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General English Examination

Elementary level

Speaking part 1

Exchanging Personal Information

1. What school do/did you attend?

2. Did/Do you enjoy being a student?
3. Which are/were your favourite subjects at secondary school?
4. Which are/were the subjects you dislike?
5. What are/were your classmates like?
6. What do you want to do after finishing secondary school/university?
7. How long have you been studying English?
8. Why is learning English important for you/Hungarian people?
9. When do you use your English knowledge?
10. Have you ever spoken to native speakers?
11. How do you learn English?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking part 3

Discussion on a Topic Stimulated by Photos

You are going to be given two different photographs and I’d like you to describe them on your
own. When you have finished I will ask you to answer some questions so that you can
broaden the topic introduced in the pictures.

Topic: Education

Ide jönnek a képek

General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3


Candidate sheet

You have read an advertisement in a newspaper that a speaker of English gives private lessons
(private tutoring). Ask him/her about the lessons, tell him/her why you want to learn English.

Examiner sheet

You are a native speaker of English who put an advertisement to a newspaper and you want to
teach English as a private tutor. Ask/Tell the caller

 why he wants to learn English

 how long he/she has been learning English
 how much a lesson is
 which day and what time is appropriate for him/her
 where he/she would like the lessons to be held (at your place or at his/her place)
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3


Candidate sheet

Your parents want to send you on a two-month course this summer. You would travel to
Britain to learn English. You don’t want to go.
Tell them:

 why is it better if you stay at home (give reasons),

 what the disadvantages of travelling to Britain are,
 what you will do if you are allowed to stay at home.

Examiner sheet

You and your wife/husband decided to send your child to Britain to learn English. Persuade
him/her to take the opportunity.
General English Examination
Elementary level

Speaking Part 3


Candidate sheet

You and your friend are talking about your future after leaving secondary school.
Your friend wants to leave school and go to work. Persuade him/her not to do it giving

Examiner sheet

You and your friend are talking about your future after leaving secondary school.
You want to go to work as soon as possible. You’d like your friend to join you. Persuade
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 1

Complete the next below by writing a suitable word from the list in each space provided.
There are 15 gaps but 20 words are given. Use each word once only.
There is an example. ( 0 ) for you.

Cesar’s Words

Antonio is a Spanish man living (0) on the wonderful island of Mallorca. As a child he was
keen on English, he loved the sounds of the language. Later, when he knew English better he
always helped his classmates with the English homework. He decided to open a language
school later.
Unfortunately, when finished secondary school he didn’t have enough money to pay the
tuition fee so he couldn’t get into university. That’s why he travelled to London and took up a
job there. At first, he worked as a bartender. He liked this job but he didn’t earn much. He
tried to save his money but two months later his father became seriously ill and Antonio had
to send his mother money because his father’s treatment became more and more expensive.
Then he got to know Cesar who showed him how to make much money very quickly.
Cesar was a Spanish pickpocket working in London stealing wallets, jewellery and cameras
from tourists. Antonio became his partner and they began working together.
Everything went well for a couple of months. However, one day they had a terrible
experience. The disco where they worked suddenly caught fire in the middle of the night. A
lot of people died in the fire and Antonio could hardly get out. He tried to look for Cesar but
he couldn’t find him anywhere. Cesar disappeared that night.
Two weeks later he returned to Mallorca and he met a very strange old man who told him:
‘Take this wallet young man and open a language school. Give it a name after your
disappeared friend: ‘Cesar’s Words’ and he walked away quickly. Antonio looked into the
wallet and found a lot of money in it. Somehow he felt the old man was Cesar. But he never
saw him again. A year later Antonio had a successful language school.

as quickly
because couldn’t
with successful
stealing never
wonderful at
old well
partner caught
lot living
happy these
younger some
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 1

Read the text and answer the questions.

Study for a term in Britain

THE CULTURAL INTERCHANGE SERVICE makes arrangements for suitably qualified

foreign pupils to study a term at British schools.

