11,318 - - 1,04,517 1,01,863 1,13,181
Bore Well & Motorpump 7,34,549 14,883 1,72,019 - - 9,21,451 4,22,987 31,156 10,089 - 4,64,232 4,57,218 3,11,562
Green House 9,99,733 - - - 9,99,733 6,67,158 33,257 - - 7,00,416 2,99,317 3,32,574
Machinery 25,591 - - - 25,591 25,116 71 - - 25,187 403 474
Electrical Installation 27,52,141 - - - - 27,52,141 11,85,185 1,56,696 - - 13,41,881 14,10,260 15,66,956
Equipments & Accessories 48,73,067 1,42,380 4,02,866 4,771 - 54,13,542 23,48,779 2,52,429 34,381 252 26,35,338 27,78,204 25,24,288
Fixtures & Fittings 60,52,268 1,66,688 - - - 62,18,956 33,92,014 2,66,025 16,669 - 36,74,708 25,44,248 26,60,254
Computers, Printers
& Accessories 97,43,196 84,500 4,21,519 - - 1,02,49,215 89,45,958 3,18,895 1,18,104 - 93,82,957 8,66,258 7,97,238
Mist Chamber 17,520 - - - - 17,520 16,354 117 - - 16,471 1,049 1,166
Planetarium 25,000 - - - - 25,000 24,645 36 - - 24,680 320 355
Cycle 18,614 - - - 18,614 16,965 247 - - 17,212 1,401 1,648
Teaching Aids 94,512 - - - 94,512 58,997 3,551 - - 62,549 31,963 35,515
Vehicles 29,45,633 - - 66,921 - 28,78,712 21,21,686 1,23,592 - 5,019 22,40,259 6,38,453 8,23,947
Wheel chair & Prosthesis 3,30,155 - - - - 3,30,155 1,42,738 18,742 - - 1,61,480 1,68,675 1,87,417
Capital Work in Progress 5,12,485 - 139,435 512,485 - 1,39,435 - - - - - 1,39,435 5,12,485

Total 6,90,55,569 4,08,451 30,29,348 5,84,178 - 7,19,09,191 4,14,68,625 29,39,985 2,73,919 5,271 4,46,77,258 2,72,31,934 2,75,86,944
Previous Year 6,51,25,163 25,84,672 24,55,087 25,247 6,90,55,569 3,86,49,432 30,99,510 7,14,333 4,14,68,625 2,75,86,944




To Opening Balance : By Material for Appliances/Wheelchair 53,74,971

- Cash In Hand 18,031 ,, Seeds & Plants 22,91,439
- Cash at Bank 163,13,660 ,, Employee Benefit Expenses 7,92,84,011

,, Grants & Funding 11,46,41,698 Programme Expenses :

,, Donations 1,92,30,277 ,, Training/Educational Aids / Programmes 1,25,21,104
,, Interest Income 86,08,286 ,, Awareness & Capacity Building Prog 2,88,08,861
,, Other Resources 398,57,473 ,, Nutrition/Mid Day Meal 62,80,235
,, Mobility, Hearing Aids, Wheelchair 82,24,574
,, Endowment Fund &
Other Funds 39,60,468
,, Investment Withdrawn 99,23,827 Over Heads :
,, Travel & Transportation 31,00,341
,, Repair & Maintenance 23,32,879
,, Admin & other Expenditure 1,67,30,410

,, Fixed Assets 22,11,414

,, Advances 94,20,652 ,, Advances 50,16,919

,, Closing Balance :
- Cash In Hand 31,509
- Cash at Bank 4,97,65,703

22,19,74,372 22,19,74,372


Notes Forming Part of Accounts for the year ended March 31, 2018

1. Significant Accounting Policies - A

1.a Basis of Accounting

The Association follows mercantile system of Accounting and recognizes Income and Expenditure on Ac-
crual basis.

1.b Fixed Assets

Fixed assets are stated at cost of acquisition including inward freight, duties and taxes and incidental and
direct expenses related to acquisition, installation and commissioning.

It is valued at historical cost less depreciation.

