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The Golem lurks under the name of Fascism

1 - The Golem is the monster of a legend of Jewish origin – with several versions – that
took possession of the house when the carelessness of the caretaker facilitated this

The Golem can, today, be interpreted as Fascism. Those who extend a red carpet for
it and go along with it are the political classes that call democracy to the
"representative democracy" we prefer to call market democracy. They are the ones
that impoverish and render precarious the lives of the population by using
consumerism and injections of media sedatives so that peoples remain lethargic
and imbecile.

2 - There is nothing new in this; not even the surprise of the absent-minded, forgetful
of the experience of their grandparents. History is full of repetitions of wars,
barbarism, repression, dictatorships, massacres, civilizational regressions...
Mussolini and Hitler wisely took advantage of the inoperativeness of the so-called
democratic parties, invented Fascism and exported it.

In Spain, they decisively supported a sly general in an experimental warfare that

then developed within a wider geographic framework. In Portugal, the incapacity of
the republican regime succumbed to the march of a dumb general who came to
enthrone for decades a professor from Coimbra, less concerned with growth and
more with the salvation of souls through the penance imbedded in poverty and
illiteracy; or in the discreet satisfaction of a few families, beneficiary of a late
colonialism anchored in a pious nationalism but, today, recovered by some of the
so-called "left", diluted in the "representative democracy" broth, as the political
regime promising the building of eternal bliss for the people.

3 – What, decades ago, would be considered a local or regional conflict ceased to be

so, since Hayek's political and economic model prevailed, the geopolitical victory of
NATO and the creation of the global market driven by the financial system and
multinationals in a harmonious concubinage with crime and corruption; and which
has generated its own globalized management institutions - IMF, WTO, WHO,

"Representative democracy" has increasingly become a mockery of democracy and

serves to allow the electoral legitimation of bands of idiots as political leaders,

grazia.tanta@gmail.com 2/11/2018 1
whose mandates are shaped by these economic interests; mandated to affect our
lives. Fitting in this category of useful and dangerous idiots, are foul-mouthed
ignorant as Trump, the culture of barracks of a Bolsonaro and drunkards as Juncker
– at the front of a squad of venal mediocre; or incapable bureaucrats like May, the
heir to the gift left by the repelling Farage and Boris Johnson; or even fascistic
emanations such as Salvini, Orban, Kaszinsky ...

Within the said representative democracy there are increasing numbers of

evangelical maniacs of the IURD1 type, typical of those times when Constantine
granted the monopoly of religious belief to Christianity – a sort of public-private
partnership – to which centuries of persecution, cruelty, and bestiality followed.
Today’s paltry besties, a kind of 21st century circumcellions, should feel the
proximity to the continuation of Saint Shenoufe’s work, tracker and predator of
non-Christians, faithful to the doctrine promulgated by a “doctor” of Christianity, St.
Jerome, who issued this brilliant rule of conduct: "There is no cruelty in the
protection of the honor of God." Anything is fair, even to take eyes, in the popular
wisdom. Trump and Bolsonaro listen to and follow these teachings, dream of new
Inquisitions or new Hypatias to be massacred.

4 – Democracy exists only if it is built from the base, with decisions made directly,
without the intermediation of those institutions, as discredited as oligarchic – the
political parties and the political classes. Democracy will only arise from the patient
building of rhizomatic networks for the study and clarification of the conveniences
of the multitude of workers, youth, unemployed, pensioners, women... ; groups and
networks where collective decision making prevails, capable to overcome the
oligarchies that dominate the multipronged, obscure and repressive state

IURD – Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (Universal Church of God Kingdom)

grazia.tanta@gmail.com 2/11/2018 2
In methodological action terms, those rhizomatic networks should aim at setting up
a democratic political system, through a gradual and cumulative action, consisting
of anger, protest, mobilization, organization, disobedience and rebellion.

Any democratic system will have to be based on something like:

• The election of individuals – and not of lists – for the popular representation
• Limitation of the number of mandates for each elected person, with the possibility
of cessation by popular initiative;
• Popular vote through referendum – local, regional, national... – as an essential
decision-making instrument;
• Total absence of stewardship and immunities for representatives;
• Public administration and judicial apparatus under popular scrutiny;
• Free and easy access to all archives and decisions of public bodies;
• Legal framework with aggravated and non-expiring penalties for corruption cases.

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