1. Participants in this scheme are usually between 14 and 18 years of age and studying for an
examination leading to university or some other course of higher education. They must
have a good basic knowledge of the English language, so that they can take an active part
in the life of the school and family to which they are attached.
2. The purpose of the stay is to enable students to improve their knowledge of the English
language, and to deepen their understanding of life in Britain. To achieve this the
organisers try to ensure that participants shall be integrated as fully as possible into the
community and life of their host families and schools.
3. Pupils are expected to attend school full time in the normal way, and subject to its rules
and discipline.
4. Accommodation is found with a local family, and pupils must be prepared to adapt to its
way of life, accepting willingly any rules and restrictions imposed on other young people
in the house, as well as taking full advantage of the privileges they enjoy.
5. Applications can be accepted for any of the three terms in the academic year: those for the
Spring Term (January to Easter) should be submitted by the end of the preceding August;
for the Summer Term (April to July) by the end of the preceding December; and those for
the Autumn Term (mid-September to December) by the end of the preceding March. The
Summer Term should be avoided if possible as the main external examinations take place
then, so the usual routine of lessons is frequently disrupted, and the teachers and parents
are unwilling to have the attention of pupuls distracted by the presence of a foreign
6. As soon as a suitable school and host family have been found (which may be in any part
of the United Kingdom), details will be sent to the pupil. Once the information has been
received the applicant should make arrangements for travel to Britain and the Cultural
Interchange Service should be advised. Every effort is made to place all applicants, but it
is not possible to guarantee this; all unsuccessful applicants will be informed by the end of
the preceding term.
7. The charge is made on a flat-rate basis for a term of eleven to fourteen weeks. It covers
accommodation and food with family, school meals when taken, a travel pass between
home and school if necessary, the return fare from London to the destination in Britain,
and administration costs. The charge is at present ; Ł 1,200.
8. The fare from the participants’ home to London and back, pocket money, insurance and
any extension of the stay beyond the end of the term are the pupil’s own responsibility.

Enquiries and applications should be sent to the General Secretary of: THE CULTURAL
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 1


1. Who can participate in the program?

2. What kinds of costs do the applicants have to pay?
3. What is the deadline for the Spring Term?
4. What kind of accommodation is provided for applicants?
5. Why do the applicants have to have a good basic knowledge of English?
6. Why is the Summer Term not advised for applicants?
7. Who has to make arrangements for travel to Britain?
8. What kinds of services are included in the price?
9. How do applicants have to behave at the host family?
10. How do applicants have to behave at the school?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Writing Part 2

Letter writing

You are a student at the Cultural Interchange Program studying in Liverpool at the Winston
Churchill Grammar School. Write a letter of about 100 words to your American friend.

 Give your reasons why you have chosen the Cultural Interchange Program.
 Tell him/her about your travelling to and arriving in Britain.
 Tell him/her about your host family.
 Tell him/her about the school.
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading Part 2

Read the text and answer the questions.


Nearest tube station

Goodge Street on the Northern Line. There is no parking for cars.

Guests must be out of the building by midnight and are not allowed before 9 a.m. They must
sign the book kept by the Porter.

Most meals are available in the Medical School Restaurant, on the lower ground floor. The
restaurant is self-service.

Your room
Please leave your room so that it can be cleaned. A towel and soap are provided. The bed will
be made on weekdays, if left, but not on Sundays. Please do not use sellotape on the walls.
The public rooms on the lower ground are open to visitors. No responsibility is taken for loss
or damage to personal property – rooms should be kept locked at all times and the keys kept
on you. Valuables may be handed in for safe keeping at the office.

Fire regulations
In the event of fire an alarm bell will sound. There is a fire staircase at the far end of the
building; fire notices are posted on each floor. Do not attempt to use the lifts.

You are provided with and asked to sign for a key to your room and a key to the front door. In
addition, there is a key to the desk in the room.

Front door
The front door is locked at midnight.
After that, please use the front door key provided – the door must be closed once you are in
the building.

All rooms must be vacated by 11 a.m. and the keys handed to the Porter on the day of the
General English Examination
Elementary level

Reading part 2.

Ön az Astor College diákszállójában kapott szállást négy napra. Válaszoljon a következő

kérdésekre magyarul.

1. Hogy lehet bejutni az épületbe éjfél után?

2. Hogyan kell tűz esetén elhagyni az épületet?
3. Tudunk-e parkolni a diákszálló parkolójában?
4. Hol lehet étkezni?
5. Milyen rendszabályokat kell betartani a szobákra vonatkozóan?
General English Examination
Elementary level

Vocabulary List