During the year, depreciation is provided as per rates prescribed under Income Tax Act on Written Down
Value (WDV) at the following rates:

1. Building at 10 %
2. Vehicles at 15 %
3. Equipment at 10 %
4. Computer and accessories at 40 %
5. Furniture, Fixture & Fittings at 10 %

1.c Retirement Benefits

1.c.1 Provision for Gratuity

The Gratuity is managed by Life Insurance Corporation of India. As per the Actuarial Valuation as on
31.03.2018 an additional liability of Rs.40 lakhs is provided in the books of accounts.

1.c.2 Leave encashment

Leave encashment is accounted on actual payment basis.

1.d Leasehold Land

The land in Horticulture unit shown under Fixed Assets is taken on lease from Bangalore Development
Authority for 30 years commencing from the year 1987. The necessary papers for renewal of lease submitted
to the concerned authorities.

1.e Stocks

Stocks of stores, spare parts, consumables and other Inventory items are valued at Cost.

1.f Investments

Investments of earmarked funds and interest income accrued on such investments, are invested in approved
securities, debentures and bonds or deposited for fixed terms with banks, to the extent not immediately
required for expenditure.
1.g Government grants

Government grants for meeting the revenue expenditure are treated as income of the year in which they are
realized, except that they will be treated as accrued income where sanctions have been issued before the last
day of the year and there is reasonable certainty of collection and realization.

2. Endowments

Endowments held by us of Rs.6,11,39,559/- as on 31-03-2018 out of that the following restricted fund are
transferable to General Fund as per the Memorandum of understanding.

Date when it will be

Donor Purpose Amount converted to General
(Rs.) Fund
1.East West Education Sponsorship for Women 14,53,238 03.02.2025
2.Wipro Cares Inclusive Education for 3,00,00,000 15.03.2026
Children with Disability
3.URS Support Fund General 55,00,000 08.12.2026
4.URS Support Fund Parents of persons with 15,00,000 08.12.2026

3. Grants / Donations / Designated Funds

Grants/ Donations// fund received for any particular project are recognized in the Income & Expenditure
Account over the period necessary to match them with related costs, which they are intended to compensate.
The unutilized Grants/ Donation/ Funds are reflected as a part of unutilized Grants and carried forward.

4. Foreign Currency Transactions

Foreign Currency transaction are recorded using the exchange rates prevailing on the dates of the respective
transaction and the exchange fluctuation difference accounted according to the date of receipt as per the
nature of the funds.

The Association of People with Disability maintains separate set of accounts for Foreign Contribution as
required under the Rule 16 of foreign Contribution (Regulation) Rules, 2011.

5. Schedules 1 to 16 are annexed to and from an integral part of the Balance Sheet as at 31.3.2018 and the
Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended on that date.

6. Previous year’s figures have been regrouped whenever necessary, to align with the current year figure

Sd/- Sd/- Sd/-

M.J. Aravind Jacob Kurian Atul V Vora

Hon. President Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer

Place: Bangalore
Date: 20/08/2018


We are grateful to all our donors who have contributed for the progress of APD
Grants & Donations received (Rs. 25,000/- and above)

