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Hatchet is a novel by Mihail Sadoveanu. It was published in November 1930. The novel
was written in only 17 days and consists of 16 chapters. The thinking of the novel was
popular ballad "Mioritza. The entire novel is considered by analysts [elusive forms] as a
monograph of the village showing aspects of human nature from the village, Romanian
traditions and customs: the baptism, wedding and funeral.


The difference between book and movie is to see and imagine and enter to have their
vision or have director's vision. Description of a settlement, a house, landscape, etc.. can
not be contained never made a movie as a book and a sensation that is strongest when
browsing a book. Those who do not like to read, sure, will prefer film.

To me it seems normal to be interested to see a movie after you read a book. However,
when you read something building your own vision of things, but what's wrong and see a
vision of the director? Sometimes good, sometimes not much you love at all.

Many do not read books that are very long (eg 500 pages). They prefer to see the film
that lasts 3 hours. One is to read the book to understand and wanted to understand what
the author and another to see the movie and understand what the writer and director
wanted to do!

I think that movies and books are two different art forms. Some consider that a film
turneaza easier than to write a book. But we can not believe this. It is true that television,
especially on weekdays films made miserable. But it is equally true that there are books
to booksellers and libraries less valuable? I, therefore, that a good movie can be, in some
respects at least as deep as a well written novel.