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After the training I have, I learned that OJT is not just a requirement to be completed, but
it is an opportunity to show what skills, knowledge and talent I have. And also an opportunity to
experience the feeling of being a professional already. This training allowed me to get
acquainted with the employees of SARANGANI ZELVIC LENDING Inc. not just an employees but
also to their clients which is a teachers. On the first week of our training I felt so nervous
because it is my first time to work in an office. and on the second week I started to learn of how
to entertain their clients ,I learned that the salary of the teachers are not the same it depends
on what degree they had, like master teacher 1, master teacher 2,master teacher 3, the higher
degree of the teachers the higher salary they earned.
As a trainee I learned of how to withdraw money or checking the balance by using the
POS, posting OR, answering business calls. I also learned how to operate the printer machine,
and inventories of their grocery.
During our Christmas party I am so happy and thankful because I show my talent which is
singing, I receive a gift from our supervisor and a groceries from the company, and I enjoy the
games. After the Christmas party we have our Christmas vacation.
During my stay there as a trainee, they kept on encouraging and motivating me to study
hard and do my best always. I really had a meaningful and memorable training experience at
SARANGANI ZELVIC LENDING Inc. though I already finished working there as a trainee I am
looking forward to work with them not just a trainee but also a professional like them
someday. My OJT it inspired me to be more determine and competitive in everything that I do
in my daily life as a student today and as a professional someday
My OJT training is very helpful and well very helpful to me as I continue to take my
journey as a fourth year student in the field of business administration, it really gave me a taste
of the real world, a sight of what lies after I graduate.
For the two months of my training I could say that it was really such a great adventure,
it was really a great experience for me and I would treasure it for my whole life. This was the
first time that I felt being like an employee, I never imagine such thrilling event in my life, all of
the struggling, sacrifices, pain, laughter, and happiness, that we shared it is amazing how we
been able to gained such memories and experience for a very short period of time. During the
training I almost forgot that i was just an OJT student, I felt that I was already an employee and I
been part of the company.
I just feel sad right now because sooner or later all of this thing well end eventually. But
everything that I experience during the precious days of training I think all seems to worth it.
Imagine for a short period of time in training I been able to do things which also an employee
does. I been asked to do something like even a very lowest employees work, I learned of how to
cooperate with others regardless if you are an employee or just an OJT student and the best
part of everything that I learned was communicating with others was really the most important
thing to learn, because doing things without consulting someone or asking for suggestion of the
others will make everything worst, relying only to yourself and trusting on things that you only
got will end up to a total chaos. We have to work as team, because we cannot make things
successful by relying only to ourselves and that’s a really great lesson that I learned during the
training days.
For my internship I had the pleasure of working at SARANGANI ZELVIC LENDING Inc.
during my training at this company i address four competence that was a combination of skills,
knowledge, and traits that able me to curry out my job performance. As an intern I have
diligently address such competence as thinking, communication, teamwork and collaboration.
This ON THE JOB training serve as my stepping stone to pursue my dreams despite the
short period of time, this training enriched my confidence created a foundation of being a good
employee someday.