M/s. Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives 2,49,90,000 M/s. Your Cause 2,02,827
Ms. Chitra Aravind 1,27,00,000 Mr. B.R.Shivashankar 2,00,000
Mr. M.J.Aravind 1,00,00,000 M/s. Accel Partners India LLP 2,00,000
M/s. ABB India Foundation 88,30,643 M/s. Aarbee Structures Pvt. Ltd. 2,00,000
M/s. Titan Company Limited 72,53,790 M/s. K.R.Enterprises 1,94,492
M/s. Deaf Child Worldwide 65,52,247 M/s. Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. 1,75,671
Ms. Hema Hattangady 50,00,000 M/s. Friends of APD 1,56,980
M/s. Give Foundation 43,77,964 M/s. Intel Volunteers Grant Program 1,55,549
M/s. Mindtree Foundation 40,02,360 M/s. National Trust 1,55,000
M/s. Tech Mahindra Foundation 37,01,190 M/s. Maha Ganapathy Charitable Trust 1,50,000
M/s. Mercedes-Benz Research And M/s. StateStreet Services India Pvt. Ltd. 1,50,000
Development India Pvt. Ltd. 35,50,000 M/s. State Bank of Mysore 1,32,150
M/s The Hans Foundation 34,65,950 M/s. Community Services of Bangalore 1,27,000
M/s. Northern Operating Service Pvt. Ltd. 33,50,000 Mr. Mohan Srinivasa Rao 1,25,500
M/s. Department Of Women And Child M/s. ITC Ladies Social Welfare 1,20,000
Development 29,96,420 Block Education Officer - DWD 1,12,000
M/s. Give 2 Asia 25,74,179 Ms. Anita Bhat 1,10,500
Late. Prema Sastri 20,00,558 Ms. Shilpa Vora 1,10,250
M/s. The Live Love Laugh Foundation 20,00,000 Mr. Vinod Kumar Khandpur 1,07,130
M/s. Charities Aid Foundation India 19,77,300 Mr. Srikanth Chavali 1,04,700
M/s.EMC Software and Services India Pvt. M/s. Sri Balaji Charitable Trust 1,00,000
Ltd. 17,21,034 Mr. S.Anand Kumar 1,00,000
M/s. NetApp India Marketing And Services M/s. Sri Justice N D Krishna Rao Memorial
Pvt. Ltd. 15,41,000 Trust (Regd) 1,00,000
M/s. VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. 15,00,000 M/s. Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore Pvt. Ltd. 1,00,000
M/s. Nalanda Foundation 14,60,549 Mr. Rajeev Loknath Char 1,00,000
M/s. Akamai Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 13,12,500 Ms. Ritu Saini 1,00,000
Ms. Sushma Srikanth 11,00,000 Mr. Pradeep Kumar P 1,00,000
Mr. Srikanth Hosakote 11,00,000 M/s. Womens Rehabilitation Group 95,366
M/s. UK Online Giving Foundation 10,11,678 M/s. Zurich Financial Services 92,342
M/s. NTT DATA Information Processing M/s. Intuit India Product Development Center
Pvt. Ltd. 10,00,000 Pvt. Ltd. 90,000
M/s. MIBLOU 9,97,657 Mr. Ujaval Gandhi 86,300
Mr. Shailesh Lakhani 9,00,000 Oncrop Agro Sciences 85,451
M/s. Sequoia Capital India Advisors Pvt. Ltd. 9,00,000 Ms. Laura B Kane 81,610
M/s. K.R. Enterprises 7,55,163 Ms. Rathnaprabha Karajgikar 78,000
M/s. Serve 7,48,779 M/s. Thirupavanam Foundation 75,000
M/s. Nextgen Project Management Systems M/s. Southern India Banks’ Staff Training College 74,500
Pvt. Ltd. 5,61,600 Mr. Ishwar B Hemrajani 70,000
M/s. Tesco Hindustan Service Centre M/s. Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. 60,000
Pvt. Ltd. 5,60,000 Chief Officer Channagiri 60,000
M/s. Global Giving 5,28,410 Mr. Jaywant Govindrao Karajgikar 57,700
M/s. Indian Institute of Technology Madras 4,90,158 Ms. V Deepa Jagdish 57,135
M/s. St Ambrose High School 4,79,211 Mr. Karl Heinz Wagner 56,083
M/s. Motivation 4,42,868 The President And Panchayath Development
M/s. Prasanna Trust 3,20,000 Officer Kakkargolla 54,950
Mr. B.C.S.Iyengar 3,00,000 National Public School - Indira Nagar 53,750
M/s. Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited 2,52,012 M/s. Lions Club of Bangalore Anubhandha 53,000
M/s. The Himalaya Drug Company 2,34,344 Ms. Vandana Selat 51,000
M/s. Mindscape Computing Pvt. Ltd 2,10,000 30

We are grateful to all our donors who have contributed for the progress of APD
Grants & Donations received (Rs. 25,000/- and above)

