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Nome: ___________________________________

5. Complete the crossword. Use the –s form of the

Série: _________________ verbs in the box

1. Write the correct 3rd Person form. 3

Remember the spelling rules! 4

eat _________ do ________

study ________ watch ________ 5 6

drink ________ read ________

make ________ learn ________

tidy __________ play _________


2. Complete the sentences. Use Present Simple affirmative.

a. My brother _________ (play) football. 9 10

b. We _________ (eat) hamburguers. 11

c. I _________ (study) French.

d. My friends _________ (listen) to jazz.
e. My mum __________ (like) classical music.

3. Make the sentences negative. EclipseCrossword.com

a. I eat pizza.
__________________________ Listen understand tidy go remember start
b. My brother studies German.
__________________________ Ask clean fly learn do study
c. We play computer games.
d. Harry likes sport. 6. Complete the sentences using the SIMPLE
__________________________ PRESENT form of the verbs
e. They drink water. a. _____ your father ________ in a mobile phone
__________________________ shop? (work). Yes, _____ _____
b. I _____________________ (not/cook) dinner for
4. Choose the correct verb form. my family
c. Those hotels ______________ (be) very old.
a. We go/goes to school by bus.
d. Lisa and Jey ________________________
b. My teacher speak/speaks Italian and Japanese. (not/write) poems
c. We don’t/doesn’t do P.E in the classroom. e. My favorite show ________________ (not be)
d. My friends don’t like/likes art. “The X factor”
f. Steve _______________________ (not/have)
e. My mother teach/teaches in a primary school. lunch at school.
f. I don’t copy/copies their homework. g. _____ babies ______ to university? (go). No,
g. They finish/finishes work at 8.30 in the evening. ______ ______
h. My sister __________________ (teach) French
h. We don’t/doesn’t think that English is easy.
in my school.
i. How often _______ Martha ___________
(check) her email?
j. He __________ (not use) his cellphone when he
____________ (do)homework.