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Total No. of Printed Pages : 3 Roll No. ............................


Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 300

(i) Answers must be written in English.
(ii) The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at
the end of the question.
(iii) The answer to each question or part thereof should begin on a
fresh page.
(iv) Your answers should be precise and coherent.
(v) The part/parts of the same question must be answered together
and should not be interposed between answers to other
(vi) Candidates should attempt question nos. 1 and 5 which are
compulsory and any three out of the remaining questions,
selecting at least one question from each section.
(vii) If you encounter any typographical error, please read it as it
appears in the text book.
(viii) Candidates are in their own interest advised to go through the
General Instructions on the back side of the title page of the
Answer Script for strict adherence.

HRI-28384(Outline Map of India) 1 Contd.

(ix) No continuation sheets shall be provided to any candidate under (k) Daultabad (l) Tokkolam
any circumstances. (m) Elephanta (n) Hooghly
(x) Candidates shall put a cross (X) on blank pages of Answer (o) Surat (p) Delhi
Script. (q) Panipat (r) Agra

(xi) No blank page be left in between answer to various questions. (s) Konkan (t) Utkal

SECTION–A (u) Pune (v) Ahmadnagar

HISTORY OF INDIA (Down to A.D. 750) (w) Goa (x) Kolhapur

1. Write comments on any three of the following in about 200 words (y) Sikri. 5×15=75
each. 6. Discuss briefly the local self government of Chola. 50
– 7. Examine administrative reforms of Muhammad bin Tughluq. 50
(a) Write a note on Maha janapadas
– 8. Write short notes on any two of the following in about 200 words
(b) Dharma-Maha matras
(c) Ashwamedha Sacrifice each :

(d) Mahayan sect of Buddhism (a) Chauth and Sardeshmukhi

(e) Guild system. 3×25=75 (b) Battle of Panipat 1526

2. Discuss the contribution made by the Satavahana to Literature. (c) Akbar's religious policy
50 (d) Administration of Vijay Nagar Kings. 2×25=50
3. Examine the society and religion of the Guptas. 50
4. Critically examine the causes of the decline of the Mauryas. 50
MODERN INDIA (750 A.D. to 1785 A.D.)
5. Mark the following places on the map supplied to you and write short
notes in about 50 words :
(a) Kanouj (b) Kanchi
(c) Prayaga (d) Nasik
(e) Rameshwaram (f) Beas
(g) Ellora (h) Vangi
(i) Mathura (j) Sabarmati

HRI-28384(Outline Map of India) 2 Contd. HRI-28384(Outline Map of India) 3 700

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