Mr Laxmichand K Jain 51,000 Ms. Sunita Srinivas 25,000

M/s Prayas Trust 50,928 M/s The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd. 25,000
Mrs Jayshree Rangaraj 50,000 Ms. Bindu R Thirumalai 25,000
Mr. Nitin Kataria 50,000 M/s. Mitra Jyothi 25,000
M/s Position 2 Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 50,000 Mr. C S Ravichandran 25,000
Mr Ashutosh Vaidya 50,000 Ms Geetha Mohan Rao 25,000
Mr. Mahendra Magan Chibba 50,000 Mr. Farooq Amaluddin Valiulla 25,000
Mr. Ramchandra Shenai 50,000 Mr Ashok Srihari 25,000
Ms. Priya Rangaraj 50,000 Mr Gautam Srihari 25,000
Mr. Deepak K Vinchhi 50,000 Mr N.G.Srihari . 25,000
Commissioner City Corporation - Davanagere 50,000 Mr Keshavram Nuggehalli 25,000
Mr. Nagarajan Ramasubramaniam 47,500 Ms Kamala B.S 25,000
Mr Gautam Wadhwani 46,663 Dr A M Shivakumar 25,000
Mr. Reji Varughese 45,000 Mrs. Sumitra Varadarajan 25,000
Mr. Vijay Kumar Sood 42,000 Panchayath Development Office - Davanagere 25, 000
Mr. Vijaya Subramaniam 41,200 Mr. Jagdish Chinnappa 25,000
Mr J K Chandna 40,000
M/s Leo Club of BSCIS 40,000
M/s Inner Wheel Club Of Bangalore
IT Corridor 40,000
M/s. Action for Ability Development and
Inclusion 40,000
M/s. Divya Aarnav Trust 36,000
Mr. Mohamed Saad Sheriff 36,000
Mrs. S.C.Sundari 35,000
M/s. Ananth Bhandari Trust 34,000
Mr. Naresh N Ramdas 30,916
Ms. Gayatri Abbott 30,643
Ms. K Savitri Devi 30,550
Ms Dr. Sharadha Suresh 30,000
Mr. Indru Wadhwani 30,000
Mr. N.G.Kesari 30,000
Mrs. Ranga Gopalswami 30,000
Mrs Shanti Jayaram 30,000
Mr. Anil Mathaese D’souza 30,000
Mr. Naveen Kumar Kalyankar 30,000
Mr. Praveen Sharma 30,000
Mr. Gopal Krihsna Nayak Ullal 30,000
M/s Alpha Consultants. 30,000
M/s. Data Life Cycle.Com Pvt Ltd 30,000
Mr. Hari S 30,000
Mr Karthik Ramanathan 27,500
Mrs. Sunila Gupte 27,000
Mr. Chinnappa N.S. 26,900
Mr. C Vittaldas Kamath 25,505
Ms. Aruna Rangaraj 25,000
Ms. Nirmala Srihari 25,000
Mr R. Babu 25,000
M/s. Srinivasan Rajambal Ramanan Trust 25,000
The First N S Hema Memorial Award for
“Outstanding NGO in the Disability Sector in
Karnataka” was given to Ms Vaishali Pai of The
Tamahar Trust, Bangalore, on October 4th , 2017.
The award was given by Dr Siddaraju, Director -
Department of the Empowerment of Differently-abled
and Senior Citizens, Government of Karnataka.

Reach, Capacity Building & Sensitization

2016 -17 2017-18

Program/Dept Reach Capacity Building Reach Capacity Building

Early Intervention 1761 2672 1627 2457
Education 2189 8507 2168 14937
Livelihood 3318 1460 3140 1196
Spinal Cord Injury 1236 1468 1297 2093
Mental Health 901 2728 855 3375
Therapy 604 345 572 517
Policy Advocacy 4286 7138 2692 4193
Support Functions 0 154 0 185
Total 14295 24472 12351 28953
* Not strictly comparable due to change in definition of Reach and Capacity Building in Apr 2017

Shubhajit, Graphic Designer, APD

A massive electric shock had Shubhajit on a hospital bed for 11 months. His
arms were amputated – one below the elbow and the other above – to save his
life. He fought his demons and pushed ahead, became a football champion, a
graphic designer and now – a budding guitarist!

His Mantra
If someone tells you ‘NO’, take it as a challenge and replace it with ‘YES’.
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