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I. Nature and Purpose

the services that are important to the school but not directly relevant to teaching and

Auxiliary = providing supplementary or additional help, support and backup


II. Objectives

to provide a variety of services that support a living and learning environment

fostering personal, professional and academic growth for the community.
To support education, research and outreach missions by enhancing the student experience

III. Kinds and Classifications

IV. Methods of dissemination

- through tarpaulins, bulletin boards (posters)

V. Tools and designs

1. Testing Services
2. psychological services

3. services for exceptional children

4. remedial services; speech and hearing services

5. services for the improvement of the educationally disadvantaged

6. Stress-prevention programs

VI. Sources and linakges

VII. Evaluation

VIII. Ethical considerations



Picture Perfect




Ateneo Center for Psychological & Educational
The Ateneo Center for Psychological and Educational Assessment (ACESS) is an auxiliary unit
providing psychological testing and test development services to university, corporate, and
government clients.


We are committed to working with individuals and organizations in the pursuit of personal,
professional, and organizational excellence.

With psychological and educational assessment tools, we assist clients in making informed and
sound personnel-choice decisions, professionalizing organizational and educational selection
programs, maximizing human resource potentials, achieving deeper self-knowledge, and
embarking on growth-enhancing career and life changes.


The Ateneo Center for Psychological and Educational Asssessment (ACESS) was formerly the
Central Guidance Bureau. Established on September 8, 1960 and based in Padre Faura in the
early years, it was originally conceived as the psychological services office of the university and
the practicum venue of the Department of Psychology. Initially under the leadership of Fr. James
Culligan, S.J., followed by Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, S.J. in the 60s and 70s, the office remained true
to its mandate through the years while simultaneously looking outward, venturing beyond the
confines of the university while keeping its roots here.

At various times in its 47-year history, ACESS offered an eclectic range of services that included
counseling, market research, overseas employment testing, marital annulment casework, test
construction, assessment center technology, training and organizational development, personal
and professional growth workshops, and Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective

Up until the mid-90s, ACESS’s services could be classified into testing, test development, and
training. With the spin-off of the training arm to establish the Center for Leadership and Change
Incorporated, ACESS focused its resources on testing and test development. Thus, it now
consists of two units taking care of Test Development and Special Projects (TDSP), and
University, Business and Clinical Testing (UBCT).
In October 1999, ACESS forged a partnership with then Sylvan Prometric (now Prometric) to be
part of a global network of test sites delivering computer-based tests. With this added role as
host institution of a Prometric Testing Center, ACESS builds on its 47-year history of
wide-ranging service, diverse clientele, responsiveness to the times, and rootedness in the
Ateneo's mission of service and excellence.